Mali: Ministere de la Defense et des Anciens Combattants (DIRPA) – Communique de l’Etat-Major General des Armees (31.12.2021)

A look into the tragic-comedy called Museveni’s 2021 New Years Address

The tragic-comedy in the affair had 3 elements. Element no.1, for NUP and their media supporters, including the foreign ones, there was no Uganda but Kayunga. Kayunga, Kayunga, Kayunga!!” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

Let us all be clear that President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni has addressed the nation yet again. I will not look into the whole speech or the New Years Address of 2021. No, someone who can fact-check and look into his wordings can have a field-day. Because, just browsing through it all. There is enough meat on the bone to keep printing alive for another decade, but alas, I will only focus on the ending of the matter. As I knew he would insult our intelligence and wisdom with his uttering, as he has no issues doing so at a rampant pace.

With that in mind… Museveni has be like that… and it just his mannerisms at this point. That’s why I only bother with a snippet of his address, because looking into more is a waste of my time. Even as I have hours waiting for the new years eve to even pop-off and see the fireworks. However, here we are and let’s go…

The second element was our young people in the persons of Nakwedde, Zaake, etc., putting it in their heads that they would not allow the old man with a hat, Ssabalwanyi, to peacefully drive from Kampala and address the NRM leaders at Kayonza Church of Uganda Primary School in Bbale and at Busaana Sub-county play-ground. Of course the Police could not allow that. Hence, there were some skirmishes. This is exactly what NUP did in the General Elections in some areas and what they were planning to do in the whole country if we had not deployed a considerable portion of the UPDF to crush that conspiracy. The idea is to create fear so that the massive supporters of the NRM do not come out to vote. You remember Arua where they even stoned my car and Bobi Wine was driving a grader (tinga tinga) into my convoy. This is self-deception. It cannot work in Uganda. I have given, in writing, guidelines to the Armed Forces to firmly and professionally ensure law and order and discipline in our society. I hereby direct our Media Unit to publicize these guidelines so that the Public is also informed and can knowledgeably audit the actions of the security forces and inform us, if there are departures. Moreover, these guidelines are in line with the Standing Orders of the Police Forces, both here and in many countries” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

Here there are many things to look into, as the President is glazing over and trying to manufacture lies. That is something he has used his whole career doing. So, at this very point of time that is all he does…

First he blames the youth and leaders who stem from youth activism as Nakwedde and Zaake. These are opposition leaders who has roots in youth activism and that’s why they are targeted by the regime. I didn’t know that brutally arresting MPs is part of standing orders in many countries… wonder why he didn’t bother to mention a few? Secondly, he is glossing over the election violence perpetuated by the standing orders of the police, the use of drones and abductions of opposition leaders, activists and civilians in general. These are things that doesn’t matter to the President. That is very clear.

As he again goes back to the stone and the perfectly shattered window after Arua by-election. Where he and his troops tried to use forged evidence to pin Bobi Wine and his team who held rallies in the region ahead of the By-Election. That is very clear, as he knows there been several of arrests in connection with the Arua-Stone, but only one old man was taken into custody in the end. However, he uses this propaganda moment as a tool for suppression of the opposition to this day.

We know that his troops, police and security agencies has killed during the campaigns, in the November 2020 massacre and in safe-houses. As well, as using violence to incite fear into the ones that dissent and goes against his rule. That’s why boxers, musicians and Muslim Clerics has been targeted of late, because that is a reality the President doesn’t mention. Since these lives was only taken to silent people who was in his way and that the government suddenly feared one reason or another.

