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Burundi: Declaration du Parlement de la Republique du Burundi Reuni en Congres Jeudi le 21 Fevrier 2019 sur la Decision de reduire l’Effectif des Troupes Burundaises au sein de l’AMISOM (21.02.2019)


Hon. Zaake Re-Re Arrested (!!!)

Last night Hon Francis Zaake was abducted on the Queensway, Kampala. This was done by Police Detectives, later arraigned and detained him at Kampala Central Police Station. Today, however, has been even more hectic. As the shadows of last year is repeating itself. The repetition is happening in front of our mere eyes. As the state retaliates and continues to pursuit the oppositions Members of Parliament, who was campaigning for Kassiano Wadri in Arua By-Election.

This is the aftermath of this, as Zaake is unjustifiably charged again with attempting to flee and treason.

Here is a short snippet of today:

Mityana Municipality Mp, Francis Zaake was this morning produced at Arua Chief Magistrates Court where charges of escaping from a legal detention facility were read to him before he was released on a non cash bail of 50 million UGX” (…) “Immediately after his release, Zaake was arrested, put into the waiting police double cabin truck and driven to Gulu where he faces charges of treason” (NBS Television, 22.02.2019).

What is magical about this affair, is that police are able to charge a man with unlawful escape, a man that was in coma and in the midst of worst health condition, as the torture and the brutality of the arrests in the aftermath of the Arua By-Election. He was even struggling to leave the hospitals, where the security officers dropped in him after a few days or close to week M.I.A in unknown medical conditions. Therefore, for someone dropped off like garbage at Kiruddu Hospital. Where the Police wouldn’t let him leave for treatment at one point. Where they kept him without letting anyone see him. Still, they are pursuing the case of unlawful escape. Plus the TREASON, which is just a sign of his resilience against the regime. As any proper opposition gets that tag by the NRM and their Police Force, when needed be.

Surely, the Gulu Magistrate Court will drop some more charges. Not that the state has collected any more evidence against the Arua 33 or any or the MPs in question. Because, this is just tactics used to stifle the opposition and silence them. Make sure they have enough legal cases, so they cannot campaign or even live as ordinary human beings.

Zaake within 48 hours, in one cell, two courts and later surely either bailed twice, or arrested three times. Because, now they have in his sight and they will not let him go. The Deputy of People Power Movement, and loyal friend of Bobi Wine. Will surely see the Police more than his kin for a while. That is how the Police Force operates.

There is no change from IGP Kayihura to IGP Okoth-Ochola, just mere change of façade, and the rest is the same; this is a well-known tactic and keep on using it. They are now pawns in the giant chess set, which has been made in a fashion, where the king always win. The winner is Museveni and his minions are scheming and ensuring the ones, who was vocal in the Arua By-Election gets to pay. He doesn’t want Zaake or anyone else speaking up. That is why these cases are prolonged and nothing is gained. As we are speaking August 2018 and we’re soon in March 2019. Nothing has been produced, other than allegations and alleged crimes. Even the magnificent stones haven’t been produced or even explained to the world.

Surely, the UPF and NRM will continue these harassments of Opposition. Especially, considering the race to 2021. However, we all seen it before and the lies will come to the surface. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Statement from Dr. Noah Manyika, BZA President on why he won’t be attending President Mnangagwa’s dialogue event at Statehouse today (22.02.2019)

Slow implementation of peace agreement, lack of basic services impeding returns in opposition-controlled areas of Wau (22.02.2019)

Organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Civil Affairs Division, the forum in Ngo-dakala, an area under the opposition in Wau, brought together more than sixty participants.

JUBA, South Sudan, February 22, 2019 – Michael Wondi Issues impeding voluntary returns in opposition-controlled areas of Wau have been raised at a one-day round-table discussion that brought together the leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement in Opposition (SPLA/M-IO) in the area.

Organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Civil Affairs Division, the forum in Ngo-dakala, an area under the opposition in Wau, brought together more than sixty participants that included military, political, youth and women representatives.

“In fact, there are fears for our people in the POC [Protection of Civilians sites] to come out,” said Emilio Fada, Minister of Agriculture in Wau, stressing the need to form a joint- committee to engage the displaced persons.

“They see that a peace [agreement] was signed, [but] since September till now there is no implementation on the ground. They still feel that something may happen in the future,” concluded the minister.

“The solution is that the government should take their army back to the barracks, and the opposition [forces] also go to their barracks, and leave the civilians alone,” said Chief Musa Joseph of Ngisa area noting that disengagement of soldiers will allow citizens to return to their respective areas.

“We came to you here to assess challenges affecting voluntary returns,” said Justin Atit, UNMISS civil affairs officer in Wau, noting, “The peace agreement has been signed and the time has come for us to resolve challenges to allow people affected in the camps to return home.”

Mr. Atit noted that the discussion aimed at creating a conducive environment for safe and voluntary returns to the areas under the opposition in Wau

“Disaster has happened as you have seen: farms of the people have been burnt, no medicine, people are suffering,” said Anthony Fada, Opposition Governor in Wau, enumerating the challenges facing people affected by years of conflict.

Mr. Fada urged humanitarian partners to support the returnees with livelihood items as they prepare for the farming season.

RDC: Ensemble – Communique de Presse (21.02.2019)

South Sudan: Recommendations of SPLM reunification committee (21.02.2019)

RSA: Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan writes ANC SG Ace Magashule (21.02.2019)

Hon. Zaake Re-Arrested(!!)

Security Forces have arrested Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi. Mr Zaake was reportedly arrested around Queensway, and is currently being held at Kampala Central Police Station” (NTV Uganda, 21.02.2019).

Who knows why Police Detectives suddenly ambushed Zaake on the Queensway, in the middle of a traffic jam at around 11:00 AM. This was done without any forewarning. Clearly, the Police have loaded something.

Who knows, why the Police arrested the MP in the middle of a traffic jam, late evening on a Thursday. Might be he hurt a fly or even thought an ill thought. Maybe, Zaake even shown integrity and ability to true opposition to the regime. That is why they have to take him in. To intimidate him. As its been so long since last time he was in the spot-light by the authorities.

Zaake is now surely a target, which he has been since the Arua By-Election last year. Now, again his taken into custody. Because he breathes and is an opposition figure. Zaake will be in legal jeopardy, not because his done something illegal, but because of his stature on the outside of the NRM.

That is why he got arrested like a chicken thief, a pickpocket and a random crook. He was not taken or even summoned like the honourable MP should be. Because, this makes it look like a old hit-job.

We can surely expect that his arrested for “Inciting Violence”, “Unlawful Society” or whatever else the Police Officers can write on the bond to make sense inside their tribe. Because, on the outside of the Force, the Bond Notes makes them look foolish. Therefore, if he broke the Public Order Management Act for being in a traffic jam. That would be amazing and a feat. Also, if he broke the penal code driving home, would also be a first.

That is why, let see if the Police will make sense or make a fool of themselves. The Kifeesi, the Partisan Police Force, which is active again.

Zaake the latest casualty of this nonsense. Peace.

Kenya: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Press Statement on Kenya-Somalia Relations 21st February 2019 (21.02.2019)

Cameroon: CAMESJ N.W Emergency Release (21.02.2019)

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