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Age Limit: Uganda Police has charged Daily Monitor and Red Pepper articles as “Offensive Communication” (16.10.2017)


Opinion: [Mission Impossible] Museveni says he needs more time accomplish his mission, what? 31 years is not enough!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who started his walk as a President in 1986. The mantra of the revolutionary war for justice, freedom and liberation from the old dark past. Has now gone back in time and full circle, as the man who supposedly liberate the Republic, needs more time to linger in power. This from the man who confessed early in his reign that African leaders has a hard time to step down and apparently, he is one of them. If this was a comedy skit, it would have been hilarious, sincerely it is not and it has become the bleak reality. So without further ado, let the mastermind who needs more time express his opinion.

“President Museveni has reportedly said he has a “mission to accomplish” and this is why he wants parliament to scrap age limits in the constitution for elderly presidential candidates like him” (…) “He told us that his revolutionary struggle is not a mere struggle but a mission that has to be accomplished and therefore cannot be locked out by mere technicalities,” an MP who attended one of the State House meetings told The Observer on Friday” (Kaaya, 2017).

I know I called him the Grand Wizard of Uganda last week; I have nicknamed him Don Museveni for his godfather like persona and use of security forces to enforce his rule. Therefore, the President is now trying to go Ethan Hunt on Uganda. He is trying to go Mission Impossible; he has had now over 30 years to accomplish his mission.

If the liberation war of 1980s was supposed to be successful, it should be so by now. He has had decades upon decades to finish whatever he started. At this point, he cannot blame anyone, but his own lazy ass for the state of affairs. It is his system; the relics of the past have been amended and regulated in his system, by either his effort or his policies is the reason for the state it is in. To say anything is to be blind and unforgivingly stupid. If not righteously ignorant like Mwenda and Opondo. They are all praising the man, while schools are rotting and opportunities for work for the growing numbers of youth is at a record breaking low.

I don’t know if it is propaganda blindness or useful tools of oppression that keeps the National Resistance Movement pumping, if not the levels of cronyism and depleted government structures is enough. That is why they are all waiting on orders from above or waiting for a handshake to do business. It is all in the mercy of the State House, not through procedures or protocol. The lacking nostalgia and resemblance of how it could is evident. As the misuse of statistics and history by the NRM are clearly tearing down the reality of the system. Since they are trying to forge growth and wealth structures, but the people day-to-day is not seeing or feeling that.

I am having a hard time understanding his vision or even his mission now. Since, the 10 Point Program is a long forgotten project, the Uganda National Development Plan II is a giant plan, but more a prospect of getting donors to sponsor development projects, than actually trying to build a stronger and resilient state. The functions and misuse of the state are beyond me, and the ones who believes in proper governance and tools of safety use of state reserves. Nevertheless, the reality is that revolution of 1986 is dead and it died long time ago. It is so dead that the skulls of Luweero triangle are soon as cinematic as the skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean. They are soon marching as ghost warriors towards the barracks of Kampala, the Makindye Military Court and all of the Security forces bases in and around Kampala to avenge their misery. Since all of them lost their lives for nothing, but for man’s lies and deception.

Time is not something that Museveni has; Time is not something that should not be given to Museveni. He has already taken his time and misused it. Like he has a mission to accomplish. What mission? To end civilization as we know it. What else is there for him to accomplish? Unless, it is to rape the Constitution a bit more, make more draconian laws and empty the treasure chest a bit more and hope for Gods mercy for his endless theft. Not only stealing today, but also taking away the future of the youth of the Republic. Just because, and that just because. Because he can and he will. There is not anything poetic about it. It is just because. It is because it is Museveni. Nothing else. None.

It is time to call out the ghostbusters, the Ethan Hunt and all the mysterious heroes, build a splendid force and reveal all the nasty of the NRM.

Need time to finish his mission, that is Mission Impossible, he will never finish. If so, he would have finished long time ago. Peace.


