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Opinion: The NRM MPs cannot even manage to explain the Age Limit Bill to the Legal Committee!

Today was yet another dramatic day in the Parliament as the Raphael Magyezi Constitutional Amendment in the presence of himself and Minister of Justice Kahinda Otafiire where to make sure the proceedings went accordingly, apparently, they were not prepared or ready to be questioned by the opposition MPs. They walked out of the Parliamentary Committee in Protest. The National Resistance Movement who has the majority, walked out of the Committee, because they couldn’t argue for the bill.

The Minister and Magyezi came with two documents to preside in the bill, but they didn’t want to sign-off on them. Meaning they didn’t want to be bound by their own arguments and possible amendments to the bill. As the Committee was about to discuss the bill and check the rights of applying the bill into Parliament. Clearly, the writer of it, Magyezi and chief promoter Otafiire, couldn’t stomach the pressure and high-blood pressure to deliver results for their master. They had to storm out and walk it off.

That the NRM MPs are whining and bitching as they cannot allow or accept public scrutiny of the bill is evident. Even the head-honcho of the bill is on the defense, when someone asks questions about it. It is as if Magyezi MP knows how filled of venom his bill is, but wants the whole republic to drink the toxic poison he offers it. That is amazing that he has the courage and belittling of himself in the stance of simple questions from fellow MPs.

The tragedy of all if this, is that this is just beginning of the proceeding within the Legal Affairs Committee, unless the Parliament vote for restructure, the people who are in it. Will have the power to question it and also the basis of the matter. It is like the NRM have forgotten how the protocol work and how it is supposed to be. Magyezi just wants the bill to get his payday and be forever basking in glory of President Museveni. See I wrote the bill that gave your life presidency! Can you please offer me a giant slice of pudding and some chai? It is just like that and a bigger pay-off then a tasty dessert.

I am sure if it was anyone else of any other political party that tried this sort behavior, they would be suspended or sanctioned with ill behavior in the Parliament. Instead, since this is all NRM and loyalists of Museveni. They will walk another day, since they are there to do his bidding and by my reckoning, the loyal subjects of him.

That they lack courage and stamina, that they lack legal arguments and cannot even be questioned in a committee over the bill; how can the NRM must public support or even consultations, when they cannot be asked a few barring questions from fellow MPs?

It must be toxic; it must be deadly and must be true embodiment of evil, when the NRM MPs cannot master their tongue or their arguments to sufficiently grace the Legal Committee in Parliament.

Magyezi, how little mind or heart do you have? How little courage and spirit do you have? Since you cannot be questioned over the lifting of the age limit, how come? What does it take you to understand, how foolish you are right now? Certainly, Otafiire isn’t a brilliant mastermind, he is just a NRM Stooge from the Bush-War who Museveni can trust, because he has no morals or understanding of what he do. But you should know better, but you don’t. That is evident with your speeches and public appearances. That you got no idea.

None of you, NRM MPs knows how to defend this bill, neither have you the mental the capacity to usher it in, you just know how to eat the consultation funds. That is something you do know and will do. However, explaining the real reason for the Age Limit and standing behind it will all be a lie. The big lie being that this is not to cater to Museveni and his life presidency project, but all of us knows this.

Time to take it and eat the venom, take the toxic water and spill the drink. Hope you can handle it and drive, because as long as this one is PASSED. It will be rocky road. Peace.

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Visiting WFP chief warns of impending humanitarian disaster in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai region (31.10.2017)

WFP is ramping up emergency assistance there, planning to reach 500,000 of the most vulnerable by end-December, and many more early next year.

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo, October 31, 2017 – A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the conflict-ravaged south-central Greater Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the head of the United Nations World Food Programme warned yesterday as he wrapped up a four-day mission to the central African country that included a visit to Kasai. Some 3.2 million people in the region are severely food insecure, struggling to feed themselves and in need of assistance.

“As many as 700,000 babies and children could starve in Kasai in the next few months unless enough nutritious food reaches them quickly”, David Beasley said. “We need access to those children, and we need money – urgently.”

Kasai’s traditionally high rates of malnutrition were pushed higher following the eruption last year of inter-ethnic violence characterised by large-scale killing, the wholesale destruction of villages and crops, and the targeting of hospitals, clinics and schools. The region now accounts for more than 40 percent of the DRC’s 7.7 million severely food insecure.

WFP is ramping up emergency assistance there, planning to reach 500,000 of the most vulnerable by end-December, and many more early next year. Dozens more staff are being deployed, an additional 80 off-road trucks are being brought in to deliver food to remote areas, and the WFP-run United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), presently flying aid supplies and aid workers to seven locations in the region, is being expanded.

But WFP’s emergency operation, launched in August, has so far been financed by internal borrowings, and only one percent of the US$135 million required through mid-2018 has been secured from the international community.

While the violence in Kasai has diminished in recent weeks, banditry and extortion are commonplace. Moreover, in a region the size of Germany with multiple active militias and a road network that is largely impassable during the September-December rainy season, humanitarian access is set to remain a challenge.

