Sudan: Central Committee Of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – Updated Report about injuries and deaths on October 30th demonstrations (31.10.2021)

– Two martyrs in Omdurman Hospital, and a third in the Al-Arbaeen Hospital in Omdurman, bringing the total number of deaths documented to us to 11 since the 25th of October, (the day of the Military Coup carried out by the Military Council)


Stop sign Khartoum State:

Omdurman Hospital:

– A total of 28 different injuries:

– 4 serious injuries (3 gunshots + 1 car run-over)

– 2 fracture injuries.

– 22 cases of suffocation and minor wounds; (have been treated).

Al-arbaeen Hospital:

– A total of 23 separate injuries:

– 3 cases of serious injuries; (presently being treated).

– 20 cases of suffocation and light wounds; (have been treated).

East Nile Hospital:

A total of 105 multiple injuries in East Nile District :

– 6 injuries, including some critical:

1- Paralysis as a result of hard hitting on the neck by bottom of firearms.

2-Two gunshot wounds at the back, resulting in paralysis.

3-Two open fractures.

4- two bullet wounds in chest and limbs.

5-A total of 89 cases as of suffocation and other light wounds resulting from tear gas ; (presently being treated).

Stop sign Gedaref State:

-A total of 8 injuries:

-Including a head injury by hitting with batons and the bottom of a gun.

– Run over with a Thatcher car, which was transferred to Wad Madani Hospital after the condition deteriorated.

-A fracture of the hand bone as a result of being hit with a stick by the Janjaweed forces.

– 5 cases as a result of suffocation from tear gas,and light wounds; (had been treated).

Stop sign Kassala State:

– One injury resulting from beatings; (has been treated, and the condition is stable).

Stop sign The Committee shall continue providing you with regular updates on all the cases and casualties once they are reported and confirmed.

CCSD’s Media Office

October 31, 2021

Ethiopia: Looking into Prime Minister Abiy’s statement of “We fight the bitter struggle, we will enjoy the sweet victory”

Today, as the warfare is continuing and the state is suffering big-blows in the Amhara region. The Amhara State Council did nearly simultaneously order a “state of emergency” in their “survival campaign” as the Prime Minister Abiy dropped his statement on Facebook called: “We fight the bitter struggle, we will enjoy the sweet victory”. The Prime Minister have dropped similar texts before, but now it’s more dire and that shows in his rhetoric too.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali started his statement with this:

The terrorist group TPLF, a bad boy that put a problem on his mother, is still a problem for Ethiopia. The hate propaganda has inspired the forces that have gathered and pushed the country to destroy the country. The military forces and the attack on the motherland have been united was lined up to defend the attack on Ethiopia. The enemy is trying to attack by trying his ultimate strength so that our army is not to be supported by earth and air” (Abiy, 31.10.2021).

Just like always, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is the problem and his saying they are the “problem child” of the “motherland”. The motherland is defending it’s attack and retaliating that. While claiming the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) are there to destroy the country, which is striking. Considering what the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and their allies has been up to since November 2020. These forces has vandalized, destroyed, raped and massacred. These forces are responsible for the man-made famine and the weaponized starvation of the Tigray Region. So, the PM is defending these efforts while blaming his enemy of the all the ills of the Republic. Typical projection, which is very common from the FDRE communications.

He continues: “In the coming times, the enemy will gather the remaining forces and attack similar attacks. We should be aware that the source of strength of the enemy is our weakness and forgetfulness. We should be aware and cooperate and protect it. Our abundance becomes strength when we unite and stand together. Our separation is comfortable for the enemy. With the propaganda that we are disturbed, it will not benefit anyone unless it is that. If we can listen to each other and cooperate with each other, the enemy’s power that starts to fear will kneel down; like a thread, the desire that is broken will be stressed. The herd that came to destroy the country may disturb the power that was created to save the country, but they can’t defeat it” (Abiy, 31.10.2021).

Abiy always speaks of unified mission, as this mission was an survival mission and a final ending. The sort of “do or die” sort of operation. Prime Minister must hate the TPLF so badly and want revenge with all of his heart. That he went into this with vengeance. The PM is claiming the TDF will destroy and at the same time only disturb the Republic. It is just like he cannot see the losing streak changing the narrative. The TDF is advancing and the ENDF and allies is losing at this very moment. That is why everyone is supposed to work with the government and not anyone else.

