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Opinion: Odinga is not cornered, but has to show a plan to dismantle the Jubilee with peaceful means!

People are underestimating Raila Odinga and the rest of the National Super Alliance, even as the results of 26th October and the verdict in the Supreme Court of 20th November 2017. If it had been a real election and victory, there would be celebration everywhere and not a sort of tension. Where the NASA has to ask for calm among their supporters and ask for time address the matter.

While Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are preparing for the 28th November 2017 and their swearing-in for the second term. We can wonder if they really believes in this victory, as they have not come strong forward or even proclaimed themselves like winners do. That Ruto celebrated a hot-minute on Twitter, which shouldn’t count, unless your related to Donald Trump.

That Kenyatta and Ruto should feel uneasy is because after the October Elections, the companies that the NASA has boycotted have felt a pitch and even rebranded Brookside Milk to Tusky’s when trying to sell it. Clearly, the NASA shows their power and their base within Kenya. That the recent elections are not trustworthy. As IEBC had to seconds after the verdict release a statement, that they are a organization who is capable of running elections. Even if evidence says otherwise, even if that wasn’t produced to court or with merit.

Odinga, Kalonzo Mysoka, Mudavadi and Orengo has to show their force and their resistance, their defiance and not compliance to the state. Since this state is rigged against them and fitted for Kenyatta. This is proven, again and again. The rules are set for NASA, but Jubilee can do the same and it doesn’t matter. If NASA demonstrate, Police Brutality appears, Jubilee demonstrate and the police are bystanders. It is two different worlds of two different set of rules.

We know that Kenyatta didn’t win this, even if he is announced and sworn-in. He knows it too, if not he wouldn’t need to quell dissenters with bullets and tear-gas. Because he knows he is illegitimate and the ones appearing on his day will be dictators and the foreign envoys of doom. The party will be fake and forgery, just like the election.

This is all well-known and don’t even need consideration. Odinga and NASA needs to find out more ways to hurt and show the weakness of the regime. Show them their own game and play out their hands. They will later lose it and show their hand. Than the NASA can overcome this rigged botched election. Where nothing was right and the Supreme Court was in the end intimidated. In the end the whole system was rigged as the IEBC had to fix the voter turnout to give him decent numbers in the polls. Even if the real turnout was much less.

We just have to see what is their next move, as the Jubilee Administration are going all haywire in violence, intimidation and ruthless acts of Moi era into the future. That is why Kenyatta is asking advice from Moi as well. They are not wishing of showing good values and deeds. Just to own the republic. Not respecting the real will and be honest about it. These two leaders has no scruples to stay in power and also secure their future.

Therefore, NASA and Odinga has to move, have to act and show civil disobedience and their will to hurt by boycott and not being compliance to the rigged system run by Jubilee. Peace.


26th October Elections: The Supreme Court validated the charade!

Today the Supreme Court of Kenya did something decisive, they have accepted the 26th October 2017 Fresh Presidential Elections, the Supreme Court Justices verdict and ruling, have validate the second presidential elections in Kenya. Not that should have, but they did. It is now a fact, not fiction. That 26th October Elections are verified through court, as the petitions put to the Court has been dismissed.

The Petitions of Hon. John Harun Mwau and Mue Njonjo versus the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was both dismissed today, both as consolidated and without merits, therefore, they could dismiss them. This meaning as they self put forward in their ruling: “As a consequence, the presidential election of 26th October 2017 is hereby upheld, as it is the election of the 3rd Respondent” (Supreme Court, 20.11.2017).

That meaning that the announced results of the questionable election of 26th October 2017 is still standing. That it still has meaning and is viable, even after all threats, all disorganized efforts and blatant lies from the IEBC. Still, the Supreme Court validated them today and shown no moral backbone or understanding of their efforts. The provisions used today is more a mere reflection of self-value, then of enacting the laws. The IEBC and Jubilee, together with all providers should be jolly and happy, but not be content for long. Because everyone who has followed, knows about the flaws and misgivings of the election.

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, might be confident and thinking of themselves as winner, as rightful President and Deputy President. However, they are not and never will be. They have faked it and rigged it. They didn’t win this one and can never say so. I doesn’t matter how big of public display on the swearing-in ceremony and how many dictators showing up to shed glory on the event.

