Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy – What are you hiding?

When you don’t want interference or want to be accountable to use your sovereign stance. I wonder, what are you hiding? What is that your not telling or what to say to the International Community? Since the Prosperity Party and the Federal Government of Ethiopia would be challenged if the International Community abandoned it.

Let’s say the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, USAID, EU and everyone else giving direct donor support of the PP and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy government. These people should suspend their direct government budget support, as these monies are funnelling civil-war and warfare in the Tigray Region. While the same support is used to take political prisoners and create a media black-out in the Republic. Where only the voices of the Addis Ababa elites and the ones loyal enough to the PM can report. Therefore, God knows what is really happening.

If the PM wants to be sovereign. He should be sovereign on his own dime and the direct revenue of the Federal Republic. The IMF and World Bank, the Foreign donors and others should give him funds to cover the fiscal discrepancies he might have. Since, he clearly has money for war and fighting his own battles. Which he don’t want to say call it that, but calling it “Law Enforcement Operation” which has been going on since 3rd November 2020.

A man who wanted to be known for peace. A man who could easily mediate in foreign lands himself. However, he doesn’t want to have direct mediation in his own conflicts. Only his stories are to be sold. Everything else is to be shelved. If you speak up against him. You are speaking against the Republic. Even if you fear for the lives of civilians, refugees and the ones fleeing conflict. A war between brothers who turned guns against each other.

The Prime Minister are you hiding anything? Since you don’t want the International Community to look into your actions? Are you afraid of what their “fresh” eyes or what they might hear? Are you afraid of the outcry and the pain you have caused on civilians? Do you fear the witness reports from fleeing citizens in Sudan?

Eventually, the stories will not be in your favour. Even if you block everything and only blast your news. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) wants their stories out to be in a good light. As they also will act with vengeance and retaliate. The TPLF will either be defensive or find an angle that make you look evil. That is all natural, just like your colouring them as treasonous people and terrorists after working with them for years in the EPRDF. This is why, I am sure and I know the TPLF have done evil in government. However, you have the army now and can cause lot of more suffering then they can at the very moment. You have the government, the army and the legitimacy as PM to cause much more harm than they can. They can finally and in the end… only create a guerrilla war, which you started on the 3rd November and will haunt you as long as you rule.

So, with all of this in mind. What are you hiding? What are you afraid of leaking or questions you cannot stomach? For a man who is bold enough to order people’s death and bombing towns with ease. How come you cannot answer questions of your donors and the ones keeping your government afloat financially?

Maybe, Mr. Prime Minister, you shouldn’t have accepted their money and their funds. If you didn’t want them to bother you. If you wanted to be totally sovereign. Your government shouldn’t have taken direct budget support. The International Community should with this message. Suspend the Direct Government Support and Budget Support. They should instead spend that on UN Organizations helping the IDPs and refugees in Sudan. They should instead help the ones who fighting for the justice, liberty and freedom within the Republic. The IC should support CSOs and NGOs who are working to help Oromos in need and Tigrayans in need now. Also, all the other places where the government use law enforcement to stifle dissent. Since, the government doesn’t want interference. Let’s support the local CSOs and NGOs who actually help the public. Not to fund a war, but fund the people in need.

Prime Minister Abiy, as long as you accept others people’s money to bankroll your government. You should expect that they will look under your skirt and question your actions. The moment you stop eating it and enjoying the perks of other people’s money. You might feel even more sovereign. Just think about that.

As long as you have military operations against your own. People will question you and your actions. Wonder how much pain, suffering and if you are violating the Geneva Convention or crimes against humanity. At this very moment we cannot know, as you are shielding the information and the flow of reports. However, with time the truth the will come out. While you are really showing your true nature to the whole wide world.

Your not a man of peace, but another War-Lord who wants to be unaccountable and only wants fanfare. Peace.

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Beginning of November 2020, UNHCR has recorded an influx of asylum seekers at border entry points in East Sudan from Ethiopia, after military confrontations in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.
UNHCR’s teams at the border areas of the eastern Sudanese states of Kassala and Gedaref are working with the Sudanese Commissioner of Refugees (CoR), local authorities and partners to monitor and respond to the situation, as well mobilizing resources to provide life-saving assistance services to the new arrivals. Inter-agency coordination and contingency response planning is well underway.

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Ethiopia: The Emperor of War [who tricked the world to believe he came in peace]

Once upon a time there was a change of Prime Minister’s. As one was stepping down after humiliation and overpowering with use of force on protesters. The new man promised reforms and dialogue. The new Prime Minister wanted to talk to all opposition and shake the hands of the enemies of the state.

The Prime Minister made agreements, signed of deals with militias, rebels, political parties and everyone else who had been seen as enemies in the past. He sat down with them and he invited back leaders from exile. Freed political leaders and journalists from prison. He made peace and negotiations with neighbours. It seemed like he would bring peace and development.

Alas, it was all a mirage. A make belief, only to buy time and get the booster of his ego. The man wanted glory, he wants everyone to worship him. His the emperor and the lord of the manor. The Prime Minister is the big-man and the one everyone has to follow. You are supposed to praise him and look at his wonders.

