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Opinion: Uhuru, wananchi are broke because of you…

“The President wondered where all the money being used to construct government projects is going. In fact, he specifically asked us the question: Why are people broke; why is it that there is no money in their pockets?” the official reported to be a parastatal head was quoted by the publication” (John Wanjohi – ‘I Don’t Understand Why Kenyans are Broke, Uhuru Says’ 12.11.2019, Mwakilishi.com).

President Uhuru Kenyatta must think people are gullible and ignorant to the facts. That they are not understanding the bigger picture nor the consequences of the actions made by the central government. Because, going around asking this sort of question, opens the door to wonder, how stupid does the President think the wananchi is?

President Kenyatta, first and foremost. It is your reign and your decisions that has made people out of pocket and broke. It is your government policies, your actions as head of state and the reactions to that. Which in the end, accumulate to the result of unemployment, poverty and the lack of cash to go-around. That is all because of you and your yes-men.

People have tried to blame Henry Rotich for this, but lets be clear. His the scapegoat. The Cabinet Secretary or the Minister, which is easy to aim at, but he has just sanctioned and followed protocol made by the President and his patronage. There is nothing else too it.

That is why with the growing corruption in the reign of Kenyatta, the added debt and the new cap or celling for debt. Just shows what it is all about. The free money of loans to shield the over spending government, which builds pipedreams and white elephants like there is no tomorrow. While wondering why people doesn’t earn coins on it. That is because, they don’t get the tender through shady companies like with the NYS Fund, neither do they get any direct benefit of the SGR. Secondly, non see the money for the maize scandals nor the sugar cartels too.

That’s why its like this, just like the crack-down betting firms, where the state banned one and opened up the gates for another one. There is no development, only more shady tricks. Just like the trade of milk and the standards put on that, which is ironic. Since the President himself is involved and owner of that. Plus all the estates, hotels and whatnot, both the President and the DP now owns. They have created empires while being in office, also ensuring the cronies get a cut too. While the state suffers a bondage and will have for generations, because this one borrowed fiscal stimuli like their was no tomorrow to begin with.

So, its better for Uhuru to not act a fool, but to actually do his job. He has been globetrotting and a vagabond as the President. Maybe time to cool down, not do PR stunts and empty pledges of the Big Four and the Building Bridges Initiative, but actually deliver something that matters. Not just empty expensive containers, which someone inside the Ministry of Health could profit from. Since, that is how the Jubilee government have operated on a large scale, with Grand Corruption in their veins and borrowing money at large too. Therefore, the lack of fiscal responsibility, nor any substance of development for the poor.

That’s why Kenyatta, that’s why you have not succeeded. You have reigned supreme since 2013, but your not leaving anything positive behind for 2021. Only more loans, bigger corruption scandals and a questionable legitimacy, as you rigged the last election and used Cambridge Analytica to massage your message to the masses. Which will not be forgotten. Peace.

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Opinion: Ruto missed the off-ramp on the Kibra By-Elections

Deputy President William Ruto wants to be the kingmaker and the biggest political player in the Republic. Ruto wants to be the importance and the one people look up too. William wants to be loved everywhere and be respected too. However, that’s not how it works.

The Jubilee Party sent in their unknown man McDonald Mariga to stand as an MP Candidate. Who we still don’t know his real age and that’s his interest of politics only came when he could aspire for office. Not that he as a candidate would have had any traction, if it wasn’t for him standing as a flag-bearer for the government party. If he was running for FORD-Kenya or anything else. He would have gotten abysmal results.

Ruto fielded him and did the risk. He invested time, money and all of the TangaTanga politicians joined in and camped at the Kibra By-Election. They all pulled all their power and promises. The Jubilee pledged jobs, houses and everything else. The sweetest gifts if they elected Mariga.

However, the public didn’t buy that stick. They didn’t buy those promises. Even bribing voters on election day didn’t work either. Still a lackluster 36% to Mariga. This was a stronghold and a base for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Raila Odinga. Therefore, the candidacy of Benard Imran Okoth was a sure win. The results proved that too.

Some might say, that Jubilee and Ruto getting one third of the votes is a victory. Is it? Really? They again claim the ODM incited violence, but Ruto has incited to violence in the past. He has been in-charge and let the authorities brutalize opposition strongholds after the previous Fresh Presidential Elections in 2017. I remember several of deaths in the timeline of the Fresh Presidential Elections. Where big-men died, where innocent civilians was killed and the Police Service had procured body-bags for Kisumu.