This was a non-victory; this was an affair beneath the stature of the Kenyan Republic and the Kenyan people. This was a disgrace and disregard of the public will. This was the will of man and one party, not for betterment of the Kenyan Republic. Then, it would have definitively ended differently. Kenyatta and Ruto might bask in glory and celebrations today. As if it was a victory, they can play it out like that. But there will be running in the streets of celebrations. It will be more military police and police brutality; it will be more violence and be a power vacuum between Kenyatta and the people. That is because he created this with this theft. He stole it and now he took it.

Let’s be clear, Kenyatta and Ruto will not have legitimacy or authority. They will be puppets for cartels and whoever they borrow money to spend one themselves and their clientele. There isn’t any checks and balances as the Ethics- and Anti-Corruption Board is filled with stooges who are connected with the party. They don’t want to rock boat, as much as anyone else doesn’t want that to. It is still their time eat. The supper is yet to finish!

This elections is disregard of the people and their will. This is disregard of the codes and laws of the constitution, the provisions put forward to run a free and fair election. This was not that and shouldn’t ever be associated with that. This was a heist and theft. Nothing else! Peace.

IEBC: Statement Following Supreme Court Ruling (20.11.2017)

NASA Statement: Statement on Behalf of Mr. Raila Odinga (20.11.2017)

Opinion: Uhuru always seeks advice from Moi; Is that one of the reasons why Jubilee are so ruthless?

This here is more of the former master teaching its student. That is why we can see several of times in 2017 that Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent President of the Jubilee Party and former KANU Presidential Candidate are asking advice from Daniel Arap Moi. Moi was a dictator who ruled with an iron fist and with ruthless acts against his enemies. He had plans for the son of Jomo Kenyatta. Clearly, Moi is still influential, Uhuru have visited him in February and March 2017. Not only now in the midst of the busy schedule, he has always time for Moi and his advice. So expect him to always to back to the one that put him on. Even if it is bitter fruits and oppressive advice he is getting, as the ruthless activity Moi did when he was President. Looks like he is learning from him, when we see the levels of Police Brutality and gangs killings civilians of certain ethnic background in Kibera, Nairobi. This is worrying, as he could get more brutal advice, that could make the rift between NASA and Jubilee even futher. As people are awaiting the Supreme Court Justice ruling on the Election Petitions of the 26th October 2017.

Here is some previous articles on the succession of Kenyatta after Moi and lastly, rumors of what he discussed with Moi today.

Moi handpicked Uhuru in 2002:

Mr Moi wants Uhuru Kenyatta, son of independence leader Jomo Kenyatta, to take his place. But although Mr Kenyatta is an educated man with impeccable pedigree, he is a political novice. The nomination has split the ruling party down the middle and raised suspicions across the country, even in Mr Kenyatta’s home town of Thika” (…) “For many, “Project Uhuru” smacks of power being handed from one self-interested dynasty to another. Mr Kenyatta is principally a businessman. He made his money from a vast empire ranging from safari camps to flower farms and the only time he stood for election, in 1997, he failed. But a year ago Mr Moi plucked him from the obscurity of a provincial party post, appointed him first an MP, then as minister and finally as presidential candidate. It could be a move he will regret” (Walsh, 2002)

Before term limits forced Mr. Moi from office in 2002, he tried to position Uhuru Kenyatta, a son of Jomo, as his successor. Instead, voters chose an opposition leader, Mwai Kibaki. His decade-long tenure was tainted by allegations of police abuses, though he also tried to restore institutions wrecked by Mr. Moi. (The two had been allies, but had a falling out.) Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory is due in part to his running mate, Mr. Ruto — an odd alliance given that their factions were on opposing sides in the 2007 violence. A consummate chameleon, Mr. Ruto joined forces, in succession, with Mr. Moi, Mr. Odinga and Mr. Kibaki. He was this election’s kingmaker, happy to be wooed by both leading candidates” (Ngugi wa Thiong’o, 2013).