The third element of tragic-comedy were the protestations by NUP that Muwonge of NRM had won by cheating. I did not know that NRM actors had enough energy to cheat because most of the time they are asleep and allow the opposition to intimidate people, cheat, etc. Why only cheat in Kayunga? Why not in the few other areas where NUP won? Kayunga, Buganda and the whole of Uganda are, politically, NRM territory. Why? It is because the NRM has done more for those areas than anybody else, the internal weaknesses within NRM, notwithstanding. We are handling the internal weaknesses, including corruption. The opportunistic opposition will be wiped out. Those concerned with ballot stuffing, etc., why do they never support my plan for only electronic voting with thumb-prints? It is the opposition and their collaborators, that always avoid voting electronically. We should amend the law to stop all non-electronic voting. That is what democrats should be demanding” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

We know that Museveni have to play like a victim and the NRM is the victim of things. Even when there is no reason for it. Like when he calls it tragicomedy for the NUP to say Muwonge cheated. That is easily to state when there was reports, declaration forms and evidence of the NUP victory. Not the results announced, but what the paperwork said. So, when the President calls it comedy. It is sad that the President uses so much energy on a rigged election by-election. However, he still has to lie about Arua By-Election in the end of 2021. So, that says enough really…

As I continue… the President will always say the NRM has done so much. At one point he did achieve things and deserved credit for it. However, with time that has dwindled and it isn’t what it was. The President haven’t made the Baganda or the Central Region great. Neither has he invested or ensured relevance there. That can be said about a lot of regions and districts in the Republic. As the Western Uganda and Ankole would feel more blessed, than elsewhere with fancy hospitals and roads. Just like the appointees from the region too over the year.

Museveni also suddenly wants all to be electronic voting. When it’s just a hot-minute ago he wanted all voting to be happening in lines. We are supposed to forget that? The President wants the ability to electronically rig the elections and the thumb-prints will not resolve the ability to trick the algorithms, which he needs to ensure a victory. He claims the opposition is against this and that’s with reason. However, if he wants the electronic voting means the President cannot order a media-blackout or internet blockade, which he has done in the recent elections. Would the President dare to do that and show the sinister actions of his regime during the campaigns and during the polls… So, if he want to unleash everyone to see and be able to leak information, because he wants electronic finger-prints. Do I believe that would stop the rigging? No, because there is magical ways of tricking algorithms and other technical means to get the “right” results of an election.

This is just … Museveni Museveni Museveni … and nobody is shocked in 2021 and neither should anyone be in 2022. Peace.

Mali: Ministere de la Defense et des Anciens Combattants (DIRPA) – Communique du Chef d’Etat-Major General des Armees (30.12.2021)

Sudan: The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors – Statement (31.12.2021)

On the day of 30/12/21, Sudan’s Military Junta Forces committed serious acts of unwarranted violence against peaceful civilians.

The Military Junta imposed a communications blackout, restricting access to the internet, telecommunications and main roads. This enabled security forces to act with violence, unimpeded, and commit atrocities against unarmed civilians. The recorded use of live ammunition, direct shots of tear gas and other weapons to inflict blunt force trauma have been observed. At the time of writing, 6 civilians have been killed, and over 150 injured on this day alone.

It has been reported that General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan issued an emergency decree granting security forces full immunity and the power to indiscriminately arrest and detain. As a result of this decree, major incidents have been observed violating Article 8(e)(i) of the Geneva Convention of 1948. (Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities). The incidents in question will be designated I, II, III and IV and elaborated upon below.

Incident I involved security forces intercepting an ambulance carrying a protester wounded by live ammunition from Al-Arbaeen hospital to Omdurman Hospital. Witnesses report that armed forces hijacked the ambulance and arrested those inside, including the ambulance staff and wounded man.

Incident II involved forced entry into Accident and Emergency departments of two separate hospitals, and the use of tear gas to disperse civilians and hospital staff inside. Reports show that 4 protesters were arrested this way in the East Nile Region.

Incident III involved the use of violence at the Al-Arabiya news outlet offices, in which sound bombs were launched inside, targeting working journalists. During this incident, one member of the crew was injured in the stomach by a close-range explosive.

Incident IV occurred when a funeral procession was disrupted in Omdurman by security forces using tear gas to disperse and incapacitate mourners. This attack interrupted the bereaved for no clear aim, violating the deceased’s dignity after death.

