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Mali: Communique du Gouvernement de la Republique du Mali – Relatif a la Mise en Place d’Une Cellule de Crise pour la Liberation de l’Honorable Soulmaila Cisse et ses Compagnons (31.03.2020)

Opinion: Khupe is the lucky loser and Chamisa is still the heir

Sometimes, you know your a pawn and acts like a pawn. Thokozani Khupe of the Movement for Democratic Change – T (MDC-T) is now the sole proprietor of MDC-Alliance (MDC-A) after a victory in the Supreme Court today. This reinstating him, however, he will not been seen as a winner nor a justified ruler. Even if the Courts delivered this. This is just the Supreme Court doing the bidding of the ZANU-PF and their compatriots who wants the remains of Morgan Tsvangirai gone and let POLAD mission continue.

The verdict today:

THE Supreme Court has ruled that Nelson Chamisa is not the legitimate MDC leader in a judgment that settles the drawn out leadership wrangle between him and Thokozani Khupe. In his ruling, Chief Justice Luke Malaba also reinstated the MDC (then MDC-T)’s 2014 structures. The ruling could also be triumph for tormented top MDC politician Douglas Mwonzora, who was then secretary general” (Costa Nkomo – ‘UPDATED: WATCH – Khupe Triumph As Supreme Court Rules Chamisa Not Legitimate MDC Leader’ 31.03.2020).

Khupe might seem like a winner, but he isn’t, she’s actually a lucky loser. Even with the victory, whose behind him and what sort of support will he have?

She’s slowly digging her own grave. The party structure and the MDC-Alliance has all been behind Nelson Chamisa. They have been so, because he was the heir of Tsvangirai. The man who prepared Chamisa.

Khupe had problem with Chamisa back in February 2018 when Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa as acting President of the Party. Therefore, we knew that she would take it ill, as the co-VP would be anointed and put on the back-burner. So, today in March 2020 is a vindication, but a empty victory.

She is now a pawn of the regime. Instead of being someone who keeps the mantle of Tsvangirai and continue to work towards the regime change. She’s instead doing the state favours by taking Chamisa and his team away. By disenfranchising the biggest obstacle of the state. She’s weakening the opposition and even making the MDC-A less relevant by taken power over it. It’s like she wants to be Queen, but isn’t even a Duchess.

Khupe your a pawn, a useful pawn, but you will not have not have a legacy worth the paper the titles are written on it. It will all wither, because you destroyed MDC for your gains and not for furthering the struggle against ZANU-PF. You became a useful tool and they used you. Hope it was worth it. Since, we will not remember you in favourable terms. Peace.

Mali: Synergie des Organizations de la Societe Civile et de la CNDH – Elections Legislatives 2020 au Mali – Communique de Presse No. 1 (29.03.2020)

Opinion: Four possible outcomes with Alpha Conde after the referendum

The two term President Alpha Conde of Guinea knows this perfectly well. His citizens knows and the world knows this. There is only three real outcomes now, that he has the legal ability to run for two more terms. The old man, the 82 year old executive and head of state. Has only a few narrow paths ahead of himself.

First Option: Dying in office.

He can by all means, because we don’t know his life-span or trajectory of breathing. When saying that, we don’t know when he will die or if he will die in power. That means serving as the head of state until his last breath. That means dying as a President and than after that, someone else get to become the 6th President of Guinea. Which, means he would be third one to die in power, since liberator and dictator Sekou Toure and dictator Lasana Conte.

Second Option: Loose power by a coup

The second option, which we know is possible, but need someone to use force. Is that someone inside the army starts a coup d’etat and uses the means of mutiny to bring him down. That means the army won’t serve the President, but instead will serve the leader they had chosen. That is brutal ending of a Presidency, but not a new in Guinea. As Moussa Dadis Camara did his bidding after the death of Conte in 2009, but he didn’t contest in the “first free elections” in 2010, as he was in exile in Burkina Faso. The junta-leader who didn’t get to linger in power and neither did his deputy Konate who only got a short term stint before the aforementioned elections.

Third option: Public revolution to overpower him

The opposition, civil society and activists could overpower him. They could over time shutdown all parts of government. Stop all trading, all collection of taxes and stop normalcy. So, that the state functions wouldn’t exists. That they barricaded the streets. Silenced the media and controlled the airwaves. They would dethrone Conde and his party. That by popular demand and by the acts of civil disobedience or defiance. However, that would cost and the demonstrations would be so co-ordinated, that the security forces had to give up and give way.

Fourth Option: Rule with an Iron-Fist

This last option is the most likely one. The President is following suit of Toure and Conte. He is killing people to be able to run two more terms. Even as his growing old and are in advanced age. Surely, he wants to be like Mugabe and others. Who ruled until their cronies took over. Instead of giving way to succession.

Alpha Conde doesn’t want to learn from history. His just a stubborn old man, who wants to distort his legacy, wants to be remembered as a big-man who couldn’t let go and who kept power by any means. His not alone in this, all arms of government is supporting this and they are making way for him.

Conde is just following what previous leaders has done. Not that he follows Camara or Konate, but Camara was shot and Konate ruled temporarily. While instead he follows Toure and Conte. Doing the same thing. Just in our time. Now, having a referendum to legitimize his rule. Surely, the elections will be rigged. There will be social media black-outs, there will oppression and the opposition will get punished. That is the ordinary playbook of guys like Conde.

Unless one of the options happens. He will just rule. Indefinitely. Since he has the throne, the package and the glory. He will not give way or give that up. His enjoy the powers and the perks. Therefore, it is all his and the spoils are his too. That is why his not letting go. Peace.