Just days after the election, Kenya’s top man of letters, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, an avowed Leftist dissident detained by Uhuru Kenyatta’s father, made an insightful point in an article in the New York Times: “The real winner was a man who wasn’t on the ballot: Daniel arap Moi, the country’s leader from 1978 to 2002, who terrorized it for 24 years and destroyed all credible institutions, including political parties.” Kenyatta and Ruto were Moi’s political protégés, Ngugi noted. When multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya in 1991 against the wishes of Moi, he had turned to Ruto, then a young upstart wheeler-dealer but who quickly distinguished himself as a lieutenant for Youth for Kanu ’92, which conducted a campaign of violence and intimidation in the Rift Valley Province, home to Moi. Thousands of residents were forced to flee. Some returned, only to have to flee again around the next election, in 1997. The Rift Valley was also the epicenter of the 2007-8 violence, which displaced hundreds of thousands of people. As for Kenyatta, it was Moi who fished him out of political obscurity by nominating him to parliament. Kenyatta later served in Moi’s Cabinet, as did Ruto, and in 2002 Moi tried, but failed, to foist him on Kenyans as his successor. “The sycophancy and corruption of [Moi’s”> era are still ingrained in the political culture and are embodied by the rise of his allies in this election,” Ngugi observed” (Makori, 2015).

Today’s Event:

Following this development, Uhuru Kenyatta has rushed to his political mentor, former president Daniel Arap Moi for counsel. Military choppers believed to have carried president Uhuru were seen in Kabarak today. According to our sources, there is also increased pressure by the Kenyan Government to control media coverage of the current events occurring in Kenya. This could not be further from the truth after NTV’s managing editor shared on his twitter handle the Kenya Governments effort to stop last Fridays NASA leaders, the Rt Hon. Raila Odinga home coming rally” (KDRTV Kenya News, 2017).

All of this can put things into perspective as the times the incumbent Kenyatta travels to him. There he will discuss and narrate possible strategies forward. Since the beginning of his political career has been under wings of Moi and Kenyatta seems to need his advice. Even if Ruto also been under his wings, Kenyatta prefers talking to him on his own. That is why they seemingly never travel together to Kabarak to discuss policy or strategies.

So the connection between Kenyatta and Moi is there, the proof of his temper and his attacks on institutions are understandable in that sense. Since he want the all power in his acts, instead of checks and balances of the courts. He want the IEBC to just follow his orders and the same with the Courts. The Police are following orders and the same are the army. Therefore, the ones who doesn’t is a problem and needs to fixed. Certainly, traits not of a statesman, but of a brewing dictator. Kenyatta is certainly learning Moi’s tricks. Even his former CS for Interior Joseph Nkaissery followed the traits of Moi with actions and district policies. Especially intimidation and splitting districts right before elections. The same was a known tactic of Moi, so the Kenyatta-Ruto government are continuing this legacy, not only in words and threats, but in their general activity. AS the NASA/CORD are trying to forge themselves and find peaceful means of transition.

We can hope the Supreme Court does the right thing tomorrow and nullify the 26th October Elections. If doing so, if the rumors are true about the talks today. There might soon be State of Emergency, as the Jubilee Administration and Cartels doesn’t want to loose power or lose a third election in a row. It is already humiliating as it is. If not it should be for Kenyatta, who again has to go to his predecessor for advice and recommendations. Even if Jubilee is the name, they are still modern-day KANU in power.

But it should be worrying that Moi still can interfere and use his ruthless mind into politics, as the havoc he created to stay in power. Are certainly traits you see of the leadership today, as innocent people dies and usually in Opposition Strongholds. Not where the Jubilee has “total” control and reside. That would be shocker and than more crisis signs would have posted by other than just opposition. Since the Police are blaming criminals and the opposition are blaming government. Nothing good is coming out of this, other than insecurity and more bloodshed for nothing else, than the pedestal and on top of that is Kenyatta. Peace.


