Ethiopia: 3 days after government security forces takes over the territory – A massacre hits Qellem Wollega…

The Shene group that has escaped from the stick that the security forces use is causing danger to the citizens of West Wollega. In Oromia region, people found in Qelem Wollega zone have been killed. We are saddened by the suffering that happened to our citizens, we will follow this terrorist group to the end and remove it from our people. Shane Dulla group who escaped from security forces are fleeing from Wollega Dhiya people. The last thing has been done on the citizens of Oromia region, Qellem Wollega. We will remove this terrorist group with our people till the end” (Abiy Ahmed Ali, 04.07.2022).

It is tragic and sad, but at the same time very interesting how things are moving. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and Oromia Regional Special Forces are currently operating in the final offensive against the Oromo Liberation Army/Front (OLA/OLF) which they nickname “Shane”. However, this militia had officially lost the territories of which the state claims or alleged behind the massacre there. That’s weird and seems inaccurate. Unless, the state lied about having control 3 days before…

The ENDF and allies was boosting and used the Ethiopian Government Communications Services to spread the statement of the takeover of the territories in the Oromia region. The OLF/OLA could easily have retreated and given it up. As they tend to stretch their operations and later return to combat elsewhere. Therefore, it it likely that the OLF/OLA could cease the control and give way to a far superior organization. Which is now using all their manpower and brigades to combat them. We know the state wants to end the OLF/OLA in Oromia. That’s why the Federal Government promised a “Final Offensive”.

In that regard, the BBC report on the area seems plausible:

The government announced that the districts in western Oromia are under the control of the security forces. The woredas in Kelem Welega, West Welega, & Horo Gudru Welega Zones have come under the full control of the security forces, the government said “This was stated in a statement issued by the Minister of Government Communication Services, Legesse Tulu, on June 23, 2014 regarding the current peace and security of the country. He said the area was controlled by the Oromo Liberation Army (WBO), a joint operation by the Defense Forces, the Federal Police, the Oromia Special Forces and the militia. He also said that several members of the terrorist group, which claimed responsibility for the massacre in Tole Kebele, Gimbi Woreda, West Welega, were also killed during the operation” (BBC, 30.06.2022).

Death, massacres and mass-murders follows where-ever the National Army shows up. Isn’t that convenient to then blame the enemies of the state after the fact? Especially, when you and your government claimed victory and takeover of the territories. So, suddenly after you had full control a massacre killing civilian happened an-mass. It is tragic that these sorts of acts get pinned on others.

Its not shocking that the Federal Government, the leaders of Addis Ababa would do this or any sort of thing. They are currently busy blaming the victims elsewhere too. As everyone is terrorists and enemies of the state. That’s why the state is doing whatever it can to vilify the Tigrayan people and the region. As it is facing starvation, famine and genocide, which has been state sponsored too. So, when a government can do that. It can easily sponsor a massacre elsewhere too.

I am very doubtful of the honest and truth in the words of Abiy. Who comes with claims of the OLA/OLF days after the government security forces took control of the area. The massacre wasn’t found with mass-graves from when the Oromo militia had held control. No, the massacre happened while the state had taken over control. Which makes it possible that the state is behind it and with their security forces. Because, why shouldn’t they? They did takeover the area and the territories?

That’s why there is a lie here and I believe Abiy is lying. Because, his a liar and a man who tends to speak plenty of untruths. His not the sort of fella that is trustworthy or genuine. No, he lies for his own benefit and comes with harsh warning against his enemies. His a proper warlord that way and his proud of it too. That’s why he wears fatigues and is proud of being a man of the army.

This is why I have a gut feeling. Sensing the armed forces of the state has sanctioned and sponsored the massacre. They have the option and the will to do so. Because, there wasn’t a massacre and a bloodshed before the state’s own armed forces took over. Peace.

Western Sahara: Frente POLISARIO – Representative at the United Nations, New York – Press Release (04.07.2022)

Ethiopia: Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia (GPE) – Death toll from the massacre of ethnic Amharas in Gimbi, Wollega reached 1,551! (03.07.2022)

There was three more pages of the deceased in the report from GPE, which I am not publishing. Because, I am not comfortable publishing such explicit and deceased bodies on my page. Peace.

Ethiopia: Government of Tigray – External Affairs Office – Statement on the Ongoing Mass Detention of Tigrayans (04.07.2022)

Opinion: I don’t trust Al-Burhan or Hemeti …

Today’s Press Conference by President Al-Burhan doesn’t seem legit to me. There is more behind this move, which gives me a reason to believe in President Al-Burhan and Vice-President Hemeti of the Transitional Sovereign Council. The leaders and army commanders, which has made two coups to ensure they consolidated all powers within their ranks.

That Al-Burhan is stepping down from the Tripartite Negotiations and promises a civilian government. While still clinging on power in a Supreme Military Council. That is still having control of the armies and the state militias. They will be their own lords of their profession and not retire after playing both army commanders and heads of state.

