Uganda: One minority is now a criminal offence in the Republc…

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in accordance with Article 91 (3) (a) of the Constitution. Parliament passed the returned bill on Tuesday, 02 May 2023” (Parliament of Uganda, 29.05.2023).

The ones cheering.

The ones celebrating.

The ones who are participating and calling it a good day.

They are naive and foolish.

These people are forgetting one thing. One vital thing. That if you give the state and a government the rights to violate, silence and stop one minority from existing. The same reasoning, the same justification and the same legal basis can be used against you.

Right now it’s the LGBTQ+ Community that is targeted. Together with haywire of messaging that this an answer to the collective West. However, the 11th Parliament and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in their populism is forgetting one fact. That gay marriage was banned and the sanctimony of marriage was already legalised in the 1995 Constitution. Therefore, this law in itself is partly redundant.

Alas, the most vital thing isn’t the gays here. Yes, they are the minority and the victims. These are the ones that are losing their rights to live and love who they deem fit. That is wrong on all accounts. Landlords and media houses can get into trouble. There so many more who will be hurt and if you conspire to a “gay activity” you could also get punished. Meaning, if the state thinks or considers that one might take part. Well, the state can not only charge you but they can make you felon.

Seriously, today is a sad day. That a “human rights advocate” made this law is more insane. A man who professes “human rights” Asuman Basalirwa… his name is stained for eternity. An MP who knows how vicious and vindictive the authorities of the nation are. Basalirwa is already seeing how Law Enforcement and the Authorities are targeting the opposition. With that knowledge and modus operandi. His giving these people now the laws and justification to go after another minority.

That’s the tragedy here… now people can say and claim that someone has partake or is promoting these activities. By definition and by law they can be charged, detained and thrown in prison. Heck, if you only house a brother or a sister who is. That is enough to get you arrested and in legal jeopardy.

You can like I do… by religious beliefs and dogmas the activities are wrong. However, so is having side-dishes, thieving and fornicate outside of marriage. Nevertheless, only thieving is deemed wrong by law. The acts of having a mistress or having sex itself outside of holy matrimony is still legal. So, why only go after one thing and not the whole spectrum?

Well, the MPs don’t want to stop themselves. They are not the kind to enforce laws that are limiting their rights or freedoms. These folks prefers to get more things and more shiny objects. That’s why they are pushing for laws like these. Without thinking about the implications and how it can be used.

One day… one day soon. An Opposition MP will be deemed gay and will be punished by law. There will be no need for proof or evidence. That person will go through fire and will be burned by it. It is just bound to happen. There will be activists, leaders and civil society members who will haunted by this law too. They will target the ones that is critical and doing civic education. These are the ones that are in trouble soon.

Sooner or later this law will backfire. The donors and international community will be resentful. These might suspend and stop funding of projects or direct government aid. That wouldn’t be shocking either. However, that isn’t the most troublesome here.

What is more troublesome is how this law can be applied and that innocent people can be hurt by it. Not only the minority that is targeted, but people who they deem “fit” for the bill. Peace.

Mali: Communique No. 053 du Gouvernement de la Transition (27.05.2023)

Ethiopia: Is celebrating Ginbot 20 over or what? [Has it become “salute the ENDF day”?]

Today is May 28th and every year I have lived there been an anniversary celebrating Ginbot or Genbot 20, when the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) ousted the Derg regime on the 28th May 1991. However, today it is mostly “radio silence” and a bunch of nothingness.

There is no statements from High Ranking Officials. Neither is there any proof of state functions or celebrations. It is the “national day” and a “victory day” that seems to be forgotten. Yes, people say this day was forced down the necks and the people of the last victor, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). A day of Weyane to celebrate the victory and the start of ethnic federalism and a new constitutional order. However, was that it?

The Prosperity Party (PP) will not continue the tradition and celebrate the end of Derg, which had been ruling the nation between 1974 to 1991. After that the EPRDF and the TPLF in-charge of the political coalition took power.