KDRTV Kenya News – ‘Exposed: Why Uhuru Visited Retired President Moi At His Kabaral Home’ (19.11.2017) link: http://www.kdrtv.com/exposed-why-uhuru-visited-retired-president-moi-at-his-kabaral-home/

Makori, Henry – ‘Kenya: The return of tyranny’ (16.03.2015) link: https://www.pambazuka.org/governance/kenya-return-tyranny

Ngugi wa Thiong’o – ‘A Dictator’s Last Laugh’ (14.03.2013) link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/15/opinion/a-dictators-last-laugh.html

Walsh, Declan – ‘Moi is facing his greatest crisis since an attempted coup in 1982’ (12.10.2002) link:https://www.irishtimes.com/news/moi-is-facing-his-greatest-crisis-since-an-attempted-coup-in-1982-1.1099023

Communication Authority of Kenya letter to Nation Media Group Limited: ” Re: Transmission of Live Broadcast” (17.11.2017)

NASA Statement: Personal Statement by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga on Police Violence (18.11.2017)

My honest letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Heinous Welcome at JKIA for Raila Odinga!

Oslo, 17th November 2017

Dear Sir, His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta!

I am writing to Mr. President in haste as the police brutality at innocent civilians are overpowering. That several people, people just gathering to show up for their Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance lost their lives nearby Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. This is a sad day, because it is so unnecessary loss of lives. Mr. President, these deaths are done on your watch and with the decisions of the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and Cabinet Secretary of the Interior Fred Matiang’i.

The NASA did notify of their actions and did comply within the law. That NASA told the authorities and they showed up. It wasn’t until the police came with water-canons, live-bullets and tear-gas the scattering of the public became violent. That the Police Service made it worse and in the cost lives. Shows the impunity of the Police Service and your government. You should be ashamed. Especially, considering your own history when it comes to this matter.

While you in power has not allowed the NASA to welcome Odinga home on the 17th November 2017. However, when you arrived from the International Criminal Court in Netherlands on the 9th October 2014, you got the grand welcome at the JKIA. The authorities accept this and didn’t stop you from bashing in glory. It wasn’t any problem or excuses to stop it, like you have done to NASA/Odinga. Clearly, you are of a higher class than him, since you can do everything. While he can taste tear-gas and see his supports harassed by security forces. You must be proud of your actions and hypocrisy.

Also, as you have claimed the NASA only demonstrate and create trouble, you might have forgotten the days of opposition as a KANU leader, Mr. President. When Mwai Kibaki in December 2006 claimed you demonstrated together with 20 MPs illegally and used tear-gas against you. You we’re quoted at that time with this: “What has happened today is a travesty of justice” (BBC News – ‘Police tear-gas Kenyatta protest’ 05.12.2006 link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6209470.stm). ‘

I am sure what happen in Uhuru Park on the 5th December 2006 could be called a travesty of justice. The same can be said about JKIA attack on peaceful procession while meeting returning Odinga. That is also a travesty of justice. It was injustice and fatal for some. These are tragic and shows the violent security forces are against their own citizens. Instead of protecting them, they are getting rid of them. The opposite of their mission.

Today was a travesty, there we’re no need to become like that, but ended so. That this happen was unnecessary and acts of evil. President Kenyatta is this what your legacy and what you want to be remembered for? Totalitarian Musevenism and crackdown on opposition into the foolishness. Will you soon detain people for acting on twitter on other than Cyprian Nyakundi? Will you pursuit other activists and other Civil Society Organizations?

Is that what your family legacy and your name to tarnished into, that in seeking power again. You will use violence and intimidation, you will crush institutions and destroy society for your gain. Just so you can stay in power? Is that all your worth? Is that your belief of greatness and brilliance?

Kenyatta, I thought you were better and had hope when you got elected. Clearly I was wrong. I am often so. But you are just another totalitarian and autocrat who uses the power to silence opposition. You even take lives just to prove your power. Instead of showing grace and servitude, your showing arrogance and ruthlessness. Don’t believe that is wise, that will lead to your demise. Not only your name, but your legacy.

The people showing up for Odinga deserved better, they deserved to made sure the procession went in peace. Not be afraid of violent acts of oppression from the Police Service. That is sad and travesty against justice.

To use your own words again:

What has happened today is a travesty of justice” – Uhuru Kenyatta

Best Regard

Writer of Minbane

NASA Statement: “Kenyans Will Overcome Brute Force and Form a Government They Can Recognise and Be Proud Of” (17.11.2017)

Hon. Aden Duale letter to Agnes Odhiambo – Controller of Budget: “Re: Concern on Authorizing Withdrawals of Public Funds to Finance the Activities of the “People’s Assembly” (16.11.2017)

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