Burma: Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) – Daily Briefing in Relation to the Military Coup (27.02.2021)

Opinion: It’s not revolutionary to kidnap or abduct civilians who oppose your leadership

It is has been plenty of times when the National Resistance Movement and its government has called itself a “revolutionary” movement. However, the acts of it isn’t so. The actions made of late. Only proves that its emulating and using the same means of the past. It only has appointed the authorities, security organizations and made new facilities for keeping civilians incommunicado.

The civilians are only taken, abducted, kidnapped, detained, tortured and even killed, because they are associated, members and active as a part of the National Unity Platform (NUP. If not they are part of other opposition parties like the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC). These folks can be gone missing for over 600 days at most and not seen again. People are retuning as bodies in fields and even suddenly left on streets. There are so many souls taken out early. Just because they are affiliated with other parties.

The state is playing a cat-and-mouse game with revelations of the ice-berg. As they have a few numbers of people kept in their dungeons and chambers. The public cannot know the extent of these “Panda Gari’s” or drones, which happens on a rampant basis. There is new stories and people who doesn’t know what has happened to them.

We don’t know how many the army have captured. We don’t know how many the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) has, neither does we know how many who is detained without charges at SIU Kireka. Neither how many who has been taken to ungazetted “safe-houses” across the Republic. We cannot know how many plain-clothed agents that is involved in this and who is directly ordering this.

For what we know, the Special Force Command (SFC), Crime Preventers, Internal Security Organizations (ISO) or any other state security organization who does this. We cannot know, because this is hidden and the orders are not leaked. The memos or documents showing their activity is hidden. Neither is conversation made between the commanders and higher command out either. Which we know will accept and let it happen, as they are doing the bidding of the “high above”.

The numbers of people taken by the state has been fluid, but we know the small numbers from the state isn’t close to the truth. We know its much worse. They are always downplaying and making the numbers jaded. That is what they have done with murders-in-the-city and with other horrific acts made by the authorities to its own. Therefore, I take the withhold lists of people from CMI and other agencies with a grain of salt. It seems like they acting naive, when they know perfectly well what they do.

This is a deliberate attack on the opposition. Scaring the up-coming generation. That is what this so-called revolutionary government does. A government who has a “freedom-fighter” and “liberator” as Commander-in-Chief, General and President. That government shouldn’t use the tactics of the ones it said it would erase. A “freedom fighter” who promised to never let citizens die in the hands of the government. A president who promised a fundamental change, but is delivering the same sinister acts 30 years later. His vile acts in Northern Uganda will never be forgotten. Neither, how he killed his opposition to consolidate power in the early years in power.

Still, what he does now. Just shows how little he cares about democracy and free speech. When everyone who associate and stands by the opposition is fair game. They are all targets and has a circle on their forehead to be hit. Because, the state is allowing this and doing it systematically.

So, if people call the NRM revolutionary. I’m sorry its not. It is just the same brutality it promised to dismantle. They promised to be different than Amin and Obote, but is doing the same thing. The extent is maybe even much worse, as the Museveni era has lasted much longer than their reign. When the sun suddenly will shine on the atrocities, crimes against humanity and extra judicial-killings. Maybe we will know the damage that the state has done. We will know what rumours have said about what happened in the “safe-houses” over the years. We get to know the pain and suffering that has happened in the dark.

Those acts isn’t revolutionary, its actually tyranny and what he promised to leave behind. The mighty general promised to make a difference, but this is more of the same. Only difference is his PR Team and western backing for peacekeeping missions and deal with their war on terror. While he could terrorize his home at the same time. That is how this story goes.

To many souls and lives been taken so one man can be in power. To many have been detained, tortured and scared for life. Just so one man can rule supreme for life. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Museveni needs the army and that’s why its never leaving the hallow halls of Parliament

The 10 UPDF MPs were put in the constitution on account of our history. They would be like a listening post to what is happening in Parliament” (…) “The NRM/A liberated the country together with peasants. After we realized that the army can’t govern the country and we handed it over to civilians. The country is not ours, it is yours, we are also just part of it” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Museveni warns army MPs against defying him as he lists priorities for new term’ 30.01.2021, NilePost.Co.Ug).

