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Opinion: USA, the land of the unborn…

The United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Certainly isn’t becoming a more friendly place, but a more hostile one. It isn’t enough with the uncontrolled gun-violence, mass-shootings and gang-violence. The epic proportions of police brutality and corporate run-prison system. The United States of America isn’t the land of total freedom or liberty. No, it is so sanctioned and regulated that you should be cautious. Especially, if you blink twice or happens to be born with the wrong skin-colour.

Alas, birth, the womb and the women’s rights have now become the main subject. The reproductive rights and the prevention options of women in the USA will now be limited. It will possibly matter of which state you reside or the possible costs to do the needed treatment elsewhere. Certainly, plenty of Southern or Mid-Western states, which has a majority of Republican representatives are preparing legislations or state laws that abolish or limits the possibilities to near-none. Therefore, one part of society will be blocked out of life-saving treatment.

The same party and government, the same sort of judges and likes who has called mask-mandates for “fascism” and been so outrageous about COVID-19 regulations. However, the same people are now screaming of joy for policing women’s bodies. They are doing it to save the “unborn” and the ones who haven’t gotten life. These people call themselves “pro-life” but are they really?

These people are the sort of freedom loving people who would block the needs of any regulations to guns, state run programs and social security. They so want the state to be limited and will not grant any sort of tax-credit, stimulus package or sort of child-care programs that would matter. Instead they would rather destroy all that in combination of making the health care less accessible to millions of citizens. That’s the same people, which calls themselves “pro-life”.

They are only pro-breathing but after giving birth. The women and the families are mostly left alone to themselves. The ones who cannot afford or have access to treatment in other states. When the states takes away these freedoms. There will be pushback, but certainly create movements, which the same sort of ideals will be fought over again.

Now is the need for movements that acts and represents women like the Temperance Movement and the Anti-Salon League. The end of Roe Versus Wade will usher in a new era now. The Planned Parenthood, which we know and grown up with will be obsolete. If you though the Tea Party of the Trump’s MAGA was anything. Well, if history tells us anything. These sorts of things will spiral out in a manner, which the White House, Supreme Court or the Congress cannot handle. They just have to listen and obey. Because, this will backfire.

This will be brutal and the consequences will be enormous. Yes, the Republican’s seems like victors today, because SCOTUS validated their claim and overturned a former ruling. The Democrats never made it code or into law. Therefore, the rights of productive rights and women’s right is by default gutted by a conservative bench in the Supreme Court.

First and foremost, the ones who cannot or doesn’t have resources will be put into a quagmire. They either got to do it illegally in “speakeasies” or “underground clinics” to help them out or have organizations out of state to give them guidance and support to make it happen. That’s how despicable it is. Secondly, this is a bunch of men policing women’s bodies and months ago they where crying out loud over wearing masks in public. That’s how degenerate these people are. They should know better, but we cannot expect greatness out of corrupt and greedy men. These just want power and it shows. They want their mistresses to bare their children and they want baby-mamas across the board While calling themselves good family and Christian men. Alas, they couldn’t be further from the case. Most likely the same of sort of gentlemen wouldn’t accept or feel human, if a woman made a law policing their bodies. However, that is another case and it should be spelled out.

We are now seeing not only a divide, but a piece of history, which will ensure a political shift and a turn. That is most likely happening. The SCOTUS, White House and Congress will not understand that today. The people, the ones hurt and the ones banned from acting on their own judgement will turn against this. Some might be silent first, but after a while they will organize. There will be initiatives, groups and new sort of operations, which is out of bound of legislators. New sort of political will and rise to counter this. Because, so many people lost a constitutional right and an option, which has been there for 50 years.

This will not end here. Mark my words. This is a new chapter and a new beginning. The ones thinking publicity stunts and small pushover town-hall questionaries will be it. I hate to break it to you, but you have now unleashed a new sort of movement. Which the political elite or the ones representing the citizens haven’t seen in a life-time. That’s what the SCOTUS has done and this could have been avoided. However, now defiance and resistance is the only way out. That’s all because the Supreme Court judges overturned a ruling. Peace.

Opinion: The Tories lost badly in the By-Elections…

The tide is turning and the Conservative Party isn’t able to gain trust or results, which matters in the polls. The two by-elections went to the opposition. In Wakefield the constituency returned back to Labour. While Tiverton and Honiton went to the Liberal-Democrats (Lib-Dems). Tiverton has been a solid constituency for the Tories since 1841. So, things are really shaking.

