Opinion: Papa Don will continue to wreck havoc

The former President Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump will continue to linger and be a troublesome individual. The ex-President and former leader of the Nation will not leave in peace. Yes, the second impeachment trial is under way in the Senate. Papa Don still have influence within the Republican party and with the lawmakers of the Capitol. The Senators who are going to answer and vote on the up-coming verdict, if he is guilty and deserves to be impeached by the act of inciting to an insurrection of the Capitol on the 6th January 2021.

We cannot know what goes through the minds of the Republicans. These are the ones that has either have to beg for support from Papa Don or feel the room. The GOP clearly have decide, if the rules of law matter or Trump is more important. The insurrection has undermined the party and its future. As they have decide what matter the most. The party have decide if they want to be loyal to one man or actually adhere to the Constitution. That shouldn’t be hard, but the people are connected to former President to have a career. This is why its a choice.

Congress have to continue the impeachment and hopefully undress the whole planning, preparation and execution of the insurrection. That investigation has already been in the works and people are arrested. Hopefully, the authorities will also go after the ring-leaders, the Republican lawmakers involved in both houses and also the former President himself. That they need to do, if the laws matters and if everyone is “equable before the law”.

Papa Don have been able to get away from many trials. The former President been able to stop other investigations and keep them pending, because of his office. Now, he has his new Office of former President. That is just to officiate him and make him seem more important. Also, keep his works in so he can fundraise and campaign for a uncertain future. That is why the Republican leaders still meeting with him in Mar-A-Lago in Miami.

Papa Don might think this is smart, but it only works for the short-con. He might get some funds from his backers and the few supporters who still believes in the cause. However, bigger businesses and such have left him already. They couldn’t give money to someone who was willing to topple and coup d’etat the government. That is why he has less friends and isn’t as strong as he tries to make it seem.

Yes, Papa Don have influence and power within the Republican Party. A party split between Trump and the ones who wants to move on. As they are trying to figure out the way ahead. Nevertheless, Papa Don doesn’t want to be put to the side and wants to play with the strings. He wants to ensure the ones who betrays him have to pay. He will retaliate and make the ones standing in his way suffer. That is who Papa Don is, because he matters more than the party and the laws.

That is if the Republicans wants to save themselves. They should impeach Trump and ensure the other lawmakers get expelled from Congress too. So, that everyone involved get accountable for their part in the insurrection. That is if they care about the Republic and its Constitution. However, power and greed has amassed this party for so long. They are more worried about careers and positions, than actually care about moral and ethical questions. These can be pushed to the side and conspiracy theories can eat that head-space. That is how it seems… and that is why Papa Don is still such a massive figure in the party.

The Republicans have to decide if Papa Don matters more then the Republic. The Republican Senate have to decide, if rule of law matters. The Republican senate have decide, if power is more important than the Republic. Because, if they decide not to impeach, but be loyal to Papa Don. Then all the values and everything the Republican party stood for isn’t valid anymore. They rather have a tin-pot dictator, then actually adhere to principals and laws. The Republican lawmakers have decisions to make. That is if they even care or have values anymore. Many I doubt, because they are clout-chasers of Papa Don. They rather die on the hill of Papa Don, than be a force to be reckon with. They speak of patriotism and rule of law, but they will only use that against minorities, but not follow it themselves. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine’s gamble with the Supreme Court Petition

Tomorrow is the final day of delivering election petition on the matter of the Presidential Election of the 14th January 2021. Alas, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine tried to deliver a petition already on Friday 29th January 2021, but he was dismissed by the Supreme Court. The National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate and Opposition leader plans to do this tomorrow on the 1st February 2021.

However, what his doing here is a gamble. Since all the judiciary appointments is working for the President. All these people are getting fed by the President. He always appoints loyal token judges ahead of the campaign season. Just so his safe and secure for whatever coming their way. Because, the President knows that these folks will do him favours. They will find the legal justification for his reign and dismiss anyone who is in his path.

Bobi Wine can have a team of astute attorneys, the People Power juggernaut can come with fierce force and evidence of the rigging. However, that might not be enough. Because the pendulum is controlled by the “high above”. His orders and his tricks matters more. The President is the personification of the state and therefore his words is law. That is why no matter what legal remedy or proof, the judges will in the end legitimize these affairs for Museveni. Just like they did with the Age Limit petitions too. They all vouched for the President and his excessive needs.

Bobi Wine is now following the footsteps of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi. Who both took it to Court. They have both tried to prove and make the election “null and void”. Nevertheless, that haven’t happened, as the state and the President wouldn’t have it. Besigye tried in 2001 and 2006. Mbabazi tried it in 2016. None of these was successful.

What is more striking is this assessment of the Presidential Election Petitions of the past:

However, the Supreme Court’s decisions (PEPs No.1 2001, No.1 2006 and No.1 2016), indicate that the petitioner must prove, ‘to the satisfaction of the Court’, the allegations made against the respondent on a higher threshold, that is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, which is the standard of proof required to validate a criminal conviction (Grechieng, Niclisch & Thoeni 2010, pp. 847-862). This imposes an almost impossible task for the challenger of the election’s outcome. For these reasons, s.59(6)(c) is deficient in preserving the will of the people and in facilitating fair competition for the presidency” (Dr. Fred Sekindi – ‘PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DISPUTESIN UGANDA – A Critical Analysis of the Supreme Court Decisions, 2017).

