What’s up doc? A brief look into Parliament Report on PRESIDE and the mismanagement of COVID-I9 funds in the Republic

I like the unfortunate phenomenon of western countries halting exportation of the COVID19 vaccine until all their citizens are fully vaccinated. This will enable Africans to wake up and manufacture their own medicines. I like the bad things because Africans sleep too much, I have never believed in dependency. This selfishness in the world is bad but it’s a shame that the whole of the African continent is asleep waiting to be saved by others… In the short run, we shall see who can sell COVID19 vaccines to us. As far as Uganda is concerned, I assure you, we will never again be in such a situation, we are making our own vaccine” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (27.06.2021).

Another day, another Parliament Report exposing the rot of the Government. A government that isn’t follow the laws, codes and protocols of the republic. Direct Presidential Directives which have no barring and to ambition to be achieved. Neither was there anywhere close to be legit research or able to fulfil it’s mission.

The State House and Ministries clearly miscalculated their abilities and the promise of the project. Neither did it have the scientists or the manpower to do it. There was not enough time or enough research spaces to make it happen. The budgets was to slim and there was also spending unaccounted for. A sort of troubling project, which is meant to fail. A spending spree without any accountability or transparency. A money pit without without any sort of proof of value for money. The PRESIDE and associated projects was bound to fail. The Parliamentary reports published today is called: “REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION ON COVID-19 RELATED RESEARCH FOR FY 2019/20 TO FY 202/22”.

This report is a story of how a President and the State House directs, implement and execute without proper planning or direction for that matter. It is just headache and shows what sort of enterprise the whole COVID-19 vaccine programme PRESIDE was and that’s why the quotes of this report is so explicit.

It is a total utter failure and the President is implicated it, as it is his directive and run directly from the State House. This wasn’t a Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) or Ministry of Health. No, this was an affair out of the State House and shows how it goes. Done without being bound by law or done correctly. That’s why this was bound to fail, which it did.

Just read these quotes from the report to get the gist:

In his statement, he indicated that up to UGX. 20bn had been drawn from the consolidated fund for scientists under PRESIDE to manufacture a COVID-I9 vaccine and an additional UGX. 50bn was drawn on 2021 for PRESIDE, and yet supervising Ministry (Ministry of Science, Technolory and Innovation) had been disbanded. He further questioned the legality of the Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE), queried its staffing, operations and whether its premises in Ntinda that had no laboratories would be able to produce a vaccine” (May 2022 report).

Overall funding for COVID- 19 research was as follows:

– UGX. 5.3bn for PRESIDE FY 2019/20

– UGX. 31.03bn for projects under PRESIDE, UGX. 3.35bn for PRESIDE secretariat operations, and UGX. 2.74bn under NRIP in FY2020/2l

– UGX. 25bn for project operations, a supplementary request of UGX. 50.4bn for a manufacturing plant and UGX. 27bn for additional operational funds for PRESIDE projects in FY 2021/22” (May 2022 report).

A total of (seventeen) 17 projects (Project l-17) was presented before Parliament with a total budget of UGX. 25bn, for implementation in FY2021/22. When additional funds of UGX. 27bn became available through a supplementary budget, the total number of projects raised to 27, where 10 new projects (Projects 18-27) were introduced and two of the already approved projects i.e. (projects 6 (Immune Therapy – Convalescent plasma). and 14 (Herbal Products for Management of COVID-19) were dropped. The Committee found that the two projects should have been given funds for implementation whether there was a supplementary or not since their budgets had already been approved by Parliament in the Ministerial Policy Statement. No reasons were given for their exclusion” (May 2022 report).

The Committee while interacting with the petitioner was informed that PRESIDE was a company formed by Dr. Monica Musenero and some of her family members including her husband. These allegations were disputed by Hon. Musenero, who informed the Committee that PRESIDE is neither an organtzation nor a company but a project under State House” (…) However, the Committee noted that the establishment of PRESIDE violates governance rules, as it has no legal status. The initiative has not been incorporated in accordance with the laws of Uganda. Therefore it is not a legal entity. The Committee also observed from the concerned officials that no steps had been taken to have it legally established” (May 2022 report).

Although PRESIDE was established with a visionary mandate, to be a vehicle to spear the pathogen economy, it has been mired with mismanagement, poor accountability practices and overall poor planning. At its inception, Government failed to define its legality, failed to analyze and optimize the structures that were already in place and build on these as a way of driving the pathogen economy forward. This went against the current government policy on rationalization and improvement of efficiencies within MDAs. The role of UNHRO, MoSTI, UNCST as regulators was usurped and replaced with PRESIDE which had a temporary supervisory framework in form of a MoU. With the expiry of the MoU, PRESIDE as a project remained operational yet not supervised because its Chairperson is the Minister responsible for the docket of STI and also the Special Presidential Advisor on Epidemics” (May 2022 report).