These two by-elections happened because the former Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan molested a 15 year old kid. While Neil Perish, the former MP for Tiverton and Honiton was caught watching porn twice in the chambers of Parliament. So, it was horrific scandals that brought these by-elections to happen. Not some jokes or silly adventures. No, this was scandals, which was righteous to begin with.

It is now clear that everything is lost for the party. They have lost both seats for now. The By-Elections has ensured the losses and it a double too. Not just one of and a bad one. No, both places went to the opposition. One returned back Labour in Wakefield. While the biggest shocker was in Tiverton and Honiton, as the Tories has held this for decades.

These two loses are bad enough for the party. In addition the Oliver Dowden MP has resigned as the Chairman of the party. Therefore, it is a triple loss and the Tories aren’t growing in strength. The numbers from these elections should be a shocker. The Tories has already lost other by-elections in this term too. So, it is not like these was on off, but a continuation of the other losses.

The Tories continues to have a majority in Parliament. However, this is a signal from the public. They rather vote for Labour or Lib Dems than vote for the Tories. The opposition should unite and strategically field candidates to beat the Tories. That’s how they can win and overcome the majority of the Tories in the up-coming elections alone. They need to unite their forces and strategically plan to overcome the Tories. That’s if they are smart and thinks ahead of the next General Election.

However, it doesn’t matter how self-serving, entitled and arrogant the Tories are right now. They have the majority and are still in power. The Tories have the offices and are in control. Yes, it is a terrible loss and yet more by-elections, which it has lost. Boris Johnson as MP haven’t seen much of winning since his snap election and proroguing parliament.

The public is disregarding his way of running the government. They are enlighten enough to see the damage, the pain and the suffering it is causing. The Brexit has no positive results either, party-gate isn’t doing anyone any favours and neither is the outcome of the banishing asylum-seekers to Rwanda either. That is all just showing what the state is willing to do and certainly the Tories isn’t showing they are worthy of being the custodians of the state itself.

That’s why the Labour and Lib-Dems are winning seats. The public is tired of the austerities and inflations. The public is tired of the negative spiral without any end. While the wealthy and the donors of the Tories are living larger than life. If not they are getting peerage and appointed to the House of Lords.

We are seeing a shift and the perception of superiority of the Tories are dwindling. The downturn is on the horizon and the fall of the Tories in inevitable. That’s why the Labour and Lib-Dems should pick up the call and find their way. Especially consider the Greens too and use all means to takeover in unison. Because, that would be a shocker and a wise decision…

The public don’t trust the Tories and the results of these two by-elections proves that. Now, with the displeasure of the public. The Tories can either change the way they operate or further make things worse for themselves. They are starting to get hit electorally and the public isn’t going behind their messages. Therefore, the tides is turning, but will the party listen?

I don’t think they will… but the only way they can keep power is if the opposition is living on a prayer. If they are trying to change this… the time is now and the recent results should be used to galvanize the parties in opposition. In such a manner that they can actually win and the Tories hold of power. Peace.

United Kingdom: Oliver Dowden MP resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (24.06.2022)

Opinion: “Team Thorough” forgot to get blessed by the “high above”

A strategy meeting of ruling NRM coordinators under their pressure group “NRM team thorough” turned rowdy right before a walkout. This was after the angry supporters claimed they had not been recognized and compensated for mobilizing support for President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 Presidential Election. The NRM Secretariat has disowned the group, saying the previous elections were scientific and it never had a covenant with anyone” (NBS Television, 18.06.2022).

A sub-group outside the official National Resistance Movement “umbrella” organizations has convened today and felt dissatisfied, because they haven’t been acknowledged for their work or compensated for it. However, there is digital records dating back to August 2019, which shows the existence of the “NRM Team Thorough YKM 2021” with the chief coordinator Eng.Idiri Kiiza Kamuntu.

Today isn’t only a sad day that the NRM Team Thorough YKM 2021 isn’t recognized or acknowledge by the NRM Secretariat or the NRM CEC for that matter, which is that the former Chief Coordinator Idiri Kiiza Kamuntu has only been deceased for two weeks; because he lack funds and couldn’t afford treatment. Therefore, even the hard-working political activists like him and his demise can easily happen. A man of the party and for the President who still isn’t helped or gotten any sort of direct support from the state. He died at Mulago Hospital for the lack of medicine. So, when that happened to the big-man and coordinator of the organization. Who thought the Organization itself would be supported?

