Opinion: Sudi wants the UDA to become a despotic party

We’re interested in how Museveni runs NRM, because we want to follow his example when it comes to political parties” Oscar Sudi, Kapseret MP

It is now revealed that the Deputy President William Ruto team to Uganda who was blocked and humiliated from leaving Wilson Airport was on a mission and getting ‘intel’ to run a dictatorial party. That’s how this seems and Sudi MP should have known this.

They want to learn how to make Ruto the personification of the state and run the National Resistance Movement (NRM) with an iron-fist. Where there is no succession plan and a family affair. If they want to learn about how to take the small-fish and let the ones who is closely associated of the hook. Surely, the Tanga Tanga will do the same and has all the practice within the two terms within the Jubilee government.

President Museveni is surrounded by wise people who will be vital in this journey. He also has a lot of ‘intel’, which is important in any political game” – Oscar Sudi

Museveni knows how to use his position to his advantage and take account of everyone around him. He either corrupts or incites fear. That’s why it’s never far from the army to the policy board. That’s why he has militarized politics and uses the army for any sort of government program.

It is really striking that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) wants to learn from Museveni and the NRM. Yes, the NRM has lasted long, but Museveni also has botched party like the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM). So, he needed a bush-war and use military force to win. Since, then he has used the same army to incite fear and violence to control the public. The NRM has used the monopoly of violence to its advantage and targeted the opposition. That’s why main opposition has been charged, detained and killed for their activism. There been charges of treason and detained without trial and with misuse of military courts. Therefore, it is hard to see if they will learn anything useful, except for tactics to undermine and trick the opposition.

Ruto is clearly envision himself as a future tyrant, if he wants to learn from Museveni. It is not the sort of character or leader you should look up too. When he wants to aspire to be President. However, he is the hustler and one of the most corrupt leaders in our life time. He has done while he was in favours of the President and his allies. That’s why they have accepted his ways and they have all lived lavish on the public’s dime all these years.

If UDA wants to copy the NRM. Than Ruto will become the Kenyan Museveni. A modern version of the Moi era and unleashing a new long dictatorship. That doesn’t sound like a bargain and Sudi should have thought of this. It isn’t like people lingers for the times of oppression and challenges to be outside the favours of Moi. Now, Ruto wants to learn from the NRM says it all. Peace.

Zambia: Patriotic Front and Lungu will “win” this upcoming election

The 12th August 2021 is sort of protocol and procedure. The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) will predetermine the elections. Just like the stronghold of the opposition have less voters in 2021 than in 2016. While in the strongholds of the PF the amount of voters has grown since 2016. Therefore, just by the voter rolls everything is prepared for the President and his party.

There will be voter intimidation and all stakes are out. It is not like Edgar Lungu can risk losing his power. This will be his third term and the Constitutional Court cleared him for it. Therefore, this is all in cards.

The main opponent Hakainde Hichilema and his United Party for National Development (UPND) will be vilified. HH have even been called “Hitler” and said to be “blood-thirsty” as he wants people to “die” to get into power. Which is very ironic, as he doesn’t have soldiers on orders and the government at his disposal.

The Patriotic Front and the government has that. They are ordering the soldiers on the streets and blocking the UNDP to hold campaign rallies and meetings. The state is targeting HH and his party. Making them into “criminals” for political activities, which isn’t new, but continues at a rampant pace. In such a manner, that the ECZ is even suspending races and stopping them from campaigning.

This is why we know the 12th August is only a rigged affair. The PF and Lungu will win. The PF will have the majority and the President will be re-elected. He will get his third term and have a majority. That is what is coming and everything else is hopeless hope. These sort of proceedings usually tend to go this way.

The PF have been the pivotal party for so long. It is used to get away with the stranglehold on government and civil society. The PF can do whatever it needs to stay in power and that will visible in the coming days.

