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Opinion: Kenyatta your actions is the reason for the lack of development

What is important is to ask ourselves where we will get if we continue with this kind of politics which we have had in this country. There is no developed country anywhere in the world that has achieved the social, political, and economic aspirations of her people with a start and stop kind of politics” – President Uhuru Kenyatta (28.05.2021)

President Kenyatta and his Jubilee Administration is soon finished with his second term in office. By this time the legacy is already written and he cannot return the lost years. Uhuru has had the time and the ability to change the pattern, if he wanted too. However, that hasn’t happened and here we are.

Kenyatta will be known for rehashed debt-cycle, which will cripple the economy for decades. Unless, Captain-Save-A-Ho comes the Republic’s way and they need to swallow another ‘Structural Adjustment Plan’ from the IMF and World Bank. Kenyatta knows this, but he has eaten Eurobonds and other sorts of grifts over the years.

The President has also been part of grand corruption cases. His cabinet secretaries and appointees to parastatals was also involved in this. The State Owned Enterprises and other too. That was just the business of the day. Create fake companies, tenders and sell overpriced inventory. Repack the maize, sugar and whatnot to sell it after storage to serve the cartels.

Kenyatta knows all of this. He has had his cronies and allowed it all to go down. The proof is in the action of the state and their allies. The Parliament and the Cabinet have all allowed it to happen. They have all participated and not kept things on the up-and-up. They have misused their time in office and eaten of the government plate. Issued loans, eaten corrupt deals and done ditto of service deliver to the general public.

President Kenyatta will not have a legacy worth remembering. He has assaulted the judiciary, the institutions and the state itself for his own selfish reasons. The President knows this and has done it deliberately.

With all the time in office. He could have left something worthwhile behind. However, his own businesses, estates and personal domain has mattered more. Kenyatta wanted one big legislation passed and be his final end. As the President never had the time to finish the Big Four or any other significant promise of the past.

That’s because it’s all been a publicity stunt and he haven’t even tried. The Building Bridges has been a smokescreen and bought the President time. The reason why he has invested all this is not only to trade-off the opposition, but to finally have something to point at as an achievement. Because, there is nothing else to look at. Except for the decaying economy and depleted state coffers. Which is an exceptional failure, but an achievement nevertheless.

President Kenyatta will not be remembered with fondness. He has misused his chances and didn’t even try. That’s at least how it looks from the outside looking in. The one taking over from in 2022 have a lot of issues to tackle.

The ever-lingering cartels, grand corruption and misuse of state enterprises. The cronyism and nepotism will not stop overnight. The state is accepting all of this and the head of state is signing off. As he hires people and appoints his “yes-men” to whatever office he can. Therefore, there is no way he will get questioned or even held accountable. Peace

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