Burundi: Parti Sahwanya-Frodebu – Communique du Parti Sahwanya-Frodebu a l’Occasion de la Tenue d’une Retraite du Comite Executif National du Parti Sahwanya-Frodebu (24.01.2022)

Muhoozi’s one-day affair in Kigali: When diplomacy is set to die…

You can wonder sometimes… if blood is so important that state affairs and diplomatic agencies loose all values. Because, the Government of Uganda has a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has a diplomatic corpse in Kigali and has a Ministry of Interior, which all could have enforced and ensure protocol on the matter. However, the GoU sent Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga, the first son of the President and Commander of the Land Forces in the National Army to represent and negotiate with the Rwandan President Paul Kagame. That says it all… and that’s brazen, if anything.

The National Resistance Movement, the State House and the whole “yes-men” will call it an achievement and proclaim whatever the son of the old man with the hat brings home. He could have brought stray-cats from Kigali and they would called him an environmentalist. However, there is no joint-communique or joint statement on the matter. None of the parties have let out much information, if any of substance.

Rwandan Government friendly press New Times states this about the meeting: “Details of the meeting between the two were not immediately made public but the Office of the President described the talks as cordial and productive. “President Kagame and General Muhoozi Kainerugaba had cordial, productive and forward looking discussions about Rwanda’s concerns and practical steps needed to restore the relationship between Rwanda and Uganda,” according to Presidency” (Edwin Ashimwe – ‘Kagame, Gen. Muhoozi discuss mending Rwanda-Uganda ties’ 23.01.2022, New Times Rwanda).

While the Ugandan Newspaper Daily Monitor reported this: “However, following his one-day working visit to Rwanda on Saturday to meet President Paul Kagame in what seems to mark warming relations between the neighbouring countries after years of tension, Lt Gen Kainerugaba who doubles as UPDF Commander Land Forces said Pte Arinda had been released” (Job Bwire – ‘Rwanda releases SFC soldier after Muhoozi’s visit’ 22.01.2022, Daily Monitor Uganda).

This shows that both nations are happy with the meeting, but the ties are not totally mended. We know the Rwandan government have come with clear stipulations to open up border and get back on good terms. However, even with the former meetings and negotiations it hasn’t gotten further.

What is only proof of goodwill is the return of a Ugandan repatriated after being arrested a few month ago. The challenge now… is to use the momentum and continue the talks. Since, the parties and neither state has shown true progress. If there was any progression, the would be a written communique or a statement saying something. There would be a possible Memorandum of Understanding to work to a new diplomatic agreement. However, that seems far away…

The first son can bring home a soldier, which has belonged to a unit and outfit, which he used to be commander of. Therefore, he can boost his ego and make himself look smart. However, that meant nothing to Kagame. Only a few positive headlines, which he didn’t pay anything for. While he gave no way or indicated for changes. As the stalemate and tensions aren’t resolved. That’s because the parties, presidents and authorities haven’t given way to each other.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi wants to be seen as a diplomat and politician, capable of the big-league, but this meeting hasn’t proven that. The only thing this has proven, is that he can take a few snaps and return home nearly empty-handed. The release of a SFC soldier isn’t anything in the greater scheme of things. There been people wrongly arrested on both sides of the dispute, which has been dumped on the borders to return home. That has been the practice of both parties over the last few years and this isn’t changing anytime soon. Especially, when anyone becomes a dissident in Kampala, they are easily being maligned to counter espionage for Kigali. So, as long as this is happening. We know the things aren’t changing or becoming for the better.

Muhoozi couldn’t win this one and Kagame wouldn’t let him either. That would infuriate the elites and be a shallow one. Therefore, maybe it was for the better, that they only got a token of goodwill and the real diplomats can resolve the issues between them. Since, this was just a publicity stunt to boost the ego of an aspiring son of the President for Life in Kampala. Peace.

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Burundi: UN Torture Committee deplores lack of cooperation in torture complaints procedure (21.12.2021)

R.M.’s case is the latest among 14 torture complaints against Burundi that have been examined by the Committee since 2014.

GENEVA, Switzerland, December 21, 2021 – The UN Committee against Torture has deplored Burundi’s lack of cooperation in the individual complaints procedure and its failure to implement the Committee’s decisions in all cases where human rights violations were found.

In its latest decision published today, the Committee found that R.M., a political activist for Mouvement pour la solidarité et la démocratie (MSD), was a victim of torture in 2014 when the Burundian authorities routinely denied public assemblies ahead of the 2015 elections.

In March 2014, R.M. was shot and injured when heavily armed police officers stormed into the MSD meeting that he was attending. He escaped the raid but was arrested and beaten by the police the next day. R.M. also said that during his detention, he was denied necessary medical treatment prescribed by his doctor.

He filed complaints about the acts of torture in Burundi but the authorities did not open any investigation. He then brought his case to the Committee in 2017.

The Committee invited Burundi to submit its comments about R.M.’s complaint on several occasions in 2017, 2019 and 2020 but the State party did not respond.

Based on the evidence provided by the complainant, the Committee determined that Burundi had failed to prevent and investigate R.M.’s torture. In addition, it also found Burundi’s lack of cooperation during the proceeding constituted a clear breach of the State party’s obligations under Article 22 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which allows the Committee to examine individual complaints. Burundi accepted the individual complaints procedure in June 2003, thereby undertaking the international obligation to engage with this procedure.

“We are gravely concerned that Burundi has repeatedly ignored our requests to communicate during the complaint examination. Burundi also failed to cooperate in the follow-up procedure in previous cases where the Committee found violations of the Convention,” said Committee Chair Claude Heller.

“This is a serious violation of the State’s obligations. But most importantly, it deprives torture victims of obtaining redress,” he added.

R.M.’s case is the latest among 14 torture complaints against Burundi that have been examined by the Committee since 2014. The Committee found the State party had violated its obligations to the Convention in all these cases. Burundi, however, provided follow-up information on the measures taken to implement the Committee’s decisions only on one of those decisions.

The Committee urged Burundi to comply with its treaty obligations and to resume dialogue in order to ensure the proper implementation of the Convention. The Committee will continue to review this serious situation during its next session.

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