If it wasn’t for guns, ammunition and heavy weaponry General Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t be in power. The old man with the hat wouldn’t be relevant or even have any sort of influence in the Republic without the army behind him. This man isn’t there because of the love of the people or his popularity. No, this old man rather kill his grand-children and everyone who stands in his way. That is why political affiliation with National Unity Platform (NUP) is close to treasonous and grounds for abductions, torture and possible death in the hands of state security organizations.

So with that in mind. The General does need the services of the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Special Force Command (SFC) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). All of these organizations is working for him and he wouldn’t be as “strong” or “above the law” without ordering these all around on a whim.

Museveni will never let go of the army and its connection to civilian life. He needs the votes of military men in Parliament. That is an successive way to a majority without an election. These are bound by law and by chain-of-command of the army to follow their general i.e. him. They will automatically “give to Caesar what belong to Caesar” and he knows this.

We know the military have involved itself everywhere in civilian matters. That is why they are monitoring together with law enforcement the opposition leaders. They are used as operatives to control the political movements of the Republic. That is just a sad reality that this government is promoting.

The General have appointed military men all-over to all sorts of ministries. Made military men ambassadors and participated directly in the cabinet. So, he needs them all around and they are vital to his reign.

Also, the military have for some reason been involved in delivering mosquito-nets and going after illegal fishing in Lake Victoria. The army is part directly running beauty pageants even. The UPDF have a big role in Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADs). That meaning they are part of micro-loans, cash-crop development and so fourth. None of these are the supposed role of an army.

An army is supposed to safeguard the territory and shield the citizens from foreign invaders. Instead they are measuring the beauties of woman candidates for a pageant and checking if seedlings is correctly delivered to the Teso region. That shouldn’t be a thing, because how is this furthering the mandate of the army and making the Republic more safe? Why are they picking Miss Uganda or doing the logistics for Ministry of Agriculture? That shouldn’t be a thing, but it is…

The UPDF MPs are there to rubber-stamp and ensure the will of the General goes through. He has loyal allies that will never speak up against him and is only there to always have the majority to get his way. To think otherwise is naive. They are not there to represent a unique and special group. These are supposed to serve the Republic and do their duty. The army isn’t supposed to be involved in civilian matters, but ensure the civilians are safe. That is a big different.

Just like the army courts, the Court Martial shouldn’t be used to charge and be on trial as civilians in front of judges there. They are not enlisted or part of the UPDF. Therefore, the usage of the Court Martial towards the NUP Campaign Team and associates is foolishness. As that is outside their mandate and jurisdiction. They are not soldiers or high ranking officials who didn’t follow army command. No, these are civilians participating in a campaign for presidency for an opposition candidate. Which is without any legal grounds “effectively treason” but they will only postpone the judgement as long as possible. Just so the army can keep them hostage and detained with no other reason than as a statement to not challenge the almighty general.

This here is… just showing the military is embedded in the government and done for a reason. It is the reason why the General doesn’t need the public, but is addicted to the guns. The old man needs the soldiers and troops to follow his every move. They need to be part of every single institution and be there to listen to every heat-beat. The UPDF will go after and use their influence to ensure the old man has all power. The mandate is supposed to secure the border and avoid an invasion, but instead they are busy checking if Bobi Wine has sneezed. That is what they do and why Museveni will never let them off the hook. That is what an addict does and this is what gives him “a high”. Peace.

Opinion: Abiy will work on overtime to save his image ahead of the election

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and his Prosperity Party (PP) will work ahead to clean its image. No matter what sort of reports, reporting or stories that comes out from the Federal Republic. His supposed to look good ahead of elections. That is something he needs to be crowned king later in the year.

