Ethiopia: Abiy’s “third” war since taking power…

A Lord of War never cease to cause conflict. A warlord of the stature of Abiy Ahmed Ali is hard to compete with. A man who has consolidated power and used weapons to get his way. He has assassinated leaders, tried to deplete regions and arrests thousands of civilians to ensure power. That’s what Abiy has done and now the pendulum is turning towards the Region of Amhara.

The Region of Amhara has been an ally in the “Operation Law Enforcement” and been a benefactor of the conflict in Tigray. Amhara region could boost not only supremacy, but military strength and gain territories from the Tigray. Which is why the recent events are interesting. Now the bloody machinery are turning away from Tigray and aiming at Amhara. The guns are now blazing at former allies and one part of the Tripartite Alliance which went after the leadership and people of Tigray.

Abiy is now sending his armies and allies to muffle, silence and consolidate power in Amhara. Just like he gotten signatories and created cessation of hostilities in Tigray. His working on the same with the Oromo Liberation Army/Front (OLF/A) or Shene. Which is another rebellion that he haven’t been able to beat in a war. That’s why Abiy had to show up at the negotiation table.

Maybe because of the failure of both wars in Tigray and Oromia. His now turning against former allies who won’t listen to his orders. The Federal Government and National Army wants to takeover from the Regional Special Forces and with this take away the power structures that are in Amhara. This is from the same people who armed the civilian population and created an ethnic militia with the para-military group “Fano”. It was bound to be bloody and the ENDF is targeting it now.

Just read the latest bulletins.

The plot is clear, under the guise of security after the assassination of Girma Yeshitila, Abiy Ahmed Ali wants to declare a state of emergency and install a command post. His ultimate goal is to disarm the Amhara people, kill the Amhara special forces, and destroy the Fano. The Amhara people have said enough to the Apartheid government and its ethnic federalism constitution. Hence, they have been a target of genocidal attacks and killings. Abiy’s dirty politics!” (Amhara Weekly, 27.04.2023).

The Security and Security joint force has announced that there is a serious action being taken against extremists who are trying to destroy the constitutional system of Amhara region and take control of regional power. According to the press release by the security and security joint force, those who have formed their own organization in and out of the country are eating the children of the people. These extremist forces yesterday also attacked Girma, the head of the Amhara region development office and the son of the region. They have proved their shameful act by killing Yeshitla. The joint press release indicated that the extremist forces who are doing this evil plot have been trying to prevent the development and peace of the Amhara people from having a stable life and preventing the implementation of government decisions. It has stated that they have organized and organized their illegal activities by pushing the aging processes in the area and pretending to be acceptable. He mentioned that they have been trying to control regional authorities by force. The joint force of peace and security has also started taking necessary and legal measures following this” (Prosperity Party, 28.04.2023).

Amhara as a people is suffering in a country ruled by the fascist dictator Abiy. In today’s Ethiopia, the enemy of Ethiopia, where people are killed, jailed, tortured, and displaced. People who have destroyed the country are free from the law and move around freely. It is understandable that we are in a time where you only get respect and reward. The rulers are executing criminals day and night, torturing people, killing and hiding and committing a very big crime. Therefore, in the current situation we are in today’s situation, it is clear that lawlessness in the country is invaded by a mafia that is out of law and constitution. Therefore, our people and our people, we call on you to stand together and protect yourself from the fascist Abiy regime that is always creating conflict, terror, killing and killing you, by using your natural right to protect yourself from danger” (Amhara Association in Germany, 29.04.2023).

The Prosperity party lead government of Ethiopia can not win a war with the whole of the Amhara population and should stop the campaign against Fano based on frivolous charges. It will only shorten the party grip on power” (Horn Africa Insight, 29.04.2023).

If the tales of oppression and terror from Tigray and Oromia is to go by. The “Medemer” Terror is now being launched and operative in the Amhara region. Abiy is using the same vicious means and abilities, because his the Head of State. It is to weaken and get his puppets in control of the Amhara region.

What is striking is that Abiy allowed this to happen. He was happy when Amhara was arming itself, building up the Regional Special Force and sent their Para-Military Group to fight his war in Tigray. However, now they are his enemies, because they won’t demilitarize and give up their weapons. Abiy is at fault here and let the extremist of Amhara gain prominence. He gave them power and arms. This is all on him and now his fighting against the armies he has created to fight another way.