Kaaya, Sadab Kitatta – ‘Museveni: why I need more time’ (16.10.2017) link: http://observer.ug/news/headlines/55451-museveni-why-i-need-more-time.html

Age Limit: Tooro Elders Forum (Isaazi) Position for Tolerance, Patriotism and Peace (10.10.2017)

Uganda Police Force has summoned Red Pepper and Daily Monitor to CID over Age Limit Articles! (10.10.2017)

#NotBreakingNews: President Museveni finally said “This Age Limit Removal is Mine”!

…Museveni President Yoweri Museveni this evening told the NRM caucus that he is behind the proposed amendment of the constitution to remove the age limit. He said anyone against the amendment is against…” (Andrew Mwenda, 13.10.2017).

Well, this day had to happen, if where naive and believed that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was not behind the bill. Sorry brother and sister, you we’re very wrong. President Museveni has no come all out, like out of the closet and showed his gay face to the world. Not that he is gay, but he has a hard-on for life presidency. Therefore, the President had to say certain words to his fellow National Resistance Movement Parliamentary Caucus as they had a Consultation Meeting on the removal or lifting of the Age Limit. So before I discuss the matter and the words of the President. I will show the ones that has been revealed. Take a look!

A snippet from Museveni’s speech on the NRM Caucus:

This age limit removal is mine. It is my thing. I am the one behind it. I want everyone to know this. I am tired of hearing party members talk against it. All rebel MPs who have been campaigning against it, get out of the meeting”. After he said this, the 8 MPs was moved out and after that. He continued: “Those of you remaining but do not support removing the age limit, put up your hand now so that I can know you are against me”.

Museveni supported the dismissal commenting; “Their issues are in bad faith. When somebody is treating party colleagues as if they are criminals, going on the radio, telling lies about colleagues, inciting violence using social media, that is not something to gloss over.” (…)“If you disagree with something and come out to say you are not yet convinced, that is a decent way and matter of opinion.” The President condemned the legislators’ actions which he termed as “using unfair tacticts and tactics of the enemy” (…) “We had to bring security forces in Parliament because these people were defying the Speaker. And now you make common cause with the kind of people that were threatening to kill others and their families?” Museveni went on to say. “This is not disagreeing. This is enemy actions. Who are you to threaten us? Disagreement should be done through discussion.” (Soft Power, 2017).

If you we’re surprised by this, you have lived under rock or without following the procedures and the MP Raphael Magyezi of Igara has tabled a motion in Parliament on the lifting of the Age Limit. This happen with force inside the Parliament and it has now come to Committee. Until now the President has acted like he doesn’t care, but today the old dog started barking. He is tired of the MPs who are opposing it, since he wants everyone on his side. Therefore, he has had no trouble with ordering opposition MPs out of the Parliament with the Special Force Command. Neither to send away the NRM MPs who oppose him and his life presidency.

It is funny that he speaks ill of the ones disagree with him, but if you do. You are suspended, detained and even just sent away. There are no discussion with the President at this point. It is either his way or the harassment or intimidation of you. This is now happening inside the NRM, as 9 MPs were actually kicked out. Also insulted before it happen as they are acting vile and criminal. Because going against his will and his supposed change of law is using unfair tactics, with actually talking in public. Only the public view that is expressing his view is acceptable. The proof of this is how the NRM and the Police Force has done recently. That one rally is not ambushed with the NRM Parliamentary Caucus, does not prove democratic values. More a once in a lifetime, than the norm of Public Order Management Act.

That he is lying of killing and threats is totally insane. The Opposition MPs has said they would fight for the Constitution, but not kill fellow MPs. They would defy the rules of the Parliament, but if singing the National Anthem is killing the Speaker, then its her ears that explodes of the high pitch of Bobi Wine. Not that the singing and dancing in the National Assembly could ever be violent. That some of the MPs went violent is after the SFC started the vile grabbing of MPs and sending them to the Police Vans to be detained. Therefore, I cannot believe the words of the President and his misuse of the Presidency. That a man like him and a President for so long easily lies like this is insane.

But now we know he owns the Age Limit and MP Raphael Magyezi wanted to be Ugandan Judas Iscariot, the one taking the silver coins while making sure the kiss of death to Constitutionalism happen. This is what happening and anything else is masked lies. President Museveni really asked like a teacher: Who disagree with me put up your hand. I am sure the NRM MPs knew after kicking out the rebel MPs, if they disagree they would sent off too. None of them would get 29 Millions for Consultation Meetings and whatnot. They would also be in bad faith with their leader. The NRM MPs could not risk that, because they are boneless and without any character.

