Ghana: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration – The Government of Ghana refutes story on UK Special Forces for Ghana (22.11.2022)

RDC: Presidence de la Republique – Cabinet du Chef de l’Etat – Communique Conjoint a l’Occasion de la Visite de Travail de Son Excellence William Samoei Ruto, President du Republique du Kenya, en Republique Democratique du Congo, du 20 au 21 Novembre 2022 (21.11.2022)

Ethiopia: Who is the PM trying to convince today?

For the sake of our peace and prosperity, we made the first choice to end the war. There is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace; war is bad regardless of who wins. You kill people and spit out funds. Peace is always desirable. But if something happens that threatens Ethiopia’s existence, sovereignty, and unity, as well as national interests, we fight it. Negotiation is beneficial if these components are protected. Peace is not only the absence of war, but also the supremacy of the rule of law. Any peace talks or negotiations to ensure that law & order are observed are beneficial. We have discussed, agreed, and signed; now we must keep our word by making our promise a reality. We must work hard to avoid problems during the process” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (15.11.2022).

I’m just baffled and wonder what is going on. What is the end-game of the current affairs, which the 2nd November Cessation of Hostilities and the additional modalities of implementation from Nairobi will do. It isn’t like the Prime Minister is clear in his message or are direct about anything. His just doing his steady scheming and speaking in his ordinary fashion.

If I believe in Abiy or trust him… well… I have seen how shady and how they have resolved things earlier in the conflict. So, until I see some goodwill and reports of humanitarian assistance. Stopping air-raids, usage of drones and other means of war. I have a hard time to believe in the consequences of the CoH. That’s just the cynic, I am and with a reason. The man-made famine, the countless of massacres and the injustice serve the Tigray region since the start of the war in November 2020. There are enough reasons and bloodshed to question the ethics or the normative belief of the Tripartite Alliance attacking it.

That’s why another part of his speech or statement to the House of Federation was very interesting, as it is about the disputed Western Tigray and who has the claim over it. This has been disputed and been questioned all along in the conflict and right now the invaders or the Tripartite Alliance is besieging that part of Tigray.

Just read this here:

Concerning Wolkait, the Pretoria agreement is aimed at bringing peace, not at resolving internal border dispute. It will be dealt with in accordance with the laws and regulations of our country. It is said that the areas were taken by force prior to the constitution, but such action should not be repeated today. If it is resolved in accordance with the rule of law, it will benefit Wolkait, as well as the Amhara and Tigray regions” (Abiy, 15.11.2022).

With these words in mind, let us reflect on the Article 48 of the Ethiopian Constitution:

Article 48. State Border Changes

1. All State border disputes shall be settled by agreement of the concerned States. Where the concerned States fail to reach agreement, the House of the Federation shall decide such disputes on the basis of settlement patterns and the wishes of the peoples concerned.

2. The House of Federation shall, within a period of two years, render a nal decision on a dispute submitted to it pursuant to sub-Article 1 of this Article”.

By the words of Abiy he wants the internal dispute to be dealt with by law. Meaning either the Regional State has to negotiate themselves about the disputed territories. In this case, it is an issue between Amhara and Tigray regional states. If you do follow the Constitution on the principals of it. This means the states themselves has to accept or reach an agreement about it. However, if there is an impasse or an unresolved case. Then the House of Federation will decide a settlement instead.

Here we see the juxtaposition and the quagmire it is. Because, the Prosperity Party has all the power in Amhara and in the House of Federation. For Amhara Regional State it’s a blessing to get it into the House of Federation. Because, they are in the majority and will get their way. There is no way possible that the Tigray region will get it’s wishes. This because of the majority rule and the manner of which the current regime is residing. Therefore, to believe a case coming up in the House of Federation will not benefit or be in harmony with the people of Western Tigray. That will only be in favour or in accordance with the wishes of Bahir Dar. Mekelle will loose, if this case or dispute ever get to the House of Federation.

This is why the words of Abiy is interesting. He knows this and that’s why he can play it out like this. His allies and partners in crime in Amhara can get their loot. They can annex and ensure more power by taking land from Tigray. That can be done by a stroke of a pen. This is all they need, because we cannot trust a negotiation between Mekelle and Bahir Dar will get any sort of result. No, that is a dead fish in the water and it will never ever swim.

I don’t know what bridge Abiy is selling, but his surely building a bridge over dry land and not crossing a river. There is more to this and I wonder what. Maybe its just my mistrust after the years of wars and the endless lies. You cannot just be sincere after lying about nearly every aspect of the war. That’s why I am wondering who his catering too and for what ends. Peace.