That is why all authorities, state agencies and such is putting in so much efforts to “debunk” and “dismiss” any negative story about the warfare in the Tigray Region. A war brings atrocities and deaths. That is just a matter of fact. When you operate a war and conflict. There will be blood spilled and no mercy on innocent civilians who get caught in the cross-fire. Even if the Prime Minister promise to not hurt any civilian. His army has most likely killed civilians either by bullets or by default for closing roads, shattering access and hunting for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The TPLF will do their bidding against their enemies. They have to stand responsible for its actions. However, they are not in the same pickle as Abiy. Abiy have to look good and astute as a statesman. While his acting as a warlord. The PP and Abiy have already named the TPLF a Terrorist Organization and Outlawed them. So, no matter what they do. They will “win” in the end. As the state have stand accountable for the conflict and the rebuilding of the region. That is not something you can pin on the former ally and coalition partner TPLF.

That is why Abiy have hired lobbyists to look better and get better coverage. Why his government has allowed 7 media houses to cover the region and now opening up unfettered access to humanitarian organizations too. That after claiming to do so much humanitarian work itself as a government. Who is there with Eritrean army, Amhara Para-Military Group “FANO” and own national army fighting on enemy, which it has now been doing since early November 2020. A conflict that was supposed have ended in late November close to December of 2020. We are now in end of February and soon March 2021. This sad tragic conflict seems to have no end and no positive outcome in close proximity.

Even if the Prime Minister needs to grow trees, opening up industrial parks and prove agricultural output. The PM needs to show the quality of the coffee and the basis of financial growth. While asking IMF and World Bank to cover his deficits. As the state is struggling financially and needs to still look vibrant ahead. All for the sake perception, as he cannot tank everything.

Especially, when his “reforms” only have let the world see more pain and suffering. The reforms have only arrested development and detained the opposition. If has detained it… he has silenced it and outlawed it. If it is in Ogaden, Oromia or in Tigray. There is all a bloodshed, people detained and paying the price for the wrong association. That is the reaction his leadership has brought, while he consolidated one coalition into one party. The others he brought peace with after getting power is behind bars. That is the tragic enterprise of this man.

Abiy is only in it for total power. He doesn’t care how many who dies or get in chains. As long as his crowned king. The warlord, the emperor and the sovereign who gives no fucks about the consequences of his actions. As long as he gets all the glory and festivities. He needs the salutes and the praise.

That is why Abiy is reacting now. Giving some ways and speaking of investigations. Even though they will end up nowhere. Just like the Court Orders helping Oromo leaders behind bars. They are shunned and doesn’t matter, as the “Superior Order” have more value then the rule of law. That because the pride of Abiy is mattering to much. He can do this, because he has the state power and doesn’t intend to loose it.

He has to calculate ahead. As the devastations and atrocities will come out. The reports and stories, which entails horrific acts and violations against humanity. Where there been blunt destruction, death and assault on a region. All to prove a point. Burning villages and killing anyone in sight. That is the stories of war and Tigray will be no different. The media blackout, social media blackout , telephone jamming and such have helped to lesser the leaks. Only later witness stories have been let out by refugees fleeing to Sudan. Where the state also claims war-criminals have fled to safety from the state and they want them returned. So, they are planning to persist their attacks on the region for a long time.

Just as the peacekeepers from Tigray was assaulted in Juba,as their time in South Sudan was over and the commando took charge and beat them into submission there. That says it all about the state of affairs. When even the ones serving and the ones who await punishment coming home. They want to avoid that, but is punished before even entering a plane “home”. This is a story, which is reflecting how the state operates and is leaked, because it happened in Juba and not in Addis Ababa.

Abiy doesn’t want that and wants that dismissed. Its inaccurate and always wrong. Just like any other story. However, he can lie and deflect. He can say things that is easily to see is wrong. Like the time he claimed only “youth” was refugees. That was easily debunked, but proves his character and his will to peddle own propaganda for his cause. Therefore, they will go after the ones who dare to question and will most like silence the ones that dares to talk. Especially, ahead of the elections.

When Abiy again needs to be the golden child and be the poster-boy of modernity. Abiy needs to be figure and posture of flair. He cannot look like or talk like a warlord, even if his actions speak of those. As the dead are mounting up and the unknown costs of the Law Enforcement Operation is in the air. Since, the state keeps that hidden and don’t want that out.

What we do know… is that Abiy needs to look good, even when he does bad. Abiy needs to look like a saint, but that is impossible. When his men is killing civilians on a daily basis. Peace.

