Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – January 17th, 2022

7 civilians have been killed by the live ammunitions of security forces during today’s anti-coup peaceful protests.

The Junta forces keep on committing massacres, facing peaceful Sudanese protesters with deadly force. Numerous injury cases caused by live ammunition have been reported & under treatment.

The whole world must pay a close attention & take serious actions to stop these deliberate & heinous crimes against the people of Sudan, who has been peacefully & persistently pushing toward a free, peaceful, just & democratic country.

The death toll among civilians since the military coup rises to 71.

CCSD’s Media Office

January 17th, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Calling for mass civil disobedience (17.01.2022)

About the January 17 massacre committed by the coup d’état.

The coup authority continued to commit massacres against a defenseless people who came out asking for their freedom and dignity, so it met them with bullets and anti-aircraft guns, and all forms of naked violence that demonstrate the criminality and brutality of this authority and confirm its isolation and its hasty departure from its inevitable destiny, which is the resounding fall and funeral of the dustbins of history.

We are in the forces of freedom and change. As we have mercy on the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, one by one, we assure them that their pure souls have not reached a dam, and that the criminals who committed these crimes will be held accountable for their crime, and that what they fought for will be achieved in a country where no one will be wronged or killed.

In response to today’s massacre and in continuation of popular anger and valiant peaceful resistance, we call on all the masses of our people to engage in a comprehensive two-day civil disobedience, starting tomorrow, and let this period of disobedience be a period to gather our revolutionary forces, unify and prepare them to fight the decisive battle to overthrow the coup authority.

Victory is inevitably coming, and the outcome will be bad for everyone who stands before his mighty will.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

January 17, 2022 AD

UNITAMS: First week of UN-facilitated consultations on a political process for Sudan brings together wide range of Sudanese stakeholders (17.01.2022)

These consultations are aimed at understanding the various perspectives and positions on the way forward to end current political impasse and develop a path towards democracy and peace.

KHARTOUM, Sudan, January 17, 2022 – Since its launching on January 8, the UN-facilitated consultations on a political process for Sudan continued to engage a wide range of Sudanese stakeholders, including civil society (the and women’s groups, representatives from academia and lawyers as well as representatives from the FFC Central Committee, the Sudanese Communist Party, the Sudanese Congress Party, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)and some Juba Peace Agreement signatories, including Malik Agar and Al Hadi Idriss.

These consultations are aimed at understanding the various perspectives and positions on the way forward to end current political impasse and develop a path towards democracy and peace.

Consultation participants presented several practical suggestions for moving the process forward while discussing the scope and parameters of the process, including priority issues that need to be tackled immediately. All participants have welcomed the UN role in facilitating consultations, noting that their timing is critical as an urgent solution to the ongoing crisis is needed.

During the meetings held so far, Sudanese stakeholders urged UNITAMS to broaden consultations beyond Khartoum and organize sessions with constituencies in all states. Participants condemned scalation of violence and stressed that violence must end before dialogue with the military could be possible.

The SRSG will continue his consultations with political parties, resistance committees, women’s groups, and armed groups in the coming week. He continues to receive requests from other groups and entities who are interested in contributing to the consultations. The SRSG welcomes and will strive to accommodate every request to engage with the process.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Release (16.01.2022)

Yesterday, Saturday, January 15, 2022 AD, the meeting of the Central Leadership Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change was held. The meeting discussed a number of the organizational agenda and issues of the political current, as follows:

1. The Council condemned the systematic violence and proven crimes that the brutal coup authority is still committing against the free resistance revolutionaries and revolutionaries, and considers the necessity of conducting an independent international legal investigation, leading to bringing all the perpetrators to fair trials.

2. The Council also condemned the arbitrary arrests of peaceful revolutionaries, and the escalation of arrests to a number of injured people in hospitals.