Reading a report like this is shattering. It just shows how the state is mismanaging funds and how the State House isn’t preparing things ahead. The whole PRESIDE shows how a Presidential Directive is put into life, but never able to implement, because the state doesn’t have the funds, manpower or the facilities to do it. The PRESIDE is an utter failure…

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was all talk, but no business. They can start-up organizations and projects, but they have no plans of the implementation or protocols to ensure it is successful. PRESIDE is a proof on how not to run a project… as it has had no plan or any sort of proof that it would actually manage the mission from the on-set.

The ones that believes the NRM would be able to produce a COVID-19 vaccine was day-dreaming, because the whole PRESIDE can be seen as a nightmare. The ones running it should be ashamed and it was a waste of government funding. Nothing to show for it and only a name-tag, which runs back to the State House and the Presidential Directive. A

All of it is a waste … the President should be held to account as he ushered it in and it did nothing. They will fault everyone, but if it wasn’t for him… this mess wouldn’t exist and the report wouldn’t have been published either.

The PRESIDE should be lectured at Makerere University or something in how not to run things and be a case-study in bad-governance. This is a proof of how not to govern and nothing was done correctly. That’s why it deserve to be acknowledged and used as a learning experience. Since, the next government could do another properly and actually achieve something worthwhile. Peace.

Uganda: FEWS NET projected food security levels as stressed in the Greater Northern Region and a crisis in Karamoja

Staple food prices have continued to increase in recent months and are higher than prices recorded last year and five-year average levels across most of Uganda. Prices of staple sorghum and maize are now significantly above average in several key reference markets across the country. In Karamoja, terms of trade for sorghum against firewood, charcoal, and goats are below average and worse than last year, significantly restricting food access for poor households. After the first season bimodal harvest in June/July, food prices are expected to decline but are now expected to remain above average given expectations for below-average production, increased net exports, and impacts of the war in Ukraine on global supply chains and prices” (FEWS NET, 06.05.2022).

The Cassava Republic is getting hit hard by not only the rising commodity prices, but the weather. The agricultural production will be slowed down and that will hurt the farmers of the regions in the Northern Uganda and in the Karamoja sub-region. That is very evident and FEWS NET together with the World Food Programme is clearly having an oversight here. This here should worry the state, as it has targeted and had a military operation in Karamoja. Which is not mentioned here, but the burning region of Karamoja isn’t having a better times ahead of it. To the contrary things are only getting worse.

The Cassava Republic is also hit with an impactful war, which is not only hitting the exports of wheat, but in general. That’s why prices of commodities will go up and has gone up over the last year. Things are not getting better there either. Just read the quote below, which is a continuation of the first quote from FEWS NET on the matter.

In general, prices of food and non-food commodities have increased notably since late 2021. The main driving factors include rising transportation costs due to increasing fuel prices, seasonally declining market stocks, and reduced production prospects from the upcoming first season harvest following below average rainfall. More recently, impacts of the Russia-Ukraine crisis have driven further fuel price increases and increased the rate of general inflation of food and non-food commodities, further reducing household purchasing power. In March, retail prices of maize grain and sorghum increased farther above five-year average levels. Retail prices of beans and cassava generally remained below average in March, though prices of beans increased by 9-20 percent across monitored markets from February to March” (FEWS NET, 06.05.2022).

Here is the worrying statement:

However, rising food prices will likely result in some higher selling prices for famers, increasing access to income for those with near average production. For pastoralist households, pasture and water availability is expected to improve in May given the forecast of above-average rainfall. Overall, most households in bimodal areas are expected to access sufficient food and income to meet their essential food and non-food needs, with Minimal (IPC Phase 1) outcomes expected to persist at the area level throughout the projection period. However, given revised expectations for a third consecutive below-average production season as well as rising prices of food and non-food commodities including fuel, Stressed (IPC Phase 2) outcomes are now expected to persist throughout much of northern Uganda for the majority of the projection period. In Karamoja, availability of food and income is expected to remain seasonally limited as the lean season progresses. Given delays in the agricultural season, the lean season is now expected to last through July, longer than usual by about three weeks. During this time, insecurity is likely to continue constraining limiting income-earning, including from livestock production and sales. When schools reopen for the new term in early May, households will likely experience some improved food consumption due to WFP’s food and nutrition programming for school children, including school meals, take-home rations, and supplementary food for households with malnourished children. However, food prices are expected to continue increasing through around June until the harvest from bimodal areas begins to boost market supplies, with an increasing number of poor households likely to face consumption gaps and Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes during this time. Though some seasonal price declines are expected following this, prices are expected to remain above average. For many poor Karamoja households, below-average purchasing power will continue constraining access to food from market purchases. Around August/September, the start of harvesting in Karamoja is expected to support improved access to food from own consumption and income from crop sales and reduce the number of households facing consumption gaps, though Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are expected to persist at the area level even during the post-harvest period. Overall, widespread Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are now expected to persist through at least September, with worst-affected households facing Emergency (IPC Phase 4) outcomes” (FEWS NET, 06.04.2022).

We are seeing changes and the next coming months will be impactful to say the least. As the farmers and everyone else will struggle. There will be lack of food and a distress in some parts of the Republic, but it can become really dire in Karamoja. The Karamoja where the army has attacked, burned villages and gone after the citizens. That’s where things are getting worse and where they will have a terrible food insecurity to the levels of crisis. They can possibly get into Emergency, which should worry anyone. This just really speaks of how the state is failing its citizens and things are not getting any better.

