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A look into the how two-faced President Museveni is concerning the Age Limit!

It’s no fade that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has lingered in power. He has since his days of being Minister under the Milton Obote in the 1980s schemed his way into power and tried to found ways to stay. He has used all the tricks of the predecessors and the partial change of his constitution to stay in power. Museveni has slowly changed his own constitution to his benefit. Only once gone beyond him, that was to launching of Multi-Party Democracy, something he clearly doesn’t believe in or has the heart for. That is proven over all the years. Therefore the words used over the three decades by himself is revealing.

Therefore, I have to show a few quotes from the Old-Man with the Hat, who is the only man with the Vision in Uganda. Who cannot retire or step-down, that has been way since 2005. Since he pushed himself on the people with all kinds of schemes since he got in power. Waiting to have election, waiting to have multi-party democracy and multi-party elections. As well, as he abolished the Presidential-Term limit. Right before he had passed the official term limits himself in 2005. Therefore, it is now happening again, as he is trying to pass some sort of private bill in Parliament. To extend and linger on the throne. Look!

Museveni at United Nations General Asssembly on 24th October 1987:

We in uganda have just marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of our independence, and yet for most of those 25 years our people have suffered greatly at the hands of dictators and murderers. It was to put an end to fascism and all its ramifications that Ugandan patriots organized an armed struggle that brought down Amin in 1979, and Obate and his successors in 1986. In January 1986, the National Resistance Movement and its military wing, the National Resistance Army, pioneered originally by 27 young men, triumphantly removed from State power the agents of dictatorship and fascism. The change we ushered in was, as we have stated before, not a mere change of guards, but a fundamental change” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 24.10.1987)

Museveni in 2005:

Q: When you make it to 75, that is a long time, that’s almost your whole life!

A: I will not make it to 75 years. I am sure because I have got a lot of other things to do” (New Vision, 2005).

Museveni in 2012:

President Yoweri Museveni has said he will not contest for the presidency again when he clocks 75 years, the age limit in the Constitution of Uganda. Speaking on NTV’s ‘On the Spot’, Thursday edition, President Museveni said: “After clocking 75, I will not support the lifting of the age limit to allow me to contest for another term of office.” (Semakula & Masaba, 2012).

Museveni in 2016:

Kamara is seen in the video asking Museveni: “What’s your view on the age limit? Should the age limit be there anyway?” The president responds: “Well that one we had ignored. We had not discussed it. It can be discussed.” Museveni adds: “But I think after 75, the vigor; I think there is some scientific idea there. That may be the vigor is not as much after 75 years.” (Aine, 2016)

As we can see in 1980s he promised a fundamental change, that hasn’t occurred. If you took his speech from the United Nations General Assembly of 1987 with the assessment of the state of the Republic. Still, he would not give way to someone else.

So when he has promised in 2005 to not govern after he was over 75 year old. Also promised the same in 2012 and in 2016. Therefore, when the private motions are coming to the Parliament Secretariat these days. He is not condemning them for amending it, he is in utter silence. Because that is what he wants. Museveni wants to rule, but also wash his hands. Like he nothing to with it in public, but will be the benefactor of the change of the law.

Nevertheless, the problem is that President Museveni takes Uganda and the citizens for granted. That’s why he could continue this long. National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been created and serving the President. That is the vision President Museveni had and the reason why he went to the bush. At least what his legacy will be, not lies of the 1980s, the fundamental change he promised and never kept. That is why the police are more political, than catching criminals. Its the famines and the struggles of the common men. Compared to the elite. President Museveni knows this for his years and this is his creation, the cronyism.

So the Project abolish 102(b) of the 1995 Constitution has been a long plan for the Presidency and the NRM. President Museveni needs this, especially since his unofficial 7th Term, even if the NRM claims it to be the 5th Term. It took the time between 1996 and 2005 before he was elected. Therefore, he will use sort of tricks to keep himself in power. That is what he has done and will do again. He will and put up a facade.

Now it is up for grabs. The NRM and Museveni will play it out, they will use force and shake society into order. It will not make it right or just. It is just for one man, the law is not supposed to fit one man. It is supposed to be a law that are seen as righteous for all citizens. The Republic is supposed to have rule of law that fits them all and within justification for all. That is not what this sort of amendment that is just for him. He knows this and the people knows this. NRM knows this and they do it for future favors and envelopes. They do it since they are loyal cronies of the one who has appointed them. Therefore, NRM and Museveni don’t have to fear them, but has to pay them for doing the favor.