We call for the immediate cessation of violence and hostility towards civilians. Moreover, every action possible must be taken to bring those responsible to justice.

Statement by:

-Sudan’s Doctors for Human Rights.

-Unified Doctors Office

31 December 2021 AD

A look into Bobi Wine’s ***** End of the Year Message *****

I bring you warm greetings wherever you are and congratulate you upon coming to and end of this year, which has been a very difficult one for many Ugandans” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

As the year of 2021 closes and the political landscape continues to shift and manoeuvre it’s head. We can look back and reflect on what has happened and what to look forward too. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has gone through fire since entering the political field in Republic of Uganda. As a firebrand politician and an inspiration for the upcoming generations. As he stands on the barricades and fights together to topple a dictator. This is sort of a politician is rare to find and that’s why I am looking into his recent text published today.

As we all know, at the start of the year, we had a presidential election, which General Museveni chose to turn into a military operation. Ugandans were murdered, tortured, abducted and others detained. As I write this, we still have hundreds of our people in different prisons across the country including Members of Parliament Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana. Ordinary Ugandans such as Olivia Lutaaya, Kassim Mugadde, Machete Yasin, and many others are under illegal detention and there is no sign of getting a free and fair trial. Comrades Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Dan Magic and many others spent more than half of this year in prison. There are several other comrades who have lost limbs in this cause, while many others have paid the ultimate price. I want to salute EVERYONE who has made any form of sacrifice in order to advance the struggle for a better country” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

Here we are seeing a reflection into how the election went down. As Bobi Wine knows and has with his team also created a report with evidence of the rigging, intimidation and use of security forces to ensure a victory for Museveni. Therefore, this isn’t just hearsay, but can be found proof of what his assessing here. We know there are many who has been injured, harmed and lost their lives as participants in the recent election. Which is tragic, but shows what sort of ends the current regime has to stay in power. Nothing is more value than stay in power, not even the lives of the ones you are supposed to govern. Just think about that for a second and then you see the brutality of the leadership of the current Kampala regime.

Our greatest achievement so far, has been stripping him naked. The whole world now knows that Uganda is ruled by a military tyrant who has no legitimate support of the people. This is an important achievement in any struggle to remove a dictatorship. Secondly, the people of Uganda are now more awakened than ever. I pride in seeing Ugandans, young and old much more interested in the affairs of our country” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

Yes, Bobi Wine and the National Unity Platform (NUP) has revealed more of the sinister acts of Museveni. However, Bobi Wine wasn’t the first doing that… if saying so you are dismissing the former dissidents and opposition to Museveni who stood on the frontlines and fought for the same, as Bobi Wine does today. So, Besigye have also enlighten and his party have been vital in the struggle. Therefore, Bobi Wine has ushered in a new era and new people into the struggle. He has proven the acts of current day regime. Just like Besigye did… Also, on the second part… yes People Power Movement and the NUP have reached new people. Yes, he has gotten more people in tune to the message and the needs of change, as far as I remember the most people galvanized for change in recent memory was during the ‘Walk to Work’ riots. Bobi Wine has reached plenty and ensured a new generation is ready to compete. However, this sound a bit to flamboyant to reality actually.

Away from that, I wish to remind all Ugandans that the People Power Movement/ National Unity Platform has championed the unity of the forces of change right from inception. After the 2017 by-election in Kyadondo East that brought me to Parliament, I set out to meet with all leaders of political parties, Civil Society Organisations, religious institutions, etc. When we formed the People Power Movement, we brought together Ugandans from all shades of opinion. This is because in principle we believe that all Ugandans (not just politicians) will need to come together and forge a way forward towards a #NewUganda” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

We know that the People Power was a unity based organization, as Bobi Wine did seek members from all parties and anyone who sought to end the dictatorship. That has been clear from the offset and no one can deny this fact. So, this passage is just reflecting the time he has had in politics and what PPM has become at this point.

