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Opinion: Niwagaba MP Constitutional Amendments going for VP Ssekandi’s position, maybe because his irrelevant at this point?

Wilfred Niwagaba MP is really gunning for replacing Vice-President Edward Ssekandi and also repeal the Prime Minister post of Dr. Rukahana Rugunda. Clearly, the MP has ideas and want another sort of governance put into stone or to be amended into law. As the Constitution would stipulate certain Executive and higher offices in the Republic. Like it does today with the VP and the PM, which the President shall appoint with the approval of the Parliament.

Niwagaba Independent MP are clearly that his trying to send a message, that is why Muhammad Kivumbi Muwanga (Democratic Party) and Betty Ocan Aol (Forum for Democratic Change). They have co-signed on this motion for leave for Niwagaba to finish the private bill to the parliament.

This is really a joint opposition bill and really trying to change the government by changing the constitution. This bill is also planning to find a legal ways of cutting down the size of the cabinet, because of how it has mushroomed under this President. Therefore, this is really directly attacking the NRM model of governance.

But, I will be fixated with is not the slimming of the cabinet nor the idea of how the cabinet members are picked/appointed. I feel it is more enriching to discuss the changes from VP to DP and repeal the PM.

Just look at vital parts of the amendment of the VP role into a DP!

108. Deputy President,

(1)There shall be a Deputy President of Uganda.

(2)A candidate in a presidential election shall nominate a person who is

qualified for nomination for election as President, as a candidate for Deputy



(14) The Deputy President shall-

(a) deputise for the President;

(b) be the Leader of Government Business in Parliament;

(c) be responsible for the coordination and implementation of Government

policies across Ministries , departments, and other public institutions

(d) perform such other functions as may be assigned to him or her by the

President, or as may be conferred on him or her this the Constitution.” (Constitutional (Amendment) 26th July 2019).

13. Repeal of article 108A of the Constitution.

Article l08A of the Constitution is repealed” (Constitutional (Amendment), 26th July 2019).

If you have followed the VP and his life, his the most ceremonial public office in the Republic. Seemingly, his the face of the patronage and the laxity, since the President handles everything with his micromanaging. That is why the VP is mostly a busy body and someone that greets the President at functions or even at the Entebbe International Airport.

Surely with two roles submerged into one in away, that is what it seems by this constitutional amendment. That the possible changes would be an amplified VP and PM into a DP.

I don’t know what big difference this will do, as this role would be less ceremonial, but have actual powers. Also, being the safe-guard for the President and the one in his place. However, this is could have all been amplified with the VP himself. Alas, the Prime Minister is the one of most importance, as well, as the biggest budget with the projects underlining the OPM. This is why the repealing of this role would also affect everything being connected with the OPM.

Ssekandi should really defend his value, his importance and his ways. The VP should defend himself with a VP drive, ask for supplementary budget and maybe got on a VP Drive across the Republic. So, that people can see his face, know that he exists and even shake his hand. No, I am kidding with that part, but he needs to show his face value. Because, what has the VP done, except smiling on pictures at selected functions over the recent years?

VP Ssekandi might be a powerful man in the placement of the political order, but in practical sense. It seems like the OPM kicks him to the curb. The VP seems like useless position at this time and place. That is because his not giving enough daily remindings that his alive and kicking it.

That is why the opposition MPs are trying to revise the law. To get someone who has a real function and who does something while serving for the state. Not only getting the brown envelopes and going to funerals as the state official. There is clear need for something more and especially not only having the President doing this. Peace.


Uganda: Fresh report states that the debt-service has grown 129% within one financial year!


The Republic of Uganda’s economy is really reeling, it cannot be sustainable as the Government of Uganda is growing their debt like there is no tomorrow. While the fiscal growth is substantially lower than their rate of debt-service. As the growth of debt combined with lacking growth to substantiate the shortfall.