Guinee: Front National pour la Defense de la Constitution (FNDC) – Declaration No. 094 (28.03.2020)

Malawi: Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) – Press Statement – COVID 19 Awareness by Political Parties (25.03.2020)

Opinion: Section 8 of POMA is Null- and Void, what does that mean?

Well, now the Constitutional Court came today with a striking judgment. That the Section 8 of the Public Order Management Act of 2013 is unconstitutional. Section 8 of the POMA is very clear. That gives the powers to officers and give the police the authority to block any meeting. It also gives the powers to the Police to disperse a meeting. Also, finally the sub-section also issues the officers in question the powers to assess if a person is disobeying the law or unlawfully assembles. Which makes that person liable for sentencing according to the Penal Code section 117.

Therefore, today’s judgment is vital, as the Police Force by definition now doesn’t have the authority to block any gathering. Neither disperse it or issue an order to stop the public from participate in any public meeting/gathering. This here is an direct consequence of the judgment today.

We knew this law was draconian. The whole law isn’t null and void, just one part of it, but it takes away the powers to enforce it. The Police Force, the authorities is limited by this. This law has banned concerts, public gatherings, consultation meetings, anniversary rallies, opening of political party offices and so fourth. The state has given all sorts of orders and usage of the law to an extent, where the opposition is futile. They couldn’t conduct either internal party organizations nor actually try to gain new followers, since the state stopped it or never allowed them to publicly to gather in the first place.

This law was deemed the Anti-Besigye Act, ABA, the act against Besigye and his political effort to undermine the regime. This came after the Walk to Work. Now, the opposition has one an important battle in the Courts.

There was on judge who didn’t see it like this, that was Stephen Musota. Remember that man, because he stated this, he was the one voting in favour of Section 8 of POMA. Because, there was 4-1 and therefore, it was null and void. However, Stephen stated this: “The limits are now cast in stone and are no longer at the whims or imagination of the Inspector General of Police or his authorized officers”. That is why the whims of the IGP shouldn’t be the factor to allow people to assemble or not. This is why its unconstitutional, which is stated by the other judges on this matter.

What I am suspecting will happen is that the National Resistance Movement will revise and amend this bill. To ensure they have the powers to stop meetings and such before the General Elections 2021. They have had the good need of this bill for years. This will not go away without a blast. I don’t believe the NRM will concede and give way that easily. Not when the rise of Bobi Wine and Besigye is now allowed and cannot be stopped. That is what the NRM worried about and will find new ways to silence it. Especially, when the Police Force has been preoccupied with this partisan politicking for years. Peace.

CEDEAO: Communique (25.03.2020)

Burundi: CENI – Objet: Reunion d’echanges sur la designation des mandataires/Observateurs des elections de 2020 (19.03.2020)

Opinion: Norbert Mao is on a mission of self-destruction

Those rebel party members are survival seekers who only intend to achieve re-election and maintain a fertile salary in the upcoming Parliament. DP was the first to give Bobi Wine the audience when the others were not sure of what to do. We gave him space starting with the reunion conference but they started saying that I am a sadist and I pity those masqueraders. That’s why I was saying that am sorry for the young man because the crippling plants want to use him. For us in DP we say that we have been pushing Museveni like a car for 35 years but it has refused to start and when a young man like Bobi Wine come we should give him some space”Norbert Mao on the 17h March 2020

It’s like the President of the Democratic Party (DP) Norbert Mao who has had two terms and preparing the party for the General Election of 2021. His supposed to get elected for his third term and also run for office himself. However, he has not run a smooth operation.

Mao is now playing this the wrong way. He tried to play Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for clout himself. He tried to be associated and work with the People Power Movement (PPM) for extended popularity. Its not like Mao and the DP haven’t earned on it and trying to act like they have invested in it too.

With that regard, they didn’t create the PPM, they were a part of it, but it was Bobi Wine and his associates who started it. They initiated this, the DP would surely preferred that PPM and Bobi Wine participated in the Special Purpose Vehicle and the DP Block. That is because, even Bobi Wine can see a dead fish floating in the water.

Mao will not say it, but he wants to be relevant and be vibrant. That is why his working with Mugisha Muntu, all the other briefcase parties and whatever it takes to look significant. This is why he needed and used Bobi Wine. Now, with time he see that it backfires. The swift of loyalty isn’t following him, but instead follows Bobi Wine. That is hurting Mao. Making him look foolish.

That he attack the ones who now aspire to follow Bobi Wine is now self-serving. However, wasn’t it the same when you invited him and trying to fish him into the fold in the first place? Wasn’t that your game drive not going well?

Your aim and goals wasn’t that Noble, neither was you doing charity. Neither, do I believe it would be sincere, if your acting its like that. Which your doing now by all means. Bobi Wine was building and also showing his true face to the republic. As you invited him. Now your taking credit, but also blaming your own for starting to follow him. As they see more in him, than they see in you.

Mao, that is surely hurting your pride and your ethos. It hurts your being and therefore, your now doing this and telling this. What is your problem is that you open the gate, but doesn’t want to participate now that the game is happening. You want people to still follow suit…

That is a mission … of self-destruct. Self destruction is clearly the memo and the message his sending. If he had these issues with People Power and Bobi Wine in the first place. Why inviting him and clearing him for your events? Why even entertain him?

However, you did and willingly. You let your people participate and be apart of the movement. Bobi Wine is just a grenade for you. He exploded in your face and you wasn’t prepared for the explosion. You should have seen that you took out the splint, but you forgot that, apparently. KA-BOOOM!. Peace.

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