President Museveni has now proven the projects that matters is himself, nothing else. If believe anything, then your blind my friend. Time to open your eyes and look upon the stars. Look into oblivion, hope there are something eternal in the sky, because at planet earth. President Museveni thinks he is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. No matter what he does he is the center of attention. Now he wants to be that for life and not give way to anyone else. That should not be accepted.

So expect this is going to be bloody. Peace.


Soft Power – ‘“You Can’t Treat Party Fellows As Enemies” Museveni Blasts NRM ‘Rebel MPs’ (13.10.2017) link: http://www.softpower.ug/you-cant-treat-party-fellows-as-enemies-museveni-blasts-nrm-rebel-mps/

Bank of Uganda Order letter that freezes the accountes of Action Aid (03.10.2017)

Opinion: The Resistance Movement are throwing out Rebels, how endearing of them!

This Age Limit saga, if you may, are the point of time and at the crossroads, where the real life actions and beneficiary of the Presidency comes too light in this process. Nothing is left for granted, no amount of funds and neither is the other agencies at work. To secure that the process is giving way for more terms and life presidency of the founder and creator of all, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The one that took the Republic and now holding it hostage. The beneficiaries of this hostage situation wants to make sure their cut spread properly before the voting and the consultations done within reason. Therefore reading this make you laugh, but also wonder what is wrong with this party!

“Rebel NRM MPs are likely to be chased out of the meeting of NRM parliamentary caucus scheduled at the Office of the Prime Minister today. Speaking to the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa said that they can not tolerate fellow NRM MPs who are against the majority decision of amending act 102b of lifting the presidential age limit to attend their meeting. Among the considered rebels include, Kasanda North’s Patrick Nsamba, workers Mp, Sam Lyomoki, Lwemiyaga county Mp Theodore Sekikubo, Kumi woman Mp Monica Amoding, Buyaga west’s Banarbas Tinkasimire. Others are; Manjiya county’s John Baptist Nambeshe, kasambya county’s Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, Felix Okot Ogongo, and Alex Ruhunda of Fort Portal municipality” (91.2 Crooze FM, 13.10.2017).

It is now revealed that the order of expelling the MPs came from above and from the President himself, which shows that he wants to reaffirm himself. Not resist anyone or anything, and no one is allowed to resist him or his position as the Grand Wizard of Uganda.

The NRM Caucus cannot have people who resists the party line; the party of resistance cannot have people who resist. Do you know how stupid that sounds? A party come from rebellion and resistance to the former government structure can now not accept other people resisting. It is beneath me, but also in spectrum of nonsense that the President currently operates within and is apparently proud of it all. There are nothing to bothered or spared as the consultations and the Legal and Parliamentary Committee is working on the nuts and bolts of the Constitutional Amendment.

We can just wonder if the NRM are thinking how stupid and rare it sounds like, that rebels from a party forged from rebellion are not allowed to participate and talk. It is amazingly stupid and foolish. It is out of character, but also show how little values that is within the NRM party, that is a one-man show and a sole candidate party. The structures and organizations are more a front for his will, than a working party with different functions. If the NRM Caucus within the Parliament cannot accept outsider, who can?

That the men of Resistance cannot accept people who resist, who can? NRM name is pointless and the whole rebellion was used to forge so that one man could rule republic, instead of the other men he brought down. Now he wants to seal it for life and his party has to become the National Reaffirm Museveni (NRM) Party.

So when rebels and people who are resisting is not allowed within the Resistance Party, you know the party has become a reaffirming party of the one man that lead them to victory. Since then the causes has dwindled and his personal affairs has become the key operation of the state. Because of that, the NRM are reaffirming their commitment to cement the life operation of Museveni. Nothing else and nothing else matters. Peace.

Opinion: When it comes to lifting the Age Limit, the Republic apparently has a fountain of cash!

MPs to get 29 million shillings for age limit consultations” (NTV Uganda, 2017).

