Opinion: Kenyatta and Odinga have to carry their cross [and the BBI is now on the death-bed]

High Court ~ “President Uhuru Kenyatta violated Article 131 (2) (c) of The Constitution of Kenya. He has failed to respect, uphold and safeguard the Constitution. He has failed the leadership and integrity test under Article 73 (1) (a).”” (Moja Africa, 13.05.2021).

The prolonged agony of the Presidential Handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative for National Unity (BBI) which seemingly this week was on its way to get ratified after the vote in the Senate. It all seemed to be fair game. The law was on its final stages after a long process lasting through the most of the this term. To be finalized before the polls of 2022. However, today the High Court buried the thing.

The High Court did what many other before them should have done. They shouldn’t have let this one fly. The authorities, the statesmen and everyone involved should have known this. It was an enterprise only for the elected elite and not to better the Constitution. Still, they pushed on all the buttons and did what they could to sell this BBI.

However, it is no finalized. The BBI is unconstitutional and annuls the referendum process of it. Meaning it has no way to go or get enacted at this mere moment. The ones living and breathing the BBI have lost. They have wasted a term and the ideals of it is treasure chest of lost opportunities.

There is no legislative framework for the conduct of a referendum for the People of Kenya to approve the BBI Bill. It is necessary that the legislation be put in place for any such amendment to The Constitution of Kenya…” (Mwanzo TV, 13.05.2021).

A constitutional amendment can either be initiated by a Parliamentary or popular initiative…It is clear BBI is an initiative of the President. The President is not an MP, Cannot directly purport to initiate a Constitutional amendment.” ~ Justice Jairus Nyagah” (Mwanzo TV, 13.05.2021).

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have been trading this BBI all through this term. Since they made peace. They have worked on it and hold all sorts of meetings, committee’s and even had a BBI Secretariat. Still, all of this have been done for nothing.

The two gentlemen in question who has invested, promoted and worked for this to go through. They have used all means to get it passed. Now, that has backfired and it now smells fishy. These two now have to answer to the High Court judgement. Maybe Kenyatta will go out mad like he did after the Supreme Court Judgement nullified the election and called for the Fresh Presidential Elections. That was when Kenyatta called it a “Judicial Coup” and called them “Thugs” taking away the power from the Wannachi.

Now, we can wonder if he will go off and pop-off too. He was so close to finish his referendum, which he has worked together with Odinga. These two has to re-activate and maybe be worried. As plenty are implying this could be an impeachable offence and he could get charged with chapter six. However, we don’t know that will ever happen.

Since the whole Parliament and both chambers are friendly faces of the President. I don’t see it likely that the Members of Parliament and Senators will turn on the President. That doesn’t seem likely at this point of time. They are too connected and been so positive to the whole BBI. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like a thing happening anytime soon. Unless, all the knives suddenly are getting out.

Though Kenyatta and Odinga will have to smooth this all over. No matter what they do now. They will have little to no time to fix this. If they appeal or tries to get it further. That will only cause furthering arguments, which has already gotten a judgement. The whole process is still the same, which the 5 judges gave a verdict on.

These two gentlemen have now to carry the cross. They have to swallow their pride and know they have wasted one term in office. These two has to now carry the blunt force of the lack of proper execution. This being the incumbent President and a former Prime Minister. These two should know the rules and how things are supposed to be done. They both need to be held accountable for this and lack of procedure. These two was willingly pushing this without the proper procedure.

That shows a lack of care or concern for the law. Which is ironic, when these are men who has been bestowed with a lot of trust. Secondly, they have long experience in the Parliament and should know how these things are supposed to go.

Kenyatta and Odinga better start carrying their cross. They have pay for their sins now. Peace.

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Opinion: Raila sold out the marginalized counties [as they are now a hostage of his BBI]

It is proof with the support of One Shilling One Person, the motion made by the Commission on Revenue Allocation Formula for funding of the Counties in the Republic, which was voted in today. Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta knows who has bought for little. This being Raila Odinga and his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and his Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM).

We are now seeing how easily the President can get his way. Why? Well, the President doesn’t have a real opposition. Maybe after the next election there might be some. However, right now, he can pound the people and make them sing. They will dance to the tune of the President and his will.

Odinga is doing this for one reason: BBI.

All things goes back to prestige of a non-starter project with no proof or not actual needs in the Republic. It is the sort of phantom of the Opera and awaiting dancing in the dark. That he goes against his own governors in Coast and Northern parts of the Republic.

