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Opinion: The twisted tongue of DP Ruto ask people to respect the rule of law!

It is just convenient how the Jubilee and the modern day KANU government profess to the rule of law, the government who themselves are critical of the courts, the ones who has barred judges from appearing and trying to muffle with them since September 2017. It is weird and unique that these gentlemen speaks of the concern of rule of law. When they are ordering unlawful and unjust actions countering the rule of law. When they are in charge misusing the rule of law to take away the rights and privileges, even their citizenship, because they can. That Deputy President William Ruto should instead show his invoices to his palace, instead of talking about the rule of law yesterday. It is insulting to common sense and their codes of conduct.

“All of us must submit to the Constitution of Kenya and the rule of law, not the rule of men” (…) “If there are people who respect the rule of law, then it’s us in Jubilee. We have a track record of abiding by the rule of law and we will continue doing so” (…) “This democratically elected government under the leadership of President Kenyatta will continue to be run on the basis of the constitution and the rule of law” (Kipsang, 2018).

I don’t know about you, but how about all the corruption scandals? How about all the men and woman who has been killed, the extra-judicial killings? Why there are, so many crimes not solved and even looked into? How can this KANU be seen as one for the rule of law?

That is just to begin with and the use of police to harass and detain people without warrants. Taking away gun-licenses and passports without any jurisdiction, That is the rule of law, taking people from meetings and arresting them, stop journalists and bloggers, confiscate their digital equipment and never show the seal of orders. That is the state of affairs. The so called rule of laws in Kenya these day.

The records of accomplishment of Ruto and Kenyatta is not, what they talk, but how they act. How they act and their words are opposite. They speak of peace, but go on total war. The Jubilee speak of following procedure, but when coming to opposition, they go all in without needing to follow the law or the Constitution. They defy the courts, they harass even the judges in public and even house-arrested one at one point last year. Therefore, it is not as if Jubilee is caring much about it. That is why it’s insulting to hear and see that Ruto speak like this.

If Ruto and Kenyatta cares about the constitution, they wouldn’t have sent Miguna Miguna packing to Canada. They would have sent him to the courts and he had to answer for his “crimes”. The same would have happen to Ndii who suddenly faced the law and was arrested without warrants and warning. That is just the state of affairs under Jubilee.

Everyone has to abide the law, except the ones loyal enough to Ruto and Kenyatta, if your not, then you end behind bars for any reasons they can pinpoint at you. They just don’t care, the state and the ones responsible haven’t the need to address it. They can just do it. Like they have done and continue to do.

Therefore, I get tired of insults to common sense, but that is the way of Ruto. That is why he has water all around his home. Since he is afraid of people storming it like a medieval king. Not wanting to have people suddenly barricading his doors and windows. He needs an army to be safe and needs enough security detail as a size of giant village. If not, why did he build a house like that?

Well, that was outside the point, but Ruto. Don’t talk about rule of law, when it doesn’t matter to you or your regime. For you and your elite, the rule of law is a toilet paper that you need to wipe your ass with, but has not existential value or need. It is just there as a grand component, that can be of use when you want to get rid of shit. Peace.


Kipsang, Wycliff – ‘Let’s unite and build Kenya, Ruto tells Nasa’ (18.02.2018) link: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/politics/Let-us-unite-and-build-Kenya-DP-William-Ruto-tells-Nasa/1064-4310350-5xioti/index.html


Opinion: Jubilee plans to grow the debt even further with a new Eurobond!

The Jubilee and the Uhuru Kenyatta are already in a slippery slope politically and aggressively as a Dictator, who force himself on the public and uses the government institutions to himself. While promising empty promises with the 4 pillar agenda. That his government are planning to grow debt, you can wonder why, since the growing debt makes the state misuse the revenue, as already now the 20%. That is one fifth of the revenue going directly to pay debt. If that isn’t sounding worrying, then the state should find other ways to gain revenue and not take another Eurobond. Especially with the political climate and the Moody’s downgrade, who is a signal to the world that the premiums and points on the dollar will be worse.