The soldiers deployed days ahead of the polls. The use of election violence and brutal language against the opposition. Is proof of what is at display. The ECZ is already making sure they have the tools in order to deliver what the “boss” needs and anything else is a lie. We just know Lungu will not risk losing power. He has no intention of bowing down or giving way. If so, he would haven’t made the case and allowed himself to run for a third time.

We know he circumvent it, because the “first” term wasn’t a full one and he inherited the position in some regard. That’s why his “second” term in 2016 is sort of his “first” and this can be counted as his “second” even when he is his “third”. That’s how he has utilized the courts and gotten away with it. Since he has no plan to retire.

Lungu will therefore use all means to win. He will ensure “victory” and “celebrate” it. We just know this and to think anything else at this point is naive. Peace.

RDC: Communique des Confessions Religieuses relatif a la Designation des Candidats a la CENI (23.07.2021)

Opinion: Odinga & Ruto is a different side of the same coin

The preparations for the elections in 2022 are in full effect. There is no shadow of a doubt, as One Kenya Alliance (OKA) is declaring their bid and the season for Presidential Candidacy is steaming ahead. As that one of the rejects of NASA/CORD is working on their thing.

There is two other main candidates doing their bidding. William Ruto, the Deputy President of the last two terms under the Jubilee umbrella and Raila Odinga (Orange Democratic Movement) who has challenged that, but int the end gotten more power with a handshake with the President Kenyatta in the beginning of the last term.

Ruto will not bring changes, he will sing the worship songs of the hustler nation. Meanwhile Odinga will come with his best of hits and another edition of the road to Canaan. They will both promise great things and move mountains. However, in the end… I feel they will deliver the about the same.

Ruto has had the opportunity for two terms do something substantial, but instead he has ben busy giving away money in church. Odinga on the other hand have been busy toying around with a constitutional referendum, which would be his biggest achievement, though it has been done though the wrong measures and therefore, been deemed illegal by the courts.

So, they have both wasted their time. Odinga could have been a vocal opposition and kept the Jubilee in order. Instead, he compromised himself and sold out the agenda for a flawed BBI. Ruto has started an internal campaign and a battle of power, which he seems to lose for now, but maybe earn on in the up-coming campaign.

No matter what… these two fellas will not bring massive changes. They have both been so connected and ensured themselves vast wealth. That they will not bring big-changes or make things prosperous. They know why they have found wealth and I doubt they want to give that up for the majority of the people.

This is system is rigged against the public. That’s why Chebukati is still the Chairman of the IEBC. He will bring the goods and deliver to the Gods. The cartels and the elites will continue to eat. No matter what of these two that gets elected. They are both willing to trade and bargain with the ones with deep pockets to get their way.

That’s why no matter what sort of party Ruto runs with, if it wheelbarrows or hustler spirit. We all know the drill and the appeal, but we also know the endgame. It is all a nice campaign slogans and cheap politicking, but when his in office. It is all about his companies, his allies and securing power.

I think Odinga will be similar. He will promise Canaan or a version of that and show to the brilliance of BBI. He will promise swift changes and radicalization of the state, but he hasn’t used the BBI or the handshake to do this. When he has had the ear and most of the Parliament on his side after that. He could have proven this and made some golden bricked roads, alas that was never the case. Odinga just wants power to and be able to keep the dynasties alive.

Therefore, none of these tickets are viable in 2022. Not that OKA is either, but that is just for another day. When we want to discuss meal-ticket politicians and bargain hunters for the State House. Because, that’s what that is… and its not beautiful. Peace.

Opinion: OKA is the knock-off “CORD/NASA” coalition ahead of 2022

Today, the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principals had a technical meeting ahead of the elections in 2022. This is a clear indication of their way ahead. These is making themselves important and boosting their chances in the upcoming elections. Several of these are the up-shots and the ones who was never benefiting much from the Handshake in 2018. Neither, have these earned any fortunes on the BBI.