In addition, with the knowledge of added expenses, growing shortfall of funds in the upcoming Financial Year of 2019/20 and the election year of FY 2020/21. There will be more add-ons on the need for debt service, as the state already had loans outstanding, which the grace period ends and the debt-service begins on. Therefore, the amount of loans will transpire even more, than what is in this report. The endless cycle of debt and growth of it, is worrying, as well, as the state thinks that the magical wand of oil-money will clear this debt. Even as the first operational oil field and such has been postponed yet again.

Just look!

“The total Government of Uganda external debt service by end of FY 2017/18 amounted to US$275.75 million, which was an increment of l29% compared to US$120.62 million in FY 2016/17” (…) “Debt service of Uganda’s external debt is on the rise and outstripping growth of the country’s income, currently at 6%. This poses risks for future debt repayments, especially as the country continues to acquire external debt at less concessional terms, especially to finance the oil development programme” (P: 6-7, 2019)

“It follows that as interest rates increase, the debt service obligations of Government also increases. The rise in external debt interest costs attests to the fact the government is increasingly contracting non-concessional debt, which will increase the repayment burden” (P: 24, 2019)

“However, this may not be the most likely scenario, as most projects have been discounted and some excluded in the macroeconomic framework. With the development of the NDP III, additional project and other pipeline project related to the oil developments and other infrastructure, will increase the financing requirement of government in the medium term. The inclusion of the above projects will re-classify Uganda from low risk of debt distress to moderate risk of debt distress or high risk if the export shocks materialize. A downgrade would have significant implications for the program with the IMF, where Uganda’s credit risk rating will worsen; implying that accessibility of nonconcessional financing will be limited. This will limit credit to Uganda to only concessional and grants financing.” (P: 28, 2019)

You don’t need to smart about it, as the state has bigger budgets with higher shortfall in the economy, combined with debt service and higher interest payments on the growing amount of loans. You know sooner or later, the economy will tank, as the fiscal responsibility is taken for granted and that fresh funds are lacking, because these are taken out of the economy to finance the payments of the old debts. Instead of generating growth and actually naturally grow the economy, by spending and investing as a state. The money is taken away to service debt, instead of building the state. That is what they are doing and at a alarming rate. Peace.



Uganda Peoples Congress: Caution on Coffee Bill (17.07.2019)

Rise For Peace Africa letter to President Museveni (08.06.2019)

SONA19: My take on a few passages of the long lecture from President Museveni!

You don’t have to wait to be in government to help your people. Don’t tell me that because you are not NRM, you can’t help your people. Rubbish. You are useless. I was in opposition. It is only recently when I have been on this side” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.06.2019)

You cannot make this up, but this man has been running the Republic since 1986 and still talks the same things over and over again. It is like an endless cycle of the same speech. That is why, I will not copy the whole thing, but show some passages of this tong long. Nobody in their right mind should try to force themselves through it all. Unless, your a syncopate who needs his blessings to live another day. They are clearly on the mission of printing his good news, Mwenda, New Vision and Don Wanyama is busy as we speak. Even Ofwono Opondo is messing with his trousers somewhere, giddily typing like its no tomorrow.

Then I call NRM Caucus, you(opposition) come as observers so that you don’t miss some of my wise words” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.06.2019)

So here is my piece. I take an extract of the speech and then put my take on it.

The tempo of Uganda’s development is, however, interfered with by the action of corrupt public servants and political actors. That is why corruption is now public enemy no. 1. Hence, the Government has put in place a number of strategies to eliminate corruption and promote the principle of zero tolerance to corruption. These strategies are intended to create an even more conducive environment for good governance and the rule of law to flourish in Uganda” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 06.06.2019).