Syria: Syrian Democratic Council – A Statement for the Public Opinion (09.11.2022)

The Syrian Democratic Council has followed with great concern the recent statements made by the Swedish government and its foreign minister that are hostile to Sweden’s values and first of all, they contradict the culture of its society. The Syrian Democratic Council, with all its political components, which in turn express the legitimate demands of the people of Syria in all its national, ethnic and religious diversity for democratic transition and change and for resolving its crisis in accordance with its political course on the basis of international Resolution 2254, considers these statements, which coincided with the eighth anniversary of international solidarity with the Kobani resistance, to be surprising and reprehensible at the same time. This resistance, which has made an important turning point in the path of undermining, fighting and countering terrorist organizations, most notably the ISIS terrorist organization, in which it became obvious that Ankara is one of its most important supporters in mobilizing, training and directing with the aim of occupying Syrian regions in the first period of the Syrian crisis, stressing in this regard that the government of Sweden knows the relationship between the Ankara regime and these organizations.

We assure the Swedish people and their government that the resistance of the Syrians in northeastern the country; an important part of the Syrian territories, has made a difference in consolidating security and stability in all parts of the world, including the kingdom of Sweden itself. The duty of the Swedish Kingdom, as it is known about it, to take the right position that expresses its humanitarian values as a country that is the first one in the field of consolidating human rights, knowing that more than 35 thousand martyrs, wounded and wars were provided by the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units, and all the formations of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Syrian Democratic Council affirms that Sweden is not so weak as to be subjected to Turkey’s blackmail, and nowadays, it was not forced to make concessions and weaken democracy and the rule of law to satisfy a dictator who became known by all countries of the region that revealed the falsity of his claims, and that Turkey is currently in all problems with all neighboring countries and the world as a result of his regime’s destructive projects and its dictator’s practices that are hostile to the truth, peace, security and stability of peoples.

The Syrian Democratic Council, while affirming and supporting every step that enhances Sweden’s security and sovereignty, calls on the people of Sweden and all its democratic parties and powers at the forefront; The Social Democrats, all Left parties, Green parties, all Swedish civil society organizations and human rights institutions, to confront this situation and thwart every such decision, because it will only be the first step regarding the way to the usual blackmail of the dictator of Turkey, and it is a step that harms Sweden itself in the long term. We also call on the people of Syria and their democratic powers to reject this approach of the Swedish government and to be an assistance for all components of the Syrian Democratic Forces, including the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units, which are defenders of the people of Syria and are still resisting dangers and they are defending all Syrian components and their territorial integrity.

On November 9th, 2022

The Syrian Democratic Council

Kingdom of Cambodia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Press Release (09.11.202)

RDC: Ministere de la Communication et Medias – Communique Officiel (07.11.2022)

Opinion: Did Gen. Muhoozi forget the “sports”? [the M23 tweets can damage the trust between Kampala and Kinshasa]

If he was tweeting on sports — things which are not controversial — that would not be a problem; but to talk about other countries or even the partisan politics of Uganda, that he must not do” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (14.10.2022).

KINSHASA, May 28 (Xinhua) — The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has decided to classify the March 23 Movement (M23) as a terrorist group, a DRC government spokesperson said late Friday. “The M23 is now considered as a terrorist group and will be treated in the way (we treat the terrorists),” Patrick Muyaya said at a press conference after a national security committee session chaired Friday by DRC President Felix Tshisekedi” (Xinhua – ‘DRC classifies M23 rebels as terrorists’ 28.05.2022).

Again and again, General Muhoozi Kainerubaga goes on a rampage on social media and yet again on his Twitter page. This time he isn’t saying it’s easy to invade Kenya or speaks of admiration of ladies. No, his going in again and deliberately taking part in diplomatic works in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The General today has defended the Mouvement du Mars 23 (M23) which the FARDC is fighting in North Kivu province. While the UPDF is together with the FARDC is in a mission going after the ADF in the DRC. So, we are seeing the General is openly going to war against one rebellion and one militia, but defending another. The other has already the origins and support from both Kigali and Kampala. Therefore, the latest support of Muhoozi can question the regime’s direct support of the M23 within the DRC.

We know the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even President Museveni will end up with writing a letter to President Tshisekedi. There is no reason for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) or the Government of Uganda for that matter to support M23 in public. We know the UPDF and the GoU has supported the M23 in the past. The cantonment of former soldiers or combatants was stationed in Uganda. That happened after the Nairobi Accords and later these has been able to flee or re-locate in the DRC. Therefore, the General is maybe saying the silent part out loud.