However, the PM is forgetful about the actions done to the ones and woredas who has been invaded. The sieges and blockade of utilities in the areas of which the TDF has taken over gotten the same treatment, as the state did in the Tigray region. Therefore, why risk joining the state, if it leaves you behind, because it cannot defend you?

He asks the citizens to die for the cause:

If we all play our part before we get disturbed by the challenges we face, the time will not be far away. If we are just asking for the opposite actions, our victory will be delayed. The responsibility of protecting the country from violence is not for a few but for all of us. What does every citizen expect from me? What the hell am I doing? It needs to be said. There is no reason for others to die for his safety, for him to have peace, for him to live in peace, for his work and profit. The country has a soul that stands on its two legs, by the contribution that everyone has, from the river, from the blood, and from the bones. For Ethiopia, the responsibility of dying is ours, but there is no other person to be expected to die a different death. Therefore, our people should hold the defense issue for a while, to protect, destroy and bury the terrorist TPLF that has come to destroy it. This great people have won great historical challenges not by standing on the side of watching or sitting satisfied with a few victories. We won the attacks that we have been against is by standing together for our country” (Abiy, 31.10.2021).

The PM is asking the public and the citizens to take to arms, as the challenge is upon them and the responsibility of the citizens to defend the Republic. Now, the PM is saying that the citizen should sacrifice their lives to stop the TDF from advancing. That means his sending untrained civilians … to defeat the troops and the trained soldiers in a losing war. This means the PM is willing to sacrifice the living citizens to die for his conflict and doing that for his cause. That is really the message the here. I wonder, would the PM sacrifice himself on the battlefield with his army? Well, I doubt he would, as he would rather flee and not be on the front-line.

He continues and ends with this: “We should believe that we can cover up any evil act by following our ancestors’ heroic quest. The challenges we face now may seem unsuccessful and complicated. But it’s not more difficult than the suffering our ancestors saw. The key is to stand together, listen carefully and move together. If we do this, the previous generation can protect the country and transfer it to us, we will also make Ethiopia respected and inherit it to the next generation. Even though the noise and gossip is encouraged, I call on us to stand today with focus, and to protect Ethiopia from violence without any confusion. Ethiopia should be respected and respected by the efforts of her children. May she live forever!! May God bless Ethiopia and her people!” (Abiy, 31.10.2021).

Abiy here speaks of heroics and a grand past of the Ethiopian Republic. That is sort of tale he has used before. As there are many stories and tales of wonders, which has happened in the rich history of Ethiopia. It is undeniable to say otherwise. However, this war is neither heroic or grand. It was a mission of hubris and arrogance of which has backfired epically. Abiy isn’t the hero, but the villain in it and he asks for the children, the future and the this generation to shield the next one. He wants this generation to take arms and protect it. Meaning, he wants people to be armed and ready to go war. That is what the message is today and with the knowledge of the advances in Amhara region.

The PM is following the line of the FDRE Government Communications Service earlier texts in the day. He is just trying to amplify that. This is really evident by this and it is a clear message. Peace.

Sudan: Demands of October 30 March

Ethiopia: The Federal Government is sending out another “War-Cry”

War Cry: a cry used by a body of fighters in war” ( “War cry.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 31 Oct. 2021.).

Today, as the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has both advanced their forces within the Amhara region. The TDF has entered Kombolcha and OLA have captured Kemise. The allies are able to strike real harm and danger in the region, which has been vital to the warfare in the Tigray region. It is also the ones that has been allied with the Federal Government and served with militias to attack the opponents of the state. Therefore, today’s message is epic when you know the troubles, which is ahead for the Federal Government.

The war-cry is from the FDRE Government Communication Service and it’s called “Let’s fight the terrorist and the messengers together!”. This was published today on the 31st October 2021 and after the fall of these strategic towns in the Amhara region.

The message started with this:

The main aim of the invading TPLF terrorist group and came to Wollo is clearly known. The main purpose of this herd was to rob the city and to get heavy weapons from our defense forces. Our brave defence army and all our security forces who are ready to pay their sacrifice and are fighting to cover this enemy’s target” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 31.10.2021).

