Opinion: Kenya MOH your late to the Party; you cannot at run away from your stolen funds!


It’s just one of those days where the Ministry of Health all of sudden tries transparency, well, ladies and gentlemen of the important Ministry you’re a bit late to the party. The ship has left the docks hours ago and you cannot go to the island. The boat is not waiting for your embarking mission. MOH of Kenya, your perception is already there. If you had nothing loses and tried to sub-come from the facts that are in the wind.


Today you tried to prove bills and payments for 5 billion shilling, a small fortune squandered most likely by one of the loyal elitist politicians or political connected Jubilee men. That even the deceased Human Rights Lawyer Jacob Juma wrote about before his assassination. When a person who exposed to extra-judicial killings and writing about a coming scandal in mid-year last year, and in last quarter of it the documents proved his words true; then you know that the conspiracy we’re real.

CS Dr. Cleopa Maliu cannot be proud of their of their cover-up. Therefore yesterday even Ruto had something to say: “Deputy President William Samoei Ruto says firm action will be taken against public servants and private individuals alleged to be involved in the loss of more than Sh 5 Billion at the ministry of health” (The Star Kenya, 30.10.2016). If he claims that the money is missing, why does the MOH today claim otherwise? Who is lying?

We can all say that the MOH is late to the party; the internal Audit of May 2016 is out and showing payments done and delivered. Service rendered if you may. They tried by a small press release on the 29th October to deflect it, but the released information hasn’t made them look good, not has had it helped that LifeCare Medics Limited also on 29th October explained their sold equipment to the MOH. They we’re not even mentioned on the questionable Internal Audit, so there are companies that does not come forward with their accounts and prove of sale to the Ministry; something that most hurt CS Maliu.


We can all the reality and know that the government are not proud of their acts, as they even tries to find ways, even show over the effects of their thievery in public, that they been stealing from the sick and needed people.

Like you can write mobile health clinic, but that does not mean containers that need big-wig trailers to be moved from a place to another, that means a bigger Caravan built into a modern hospital or clinic; something that the 40 Containers in a trailer-park is not. No matter what kind of ideas the MOH has, that looks foolish and not bright.


Even future Medical Staff are issuing this Statement today:

“The Medical Students’ Association of Kenya (MSAKE) is an independent and non-political organization that serves as the umbrella body for all Medical students in Kenya. One of our core mandates is health advocacy. In that light, we would like to bring to your attention an article that was released a few days ago sighting the possible misappropriation of funds at the Ministry of Health (MOH).

We acknowledge that these are preliminary findings whose outcomes will be released upon completion of the legal investigations. However, we would like to state the following:

  1. We are aware that ideally, following The Abuja Declaration of 2001, the health sector should be allotted 15% of the National Annual budget allocation but currently only approximately 5% goes to the MOH.
  2. We acknowledge that this 5% of the National Annual budget is an improvement from the previous financial year, however, we are disappointed that despite the minimal funds allocated to the ministry, the funds are alleged still being misappropriated and hence affecting the quality of healthcare offered to our countrymen.
  3. As future Medical Practitioners, we hope that investigations on the matter will be carried out and the necessary action taken upon those found guilty of the misappropriation.
  4. In conclusion, it our hope that there will be improved transparency at all levels of our healthcare system” (MSAKE, 31.10.2016).

PS: If you wonder why I don’t drop anything of the MOH Report of 31.10.2016, I believe it is muffled with and will fit reality. The MOH has had to doctored the numbers to make them fit the budgets and audits. Even the report is not true. I have little faith right now.

That’s enough from me. Peace.

Clinton Foundation leaks: Phantom aid to Ethiopia


We can all question the Clinton Foundation and the CHAI works in Ethiopia, especially after the reason for the visits in Ethiopia. By the memo of 2011 with Sheik Mommad of Midme in Ethiopia, if Bill Clinton would visit Ethiopia than the CF would get $2US Million from him; that doesn’t sound like a donor aid, but greased politician for their foundation. Not something that you should expect from a man of the Stature of Clinton’s. This is insulting, and the next levels of how the continue, when you look into it isn’t what it it’s all perceives.

CHAI would like to request that President Clinton call Sheik Mohammed to thank him for offering his plane to the conference in Ethiopia and expressing regrets that President Clinton’s schedule does not permit him to attend the conference. Ed Wood has prepared a briefing memo for President Clinton about the call which is attached. Please contact either Ed or me if you have any questions or if you need anything else from us” [Ira Magaziner to John Podesta – ‘Subject: FW: Talking points for President Clinton and the Sheik’ 22.11.2011].

After that one fellow staffer answers it with:

“Unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check, this sounds crazy to do” [Adesai to a group of Clinton Foundation Mails – ‘Subject: FW: Talking points for President Clinton and the Sheik’ 22nd November 2011].

So after the agreement between the Sheik, that he sends money every-time Bill Clinton travels to Ethiopia. With that kind of suction to the Midme leader, he is still not allowed to travel to their Conference months after the agreement between Bill and the Sheik. Proves that only “Pay to Play” if the Sheik had paid another fortune of $6 US Million to the CF, than he be included at the Conference, which is not how it is supposed to be, but the CF Staff acts like its normal to ask for this kind of bribe.

Proven results of Work in Ethiopia and beyond:

“I’m sensitive to that (which is why I’m asking) but those CHAI Stats are on nearly every public listing of CF accomplishment. I’m want to make people think twice about calls for dropping grants to CF or return the money and the HIV/AIDS work hits home in a way that other stats don’t. Plus it’s international work. I’m concerned about saying we used money to fund healthy schools (because we didn’t use the funding for that)” [Craig Minassian to Tina Flournoy – ‘Subject: Re: WaPo – Draft Quote’ 25th February 2015].