The current Prime Minister forged out of the old EPRDF a one state party – the Prosperity Party out of most of the coalition parties ahead of the 2020 election in 2019. This means the EPDRF, which had been in existence since 1998 ceased to exist and therefore the TPLF was on the outside. We know how the PM acted on this and went to war to annihilate it. However, that isn’t the story of today.

Today is about another past and how it can seem to get forgotten. The one tale of one dictatorship which ended and some say another type took over. Yes, the Derg, the Marxist rulers lost power in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, TPLF did their bid and they continued with dictatorial practices, which are now perfected by the PP. Therefore, the plights and suffering is never ending.

That is why the EPRDF and the TPLF ended the “red terror” and unleashed their own. Now the next generation is working steadily, which is serving the “medemer terror” on the public. This is maybe why people aren’t celebrating victory or the tanks that was on the streets of Addis Ababa in 1991. The years of suffering under the TPLF is hard enough to swallow and the leaders of that time have never answered for their injustice. Therefore, the people don’t seem to feel or see a reason to celebrate it.

I can see online some celebration of the day, but not considering how big it used to be. There is no real fanfare or gravitas. No, the PP and the TPLF seems to have ditched the day. It isn’t strange if the Tigray region or TPLF is licking wounds or just have enough with getting back-up. As the TPLF and the Tigray is still hurting after the brutal war fought against it.

PP are trying to create a new history and legacy surrounding Abiy. It wouldn’t be fitting to use the heroics of others. That would undermine the “greatness” of the new generational leader. He cannot take the greatness of Meles Zenawi or anyone else. Abiy needs to show his own path and achievements. Therefore, he is not in the realm of seeking the glory of the EPRDF.

The PP can force people to the streets to salute the Ethiopian National Defence Force on this here day. However, we are seeing the PP is using Ginbot 20 to demonstrate in support of the army and the security forces. The PP isn’t celebrating the end of a tyrant and the butcher of Addis, Haile Mariam Mengistu is a footnote in regards too it.

The current regime and Prime Minister can easily write statements, press releases and proudly proclaim things. Nevertheless, today on the Ginbot 20… it is static radio silence and nothing unleashed on the public. Not even a FDRE Government Communication Service vibes.

This year is 32 years since the EPRDF and their rebels stormed Addis Ababa. It is over three decades ago now. That is a long time and one generation can easily forget what the predecessors went through to get there. The EPRDF fought for 17 years to in power and takeover from Derg regime. Therefore, their multi-ethnic federalism was a big game-changer in Ethiopia. It wasn’t perfect, but at least to some extent better then the Derg.

Now the PP is re-inventing the EPRDF in their “one-party” state bonanza. Where the PP is coming with their forces, armies and serving plights to the civilians. Abiy was given the reigns in August 2018 and consolidated power in 2019. While getting “re-elected” in 2021 and swearing himself for his full first term (or his second one). Therefore, this is only the beginning of his reign. Abiy is just beginning in some aspects, even if he already is showing what sort of nation he will achieve.

Certainly, his not a man of the EPRDF and not a man who holds the history of victory high. Since, he isn’t even acknowledging it. That is saying something on the 32nd Anniversary of it. The PM could have and so could others in government. Instead we are reading slogans, praise and glory on the ENDF. This is what the day means or is used for under his rule.

Abiy is distancing himself and dancing himself away from the achievements of the EPRDF. Even if he wouldn’t have been there or gotten into office without it. Abiy couldn’t have gotten through the ranks and in the position to become the PM without the reforms of the EPRDF. Therefore, it is weird that he isn’t celebrating it or making a statement.

Well, Abiy is the man behind the “medemer terror” and he has unleashed a vindictive way of politics. Which is a far stretch from what the EPRDF tried to do. Yes the EPRDF and the TPLF who ran it did their sins and grievances. The TPLF and the EPRDF has to atone for their misgivings and plight. However, Abiy should do the same and answer for his usage of force. The current regime is using war, conflict and extra judicial killings to furthering his cause. The current regime has no trouble using vile means to get ahead. Therefore, he is replicating the ills of the Derg and is doing it proudly. He don’t mind massacres, starvation and mass-arrests, if it benefits the throne. That’s what Abiy does and will be remembered for.

