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Opinion: Kenyatta haven’t studied Tinubu

I feel the three most fundamental issues that are easily weaponized to the detriment of our democratic growth. The first is negative ethnicity or tribalism, followed by religion, and lastly, economic greed” – Uhuru Kenyatta (Keynote Address ahead of Inauguration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, 27.05.2023).

The words and the paragraphs that has leaked from Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s keynote address or lecture in Abuja ahead of the inauguration of the 29th May 2023 of President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu isn’t that clever really. Kenyatta says all the rights things and the sentiments are fine, but very hallow. Especially, when the Kenyan President isn’t reflecting on the character of Tinubu, but more on what he should do in office.

I doubt Tinubu will be any good. That’s not only because his the successor of Buhari. No, because of the legacy and what Tinubu been up to before. If we felt Buhari was long times overseas and not in office. The same will happen with Tinubu.

Tinubu have even started to do so before getting sworn-in. The new President will know Abuja House in London, United Kingdom very well. He will be accustomed to the prestige and the wealth of the British capital. That’s what I am expecting, if not he will be lingering in Paris or any other Western capital to get proper dental or health care. Because, the old man won’t trust that in Nigeria. I cannot see that happening anytime soon and it’s just tragic.

I speak to you as a brother and an elder statesman in leadership. The contest is now over, and the hard work of building a prosperous and unified Nigeria begins” (Kenyatta, 27.05.2023).

This here we have heard before from Kenyatta. He and his Deputy said the same things after the elections in Kenya. The former President isn’t saying this as an elder statesman, but as man who knows the game. It is to undermine and tell the “losers” to scatter. The works begin and the electoral misgivings are bygones. Therefore, his by definition giving Tinubu a handout by saying this.

Kenyatta continues: “I encourage you to surround yourself with the voices of those who will counterbalance the hardliners that feel entitled to a piece of your office. You will lose nothing and gain everything from reaching out across political, ethnic, and religious lines to those who may feel aggrieved by your victory in one way or another. Allow them to exhale and to be a part of your vision for a greater Nigeria” (Kenyatta, 27.05.2023).

In the grand scheme of things… Kenyatta is actually speaking of a handshake and trying to forge alliance with the opposition. That’s what his saying but with finer words. Kenyatta has experience with this and saw how he earned political capital by creating the BBI and giving Odinga an honorary role. This is what his advising Tinubu to do as well.

If Tinubu was supposed to do this. He would have to get the approval of the Labour Party and People Democratic Party (PDP). I have a hard time seeing Peter Obi or Abubakar Atiku giving way at this point. The PDP might be able to be swayed and for some political offices. However, the Labour Party and Obi I have strong doubt about the willingness to back-down.

Secondly, I wouldn’t judge anyone who wouldn’t trust the APC or Tinubu at this point. They have bushwhacked themselves into power and unforgivingly so. That’s why he isn’t everyone’s “president” and people don’t think well of it all. The APC and Tinubu cannot fool the people, but they are trying to convince them. Even after his the supposed “majority” winner of the elections. Therefore, Kenyatta’s words and aspirations will fall a bit flat.

The ones thinking things will be better as Buhari skates off in the sunset. Well, Tinubu is a gangster and a crook. There will come nothing good out of this and only more suffering. The state won’t be better or more accountable, no Tinubu will run it like a mob. That’s why I don’t trust the man or his reasons for being in office. It is only to enrich himself and his allies. Tinubu isn’t there to serve or be a servant. No, his there to collect more gold and eat more lobster. That’s what Tinubu does and will do. Peace.

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Opinion: Kyambadde don’t want to be in the wind…

The likes of Amalie Kyambadde are used to be close and have vast influence in her office. That’s why being a Senior Presidential Advisor on Industry since the 2021 is daft to her. However, she chose this path and lost her elected role after 10 years in Parliament.

When you play the game, you either win or lose. That’s how it goes, and MPs are automatically elected or selected, unless they are the sole-candidate, and no other party is fielding in the same constituency. Therefore, Kyambadde was humbled after being in Cabinet and in Parliament for a decade.

She should have followed the advice of her master. The one that she served and kept secrets for. Kyambadde been the Personal or Private Secretary to the President since 1986 and worked close with him since 1997. So, when she decided to go out galivanting into an elective role. She should have known that it could cost, and the constituents could send you packing, which they did…

We know that she had massive influence and could keep the President distant from people in the years as his secretary. She must surely feel totally out of the loop. Now that she only has a marginal role and salary. Kyambadde is just one of a “100” Presidential Advisors, and they tend to only meet to be enlighten by His Excellency every blue moon. So, she isn’t as relevant or within the realm of power as she used too.