However, Kenyatta isn’t pounding on the people. That is why the news of new Eurobond isn’t positive news for the Republic. Just read the report in Bloomberg, before collected information on the growing debt.

The ministry also chose Standard Chartered Bank Plc and Standard Bank Group’s Kenyan unit Stanbic Holdings to help with the sale, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the appointment hasn’t been made public yet. Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich didn’t answer two calls to his mobile Wednesday, while Treasury Director of Budget Geoffrey Mwau declined to comment when asked about planned sale on Tuesday. The Treasury will seek to raise $1.5 billion to $3 billion in bonds, with a tenor of up 15 years, according to two of the people. JPMorgan, Citigroup, Standard Chartered and Stanbic declined to comment” (Changole & Martin, 2018).

To take the numbers from Focus Economics who said the Public Debt of GDP in 2012 was 42%, the first year of Uhuru Kenyatta it become 44,5%. In 2014 it had been risen to 45,9% and after the first Eurobond, the rising debt in 2015 was 50,4% and in 2016 it became 53,5%. Therefore, the estimates of the new bonds will make it rise in 2018/19 until about 60%. This combined with the state will pay 20% interest of all revenue to the old debt in 2018. Those has also risen from 13,7% in 2012/13. That is why the state is paying more and more back to creditors in interest, than actually serving citizens with needed services.

The Eurobond scandal still looms over Jubilee’s government and remains an unresolved mystery in the Country’s treasury records. Corruption scandals also sift down to the County governments with many county governors performing badly in the last 5 years. Many of these leaders have also been accused of corruption and misappropriation of funds meant for development projects” (Konrad Adenauer Stifung, 2017).

You can wonder why the JP Morgan who was implicated in the first Eurobonds want to repeat a corrupt saga again and take responsibility for making the Jubilee able to eat directly from loans they have provided. So even as the elections of September 2017, the government still couldn’t verify the usage of the previous Eurobond. Therefore, the International Banks and Bilateral Monetary Organizations shouldn’t help this government, as they have triggered straight looting of the state. If it wasn’t so, then the state should have the invoices and proof of the used funds from the other loans. However, that is day dreaming and possibly dropped into the artificial dam around the home of Deputy President William Ruto.

For now, we can question the Kenyatta and the Jubilee government will to take up new loans. Because this will add debt, growing rates and because of the political climate, the cost of the loans and the interests rates. The presidency and the analysts at the Ministry of Finance should care and be worried, but I think they are eating of the plate too. So they don’t care about the next term or the future. Since they are making it worse for the coming generations to repay debts and they mature, and the state are losing points on the dollar. Because of the ruthless actions of the Jubilee against the opposition. That will also cost citizens, since they are now paying more for the second Eurobonds. Peace.


Changole, Adelaide & Martin, Matthew – ‘Kenya to Pick Citi, JPMorgan to Advise on Eurobond Sale’ (07.02.2018) link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-07/kenya-is-said-to-pick-citi-jpmorgan-to-advise-on-eurobond-sale

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung – ‘Reporting on Kenyan General Election 2017: A month to the polls’ (August, 2017)

Kenya: Press Statement by Hon. Alfred Kiptoo Keter with regard to his Unprocural Arrest on the 16th of February, 2018 (17.02.2018)

My letter to Kalonzo: “Are you planning to change alliance again?”

Dear Stephen Kalonzo-Musyoka!

You are the Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) leader and a National Super Alliance (NASA) Flag-bearer, the initial Deputy of Raila Odinga. Who you we’re supposed to be sworn-in as People’s Deputy President at Uhuru Park on the 30th January. Something happen to you Kalonzo, I don’t know what, if you got the jitters and the stay-home syndrome. Certainly, something that cause defects and issues with your loyal allies.

On the 31th January, there was an incident of a stun-grenade, but then on the 3rd February it became a bomb in the compound of yours. There has also been some reports of bullets. But I don’t know how to believe, since it is fitting the paradigm of arresting a fellow NASA MP and also create fuzz around you. It was just so fitting that the Police did this and made an investigation. While you didn’t go to your own swearing-in with Baba.

