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Opinion: Babu Owino MP CCTV video-clip is straight outta a gangster movie

A clip that has gone viral of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino from earlier this morning in the nightclub of B-Club in Kilimani, Nairobi. That video clip is a scene straight out of gangster flicks or noir movies. This here wasn’t an assassination attempt. He was hanging around shisha with a few friends and suddenly triggered the gun directly at Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve.

The MP was smoking shisha, who knows what else he was up to that late in the morning in the club and how long his roamed the club too. That is up for someone else to look into. However, the clip itself shows no signs of fear, intimidation nor anyone aiming for the MP. Just he striking the gun easily at the DJ as if it was nothing to him.

The clip shows a man, who has total control and aim; there is no remorse or anything. Just a bullet into the DJ and the friends taking him away after the shoot. There is nothing showing fear or intimidation. This is like the Scorsese mafia movies and Babu is one of the bad-guys.

He gave the DJ an offer he couldn’t refuse and suddenly he snapped. After that snap, he shot him. This is evidence of attempted murder on civilian by a supposed lawmaker. Someone whose in the chambers of law and represents the people.

Babu Owino is the sort of man you should trust. Because of his status, position and what he represents. Even if he has dozens of heavy loaded statements and other questionable acts in the past. Still, the way he handled the gun and aimed at the DJ. There is no question, which he should answer and be punished for that. His station shouldn’t save him, but be the factor for why its even more important to punish him. Because he should know better. if it is wrong for a civilian to use force, than a lawmaker should get harder punishment. Since, he can create laws and justifications for people to get into legal trouble. By just being in his office and such.

There is no one in their right mind, that after seeing the video-clip that can say his innocent and doesn’t know what his doing. Because, there was clear intent. Who knows what sparked it and what is the reason for the brutal shooting, but that shouldn’t vindicate him either. The evidence is right there, in the viral CCTV clip.

There will be an investigation, but the victim is in the hospital possibly fighting for his life. While the MP will continue to live a lavish life until the possibly are prosecuted, unless the get the same treatment as Jaguar MP, but we don’t know that. If he will only be fined and let go. Therefore, that he can run another term in 2022.

Don’t shocked, even with the incriminating viral video, with influence and power come possibilities. Where he will reside in comfort, while the victims will dwell in uncertainty. This was a gangster move of Babu Owino.

No matter what the DJ did or said in the club, does not vindicate the shot directly at him, which could turn fatal. However, we don’t know that yet. Peace.

Burundi: Mouvement pour la Solidarite et la Democratie (MSD) – Declaration (16.01.2020)

Opinion: Kania’s nonsense [concerning Bobi Wine]

It is the duty of security right now to see where Bobi Wine is. Whether they do it overtly or covertly, they must do it because Bobi Wine is an asset in this country. when he reaches the point of nomination that is when the IGP will come in and say now “you must be surrounded with this security, you cannot sleep in such and such a place,”Obiga Kania, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs (16.01.2020)

What Minister Kania said today about what the Police Force done lately with the People Power Movement and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a lie or deluded. If Kania believes the words coming out of mouth. His surely not making sense. This is not common sense.

Kania might think this is a trick. That he can defend the actions of the Police Force, but it doesn’t. Because the PPM and Bobi Wine wasn’t shielded, defended nor secured in Lira or Kasangati. No, they were taken from the public space, arrested and forced away from their consultation meetings.

Bobi Wine wasn’t secured or safely treated by the authorities. Neither was any of his associates nor the activists who was supposed to be there too. They were all threaten and arrested. The public was bathed in tear-gas, live-bullets and whatnot.

The blocking of the venues, the threats to the owners of businesses closing it for the People Power. That is not for safeguarding Bobi Wine. All of this is a lie.

That is not how you treat assets for the Republic. The way you treat assets is the way you put President Museveni on a pedestal and let him held rallies in the middle of the streets in whatever town in the Republic.

What is also a bit funny. There was no covert operation in this, unless they had secret orders from high above stopping Bobi Wine. This wouldn’t be shocking, but also following a pattern.

That the state addresses Bobi Wine and misuse their power. Is what the state has done for ages with their opposition and dissidents. The ones they fear, they will ensure they will struggle to organize and do their political work. Find any way of doing so and also use the Public Order Management Act and Penal Code. Whatever fits the bill, any given day.

Therefore, Kania might think he was smart or even brilliant. But then again, than he thinks the public is stupid or dumb. That they will eat this crap and call it luxurious meal. Because, this is delusional blend of rubbish from the Minister.

Kania might able to sell this to a few, but the signs on the horizon is clear. The state is using their force to make it impossible to be Bobi Wine. Not because his an asset, but because his a target. They aim, they shoot and they detain. It is a game-drive, where the Simba (the Lion) is always captured. Peace.

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Opinion: The ‘NRM Rebel MPs’ proves the democratic deficiencies within the party

When Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Justine Kasule Lumumba barred 30 Members of Parliament for the Party to be delegates at the NRM Delegates Conference on the 25th January 2020 at Mandala Stadium (Namboole). Because, these 30 MPs voted against the abolishment of the Age Limit in defiance of the President, the Party Chairman and Supreme Leader. Therefore, SG Lumumba and the President have directed them not to come.

It is funny that a party made out a rebellion is sanctions its own rebels. I always find that endearing of the NRM. That the ones who should understand and support this behaviour. Since that is how the party got made to begin with.

What we are seeing is a President, his party and his secretariat not accepting other things than the party line. Everyone is supposed to follow the guidance and the beliefs of the President. Everything else is out of question. In addition, if you dare to go against it, there will be sanctions, ramifications and consequences.

So today this news broke out: “Oscar John Kihika, the Director Legal Services NRM Party has said the 30 Party MPs who opposed the lifting of the Presidential age limit have a right to attend the Party’s Conference as per Article 11(2) (i) of the NRM Party Constitution” (91.2 Crooze FM, 15.01.2020).

That is why, the NRM own constitution doesn’t ban them, but the President and SG wants to do it. They might show up then, but don’t expect celebrations or huge relief. These MPs might get into trouble by defying that too. These people might just end up like Muhammed Nsereko, NRM leaning Independent, which will vote in accordance with the party, but as “independents”.

What we are seeing is singling out the ones who doesn’t following the program and the regime of Museveni. The ones inside his own camp whose daring to oppose him and his self-styled President for Life. Which is his memo and life work. They are defying that and because of that. The President are initially saying they have “no say” and “nothing to offer” in his party.

If they did, they would come with open arms, discuss why did what they did and talked it out. Instead his banning them and closing the door shut. No way to return, no mercy, no justification. Just, you didn’t do as your told. Therefore, now you got to suffer, outside alone and not allowed to play us friends inside. Real kindergarten stuff, not a grown up party with proper measures and protocol.

It is so endearing, the NRM Rebels, but the party doesn’t think so, apparently. For them, they are nuances and a reminder, that not everyone follows one man blindly, but that they can on their own. Peace.

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