So, now that NUP and Bobi Wine is preparing a case. They should know that this challenge is near impossible. The legal principals and international laws for annulments of elections does exists. However, the way the Ugandan laws are made. It is weak and tends to express the needs to prove it too such an extent, which is near impossible. This is where the Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine comes in. As his team and lawyers are planning to petition the court. The act is noble and an approach former opposition candidates has done too. They have all gone there, but with no luck.

That is why its like a game of snakes and ladders. Where no matter where you go. At one point or another, you fall behind and have try to trick yourself up again. You are also lucky if you can ever succeed to pass all the hurdles. That what worries me. It might even give the supports a false figment of hope. Just like this is the magic trick to conquer Museveni. When I don’t think this is the gist of it or the way out.

This is just buying Museveni time and keeping other preoccupied with a case, which he will do a few phone calls and settle. The judges will get their envelopes and faulty reason will dismiss this one too. As we just know, they need to prove it to such an extent that the Presidential Election get annulled. That has been tried before and this isn’t the first the opposition leader is petition the court. No, his the third in line and the fourth major case. Though the UVote collection of DR Forms in comparison to the Final Results will prove rigging. Don’t expect it to be enough. Even if it cannot be proof that the President was directly involved. Still, deep inside the chambers and the halls of the Courts. They do know he has his fingerprints all key aspects of the state.

That is why a petition is a “non-winner”. It is a way to exhaust all ways legally, but it is not a way change the outcome. No, they are only playing the game the President wants. It would be more powerful to drop a report. Show piece by piece, issuing statements of the proofs and hold talks with international media. Get the report exposed and get all local media to discuss it. As it proves every way the election was rigged. In that fashion, the publican be the court and not just a few hand-picked jesters of the President. Which is the ones who will deem it fit or not fit. Peace.

National Unity Platfrom (NUP): Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu letter to Chief Executive Officer of Next Media Services Ltd. – Protest Letter against NBS Television for Conspiring with other actors to Defeat the Will of the People of Uganda (27.01.2021)

Caplin & Drysdale Attorneys: Lincoln Project letter to Rudy Giulliani – Re: Your False and Defamatory Statements about The Lincoln Project (with Accompanying Notice to Presvere All Relevant Documents, If Any) – (30.01.2021)

Opinion: Kenyatta’s bedfellows give him sleepless nights

It is now soon the final term of President Uhuru Kenyatta. You would think he would try to finish the Big Four and mighty pledges promised through two campaigns. However, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bought him peace, but it has also undressed the political elite. That is what has happened and it has vitalized the 2022 elections.

Kenyatta is showing that he has ushered in new bedfellows, which is now undermining him. They are not directly doing it, but the whole ordeal and execution of it is clearly hurting the President. Together with Raila Odinga he made this happen. The whole handshake and BBI. They are in this together and have had scheme now. That have overpowered the rest of the state organization and government policies. This is why the other pledges and matters seems to cease to exist.

Kenyatta have also made a deal with KANU. Also going into a coalition with Gideon Moi. This was certainly a move of powerful. While he offered a Envoy role to Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. In that regard paying of another party. So, that he had three parties plus his own in his hands. The President had ODM, KANu and WDM. They were all loyal bedmates.

While he did all this. He forgot his Deputy-President William Ruto. The one he was supposed to sleep with and be a tender partner too. The President was to work with a collective effort together. These two had campaigned for each other twice. They had been on the battlefield together and brought this government in as a coalition and a united party. Now, years later and close to the next election. These two seems like scorn exes who was betrayed by their lover.

Kenyatta should be happy his term is soon over. He is supposed to settle and ensure his legacy. Even as terrible as that may… he isn’t doing anyone any favours by dismissing his own DP. These two are from the same government and same party. Still, they seems to be miles apart and that someone has been deceitful.

Over all these years, if someone should be shielded and work together it should have been Kenyatta and Ruto. In ordinary fashion these should be buddy buds and partners in crime. Kenyatta and Ruto should resolve their terms. They should use the last final year to deliver the Big Four and everything else. However, the BBI have overshadowed that and its Grand Corruption scandals too. It just like all the bedfellows have stopped keeping the government accountable and only focus on the BBI.

It is the politicking of Kenyatta that got him here. He has made his bed and he got to sleep in it. It is special that he is blaming Ruto. They have been bedfellows for years and he has added others too. That is why the waters been so distorted and created all the issues. The BBI have just unravelled everything and the main goals. That is why Kenyatta is targeting his DP instead of looking into what he promised earlier. It is like he went on campaigning for BBI, but no one really ever did. That was just a creation to salvage and buy peace, but it became so much more.

They are preparing for 2022 but its only making them all naked. Their deceit and deceptions are in the open. A state that is tanked, having huge loans and grand corruption scandals over the years. Kenyatta’s latest triad in Sagana is just proving this. If he wanted to prove leadership and results. The way he went about isn’t that. It is more like his doing what he can to infinite in the circles of power.