We are seeing the typical projection of the ENDF and the FDRE, which it has done through the whole war since the start of “Operation Law Enforcement” in November 2020. In a war, the victor usually captures the weapons, ammunition and whatever equipment the losing army has left behind. That is why the Taliban got whatever the foreign forces left behind recently in Afghanistan. This is common in any war and isn’t something to take as “savage” method. The ENDF would have done the same, if they could…

They continue:

In Wollo, especially in Dessie and its surrounding areas, they are pulling the force that says they have an enemy from where they are. In order to achieve its evil aim of destroying Ethiopia, he has put our security forces from the front and back by using the traitors that support the destruction of Ethiopia in Dessie city. The TPLF supporters who are in the city have made a lot of efforts to achieve the target of the terrorist group. They didn’t value that they lived with the people for ages” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 31.10.2021).

Here the FDRE and ENDF are projecting again. The ENDF are the ones that is using artillery and air-strikes against civilian targets. The Tripartite Alliance have done atrocities and crimes against humanity. Secondly, the ENDF and their allies have killed innocent civilians, because of who they are and what ethnic background they have. Therefore, the FDRE have now to claim this was done by the TPLF and the TDF, which it cannot prove. This is disinformation and disgraceful, because we know what the Tripartite Alliance did. They are claiming the TDF did the destruction and such, when the state have started to besiege these areas too. Where they are getting the same treatment, as the Tigray region with no basic necessitates and utilities.

Next up is this:

The government is asking for the last time that the institutions and individuals who are spreading false information on social media and other methods and that are the purpose of the terrorist group should be saved from this. He will take legal action in the next way. The military is making the necessary sacrifices by organizing and strengthening itself. The government calls for the people to fight together as part of the army and bury the herd” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 31.10.2021).

Here the FDRE is asking yet again the people to take up arms and join into the conflict. We know this drill and the FDRE has done this for months. The Amhara region has trained their civil servants and others to prepare for the war. Therefore, this message is a continuation of this. It is not shocking or surprising, but what can untrained civilians do to a advancing troops?

The people are just supposed to continue to sacrifice itself in the warfare made by big-men who underestimated the TDF. The TDF haven’t used the tactics of weaponized starvation or a man-made famine. Therefore, the FDRE is terrorising the innocent civilians of the Tigray region and the surrounding areas, which has taken over by the TDF.

In their message, they have “wise” words to the International Community:

The international community also calls on the government to stand with the people of Amhara and Afar region by condemning the invasion by TPLF terrorist group. The international community should understand the efforts the Ethiopian government is making to save the country from disintegration. Even today, the whole community should support our defense force and the whole security structure that is being carried out carefully by paying sacrifices for the country” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 31.10.2021).

Yes, the TDF did invade and went outside of its regional state. Just like the Tripartite Alliance and their armies did as well when they invaded the Tigray region. The international community is supposed to support this “warfare” and continued conflict. The FDRE is saying the TPLF/TDF is disintegration of the Republic. While the ENDF and it’s allies has targeted and used the ethnic conflict to target all of one kind. Therefore, the ones who is disintegrating the Republic has been the Federal Government. While the IC is also supposed to standby the patriotic fight of the ENDF.

The message ends with:
“The community that is giving a strong response to the call for a nation-wide attack should continue to strengthen the support shown by both human power and bravery. There is no freedom without sacrifice!” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 31.10.2021).

The FDRE and ENDF have targeted one group, one ethnicity and everyone who just happens to be that. The Federal Government and their allies went after one political group, but targeted everyone in their way. The FDRE calls it’s a nation-wide attack. While we are supposed to forget the ENDF and allies was prepared before the Northern Command was attacked. The ENDF and allies … was encircling the Tigray region with mechanical brigades and such ahead of it.

The FDRE and ENDF has failed their enterprise and they have to call it all a sacrifice. The FDRE has wasted an ample opportunity to elevate the Republic. Instead the government squandered the opportunities and went to war. A war they are looking like loosing at the very moment. That is why they are asking, yet again for the sacrifice of the people. Peace.

Ethiopia: The TDF is advancing in Amhara region

Tigray forces have taken control of the town of Kombolcha in blow to Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed’s government after weeks of fighting and have brought a fuel dump and an airport in the strategic city under their control – with pictures” (Somali Guardian, 31.10.2021).