So the man who has promised more than once, that he will not rule after he turned 75 years. Lied and he will lie again. President Museveni are now using the private bills in favor and therefore guarding the parliament with guns and soldiers, since that is how he got to power and has no plans to leave. Peace.


Aine, Kim – ‘Museveni: I Won’t Seek Re-election After 75 Years’ (24.08.2016) link: http://www.chimpreports.com/museveni-i-wont-seek-re-election-after-75-years/

New Vision Reporter – ‘HIV is easy to stop, President Museveni tells Sky News Tv’ (26.10.2005) link: https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1114381/hiv-easy-stop-president-museveni-tells-sky-news-tv

Semakula, John & Masaba, John – ‘Museveni to respect 75 age limit’ (12.05.2012) link: https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1301589/museveni-respect-75-age-limit


AgeLimit: Two more Private Motions, one from Hon. Gaffa & one from Hon. Nambeshe (22.09.2017)

Arua demonstrators charged with ‘Insulting Violence’; What does that mean?

Ever since demonstrators has been arrested for ‘Insulting Violence’ in Arua on the 21st September and released on the 22nd September 2017. To be Insulting is define by the Oxford Dictionary as: “Disrespectful or scornfully abusive” (Oxford Living Dictionary – ‘Insulting’). So the person was disrespectful or abusive to violence. Violence is defined as: “Law The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force” (Oxford Living Dictionary – ‘Violence’).

So I don’t know what the Uganda Police Force or the Police Officers in Arua was trying to say the two gentlemen who was released on bond where doing. If they we’re disrespectful to intimidation or they we’re scornfully abusive by physical force against someone. Both doesn’t make sense. There are no common sense in this charge.

That the suspects who are charged has to return to the Arua Police Station on the 28th September 2017 and answer to these charges should have fun with the dictionary, since it has no deep meaning. As if violent behavior can be abused, that intimidation can be disrespected. It is all made for a sham and mockery, since the law took them as they we’re most likely peacefully demonstrating against the lifting of the Age Limit in the 1995 Constitution.

Certainly, the whole thing is proving how the UPF and Police Officers are holding guard for the National Resistance Movement. They are not really serving the people, but serving the President. The loyalty from Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura is now proven. As his officers are even admitting their lacking understanding of words. They are actually misusing words.

Because who disrespect unlawful exercise of physical force… I know it seems like nonsense and it is. The proof is in the pudding, it is either caramel or chocolate. If you are lucky duck, you find some inches of flavor of vanilla. The reality is that the Police are using all tools of oppression into the levels of stupidity, because they have to show their quota to Kayihura. So he again can report to Museveni and he can get a pat on his back. If not, who else would charge a brother for ‘Insulting Violence’! Peace.

Age Limit: Two Police Bonds – One for Lord Mayor Lukwago for charged with ‘Unlawful Activity’ and from Arua it was charged with ‘Insulting Violence’ (21.09.2017 & 22.09.2017)

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine arrested for ‘inciting violence’ but was just coming home from United States!

Kayima: The Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, wants to address gatherings and come in a procession. The Police are having a conversation with him to defer that. We hope he will see our point of view and comply to avoid unnecessary & unplanned traffic management. Which can result in chaos and disorder plus crime from other characters than might exploit that loophole” (Uganda Police Force, 22.09.2017)

So the arrested him for driving, just like they have done to Dr. Kizza Besigye dozens of time. Some people can just arrive on Entebbe and get detained. Now the same is happening to him. The independent Member of Parliament, the man who just recently won a by-election against a sponsored NRM Candidate. He is clearly becoming a torn in the flesh of the NRM.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, is well-spoken and articulate, he can be direct and doesn’t care of repercussions from the Police Force. Just like Besigye. It seems like Bobi Wine has learned and studied him. As he acts and maneuver the political landscape. Therefore, before he traveled to take part of an international conference in the United States, he released a dossier of a message to the Ugandan Citizens on the lifting of the Age Limit. As he could still spread his message, while being away. The same way the interviews and the spreading the word of Besigye. Seems like he has learned the ways of keeping interest and keeping his supporters at bay.

Therefore, as he arrived in Entebbe and crossing from the Airport, the Police Force was waiting his return. They we’re there for his so-called incite of violence through audio message. That is the excuse of the Police to arrest him and the later release him. Which is the reason for why he could later in the day be on NBS TV and have an interview.

As he is interviewed the Police says they want a Statement with him in Entebbe, while Bobi Wine, says he is not going to Entebbe Police Station, that is reported by the NTV Uganda.