The state should act upon this and think of safeguards. Nevertheless, don’t think they will. They rather send more soldiers and have more birthday bashes for Muhoozi. Than being concerned with the lack of food or ability to plough their fields. No, the state is more busy scheming and enterprising for their own. That’s why this sort of news needs to be spread. Because, the citizens of Karamoja and the Greater North will be hurt by this. That is the message from FEWS NET and it should be heard. Peace.

Opinion: NPM Versus NRM – It’s the flip-side of the same coin

There are now talks of a launch or a rebrand possibly of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the ruling regime party since 1986. That it will become the National Progressive Movement (NPM). It is just taking one coined phrase of our time and pinning away the old. The “Resistance” is changed with “Progressive”.

There been people mocking the “Resistance” as it is an established party and cannot resist anything at this point. It is the opposition and the renegades activists that is resisting or defying the current regime these days. However, the NRM is far from progressive and more conservative in any manner of approach. That’s why it’s just using a popular word and pining it in the name.

We know the NRM came in with “No Change” and in the 2016 campaign they used the slogan “Steady Progress” and in the last one it was “Securing Your Future”. So, if you are looking at the slogans and programs, they have become stale and also lack of progression. That is the deprecating acts of lingering in power. The NPM will only change the logo and possible the name. The party and the junta government isn’t really changing.

If this happens because of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba … he might turn the NRM into NPM and it hopefully become his own vehicle and ends up like Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM). Because, his father had one successful party and politicking, which turned into the NRM. Before that the UPM was launched and had a terrible election in 1980.

So, it is not like all things the father has done was a victory and a winning strategy. Heck, the father wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Obote and how Nyerere gave him a chance to participate in the ending of the Amin government. Therefore, the greatness is given to him by the help of others and him joining forces. The same way he started to rule by a national front and anyone could join it by becoming a part of the NRM. That was a coalition of former leaders of other movements who had also worked to end the Obote regime. Therefore, Museveni was able to politicking and settle grievances with others by giving them titles or offices.

Now, Muhoozi wants to follow his father and it’s striking as the NPM is just a rehash of the NRM. The Yellow will continue, their purge, violence and intolerance for others will persist. The dictatorship doesn’t become saint like because of a name-change. It is a name-change, but not a change in how it operates or what it does. The only progressive about the NPM is the P in the middle of the name. There is no progression or significant change. The same army is violating people, authorities attacking and monitoring the opposition and the table is turned against the civilians.

That’s why there is nothing new in the sphere of things. It is the same, it doesn’t matter if it is heads or tails. It is the same coin and the only thing that changes is that you flipped the coin. The coin is of the same value and same size. Nothing has changed, but the other side of the coin.

We can only hope the NPM would go down in flames and in a total failure like the UPM. Since this would be the first launch and party of Muhoozi. He is a total uncharismatic and has shown no public leadership skills. His an event manager and a soldier for his father. The avenger of his father and not a public figure in another manner.

NRM Versus NPM… more of “no change” and a new figure head of the dynasty. That is not progression or progressive for that matter. This stagnation or status quo. So, a sincere name-change would be National Stability Movement, but that isn’t as “sexy” as Progressive. Peace.

Opinion: Muhoozi’s quest for cheap popularity

A person subject to military law who displays any of the following types of conduct—

(a) quest for cheap popularity;


(c)intrigue and double talk;

(d)tribalism, nepotism or any other form of sectarianism;

(e)formation of a clique in the army, commits the offence of subversion and is liable on conviction to life imprisonment.” (UPDF Act, 2005).

The Commander of Land Forces, the third ranking official of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and Senior Presidential Advisor, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is now asking the public support his team. His flaunting his political ambitions and that his preparing a political programme.

As a man of the army, a man subjected to the military law. Everything we have seen of late is to get “cheap popularity” and it’s obvious. He is using the military platform to his advantage. The Lt. Gen. is reckless in concern to the State House and the Government itself. While his professing his “Project Muhoozi” and opening up the gates for his succession of his father. Alas, there is the pickle.

Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba might think his gigs are a winning strategy, as his using parts of the formula of his father. That he has several of entertainments and artists on stage while ushering in his campaign rally in the midst of it. The same has the President done in 2016 and 2021. He has done this and that’s why Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool been part of it for years. They all knew this and it’s nothing new.

What is striking is that he can just do this… and pay no ramification for it. His a CLF and the Lt. Gen. is acting without any office or justification to do so. The “Project Muhoozi” is now forming and in the public eye. He haven’t even retired from the army or any of his official offices. While his playing the cards out and speaking of victory of his Team MK. Like Team MK is a political party and even NRM MPs is speaking of it. That’s when you know the scheme is up.

Muhoozi can come out with his platform and play for the cheap popularity, as the entertainment and a plate of food is served at events. The Lt. Gen. can act like it doesn’t matter, but he surely wanted more than a handful to run in his marathon. He wanted full stadiums at the concerts and football matches. Nevertheless, the artificial popularity can only take you so far.

