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Anna McMorrin MP letter to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt: “Re: Atrocities in Cameroon” (17.12.2018)


Brexit: No Confidence Volume 2!

There are some slogans and some measures that are just put out there in the midst hope a reaction. A blistering glace of hope. I am sure that Jeremy Corbyn meant well with his proposal of a No Confidence in the Prime Minister, as she has botched the whole process of the Withdrawal of Membership State with the European Union. Made a fine mess of the Withdrawal Agreement and been such a cluster-fuck concerning the finalization of it. That is just the mere reality.

Prime Minister Theresa May was on the 12th December 2018 already having her first vote of No Confidence, because of enough backbencher’s had lost confidence in her. She won this one, because the Conservative Party or the Tories still didn’t want to have a leadership battle in the finalization of the Brexit. Still, some thought it was need, but they couldn’t pull it through.

Now, today on the 17th December 2018, Labour and Corbyn pushed the button at the House of Commons in the Parliament. They triggered it and showed finesse, as the PM has pushed for the vote for the Withdrawal Agreement until mid-January 2019. Closer to the set-date of leaving the EU. That is clearly motivated to secure a better or more erratic pressure as it is in final stages.

However, nothing seems like it is. There is no coherent message, no straight up flair or gospel, just mere blatant disregard of everyone. The Labour isn’t really stinging, while the Tories aren’t really coming all out either. There are nothing showing progress or stability, just wobbling along hoping someone are seeing the sky formation passing Dover. Because right now, the House of Commons and the United Kingdom. Look like it is without a Captain. They need a Beckham, they need a Souness, the need someone to push forward.

There are now news, that the PM and Tories will not let the No Confidence Motion will not be put in play, as that would just be silly politics. Surely, it wouldn’t be more silly, than what happen last week. Alas, that was just internal squabble between the Euroskeptics and the Remains on how to go forward. What Corbyn did is just silly, because he is opposition. We see you, we see you. We see that the PM takes people for granted, like she has done since she called for the snap elections. That is why she is afraid of new referendum. She rather traded a secured economy and fixed trading agreements for a costly uncertain future. That is splendid leadership and a grand legacy to leave behind.

Therefore, we know that the Tories doesn’t care for others than themselves. They are not caring, because their businesses are already seeking safe-haven overseas. Their funds and their estates are registered there if they can. They don’t mind, it is the Commoner who is screwed and the Tories are not representing them anyway.

Corbyn did challenge the PM today and the Tories didn’t take it. She took it, when it was internal squabble last week, but cannot take it now. May thinks she is smart, but she looks rudderless. Like she is drifting and hoping that no-one is seeing the rouse. That no one is seeing the mirage. However, there are people catching on. Even if they are late.

If she have had good leadership, there wouldn’t have been that plenty of cabinet secretaries gone. There wouldn’t been such a flawed negotiations and such a embarrassing visits in Brussels and Europe. If the PM had been good and had a decent plan, the EU wouldn’t have gotten such a bargain in the deal. However, she has played one PR Game and won behind closed doors. But now that the closed doors are open and the sealed agreements in the open. The public see the mess and the MPs too. That is why she is postponing the vote. To hope she can gain enough votes, in false hope of salvation, even if it means an eternal damnation of her legacy. Nevertheless, that is also showing day by day.

Hopefully, she will not get stuck in a car in the next coming days or start dancing again. PM May, better think and act swiftly, because Corbyn just did something May didn’t anticipate. She cannot just quash this.

There will be aftermath and within me writing this. The whole opposition has amended the motion of Corbyn and added all HM Government, meaning it is a legal thing now. Not just a mere personal lack of confidence, but the whole Cabinet. Meaning, it has to be tabled. There are no silent nights in UK politics these days. Even if the Opposition looses this one. They have shown character. More than the Tories who failed to change for the better on the 12th December 2018.

As Brexit looms, the HM Government wobbles, the opposition are showing force and who knows how this bloody nightmare ends. Europe is giddy and awaiting, as London cannot make up its mind. Peace.

Somalia: Letter of Complaint to H.E. Ambassador Sivuyile Bam of AMISOM – “Dereliction of the objectives of the mission and lack of political neutrality” (17.12.2018)

Peacekeeping chief honours Tanzanian troops in Zanzibar, a year on from deadly DR Congo attacks (17.12.2018)

Besides the 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers serving under the blue flag who lost their lives, 44 others were wounded.

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, December 17, 2018 – A year on from the brutal killings of 15 United Nations peacekeepers from Tanzania in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the head of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) paid a visit to some of the victims’ families on Friday, to honour the memory of the soldiers who died in what was the biggest single loss of ‘blue helmets’ in recent history.

Speaking on the island of Zanzibar, home to 13 of the men, Under Secretary-General Jean-Pierre La Croix promised families their loved ones’ service and sacrifice, would never be forgotten.

“I know that it’s difficult to find words to express your pain. But let me assure you, that as you will never forget your brave heroes, we will never forget them as well,” he said.

The peacekeeping chief’s address concludes a two-day visit to the country, where he also met with members of the Tanzanian People’s Defence Force.

On 7 December 2017, suspected Allied Democratic Force (ADF) fighters, a rebel militia based in neighbouring Uganda, ambushed a contingent from the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO), at its Company Operating Base in Semuliki in the Beni area of North Kivu. A protracted fire-fight ensued between rebels, the UN blue helmets, and Government troops.

Besides the 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers serving under the blue flag who lost their lives, 44 others were wounded.

The North Kivu region in eastern DRC, has been the site of numerous assaults on UN peacekeeping forces. Two months before rebels struck last December, two other blue helmets were killed in action and another 18 wounded in an attack on their base in the same area.

Secretary-General António Guterres has called the 7 December killings an indicator of the growing challenges faced by the UN’s peacekeeping operations around the world, and in remarks directly following the attack, he dubbed the deliberate acts “unacceptable” and “a war crime.”

During 2017, more than 110,000 peacekeepers were deployed across 15 missions around the world, and nearly 19,000 UN personnel work in DRC alone, making it the second largest peacekeeping mission behind UNMISS, in South Sudan.

Since its establishment in July of 2010, 154 peacekeepers have been killed, serving with MONUSCO.

In response to regular attacks in the Beni area, MONUSCO and the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) jointly planned offensive operations, which began on 13 November of this year, where the alliance managed to retake key territory from rebel control, in an effort to build a future free from fear.


AU Special Representative appeals for restraint on the current political standoff in South West State of Somalia (15.12.2018)

Joint Press Statement Between the Federal Government of Somalia and the State of Eritrea (14.12.2018)

US: 4 US Senators letter to Secretary Pompeo on US-Uganda relations (13.12.2018)

Somalia: South West Senators – Press Release (13.12.2018)

Burundi: Letter from H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to H.E. President Pierre Nkurunziza (08.12.2018)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement for the Operations of Private, Voluntary Organizations/ NGOs in Zimbabwe (11.12.2018)

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