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Opinion: The NASA Co-Principals needs to find a new home [and quickly]

After recent interviews and public appearances from Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi. Everything is clear that the trio of Co-Principals supporting Raila Odinga for President in recent elections needs to secure their tickets and their futures. That includes also the not aforementioned Moses Wetan’gula.

Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetan’gula needs to find their home ahead of the 2022 polls. Yes, the One Kenya Alliance is there, but will it stick or even tick? The biggest challenge is to bet on the “right” horse and place itself in a front position. As the stakes are high and they can fall total flat, if they bet on the wrong one. Secondly, NASA Co-Principals have been left flat and behind after the handshake. They have needed to fight for themselves and haven’t gotten any or few favours.

Kalonzo got a title and an office. However, the others have been lost in the wind. This is why the choice between Deputy President William Ruto or Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga is evident. The ones who believe otherwise is naive. These gentlemen needs a home and OKA is only temporary relief. Since, Gideon Moi and KANU will not sway voters in such a fashion and neither will any of the others do. They need a vehicle … and someone who can bring them the opportunities.

We all can wonder if the former CORD/NASA Co-Principals will join Odinga for a third time. Even as his chances are better than ever, as his the vouched for and supported by the outgoing President. Odinga isn’t an opposition candidate, but seems like the one the Jubilee will stand behind. As Ruto who is the DP has become the opposition candidate from within. You cannot make this up, but that is the situation. This is why it’s tricky for OKA leaders to find a great home.

Because, will they risk it all and be sidekicks to Odinga again? Or will they take a bargain and join Ruto? If these stands alone or fights over the opportunity with OKA … we know they will fall flat and it will be a hopeless expedition. This is why people are switching allegiances between Odinga and Ruto. Not like leaders and public officials are joining behind any of the OKA leaders at this current stage.

That’s why the bid of Presidency and who they are joining is what the vital here. There might come some “third” party candidate or independent ones. However, these will have to breach into the Githeri media and become more relevant. Not like I think the United Political Front (UPF) comprising of United Green Movement (UGM), the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) and Ukweli Party (UP) will become an opposition movement to revolutionize politics in Kenya anytime soon. Though the ideals and possible changes it could bring. Hopefully on some levels start to question the establishment and the ones in power. Nevertheless, the Co-Principals and their brief-case parties has to decide the next step ahead. Not like FORD-Kenya, Wiper Democratic Movement or Amani National Congress have the uniqueness or national party approach of yet. That’s why they need to be aligned with a bigger man and someone with a political apparatus behind it.

Kalonzo might boost his words and act like his time is up. Mudavadi might play the field and God knows what Wetan’gula is up too these days. However, all of them together with Moi needs to find shelter and a political formation to get an ability to be relevant in the next government. Because, right now… they are just on a fishing expedition and trying to sound like they have it all covered.

When we know perfectly well… that they are just seeking and applying pressure. Hoping to get the position and the best place for the future. These gentlemen have to make decisions and if they go without a backer. These will flat and get results that will shatter their egos. That is without a doubt… Peace.

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Kenya: Kenyatta signals Odinga as his successor

It must be written in this unedited book of history that; we chose the bold path over the popular path. The Lion is “…not the strongest animal in the Savannah. Neither is it the biggest. Neither is it the shrewdest. But, it is the boldest”. And this attitude of boldness is what makes the lion, the King of the Jungle. Indeed, this is the reason it is said that “…an army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.”” (Uhuru Kenyatta – Jamhuri Day Speech 2021, 12.12.2021).

Today at the 57th Jamhuri Day celebration at the Uhuru Gardens. The speech President Uhuru Kenyatta held and his action afterwards proves what has been the unwritten fact for a while. This isn’t shocking, but a mere reality for everyone to see.

The Handshake and Building Bridges Initiative for National Unity (BBI) have mended not only bridges, but has ensured the alliance of Kenyatta-Ruto to stifle totally. The Deputy President William Ruto has been dismissed and is an open opposition in the middle of the government. He is part of Jubilee, but working to build another party on the outside. While the President is busy proclaiming and supporting the unopposed and unannounced second in command, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga.

Now, the Jubilee Party and the ones behind Kenyatta is clearly signing off for Odinga. This is clear and the ambition is there. As Odinga got to speak at the stadium after the President. Breaking with protocol and showing the clear intentions. Not only what he said in his speech.

Just read this…. this is the green-light!

And when the former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga and I shook hands on March 8th, 2018, it was because we saw a crack on the wall of our nation. We had run two elections that costed the country Sh1 trillion in business loses and we were staring at a nation divided right in the middle. Because we had disagreed respectfully, we knew that this was a mark of progress. It was difficult, but the necessity, the reason and the recognition that we as Kenyans needed each other, nation before self, as our forefathers had taught us to come together, reinforced our resolve. Therefore, the need to come together and mend the crack on the wall of our nation necessitated the first amendment to our Constitution. And although it encountered some legal obstacles, I can only say that BBI is just a dream deferred. One day, someday, it will happen, because the country cannot survive ethnic majoritarianism and exclusion just as it cannot survive unfair and skewed representation. This is a design defect that we must fix” (Uhuru Kenyatta – Jamhuri Day Speech 2021, 12.12.2021).

We can now clearly resolve that Kenyatta and his allies are behind Odinga. The dynasties and the ones who are connected is working for that. This isn’t shocking, but has been anticipated for a long time now.

It has been clear for anyone who has been following the President and his team. That they have favoured Odinga over Ruto. Even if Ruto is his deputy and been his running mate in two elections. Odinga have been the opposition and main candidate against him.

This shows that nothing is lasting forever in the political landscape. Because, Odinga should be a natural opponent, but we know that isn’t the case. As Kenyatta and Odinga have worked closely with the BBI and been working mates because of that. This has issued a relations and brought peace between them. Which has caused friction and a fallout between Kenyatta and Ruto.

That’s what is visible here and nobody should be in shock or awe. This is preparation for the dynasties to be aligned before the 2022 elections. It is to continue the cartels and ensure the state works like it does.

If Ruto ever needed a reassurance or knowledge of the machinery behind him. Well, he doesn’t have that, but Odinga will have it now. The state and the powerful will make Odinga into an angel and a saint. He will be going on bridges of gold and have Midas touch.

Odinga is the man to look out for now. He has struggled and paid a huge price. The BBI and the handshake salvaged his position. Now, the opposition and the ones who was in alliance with him has been searching for a home. Now, the CORD/NASA co-principals has to find their way too. If Kalonzo, Mudavadi or Wetan’gula will either find a new home or a new head to work with. These has to either go alone or join either of them.

Odinga don’t need the NASA co-principals this time around. He has the machine behind him and Kenyatta salutes that. Therefore, time will tell how the rest of this will play out. However, this is the preparation … for the election and the everyone should be aware if it was to subtle to see it for what it is. Peace.

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