Opinion: Kenyatta speaks good game, but it is all talk…

For a man that has been the President since March 2013 in Kenya. You would think he would think more clearer about his words and what message he sends across. Because, it is not like this Kenyan President since 2013 have delivered any significant development, except for a huge White Elephant named the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

That is why it’s amazing to see that President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks of development and how its ought to look like. The man has had the time and the ability to deliver some if he cared. However, the President has been caught up in a web of corruption and loan-drives, which has enveloped into a dark spiral of fiscal responsibility. Also doing this in such a manner, that the Kenyan government will struggle with the debt burden created with very little too none to show for it.

Just read the words from the President:

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, November 25, 2020 – President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta urged African governments to put their citizens at the centre of delivering service during Africa Delivery Exchange 2020, a virtual event that opened Tuesday” (…) ““Our people know and understand what development ought to look like and what benefits it should bring to their social-economic wellbeing. Therefore, any failure to quickly address the missing middle within the development paradigm could create a deficiency of trust between the electorate and those in positions of leadership,” Kenyatta said” (African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – ‘Africans “know and understand what development ought to look like,” says President Uhuru Kenyatta’ 25.11.2020, APO Group – Africa Newsroom).

It is like Kenyatta knows the rights things to say and do. However, his own track record is abysmal. The man haven’t done anything. Nothing substantial. His legacy will be grand-corruption and a Presidential Handshake. The forged and rubbish Building Bridges Initiative, which is only for the elites to eat more and not for the general public to get a better government.

President Kenyatta knows this. He used the Cambridge Analytica to spread his messages to the masses. To secure the elections and rig it in favour of him. Odinga saved him with the handshake and bought him time. This way he could work in peace and without any real opposition. That is why Kenyatta doesn’t have to deliver anything. Since there is nobody to outplay or outperform. The opposition is compromised by the BBI and he can do whatever he feels.

The Jubilee Coalition and the Jubilee Party have been a winner for him. It has given the man time. However, he has not delivered any development or the “big four” or anything else he has promised to do. If he has delivered anything in his time … its more debt and interest rates on the next administration.

President Kenyatta can talk big game, but his only talk. This man is not about implementing it or making it happening himself. He has spent all these years in office and not delivered. It will not change now in his second term. That is just not happening. This is why the BBI is such a big thing. Because, the President got nothing else… nothing else and it will not do magic. It is a forced referendum and not the trick to solve all the issues at the present time. Peace.

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If Kenyatta is like Moses: I wonder who is Joshua, the man who entered the Promised Land?

Like Moses in the Bible who sat at the top of Mt Nebo and saw the future that the people of Israel were about to cross into the promised land, I too have seen our future. That journey has commenced with the release of the Building Bridges Initiative report. More importantly, let us engage in positive discourse (on BBI) with a view to effecting far-reaching change” – President Uhuru Kenyatta – State of the Nation Address (12.11.2020).

In today’s State of the Nation Address, President Uhuru Kenyatta dropped a gem of a political allegory. Which means that the President is only allowed to look into the Promised Land and never enter it.

With this in mind calling himself Moses seems like an easy choice of biblical heroes. Moses seems like a wise-guy and a man of leadership. However, his choices of leadership was the reason why he never was allowed to enter Canaan or the Promised Land. This is why Moses could only gaze over the land from the mountain top, as Joshua and the other leaders could enter it.

Moses was barred to enter the Promise Land because he didn’t trust the Lord and he also disobeyed him. Therefore, it is weird that Kenyatta want to be him. Maybe he doesn’t know the whole tale. There are heroic parts of the leadership of Moses, but plenty of things, which was reasons for God not allow him to enter the Promised Land.

It is like he says Moses saw the future, but forgets he died quickly after that. 30 days later Joshua and the his leadership entered it. So, it seems a bit weird that you want to be the one looking at a dream and not the one entering it. Especially, if you want to succeed and actually implement the BBI.

For me it seems like someone else is supposed to finish this. It isn’t Kenyatta’s job, as he has sinned and disobeyed the Lord. Which is the reason for him to see the implementation of the BBI. It has to be a Joshua who walks in the Promised Land. He will do what Kenyatta never was able to do.

The BBI journey isn’t a 40 year long travel in the wilderness and the desert. However, it has been a time consuming effort since the Fresh Presidential Elections and the the Presidential Handshake. That has bought both Kenyatta and Odinga time.

For a President to chose this allegory and biblical story. It really questions his vision for this thing. Does he think he dies in his own tale and someone else catch-up where he left off? Because, the BBI is a journey like the ones entering promised land. This means, in this story that Kenyatta will never see it and someone else will finish it.

That is why I bugging about who is Joshua? His the leader God hand-picked to enter the Promised Land. The future, which Kenyatta has seen and is barred from entering, because of his sins and not trusting the Lord.

Kenyatta should really address this. Unless, he just want to sound like a Visionary. Continuing where Odinga left off, promising Canaan like he did in the previous election. A promise that he left behind for the BBI. Which is ironic that the same promise is used by Kenyatta now years later, but with an implication of the story. If he wants to follow it biblically.

I personally think that he would prefer that this does not happen to him. Since, that implies a tragic end-game for Kenyatta. I don’t want that for anyone, but when you pick a bible story and a hero. At least do your research. So, that you don’t end up with questions like these.

Being like Moses seeing into future sounds aspiring, but the rest of the story puts that into jeopardy. I don’t Kenyatta thought that far.

So, who is Joshua? I need to know! Peace.

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