It has happened before that parts of the NRM Team Thorough YKM 2021 have resorted to renegade against the organization and the party itself. In November 2020 Deus Mwebaze reported: “A group of NRM youths hailing from Eastern Uganda have vowed not to canvass support for the ruling party in case they are not paid their allowances. The youths under their umbrella organization Team Thorough for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” (Mwebaze, November 2020).

That this NRM sub-group or organization thought it was special or could get any favours is just funny. In hindsight, anyone who is not vouched for or been blessed by the NRM Central Executive Committee, if not been invited to the State House and heard a lecture from the President there. Than you know your swimming against the tide. There will be no direct help or monetary gains from it.

The NRM Team Thorough YKM 2021 clearly haven’t followed what happened to NRM Poor Youth or any sort of NRM based organization. If it doesn’t have clearance or a sponsor from the high ranking officials of the state. There will be no will or heart in it. They will be left alone and will swim among the sharks.

These sorts of upstarts needs to petition the State House ahead of the elections and try to get a NRM Historical or a Stalwart in the NRM to vouch for them. If not it’s totally useless and nobody will care. This election was all about launching counter-productive measures towards People Power and the NUP. That’s why the likes of “Team Thorough” didn’t mean diddly squat to the NRM Secretariat.

This sort of story should be a warning. You can work and mobilize for months upon end. You can invest and spend all your time for the party. However, if you do it for organizations or sub-groups, which is not directly associated or vouched for. It is directly pointless, because they will acknowledge or respect your work. They will downplay it or openly disregard it. Peace.

Nigeria: People for Atiku – ‘People for Atiku’ endorses Atiku Abubakar and calls on Progressives to be Wise as a Fox (12.06.2022)

Opinion: Sakaja’s lessons not learned…

At this very moment it’s burning under the feets of Senator Arthur Johnson Sakaja. The Nairobi Senator vying for the gubernatorial seat in Nairobi on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket in the up-coming elections. Has some really issues, but it’s also begs the question about the partiality and the credibility of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which had accepted his nomination and papers.

It is the paperwork that is haunting the senator. As his the former Chairman of The National Alliance (TNA) until the party became a part of the Jubilee Coalition in 2016 and in 2017 he was elected senator through the Jubilee Party.

A man that has been part of TNA and Jubilee should have some sense too him. Some said at some point that he would be fitted for Presidency later on. As the young parliamentarian could be the future. However, the latest revelations is that his a fraud and fake. Which isn’t a good look on him.

It makes sense why on his Senate page there is no educational history, neither employee history or even achievement in office. To be honest, it is just an empty wreck and nothing to see. That’s maybe the bitter truth. Since, his proclaimed for long to have degrees and done bachelor at the University of Nairobi, but that’s false. So, he had to come up with another from Team University of Kampala, which was done online, but he was never on the graduation list of the year. Therefore, it’s a lot of loopholes and little wiggle room.

The UoN is saying his still a student and never finished his bachelor. While he has given documents of the bachelor degree from the Team University. Though that is questionable when he wasn’t on the list that. Something got to give and this is a story of questionable actions.

A man who has been part of TNA and the creation of the Jubilee coalition party. The man they said always picked the right sides politically. A man that conning and street-smart should be clever enough to have legit papers and not documents, which can be questioned. Yes, the IEBC is at fault and they have done a misdeed not vetting the documents. They haven’t done their duty and been negligent.

That the senator has been able to do this for so long is astonishing. Because, he has flexed the bachelor from UoN and said at least twice that he never studied abroad. While producing documents of another bachelor from Kampala. That’s just suspicious and seems like a hack-job. The senator and parliamentarian should know better, but clearly not.

This is jaded and not any good. Especially, when there already been scandals involving forged documents elsewhere of late. The Sierra Leone Minister who was caught with fake degrees from Kampala. Was another one of these and now the Kenyan senator is caught in the mix too.

That is happening as his working on a ticket and is supposed to sell his candidacy to the masses. Surely, forging documents and such isn’t a good look. It wouldn’t be a good look for a civilian and much less a senator seeking another public office. He could easily be charged over this and if there was investigations into it. The senator could face the law, but I wouldn’t count on it. We still see Babu Owino walking around and he was caught on tape shooting a DJ. Therefore, I wouldn’t suspect getting caught anytime soon.

The senator is in trouble… and never listened to the lessons, which is the reason why he never learned. Peace.