It is easy to see this is giving more funds tot he Central Region Counties. This is benefiting Mount Kenya and the populated areas. This is not helping the regions who has been lagging behind. It will ensure the devolution agenda fails. Yes, there are harder to get proof of spending in the counties, but now they have lesser ability to develop or even make a difference. Since, it will only benefit the counties who has the most people.

Turkana county will be hurt by this. That is easy to see, while other ones will suddenly have the feeling of printing money. While others suddenly having quickly emptied after the vote. The corrupt officials will steal, if it is more there or less. However, if you fill the funds of the other counties. There should be expectations that others will have more and they indulge in that wealth. While the others have to use scraps to develop and run their counties.

Remember that all of this was done to save useless and hopeless BBI. This is counter intuitive of the devolution. As Constitution of 2010 and other legislation has been to help the marginalized. However, the third revenue allocation formula is going against that.

Still, the BBI is alive, the devolution betrayed and the marginalized thrown to the wind. They have their own luck, because the ones in power doesn’t care. The Counties are left behind and they will be further left behind by this.

There is no winners here, except for the allies of the President and his associates. The state is supposed to redistribute wealth. Instead, they letting the rich be richer, and the poor getting poorer. That is surely how this is ending and the betrayal is clear.

All done for the simplest of reasons … to save grace of the grand prestige of BBI. That is the cost of this. All for a mushy handshake and done in a manner, which are leaving people behind.

BBI is clearly worth trading anything for. I am sure the ODM can sell snake-oil for it. Even when there is no proof of what it does and delivers. Except for giving checks and envelopes to keep Odinga and allies preoccupied.

That is why he could sell the marginalized counties on the alter of the BBI. That is the reality. Peace.

BBI was to buy Kenyatta time [not to Build Bridges to anywhere]

The Building Bridge Initiative for National Unity Task Force, who has gotten appointed twice and made the opposition party Orange Democratic Movement semi-governmental party and in alliance with the President. Kenyatta and Odinga made peace with the handshake. They bought time, especially the President bought time. He has secured to disfranchise all opposition and destroy NASA.

Kenyatta won first the legitimacy buy trading some titles and shillings the way of Odinga. Just giving him a sort of semi-government agency and task-force. Which is neither mandated nor within the Big Four Programme. However, it is a political buyout and it has paid off.

Kenyatta have had the opportunity to purge on the ones whose not been real. He has impeached and gotten rid of disloyal within own ranks. He has resolved the ones who are there for the Deputy President and put in his own people in the same roles. The Tanga Tanga part of Jubilee have become more an opposition, than the supposed opposition parties itself.

The ODM could have done the same as KANU. Just signed a coalition deal, which it sort of did with the BBI. The BBI was a very cheap deal for the President. He have given small tokens and carrots. Promises of empty pledges, but getting everything his way. Because, Odinga will not dissolve this and loose the BBI. That is his baby, even if it never grows old.

Odinga cannot loose BBI now. His synonymous with it after leaving Canaan behind. Raila aka Baba decided to do so for own personal gains. It is not like the BBI Report have delivered anything. Not like any or the BBI rallies have served the public and not like the ODM have touched the IEBC.

No, Odinga is not winning and his only a bargain chip politically. He sold his charisma and his stances for the BBI. Kenyatta have both Moi, Kalonzo and Odinga in his pocket. Secondly, his weakening the Tanga Tanga and Ruto along the way. It is just like all pieces of the puzzle is just buzzing around and wondering what is the next move of Uhuru.

Uhuru is allowed to do everything. He gives small pieces of silver and gets gold. He did a handshake and bought himself all the time in the world. Odinga got a became a sort of high ranking official, but really his not. Because, if his not loyal to the President. He might just disband the BBI and then his totally lost.

He then got a minority in the Parliament and in the Counties. The man doesn’t have the power or the reach. Baba is supposed to be so smart, but with BBI have been played. His neither here nor there. He will not win and it is just a matter of fact at this point. Odinga will not say that, neither will his party. However, everyone with a working mind will see that.

This was all just a winning stroke of the pen for the President. He gave, little to nothing and gave himself time. No real opposition, paid of the ones kicking and screaming. Got rid of the ones who could make him look weak or questioned in Parliament. Even ensure the ODM would play ball to save their prestige. Clearly, that is working and time for 2022 is ticking.

ODM and KANU are in the same battle, they are both in coalition with Kenyatta. They are both the same sort of entangled twin. While ODM is supposed to be opposition, KANU is a government party. While Kalonzo tags along and the saga continues.

The only winner here is Uhuru. He got everyone for bargains, while he can do his schemes without any issues. Lives moves on and the power corrupts. Nothing new under the sun, only more ways for the President to get everyone dancing to his tune. Peace.

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