The EPRDF toppled the Butcher of Addis Ababa. I wonder who will and what it will take to get rid of Abiy. Abiy won’t back down and he will assassinate anyone in his way. He will use all tools at his disposal and silence his critics. The ones who dissent or stands up against him will met lethal means and could easily vanish. Therefore, Abiy isn’t a man who forgives or offers shelter to others. No, he tricks you into trusting him and later he might back-stab you. The ones who deals with him should be careful.

It is just tragic that this has come to this. The legacy and the memory of it is going away. The Ginbot 20 is watered down. That’s done by default by the PP and Abiy. They want to signal that an era is over and they are new big-men in town. Peace.

Opinion: Would we ever see an Army Commander in the High Command from the North?

It would have been a sign of reconciliation and leaving the grievances of the past, if the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Government of Uganda (GoU) had promoted or made an Army Commander from the Northern Regions. That would have been a message and a resounding one.

I tend to not get emotional or get attached, but there are certain things that would be significant and prove that there is no tribalism or ethnic reasons for the choices made today. Because, right now the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and the High Command is filled with Westerns and the ones aligned to the tribes surrounding the Presidency. That is just a mere fact and nothing can overshadow that. The same with the leadership of the Uganda Police Force (UPF). Yes, northerns has gotten plum-offices and appointed into high offices politically. However, it haven’t happened in the army and it shows.

I don’t know if Museveni hold grudges or deep resentment. This could be personal to him and he only trust his own “kind”. Even if he says he speaks ill of tribalism and sectarianism. Still, he professes to that in certain aspects of life. That’s why only certain areas has high ranking officials and has the option to be promoted into the High Command of the Army or the Ministry of Defence. It will not be someone from Lango, Acholi or the West Nile. Forget if you are from Apac or Pader for that matter. If you are from Gulu, Lira or Arua. Well, you will not get far in the army and can only be a foot-soldier. You will never reach the ranks or be in the mix for prestige. That’s beholden others by blood or by association. If not that they are coming from right areas of the West and can be pleasing to the UPDF.

That’s how it looks like… I can understand if Museveni has some distrust and lack of empathy. However, the prolonged war in the North. Has cost him and the his areas lots of damage. Yes, the UPDF was able to send Lord Resistance Army (LRA) packing and it is now in exile. However, that war happened because of the choices and the distrust between the “south” and the “north”. Which isn’t strange, as the North had the influence and the Presidency until Museveni came along. Obote and Amin was from the North and their commanders came from there as well.

Museveni has in some regards done the same. He trust his own and chosen this path. Why I am wondering now is that it’s years since peace came to the North. The threats are gone and the lives moves on. The High Command and the UPDF wouldn’t be endangered by a Northerner in the ranks. I think it would be a friendly reminder of how things has changed. That the North and the South can fight together and secure the sovereignty of the Republic. It could be the message and not only appoint northern technocrats to run Ministries or be Speakers of the House. No, give them power where it matters and allow them to deploy guns. That would have been a powerful message and been a proof of the non-sectarianism that Museveni professes too.

Alas, we know Museveni won’t budge or do this. He needs token soldiers and loyal commanders. Certainly, he has issues with it and wouldn’t give way. Some say the idea of Gen. Moses Ali is a proof that he has a broad coalition and allies in the North. Well, Gen. Moses Ali was able to get a deal and has been ally of Museveni ever since. Therefore, that isn’t the same as what I am requesting or hoping will happen.

The UPDF and the Ministry of Defence needs representation. These organizations needs to show all parts of the nation and have leaders from across the spectrum. That is needed, especially if Museveni wants to be unifying and speak with a sincere voice. Unless, he just wants to lie and only does so to please donors. I would certainly believe that and it would make sense. Actually, it would make a lot of dollars and pay of the expenditure of his State House.

I know it would be a shocker to see someone from the Great North appointed or promoted to the High Command. However, it would be a sign of goodwill and of change. That it isn’t a battle between the North and the South. No, that it’s a collective and a nation for all. Peace.