3. The council decided to separate the Republican Party (led by Haider al-Safi) and the National Unionist Party (led by Youssef Muhammad Zain) organizationally from the forces of freedom and change, given their contradiction to the political line and the declared goals of overthrowing the coup and restoring the path of civil democratic transformation under the leadership of a full civil authority.

4. The council decided to deal positively with the UNTAMS initiative, and it will hold a joint meeting with its representatives, and it will present its detailed vision on the initiative after the meeting.

Central Leadership Council

January 16, 2022 AD

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Press Release (16.01.2022)

Yesterday, Saturday, January 15, 2022 AD, the Ministry of Culture and Information in the coup authority withdrew the license of Al-Jazeera Mubasher news channel to conduct its media activity in Sudan, in a ruminated incident from the memory of the decisions of the authority of the defunct dictatorial rescue regime.

This unfortunate decision finds all condemnation from us, and it contradicts in its content all the values of freedom of press and media work, and clearly confirms that the coup authority is nothing but an outdated copy of the totalitarian regimes that work to silence mouths and hide the world’s attention from the crimes it commits systematically and it is working to deceive it in order to consolidate the foundations of its rule, and it is also a miserable attempt to send indirect messages of intimidation to all the media and the free local and international press, that it is under the scrutiny and revocation of licenses if it does not adhere to the molds of forgery and media misinformation practiced by the apparatus of the coup authority.

It is also consistent with the incidents of storming the offices of Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath and Al-Araby channels in Khartoum, and the assault and arrest of a number of female journalists from their media teams and other female media professionals.

We in the Media Secretariat of the Sudanese Congress Party declare our full solidarity with Al-Jazeera Mubasher news channel, and with all female media professionals, male and female journalists, and journalists who are committed to professionalism and professionalism in conveying the truth during their coverage of the news of Sudan and the anti-coup mass movement, we appreciate their valued roles and their steadfastness in the face of the machine of oppression and restriction, and we stress that this decision clearly reveals the state of terror and confusion experienced by the coup authority, which is now taking its last breath and is inevitably on the verge of demise.

January 16, 2022 AD

Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – Field Report on Civilians’ injury cases during the January 13th anti-coup Protests (January 15th, 2022)

147 injury cases among civilians have been accounted for to date, including 13 injury cases due to live ammunition, 4 of which are in unstable condition treated in the intensive care, some injury cases required surgical intervention. 9 head injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians.

Total of (147) Wounded as below:

– (13) injury cases due to the use of live ammunition

– (3) injury cases due to a stun grenade

– (1) An injury case due to rubber bullet

– (1) An injury case caused by knife stab

– (1) An eye injury case

– (2) injury cases of fragments of gunshots

– (2) injury cases caused by ran over the demonstrators by the security Forces vehicle

-(9) head injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

– (27) body injury cases due to tear gas canisters

– (8) head injury cases with solid objects

-(70) body injury cases due to batons beating and stamped

-(10) cases of suffocation caused by tear gas

Khartoum State:

Khartoum City’s Processions

A total of 95 injury cases were reported

– (5) injury cases of live ammunition

– (2) injury cases due to a stun grenade

– (1) An injury case due to gunshot fragments

-(4) head injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

– (18) body injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

-(10) body injury cases due to batons beating

– (2) head injury cases due to solid object

– (56) body injury cases due to batons beating,stones-throwing and stampede

-(7) case of suffocation due to tear gas

Omdurman City’s Processions

A total of 7 injury cases were reported

– (1) An injury case due to the use of live ammunition

– (1) injury case due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

– (1) injury case due to tear gas canister

– (2) head injury cases due to solid object

– (2) body injury cases due to batons beating,stones-throwing and stampede

Bahri City’s Processions

A total of 45 injury cases were reported

-(6) injury cases due to the use of live ammunition

– (1) injury case due to stun grenad

– (1) injury case due to rubber bullet

– (1) injury case caused by knife stab

– (1) eye injury case

– (1) injury case caused by gunshot’ fragments

– (2) injury cases caused by ran over with security forces vehicles

– (4) head injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

– (8) body injury cases due to tear gas canisters aimed at civilians

– (4) head injury cases caused by solid objects

– (13) body injury cases due to batons beating and stamped

– (3)suffocation cases from tear gas

CCSD keeps the details of the abovementioned private to protect their rights and for their security

CCSD is investigating injury cases reported in the regions will release field reports once confirmed

This report didn’t include the cases that treated by the field teams.