The people know you and the UPDF act should matter, as his not above the law and should be held in contempt for it. As his seeking cheap popularity as a Lt. Gen and a subject to Military Law. He should be sent for Court Martial. A Court Martial that has been used to stifle the opposition and activists, who happened to be civilian. However, this is a man of the army and he should have acted accordingly.

However, the first son and the heir of the dictatorship thinks otherwise. His hubris, ego and arrogance is on another level. Someone should humiliate him and he should answer to the Gods. Nevertheless, that is for another day. Peace.

Opinion: Apparently, Muhoozi needed to reoccupy the Republic, who knew?

The enemies fought us for so long! They abused me with every name they could find! Now they can’t believe we have taken over the country! We will not stop until we are in complete control!” (Muhoozi, 01.05.2022).

Everyone should give credit to Gen. David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Tinye for his revelation of the “Project Muhoozi” in 2013. We are now close to a decade later and Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is acting like he owns the Republic. He also believes his own it now after a few half-assed or decent performances of others. Free food and entry to concerts can easily bring people out.

Especially, since the nation been under lockdown and people haven’t been able to gather. So, there is plenty of reasons, which isn’t directly connected to Muhoozi or his persona. Just the opportunity and the liberty to see musicians on stage at a big event for the first time in while.

He act like he “won” something. The only thing he has proven is that his a nobody, if it wasn’t for his father. Muhoozi would be a nobody and a street sweeper if it wasn’t for his father. Heck, he would be a peasant and possible work on the fields somewhere. However, he would not be in the State House or anywhere near prominence.

That doesn’t change the fact today that his the Third Ranking official in the National Army or the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and a Senior Presidential Advisor with a lofty ambition. His speaking of Team MK like it is a viable force, but that is only as long as he can pay people for the gigs. There will be few and little people around him without the influence of the President and the possible wealth his family has amassed over the years.

That’s why it’s extra funny that he says this:

Amongst the Bachwezi, my clan were always the warriors! I can understand why a few haters are terrified by our return! After 500 years!” (Muhoozi, 01.05.2022).

Maybe, the Kingdom of Bachwezi should be first recognized, secondly someone with power should legitimize Prince Mkungu Frank Nzhuzuure who claims to be the 37th heir of the Bachwezi dynasty. However, we know President Museveni isn’t accepting that. He sees himself as the King of Kings (Ssabagabe).

While there is already another heir as the Ankole crown prince Charles Aryaija Rwebishengye Barigye, who is Obugabe of the Ankole. However, we know by now that Museveni has no intention of restoring that. Since he has seen himself as the only leader and therefore blocked anyone else.

This would mean that Bachwezi and Obugabe have not gotten their cultural rights or restoration of their kingdoms like others has. That because there is a deeper struggle within the State House and the Presidency itself. As the President see himself as the Ssabagabe and because of that he cannot have anyone claiming the title King in his homestead. While there are two apparent heirs and two lineages of dynasties, which reflects the lost kingdoms and their history.

A history, which Muhoozi is very proud off, but they are not reflected by the actions of the state. Maybe Muhoozi thinks his the return of Ndahura or something like that. Nevertheless, that is most likely not. As his just another warrior and a big-man with huge ego.

While the Bachwezi is a thing of historical value. The only living remains of their kingdom is the recognized Bunyoro-Kiata Kingdom and their Babiito dynasty, which is ruled by the Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I who happens to be the 27th King of the Babiito dynasty.

So, Muhoozi and Museveni have to challenge that one as well. If he was to re-ignite the Bachwezi. Also, try to block the Obugabe Barigye and the apparent heir Prince Nzhuzuure. Still, I think both is far-fetched and won’t happen. The kingdoms that has been recognized has been done for a reason and also to get political capital, which the President and State House haven’t needed here.

We just have to wait for the re-occupation of Muhoozi and see his vast amount of fans in the Team MK show up for him. Like they are willing to follow his convoy and every movement. That happens to Besigye and Bobi Wine, but never seen that happening for Muhoozi. If he believes the hype and such, his a fool, but that we knew already. He thinks the Bebe Cool’s and Jose Chameleone will bring his an easy victory and a ticket to Presidency.

It will only bring him tears. As his neither a king, a man of the people or an honourable. His just a son of a President without no proper mission. Other than exposing his naive will of total control. Also, that he wishes he was someone and somebody who was respected. However, people are only surrounding him and being part of this, because they are getting paid. There is no love lost and he will feel lonely. Since, his imposing himself and not there by popular demand. Peace.

The Saga of Kongulu – Is that the next chapter for Muhoozi?

After the recent weekend, the big bash and concert in Kampala. The questions are obvious and unleashing of the First Son to the public is evidently clear. There is no secret letters or General David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Tinye leaking intelligence anymore. No, it is all in the open and the signs on the horizon is clear.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is aiming for the throne and wants to be the next in line after his father. Which was announced and proclaimed in the 2013 letters to the press by Sejusa. These are now relevant, but told a vital story. A story that is now not only returning, but the authorities and the state is trying to normalize. That the unelected son is the one for the next term. His the guy and the big-man. A man who has never been tested, tried or held any official capacity outside of the army. That this man is able and ready to become the next head of state.

