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RDC: Lamuka – Communique (13.12.2019)


RDC: Point de Presse du President de la CENI (13.12.2018)

RDC: FCC – Communique de Press – Du Front Commun pour le Congo (13.12.2018)

RDC: CENI – Communique de Presse (13.12.2018)

RDC: Lamuka – Point de Presse (11.12.2018)

DRC: In Lubumbashi there was fatal aggression against the Fayulu/Lamuka Convoy!

Today is a sad day, as the peaceful election is now squashed, maybe the pictures of the rallies around the Democratic Republic of Congo has hit the desk of Joseph Kabila and his sidekick the Emmanuel Shadari who is running against Martin Fayulu and Félix Antoine Tshisekedi. However, the rallies of the two last gentlemen clearly sparked fear in the powerful men and their armies. As they had to retaliate, not with a vision or prospects of a better future. They decided to order violence and intimidate the opposition, as they know best.

Today in Lubumbashi, as the people was gathering in and around the convoy of Lamuka, the Political Alliance of Fayulu. The Police and Presidential Guards decided to tear-gas the public, use live bullets and assault the ones gathering to welcome Fayulu. That is what they did today.

What is happening right now in #lubumbashi is intolerable! Gassing activists of #lamuka, arbitrary arrests, dispersal of the crowd coming in mass welcoming Martin Fayulu. A real election, it goes first through a real campaign, free and democratic!” (Moise Katumbi, 11.12.2018).

The current reports of loss of lives because of the state sanctioned violence against the public, is up to 6 people died, 11 severely hurt police officers and scores of the public in same condition, as the numbers of how many hurt by the guns and tear-gas is unknown.

What is also known already, is that the Presidential Guard did directly attack the cars and the convoy of Fayulu, he was singled out and targeted by the Security Forces. They we’re attacking him directly and planned to do so, when he entered Lubumbashi. That video evidence of it is striking and shows it. They are proving their real character and plans of total destruction of the opposition ahead of the polls later in the month.

Some is claiming this was trying to assassinate Fayulu, but they clearly targeted him and his motorcade/convoy of people going to the rally scheduled in the city. What is proven today, was that the crowds was starting to gather around the convoy/motorcade, but than the authorities came in with the guns blazing. Showing their ill-intention as they came with precision shooting it all down.

If Kabila and Shadari wanted to signal to the world, their intentions, they clearly did it today. They are violently planning to control the situation. They are planning to steal the whole thing and take it. They are not leaving without the bullets and assault on democratic values, as they are spreading fear. There was no issues on the roads and by the motorcade/convoy, before the Presidential Guards, the Police Officers and all other Security Forces showed up.

That is the proof of today, which has been peaceful campaign season, until now. But that dream had to be shattered by the dreams of another hostile takeover. As the political campaigning in the DRC cannot happen without bullets coming to play. Peace.

RDC: Union Democratique Africaine Orginelle (05.12.2018)

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Nord Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola epidemic spreads further into urban communities and isolated areas (04.12.2018)

The newest areas to be affected include the city of Butembo and a number of isolated areas that are hard to reach. So far, 440 people have been infected with the virus, 255 of whom have died.

GENEVA, Switzerland, December 4, 2018 – The Ebola epidemic continues to spread through the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s North Kivu province. The newest areas to be affected include the city of Butembo and a number of isolated areas that are hard to reach. So far, 440 people have been infected with the virus, 255 of whom have died. Teams from international medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) continue to strengthen their efforts to help bring the epidemic under control.

This is DRC’s tenth and most serious epidemic of Ebola since the virus was discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what was then called Zaire. Forty years later, despite a massive and coordinated mobilization by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Congolese Ministry of Health and organizations such as MSF, the deadly virus is still spreading.The newest urban locations to be affected are the city of Butembo, as well as Kalenguta, 25km to its north, and Katwa, 30km to its east. These places have all seen an increase in confirmed cases of Ebola as well as some resistance from the community. For now, the number of cases in Butembo’s city centre is low, but cases are rising quickly in its eastern suburbs and outlying isolated districts.

“We are very concerned by the epidemiological situation in the Butembo area” says John Johnson, MSF project coordinator in Butembo. “We now know that this outbreak will last and that we must increase our efforts to get it under control. With the agreement of the authorities, we have made a strategic decision to roll out our activities close to the affected populations and to organize training of key people in the community so that we can reach patients and their relatives.”

MSF’s efforts to reach Ebola suspects living in isolated areas have had initial success. New cases are being reported from these areas and patients are being brought to Butembo, where MSF manages an Ebola treatment centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The number of beds in the Butembo centre has recently been increased to 64.

Meanwhile, MSF has reinforced its activities to decontaminate health centres and vaccinate frontline health workers to help contain the epidemic. So far, 2,000 frontline workers have received the Ebola vaccine.

In Mangina, where the epidemic started, no new cases have been reported for several weeks. “We should be able to end our activities in the treatment centre shortly,” says Axelle Ronsse, coordinator of MSF’s Ebola response.

In Beni, the number of cases per week remains stable. However, new cases are still being confirmed on a daily basis. “To fight this, we have stepped up our medical and health operations by opening a 48-bed transit centre that remains is still busy” says Ronsse. “We also, for example, perform decontaminations in health centres where a confirmed patient has been. But our actions aren’t limited to reactive responses: we have increased our training of health professionals and raising awareness amongst communities of hygiene practices. Four months after the start of the epidemic, we remain mobilized and vigilant in the face of new developments.”

Antoine is in charge of health promotion activities at Butembo Ebola treatment centre. “My daily work is essential in addressing the epidemic” says Antoine. “We want to encourage people to come and get treated as quickly as possible. We also spread the message that recovering from Ebola is possible. We ask every survivor who leaves our centre to become an ambassador and raise awareness by telling their story. Some people who are now immune to the virus can, in turn, provide valuable help, particularly looking after children isolated from their families. It is by working together that we will beat this epidemic. It concerns us all.”

RDC: Declaration Politique d’Adhesion du Regroupement ARC-EN-CIEL Du Congo, “ACC” Ala Plateforme “Lamuka” (03.12.2018)

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