The innocent are the ones that is touched here. The battlefields are the homes of civilians and places of familiarity. Just like the battlefields destroyed and depleted the Tigray region. The conflict in Amhara region will be no different. The armies will attack, destroy and massacre civilians. That’s what it does and more lives are taken. Just so Abiy can crown himself King. That’s the game plan. While activists, leaders and associates are getting detained on phony charges. This is just what the state does… and no one should be shocked. That’s how Abiy and his men command power. It is how Abiy rules the nation. Peace.

Kenya: Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition Party – Azimio Protests Remains on Course despite Assassination Threats (30.04.2023)

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Sudan: Civil Front to stop war and Restore The Democracy – Important Statement (29.04.2023)

The Civil Front for Stopping War and Restoring Democracy is continuing the clashes and exchanges of fire with light and heavy weapons between the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, despite the two parties’ declaration of a 72-hour truce. residential. The exchange of fire and fighting within neighborhoods endangers the lives of thousands of civilians, in addition to the lack of necessary medical services, the suspension of dozens of hospitals and health centers, the inability to provide services, the interruption of water and electricity supplies in different areas, and the emergence of a large food gap. Risks are increasing as a result of the war with insecurity, the increase in security and humanitarian threats, and the spread of crime, including looting and looting of homes, citizens, shops, factories, and banks, which requires that work be done to stop the war immediately, provide humanitarian relief, and ensure the safety of civilians and mitigate the effects of the ongoing fighting without stopping…

The Civil Front for Stopping War and Restoring Democracy believes that naming the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces for its representatives to discuss ways to open fire and stop armed clashes is a step, but in practice it needs real guarantees from both sides to stop hostilities and stop the expansion of its circle.

The Civil Front for Stopping War and Restoring Democracy considers the directed media discourse that criminalizes and betrays the peaceful civil, political and societal forces seeking democracy and peace in a misleading manner, which is a dangerous indicator and is one of the main causes of the ongoing war, by feeding hate speech and the continuous targeting of the forces of the glorious December revolution, which It seeks to achieve democratic transition and civil transformation through civil and peaceful mechanisms.

This speech, which carries declared threats to close public and political life, and to promote totalitarian thought, expresses policies and ideas that the Sudanese people overthrew in a great peaceful revolution. Freedom, peace, and justice are rights that have been extracted through a long, civil and peaceful struggle over decades, and they cannot be waived. We have followed, with regret, the escalation of events in the city of El Geneina, in the state of West Darfur, and the repeated attacks by armed groups against unarmed civilians, which led to hundreds of casualties and injuries among the civilian population, and deliberate sabotage of vital institutions and sectors, especially hospitals, and we are fully aware that these events are a direct result of the ongoing war. and hate speech. The effects of this ongoing war, if not remedied, will lead to the outbreak of civil conflicts, leading to the rupture of the social fabric, and leading to civil war and comprehensive security chaos.

The Civil Front for Stopping War and Restoring Democracy calls on all Sudanese men and women to line up and unify efforts and positions to stop war and civil conflicts and to work continuously on that. It also calls on them to engage in providing humanitarian aid and supporting popular initiatives organized throughout the country in support of all those affected by the war.

Media of the Civil Front to Stop War and Restore Democracy April 29, 2023

Zimbabwe: Yesterday it was Jacob, tomorrow it could be you…

The sentencing of opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume to an effective three years, with 12 months conditionally suspended, has further shown that the country is now clearly an autocratic nation similar to the Rhodesian settler colonial state where people were jailed for merely exercising their basic constitutional rights, like the right to protest. Ngarivhume has been sent to prison for merely mobilising people to protest against government through a stayaway over economic problems and corruption” (The News Hawks, 28.04.2023).

Jacob Ngarivhume has been sentenced by the Court. He has to face time in detention and behind bars. Just for doing his civic duty and protest against the ills of the state. A civilian and a politician taking a stance for a righteous cause.

Ngarivhume, an opposition politician is now paying the costs for choosing to address his grievances in public. Engaging the public and asking them to join in his cause. That he wanted to protest and peacefully demonstrate in Harare is apparently “endangering society” and “inciting violence”.

It just shows what sort of regime that is in Office. This is the Second Republic, which wants to resemble as much as possible it’s predecessors. A Second Republic that wants to laud itself as Revolutionary and Comradely speak of liberation from Ian Smith. While using all the means and methods of oppression like Smith did. That’s why the Rotten Row and the ZANU-PF has become like the oppressors they fought to overthrow.

We know the 36 months conviction of the politician is extra stupid. When the magistrate and the courts are convicting someone on a non-existing law, which is in contrast to the rights given by the Republic’s constitution. You just know the gig is up and the state has used this “law” as a shield and a method to arraign dissidents. While also proving itself partisan without legal justification for arresting, detaining and convicting people on that “non-existing” law. It is just bloody brilliant and Jacob is the latest victim of it.