Well, the man whose himself implicated with Sam Kuteesa in a corruption scandal in the previous year in United States of America. Should look into himself, as his government haven’t really worked to hard to stop corruption. During this year, the acquitted the person behind the Mukono-Kutosi Road Scandal. As long as your a big enough man with connections, you can get away with Presidential Handshakes and whatnot. Therefore, the President isn’t serious in this. Unless, he wants his new division at the State House to catch the small-fish, but let the sharks get away. Maybe, first stop promoting corruption himself and then, maybe see some of the big-men actually wearing bracelets for their activity, before anyone would believe this.

As pointed out above, safe water is part of the preventive medicine. There are now 65,000 boreholes in Uganda. My team will go to audit these boreholes. Are they working and if not why? Somebody must account. We are aiming at having, at least, one safe water source per village ─ bore-hole, protected spring or pipe-water. A total of 11.3million Ugandans are now using piped water. Hitherto, we have been putting more emphasis on budgeting on the roads and electricity” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 06.06.2019).

When did Museveni become the Water-Boy? As if he has cared about this? There hasn’t been any money or schemes in this. Even the bottle-integration isn’t built for this, neither Operation Wealth Creation, GAVI Funds or anything else in this. There are no suits nor escapades, unless, he see this another window of opportunity now to ask for development funds and approach the World Bank/International Monetary Fund/China Exim Bank or any way of funding this. Because, this seems long overdue. As there been enough instances of unclean water deceases and cholera, which could have prevented, but the state haven’t delivered. This seems like new project for this and awaiting the UN Organizations to find solutions of funding for this, because even he says a minute later. Roads and electricity are more important than the first welfare of his citizens.

I hear people screaming “DP, DP”. DP without Museveni is not there. Even UPC. I joined briefly for five months. I tried to help the elder but his people were not helping him so we had to do other things” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.06.2019).

This is my final, because I don’t want to waste to much time on this speech, as it is recycled affair of mismatched information and a man with a too huge EGO. Alas, Museveni did deliberately in this speech today.

He is trying to portray himself as opposition guy, when in his grown man life, his been part of government. He was even a Minister under Obote before going to the Bush. When his failure of a party, didn’t manage squat and he had to use arms to get power. Therefore, it is rich of the man to proclaim his been long in Opposition. This is yet another taunt of him. Just like the other quotes I have used from this speech.

His been longer in government, than in Opposition, it is just his deluded mind of otherwise to broad his appeal. Even when its unreal. We know he thinks he knows it all, but apparently again he doesn’t, but his peers didn’t guide him through this. This is just his mere arrogance and his thinking, as he has spelled out in the past, that he will destroy the opposition. That is why his going against the DP and UPC. As he knows they are weak and didn’t on purpose mention the FDC. How about that right?

Well, enough of this mess. Cheerio. Peace.

A Mock State of the Nation Address of 2019: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni slurring it through..

His Excellency the Vice President, Ssekandi are you still there?

Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, did the witch help you out this year?

His Lordship the Chief Justice, was the envelope for age limit helping you?

Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker, your still my friend, right?

His Lordship the Deputy Chief Justice, cash money, right?

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, don’t bother about the dying in land-slide, we will eat, I promise!

Rt. Hon. Deputy Prime Ministers, hope your enjoying office?

Rt. Hon. Leader of the Opposition, I miss Winnie Kiiza, your not up to par.

Their Highnesses the Traditional Leaders, I see you when I see you!

Hon. Ministers, don’t sleep in office.

Hon. Members of Parliament, I got some suits for you.

Hon. Members of EALA, hows business, any help to finish this East African Confederation?

Members of the Diplomatic Corps, don’t beat up police officers, it makes me look bad!

Distinguished Guests, open your earholes, I got a lecture for you!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Don’t tune of your radio or TV, even you do, the newspapers tomorrow will have transcripts of my speech!

I am only here to fulfil the Constitutional duty of my office, also because I forgot to amend the clause. So that you don’t got to listen to me Madam Speaker. Please remind me to have a loyal subject to issue an Private bill in the coming year. So I have don’t have to do this again.