CCSD’s Media Office

January 15th, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Freedom and Change (14.01.2022)

We affirm the position of freedom and change that there is no partnership, as it has ended completely and was torn apart by the coup authority on October 25, and that there is no negotiation or bargaining with those who continue to kill the sons of this people. There is no solution but to completely step down from the power of the coup.

The military institution represented by the armed forces of the people is an institution owned by the Sudanese and its duty is to protect the citizens and to ensure their security and stability of this country. We invite this institution to play its role.

We send a clear message to the region and the international community about the violations that are happening by the security forces affiliated with the military coup authority against the citizens, and we call on them to show solidarity with the people of Sudan.

We strongly condemn the violations that occur daily by the coup authority against peaceful demonstrators, the most important of which are:

– Direct targeting with live bullets.

– Use of excessive and lethal force against peaceful demonstrators.

– Continuing the series of arrests of a number of members of the resistance committees and cadres of political forces (there are some of them under arrest so far).

– Encroaching on the sanctities of homes by storming them, searching homes, and taking a number of resistance youths away from them.

– Firing tear gas inside hospitals, intimidating the medical cadres, preventing them from performing their duties and duties, and arresting the injured from inside health facilities.

– Beating, dragging and assaulting citizens.

– Physical assault on media professionals and journalists, storming a number of satellite channels and destroying their equipment, which constitutes a flagrant violation of media freedom.

We affirm the peacefulness of the revolution that erupted under the slogan (peaceful, peaceful), and it continues to continue the same approach until now and will continue until the fall of the military coup. This revolution has been peaceful since its beginning in 2018, and it will continue the same approach until the overthrow of the military coup.

We affirm the total rejection of waving the principle of (we or chaos) and we will ensure that the revolution continues its peacefulness, as it is the most powerful weapon, those who plot schemes to legitimize violence to drag the country into chaos and urban warfare will not succeed.

We assume our responsibility towards this country and stand united with the people against the military coup and we will continue to work until it is overthrown.

We affirm our position that there is neither partnership nor negotiation with the military component of the authority.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – The Central Leadership Council – A statement on the crimes of the forces of the coup d’etat during the millions processions January 13, 2022 AD (13.01.2022)

Our rebellious people;

The forces of the brutal coup d’état have practiced today during their dealings with the peaceful processions of the honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries during the thirteenth million, from January 2022 AD, the earthquake in the capital and the regions witnessed the worst practices of repression and abuse, as it used live bullets, heavy weapons, tear gas bombs, sound bombs and white weapons.

Marhaba imposed harassment and arrests of a number of journalists while covering today’s processions, in a miserable attempt to break the thorn in the escalating mass movement in which the broad front resisting the October 25 coup is organized. They are added to the record of the eternal tournaments that reflect the greatness of this people and the strength of their will, which is inevitably capable of defeating the putschists, the opportunists and the remnants of the former regime.

our proud people;

We in the Forces of Freedom and Change denounce the crimes committed by the forces of the vicious coup d’état against the unarmed demonstrators and demonstrators today, January 13, 2022 AD, and we have mercy on the soul of the martyr Al-Rih Muhammad, a member of the Khartoum Bahri Resistance Committees, who was assassinated by their treacherous bullets.

