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Media Council of Kenya: “Re: Retraction and Apology over Publication of Gory Images from the Dusit Complex Terror Attack” (17.01.2019)


Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission on the terrorist attack in Nairobi (17.01.2019)

The Chairperson of the Commission stresses that this cowardly attack, once again, underlines the imperative for renewed and reinvigorated efforts to combat terrorism throughout the continent.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, January 17, 2019 – The Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union (AU), Moussa Faki Mahamat, condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack that took place today against innocent civilians in Nairobi, Kenya. He expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims, and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

The Chairperson of the Commission stresses that this cowardly attack, once again, underlines the imperative for renewed and reinvigorated efforts to combat terrorism throughout the continent. He commends the swift response by the security forces of Kenya and expresses the solidarity of the AU with the government and people of Kenya.

The Chairperson of the Commission reiterates the AU’s commitment to continue working with its Member States and partners in the fight against terrorism throughout the continent, as well as to pursue its efforts to stabilize the situation in Somalia and the fight against al-Shabaab, through its Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)

Kenya: IGP Boinnet – Press Statement on the Dusit Hotel Attack (16.01.2019)

Kenya – Director General of UN Office and Executive Director of UN Habitat: Statement on the terror attack (16.01.2019)

IGAD Condemns the Cowardly and Reprehensible Attack on Dusit Complex in Nairobi, Kenya (15.01.2019)

Kenya: CS Fred Matiang’i Statement on the Riverside Attack (15.01.2019)

Kenya: IGP Boinnet Press Statement on the Riverside Attack (15.01.2018)

Kenya: NCIC Arrest Mr. Dennis Kiptoo Mutai (15.01.2019)

Opinion: Random comments about the recent Handshake nonsense!

Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.” Thucydides

The march 9th 2018 handshake between Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, which cleared the air between the National Super Alliance (NASA) and government party Jubilee. This has ensured the parties act together and working towards common goals. Therefore, in some regards the handshake has been positive and ensured the political agenda has moved further.

However, the handshake has also rocked with the need of elections and questioning the Fresh Presidential Elections of 2017. Which have had enough of irregularities in that one. Certainly, the population had deserved the truth about the rigging, but the handshake has blown that away. As the state got cleared by making Building Bridges Initiative.

Therefore, instead of fixing the irregularities and showing good governance. The Jubilee government has made the debt grow, signed shady deals without transparency concerning infrastructure deals with China and also Grand Corruption is daily-life government business. That is why the two recent pieces in both the The Star and Daily Nation, which shows the forgetfulness and how the elite looks at itself.


A group of elders has proposed a holiday on March 9 for celebrations of the peace Kenya experienced following the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange party leader Raila Odinga. In a statement on Friday, Elders Association of Kenya noted that the day should be remembered for years to come” (Sam Kiplagat – ‘Elders call for holiday to celebrate Uhuru-Raila pact’ 12.01.2019, Daily Nation).


Members of the Former Parliamentarians Association accused the politicians of disrespecting the President and opposing the handshake that has brought peace and tranquility in the country. “We demand respect for the President and the presidency, because they are a symbol of national unity and nationhood,” group chairman and former Gatanga MP Humphrey Njuguna said” (Julius Otieno – ‘Don’t disrespect Uhuru, critics told’ 12.01.2019, The Star).

That someone wants to make a handshake a holiday is just facade. It is not cool, as it is making the business of the Building Bridges Initiative, much bigger than it really is. This is making so called legacy out of Kenyatta. Instead of looking at the financial mess and the cycle of debt, the grand corruptions. The elites and the politicians wants to remember the Kenyatta legacy to be this. It is noble of them, but not righteous.

The second one states that people shouldn’t disrespect the President because he deserves to be a symbol of national unity. It is in the same regard as the holiday for the handshake. This is putting it further. As the battle for the legacy of Kenyatta is coming back. We are supposed to celebrate the handshake like the genius move it is supposed to be. That the Kenyatta action of reconcile with Odinga. Like it is the best agreement ever made in the Republic. That is how it seems from these folks, since it needs a Holiday and a symbol of National Unity.

Let me be clear, that these people are really putting so much into the handshake. That soon, they are asking for building statutes, writing hymns and own ministries in government. As the Building Bridges Initiative should be given the praise of the moon, the sun and be the beacon, the guiding star for all hope. That is how it sounds.

Lets also be clear, President Kenyatta gets disrespect after how he acts and the words he uses. When he lectures kids for protesting, when he sends army to kill civilians demonstrating in Kisumu or Kibira in Nairobi after the Fresh Presidential Elections. That is what he will be remembered for. He will be remembered for his foul language and his speeches in Turkana. Kenyatta will be remembered for the Eurobond, NYS Scandals, Maize Scandals and NHIF, and so on. These are the ones that will be remembered. Because that shown the governance and acts of government.