Let’s congratulate ourselves on this year, as we have had landslides, border squabble, Parliament attacked by Special Forces Command, cheating the stats on immigrants, Americans abducted and me getting Life Presidency. Thank you for this all, its been a pleasure serving you all.

We are having debt financing and financial deficits are growing, also we’re having an economic downturn. However, my astounding ladies and gentlemen, we’re are trading more with our neighbours, we are having more shillings in the economy in the rotation. Not that I care that its has half the value of the shilling as when I took over, but don’t tell my loyal comrades that. We are using trillions now and not billions. This shows that I have made you all an fortune.

We have built roads, all over the Republic, this being the Nile River Bridge, which have to repair again and again, because of the technical difficulties of the moist river. I would have fired the company building it, but they wouldn’t let me. If I did, I wouldn’t have gotten the loan and eaten half of the funds.

I am proud of the 0,9 Kilometres built in Lira, which just opened a few weeks ago. This shows, that the northerners are finally getting something in return for the bloodshed done in the past. Even though they own me, not to forget the people of Gulu who should repay me for the building of a round-about this year.

We had plans of starting the Standard Gauge Railway from Kenya this year, to easier finish the bottleneck to Mombasa. As we needs to export G-Nuts, illegal gold from Democratic Republic of Congo and maids to the Middle East. To be able to this quicker, we needs a functioning railroad, however, the Chinese doesn’t see this a viable project and they screwed me over. I blame, the British for not building it to last, the lunatic express and Sir Charles Norton Edgecumbe Eliot should have finished this for us. So, that I don’t have to beg the Beijing administration for help. I hate begging, unless they donate me weapons!

I am no focusing on enriching myself more, the new hospital Lubowa will be one of my cash-cows, even more than the ones I earning a fortune on my farm in Rwakitura. UMEME still sucks, but we soon are having more hydropower to export elsewhere. The load-shedding will continue, because that is Gods will as it says somewhere in the bible.

I sowed the mustard seed a long time ago, it is now starting to get ripe for yield. I know it took many years, but I have awaited for this so long, Mama Janet has waited this too, so that she can boil me a good curry, since I got no idea how to cook. If not, I got Don Wanyama to pick some Chicken In Tonight to one of my estates. It is important to feast and endure for all the hard times in the Bush. Remember we didn’t have cellphones in the bush. That is why MTN should pay more taxes and also, honour me, by not spying on me for the Rwandan espionage, even if the CMI and ISO is on the job. They are some lazy individuals, whose job is to take the foreign nationals at the border and waterboard them into submission. This Kagame used to be cool, but I think I offended him in Congo with stealing lumber, but he should understand as much Coltan as his taking on the daily. Everyone should get that! He is mad about a little wood, it is good for the economy and I can buy furniture from every neighbourhood in Kampala because of it. It is high quality. Especially, if I get my chicken, as promised by my loyal subjects in the State House.

Mwenda always says to me “Mzee, why are you not hiring more men like me?”. I, I have to answer him before he shake “well, my child, I hired all of you, I couldn’t eat myself, the economy cannot grow that way, always remember that my child”. Then he goes to rear goats as any noble subject do. This is what I learn you people. That is why the Rwenzururu King Charles Mumbere is still in Exile and not yet punished. He shouldn’t have questioned me or my authority. Neither should any of this reds, these people’s power. I am the people and the PO-WAH!

This BOBI Wiine, who is he really? A singer, a man who makes songs? He should stick to singing. Even dancing with Sheeba. Not be in Parliament, he isn’t an MP. When was he really a member? Bobi Wine, shouldn’t promote alcohol, that is bad for you. Even if Jesus served wine, it was as a token of his sacrificed. What has Wine sacrificed? Nothing. He has done nothing? He didn’t even throw the Arua stone? When does these people learn? I sacrificed everything in bush with 26 men. You should be lucky, if I leave this Republic in debt with troubling loans to China, Moscow and the World Bank. I did it because I deserve it. You don’t deserve power, if you think so? You should go to the Bush and fight me, like I did Idi Amin and Obote. Who cares about Yusuf Lule, except I named him a road to shut-up the public for a hot minute.