To join the 65 martyrs of the resistance to the coup, and we send our sincere prayers for a speedy recovery to the wounded and injured, and we will hold a press conference tomorrow, Friday, January 14, 2022 AD, in which we will discuss the development of field events in the January 13 procession and the positions of the forces of freedom and change in detail.

We also express our concern about the ambiguity surrounding the killing of a high-ranking police officer. We pray for his mercy. We affirm that our people, who have organized their glorious peaceful revolution for three years, do not need to prove their adherence to the values of the revolution and its peacefulness. And we categorically reject the attempts of the desperate coup authority to stigmatize the peaceful mass movement with violence through the use of flimsy pretexts and scandalous scenarios.

our brave people;

We also commend the Security Council’s resolutions on Sudan, and affirm that our country’s revolution is continuing and is committed to achieving its full goals. We also value the composure of the revolutionaries and revolutionaries from all segments of our people, and the solidity and peacefulness they have shown in expressing our people’s decision to eliminate the coup.

And we will march together, united, behind the same goals, until complete victory is declared.

Long live our people free and victorious

Executive Office

Forces of Freedom and Change

Thursday December 13, 2022 PM

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (13.01.2022)

The occupying forces and militias affiliated with the military coup are now practicing massacres against the peaceful and defenseless revolutionaries in the cities and villages of Sudan, using live bullets, sound bombs and tear gas, and using their vehicles to run over with the purpose of killing and harming citizens. It also pursues them in the streets, uses sticks and batons to severely beat them, and arrests them randomly.

As a result of these heinous crimes, the soul of the martyr, the wind, Muhammad, rose from Al-Dium in the city of Bahri. We have mercy on his pure soul, and we offer our sincere condolences to his family, friends and companions.

There are also dozens of wounded and wounded in the three cities of the national capital, including critical injuries with live bullets. We appeal to doctors and other medical staff to go to hospitals and provide the services and medical care necessary to save the lives of the injured.

We also call on honorable lawyers to go to police stations and other detention centers of the occupation forces, to provide legal protection and to release revolutionaries and revolutionaries who are forcibly and randomly detained by these criminal forces.

We call upon the peace-loving and democracy-loving peoples and their organizations concerned with human rights to focus their attention on Sudan, and to monitor and condemn these horrific crimes committed by the military coup d’état and its militias against our defenseless people, except from its complete peacefulness and its reverent chant.

The revolution is a people’s revolution

The power and the revolution are all for the people

Soldiers of the barracks

Militias disband

January 13, 2022

Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – Peace is our motto (13.01.2022)

The coup authority, through its security apparatus and the remnants of the former regime, is trying to formulate a deceitful discourse about the non-peacefulness of the valiant Sudanese revolution. And the attempts to stifle the peaceful processions of our people and their millions with violence so that the putschists have reasons to shed more blood for the sons and daughters.

The Sudanese people, and they are machinations that do not miss the acumen of the revolutionaries, and outdated manuscripts that our people have preserved well and will not fall victim to them.

The glorious December revolution that dazzled every follower and made every writer unable to tell its stories, and was celebrated by all humanity with its prominent title in its corners and the foreheads of its righteous sons who believe in its goals.

And the inevitability of it reaching its goal, undoubtedly, the secret behind that is that peace is the inherent feature of it, the peace that turned the guns of the revolutionaries back and their machine of repression, their shame and shame before the world, and it is the same peace that triumphed before with the fall of the head of their ousted regime and continues to bring down tyrants and tyrants, peace is stronger than all. Their arsenals are the most powerful weapon against what they are planning.

Our revolution will remain a broad title of peace that will be studied by human history for times to come, and its virgin nucleus is the Sudanese man with all his ancient history of peace and peace. All attempts to imprint it with what is not in it will not detract from the fact that it is an iota of peace.

In light of the openness of the world and the careful monitoring of the violations of the coup machine of repression that committed major crimes against humanity, we are confident that these lies will inevitably not go beyond the circle of the mercenaries of the fallen regime.

13 January, 2022

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