Opinion: Nyanzi do yourself a favour an just stop!

He shared a photo of his new bullet-proof car,

Like a poor boy with a new gift on Christmas” – Dr. Stella Nyanzi (23.02.2021)

Since the 23rd February 2021 the exiled academic and activists, and former Kampala Woman MP candidate Dr. Stella Nyanzi have written poems about Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. These haven’t gone by in a fashion that she might have anticipated. She is undermining her efforts and her cause, if it is still her cause now that’s she’s in Nairobi.

Nyanzi have fought and people been by her side. She has not only fought for her academic position, but also an vocal activist on the side of Dr. Kizza Besigye. In the recent campaign and election. Nyanzi went after Bobi Wine, but when the polls was over and he was in house-arrest. She even wanted the public to demonstrate and go to his home in Magere. So, not long ago she had some sense.

Now, it seems all lost. Her attacks on him getting a bullet-proof car, having mansion and withdrawing a petition. While her own party didn’t petition the courts or even try the legal route. Which it haven’t done since 2011. We are just supposed to forget that now.

The empty sloganeering leaves one hungry.

The vain promises of liberation quench no thirst” (Nyanzi, 23.02.2021).

She goes after Bobi Wine on this point, but how many campaigns and slogans haven’t the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) come with over the year, that haven’t amassed big movements and civil disobedience? She should look into the mirror of her own allies before throwing stones? This is just mockery and buffoonery, as she should work in tandem with NUP. NUP and FDC should join forces, not have activists going after Bobi Wine. That seems so dumb now. Especially, when the NUP activists are coming back dead after abductions. When NUP are seeing their candidates, activists gone missing, abducted and illegally detained, tortured and even killed. On top of that Nyanzi is saying they are just “sloganeering”. How dare she?

The Demi-God stands tall.

He stands tall under his umbrella.

He will not be questioned.

He will not be criticised.

He will not be made accountable.

He will not be made fun of.

He makes no mistake at all” – Nyanzi (24.02.2021).

When you have lost the plot. A true man does mistakes, Bobi Wine has made mistakes and acted wrong. Even supporters of the NUP have called him out on it. However, you can kneel in front of Besigye, but not take accountability yourself for your own actions. As you are just going after Bobi Wine. You are just targeting him and his party. Though as that is making the cause better. Which I cannot see… what is your objective? What is your goal? Notoriety, maybe?

And when the die was cast, there was no future of freedom.

He still puffs up his chest and crows like his cock.

I see many with their brand new identity cards.

But we are still bound in our chains of oppression” – Nyanzi (26.02.2021).

All the words she is using against Bobi Wine could have been put on Besigye years. Both men have inspired two generations of freedom fighters and people who wants a peaceful transition from the dictatorship. That is why its weird how she singles out and writes these pieces on Bobi Wine.

Its really striking that he has hit a nerve and damage her calm. His mannerism and words are clearly inciting something in her, which is going into her spine. She isn’t inspiring anything other than disdain. Instead of being vocal and getting people on her side. She’s twisting their hands off and spelling it out.

That its wrong and only hubris to support Bobi Wine. This is how it seems and its not a good look. Especially, how she is such a fanatic about Besigye. A person like that should be careful branding other people…

She needs to leave the internet for a bit. Nyanzi needs to leave it alone. Unless, she has a plan to soil her whole reputation and loose all support within the opposition. Unless, she wants to be fringe writer, who only is mocked and over sexualise politics. She’s a grown person and can do what she likes, but if she wants to be respected and seen a favourable view. Her current route is a road to self-destruction and that’s never a good look. Peace.

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Opinion: Willy comes from the woodworks to save Bobi Wine’s Petition

Now the long-gone Presidential Elections Petition of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine seems to be fetched by former Presidential Candidate Eng. Willy Maymbala. Mr. Mayambala suddenly comes out of nowhere to be the saviour of the day or the useful idiot depending on how you look at it.

Since, the Supreme Court Petition is useless neither way. The Courts will only validate the election and move on. It is all compromised and will not serve in favour of any opposition candidate. A person like Willy is only a pawn in a game chess. This will not change anything.