You will know, that were on the way to a middle income country, at least my estates and my fortunes are the size of Dagnote and Jay Z. I am so wealthy, that is why I always donate when I travel and campaign. You should be greatful for these gifts, as when I was a kid in ankole and the politician visited. They only gave pledges and promises, they didn’t give ten thousands of shillings, a t-shirt and food. No, they came empty handed and didn’t do anything, then this British built a school for me to get educated and enlighten you, my grandchildren and subjects.

I am your fountain of honour, if there is anything wrong in this pearl of Africa. Remember it is not my fault, it is these foreigners, this pests, these whose not sensitized or understand the Pan-African wisdom of our forefathers, of the ones who teaches us lessons and who made proverbs, which I have misused all my life.

Let it be known to the world and beyond, that I intend to rule for life, until the end of my journey. Besigye should have understood that, but he never did. He will never get the throne, that is for my son Maj. Gen. Muhoozi to take, when I have taken my last breath. My Generals and My Comrades knows this in NRM CEC. We have discussed it many times, but never revealed the minutes of this.

Also, if there is for someone to forget, I did fight ADF, I did order the destruction of the LRA, but they will not return to their homeland, let it be known, that me and Kabila is cool. Let it be known, that these allegations of supporting foreign rebels is partly true, but only to piss-off the Rwandan authorities, who should understand. I could order another helicopter or airplane crash if I wanted too, but haven’t yet. There was some talk by the TVO guy about interception of French Intelligence, by the Rwandan earlier in the year, but that is rubbish. I don’t talk to the French, barely even the US AFRICOM, even if they support me and us in AMISOM. But it is so tiring and they want explanations from me, why the Al-Shabaab is still there. I have told them to grow farms and earn money on four acres, but these Americans doesn’t understand the concept. They just want McDonalds and pesticides. We Africans cannot have that!

The last issues, as we go into these elections, don’t worry and don’t vote for this opposition candidates. They are not doing anything anyway and the ones who work for me does even less. But they vote the way I want and follows my demands. If they are not part of the NRM Caucus, they are sheep walking in blind and will fall over a cliff, do you want them to that? No, you don’t want that. You want them to follow me, like Paul talked about the saviour, I am saving the MPs and their futures. You should ensure, that you get people who follow me and I can guide them. I have done this for so long and the opposition is new. They will terrorise you and you will wiped out of the map. We don’t want to lose districts, but generate more districts. It is a sign of greatness to have more districts than King Solomon had wives. That is why I ask my RDCs and my Generals, where shall we have a new one? Where is the most in need of a municipality and a sub-county? So, that the country can be vigorously moving forward. This bottleneck will be fought. We cannot afford it, but we can always borrow from an international bank or ask for donations. Which I do all the time, especially when I travel abroad.

If you think I would share the future oil revenue with the public, your wrong, that is why we have spent the future earnings before the petroleum even have been drilled. But remember, the British enclave, didn’t know about these vast resources, I found them and could smell them from one of my farms.

So with this, madam speaker, I am opening the next session, the fourth in the 10th Parliament, but you see. We still have time and we have to use this time. Even if time is such a vast subject, which should be studied at Makerere and Kyambogo, even by my Presidential Advisors, so that I could go back in time. Just like you wished you could go back in time, instead of listening to me ranting this speech.

I thank you so much for listening to me, remember, you had to, because of the Constitution I gave you all in 1995. Thank you.

Opinion: Muntu’s launch of ANT(s) is questionable at best!

If a leader loves you, he makes sure you build your house on rockUgandan Proverb

The official launch of the Alliance of National Transformation (ANT) happen today at Serena Hotel in Kampala. A massive launch with several of former prominent Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Members of Parliament. The ones who hasn’t been in the good grace of the current leadership of FDC. Therefore, it comes as no shocker who left the FDC and become ANTs representatives.