However, President Yoweri Tiburhurwa Kaguta Museveni isn’t the only one who did this to his son. The dictator that he deposed with Rwandan forces in the late 1990s, Mobutu Sese Seko had a son, which was made Captain and trained military, Captain Kongulu Mobutu. He was also in the reigns and in arms reach. As President Mobutu didn’t trust or see other military leaders fit. That’s why he trained his son and used him to violently go after the ones who was in his way. Just in the way Muhoozi is cleaning the slate and doing the dirty jobs of Museveni these days. Museveni who ironically said he would be different, than the old guard and come with a “fundamental change”. Alas, he just copied and created his own regime.

A document from Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada states this about Mobutu’s son:

Information on Kungulu, a high ranking military official in Mobutu régime is scarce among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate. However, attachments refer to a man named Kongulu as former president Mobutu’s son who served in the Zairian Presidential Security Division (DSP) with a rank of Captain. Please note that some sources refer to him as Mobutu Kongulu (The Detroit News 19 May 1997; The New York Times 18 May 1997) while others as Mobutu Kongolo (AFP 29 May 1997; ibid. 20 May 1997; Reuters 23 May 1997). Early reports place him in Brazzaville (AFP 29 May 1997) and Lomé, Togo (ibid., 20 May 1997). In November 1997 Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported that Mobutu Kongolo was living is Morocco (11 November 1997). According to Jeune Afrique Magazine, some of former president Mobutu’ s family members live in Paris, France and in Rabat, Morocco (17-23 March 1998,18)” (IRB – Dokument #1112226, 21.05.1998).

This here doesn’t say much more than what I stated. However, there are more sources on the son of Mobutu, which might become even more interesting. Since, Muhoozi is trading the same waters and with old dictator as a father.

Wire reported this: “Well after President Mobutu’s departure, his youngest son, Capt. Mobutu Kongulu, 27, an officer in the Presidential Guard – and a man feared here as Zaire’s own “Saddam Hussein”- sought to rally other guardsmen in a last-ditch attempt to stave off a rebel capture of Kinshasa and avenge his father’s defeat, Zairian officers said Saturday. From the moment he learned of his father’s decision to leave power, they said, he plotted how to punish those he felt had abandoned the president. On Friday night, Capt. Mobutu was seen entering the military camp where his father kept his final Kinshasa residence. Moments later, the army chief of staff and defense minister, Gen. Mahele Lioko, was shot in the head and killed. Mahele’s associates said that word had leaked out that he was planning to travel to Lusaka, Zambia, Saturday to negotiate a cease-fire with the rebels and that Capt. Mobutu had decided to prevent it” (The Spokesman – Review – ‘Mobutu’s Son Suspected Of Killing Moderate General’ 18.05.1997).

While the CNN reported this as he was fleeing: “Meanwhile, his eldest son, Kongulu, and 109 members of the deposed leader’s extended family were stuck across the river from Kinshasa, in Brazzaville, Congo, because a flight crew refused to fly them out. Kongulu, a senior army officer, was the son most closely associated with his father’s brutal excesses. Zairians trashed his house on Sunday” (CNN – ‘Mobutu in Togo as Zaire rebels assume leadership’ 19.05.1997).

This is from the past, as well, as there was reports that he died in exile in Monaco. The father and the son died in exile. As the new regime was placed by the invading forces and nations. Which just happens to be Uganda and Rwanda. The current Ugandan Dictator was behind the downfall of Mobutu Sese Seko and his son. Now, we are discussing it over 2 decades later.

Muhoozi should consider the end of Kongulu. Kongulu Mobutu didn’t become 30 years old. However, he got recognized and known like Muhoozi. It isn’t like Muhoozi haven’t a bloody record and trashed his reputation before he even tries to be elected or be a representative. That’s because of what he did as the Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC) and as the Commander of Land Forces in the UPDF.

The Maj. Gen. and later Lt. Gen. has shown his fierce actions and how he is the avenger of the President. When you know this and what he has used his power to do. Muhoozi could easily fill the shoes of Kongulu. I know that Muhoozi hopes to be the next Uhuru and be a Kenyatta of Uganda. That’s what he hopes for, but the brutal reality is that he isn’t and never will be.

Muhoozi might have a brutal and a reckoning of ancient warriors, which will not be at ease or accept what his trying to do. There might be enough enemies and people who are double-crossed over the years. That they might address it with a spear and with a dagger. When you answer with fire and blood to settle every decree. Sooner or later, blades will come back and maybe even from within. So, Muhoozi will never be safe… that’s because of the choices he has made and done in service of his father.

The son should learn from Mobutu. As his father is the Ugandan version of Mobutu in 2022. They might dismiss this, but everything Mobutu did… they are currently doing and how it is governed. There is plenty of similarities and Muhoozi should be worried. Because, the future isn’t that bright.