Therefore, Ruto and Tanga-Tanga should be a bit more reflective on their own activity for their gains. Because, now the most famous picture was of Senator Boni Khalwale, who was throwing stones on election day. Not that ODM is innocent either, but none died in this. While when Ruto and Jubilee is behind. It is usual fatal for someone. That’s why all Post Election Violence sponsored by the men of Ruto will end up bloody, while the ODM wasn’t like that.

This Kibra Election is a lesson. But also a warning, because the Jubilee and TangaTanga is gearing up at amp speed. They want to challenge the narrative. That they were not losers, that they were not violent and that they didn’t try to rig this results. When they throw stones, tried to buy voters and pledged ridiculous huge projects that would never happen. Just more of Ruto’s Ghosts.

Ruto has so many ghosts and promised start-ups. William has surely enough plaques all across the Republics for something that isn’t in the budget nor any tender on it. The hustler will not say that, because he has the photo-op and the PR stunt for a road, a school, computer lab or whatnot. But the man will not find the money for it. He rather buy a congregation and dole out gift than actually doing some work.

That’s why this failed. Why Ruto isn’t trusted either. He comes with flamboyant speeches, big-PR and huge campaign budgets, but his real standing is weak. He is screwed and is clever enough to trick the trade, but his not loved. That’s because his shown his true character again and again.

Ruto will have to muster some magic to be sincere before the next election. Unless, he wants cats, dogs, chickens and kids to vote for him. To bring up the numbers to scratch. William doesn’t have it in him. Neither had Mariga who seemed like a lost soul, fishing and testing waters he never knew. The dude couldn’t even vote for himself nor had he voted for anyone else in the past. His just been modelling for companies and a friendly face after a successful football career. Though, not a champion of the people nor a born representative of them either.

That’s why the best candidate won in Kibra By-Election 2019. The Jubilee and Ruto might cry foul. They even asked to open the servers, like NASA did in 2017. It shows that karma is a bitch. And the system is cranked up. But the Ruto infused elections wasn’t that grand. Only an imposter and a tragic Greek comedy. There is nothing to see here, except for sore losers and lack of empathy. Peace.

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Opinion: Kinda hard to agree or disagree over a BBI Report, when its not public yet…

It is a strange world, when the social media frenzy over something that is yet to be published or made public. The whole Building Bridges Imitative might have finished their work and left their tools in the shed. But their work and the results of whatever they did isn’t all public yet. There might be some shocks and some surprises. Who knows, if not it’s a dual family dynasties and the lingering political elites who continues pushing their agendas on the public.

What we do know. Its to early to discuss the parameters, the finer details and the proposals of the report, when its not public. Its not yet dropped for the public to digest. It is like speaking about a food joint, knowing the possible menu, but never popped by to try it. They might serve something you have heard off, but you cannot be for certain how it tastes or how good service they have. Before you enter the building and actually try the meal out. Than, you can discuss if it was burned, was melting on your tongue or if it average meal of unga.

Because at this point, it is mere speculations, words of mirages and fallacy. As long as the report is not there. Than, the Odinga and Kenyatta can play the crowds and claim all kinds of stuff. They can say whatever they feel like it. Ruto can confess to murders there for all we know, but that is maybe totally wrong too. Right?

Since, the BBI report can be a body building index or a bloody blatant incentive just a foil the public away from the problems at hand. Instead, focus on bogus attempts to justify the peace treaty made between Uhuru and Raila, as the handshake deleted the opposition and their powers to test the government. Therefore, the report is continuation of that and a preparation of the stages to another dynasty takeover in the next election in 2021.

Who knows right? It will just be words and simple rhetoric mounting to nothing. This might be like the flawed acts of Dr. Ekuru Aukot and others. A man who has been lost at sea and trying to configure and make himself relevant in manners of things.

Now we are here at this junction, we can decide, which way to go. But what we do need to know. Is that this report is only vibrant and alive, if they release it to the public. Until then, it’s a dead fish swimming in the water. It is not alive and kicking it. Unless, there are mere words about what it contains. Which could be anything or nothing. It could be gold, but it could be a fraud too. We just don’t know. Because, how can we?

There is nothing to assess, nothing to discuss, just words put into a blender and hoping that it taste sweet in the end. This might be a dream, might be nightmare, might even be a road to redemption. However, right now, we just don’t know. Peace.

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