It is a miracle the state that borrows for possibly retain back some parts of it in the Oil exploration. Clearly has to empty the Consolidation Fund or some other public funds hidden inside the State House. Because this is the government that has to postpone salaries for their civil servants. Teachers and Police Officers has to wait for their salaries, while the Members of Parliament will get extra funds to support and “consult” their constituencies. The same MPs that has said they are afraid of meeting their constituencies. It is ironic and weird.

That a broke state has funds, that a broken Parliament, a Parliament, which is shooting itself in its foot. Is trying to run to for the in plea and prospect of positive re-enforcement. That the government can afford this amount is staggering, that the MPs can accept this sort of affair. But hey, they want to be loyal to their master and spare nothing to show it. If we combine the numbers it is 29 million times 450 MPs, which means the total sum of Uganda Shillings is estimated around 13,050 million or 13 billion and 50 million shillings or 13,05 billion shillings. If you convert it into United States Dollars or USD it is the $ 3,596,073 or 3,5m USD. For one single bill is an amazing amount of monies spent on it. Even when it is as unpopular as it is.

That the National Resistance Movement, the President and his whole regime is hellbent on it. That they can afford to spend this all of a sudden, but uses years for getting the Cobalt Machine to Mulago. Are lacking medicines in the hospitals, are having schools without roofs and equipment. Teachers without salaries, nurses without the same and so on. There is clear lack of understanding what is important. The citizens and their needs is second hand or even left over contraband. While the Presidents own life and will are the most important.

That President Museveni is so God-Damn important is beneath me, but at this point it is natural. That his vision and his lifestyle is more important than anything else. Therefore, making sure he gets life presidency, seems like the most important. That is nothing else matter. President Museveni proves it, when he can spend 13 billion shillings or 3,5 USD in one big blow. He has no problem blowing the bank or bankrupting the economy. If it fits his lifestyle and his paradigm. If this will create inflation or making the currency lose value. So be it, he is still the king and stays king. Nakasero Hill, Entebbe and all the other estates are still his. He will still be the Executive and Commander-in-Chief, even if his state is in shambles. Seems like he will risk it all to get the last dime and get the last breath in office.

The republic is a tool for him and his life. Nothing else, the citizens needs is left to chance. There is noting at this point that proves that he cares. 29 million shillings to try to persuasive the constituents is a far-fetched plan. There is no project to offer and no promise that hasn’t been given by this administration. They have seen the winds, the rains and the droughts. They have seen the peace and the war. They have seen the inner-turmoil and the killings of leaders so that the NRM could live on. There isn’t anything they haven’t seen, there is nothing left to give. Since it hasn’t been given now and they have had 31 years to do so.

NRM and Museveni has had their time, but still trying to push blood out of a stone. They can keep knocking at the rock, but nothing will come out. If they say so, then they are either forging a miracle or lying out of their teeth. The same can be said about the whole Age-Limit scenario that they are creating for themselves. Peace.

Opinion: Sometimes its better to say nothing at all, MP Magyezi should have been silent!

Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool” Aesop, Aesop’s Fables

I don’t know what went through Raphael Magyezi’s mind when he spoke in Parliament to the Press today. If it was his arrogance, his little-Museveni spirit of intolerance and despotic self-service. It is hard to know, because the supposed Constitutional Amendment on the lifting of the age limit. MP Magyezi is far from honorable, as he wants to silence the ones who are openly opposing inside the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs reviewed. It is insane, but fits how this bill has been delivered, since the ones opposing has already been suspended. Also taken out by Special Forces Command, under order of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura. Therefore, MP Magyezi just follows chain-of-command and the orders from above.

Raphael Magyezi speaks out:

If you say Hon Kafuuzi cannot be an active participant of the committee, then I have a right to express my reservation of those members who have come out in the public to oppose the bill. If these members continue to express their reservations on my bill openly, then they should withdraw from the committee or let the committee be reconstituted for the objectivity of the process,” Magyezi said. He added: “Fair hearing demands that the committee to which I am going to appear must portray its independence, neutrality and objectivity without bias”. Last week, Oboth announced that Kafuuzi will not be allowed to discuss and vote on the bill, on grounds that he was one of its seconders when Magyezi tabled it in parliament” (Eyotaru, 2017).

