South Sudan: OCHA – Urgent funding needs mount as multiple interconnected shocks blight the people of South Sudan (04.07.2022)

Eswatini: PM Dlamini calling ‘freedom fighters’ – ‘terrorists’ and it is condescending …

Government takes this moment to strongly condemn the senseless killing of State security officers as well as the sporadic arson and terrorist attacks on public and private property, perpetuated by unknown criminals hiding behind veiled motives. The safety of emaSwati is now under threat as this group of criminals continues to wage a senseless assault on our people. This spate of crime and its effects has now reached a level in which it has, and will, affect the lives of all emaSwati in one way or another. It is clear, therefore, that these attacks are not just on Government or any individual company, but on all emaSwati. Those behind these evil acts are terrorists hell-bent on condemning our people to a state of fear and never-ending cycle of poverty. There can be no justification of such attacks, particularly when we already have a clear laid down pathway towards reconciling our differences. It is clear to all of us now that the people behind these attacks are not for the betterment of emaSwati or a better Eswatini. We will do everything to protect the lives of emaSwati, and to restore peace and order in our beautiful Kingdom. These criminals and their enablers will face the full might of the law. We are already out in full force conducting investigations” – Prime Minster Cleopas Sipho Dlamini (27.06.2022).

In Mbabane there is only one master and King, the absolute ruler King Mswati III. The brutality and use of force against dissidents and freedom fighters should be well-known. The King has forced himself on the public and continues to appoint his leaders on the people.

While the people and citizens are protesting and revolting against the King. The King decided not to allow the people to elect their own. We know that the King sees the citizens as his subjects and nothing else. That is easy to know that the King doesn’t value the people. When he even at one point used several of citizens as an offering for a ritual. Therefore, the King will easily get his appointee’s to call dissidents ‘terrorists’.

That’s what has happened today. No one should be shocked by this. It just shows the sentiment of the King and his court. They are just proving it now with the latest Prime Minister Press Conference today.

We know that the people, the banned political parties and civil society who is working for elected representatives, which have been illegal since 1973. That’s why the people are fighting and now they are called terrorist. We know the King doesn’t respect the people or the will of the people. He feels they are damaging his calm.

He only calls for ‘Sibaya’ to get the recognition of the international community and look like he cares about the people. While that is only to buy time. As he goes after the student leaders, opposition leaders and who else who is challenging his reign.

People should read this little piece of statement from the PM. Just so they know how the leadership and the appointees of the King operates. They are targeting the citizens who just wants people to elect their own leaders. The King is using his authority and no stopping of the police brutality. Neither is the any stop of the relentless usage of force.

People should be warned that the King and the PM has no heart here. When they are warning the people and calling freedom fighters for terrorists. That says it all.

The King and his men should know they cannot kill them all or detained them all. Because, that’s not how it works. Sooner or later, something got to give and that should be the absolute monarch. Peace.

South Sudan: Kiir is grinning because he has practically sold the oil-futures twice…

According to the presidential press unit, President Salva Kiir discussed plans to strengthen the business relations between South Sudan and the Kingdom of Bahrain. “The delegation expressed interest to reduce Country’s outstanding debt by consolidating and paying down loans with energy resources, while strengthening energy stability with additional focus on planning initiatives to improve public health, and other areas of mutual importance to South Sudan,” reads the statement” (Alhadi Awari – ‘Bahrain tycoons reportedly willing to clear South Sudan debts’ 17.06.2022, Eye Radio).

There are simple facts to why President Salva Kiir Mayardit was so happy after the visit of the delegation of Bahrain businessmen. The debt and lack of services was already in the year stifled by World Bank and International Monetary Funds (IMF). That’s because the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) hadn’t complied and implemented the financial principals of the R-ARCSS.

It was only in May 2022 that the IMF and WB blocked the access to more loans to the Government of South Sudan. That’s because of it’s financial dealings and lack of transparency. Which in consideration to the lack of implementation of the R-ARCSS too. Therefore, those deals and oil-futures that was already sold secretive and wheeler-deal operations aren’t securing the stability of the Republic.

However, the government has now found a new source of funds, instead of the WB and IMF. The Bahrain businessmen and companies are coming in instead. They are coming with strings and the future oil earnings is traded off yet again. However, to another company to shield of the old debts. They are getting capital to pay off debts, by selling the oil production to Bahrain. This is the gist of things and that will most likely further the option for a healthy profits of the state. Since, they are selling of the future and trading the petroleum before the on-set of tomorrow is to begin with.

Just read the previous deals… this Bahrain will be no different…

Here is quotes from the UN Experts Report of April 2022:

The Panel also identified efforts by the Office of the President to accrue additional oil-backed debt to finance contracts awarded to favoured businessmen” (UN Experts Report – ‘S/2022/359’ April 2022).

The Panel confirmed that Amuk for Trading and Investment was ultimately controlled by Kur Ajing Ater, a prominent South Sudanese businessman. In a previous report (S/2019/301), the Panel described how another company controlled by Kur Ajing Ater, Lou for Trading and Investment, had been awarded similarly outsized procurement contracts by the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces, including for food “(…) “87. The Office of the President played a prominent role in the agreement, including the President himself, his National Security Adviser and other senior staff, several of whom had been present at the signing of the deal in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In confidential meeting minutes from a review of the 2018 contracts with Kur Ajing Ater, a senior South Sudan People’s Defence Forces official complained that “there are irregularities in this contract”, but that “the decision was from higher authorities so we can do nothing about it”” (UN Experts Report – ‘S/2022/359’ April 2022).

President Kiir and the Office of the President has practically sold the oil-futures twice. Where favourable businessmen will profit of it. The state resources will be bound by these deals and it will be only a few men who gets the skim the profits. The rest is up to businesses to be able to find markets for the oil, which in this day and age shouldn’t be to hard. The needs for oil is vast and the markets needs it. So, the state has certainly traded away the future. First it did so by generating the debt by selling the future oil earnings and now selling new oil to another company to pay for the old debt. That’s how to deplete and destroy the earnings… it is just heartbreaking, because this could be the funds and the domestic revenue to build institutions. Instead its used as a tool to enrich certain highly connected persons in Juba and around the President.

That’s why we are seeing President Kiir smiling. He has gotten a new source of income and domestic revenue. The President is able to circumvent the World Bank and International Monetary Funds. In such a manner, that his not in a haste to implement the principals of the R-ARCSS in concern to finances or oversight of the economy. Because, the Bahrain company won’t care about that. As long, as that gets the oil for the cash it pours out. In that way… he is off the hook and don’t have to pay the IMF or WB any mind.

This is what people should see. He has gotten the ability to pay off the oil futures twice. Don’t have to care about the mechanisms or the pressure from the Bretton Woods institutions. Neither does he have to open up the books, but only do inside-trading with foreign investors who covers the debt and takes export petroleum to cover it all. That’s it and it’s easy money. Very easy money… and it’s cheap too.

That’s why Kiir is grinning and smiling. He won and he didn’t even have sweat. Peace.

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