So, if the President wants to be remembered for something, than he should act upon it. It is disrespectful to expect respect from people. When the President acts like a overlord. He should show his true face and act like an Executive. This president is busy with PR Schemes instead of giving proper government services. That is what he will be remembered for, because the PR will go away, but what they really did will stick.

Kenyatta will be disrespected, if he acts disrespectful, if he acts with the cartels or with the elites and not serve the public. That is how he will be remembered. Not if he shook Odinga’s hand, because its not like anyone made anything out of 2008 Kibaki/Odinga Coalition Government. However, important that was at the time and how much dire need there was for a peace agreement.

That is why, the ones running wild on the Handshake. Should cool down, before giving the mantle and the praise for the Building Bridges Initiative. Maybe first remember the ones that initially changed the landscape, to where it is today. The importance of the power-sharing agreement made with mediation of Kofi Annan back-in-the-day. This should maybe be celebrated, but that is for me to as outside looking in. However, everyone is stuck on the new handshake. That is built on even more shaky ground, than the power-sharing deal.

That is why, I react and wrote this piece. Because I don’t get it, unless, all of these gentlemen tries to get political mileage and get some credits their way. Than it would all make sense. Peace.

Let me take a sledgehammer to the Japanese dream of President Kenyatta!

Yesterdays Round-Table Interview with President Uhuru Kenyatta, really shows some PR Stunt out of this world. He thinks he can spin it beautifully on live-broadcast. Where the President can attribute the difference between a thriving economy and his own. Even if the Japanese has higher loan-grade of the GDP, they are exporting much more and have such an advanced economy compared to the Kenyan. This is well-known, but the President tries to flatter himself and ask of the journalist to speak like an economist. Well, that is to different professions, maybe, let economist David Ndii explain, before the PR stunt is shown yet again. Shall we?

David Ndii explaining:

Kenya’s SGR, Uhuru Kenyatta’s erstwhile legacy project, has turned out to be the bugbear that this columnist among others warned that it would be. Its freight capacity is a third of what was promised, and it cannot be competitive without a hefty public subsidy. Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has increased Kenya’s foreign debt two and a half fold, from US$9 billion to US$25 billion. The railway alone accounts for a third of this increase; another third is by sovereign bonds for which the country has nothing to show” (David Ndii – ’CHINA’S DEBT IMPERIALISM: The Art of War by Other Means?’ 18.08.2018, link: https://www.theeastafricanreview.info/op-eds/2018/08/18/chinas-debt-imperialism-the-art-of-war-by-other-means/).

Here is Mr Masai’s conversation with the President:

President Kenyatta: Do you know what the debt of the Japanese government is?

Mr Masai: I’m not really concerned about Japan.

President Kenyatta: Do you know what the Kenyan debt is?

Mr Masai: As I said, right now it’s something between Sh4.5 to Sh4.8 trillion

President Kenyatta: No, no, no as a percentage of the GDP [gross domestic product], talk like an economist.

Mr Masai: 56 per cent of GDP

President Kenyatta: What is Japan’s debt?

Mr Masai: I’m not in Japan so I’m not interested in Japan but Kenya

President Kenyatta: Japan’s debt is over 100 per cent of the GDP” (Evelyn Musabi – ‘Why Mark Masai is trending after Uhuru roundtable interview’ 29.12.2018, link: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/Why-Mark-Masai-is-trending-after-Uhuru-roundtable-interview/1056-4913816-q3k0d/index.html).

As we have seen how a renown economist plays the Kenyan economy and how the President does it. We can really see how this plays out. The President are right about the levels of debt for the government of Japan, but that is domestic. While the growing debt of Kenya is foreign and to other nations. Which is a whole another level… Where the carefulness of paying back should be key for the Jubilee.

Also, the Kenyan is the107th largest export economy, while Japan is the 4th largest export economy. Therefore, the dynamics of the economies are different. Just by the mere recognition of this, should make the President shiver to compel them even. Just like the GDP per Capita is $3.16K in Kenya, while in Japan it is $42.3K. The last measure to prove how wrong it is, the ECON Complexity, the Kenyan is at 89th of 214, while the Japanese is 1st of 214. These numbers are all taken from the Observation of Economic Complexity (OEC). Therefore, they are saying a lot and shows why the President shouldn’t compare these economies and the loans they have. Especially, when you see the significant differences.

Kenya is miles away from Japan. They are not even close. They are so far apart, that the Kenyan better beg the Japanese advice to build their economy and not just borrow to build a railway. Peace.

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