Opinion: Trump Administration Memo to the Federal Workers proves its dictatorial tendencies!

You can’t talk about fucking in America, people say you’re dirty. But if you talk about killing somebody, that’s cool.”Richard Pryor

What was revealed yesterday about Donald J. Trump and his administration. Is very, very profound. It shows to what extent they want to control and also dominate opinion. That President Trump isn’t the wisest cookie. That is known, but he has always shown tendencies, where he thinks he stays above the law and also are right at every step of the way. While the twists and turns of information and leaks of the Russian Probe is going. The reality of how far the Special Counsel has come and he knowledge will strike the President very hard. As the timelines, the negotiations and the dossier are more and more coinciding. Because of that, as the reality is backfiring. He has to use a bitch move, a nasty little trick and blatant disregard in the rights of the people, the workers and laws in general.

When any President or Executive is using the jack-hammer against the rights of expression, freedom of speech and talk in general. You know that fella is long-far gone, he is dwindling little weak man, who cannot handle the reality. That the President is such a tin-pot dictator, that he orders “off-topics” and guidance of what is proper protocol of talks with fellow staff. This sort of narrow-mindedness is dictatorial and shows the lack of tolerance the President has. That the President doesn’t see this, that he is creating a shit-hole, even a giant Banana Republic with him as the Grand Dictator is obvious. Especially after he pulling strings like this!

With that being said, Martin Cizmar reported this yesterday about what the Trump Administration told to two million government employees and it is striking! Look!

The Memo Said:

illegal for them to participate in such discussions at work, “(…) “Advocating for a candidate to be impeached, and thus potentially disqualified from holding federal office, is clearly directed at the failure of that candidate’s campaign for federal office” (…) “We understand that the ‘resistance’ and ‘#resist’ originally gained prominence shortly after President Trump’s election in 2016 and generally related to efforts to oppose administration policies” (…) “However, ‘resistance,’ ‘#resist’ and similar terms have become inextricably linked with the electoral success (or failure) of the president.” (Martin Cizmar – ‘Two million federal workers receive memo warning they can’t use the word ‘resist’ or discuss Trump impeachment at work’on Rawstory.com, 29.11.2018).

Who is he to tell what is allowed to say and speak off? What sort of punishment or charge can he put on the individual who talks about it at the workplace? Because there is no barren law or statute he can use, which can stand the basic fundamental law, the Constitution and the rights of freedom of speech.

Which states this: “Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

That is the bloody constitution of the United States, where apparently this guy Trump is running the show. But he cannot even read, therefore, someone should make a cartoon to explain the First Amendment, if not get the Fox & Friends to spell it out. Because the principal is clear. No one should abridging the freedom of speech or take that away. The First Amendment guarantees that. However, the tin-pot despot on Capitol Hill thinks otherwise in his White House. That he can rewrite the Constitution and the Ten Crack Commandments of Biggie Smalls. The reality is that he can neither.

Therefore, anyone should just scrap this MEMO. This memo is an insult to basic rights and the first amendment. That the President has such a hard time dealing with the Russian Probe. Isn’t the Federal Workers fault, that the President was more connected to Kremlin, than to the Congress. That is just the way it was. Now, he cannot manage resistance, but they public can do that if they please. They are not his loyal subjects. They are all equal citizens.

The President should know that principal too, but that is also to much to ask. There is just to limited time for Fox & Friends to explain everything. Therefore, the Trump Administration are just showing their dictatorial tendencies and their acts vile blare of insults to all the citizens. As he thinks he can do this. Peace.

Burundi: Point de Presse relatif aux Personnes Presummes Auteurs/Planifacateures de l’Assassinate de son Excellence Melchoir Ndadaye, Premier President Democratiquement ELU (30.11.2018)

Opinion: Nkurunziza holding the EAC hostage to protocol, as he boycotted the Heads of State!

Today, there was an obvious boycott from the Burundian government in Arusha in Tanzania. As the scheduled 20th Heads of State Summit of the East African Community was about to happen. Pierre Nkurunziza boycotted the day and showed his defiance to the rest of the Community. Who knows why, but maybe he is worried of what would happen there.

This was established in November in 1999 and since then, all the Heads of State has meet for further integration and for the collective missions for the region. The EAC are clearly at a cross-roads, if that is because of Burundi or because of the leadership at the EAC. Since the Chairman at this point is President Yoweri Kaguta Musveni of Uganda. He got the letters earlier in October 2018, that Pierre Nkurunziza wanted the Summit postponed. However, because of scheduling conflicts, the President Uganda counterpart wanted it to happen.

The EAC Press Statement says:

The 20th Ordinary Meeting of the Summit of the East African Community Heads of State that was slated for Friday, 30th November, 2018 at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) in Arusha, Tanzania has been postponed to a later date. Making the announcement at the AICC’s Simba Hall, the Chairperson of the EAC Council, Hon Dr. Kirunda Kivejinja, said that the Summit would not take place due to a lack of quorum caused by the absence of the Republic of Burundi. “According to Rule 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the Summit of the EAC Heads of State, quorum is made of all Partner States representation which is in consonance with decision making by consensus under Article 12 of the Treaty,” Dr. Kivejinja, who is also Uganda’s 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of EAC Affairs” (EAC, 30.11.2018).

So, the Heads of State are postponed and the set date is now 27th December 2018. That means a month time, this time we can wonder if the Burundian will bail again. As the Burundian government are planning to prepare for their 2020 Elections and surely drag-out the dialogue without having all the stakeholders.