Al-Burhan and Hemeti has shown their will for power. They wanted all influence and was willing to takeover after Al-Bashir. These two wanted to hijack the revolution and be celebrated for their first coup d’etat. The second coup d’etat in October last year, which has had public pressure on them for months. A sort of direct protests, processions and industrial actions, which has been violently cracked down, civilians killed and leaders of the civilian entities arrested.

It is hard to see which civilians who will participate in the talks with IGAD, AU and UN. There is no unified movement and direct leadership that can suddenly fill the void. There are the Resistance Committees, Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), Sudanese Congress Party, Sudanese Communist Party and National Umma Party are all viable parties, which could be seen as civilian representatives. However will they work together? Will they coordinate or find new ways to negotiate and be instead of Sovereign Council in the Tripartite negotiations?

I hope the Resistance Committee’s own Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power (RCPP) could be a guiding document. As that is setting the standards of the way forward. We are not sure if that is fitting with the dream of “Supreme Military Council” which is an own creation of the current army commanders. Who is willing to possibly step down… but they still want to have power and control of the army. That says they are not willing to bound totally down. They are not retiring or ceasing out of office.

So, the ones praising and saying this is a wise move of the Sovereign Council. The others who got seats, the militias and warlords who signed off on the second coup d’etat will be a new problem or possibly be part of the “Supreme Military Council”. That’s if the SAF/RSF recognizing them and acknowledge their military stature in Darfur, Blue Nile State and South Kordofan.

Certainly, today’s action is significant. Nevertheless, the devil is in the details. I don’t believe Al-Burhan and Hemeti would leave office easily. Especially, when they have tasted power and had close to total power since the first coup d’etat in 2019. Now in July 2022 they are suddenly stepping down for their destiny…

Well… I don’t trust these guys. I really don’t, I wouldn’t be shocked if they only stepped down temporarily and when things get more shiny. They will do another coup d’etat. When the times are getting better and have stability. The likes of Al-Burhan and Hemeti will return to make a third coup d’etat in Khartoum. Seal of the city and arrest the civilian leaders. Therefore, these sorts of army commanders are conning and doesn’t back down.

I just don’t believe these guys… they have a plan and sooner or later they will return again. Just wait and see… these guys are wise and know when to strike. Therefore, I am reluctant to celebrate and wonders what is their real scheme ahead. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni has nothing to give the striking teachers…

We have provided a position as government and pledged to competitively remunerate workers guided by a science-led strategy. This does not mean we have forgotten others, but we are choosing to prioritise the few and others can come later. We must finish one problem at a time. The Arts teachers insist that we should use the available resources to improve salaries across the board, whilst this is possible, it does not solve the salary issue. It is okumemerera (sprinkling), where everyone will get a little and then next year everyone strikes. We have a strategy and no one should disrupt us. We are aware of the issues and we are committed to handling them. Therefore, my advice to the teachers is that they should go back and teach. “Therefore, my advice to the teachers is that they should go back and teach.”-President Museveni” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 04.07.2022).

For a man sitting in wealth and riches like the Head of State, the President of the ages and been the Commander-In-Chief since 1986. He surely don’t understand the plights of other people or with age his not concerned with it. His only talking and guiding people, but never listening or digesting the information brought to his table. No, that is for the bureaucracy and technocrats to figure out.

The mind of the old man is settled and he will never let go of any sort of conviction he already got. Even if it bonkers and wrong. Heck, this will not amount to anything and is despicable. It just proves the hypocrisy. Because, where his residing and ruling from there is endless of supplementary budgets, confidential expenditure and whatnot, which is money that is at his disposal at any given time. The President haven’t any need to worry or be afraid to get broke. He can just hire a truck to the Reserves of Bank of Uganda and get whatever he deems fit. If it is the foreign exchange or whatnot. It is just his bank to toy around with…

When you have that in mind. It shows how the old man thinks and can direct people to work. He believes that everyone is just his servants. That the teachers, lectures and everyone else employed by the state should follow his every whim. He clearly doesn’t value the industrial action or the Unions actions to fight for justified salaries or terms, which is what an Union is supposed to do.

The President just wants to silence them and make the membership of Unions pointless. As everyone is just to believe in his plans. While his living one millions of shillings per day. His advisors are paid like no tomorrow. The MPs have gotten a huge pay-cut and the cronies are living in bountiful existence. Meanwhile, the civil servants and the public service of the state is lingering in uncertainty. As their salaries are stagnate, but the prices of basic goods or food are going up.