They call it an Interim leadership while awaiting time to conduct time to make a Party Constitution and so fourth. As anticipated the National Coordinator or the Chief is Mugisha Muntu. The man who has left FDC awhile back and tried to find his way, ever since. It would have been a sincere move if he believes in the principals he speaks of, if Winnie Kiiza or Alicia Alaso, even Yokas Biandi. We all know these people from FDC. It is like he salvaged the ones whose wasn’t in favour Patrick Oboi Amuriat and left the scene.

Not that I wish Muntu any trouble. No one deserves trouble, but the whole party is started on the premise that Muntu didn’t win the Party Presidency in the FDC. It is built on the same shaky ground as Amama Mbabazi’s lack of respect for the Sole Candidate in National Resistance Movement (NRM) and started his Political Pressure Group Go Forward before the General Election in 2016. Which failed and was a flustering attempt without party organization to be able to show strength at the polls. That even with a famous and well established political figure.

Clearly, the politician and former General Muntu knows this, ANT is just the newest launching pad of the man. It is really what it is and the others ones following in hope for a resurrection in their career. The words used today is something that is done before, the bravado and the whole play. It has been seen before, even Beti Kamya have tried it and lost her own party with time. She came out of FDC and made a Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA). Something that is in the wind now.

That is why its really special that he said this: “If we continue claiming that politics is dirty, who on earth do you think will clean it up; as Alliance for National Transformation, we intend to do so”. I will claim the ANT isn’t cleaning the politics, as the way it has gone out from the FDC. Even with the Consultation Meetings done in the shadows and without direct talk with the new leadership after losing the Presidency in the FDC. Then, trying to play the Republic for a fool, until he postponed the launch and the allowed for the registration of the “New Formation” or the now ANT.

We can play a fool, we can act like it doesn’t matter, but it does. Surely, others will celebrate like it means nothing and all well-wishes on the new journey for Muntu. However, if you don’t know the main reason for this escape. Than you are forgetting the one vital thing. He is only doing this, because he cannot be second in command. He couldn’t manage to be under POA. It wasn’t in him.

Therefore, anyone joining him. Know that he will not accept anyone under him. That will only be a pretext for his rise and his redemption. ANT is a launching pad, it is at the take-off stage, but who knows how this bird will fly. Peace.

The 10th Parliament: The Patrons of Greed!

“Ugandan taxpayers to spend Shs 197.8m annually on social media tax and data bundles for Members of Parliament. Parliament will provide at least 5GB monthly data bundles at Shs 30,000 and Shs 6,000 monthly Over the Top (OTT) tax for the 458 legislators” (Kampala Dispatch, 16.05.2019).

Well, so there we have it. Yesterday is yet another party in the 10th Parliament of Uganda. Where the Members of Parliament indulges themselves with funds on the taxpayers dime. Instead of serving the public with working services, they are more afraid of their own pocket, in the limited time they are in office and in the capacity of MP. Therefore, they have to ensure, that all things are covered for the bottomless years in Parliament.

The MPs are already tax-exemption for their salaries, so that the pay they are getting for being in office is already non-taxed. With this in mind, they are earning about $8,715 monthly, this without the various allowances.

The MPs have a Free State funeral all covered by the state. They have free suits and tailor-made clothes. They have eating allowances, town-allowances, consolidation fee, committee sitting fees, housing sitting fees, town running allowances, free lunch, social security, and so on. The ways of eating, as an MP is boundless, a boundless empty pit.

These 458 MPs just have to eat like there is no tomorrow. They are planning to get fat. These people are now mushrooming all sort of expenses and putting it on the state. I am sure by next year, the significant others expenses are covered by the state, the side dishes and the remittance to relatives is paid in full. Because, there are endless roads for these people to get the state to fill the blanks.