I know that the hut is burning and no-one wants to speak of the fire. The hut and the village just don’t want to look at it or caring about the family who lives there. Similar should people start to shun this man, the man who has stamped his legacy together with life-presidency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Raphael Magyezi will forever be connected with him and his unjust rule. That the same MP are now wanting to go further to disband legal procedures, shows his pure intent. He has no regard for the Parliament or the provisions that are within these chambers. The ones standing in his way could easily be sent packing. The President and his Master must be giddy by his powerful statements, while the people should be gloomy.

That someone like this is their representative, that someone like this can make laws and be a parliamentarian. Clearly, he only see his cases and his ego, so that he can serve the President. The will of serving him is blinding his vision and his mind. It must be a blurry visions and crossing over blurred lines. Since he cannot see what is outside his narrow mind. That he has all the rights and just behavior, that him lifting the age limit is the only thing the Committee is supposed to do. The Despotic act and directive proves the problematic arguments for changing the article 102(b).

MP Magyezi is himself very much partial and asking for an independent Committee is walking into dreamland, Narnia and Mordor if you may. Magyezi is asking only for people positive to his words and his bill. So they can stamp it through and show his loyalty to Museveni. There isn’t a magic formula, but just a mere reality that the MP are shallow and a fool. Not the brightest mind, but a serving servant of his President. There is nothing else to see than that.

It is ironic and stupid at the same time to do this: Your really impartial and biased, but asking the ones dealing with your case to be independent and without bias. Magyezi MP are using his bias to expect other to be unbiased. A real poetic and foolish act, but this coming from the man who tarnished his own persona with this bill. Therefore, he has to succeed because this is his life-work. Everything he can do, to prove that is worth something for Museveni. If he doesn’t he will be a failure, the man who couldn’t deliver him life presidency.

So don’t expect the brilliant mind behind that, will wish to have democratic values or even freedom of speech. He just want it passed, by any means possible. Peace.


Eyotaru, Olive – ‘Age limit: MP Magyezi wants Legal committee disbanded’ (11.10.2017) link: http://observer.ug/news/headlines/55391-age-limit-mp-magyezi-wants-legal-committee-disbanded.html

Opinion: The MP’s who support the removal of the Age Limit should fear their constituents!

Some Members of Parliament are in fear following the hostility in their constituents over supporting removal of Age Limit. “I was almost Embarrassed in some of the meetings as people accused me of taking money and trying to change the Constitution” (NBS Television, 10.10.2017).

There have been stories of Members of Parliament that has been chased away, they have been booed during speeches in their constituencies. This is the price they pay against an unfavorable bill, the consultation price with their already steady payment structure. Should worry anyone who cares. They are seeing the real emotions around the proposed change of law.

It isn’t a fairy-tale, it is more like the MPs actually see the real feelings of hardship and they are tired of the central government lies. They cannot stomach it anymore, they have seen it all before and heard it all before. Nothing is new, it is just yet another thing for one-man to rule. Like he is the only one. Certainly somewhere in the villages is a brilliant mind who can rule as well as him or have the mental capacity to get advice and reign. The Commander-in-Chief wasn’t made only for man, even if the National Resistance Movement speak of it like that. That is because President Museveni have learned them that and they comply.

The NRM MPs and the others who eats the 20 millions shillings for the consultation and spend the time discussing the law. Should know there will be answers from the public. Their name will be tarnished and their persona will be put in question. We will all know that they mind and heart is for trade, their soul has vanished into the pockets and guilds of Museveni. They have nothing left to share to planet earth, they are only useful twits for the President.

That is what we will know of the ones who eats the monies and who works favors of the President. They will not be respected, not be honorable, they will be useful props to the existence of Museveni. There will be nothing left of these suits, they are used and ready to be dumped. Just like the ones who abolished the term limit. The same will happen to these, they are just pawns on the table, while the king stays the king.

Will, these MPs actually represent their constituents or will they just represent one-man and his vision? Aye? What say you MPs of the August house on Parliament Avenue in Kampala? Peace.

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