In this regard… Muhoozi is playing with fire. He is humbling an ally, which they are fighting together with elsewhere in the DRC. If Kinshasa is coming out with a hasty press conference or even wanting an answer from the Ugandan ambassador. That all makes sense.

Since these words are not only from the Son of the President. His the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operation and former Commander of Land Forces. He has relevance and means within the army and the government. A man of his stature should know how Kinshasa looks and has designated M23. That Muhoozi says M23 isn’t a terrorist group is directly challenging Tshisekedi.

Will Kinshasa accept this? Is Kampala in on it all along? There was all sorts of speculations when M23 came back into the picture. The M23 is and has been supported of both Kigali and Kampala. That is proven and no one can deny that in 2022. However, who is behind them right now and who has financed it this time around.

Now with the latest rant of Muhoozi. We can wonder if there was something more directed from Kampala. That wouldn’t shocking or earth shattering, but the ones in-charge in Kinshasa should be worried. Since, the UPDF is participating and already allowed within it’s borders. If a General and a High Ranking Official is defending a militia and a terrorist organization on your soil. You know there is more to this…

President Museveni has soon to fly out to Kinshasa. He got to meet President Tshisekedi and make amends. This sort of statement or uttering is only deteriorating the relations. When these are supposed to be strengthen by the joint operation. Instead, Muhoozi is acting like this and recklessly too. Peace.

A look into the TPLF’s Bureau of Public Relations Statement on the Peace Agreement

Today’s statement on the 2nd November 2022 Peace Agreement and Cessation of Hostilities between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), which was signed and negotiated in South Africa. That one of the Parties drops a Press Release and a statement like they did. Is deliberately telling a story. The Prime Minister and the FDRE has already done the same. The parties also released a joint press on it as well. So, there haven’t been silence, but strangely little from Mekelle or associates of it.

However, the Regional Government of Tigray haven’t addressed it and neither a statement from the External Affairs Office of it. That’s why the silence was pellicular, but two days after the signing of the agreement. There was finally a wording and a press statement from this party of the conflict alone.

Here is the two parts of the Press Statement from TPLF that I find interesting!

The people of Tigray have been facing a serious existential threat due to the open military invasion and genocide declared against them since October 24, 2013 EC. Thus, he has been and continues to be subjected to countless betrayals, atrocities and injustices in the past two years. The coalition invading forces have committed destruction against Tigray and its people. The rest of this was scattered and displaced. It is known that the people and government of Tigray have repeatedly called for peace talks to be started to stop this destruction and create a comfortable environment for our people to live in peace” (TPLF – ‘The peace talks agreement will be implemented by putting the interests of the people of Tigray at the center!’ 04.11.2022).

This agreement is the result of our struggle to meet the needs of our people and to protect their security in a sustainable manner. The fundamental achievement of this agreement is respect for the constitution and the constitutional order. The people and government of Tigray were forced into war two years ago because of constitutional violations against us, not because war was our choice. Before and during the war, we have repeatedly demanded respect for the constitution and informed the international community. However, our demands were not responded to positively by the Addis Ababa side and we were forced to stay in the war for a long time” (TPLF – ‘The peace talks agreement will be implemented by putting the interests of the people of Tigray at the center!’ 04.11.2022).

When you read these words and such while knowing how the FDRE has portrayed it all. You will see a fine mismatch of ideals and reasoning. This being who started the war in November 2020 and why the FDRE took action in the first place. The Tripartite Alliance of Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” and Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) was all part of the “Operation Law Enforcement” and this statement obviously counters that.

We know the Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar – Asmara has questioned the legitimacy of the regional government of Mekelle. That’s why the Tripartite Alliance has with several of offensives and such has tried to conquer and annihilate the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). However, that hasn’t happened, even as the current offensive has gained a corridor from Eritrea, but it never gotten as close to Mekelle, as the Tripartite Alliance wanted. They wanted the TPLF to surrender and just disarm. That is not happening now…

That’s why this statement is more than interesting. It is shedding a light on the Tripartite Alliance it won’t have. The same government that has vilified, recklessly have spewed hateful rhetoric and been disingenuous about its reasons for the war. That’s why so many of the statements from the FDRE could be debunked and so could the lies or deception about the war as well. Therefore, this statement from the TPLF is aiming at that. We know the Tripartite Alliance will dismiss it. That is just the nature of the game.