Tigray Defence Forces has not only captured Kombolcha today, but they captured Dessie yesterday. This was the area of the ‘final’ offensive from the Tripartite Alliance. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) must be weakened to it’s core. The TDF must have mustered all skills and tactical manoeuvres.

The ENDF Air-Force has since mid-October been having steady air-strikes over Mekelle and also outskirts of the capital of Tigray region. While continuing the blockade and siege of it. Therefore, not allowing the needed humanitarian aid and basic necessitates to enter. The man-made famine and weaponized starvation in the region. Therefore, the state have not only gone after their enemies, but taken everyone involved into it as well.

We can expect more of this, as the state have already arrested Tigrayans with a vengeance. There been closure of shops and businesses who was owned by this ethnic group. The hate-speech has been on the rise, as an effort to “win the war”. That says a lot about the methods and the means to an end.

This here shows how the TDF was able to use guerrilla tactics and smaller-arms against an full artillery brigades. The TDF has crushed the Tripartite Alliance, which is a feat. The ENDF has lost the ‘final’ offensive and the briefly trained soldiers wasn’t capable to beat the TDF. Secondly, the ENDF was run by old-school generals and the former Tigrayan Generals was either arrested or deposed off. Therefore, the state took a bad bet there.

We don’t what is happening next. This “Operation Law Enforcement” was supposed to end quickly after a brief offensive in November 2020. Alas, the ENDF and the government underestimated the opponent and their ways handling the war. If they had the control which they showed in the early days. Than they wouldn’t have acted like their doing right now. The ENDF and the allies have clearly not planned for this. The TDF has outsmarted them on the front-lines and damaged their brigades. Therefore, they have for months weaken their manpower and ability to “win the war”. Peace.

Tchad: Front pour l’Aternance et la Concorde au Tchad (FACT) – Communique de Presse No. 0026 (30.10.2021)

Somalia: Puntland Political Forum (PPF) – Press Release (31.10.2021)

Republique Centrafricaine: Mouvement de Liberation du Peuple Centrafricain (MPC) – Communique de Presse (30.10.2021)

Opinion: I want whatever Ned Price is smoking

The United States is gravely concerned by the expansion of combat in northern Ethiopia. We reiterate our call for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to withdraw from the Amhara and Afar regions, including halting its advances in and around the cities of Dessie and Kombolcha. We urge the TPLF not to use artillery against cities and recall our strong objections to the ENDF airstrikes in Mekelle and other areas of Tigray which have cost countless lives. There is no military solution to this conflict, and all parties must begin ceasefire negotiations without preconditions” (U.S. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price – ‘Expansion of Combat Operation in Northern Ethiopia’ 30.10.2021).

The United States have to condemn and set the record straight. That is what happened here… but with doing so. They are stopping the ones and saying the ones who are fighting for survival to drop their weapons. The U.S. is telling the army and allies who is fighting against “génocidaires” and the ethnic cleansing in their home region of the Tigrayan region. Alas, it is justified war, as children, families and everyone there is touched by the siege, blockage and lack of humanitarian assistance. The man-made famine and weaponized starvation in the midst of air-strikes should say everything about their cause.

Now, Ned Price and the U.S. State Department says: “slow down and take it easy. It is time to talk now and let bygones be bygones”. Well, I hate to say it too you. But shouldn’t the same be said to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the whole Tripartite Alliance as well? Alas, they have used means of which could be deemed as crimes against humanity. These forces has destroyed heritage sites, raped woman, burned villages, destroyed factories, schools and hospitals. The Tripartite Alliance has been behind countless of massacres and at that point. The U.S. state didn’t say these words or in such a manner.

The Tigray Defence Force is just supposed to follow the words of T.I.:

No more stray now I’m straight,

Now I get it now I take time to think before I make mistakes just for my

family sake,

That part of me left yesterday

The heart of me is strong today,

No regrets I’m blessed to say the old me dead and gone away” – T.I. on ‘Dead and Gone’ (2008).