This was clearly a message from Nkurunziza. As he fears something brewing and doesn’t want to be humiliated or even pressed by neighbors. As he wants a free way of life time presidency like others. President Nkurunziza was invited and known of the date since October from the Secretariat, therefore, the added letters in November was more a stalling tactic. However, this should backfire, as he will be remembered for ditching the EAC.

The EAC who has monitoring and being the mediator with the dialogue in Burundi. The President should be happy it is these chaps who are doing it. As if it was further outside, they wouldn’t accept the tactics used by the Mpaka and the government involvement with force to block others from being part of it.

This is really a sign, as the others showed up and with credentials and ready to continue the agenda of the EAC. However, as Museveni wrote in his last letter to Nkurunziza: “Some matters on the agenda need to be attended to promptly and let us not be held hostage of the rules of procedure”.

That seems like the plan of Nkurunziza… keep the EAC hostage to procedure. Since, he boycotted or bailed the Heads of State today. That is the memo from Bujumbura. Peace.

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Zambia: UNPD – People Power, Our Power, Our Land (30.11.2018)

God’s time is the best and no man can change God’s calendar.A mango tree does not worry when the orange tree is producing fruits in it’s season.

We celebrate 20 years of UPND existence in our own way and God’s calendar in line with ‘People Power,Our Power,Our Land in the midst of economic and political struggle for a better Zambia.

God has been with us for these years to prevent and defend democracy from being buried by political vandals.

The party has grown and spread like fire to all parts of the country since the demise of the founding father the late Anderson Mazoka and may he rest in peace.

Had it not been for UPND to be in opposition under the wise leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema and his visionary team, there was not going to be a strong voice to speak for the voiceless and the down trodden.

Zambians could have been fearing to exercise their democratic right.

It is worthy to celebrate the party’s existence and with Mr Hichilema’s courageous and visionary leadership including members sustaining the party under difficult times.

Without UPND in opposition Zambia could have been reversed to a one party state a long time ago.

And UPND has remained strong when other political parties within a space of one year died while others just continue existing on paper.

We have planted a strong political foundation for opposition political parties to survive.

Once in government; we shall provide condusive environment for any opposition political party to freely offer checks and balances as oppose to Patriotic Front who are always oppressing the opposition.

The slow movement of a lion doesn’t show weakness or being tired but calculated steps to get it’s prey.

We never went to the streets to fight our stolen victory but sought legal intervention because we respect the rule of law and trusting God to see us through.

It is not how fast one builds a house but how firm and strong it will be when the storm comes.

Happy 20 years of experience in opposition and now it’s time to run government with a vast experience of leadership from the opposition.

People Power,Our Power,Our Land!!

Issued by:
Neto Halwabala
UPND Deputy Spokesperson
Southern Province

RDC: Lamuka – Communique de Presse (29.11.2018)

The Curious Case of Samuel Eto’o: The Pride and Prejudice!

This is just petty, this is really beneath any sensible character, but in Cameroon this is clearly cool. The professional footballer and former Captain of the National Team, Samuel Eto’o has suction and power in the Republic. As he had the power to put someone behind bars for talking about him.

That Eto’o can order things from above high is evident as how quickly it went from a journalist spreading a rumor about his love life to end behind bars. This was Michael Doppas Dom, who works for Radio Soleil FM in Yaoundé. Since yesterday, he has been behind bars on defamation charges. This has been a case going since a judge ordered it on the 12th November 2018 and the same judge signed it off yesterday, which was the first step of incarceration of the journalist. Therefore, you have to be brave to question Eto’o in Cameroon at this point.

Certainly, Eto’o must have done some favors for the almighty ghost president and his cronies. To get this sort of treatment, as the enemies of state lingers in jail for months before even get put on trial. Like the ones detained of the Ambazonia, which was incommunicado for so long, before popping up recently and getting charged with terrorism charges. Therefore, this journalist will feel the blunt injustice. As he touched one of the untouchable. One of the men of pride and honor, which you are supposed to give a salute.

Samuel Eto’o with this actions are showing it, as he has certainly heard and asked for some actions. As he haven’t accepted this and being talked about this way. However, Eto’o should be enough worried about paying for child-support to Anna Maria Barranca, as he has pledged to pay monthly allowance to the mother. As Eto’o recognized the child as his own two years ago. Still, to this date, struggles to follow up on his commitment as a father, apparently, since she had to file court document in Cagliari.

The Court document states:

Despite the various enforcement measures taken by Ms. Barranca, despite her actions against Mr. Eto’o Fils and despite numerous attempts (including through his own supporters) to contact the father of Annie to allow the girl to know him and establish a relationship with him, he is always unavailable: he refuses to meet his daughter, he never wants to meet and is not interested in participating and ensuring his education and form. In addition, although he has the means to do so, he has not paid the support determined by the Court for more than three years”

So before, messing up others people’s lives with slander and rumors, maybe just maybe, clear up your own mess. Eto’o is clearly a deadbeat dad, a rich dad, but a POOR dad at the same time. That cannot manage to take of his own kin and show some gratitude of the gift of life. Instead, he ensures that the mother of his child, has to go to court and get what she needs to raise their daughter. That is the sort of man Eto’o is.

That is why he uses his powers and reach in Cameroon to get people detained for spreading rumors, while cannot even spend quality time with his daughter in Italy. Peace.

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