So it is hard to know what goes through his mind, as his also spelling out comments attacking Baba and Swearing-In, while the other day saying that he will do it after consultations. Therefore, his leadership styles is finding the softest way to be in the opposition and be on the top. Without trying to make it cost or feel the pay of actually being part of organization. That is why he was bitching seconds after the swearing-in that he had lost the security detail.

That was because CS Fred Matiangi had criminalized the NASA on the 31st January. So it is not like Kalonzo is now a legal leader, not if the Order from the state is official. The reason for all the arrests and the all attacks on the judiciary. Therefore, so many other NASA MPs losing privileges and other positive measures as they we’re part of the political elite. He is a former Minister under Moi and Kibaki, also a founding member of Orange Democratic Movement. So he has followed that after falling out with Kenyatta and Ruto as the talks of 2012 went wrong.

Because you Kalonzo has in the past jumped between KANU, Liberal Democratic Party and the NARC Coalition of Kibaki. So he has shown disloyalty to gain popularity and get leadership roles in all his career. So, you have been a MP and leader who has joined and shifted camp after who you have benefited from. That you have been in both CORD and NASA this long is special for being you. That Wiper Democratic Movement has been part of Odinga’s coalition is a miracle. Since you have in the past jumped ship, especially since you we’re able to find the most popular and biggest leader.

Now you have fallen twice and haven’t won. You haven’t gotten the fair piece of the trick. You have risked it all on Odinga and he hasn’t delivered. Therefore, you have started to be unsure and weak, because you have been a MP for years and also Minister under Moi and Kibaki. That is why you went from being part of ODM to suddenly becoming VP for Kibaki, because you couldn’t block Odinga back then. That was all in 2007 and that is only a decade ago.

So if he would change alliance or trying to find a way out of this and not pay the price of being in resistance against the government. That would seem possible, since you are distancing yourself from the alliance and making yourself a target for the Kamba Youth and also Kenyans in general. Kalonzo, you could have been part of a historical effort to stop the impunity and injustice made Jubilee. Instead your trading your cards for uncertainty. Unless you already traded it by secret offerings with Jubilee, like the ones Thirdway Alliance did to get cars before the October 26th 2017?

Is that what your up to?

Do you think you can go away from Odinga a second time and to prepare for 2022. Think people will forgive you for your disloyalty and your weak response, while people protesting are eating tear-gas and getting beaten by the police.

Kalonzo, what is your plan is it to leave Odinga and join in with Ruto and Kenyatta? What is your move, since you seem like a lost dog and someone who doesn’t know how to carry themselves?

Kalonzo, I would wish you would shown loyalty, but you have changed sides in the past and records usually doesn’t lie. Peace.

Kenya: Court Ruling on the Deportation of Canadian Citizen Mr. Miguna Miguna (15.02.2018)

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju letter to Chief Justice David Maraga – “Re: Incidents of Open Bias by the Judiciary” (09.02.2018)

Kenya: ANC Internal Memo from Musalia Mudavadi to All ANC Party Branch Chairpersons – “Party Discipline” (13.02.2018)

Kenya: ODPP letter to the Registrar of High Court – “Re: Misc Criminal Application No. 57 of 2018” – Miguna Miguna case (13.02.2018)

Opinion: Foreign Envoys Message show’s they are complicit in the Kenyatta seizing of power in 2017!

I don’t know if they are like bears who came out of the caves after hibernation. That is how its seems to the naked eye. That suddenly the Foreign Envoys in Nairobi woke up and needlessly had to address the stalemate and the concerning problems in the Republic. Not that they we’re concerned of the Opposition being ordered by the state as a Criminal Gang or the illegal detention of media and opposition MPs. Neither the attacks on the democracy the state has done to make sure the 26th October 2018 election went on.

I find it striking they care about the Constitution of 2010, but the 26th October 2018, which took 4 days to be announced result on the 30th October, because that is how Democracies are announced towards the so-called Supreme Court verified elections in November 2018. if you need 4 days to make the numbers, you know the IEBC was cooking in favor of somehow! This is something the Foreign Envoys should know too, because they don’t do that sort of act in their own Republic’s and Kingdom’s. Or do they?