The NRM and Museveni will not say that. They need Muhoozi to be the future and be a promising agent of hope. However, his possible another Kongulu and he should learn the lessons of the past. Nevertheless, his arrogance and his ignorance could easily make it possible to repeat the sins of past again. Instead of in Kinshasa and such, it would be in Kampala and anywhere within Uganda.

Muhoozi should consider his every step. The same should everyone in his team. Every step he takes will be crucial and people will ask for accountability for all things he has done. The blood on his hands… and the warfare under his command.

So, will Muhoozi learn from Kongulu or will he repeat it? That’s a question we all can ask and time will only tell. Peace.

Opinion: The army is involved everywhere Mr. Muntu

Gen Muhoozi has his own right as a Ugandan citizen to exercise that right as a Ugandan and run for any political office. The only problem I see if he is really interested in running as a President of the country, Gen Museveni who should be more experienced in these matters, should have first released him from the army because the moment you let Gen Muhoozi who is in uniform, a serving officer, trying to project him for politics, you are literally trying to drag in the whole national security apparatus, something which has its own problems” – Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu (25.04.2022).

The sentiment the leader of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu is right… but it’s faulty. The Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) is already involved and participating in every part of life. The UPDF and the authorities are inside and part of politics, because that’s how the regime rolls and continues to thrive.

The UPDF is building roads, construction of public buildings, giving away mosquito-nets, killing army-worms, going after rouge fishermen on Lake Victoria and participate directly in politics. The ones who don’t believe that… should be reminded that the UPDF have 5 MPs elected into Parliament. These are supposed to be “non-partisan” but we know they are towing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party line. They would never double-cross the State House or the NRM Caucus. That’s not happening…

The UPDF and all of it’s agencies are used to intimidate, keep civilians and activists incommunicado. The UPDF and the other agencies has kidnapped, tortured and even used Court Martial as a means of silencing opposition leaders. The UPDF is so embedded that it’s a tool of oppression and using vicious impunity to strike the dissidents hard. The CMI, SFC, LDCs or UPDF are all involved and makes the state more powerful in comparison to everyone else.

Muntu saying Muhoozi is problematic because his an army-man and a commander is right. That is an observation, which is truthful, but at the same time. The militarization of the NRM and politics is just proven every time they are holding conferences at Kyankwanzi. When you are seeing ministers and MPs wearing military fatigue. Heck, the President either wears a yellow shirt, a suit or military fatigue. That’s his whole closet and it’s evident how important the armed forces are for him. Because, everyone knows that the NRM and the regime isn’t living on its popularity. It thrives on intimidation and fear… that’s when the soldiers and military is useful.

We all knows this and Muntu should know this as well. The NRM and the state has been this for a long time. Muhoozi is now more involved, but that’s by entitlement and not by his achievement by any means. The Lt. Gen. is only there because his the son and nothing else. He got no skills, charisma or ability worth a damn. He can only live on the wealth of the inner-circle and the power of the army. That’s why he had to wear a military fatigue and be like his father.

However, Muhoozi is just the symbol of how the military is needed and a reason for the current status quo in government. The NRM cannot survive or hold power without the army. The army and their agencies gives them an edge and can silence the ones they need to stop. That’s why Muhoozi doesn’t distance himself and wants to be looked like a powerful General. His boosting his ego on twitter and being part of campaigns when he can like in the DRC, Karamoja and even Kasese. That’s why he got blood on his hands and no one is even questioning that.

Muhoozi just think he can walk from one office into another one. He thinks he can occupy and takeover without merit from his father. The officers and the ones hired for the gig will praise the man, but everyone knows that his useless. The ones saying otherwise has little to nothing to prove. The NRM and such will ensure he gets a soft landing. “Project Muhoozi” has been in the works and that’s evident by now.

Muntu is right, but the UPDF is everywhere and isn’t going anywhere. Peace.

Opinion: Muhoozi is representing the past before even having a promising future

This weekend the Republic was supposed to be on fire. The time was supposed to stop and everyone was supposed to dance to the songs of the next in line. The regime was making a statement with the 48th Birthday Bash of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the first son, Senior Presidential Advisor and Commander of the Land Forces in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF).

This was the opportunity to make a flash and create an epic moment. However, it didn’t really do that. The handlers and everyone is busy selling it. Like it was a unique and brilliant event. As people ate the rice and listened to all the artists on stage. They were not there to listen to or concerned about the Lt. Gen. No, they were there for the entertainment and the free food. That’s it.

That’s why close to nobody was running in the marathon and the roads that was sealed off. Was a tragic event and showing the regime cannot muster real crowds for the man. He needs the artists and the popularity of their tunes. Need the free food and the musicians, because Muhoozi himself got no character and no charisma worth mentioning.

Muhoozi is already old before his even starting. His not a young blood. Compared to his father most people are young. Nevertheless, his not in the middle, but just a decade or so away from the age of retirement as civil servant himself. Public Service laws states that civil servants has to retire at the age of 60 and being 48 years old this year. The first son has little to no time, as the clock is ticking and his closer to retirement than his youth.