For about two years before the election, we sat in more than fifty meetings with leaders and comrades within different formations in the ‘opposition’. Our view was that we needed to tackle Museveni with a single, strong candidate so that we would then scatter our energies across the country in trying to guard the vote. I was even willing not to be the joint candidate, if an honest analysis had been made and it was established that we front someone else. The discussions went on and on and on. Previously before we launched the National Unity Platform, some of the Party leaders kept telling us they needed to consult their party organs. Others told us they needed to first elect their party flag bearers, who would then sit with us to agree on a joint candidate. Others claimed that they could not work with us because we were just a mere pressure group and not a registered political party” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

Here we see the political gambit and how everyone see their pockets first. This revelation is not shocking, but shows the true fashion of things. As things moves and is revealed… this just show how fellow parties are working. What is also striking is that the negotiations and talks just went on-on-on. That is what stalling and keeping the newcomer busy with useless meetings. That’s how it sounds to me… and Bobi Wine maybe felt used or even wasted time in plenty of forum’s where they only had him to gain more politically themselves…

It later became apparent that some of the actors were in fact not interested in our unity at all, but were using those meetings and engagements to derail and delay us. In fact, one of the last and most important meetings we had to discuss the question of unity took place at the home of Owek. Joyce Ssebugwaawo, now Museveni’s minister. It was later on that we established that all along she had been in touch with the regime, although she was a Deputy President of a major opposition party.

When we formed NUP and were taken to court, some of the people who worked very hard to see NUP de-registered were not NRM operatives, but some of our perceived comrades in other opposition formations. Some went as far as approaching the Electoral Commission and Court staff to beg that they influence our de-registration” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

Here he continues and he proves that they were not in-fact using it for unity, but stalling and actually de-railing the PPM. That is a very vicious and clear attempt to distort the PPM from moving forward, as their influence could stifle and put up roadblocks to move ahead. The plans to make it harder with the court-case and de-registration was also set-off. It backfired, but also proves how far political actors and the state is willing to go. We have seen anything Bobi Wine touches becomes illegal or get into trouble. Therefore, the use of moles and others seems right, as they want to inflict damage on the new party and their chances.

By the time we went through the election and emerged out of it, we got credible information, (which is well within the knowledge of senior leaders), that Museveni sponsored several candidates at different levels in order to cut our speed. As everyone can see, this is information that we normally get and decide to keep with ourselves, but I thought it is important to share it so that the people of Uganda understand the dynamics at play, and place the most trust in themselves. No one else will fight for them except themselves” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

We would never be shocked by paid opposition or candidates sponsored by Museveni. That seems about right at this point. There is too many who has gotten a shot and become up-starts in the recent election. To do so to destroy NUP and PPM chances seems about right. As well, as using all means to get majority and control is the end-game of the NRM anyway. Therefore, this story is all based on merits and the achievements of the state at this current time.

Immediately after the election, every Ugandan remembers that I personally wrote to all heads of political parties, in order for us to forge unity and take the struggle forward. Yet again, some actors responded positively, others responded negatively and others did not respond at all” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

You can be sure that the paid opposition would not answer or show up to the call. We know the NUP sent out letter and asked for consultation meetings with the opposition. There is knowledge that parties like the FDC didn’t respond or care to answer. As they were to preoccupied with dismissing the NUP. While other parties did talk and greet Bobi Wine himself. So, we know this is true… and this is how life moves things forward.

He ends with:

Of course we continue to engage with all Ugandans, be it political leaders or not, on the urgent need to deliver our nation from the crisis which we face. This coming year, we must make a conscious decision to work together as comrades because the alternative would be to resign ourselves to a terrible fate. In the coming year, each one of us should simply double his or her effort while trusting in God. Freedom is in sight. Happy New Year to you all. God bless you” (Bobi Wine, 31.12.2021).

These words are fine and dandy… it is true that the leaders and the ones in power needs to fix the crisis. The NUP and their affiliates has to find a way forward. Also, to ensure they aren’t lost into the space of offices and titles. That the party continues to be on the barricades and fights the junta. However, the NUP and Bobi Wine hasn’t rattled the cage of Museveni yet. They have given him a headache and a little heart-ache, but the end isn’t in sight. The NUP Party President and former Presidential Candidate has to further his party and his movement. He has gotten far in these years. Bobi Wine deserves credit for what he has achieved in such a short time.