The cases given to Supreme Court was dismissed because of lack of evidence, not because the Fresh Presidential Election was run smooth and justified. Even the Opposition was on the ticket, but wasn’t running. Which in itself is suspect for any naked eye, but the Foreign Envoys doesn’t care, as long as they get profits for investors or sending Kenyan soldiers to wars they don’t want to fight themselves. That is how it seems today.

Just take look at the mockery:

We strongly urge the Government to comply fully with court orders and follow legal process in appealing or contesting them. Freedom of expression, freedom of the media, and all civil rights need to be protected. When individuals are arrested, their rights should be respected and due process followed. Citizens have the responsibility to protest non-violently, and security services should avoid unnecessary or excessive use of force. Whatever the conduct of others, the government has a special duty to protect democratic institutions and adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law at all times. Meanwhile, the Opposition must accept the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the election of October 26. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are the legitimate President and Deputy President of Kenya. The Opposition needs to accept this as the basis for the dialogue that it and many Kenyans want. Stoking and threatening violence are not acceptable, nor are extra-Constitutional measures to seize power” (U.S. Embassy in Kenya, 2018)

It’s like the Foreign Envoys forgets or neglect that on the 26th October 2017, the Fresh Presidential Election had a voter turnout, which by numbers was insane. Even as the public was actually demonstrating against it. In some districts and some counties like Saku Constituency in Marsabit County, that has only 27,082 registered voters, however incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta got 796,478 votes. How that is possible and is accepted by the Supreme Court. Is for me obviously rigging itself into power and seizing power. It is okay as long as that is the partner of the West, Mr. Kenyatta, but if Odinga questions this sort of activity, he is against the law and order? Really?

So the law for the Foreign Envoys are directed against Odinga, but not important when asking about the Voter Turnout and the Counties with special numbers like Saku Constituency. I could take Mandera West Constituency, where Kenyatta got 109,938 voters, which is fine, but the registered amount of voters there is 26,816. So I don’t know how that is possible either. But can the Foreign Envoys explain to me how this is justified victory and right? When Odinga is questioning this sort of affair?

That its okay for Kenyatta to seize power and misuse the government in his favor. Apply his rule of law, which is an assault on common sense and the judiciary. Which he has attacked himself since September 2017. I know that Kenyatta is a friend of these Envoys since they are defending him. But the track-record, the use of police brutality, killings in opposition strongholds and other violations of justice. But hey, they have no real consequence doing that. But that Odinga is swearing himself in, that is violation that they have to address.

Maybe, if Kenyatta could run a free and fair elections, where he didn’t order the IEBC to cook the numbers, misuse the IEBC and contractors, combined with Cambridge Analytica, Harris Media, OT Morpho and all other who has delivered the wished narrative the Kenyatta presidency needed. These are also foreign contractors who delivers things for government of the foreign envoys. That is why these are important piece of the puzzle.

I am content, because this was anticipated. Kenyatta are the loyal partner the Envoys needs for their interests, but their interests are not to have a government by the people, but by bots and ghosts. They prefer voting chickens over real people. Godec could even be a KGB or support the NIS people inside Nation Media Group for all we know. Since he has been to often at the State House supporting Kenyatta. He is so biased, that its sad to see the rest of the envoys being part of his charade. The truths of the botched elections that was verified by Supreme Court in November 2017, isn’t given for democracy. It was Kenyatta seizing power, if he was the real president, wouldn’t Kenyan’s have celebrated Jamhuri Day 2017 with him?

However, they we’re back home eating unga and not giving a damn about the state capture. That should be a signal the Foreign Envoys should care about, but they don’t! They are blind and cannot see. Peace.


U.S. Embassy in Kenya – ‘Kenya’s Democracy is at a Crossroads’ (11.02.2018) link: https://ke.usembassy.gov/kenyas-democracy-crossroads/

Law Society of Kenya – Press Release (09.02.2018)

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