It wasn’t surprising to read or hear that she was dismissing the person who won over her in 2021. That was to be expected and that she would retaliate with harsh words. She got too and say something to sound like a viable candidate. However, will the constituents by into it?

Because she was in Parliament for 10 years and did, she do so much for them? Well, I don’t have the answer, but certainly that is questionable. Alas, she can only sway as much her swing as she wants too.

While it is a hard bargain to try to return now. The only thing she can hope for is help from the “high above” and settle the scores locally. There was a reason why she didn’t get a third time in Parliament. The people hadn’t seen or heard much from her. It is arrogant to think you are duty bound to be there. However, knowing that she was a staple in the State House.

She surely must feel entitled and that’s what she does. Kyambadde is victim of her own whim and arrogance. This is a mere reflection of her character. The reason why she is a Presidential Advisor and still at-large. Is because of her connection not only through the family of Kuteesa, but also her longevity in the State House. That’s the reason why she still matters and the secrets she knows.

The President has confided and trusted her in the past. Certainly, Kyambadde knows more than most. If someone knows the inner-works and the inner-circle it’s her. She has not only knowledge, but first-hand experience with it. Therefore, it is no surprise that she wants back and wants the perks coming with it. Peace.

Opinion: DeSantis is another Jeb!

Here we go again… the primaries are far from finalized and now the Republican Candidates for the Presidency is up for grabs. The Republican Party don’t have an incumbent in office. Since President Donald J. Trump lost in the 2020 elections. Now the GOP is gearing up and familiar faces wants to get upgraded.

This time around it’s former Representative of the 6th District of Florida and incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis. He launched his Candidacy yesterday and starting his “press run” for it. While he did so with the “international tour” and tried to be convincing abroad. Because visiting Israel and Japan wasn’t to export Floridian grapefruits or bell peppers.

There is already speculation that DeSantis wants to detach Trump. By announcing his campaign, he wants to get on national stage and takeover the party. Alas, there is where the trouble lay…

Trump has a chokehold over the GOP and parts of base is a Cult45. Therefore, the ones challenging him will be doubted, questioned, and meet massive backlash. Even if Trump is indicted, investigated and has several pending cases against. As much as he is also sanctioned business-wise or in his personal space. Sooner or later all the enterprises he has run will fall flat. That’s what DeSantis must bank on and that at one point, the wheel of justice rolls in his favour. This is the only thing that can topple Trump within the ranks of the GOP.

The ones’ believing DeSantis is a better suited man for Presidency is wrong. He acts more polished but is a reckless and fascist politician. A real populist who seeks his base and feeds it gold. That’s what DeSantis does, and he don’t mind hurting minorities or anyone else. If he gets political capital by doing so.

DeSantis is such a vile person that he even targets the Disney Corporation and losses huge corporate investment in his state. That’s all for political gains and hope that the GOP base will back him in a primary. Because that is all he got. There will be little to no “bipartisan” support or lots of independent voters stepping up for DeSantis. His track-record and choices as governor in Florida is really telling.

Another Jeb Bush, another Florida Governor wanting the highest office. A man who thinks his ready. Yes, Jeb came from a family of politicians and DeSantis doesn’t, but he comes in with similar baggage still. There is little charisma or oozing of confidence as DeSantis stumbles along the way.

DeSantis needs to pray for a miracle or a detrimental judgement against Trump. In such a fashion that its not feasible for him to be front-runner anymore. We have seen that the E. Carrol case isn’t enough. So, there sadly must be more juice and more fire to bring Donald down.

I’m just sad that this is all the GOP got. They are maybe fielding Nikki Haley, but she isn’t any good either. There are just a lot of nonsense and people who does whatever it takes to get power. These are admirable people or people to look up too. Unless you want minorities to suffer and wants government to micromanage your love-life. Because that is what the likes of DeSantis does.

I cannot see any good in this man. His time in office as Governor of Florida is a statement of what he could do in the White House. It would take the Republic back in time and could easily be worse than the years under Trump. Therefore, I wonder if the GOP even has viable or honest candidates anymore.

When people like DeSantis steps up to the plate and prepares himself for journey into the unknown. Peace.

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