So, when his tribe and propaganda peddlers are selling him like the future. Know that the Youth Leaders of the NRM has more years in the trenches and trying to seek relevance. Than whatever Muhoozi has done over the years. The state has prepared for his time and place since “Project Muhoozi” became a thing in 2013.

That’s why nearly a decade later the NRM is trying to sell him and make him likeable. However, it is hard to make someone genuine and caring. When he promise to bring the guns and bibles by the barrel of the gun to Karamoja sub-region. Or saying that his army is the best and flex his ego on the regular. While trying to cosying up Kigali and Nairobi. Therefore, Muhoozi isn’t that loveable of a fella.

For some reason without even trying… his the old guard and the lost era. Muhoozi represent the takeover and the NRA without even shooting the guns of Luwero Triangle. He has tried to sell himself like a hardcore “Tony Montana” kind of character, but his never that clever or able to manipulate the masses. There is little to look for or even care about this man. His just known because he was born and happened to be the son of the President.

Muhoozi has shown he has the system behind him. As the authorities and everyone else went in line, as the birthday and marathon was issued. However, even if the authorities and the army is behind him. The people and general public is not. They are not behind him or believing in his future. A future that isn’t promising, but very grim. His an entitled and born with the silver-spoon. Not like Muhoozi has accomplished or achieved anything worth a damn. Unless, the skulls, massacres and vicious avenger has chewed some socialities we don’t know. Maybe he ate some special kimchi in North Korea, but we cannot know about that.

Muhoozi thinks his the future, but his a symbol of the past. He might not know that, but the way he acts and speaks shows it. His not a bright future or a change worth mentioning. No, his just a cadre of the NRM and continuation of the dictatorship of his father. It is not like his a revolutionary or a man of progress. If things are falling apart and self-destructive, it will accelerate with the reign of Muhoozi. Things will go into pieces and become much worse. Because, a man who is like this and his arrogance is louder than words. The mannerism and the way he takes the Republic for granted. He will not make things better, but only more destruction… Peace.

Opinion: 36 years as the First Son… [The 48th Year Birthday Bash]

Today was supposed to be the day of greatness and Kampala was supposed to be turned on it head. The streets was supposed to be filled with people celebrating and cheering as Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba celebrated his 48th Birthday bash. There was a marathon planned and birthday concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

All the stops was made. Roads was blocked and venues cleared. The state spared no mind and the greatness was supposed to be shown. However, the marathon was a major blow to the self-esteem of the first son. There was only a few people running in it and they where running on sealed of roads in silence. Must have been a tragic site. The birthday run is the definition of flop.

While there maybe be a few thousands at the Lugogo Cricket Grounds. That’s because thestate and the First Son has a free entry to a massive concert with dozens of artists. At today’s birthday celebration it will have Cindy, Bebe Cool, Jose Chamelone, Fik Famica, John Blaq, Azawi, Afrigo Band, Kalifa Aganaga, Quexx, Romeo Odong and Bruce Martins Masaba. While there are socialities, celebrities and high ranking officials in attendance. The ones who are in close association with the state and with the National Resistance Movement are sitting at the VIP tables eating good.

That’s why the free tickets and to such an event is getting people there. They are getting to see musicians and people who are on the radio. It is easy to see why people are gathering and showing up for that. Not because the Lt. Gen. is popular or have a massive following.

If the Lt. Gen. he would have had people following his every move. In other parts of Kampala today people followed and gathered around Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as he went for an interview with BBS Television today. The boda-boda’s was encircling him and people was cheering him along. That shows true popularity and honest support, which the Lt. Gen. cannot buy.

Today was the big gig. Today is the day he needed to prove his worth. As he made this bash into a national event and of vast importance. While it is only his 48th year of living as the first son. It is a celebration of him being the son of the President. There is no other reason for today’s gatherings and birthday bash.

We should wonder where the money for this bash is coming from. This isn’t the only one either. There been celebrations earlier in the week in the Greater Bushenyi. So, the state has outspent itself here. I doubt all of the event organizers and the procurements made will be for free. This is not a donation or a charity event even. It was an a series of events to boost the ego of a 48 year old man who has forever lived in the shadow of his father.

Muhoozi wants to become the big-shot. The Lt. Gen. wants to have all relevance and be the next in line. This is to officiate his public persona beyond his UPDF title and Twitter handle. He wants to be more the errand-boy and avenger of his father. His ego wants so much more and we wants the love other leaders are getting. However, his not getting that and his learning the hard way. If he has learned anything from today even.

The Lt. Gen. has hired plenty for this gig and expected a full-blown party from Kololo to Lugogo. But this man only getting chicken-wings and very little meat. His not getting the praise or the love that he anticipated. This isn’t how the public went around Besigye when he nominated himself ahead of the 2016 elections. Neither anywhere near the love and compassion the public shows Bobi Wine. That’s why today is a depressing day.

Fake Love and gigs can only take you so far. There is no where in a realistic world that he will be able to gain real popularity and rise to power. However, his whole career and lifestyle has been infused artificially. His only known because of his father and cannot avoid that shadow now. That his trying to get out of it is making sense, but that’s impossible.