Maybe Kenyatta hopes this BBI can salvage his legacy. However, it is only showing how torn and wrecked the elite is. When they have to do this and go against their own. The BBI is only proving the misgivings of elites and their entitlement for a new referendum. That is why he has to warn about cunning politicians… when Kenyatta is one of them himself.

President Kenyatta have made all these relationships and alliances. Just because he is done and isn’t de-attaching himself. Doesn’t mean his all right. That is very cunning himself. Yes, I am not a fan of Ruto, but Kenyatta isn’t that great either. He only seems to be in it to profit himself and not for government services.

It seem like Kenyatta is having sleepless nights. He soon ending this nightmare, but that will last for another year or until the BBI is law. Peace.

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU): ZINASU Demands the Immediate Release of Alan Moyo from Prison (30.01.2021)

Opinion: The elites will not cry out but they will bash in glory

In the recent days there is a proof that certain individuals doesn’t care or speak out against the human rights violations, the taking away people’s constitutional rights and taking away their freedom. The activists and foreign journalists are calling out the “drones” or the “Panda Gari’s” but the elites and the ones winning in the system is more afraid of the image of the Republic. They don’t worry that citizens are behind bars for political affiliations, arbitrary arrested, abducted, kidnapped, tortured and possibly killed in the name of the state.

This here only shows that Fabiola and Sheilah Gashumba is living in a bubble. They are spreading the vision of Visit Uganda and speaking willingly of MTV African Music Awards in Kampala. That would be fine and dandy, but do you remember how Bobi Wine and other local artists was blocked for holding concerts, because of their political affiliation?

Well, that was only last year. Now it matters more that DJ Khaled is participating and the spotlight is on a moment shedding event. Because, people are not supposed to use these moments to cry havoc and speak out of the ills of society. These are to be separated. Surely, Omah Lay and Tems surely meet the humble officers after their concert too.

We are clearly seeing that Fabiola and Gashumba rather see the wonderful wonders of the Republic. Yes, Uganda is a beautiful country with hospital and kind people. However, its government is despicable and a military junta with no favours asking. That is two things that co-exists and the elites rather wants the pictures of Murchinson Falls, instead of the tear-gassing of Bobi Wine. That is just the mere reality and proven by how they operate in defence of the MTV MAMA’s.

The elites should be on the forefront defending human rights and the rights of the ones who isn’t as entitled or having the means you have. However, you decide instead to stand on the pedestal and use rhetoric of “imperialism” and “Neocolonialism”. Which is always a rich idea, when the ones using the MTV MAMA to light the spotlight on the issues. They are using a popular event and international TV Channel to expose it to a grander audience. Something these elites should know well, since they use their platforms to give publicity to anyone paying them. Yes, we know and you know.

I don’t expect magic from the elites, but they should use their mind on bigger things than their pockets. However, greed is a virtue and it shows. They rather have all the glitter and glamour, than actually show the bitter truths about how state operates. They rather want people to speak in a vacuum and not getting their stories told. Because, we are just supposed to be happy that an international event is happening. Not that people are disfranchised, silenced and taken away with no legal justification. That should worry the elite, because who knows when one of them get into the same worm-hole.

Right now the ones wearing red, associated with the red and supporting Bobi Wine is the ones who gets into trouble. That is a mere reality and its tragic. The elites will always bash in glory and sing psalms of wealth, but they could use their good for something greater. But in 2021 that is asking too much. Peace.

RDC: Forces Armees de la Republique Democratique du Congo (FARDC) – Communique de Presse (30.01.2021)

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Sudan: WFP’s response to inter-communal violence in Darfur, Sudan (29.01.2021)

This is a summary of what was said by WFP spokesperson Tomson Phiri – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today’s press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

GENEVA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is ramping up assistance to displaced people following a spate of inter-communal violence in West and South Darfur which has forced over 100,000 people to flee in search of safety.

An estimated 70,000 of the displaced people are gathered in over 70 centres across Geneina city in West Darfur. Additional gathering points have been identified as people continue to arrive where WFP and Sudan Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) joint population assessments are being planned. The total number of displaced people is feared to exceed 100,000.

WFP started distributions of emergency food assistance to people inside Geneina, so far reaching 40,000 people in 30 of the 71 centres. Assistance comprises staples – sorghum, pulses and salt to make meals – as well as high energy biscuits, which provide immediate nutrition for children and adults without the need for water or cooking. Food distributions to the remainder of the affected population are ongoing within the city while food distributions outside Geneina will start once the verification exercise is complete.

WFP is extremely concerned with the continued violence. November to January is when farmers are engaged in the winter season planting and the main season harvesting of millet and sorghum. Even a momentary burst of violent disruption of livelihood activities, can have a long-lasting impact. If a planting or harvesting period is missed, it may not be resumed. If livestock cannot be moved to pasture or water, they may not survive. The biggest loser in all this, are the poor households whose food security situation is further compromised.


The United Nations World Food Programme is the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. We are the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.

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