Opinion: Kenyatta haven’t studied Tinubu

I feel the three most fundamental issues that are easily weaponized to the detriment of our democratic growth. The first is negative ethnicity or tribalism, followed by religion, and lastly, economic greed” – Uhuru Kenyatta (Keynote Address ahead of Inauguration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, 27.05.2023).

The words and the paragraphs that has leaked from Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s keynote address or lecture in Abuja ahead of the inauguration of the 29th May 2023 of President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu isn’t that clever really. Kenyatta says all the rights things and the sentiments are fine, but very hallow. Especially, when the Kenyan President isn’t reflecting on the character of Tinubu, but more on what he should do in office.

I doubt Tinubu will be any good. That’s not only because his the successor of Buhari. No, because of the legacy and what Tinubu been up to before. If we felt Buhari was long times overseas and not in office. The same will happen with Tinubu.

Tinubu have even started to do so before getting sworn-in. The new President will know Abuja House in London, United Kingdom very well. He will be accustomed to the prestige and the wealth of the British capital. That’s what I am expecting, if not he will be lingering in Paris or any other Western capital to get proper dental or health care. Because, the old man won’t trust that in Nigeria. I cannot see that happening anytime soon and it’s just tragic.

I speak to you as a brother and an elder statesman in leadership. The contest is now over, and the hard work of building a prosperous and unified Nigeria begins” (Kenyatta, 27.05.2023).

This here we have heard before from Kenyatta. He and his Deputy said the same things after the elections in Kenya. The former President isn’t saying this as an elder statesman, but as man who knows the game. It is to undermine and tell the “losers” to scatter. The works begin and the electoral misgivings are bygones. Therefore, his by definition giving Tinubu a handout by saying this.

Kenyatta continues: “I encourage you to surround yourself with the voices of those who will counterbalance the hardliners that feel entitled to a piece of your office. You will lose nothing and gain everything from reaching out across political, ethnic, and religious lines to those who may feel aggrieved by your victory in one way or another. Allow them to exhale and to be a part of your vision for a greater Nigeria” (Kenyatta, 27.05.2023).

In the grand scheme of things… Kenyatta is actually speaking of a handshake and trying to forge alliance with the opposition. That’s what his saying but with finer words. Kenyatta has experience with this and saw how he earned political capital by creating the BBI and giving Odinga an honorary role. This is what his advising Tinubu to do as well.

If Tinubu was supposed to do this. He would have to get the approval of the Labour Party and People Democratic Party (PDP). I have a hard time seeing Peter Obi or Abubakar Atiku giving way at this point. The PDP might be able to be swayed and for some political offices. However, the Labour Party and Obi I have strong doubt about the willingness to back-down.

Secondly, I wouldn’t judge anyone who wouldn’t trust the APC or Tinubu at this point. They have bushwhacked themselves into power and unforgivingly so. That’s why he isn’t everyone’s “president” and people don’t think well of it all. The APC and Tinubu cannot fool the people, but they are trying to convince them. Even after his the supposed “majority” winner of the elections. Therefore, Kenyatta’s words and aspirations will fall a bit flat.

The ones thinking things will be better as Buhari skates off in the sunset. Well, Tinubu is a gangster and a crook. There will come nothing good out of this and only more suffering. The state won’t be better or more accountable, no Tinubu will run it like a mob. That’s why I don’t trust the man or his reasons for being in office. It is only to enrich himself and his allies. Tinubu isn’t there to serve or be a servant. No, his there to collect more gold and eat more lobster. That’s what Tinubu does and will do. Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Arresting the spokesman of the Association of Professionals, Dr. Aladdin Naqad (27.05.2023)

A tracking force of the armed forces arrested Dr. Aladdin Critic, a member of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, the spokesman of the gathering of professionals from his home in Omdurman city.