However, saying… freedom is in sight. I cannot see that… as the state and the security organizations isn’t buckling up or giving way. No, the state isn’t suffering or breaking apart. The centre is holding and Bobi Wine haven’t made the President walk on burning coals to reach a point. No, he has had his convoy and continued all of his perks while being in office. The dissidents and opposition has still gotten into trouble and prolonged suffering. The President isn’t stopping and that’s clear. This is why the NUP MPs, leaders and activists are behind bars as we speak. It’s hard to see the freedom and liberty for all in the coming year.

The NRM and Museveni have kept this going since 1986. The centre has to fold, the military and the police has to buckle. That is what has to happen at this point, if not a sort of demonstrations and continuing prolonged civil disobedience of epic revolutionary proportions, which the Republic have never seen. That is what the NUP has to be able to do. If they do that and gets the public backing. Than things are possible to happen… and freedom would be in sight. As of today… it is as bleak and dark, as the recent decade. Peace.

Sudan: Food looted in Darfur, 730,000 people left without (30.12.2021)

A World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse located in the Borsa area of El Fasher town, the capital of North Darfur State, came under attack from unknown armed groups.

NEW YORK, United States of America, December 30, 2021 – The UN chief condemned on Wednesday the looting and attacks against United Nations facilities, equipment and supplies gifted to the Sudanese authorities for civilian in El Fasher, Darfur. 

Last Tuesday evening, a World Food Programme (WFPwarehouse located in the Borsa area of El Fasher town, the capital of North Darfur State, came under attack from unknown armed groups.

Over 1,900 metric tons of food commodities that were meant to feed 730,000 vulnerable people for a month were stolen.

The incident followed the looting and reported violence last week at the former UN-African Union Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) base in El Fasher.

Restore order 

In his statementSecretary-General António Guterres called upon the Government of Sudan to restore order.

He stressed that the authorities must ensure that former UNAMID property and assets are strictly used for civilians – in conformity with the Framework Agreement the Government signed in March.

The UN chief also asked the Sudanese authorities to facilitate the safe working environment and passage for remaining UN operations in the region.

He concluded by thanking the UN civilian and uniformed personnel who remain on the ground under “challenging” circumstances.

Humanitarian crisis 

The Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Khardiata Lo N’diaye, also condemned the looting.

“This was food assistance meant for Sudan’s most vulnerable people. Humanitarian assistance should never be a target”, she underscored.

Currently, one in three people in Sudan needs humanitarian assistance – equivalent to an estimated 14.3 million individuals.

According to the 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan, 25 per cent of those people require food security and livelihoods support.

An attack like this, the coordinator explained, severely impedes the ability to deliver to the people who need it the most.

“We urgently ask all parties to adhere to humanitarian principles and allow the safe delivery of life-saving assistance”, Ms. N’diaye stated.

WFP currently faces “unprecedented” funding shortfalls, estimated at $358 million.


Earlier in the month, thousands of people took to the streets to mark the third anniversary of the uprising that led to the April 2019 overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled for three decades.

Demonstrators who made for the presidential palace were also protesting October’s military coup and the political agreement signed later on 21 November.

UN officials and agencies expressed deep concern at the time over credible reports of serious human rights violations, including the use of rape and gang rape of women and girls, employed to disperse protesters.

As of 29 December, the security situation had been restored, according to State authorities.

Ms. N’diaye thanked the local authorities for preventing the situation from worsening but called upon the Government to step up efforts to protect and safeguard humanitarian premises and assets.

Tchad: Conseil National de la Resistance pour la Democratie (CNRD) – Communique (30.12.2021)

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (31.12.2021)

Ethiopia: Joint Press Release by Tigray Nationalist Parties (27.12.2021)

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