What is even more striking, is that NBS Television reported this on the man only two or three weeks ago:

“When asked about his financial status post-election on The Morning Breeze show, Mayambala said the elections left him poorer, jobless and down to earth. This is the situation for most politicians after elections, fr those who have lost, it is a double tragedy because they have to deal with the heavy debts without a source of income and for those who win, they have to clear their debts and deal with the pledges they made. It is a catch 22” (Freda Ajok – ‘Former Presidential Candidate Willy Mayambala Broke and Jobless After Elections’ 08.02.2021, NBS Television).

So, a man that is broke and jobless seeks relevance and a paycheck to revive a dying petition. This is clearly an attempt to stay relevant and have some sort of play in the public regard. Willy needs to be seen and get traction. He needs that to stay relevant and have any points of getting validated somewhere. Willy already ran a terrible campaign as an independent and didn’t get anything worth mentioning from election. The only thing he got was debt to deal with. That is surely not the detail he signed up for.

Clearly he does this to get a some traction, but how can a broke man be able to carry the expenses of a court case? How could he even have the funds to campaign and be a Presidential Candidate, when he has nothing when its ended? It is not like he was in the public ahead of the elections and neither been so after it all.

No, this is a publicity stunt and he maybe hopes the State House can bail him out. He has already stated his poverty earlier in the month. A jobless man with no money can clearly not carry a petition like this. Who will be his lawyers and be his attorneys in this case? Who will do that Pro-bono? Aye?

Free Willy, he needs redemption and that quickly. This is not cutting it. It is not funny. Just to breathe life into a dying horse. To validate the election and give Museveni the recognition he needs. So, that he can get the foreign donors of his back. As every “avenue” has been exhausted. Peace.


A Memo on Bobi Wine’s Bulletproof Vehicle

Well, so… Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine got a bulletproof SUV as a gift from the diaspora and well-wishers from abroad. It was a gift given to him, because of how the state uses its security organizations and how they are going after him. This is to ensure the leaders safety and security with one measure at least.

However, what has unfolded since says more about the then it should have. First and foremost, they are probing and investigating who allowed it to happen. Secondly, they are warning that they might impound it and make it government property. However, that is really interfering in the givers and the diaspora’s will to donate to Bobi Wine.

Because, until recently… the state has had no issues with donations, gifts and grants to its enterprises. The state could offer deals for kickbacks and whatnot. So, its not like this is new. The President issued a legal remedy a few years back called “Presidential Handshake” where everyone involved in the Tax case with Heritage and Tullow got some extra “bonuses”. Even the brothers who photo-copied documents got a little fortune for the “hard” work in that case.

This vehicle is only showing how this state operates. There are people involved who have no issues and ensure things comes across borders with no fuzz. That is why it came in the hands of Bobi Wine who is practically very isolated and not allowed to do much in the grand sphere of things. Therefore, the state and its high-ranking officials is scratching their heads of the sudden pictures and thank you note from Bobi Wine.

These sorts of perks are only for the ones closely associated with the President or himself in that manner. The state doesn’t even provide these services to the huge entourage who is all eating on the plate of the Executive.

You could wonder and speculate, but the mere gist of it is… that only Yoweri is entitled to gifts like these. He can have planes, choppers, ranches, estates and businesses in his name all around. His plaque of himself across the Republic from schools to a water-tap. That is just what he does. But nobody else is supposed to do it. That is just for the Fountain of Honour himself.

However, the Fountain of Honour cars haven’t been shot at off late. That has happened to Bobi Wine while he was campaigning. That happened at least twice and was close to hit the passenger beside the driver. There were also shots at his tires in another district. So, its easily to say why he see the need for this vehicle with that equipment. When the state is so trigger-happy and aims at him.

This here is a foolish enterprise. It only shows what sort of state that is at play. Instead of showing maturity or sincerity. The state goes after the opposition who just got scraps. When the state own high-ranking officials is swimming in cash and perks. That is obvious to the naked eye. The double standard and the lack of care.