To be straight myself. The ending of the U.S. Statement is a joke, as they target the TDF who has respected the “Prisoners of War” in this warfare. While the ENDF and the authorities has extra judicially killed them. That is the vast difference. The authorities have detained and arrested civilians for being an ethnic group and it just happens to be Tigrayan.

That’s why it’s weird Ned Price had to write this: “We reiterate our call for all parties to protect civilians and end human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law. Those responsible for such abuses and violations must be held accountable” (U.S. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price – ‘Expansion of Combat Operation in Northern Ethiopia’ 30.10.2021).

This is implying that the TDF and such also have to follow these standards. By what has been reported during this war. The TDF haven’t been an achiever in this manner. No, it is the Tripartite Alliance and the ENDF who has targeted civilians and used all means to win the war. Therefore, this statement could have been uttered directly towards them. This is really trying to implicate the TDF and its allies as they are advancing.

We know the Ethiopian state and authorities have projected their crimes upon its enemy. That has been done since day one of the conflict and the recent days isn’t anything new. It is only the naive who believes all of this. Yes, there is no innocent party in a war. Yes, there are devastation and destruction during wars. However, the strongest party and the ones with the resources are the ENDF and it’s allies. They can air-strike and use drones, which hits civilian targets and other public areas killing innocent civilians. While the state can later claim it’s an “arms factory” or “terrorist location”. Nevertheless, the dead cannot speak and secondly, the proofs isn’t validated by the claims of the state. This is why you have to take that with a little bit of scepticism.

So, if the U.S. State Department wants to be sincere. They should look into the facts of the matter. The State Department is crying wolf as the TDF is advancing. The TDF have had no other choice, as the Abiy government wouldn’t have helped the Tigray Region if they stayed on the borders of the region. No, he would have starved them… just like he does now. It would have been no difference. Abiy and allies have blocked the Tigray region for a long time before the November 2020. This shouldn’t be forgotten and it planned ahead of the attack on the Northern Command too. So, the U.S. Department of State should take some more information into consideration.

Yes, the TDF going into the Afar and Amhara region was a needed enterprise. They did it because the Tripartite Alliance gave the TDF no other choice. Why should the TDF just stay put after the Tripartite Alliance have violated their region for months? Because for the state, the war was fine and a smooth operation when they did their crimes in Tigray region. However, now people are crying wolf when the TDF has entered the others. Why shouldn’t they? Instead of just being defence, why not go offence?

So, this crying wolf will do no good and will not create peace. It is just like the U.S. State Department didn’t see how the Tripartite Alliance did their “fake ceasefire” when they were forced to withdraw from parts of the Tigray Region in June 2021. Therefore, if the U.S. State Department is sincere… they should remember that as well. However, that is too much to ask apparently. Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (30.10.2021)

O our people.. my father loved us

O you who gave our heart your authentic stability

Glory to the martyrs of the Sudanese people in their lofties, lamps that light the way to liberation, peace and justice.

Urgent recovery for the wounded and injured marked with the criminal executioner machine.

The processions of the masses of the Sudanese people today, October 30, 2021, are not a passing cloud, it is a full-fledged uprising that pours into the glorious, sweeping and deep course of December. The masses and the revolutionary forces will not retreat from the peaceful resistance, the occupation of the streets, the general political strike and the mass civil disobedience continue.

The Sudanese Professionals Association will present from the partnership site a proposal for a charter to complete the glorious December revolution to consult with the revolutionary forces, foremost of which are the resistance committees in the neighborhoods and al-Furqan, a charter that establishes a new stage based on radical change and full civil authority, leading to:

Overthrowing the military coup d’etat and bringing its members to prompt and fair trials for all their crimes against the Sudanese people.

There is no negotiation with criminals, nor a return to the broken blood partnership, but rather the immediate handover of power to a complete civilian government chosen by the revolutionary forces from among its elements that believe in radical change and the goals of the December revolution.

– The liquidation of the National Salvation Front, the dissolution of militias by merger and demobilization, and the building of a professional national army with a doctrine based on protecting the people and borders, under the command of the civilian authority.

Handing over all militia companies of the security, military, and militia agencies to the civilian authority, and ending the interference of these agencies in investment and economic activity.

– Stopping the interference of regional and international axes hostile to our people and their aspirations in the affairs of our country and the political process.

Our people are stronger and apostasy is impossible.

October 30, 2021

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