We can wonder how the spin-doctors of Addis Ababa will look at this. Because this counters their reasons to usher in the war and give them “credibility” to do so. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t expect or anticipate anything sincere from there. It haven’t been common or the modus operandi. That’s why I wouldn’t think that would come anytime soon. Especially when the authorities has acted like it has over the last few years. Prime Minister Abiy and President Afewerki haven’t been honest… and that’s why this sort of statement shows another side of the conflict. Peace.

Opinion: Sunak will regret re-appointing Braverman…

I am afraid to say—and I will come to a close soon—that that is why it was a central purpose of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, now an Act, to properly empower the police in face of the protests, yet Opposition Members voted against it. Had Opposition Members in the other place not blocked these measures when they were in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the police would have already had many of the powers in this Bill and the British people would not have been put through this grief. Yes, I am afraid that it is the Labour party, the Lib Dems, the coalition of chaos, the Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati and, dare I say, the anti-growth coalition that we have to thank for the disruption we are seeing on our roads today. I urge Opposition MPs and Members of the other place to take this second chance, do the right thing, respect the rights of the law-abiding majority and support this Bill”Suella Braverman MP (18.10.2022).

That the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appoints Suella Braverman MP as the Home Secretary after her first stint is beyond me. That is a validation of not only breaching ministerial code with the usage of a private email. However, Braverman could easily be investigated for this and be held accountable for doing so. This in combination of possibly creating problems with a trade-deal between the United Kingdom and India. Therefore, Sunak as an PM is risking a lot by doing this.

That Sunak is possibly having a walking liability here. Braverman can easily create more fire and trouble. Not only pushing for the deportations to Rwanda. She can do even more despicable things and use her office for the controversial right-wing parts of the Conservative Party. That’s why she can quickly become worse and more excessive than Priti Patel MP ever was in this office. This is very grim… but the reality.

Just read these pieces about her:

In terms of her political history, Ms Braverman is a hardline Brexiteer and stands on the right-wing of the Conservative Party. She also supported the controversial decision to send migrants to Rwanda” (Charlotte Hawes – ‘Suella Braverman: Who is the Fareham MP, is she Attorney General, is she married to Rael Braverman, did they get married in Hampshire, and where did she come in the Tory leadership race?’ 07.07.2022,

Braverman, 42, has been the MP for Fareham since 2015, and in April 2020 became Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland – an appointment which immediately alarmed civil liberty groups, and within months was harshly criticised by members of the Bar Association, who accused Braverman of bypassing legal advisers and the ministerial code over the course of Brexit” (Sean Bell – ‘Who is Suella Braverman? This is the Tory hopeful planning a ‘war on wokeness’’ 11.07.2022, The National Scotland).

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old Suella Braverman, whose parents have Indian origins, quit the government just 43 days into her role as home secretary. In recent times, Braverman has been on rocky grounds with the prime minister owing to her stand on the trade deal with India, saying it would increase migration to the UK when Indians already represented the largest group of visa overstayers. She had also attributed the violence in Leicester following an India-Pakistan cricket match to uncontrolled migration and the “failure of newcomers to integrate”. While she acknowledged her mistake in using her personal email for official correspondence, she also accused the government of breaking “key pledges” and of “pretending we haven’t made mistakes”” (FP Explainers – ‘Explained: How Suella Braverman’s resignation as Britain’s home secretary spells more trouble for Liz Truss’ 20.10.2022,

It is really amazing that she has been able to return within 6 days of resigning. The resignation was to tarnish and earn points on the downfall of Liz Truss. Now she is returning back in the role after week away. Where she will now represent the same ministry she only had for 43 days. That’s what she did and stood for at the moment.

Clearly she wants power and enjoys it. She will meet the wokerati and the Tofu-Eating Guardian-reading people in the near future. That is just obvious. Braverman will be remembered for these statement in Parliament. I am expecting more reckless statements like this. That comes with the territory and the way she is.

What is striking is that Sunak didn’t see the red-flags and the troubles associated with her. To re-appoint her now. After she revealed her breach of ministerial code just a week ago. That she is still entrusted with the role of Home Secretary. This is really revealing of how Sunak is gambling and doing what he can to “unify” the party. However, his not building trust in the Kingdom. Many is already disgusted and disappointed. That’s happening on the first day on the job.

That’s impressive and a waste of potential. I didn’t expect magic from Sunak. However, here is the master-stroke and the possible downfall… Peace.

Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Services – Current situation update (24.10.2022)

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