The vehicle is only showing the symptom of everything wrong with the state at this point. A man shouldn’t need that type of car with those specifics, but because of how the state operates. The man needs that type of car to shield himself from danger. Peace.

Opinion: Kalonzo strikes back at Odinga

Just as the preparations for the 2022 elections are re-appearing as an ever present gift that keeps giving in the Republic. It is just 2 days after Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Raila Odinga called the Co-Principals “disloyal” and “untrustworthy” as they didn’t show up at his Swearing-In ceremony in January 2018. However, he betrayed the same ideals by doing the handshake in March 2018. When he discontinued and left the National Super Alliance (NASA) to restructure himself with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

That is why today’s Press Statement and Presser from Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) leader Stephen Kalonzo Mysoka is interesting. Kalonzo is a man who has the ability to join any ship and able to find a shelter. That is what he does and that is why his been called a “watermelon”. Still, his retort to ODM and Odinga is on point. Proving his capacity and maybe the reason why Kenyatta made him an envoy as well. Since, he know this man has a history and able to tell a story. That is what he did today.

Odinga and ODM might not like this. Because, Odinga want to be the branded righteous ‘Baba’. The ‘Father’ and the next in line. His the one who never became President, but his the one who should be default. That storyline has been played out for years and that’s why he sworn himself as ‘People’s President’. Still, what should be mentioned is how Odinga have breached the 2013 MOU of CORD. How he jumped the line with the NASA Presidential Candidate and now ushering himself as the next-up after Kenyatta in 2022. That is why his trying to brand Kalonzo and others as ‘disloyal’.

However, they we’re wrong in January 2018, but Odinga was disloyal in March 2018 himself. That is something Odinga and ODM will never say. Because, that undermines the ideals and the supposed “golden standard” he has himself.

Kalonzo still strikes back with something grander than that: “It is common knowledge that Hon. Odinga has been betraying political allies with abandon, right from his association with the National Development Party and KANU in 2001, right through to the Pentagon in 2007/2008, to CORD, and now, NASA. It is this mistrust and dishonesty that is depriving Hon. Odinga of his national outlook and support. Before the 2013 General Election, Hon. Odinga beat his chest as a disappointed Hon. William Ruto walked away from him, only for the 2013 results to reveal that Hon. Ruto had actually ran away with the Kalenjin voting block!” (WDM, 24.02.2021).

If you thought that was bad enough, he slings one harder one:

Bottomline: Things will never be the same for Hon. Odinga. At the moment, he has earned the moniker of “Mr. Dishonest”. Additionally, he has cast himself as an extremely self-centered man who will get into power by hook or crook. He is a man who is extremely untrustworthy — a man who cannot keep promises. How can Kenyans trust such a man to be their President? For a man who cannot keep his word while in Opposition, how will he keep it while in power as President? Who will trust him?” (WDM, 24.02.2021).

Here he says it with a straight face. There is no underlining message. The memo is in the open. Just as he shows back to further than 2013. Kalonzo went back to 2001. That is 20 years of defaulting alliances of Odinga. Clearly, there is a reason for all of this. Just as there is a reason for changing camps for Kalonzo. Kalonzo have history of switching teams himself. However, he was loyal to CORD and NASA. To deny that is dumb now. Even as he lied and dropped out one day. But we have seen what happened to Miguna Miguna and proves how damaging it was to other. Nevertheless, Odinga betrayed that oath only to favour the BBI. This is why I get Kalonzo. Even if he is a melon and a switcher himself. His points are reasonable and shows a pattern.

Kalonzo have been part of KANU, NARC, CORD and NASA. So, he has switched sides when it has been beneficial for him. He has seen Odinga and worked with him as well. They got history together. Now, that Odinga and ODM went for the Co-Principals. This was a genuine response from him . Give credit where credit is due. This was a decent response and Odinga better think of another way forward. Because, his position is at play and he wants to be King. It is just a matter of how he finesses himself ahead. Now, his ditching NASA/CORD allies, which is because of his enriching agreement with Jubilee. That is how it seems.

Kalonzo doesn’t shred any tears, but has his knives out. Peace.