WFP’s work in eastern North Kivu province, also witnessed by Beasley, is likewise constrained by access challenges and limited funding. Just 250,000 of the province’s one million displaced people – victims of two decades of conflict – are receiving assistance, and only half rations.

Much of DRC’s population is dependent on subsistence farming, and competition for land is often at the heart of its violence. Many conflict-displaced families who had returned to their villages in North Kivu and Kasai told Beasley they could not resume working their fields, such was their fear still of being attacked.

“I have met too many women and children whose lives have been reduced to a desperate struggle for survival”, Beasley said. “In a land so rich in resources, that’s heart-breaking. And it’s unacceptable.”

Beasley acknowledged donor concerns about limited return on investments in a better future for the Congolese people, noting that some governments have threatened to redirect such funding to countries where they say it will have more impact.

“I hear those concerns”, Beasley said. “But let’s not hold innocent women and children responsible for the failings of others.”

“What the brave people I met over the last few days want most of all is peace – peace to be able to grow their own food, to rebuild their lives and to build a brighter tomorrow for their children. It’s a simple, powerful message, and I have conveyed it to President Kabila, urging that he do his part to bring about much-needed change.”

Opinion: The Mueller investigations will reveal the Russian Connections to the Trump Campaign!

If you thought this was nothing burger and believed anything your reading on American Conservative Media, I hate to say, then your blind and not believing the truth. It will be hard for you and hard to eat this burger, but needed because this is about foreign conspiracy involved in the American Election in the 2016. This is serious, but not that the Republican Party or the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) want to take that responsibility or telling their possible vicious attempt of undermining the electorate and misusing foreign forces to their benefits.

This not just mere speculations, the Statement of George Papadopolous on the 5th October 2017 is telling, how he was arranging with people on the inside of the Duma and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as they wanted to pick Trump as their candidate. While he was a Foreign Policy Adviser in the Trump Campaign. This while being connected with Russian Officials, that was excited to make “the Russian Federation would love him as a candidate”, that was in April 2016. This while the Russian was promising “dirt” on Clinton.

Clearly, the WikiLeaks and the hacking of Democratic Campaign and Podesta Leaks are the sole candidacy into this mess. That the Trump Campaign really earned a lot cashier in their campaign. It really hurt the elitist campaign and the undertaker of Trump. This was the sole card of the Russian to sell to Trump and use to create troubles for the other candidate. That is why the revelations in the statement to Court from Papadopolous is damaging. This is the first drop of many and more people will follow suit.

Already the knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting with Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Junior and Paul Manafort is coming to mind. So the whole timeline and the expected connections coming closer. Combined with all the people whose ties to Russia been there either with business or loans. Whatever really, all of the handpicked or most of them has had at some point some Russian Connection. Therefore, the Mueller investigation will put it all perspective and will clearly show the facts.

The indictment of Manafort and Gates today are really showing the extent of his investigation. As he has started to play his cards and revealing what he has found. That the Trump Campaign has more trouble ahead. Since the Campaign Manager after Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and his connections to Kremlin and Kiev, as he whitewashed monies and had schemes there. Could possible provide the help and support the Trump Campaign could need. That the 12 counts against him and being a Foreign Agent lobbying for Ukrainian President really is proving his ties. Not only that his greed and him not paying taxes for the millions of dollars. Robert Mueller wouldn’t file these count if he didn’t have proof of them. Clearly, Gates and Manafort has a hard time coming. They cannot run away from this investigation and this indictment. They might even flash out more information. As they are even charged with “Conspiracy against the United States”.

This might show us and get us the information what really happen between the Russians and the Trump Campaign. There been some revealing details, but the Trump Tower meeting has been silent, as well as so many other clues. Like Jared Kushner loans to his businesses. The long term businesses the Trump Organization has in Russia. Other questionable appointments in the Trump Administration after his victory. So many of them have had or been in business in Russia like Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, Cater Paige, Sebastian Gorka, Bety DeVos, Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, Jeff Sessions, Felix Sater, Robert Gates and Michael Flynn. Clearly this all part of the Trump Administration. You cannot hide the fact. Especially when people like Papadopoulos reveal their stories in Court. This is what the Trump lawyers don’t want. They cannot spin this… and it is hard to bargain Manafort, as there are clear connections with him. That must be reason why he is picked before Michael Flynn, as Flynn could be easily traded away for Trump, but Manafort might be too toxic.

This is just beginning, surely Mueller has collected and connected the dots. We will see the revelations and the deep cover-up, that the Trump Administration and the New York Gang has tried to conceal, the Trump will try to deflect this. But the red-light is up and the car is moving. They cannot rig this as the first indictment and the first official statement is compelling of evidence of possible “Conspiracy against the United States”.

Just think about that, the President and his team were possibly “conspiring against the United States”. This while campaigning for the highest and proudest office, they were trying to get the presidency, but by conspiring against the principals and while using foreign intelligence and interference to change the elections.

That this is sad, but also a reality that is not far-fetched, especially considering all of the connections and the meetings with Russian individuals and Russian Foreign Agents. Peace.

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