This will be their legacy, that they were eating on an empty plate, a state which by all means take up loans to build and run the Republic. If not await donors to be able to pledge for basics of the state, in that one, the MPs are preoccupied with their own earnings than actually serving the public. Certainly, the financial system isn’t that great, but they are becoming a huge burden on state, by definition and by their own making, as they are piling on demands, which the state has to comply with.

That is why they are the Patrons of Greed. The ones who has no other way to sustain themselves, than eating the meat of the dying carcass, that as what these people does, while in power. No bounds, no stop and no plans to settle for less. Only to get more and more without any considerations of the implications. That is what the Parliament and the MPs are doing. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Police Statement on Planned Political Activities (13.05.2019)

Opinion: Lt. Gen. Elwelu stern warnings to the MPs are foolish!

I have seen our honourable MP (Luwero District Woman MP Eng. Lillian Nakate) here. We love you very much, but you people (MPs) like causing chaos in Parliament, without knowing that chaos is our business. You try creating the chaos again and we shall come and bring peace in your heads again” – Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu

Surely, I would never anticipate anything of democratic values or understanding of Parliamentarism from the dude behind the burning Buhikira Royal Palace of the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma and killing of his royal guards plus other casualties. I would not expect that man to care about Members of Parliament, that they supposed to control him and give him as a Lieutenant General a mandate. As the Lt. Gen. Clearly doesn’t understand his role, but that is because the President is acting a militarised leader and not a representative of the people.

The whole NRM is praising the army and what it does. Therefore, it is not surprising that Lt. Gen would say this stuff. However, this proves that the army can easily invade and be strangers in the national assembly as they did during the Age Limit Plenary Sessions on the 27th September 2017. This is done to prepare for the President for the General Election of 2020. Clearly, the Lt. Gen. is ready to do this again. Who needs Parliamentary rules, when the army is ready to cause havoc, because of chaos.

The army man is not finished with his speeches, as the opposition also get also under fire. This being another stern warning, since this man cannot shield himself from himself nor the ability to understand his place again. That is not new, but his just repaying favours to the ones who has promoted him. Therefore, he is defending the UPDF and indirectly the NRM. Which he knows is the reason for his fortune.

You will not destabilize peace in this country when we as UPDF are here, UPDF will not allow this. We fought for this peace and we shall defend it at whatever cost because we are trained to do that. You will meet us ready, you will meet fire and you will meet a disaster” – Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu

The Lt. Gen needs some civic education, maybe even some understanding of politics and parliament, but we cannot blame him for this. He is just trained to be this way. We couldn’t expect a man whose proud of killing innocent civilians and being promoted for it. That he would care for civilians, neither caring for civic education either.

The Constitution of 1995 is very clear on the article 79: “Functions of Parliament.

Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, Parliament shall have power to make laws on any matter for the peace, order, development and good governance of Uganda. Except as provided in this Constitution, no person or body other than Parliament shall have power to make provisions having the force of law in Uganda except under authority conferred by an Act of Parliament” (Constitution of 1995).

Clearly, the Lt. Gen cannot grasp this, as he thinks the army has the control and set the bar. Instead of remembering the representatives of the people, the lawmakers are the one setting the standard. Something, the army man doesn’t understand. Maybe, he doesn’t want to. As he just want to show force and intimidate the MPs into submission like the President likes.

Also the Constitution says what the UPDF are supposed to do in the article 210: “Parliament shall make laws regulating the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces and, in particular, providing for— the organs and structures of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces” (Constitution of 1995).

Surely, it is not the army man whose supposed to regulate them, but the other way around. This is by law, by the Constitution, the one guiding law and principal document of the Republic. Therefore, the mandate of the UPDF is set by the Parliament. This is why the argument of the Lt. Gen is foolish. He should start to grasp reality, but then again his a hired gun for the regime.

I don’t expect the man has studied the Constitution, his been busy with weapons instead of picking brains, except exposing brain-matter. Peace.

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