That’s why these leaders are trying to find the winning formula. Now without the Orange Democratic Movement and Raila Odinga. Several of these have run with him twice and still not been able to get into office. Now, they are trying without him, but instead using the dynasty of KANU and Moi to get the final push.

As we are seeing… the OKA is a knock-off and a third edition of CORD/NASA called OKA. There several of the same faces, but some new add-ons. This is very clear. They are doing the same thing, but has Moi instead of Odinga and his party.

That is how this can initially be translated. The team is weak and not a winning one. OKA is running on the same ideals and same principals as the NASA/CORD, but not even having the charismatic and political skilled Odinga on their team.

They are putting their bets on Moi and that KANU to put them forward. While KANU haven’t had a big say in ages. The Moi dynasty haven’t pushed things ahead for ages. Even when the father was alive. Everyone when to Kabarak for advice, but not for surge of political capital. That capital doesn’t Gideon have… even with the name and history of his family. This is why this is a challenge.

Even if Ruto or Odinga goes against this team. There will be possibility to beat it at this point. Unless, they are having some sort of unknown cards or campaign programs. Which doesn’t seem likely.

Most of these have been for ages in the political landscape and has joined the right parties. These has had the opportunities under other people’s reign. It is not like any of these has won or have the policies that people will believe in. All of them have to much history of being players and meal-ticket politicians. Who has all looked for their interests and moved ship for a better fortune. Therefore, the OKA is a failure from the get-go and this will end in tears. Peace.

Opinion: The choice between Odrek or Muhoozi [is a monarchy ticket either way]

This week Odrek Rwabwogo have been appointed by the President to a Senior Presidential Advisor of Special Duties. Odrek is the son-in-law, as he married President’s daughter, Patience Museveni. So, he is as connected as can be by marriage.

While the first son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga, the Commander of Land Forces, the third rank in command of the Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF). While his also a Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.

I have now seen online that for some strange reasons… there is discussion who of these is taking over after the Self-Styled President for Life. They are discussing if one of the family members are taking over after the ruler for life and his tyranny. That people are willing to be controlled and only have one family to rule the nation.

However, to public knowledge… the Republic of Uganda isn’t a kingdom or a monarchy. Even if Museveni wants to be the King of Kings. He wants to be the absolute ruler by definition of law and constitution that’s not happening. Part of his rule is by decree or directives. Still, his not a King and a Monarch.

For all sense and purposes, until this is legally changed or by a referendum. Museveni is still a Head of State and a Commander-in-Chief. He is His Excellency (H.E) and the Fountain of Honour. He is the President and been so since January 26th 1986. Doesn’t give him the rights or ability to decide who is his successor.

Yes, a President can point at somebody and say: “I want him or her to be my successor”. However, that is not legal binding argument and it is not statute that make the a legit transfer of power. So, the ones who is preparing for Muhoozi or Odrek. Isn’t doing that on their merits or their capacity to be Presidents. Since, it is not a family affair. They have ot be standing for respective parties and be challenged at elections. That’s how these sort of things goes.

The general public who is tired of the old man. Why do they want to have his son-in-law or his first son? Who thinks that is a viable option? Unless, your paid promoter and part of the “Project Muhoozi”. It is not his a articulate or a genuine leader. Neither is proven… he has been promoted and gotten a bigger role because of who he happens to be. Not because merit or what he has achieved in the field.

This is a family matter or a dynasty ticket. There should be nothing automatic about either of these gentlemen. They are not even part of the central leadership of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Neither have they a history or been leaders in the political sphere even. These haven’t been tested in elections for other roles either. So, it is not like they have a huge following or a rising to power this way.

Unless, they want to rise to power like the old man and use arms to get there. That would follow family history and use private armies in combination of a popular uprising to a coup d’etat. Nevertheless, I don’t think they will do that to topple their head of the family. Who just happens to be the President at this current time.