However, the trick of peace gave him laurels, they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for making cease-fire and peace with Eritrea. The man looked like he could amend and ensure peace. He even made a Ministry of Peace and appointed a man to lead it.

Nevertheless, his scruples and his hunger for power has come to the surface. As he later betrayed the ideals of what gave him praise. He started to kill protesters, arrest the ones who dissent, journalist behind bars and making political prisoners. The Prime Minister made “fake coups” to install leaders friendly to him in Amhara. The PM used a fake assassination to crack-down on opposition as well. There been so many state sponsored violence towards civilians. That has been done all across the Republic. Massacres and extra judicial killings.

The only difference now. Is that it’s all deliberate action made by the Prime Minister to use air-strikes, call the opposition terrorist, take away their powers and have already ceased co-operation with them before that. The Federal Government had already cut of ties, ceased to send government funds and suspended aid to the region. Therefore, the PM had deliberately started the fight with bureaucracy against the Tigray.

Now, he has ordered the troops and the Federal Government have taken over with an interim government of the state too. Taking over everything and dismissing the regional election in September by force, which is a further escalation. As well, as the state is going after everyone with the Tigrayan people from all parts of society. If they are in the army, police or any state affiliated organization. They will be sacked and put on leave, if not arrested. The state has gone to total war.

This is why over 3500 Tigrayan refugees has fled to Sudan within this week. The armed forces attack on the region has caused this uproar so people flee their homes. This the sort of man came in peace, but is issuing war.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is a war-lord. Everything he does is a retaliation, because the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) wouldn’t follow his orders and his word. Instead, they wanted to reign on their own terms. That wasn’t acceptable. This is why he issues orders of arms, soldiers and tanks. His not seeking mediation and uses all pre-texts, even making up issues to send troops. That is the sort of man the Prime Minister is.

He prefers war, the man prefer conflict and destruction. He might build beautiful parks in Addis, but elsewhere is making schools into prisons and making fields into graveyards. With the blood of the civilians his supposed to represent. The people that he should trust and keep safe. The PM is supposed to be there for them, but instead he comes with force and take their freedoms away.

Before it was Oromia and the Oromo who was feeling the blunt force of the PM. They we’re not only getting their leaders behind bars and their activists dying in the streets. Now, the same PM is trying to bury the TPLF and the Tigrayan people.

The Emperor made it seem like he came in peace, but in reality he came in war. He wanted the idea of being a mediator, but in reality his just another war-lord. Peace.

Opinion: Trump has lost [both his Executive Privilege and leverage]

Without a shadow of a doubt the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate and now President-Elect Joe Biden has won the Presidential Election in 2020. This means that the United States will have another President, than Donald J. Trump from January 2021. Therefore, the man is now in shambles and shock. That’s why is erratic behaviour been worse sine the trickling in of results is not going his way. We can now see that his fall will be brutal.

It isn’t without a reason that he was impeached not to long ago. Secondly, that so many people around him was investigated, charged and indicted. The Trump Campaign of 2016 was filled with people who breached law and was convicted felons for doing so. That’s why the President cannot use a few more technicalities when his time in office is over.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the leverage of the Presidential Office. Which he and his close associates have used at a high rate. The Trump Organizations and the family members has used the Presidency to ensure deals, licences and other agreements to gain millions of dollars. The White House and the Trump Administration have also boosted the other family members and their possible trade agreements too. Even using foreign policy as a trading point to get millions siphoned into the Trump Organization. Therefore, the President loses a vital part of his business strategy. However, I am calling this piece losing leverage.

Trump has less of leverage to pay of loans, fines and litigation costs. The President has to answer to cases pending and awaiting. As the Trump Organization and other connected business are looked into.

Donald Trump is losing not only leverage to salvage his companies and cough up dough to failing businesses. He is losing the “Executive Privilege” which he has used exponentially. That he has used to block people from testifying and also said as President he would be to busy to participate in cases he was involved in. Still, he would have time to visit his estates and golf courses, but not had the time … to answer these cases.

So without leverage and executive privilege the Donald J. Trump will not be as powerful as his been the last four years. He has thwarted things, stifled and let things pending. If the Washington D.C. wants the stench of corruption, international interference and possible breaches of criminal codes done by associates of the President. They should get involved, investigate and get the truth all out. Because, there been enough of shady actions made, which has benefited the President and his allies. These has earned fortunes on using the state as cash-cow. That cannot just be brushed under rug. Now that his not President anymore. He needs to answer to this.

Especially, since he got no Executive Privilege and Leverage to linger on. He has gotten away with it for years. However, now the Tax Returns can be released. The Trump Organization and their businesses can be exposed. This is why they are struggling to cope with the new reality. Because, they have no way to save it.

Now, there is time to unravel it all. The most corrupt President in a long time. The one making Harding look like saint. The man proving that you can actually put the White House sale and trade bargains with everyone. As long as he gets a cut. That is the man that President Trump was and is. A man who has to answer for all of this. Time will tell and we can only smell the coffee. Peace.

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