The Blurred Vision of Museveni: Everyone whose not following him is politically indisciplined!

Yet again, the grand old teacher and the magician of the best of vision. Has addressed the Republic. The President of 1986, the master of political foolery is back-at-it again. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are speaking again and saying some foolish things. That doesn’t make sense. I have heard similar before, but it is needed to address it.

He is speaking on the political indiscipline again, that is why I will address it, because it is needed. Since, this ideocracy will not go silently away. That is why I speak my peace, after you read what Museveni himself said on the matter.

On Political Indiscipline:

The fourth issue is political indiscipline by some actors. Our languages are more precise when it comes to describing actions (verbs). In Luganda, for instance, there are the following words: Okuvuganya, Okurwaana, Okuremesa, Okutabura, Okuseketerera, Okusanyawoor Okutemura. Okuvuganyais a peaceful way of putting forward alternative ideas about running society. If A has built 100 schools in the area, B can, without telling lies, truthfully say that, with better discipline and more frugality, he could have built 150. Then the debate can go on peacefully until election time when the electorate can decide on the two options. However, to behave in a double-faced way where you have one leg in constitutional politics (Parliament, Municipality, District council) and another in un-constitutionalism (Okuremesa, Okuseketerera, Okutemura, etc.,)cannot be allowed. Therefore, those who are not clear on this point, should get it clearly. Ugandan patriots have invested alot of energy in creating stability in Uganda. Nobody will be allowed to destabilize this. You heard how our economy is growing. Nobody should expect that we shall tolerate anybody diverting the country with indiscipline verging on criminality” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – New Years Address, 31.12.2018).

It is bloody brilliant of the man, who is enforcing the Police Force and other Security Agencies to follow, monitor and block other political actors of the land from doing political work or even doing their profession. That is why it is special, that the ones who tortures, charges the political adversaries with crimes and tries to silence them. Are explaining the public, how there is political indiscipline.

There is something out of this world, when the President claims the opposition and other people are lying. When his own judiciary, police force and security organizations are pinning crimes on the leadership, the ones rising from ashes in opposition on all kind of charges. Without having evidence or proof of the crimes they have committed. When the state is misusing the laws and the orders from above, who can attack them at any given moment.

It is not political indiscipline, it is just that they are not listening to their tyrannical grandad, who uses force against the ones speaking up against him. Even the ones who stands up to him. They have to silenced or disenfranchised. This is really the magic of the Republic. This is common knowledge, there is a badge of honour, where if your tortured or been charged with Treason. You know the Opposition leader is real. They are a threat and growing wound on the EGO of the President.

That is why we have the all powerful Arua Stone and we have other stupid stories, other forged charges against opposition leaders. This is just what they do. We can just await more foolish actions against Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine or Dr. Kizza Besigye. It is all happening and repeat itself. It is just a matter of time, before another Opposition MP is detained or charged with something. If not a FDC President or someone else is caught in the wind.

It is not indiscipline, it is pissing-off Mr. Museveni. Peace.

RDC: Lambert Mende lettre du RFI – “Concerne: Retrait de l’autoratisation de reportage de Madam Florence Morice, Correspondante de RFI en RDC” (31.12.2018)

RDC: Lamuka – Declaration de la Coalition Lamuka au Sujet des Premieres Tendances des Votes du Peuple Congolais (31.12.2018)

RDC: Communique No. 005 de la CENCO sur le Deroulement du Depouillement pour les Elections du 30 Decembre 2018 en Republique Democratique du Congo (31.12.2018)

USA: Secretary of Defense James Mattis – “Subject: Farewell Message” (31.12.2018)

Sudan’s Uprising: Al-Bashir’s double communication speaks of restraint, but uses excessive force against them!

Today on the 31st December 2018. As the demonstrations against the National Congress Party and President Omar Al-Bashir 30 year dictatorship and assault on the citizens freedom. Days ahead of today, the Sudan Professional Association called for a Second Demonstration at the Republican Palace in Khartoum.

Therefore, with the knowledge of the staged demonstrations in Khartoum, the Authorities and the world knew that the public would go out today, ahead of the New Years Celebration. They all knew this, that is why the President called for restraint and not using excess methods to silence the demonstrators. However, by the actions done by the authorities it doesn’t seem real.

We have seen clips of NISS going out on trucks shooting tear-gas and live-bullets at the crowds in Khartoum. There are reports from Medical Sources, that there is plenty of people with gun-wounds from today’s demonstrations. The Police is ordering shops to close, as the people are gathering. They are all prepared for the action happening. We also know as previously, the authorities ordered snipers on the roof in and around city. That shows their plan of intimidation and also excessive actions against peaceful protesters.