Ethiopia: The Prosperity Party tries to defend it’s democratic credentials…

Today, the Prosperity Party, the ruling party and the majority in Ethiopia published a piece or an article called: “The historical mission of prosperity is to plant and strengthen democracy/ the truth of a miracle” which I will discuss the parts that I see as vital, because it shows the sentiment of the ones in-charge and in-power at this very moment.

This sort of piece shoulder be published without questions or looked into. Since, it shows their heart and what they assess as important. That’s why there is a few pieces and wordings, which is very interesting to say the least.

One of the biggest causes of the collapse of the constitution and political breakdowns in Ethiopia is the lack of democracy and the rule of law” (Prosperity Party, 10.06.2022).

The Prosperity Party’s biggest pet-pee is the “rule of law” and “law enforcement”. That is the key to most of their activities. They are using law enforcement to rule and control the society. This has been done steadily since it’s inception and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali time in office. That has been evident and clear. The ones that has followed the actions and orders from the government. Can see how the army and police has oppressed the public under the name of “rule of law”. Therefore, the Prosperity Party hasn’t launched a new era in concern of this. To the contrary they are repeating history and creating the “Medemer Terror” a new edition of the “Red Terror”. It’s all done in the name of Prosperity and “unity”, which we be discussed further on.

Prosperity was born out of the struggle of the people and the pressure of the force that has been struggling to bring change in EPRDF. Prosperity’s historical mission is to plant and consolidate democracy. Prosperity is a party that created a chance for a successful generation transition in Ethiopian politics” (Prosperity Party, 10.06.2022).

What is striking here is how the Prosperity Party claims its “consolidating democracy” after the period of EPRDF. Alas, what the PP has done is to consolidate power within the ranks and at all levels of government, which means that the PP has majority and control. That’s because the election and how it has operated. This means that it took control and ensured that it would “win” a landslide. It wasn’t an election, but a proper selection. This because, the state blocked all major opposition, as they were either barred, in prison or not allowed to enter. Therefore, this transition from EPRDF to PP was consolidating power and not directly making the Republic more democratic. That’s a vast difference and this transition has been bloody and caused more internal conflict. It has not created peace and it’s been ordered by the ones in power. Therefore, the PP cannot just runaway from the responsibility for its actions and creating more conflict, not less…

By believing that there are direct survival risks in our country, by taking a firm stand that citizens’ overall needs can be achieved through democracy and the rule of law, we can escape the cycle of conflicts that have caused us human interest and structural based oppression. Also, stop the rebellion of citizens caused by democracy and the lack of rule of law” (Prosperity Party, 10.06.2022).

The Party here is really spelling it out, but also showing it’s directly working against itself. Because, here it’s not making direct sense. Why do I say that? Well, they speak up against conflicts and “structural based oppression”, which has been the hallmark of this government. What is further showing their based ideals.

The PP wants to create democracy, but doesn’t accept rebellion. Because, dissent and opposition is natural in any democracy. Maybe not by direct force or by armed rebellion, but by words and manifestos. Which haven’t been respected or gotten an option in the Republic under the PP. The PP has gone after anyone and therefore, the “rule of law” is a banner it uses to stifle the opposition. That’s not how you build democracy, but instead take a hold of power by force.

The piece ends with: “When we say that we will plant and strengthen democracy, the leader of democracy starts by spreading legal framework and mediators. Democracy doesn’t just come by wish. Democracy and rule of law can’t be differentiated. Therefore, rule of law is essential to plant democracy. And rule of law is something in democracy” (Prosperity Party, 10.06.2022).

At this point in time… the only thing the PP is planting is more bloodshed and more oppression. It is far from democratic by not only nature, but by the actions it has taken. There is nothing in that would suggest any sort of democratic or building of institutions, which would reflect the true will of anyone else, then the ones that was predisposed by the central leadership at large. Therefore, the rule of law is just a shield now to mask the true intentions. The vision of democracy and such is just beautiful words, which is meaningless, when at any given time there is political prisoners, prisoners of conscious and journalists who reports who are on trial over their reporting. We can easily say that the PP isn’t delivering anything of this.

The PP isn’t planting democracy. It is planting full consolidation of power and a one-man party, as the PM is the overlord and warlord who directs everything. That is the reality here and he cannot forge a narrative now. They are not reforming or changing, no they are masking and making insignificant changes to ensure the PM gets his will done. Peace.

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