This arrest is a regrettable development in the context of the current war in the country, and a change in dealing with the political and civil forces that have shown a decisive stance against the war and are working to stop it immediately by various peaceful means. Dr. Aladdin is one of the prominent leaders of the Committee of Specialists and Consultants, and one of its representatives in the Gathering of Professionals and the Forces of Freedom and Change, and he is one of the official speakers of the Association of Sudanese Professionals, and the national arena attests to his strict commitment to serving our people from his professional position as a surgeon specialized in organ transplantation and transplantation Through his various political and union positions, we condemn his arrest and call for his immediate release.

The Gathering of Sudanese Professionals renews its call to stop the war immediately, and affirms its commitment to work towards achieving this goal, and the parties that arrest the member of the Assembly Aladdin criticize full responsibility for his safety and security.

Media Team of the Sudanese Professionals

May 27, 2023

Tchad: Mouvement Patriotique du Salut (MPS) – Communique de Presse (26.05.2023)

Sudan: Museveni’s simple remedy of the conflict…

This afternoon, I chaired the 1156th virtual meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council, on the situation in Sudan. As I had reiterated earlier, Sudan does not belong to the army or the RSF, it belongs to the People and therefore I call upon the immediate cessation of hostilities to allow the people elect their leaders. This business of how to integrate armies is not new, we have done it in many parts of Africa including here in Uganda, it cannot be the reason for starting such a devastating war” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (27.05.2023).

It had to be the likes of Museveni who comes with the solution. The easy solution and the one that staring you right in the eye. Not like the Sudanese people doesn’t know or is bothered by it. They are the ones that bleeding and living under the mercy of the guns.

President Museveni is bold when he says it with such ease. A man who took power the guns and never left his hand of the trigger. Museveni wouldn’t have risen through the ranks or gotten to where he is today, if it wasn’t for guns and ammunition. That’s why it’s rich of him of talking cessation of hostilities and elect their leaders.

Yes, the people should elect their leaders and that was the cause or reason for the Sudanese Revolution. A revolution that the Transitional Military Council and the Army Commanders has hijacked for their benefits. While getting rid of their former master and the party that he ran. Therefore, it is easy pickings for Museveni to say – “you should just elect leaders”.

The Sovereign Council and the mandate it got was to ensure the military would lead the way to civilian government. The current army commanders couldn’t even ensure a temporary time with a civilian led Sovereign Council and possible more technocrats in office. No, they had to overthrow that and again steer the nation.

That’s why we are here today and the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces are fighting to conquer and overcome the other military fraction. They are not in it for democratic principals or ideals of civilian led government. These people are in it for power, prosperity and individual gratification. Therefore, Al-Burhan and Hemeti will benefit of the outcome, and the victor will enjoy all of the spoils of war.

This is why Museveni knows perfectly well what ambition and seeking to overthrow his enemies. That is what he did since his FRONASA days. Museveni has been scheming since the 1970s and under the reign of Idi Amin. Museveni was busy toppling leaders and installing himself as the overlord until 1986. He was so busy doing so and did with success, which is why his still in office today.

That’s why reading the words of Museveni is baffling. Museveni dares to simplify it. Not like the Resistance Councils or the Civil Society haven’t said it before. The opposition and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) has said it too. The Sudanese Professional Association has spoken it’s peace too. So, Museveni is just preaching to the choir.

Everyone know this is the answer. The parties involved knows it too, but they want more and fast. They are in a bitter conflict to enrich and enlarge their resources. They are battling to undermine and get rid of the last obstacle. That’s what they are doing. It is a way to silence and consolidate power within the ranks. This is why they are fighting and they are hoping the other party slips, lose faith and hope. Just so it can end the other party and crown themselves king.

Museveni knows that part very well. That is exactly what he did and the skulls of Luweero is a symbol of his war. The prolonged war in the North is another testimony to what he was willing to do. Just so he could consolidate and settle grievances with his enemies. Museveni even continued his wars and conflict into Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, Museveni isn’t the guy to speak of peace. When he has earned all his political capital through war. Museveni has earned it or profited of peace. No, that isn’t in him and we all know that. Peace.

South Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation – Press Release (27.05.2023)

Senegal: Coalition Yewwi Askan Wi – Conference des Leaders – Communique No. 00039 (27.05.2023)

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