So, today he celebrated that he has been the First Son for 36 years with a big bang, but also with a blow. His not the Kabaka and neither is he a beloved character. Neither does he have any personality or broader spectrum of brilliance, which would get people to gather around him. His just the big ego of a man who is soon turning 50 years old and has achieved little to nothing on his own. He wants to be grand, great and the next big-man. Right now his just toying around and acting a fool.

This will end in tears. It will not be as he anticipated. If it had been that… it wouldn’t be lonely fellow running in the closed off streets of Kampala today. No, there would be people encircling his convoy and boda-boda’s showing him love. Which didn’t happen, but happened elsewhere in town. Peace.

Opinion: The gig stays the gig, Mr. Muhoozi

The Commander of Land Forces in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), the third ranking commander in the Republic, the first son and senior Presidential Advisor, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba can believe his own hype around his lavish and big enterprise of a birthday bash.

The 48th Birthday will surely be a memorable event and with a lot of high ranking officials participating. The socialities, the elite and the ones who wants a favour from the state will show up. The hired brigade of singers, dancers, hookers and whatnot will all sing songs of praise and dance until the Sun-down. However, it won’t be genuine and neither should you think so either.

The Lt. Gen. is hiring Balaam, Ashburg Katto and whoever else he can to boost his ego. He has peddlers on social media calling him a “visionary leader and the future President”. They are all bootlickers of him and he should see it. Alas, I don’t think his that bright or reflective. No, he needs handlers with a vision and with finesse. His a brutal, torture and a depressing man. That’s why he comes with the guns and bible while re-colonizing Karamoja in 2022.

This man will not know real love. He either knows fear or only knows how money can influence men. The Lt. Gen. knows maybe how to corrupt and get people dancing. He knows how to spring the steps of power and get into chambers of power. These doors has all been opened because of his father. If it wasn’t for his father. He would be a lost soul, either on a battlefield or on a shamba grazing some goats. He wouldn’t be near the State House in Entebbe, eating on the hills of Nakasero or enjoying all the perks of the Republic.

No, he would just be another fella trying his luck and possibly struggle at it. Since, his social media isn’t that awesome and neither is his hot-takes. Those takes could have caused a stir, if a Minister or MP dropped these tweets. However, because of his blood and vanity. His able to get off the hook and continue business like nothing. Even when he offends people in Addis Ababa, Kigali or anywhere else for that matter.

The Lt. Gen. can hire the people for the gig. Have his huge bash and get the whole social media team. He can create traffic-jams and issues all through Kampala tomorrow. The headlines and the stories can run large. Just like the stories of his conquests as a soldier and flamboyant ladies-man. However, we know both comes with huge ego and possible over exaggerated…. which shouldn’t shock anyone and particular not the general public.

Muhoozi might take the public for fools, but this will be his loss. He is underestimating the value of his pockets and guns. The guns and glamour can only take you that far. You cannot torture, silence the opposition and pay for small gigs. While expecting that is enough to usher yourself in as the next cringe-lord or baby dictator for that matter.

You will only be a glass half-full or half-empty. Lt. Gen. will only get that fake-love, as there is no reason to really love him. He is not a man of solidarity, hope or change. His the second generation of a dictatorship and a son of the current one. Why should be people be behind a man like that? A man who comes as the avenger and acts as his guard dog? Why would people want more of that?

It is only fools and ignorant people who believes Muhoozi is any good. His not and the ones who believes the people hired for the gig. You have been fooled and should reconsider your sources of information. It is not good and the deceased people of Kasese and Karamoja can attest to that. The people who has suffered because of the Special Forces Command (SFC) should be heard. These are the people who has gotten harmed and is damaged for life. Just so he could flex his title, his rank and his balls for dissidents and the likes. That’s what he does and he enjoys the pain of others.

That is why tomorrow isn’t a real celebration. It is the ushering in of the second coming of the son of Kaguta. The next in line and the one who aspires to be like his father. Another bloodthirsty goon with a title. That’s what it is… and it’s despicable. It is a charade and a big feast of nothingness. A story built on sand and the waves will take it all away.

When the money and power is gone. This man will have no respect. He will have nothing to chew and will be begging for mercy like the kids of Karamoja have done in the streets of Kampala. The orphans of war and the conflicts that he has caused too. He will be no different.

Right now his a Lt. Gen. and a man who hires people to dance to his tunes. He will think they enjoys and have fun. However, it is only a day-job and when the money dries out. They will not return or be beside him. No, they will find another master and another Lt. Gen. to play for. These aren’t the people who loves him or appreciate him. No, these IG Models, socialities and musicians will find other venues and glamorous events to attend too.

One Brother will say: “Muhoozi? Who?”, another brother says: “That’s so old-school. That’s the baby dictator. I only went because I got paid”, a sister: “his pockets was fat and he impregnated my bank-account, but I didn’t care for the brother”. That’s what will happen and he should know it. However, I don’t think he can see it or reflect in this way.

Well… why do I say that? Well… it isn’t in his character and the ways he operates. It is not in him and he wants everyone to drum along. And drum along they will, as long as he pays for the gig. Peace.

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