Yesterday it was Jacob’s turn and tomorrow it could be someone else. His just the latest victim and he will not be the final either. The ZANU-PF and the authorities will pin anyone who dares to challenge it. We have seen activists and opposition leaders vanish… we have seen MPs and other leaders linger in jail and not being released.

The tides are not turning. Under the reign of Mnangagwa things haven’t gotten better, but much worse actually. This is just ahead of elections and it’s telling. If they can do this to Jacob. So many others can follow in his stead. They would find people’s old tweets, videos and whatnot to justify the detention and the criminal charges. That’s what is going down and the opposition should be concerned.

Jacob is now facing years in jail. He is facing a life-time of trouble. His far from alone and anyone who has a platform and are active on social media. They should fear they could be next. No matter how peaceful or respectful of the laws you are. That doesn’t matter when you speak up against corruption, nepotism or the bad governance of ZANU-PF. You are not patriotic or within your rights to do so. You should only praise the government and it’s leaders. If you don’t do that… then you are obliged to get into trouble.

The crocodile are as vicious as the ones he was part of overthrowing. It is really tragic, but the new elite is as pitiful as the predecessors where. They are riding in expensive vehicles while people are struggling. The ZANU-PF has become what they fought against.

Jacob just said what was right and he has to pay the price for it. Jacob is not alone and there are plenty more who is paying a price too. There are more political prisoners in Zimbabwe. He is just the latest “big-fish” and a symbol of how the rulers are ruling the nation. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum – Ngarivhume’s conviction and sentence an indictment on Zimbabwe’s democracy – A Forum Statement on the Conviction and Sentence of Jacob Ngarivhume (29.04.2023)

South Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation – Press Release (29.04.2023)

Opinion: Museveni – “Get ideas, please”

A man who has run the nation since January 1986. A man who fought and took over power. That man is asking his civil servants and appointed leadership to “get ideas, please”. It is embarrassing and beneath his office, but it shows how he has failed as a leader, statesman and Head of State. When he has to resort to this.

The Executive Order No. 2 of 2023 dated the 9th April 2023 shouldn’t have been written. It should have been left in the drafts. A President shouldn’t be concerned about skips, garbage collection or the lack of garbage collecting in the cities or municipalities. No, he should be worried about grander things.

Get Ideas, Please” is what is sticking with me. His begging the civil servants and the appointed leadership to get a grip over the collection of old clothes and bottles. His begging them to figure out a way to recycle certain trash and collect it properly. This from the guy who has ruled supreme for over 3 decades.

That’s just beyond comprehension. It is telling how the state has become rotten to the core. How the “high above” has destroyed all protocol and all means of communications between the various state institutions. When a President has to write an Executive Order the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the other agencies to clean up the streets. It just shows that the man has no vision and no clue on how to run things.

He came as the “only man with a vision”. However, it is obvious that he got none. His running in circles and doing the same old schemes. The old man is running out of time and he got nothing to show from it. Only utter disgrace and mediocrity. The grand corruption and looting in combination of a bloated state with lack of domestic revenue. That isn’t a case of achievement but a proof of a heavy patronage that is begging their knees to his every whim. It is a proof of prestige but a system of beggars. They are dressed neat and has fancy vehicles, but beyond that… they are just asking for their next meal like everyone else.

Get Ideas, Please”. Think that he wrote this and stood by these words. A man who has written about “What is Africa’s Problem” and where he had remedies for it. Nevertheless, the man who had all the answers couldn’t’ implement them himself. That’s because of his own greed and lust for endless power. A man who never wanted to go and never wanted succession. Museveni knew about the problems and bottlenecks, but has chosen to take another path.

That’s why his asking for ideas to solve benign problems. Small problems that should be concerned with by a Ministry and by civil servants in local government. The problem of skips and garbage collection shouldn’t be a national issue or a troublesome affair for an Executive Order. However, here we are and it shows the epic failure of a leader he is.

Maybe he should “get ideas, please”. I think Museveni need to get ideas and get a grip. He should look himself in the mirror and understand where he is at. The “yes-men” won’t say it and neither the patronage who is benefiting of his whims. The Presidential Advisors are awaiting their next pay-check and hoping to be promoted in the next cabinet re-shuffle. Therefore, they won’t dare to question him or doubt his brilliance.

However, he needs to get some wisdom and direct his leadership differently. This is just tragic and shows how man has to much control. A President shouldn’t worry about the trash on Nile Avenue. No, that is for someone else to concerned about. Peace.

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