Even as the doctors and medical personnel tries to help the wounded protesters. In some of the streets for Khartoum, the authorities are arresting and taking them into custody. The soldiers and police officers, was even using tear-gas and violent acts on the Hospital Street, where the wounded was transferred too. They continued there, to retaliate against them.

Even with all the state sponsored violence in the streets in Khartoum. The demonstration are still going towards the Republic Palace or the Presidential Palace in the Capital. We know they are doing whatever they can to control it. As the authorities have also blocked the bridges into city. They have planned it to ensure that the city isn’t filled with protesters tired of the regime.

With all knowledge of this, he speaks with double tongue, as he orders restraint. However, shooting people in the legs, having snipers on the street and tear-gassing people on the way to the Hospital isn’t trusting the public as they demonstrate. That is more violence, more live-bullets without knowing the consequences or levels of hurt.

This is seriously attacking on their freedom, as done so much by the Al-Bashir Regime. Peace.

New Formation: New Year’s Message (31.12.2018)

DRC: Slowing down the Internet as the Ballots is Counted!

Today, the day after the polls, which is marred with irregularities and misgivings. CENI is counting and partial results are released online. Which are in favour of the opposition candidates. However, we have seen this before, early counting the opposition are having a lead, but after another 24 hours, the CENI will ensure the provinces or districts in rural areas voting for the heir of Kabila suddenly. The same sort of happen in 2011. It wouldn’t be surprising, if this happen in 2018 too.

Now, we are getting news that the Mobile Data or Internet are slowing down, this being from Vodacom in Kinshasa or within the Republic itself. This because, they know what is going on and want less reporting. It wouldn’t be surprising if during the rest of today. We would get news of a black-out, as the partial results would make it harder to rig them in favour of the heir. That is the reality. Even RFI are told to use less pictures or films to show, as the network is not able to do it.

We know that the results are awaiting anyway, as the first partial of official results is scheduled to come on the 2nd January 2019, as the 30th December 2018 polls numbers are trickling in. We are on the 31st December 2018 are coming in.

We can anticipate this, as Kabila knows this game to get his result, to get his man in power. To get his heir and his allies stated in power. The President knows this, that is why Vodacom suddenly slowing the internet or mobile data. That is all to silence and stop the feeds. They haven’t blocked social-media, but don’t need if people are struggling to be online.

Expect the results to favour the heir, the Shadari. It has been made this way, because Kabila and CENI wants it. It is why they have been arrogant and ready, as all parts of the election has been made for this.

This is a slow-brewing stew made for the Kabila and Shadari. Nothing else to be anticipated, because this is all scheduled programming from now on. Expect activists, monitors and others to be detained as they show evidence of electoral fraud. This being mismatch of numbers comparing the ballots versus the machines or whatnot. Even seeing people running of with ballot boxes in various provinces.

Let’s hope not, but is doubtful, as the internet is being slowed down and sooner could be cut-off. Peace.

Déclaration du Président de la Commission sur le processus électoral en République Démocratique du Congo (30.12.2018)

Addis Abeba, le 30 décembre 2018. Le Président de la Commission de l’Union africaine, Moussa Faki Mahamat, continue de suivre de près l’évolution du processus électoral en République démocratique du Congo. À la suite du report des élections générales au 30 décembre 2018, tel que décidé par la Commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI) le 20 décembre 2018, le Président de la Commission souligne l’importance que l’Union africaine attache à leur bon déroulement, comme étape déterminante pour la consolidation de la démocratie, de la paix et de la sécurité en RDC et en Afrique d’une façon plus générale.

Le Président de la Commission exhorte l’ensemble des parties prenantes, y compris les candidats, la CENI, ainsi que les électeurs en général, à œuvrer, chacun en ce qui le concerne, à la tenue d’élections apaisées et transparentes, conformément aux normes et principes internationaux et continentaux pertinents.

Le Président de la Commission prend acte de la décision de la CENI reportant au mois de mars 2019 la tenue des élections partielles dans les circonscriptions de Beni, Beni-ville et Butembo-ville, dans la province du Nord Kivu, ainsi que dans la circonscription de Yumbi, province de Mai-Ndombé, face aux menaces que l’épidémie à virus Ebola et l’insécurité font peser sur les scrutins dans ces régions. Il appelle toutes les parties prenantes congolaises à trouver ensemble des solutions consensuelles visant à sauvegarder les droits des citoyens et à préserver la paix et la stabilité sur l’ensemble du territoire de la RDC.

Le Président de la Commission réaffirme le soutien de l’Union africaine à la RDC et sa solidarité avec son peuple en ce moment particulièrement important de son histoire.

RDC: President Kabila – Communique (30.12.2018)

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