This is the choice for the ones who still wants one family to rule the Republic. It is for the ones that is accepting the personification of the state and only his family can govern. That isn’t written anywhere or have become law. Even if it is in the mind of the President or his close associates. Who will do what they can to salvage the loot, the companies and all other projects it has entangled with the state. They are afraid of losing this in combination of answering to the sins of their father and his years in power. That’s why they need a second generation President to ensure nobody gets to account for it and also shield the father as well. It is that simple…

They want to secure the tyrant legacy and his spoils. To ensure that he be remembered better than he should. So, that the family can keep it all and not have to pay a price for how it got it all. That’s the worry and that’s why there is people even fielding these gentlemen.

Why would the people be duped for a second generation Museveni? Why do you want more of the same and have a crippling state, which haven’t gotten better. Museveni have had 35 years and still has plenty of the same issues as when he entered into office. He could have changed things, but he hasn’t because that haven’t been the priority.

So, the dynasty ticket will only deliver more of this and undoubtedly not make things better. Unless, your naive or believe that a fellow family member will suddenly radically change things. That person will most likely prolong the agony and secure the fortunes of the same elites as before. Don’t shocked if that would happen.

The ones that support either of these two. Doesn’t value a democratic choice or a proper succession even. They just want one junta to control and not lose the grip. Peace.

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Opinion: Abiy wins a landslide in the predetermined polls

It would have been shocking and equate to a disaster if Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali would have lost the recently held elections. In all numbers and polls his Prosperity Party have won a significant majority. The rest is allies and favourable “opposition parties” which are in the good graces getting a small mandate. Therefore, this a practical “one-party” election with a few selected “opposition” leaders to contest with.

The election in itself is a disgrace. There was maybe peace in some regions and was long lines of waiting people. However, the real opposition was either barred, banned or detained by the authorities. That’s not only in Tigray region, but also in others. Where opposition parties haven’t been able to run or allowed to run. Because, the state has blocked the Oromo, Ogaden and Tigray parties from participating.

We know that the Prosperity Party wouldn’t have won the Oromia seats or the representation. As the ones who are in favours of the people is behind bars. The same with others as well. It is just proven and the state isn’t even trying to make it look legit.

The results are just proving it. This is to legitimize the ‘Medemer Terror’ and the oppressive means of the regime. This election isn’t to get the ones the public wants, but who Abiy have selected. They are now in total power and continues his reign.

The ones who believes these results are naive. As Balderas, Oromo Federalist Congress, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, Afar Liberation Front Party and others are targeted, silenced and detained. So that they couldn’t participate in this election. That’s because the PM and PP couldn’t have run against them and actually win.

That’s why today’s announcement is just a fraud and a “fake”. It is just a (s)election and not free. It isn’t just technical issues of sort. There was a predetermination and done to ensure it. The Prime Minister and everyone can scream “victory”. But there was nothing under the sun that would make it possible for him to lose. There was no way he could have lost and neither his party.

So, the proclamation today and announced “victory” have been anticipated. That’s because the state have prepared for this and done everything to make it happened. The ones who thinks otherwise. Can check the amount of political prisoners. How many journalists who has been targeted and also all the parties who haven’t been able to participate. If you look at all of this. Than you know the PM and PP have done this all deliberately.

We can just ensure the world of a more lies, deceptions and possible bloodshed. The PM can lie about everything and spin for his own personal gain. The same does his party and his government. That will only be legitimized by this and he will feel more confident in the term ahead. Now, he isn’t just selected by a chosen few, but was (s)elected.

He will sing psalms and be giddy. The same will the whole PP and they will call it the best election ever. However, if it was so great?

Why didn’t his main challenger get an opportunity to be on the ballot or the parties ability to run against PP?

Well, that’s because the PM and PP wouldn’t risk a possibility to loose or even be humiliated in some regions. That’s why they barred them and made it impossible for them to run. That’s why it’s easy to say this isn’t “free or fair” even credible elections. Peace.

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