What all of this proves is the danger of speaking against his lordship, the excellence, His Excellency and the Executive of the Republic President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Now Bobi Wine feels like Besigye, he might even be house-arrested if he continues to shoot from the hip. Even if he is totally right, since the NRM and Museveni doesn’t care. They just want to secure their future and stop the others.

If the NRM continues what they usually do, than he will be arrested at his home and later be charged with treason. Have a prolonged case and it will never be solved, fellow friends and independent minded souls will be put on trial and be called in question. All of this try to bend Bobi Wine in favor of the current paradigm. Peace.

Age Limit: Two Motions of Private Bills from Dr. Sam Lyomoki (22.09.2017)

Uganda Police Force Press Statement on their “Crack-Down” on Civil Society and Lord Mayor Lukwago (22.09.2017)

Opinion: CSO’s Paper to IGAD HLRF is revealing!

There were many insights and deep stuff in the CSO Report to IGAD, which has been written and submitted to Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), has put their stakeholders, and their pride into trying to forge a peace, even after the peace agreement of 2015 has been shot into tatters recently. The IGAD are clearly on a mission to sustain their place and their negotiations with the parties in South Sudan. As the conflict and battles within becomes more dire, when the consequences of not doing it, is more life in danger and a more uncertain future for the republic. Clearly, all parties knows what at stake, as the IGAD have proven not to be to impartial, as well as the foreign intervention from Uganda, has been in favor of the SPLM-IG, clearly, there are many more obstacles to fix before the due date of the newly proposed peace mediation. That is why the paper from the CSO is revealing, especially, the part if IGAD fail, which I think it will do, as long as people are sidestepping the SPLM-IO and the newly created militias and opposition forces. Look at their take if the IGAD fails, which is such a dossier.

“IGAD faces a daunting task in securing a political settlement through the HLRF process. Not only must it contend with the fracturing of armed groups and the proliferation of new political formations, but divisions among IGAD member states themselves undermine the diplomatic leverage that mediators have at their disposal. From the very start of the conflict, it has been clear that the four frontline states of Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda are essential to the solution of the conflict in South Sudan. Only they can offer the incentives and disincentives that are needed to bring the various factions together behind the terms of a political settlement. To date, the vested interests of some political elites in the region have prevented IGAD from mounting a united response. The next few months will show whether the situation in South Sudan has reached a point at which it poses such a serious threat to regional peace and stability that the region is forced to respond accordingly, or whether IGAD’s ability to respond will once again be undermined by narrowly defined state or personal interests” (CSO Paper, September 2017).

“If the HLRF process fails, the IGAD region must accept that it is unable to resolve the crisis in South Sudan and hand over responsibility for the mediation effort to the AU. The four frontline states can still engage in the context of an AU-led mediation, but they should not be able to dominate the process and use it as a forum to promote their own narrowly defined interests. The AU should start preparing itself now by developing a political strategy for a possible AU-led mediation effort. This strategy should go beyond any eminent personalities that may be appointed to lead the process to consider how the AU approach would differ from that of IGAD. In addition, IGAD and the AU should make clear to the warring parties that if they fail to agree on a political settlement in the context of the HLRF, IGAD and the AU will request that punitive measures be imposed on parties who undermine the process. Such punitive measures are long past due and are the only means to communicate to the leadership on all sides of the political divide that the African region will no longer allow the people of South Sudan and the region to be held hostage to their leaders’ pursuit of power” (CSO Paper, September 2017).

It is really telling how they are explaining in these passages, the reality of the daunting task ahead, as the SPLM/A and SPLM-IO are the key component to the crisis and stalemate, but this in effect has created many more enemies of both. The former SPLM/A and SPLM-IO who has become their own parties and their militias, are within all reason making the road-map for peace more hectic. As there isn’t just two leaders who wants to be supreme. But a dozens who wants to topple them both, by all means and with full force. This should not overshadow the need for diplomatic and negotiations between SPLM/A and SPLM-IO, neither stop the SPLM/A reunification project, even how flawed both has been.

The marginalized and silenced parts of the discussions, the rebellions against both parties, should be looked at if the IGAD HLRF Process is a honest one. If the IGAD approach should bear fruits, the SPLM-IO ghost is haunting the process and the dialogue. As well as all the former generals who has created their own outfits, who needs to included, unless they want to create a new fragile peace. That could blow up any second after the ink has run dry. Peace.




The Uganda Law Society Statement Regarding the Age Limit Debate (21.09.2017)

Communiqué of the 720th meeting of the PSC, at the ministerial level, on the situation in South Sudan (20.09.2017)

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