Surely, the President isn’t only eating cassava. He can take a plane, helicopter and eat whatever he wants. The same with the rest of his court. They can fly away for treatment and import all sorts of luxurious items. If not… they can get the state to bail them out or pay for the expenditure on a future budget. Because, that is what he does…

However, the teachers and the lectures who isn’t part of the new payment scheme. They aren’t of that tribe. Hell, they are bound for failing and incapacitation or sorts. While the gentlemen and the anointed ones are heaven bound. They are already at the pearly gates and awaiting sermons of Jesus. While the others hope to get a peace of meat to barbecue in hell. However, the devil got nothing to spare, except more pain and suffering.

Museveni in some terms has nothing to offer or give. That’s because he don’t care and his not living in the plight or the same league. His been far above it and haven’t felt it for decades. He is the ancient monarch and emperor who see everyone as his subject. They are just bound by his words and they should just listen. If they don’t… then they deserve to die or starve. Because, they should know better. That’s how this is looking and it’s of no good.

The President has forgotten his role and speaks of a strategy that shouldn’t be altered. However, who said that was a righteous one or a justified one? Why should the State House and the MPs get a rise? Why should the science teachers get it and not the rest? Who is he to judge that?

He should know better, but he cannot stop fooling himself, as the tyrant he is. Directing and guiding his subjects. He wants them poor and begging for his audience. That’s who he is and how he operates.

A man who cannot see or do anything wrong. However, we all can see it, but his delusion is whole character and he cannot run away from it now. Peace.

South Sudan: OCHA – Urgent funding needs mount as multiple interconnected shocks blight the people of South Sudan (04.07.2022)

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Release (03.07.2022)

We call for the diversity of forms of qualitative and mass resistance and for unity among its forces.

– The civil front is born from the unity of the field work of the resistance.

– Excessive violence, murders, and repression of the putschists responsible destroyed the political process.

We say with confidence that the October 25, 2021 coup has practically fallen and has died clinically, and what remains is the unity of the forces of the revolution that will bring him to his final resting place. We are confident that the united civil front is born in the midst of the field work of the resistance and its continuous battles and the relentless work of uniting its forces.

June 30 opened the way wide to defeat and overthrow the coup and led to the expansion of all forms of resistance work and the forces of freedom and change support its continuation and development without neglecting any of its forms, especially:

1- The processions and millions of people across the country and in the diaspora, which united the daughters and sons of our people in the countryside and cities.

2- The sit-ins in neighborhoods, cities and public squares with tight coordination between all the forces of the revolution to make it successful and solve the issues it faces.

3- Broad solidarity with the families of the martyrs and the solemn funerals for them, processions and demonstrations to commemorate their memory, and caring for the wounded.

4- Continuous provocation in neighborhoods and roads to restrain the security services, taking into account the daily needs of citizens.

5- Specific strikes and escalating preparations to reach civil disobedience and political strike as soon as possible through unified coordination between the revolutionary forces.

6- Extensive campaigns for the release of detainees, listing their names, and extending them to human rights organizations.

7- Putting the names of the martyrs on the roads and institutions in all the cities and villages of Sudan and placing their pictures that unite the Sudanese men and women without regard to geography and ethnicity, and consolidating the principles of national unity and citizenship without discrimination.

8- Serious work to establish a united civil front that transcends the sterile differences of the revolutionary forces and enables our people to defeat and overthrow the coup and the duty to establish this front now, not tomorrow.

Political process:

– Excessive repression, murders and mass arrests by the coup authority are responsible for destroying the political process.

– The coup leaders are waging war on the people Using the utmost levels of violence and brutality, a confrontation in which our people will win and seize their full and undiminished civil and democratic authority.

To the Armed Forces and Other Regular Forces:

– The coup not only harmed our country, but also the armed and other regular forces and brought them into a confrontation with the people the time has come to end this confrontation by defeating the coup and heading towards establishing a democratic civil authority and building a single professional army.

Regional and International Community:

– We call on you to denounce the crimes of the putschists and hold them accountable and the moral inequality between the perpetrators of the crime and its victims. We also call on you to exercise all forms of pressure and support for the right of our people to establish their democratic civil authority, and to demand the protection of civilians and peaceful activity.

Glory and eternity to the people of Sudan and their valiant resistance

Sunday 3 July 2022 AD

Burkina Faso: Porte-Parole du Gouvernement – Communique (02.07.2022)

Sudan: Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination – Al Jawda Sit-in (03.07.2022)

A proud salute to the masses of our great people, who demonstrated to the whole world that they did not and will not give up on their civil state and will struggle to reclaim it until the last breath.

And here are the masses of the Sudanese people in the streets, writing new epics in the face of the brutal authority, forming sit-ins in Khartoum, Bahri, Omdurman, Northern Barricade, El Geneina and other states.

We call on the masses of the Sudanese people, young and old, women and men, to flock and support Al Jawda sit-in and to continue the open revolutionary escalation until the overthrow of the coup.

The people’s word is a judgement, and their judgement is final.”

Media Office

June 3, 2022

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