This here just shows that the importance of the projects in Ethiopia wasn’t on building resilience towards HIV-AIDS or healthy schools as the Clinton Foundation and staffs doesn’t feel secure of showing the numbers that they have delivered to the numbers they have professed to change before. That is a worrying Foundation, Humanitarian Organization or even Aid Organization that should deliver some results; the results seem to be more important that the Foundation secure funding from the Sheik, than delivering results. Peace

[Insert a bogus charge] Besigye detained again at his home in Kasangati


Another day, another empty charge, another time Dr. Kizza Besigye detained for no other reason that he is home and breathing. Like the crimes of the Forum for Democratic Charge ever has amounted to anything, because it’s all political and controlled from above. The Police in-charge knows this and uses all kind of spin-control to make it look otherwise, because they think the citizens of the Republic of Uganda is blatantly stupid and ignorant like their leadership.

Therefore as he arrived during the weekend and on Sunday morning the Police Force set their guards at the gates, as they put out metal teeth’s and such to stop cars from entering the compound of the political man. He was taken together with his famous driver Fred Kato, who has charges because of his allegiance to Besigye, but they have all been dropped. Besigye we’re also taken with Christine Behimbisa.

The black “Torture” van picked them up and the Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago together with Farouk Mugerwa went to Naggalama Police Station and Prison in Mukono, to see if they could get him released from his detention today.

While Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC Mobiliser has been detained on the way to Kasangati and her whereabouts is still unclear as the charges for driving to Kasangati has not been written as a cardinal sin, but we can surely see that information soon coming out of the mouth of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi. I should not know the Name of Police Officers, but I do, because this arrest of FDC people has constantly and with rampant acts. Like the arrest of Doreen Nyanjura who had this Friday closed of the Kasangati for the arrival of Besigye. Because of this insult to the Police, she was detained without charges and we’re bailed out the day after.

So we all know where we are going, the NRM Regime cannot help themselves as they are on a spiral of killing innocent and rule of law to the level of fearless non-sense like this. Where they arrest people for no apparent reason than they exists and without charges, because they apparently at this day and need none. They are okay under the wings of IGP Kale Kayihura and Mzee.

The is the acts compared to Medieval kingdoms with kings who thought they we’re God and had all reason to spread their justice over all men kind or in meagre existence inside their own fiefdom. The pride that the Republic of Uganda is now the same, as it all connects to the power-hungry President who will tarnish his reputation and his legacy over continuation of these acts of impunity. He can bike around and act like road-show to try to overshadow these acts of violence against own citizens, but the truth will conquer that vile attempt of spin-control. Peace.

Readout of the Secretary-General’s telephone call to H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa (31.01.2016)


The Secretary-General expressed his regret over South Africa’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

NEW YORK, United States of America, October 31, 2016 – The Secretary-General spoke with H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa. He acknowledged South Africa’s leading role in addressing pressing global issues, particularly with respect to peace and security in Africa and the Climate Change agreement. He thanked President Zuma for the constant support he has given to the Secretary-General on these issues.

The Secretary-General expressed his regret over South Africa’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court and recalled the key role that the Government of South Africa had played in the negotiations that led to the adoption of the Rome Statute and as one of its first signatories. Noting that he appreciates the continued and unwavering commitment of the South African Government to justice and accountability, the Secretary-General expressed the hope that it would reconsider its decision before the withdrawal takes effect in twelve months’ time.

The Secretary-General also expressed his preoccupation with the situation in the South Sudan, and urged South Africa’s support in calling for an end to hostilities and a return to an inclusive political process.

Mine tanker rundt Visjon Norge og TV-Pastor Hanvolds verden..


Jeg har vært i tenkeboksen om jeg skulle komme med en kommentar til NRKs Brennpunkt dokumentar om Visjon Norge og TV Pastor Jan Hanevold. Jan Hanevold som har historie som Pastor og hans forhold til penger. Derfor skal jeg ta noen gamle saker som viser at Brennpunkt tar viktige poenger om hvordan han håndterer penger. Som Pastor og Kristen leder så har en etisk og normative ramme som gjør at man skal være rettslig og korrekt. Der profitt og rikdom ikke skal være fokus, mens arbeid både for kristenhet og de trengende. Dette ser mer suspekt ut når det kommer til TV-Pastoren.

I 2005 ble dette skrevet om han:

“Stiftelsen VBC, med Jan Hanvold i spissen, brukte seks av fem innsamlede nødhjelpsmillioner til eiendom i 2003. Nå har de nettopp svidd av 6,5 millioner på nye lokaler til TV Visjon Norge” (…) “Ifølge Drammens Tidende har TV-kanalen TV Visjon Norge, med ansvarlig redaktør Jan Hanvold, nettopp punget ut 6,5 millioner kroner for store deler av den tidligere barnevernsinstitusjonen Åsgård i Øvre Eiker. Der skal de ekspandere, produsere fjernsyn og etablere kurs- og konferansesenter” (…) “En gjennomgang av VBCs regnskaper viser at de brukte seks millioner kroner på eiendom også i 2003. I 2002 tok de ut 1,9 millioner kroner fra stiftelsen uten å redegjøre for det i årsberetningen eller i en note i regnskapet” (…) “Hvor pengene som tilfaller fattige barn gjemmer seg i regnskapet til VBC, er et mysterium. Stiftelsen fikk drøyt fem millioner kroner i tilskudd/gaver i 2003, og hadde salgsinntekter i omtrent samme størrelsesorden. Likevel er det ikke mulig å avlese en eneste pengegave i regnskapet. Lettere er det å avlese at de brukte seks millioner kroner på eiendom” (…) “At de har sendt inn årsmøteprotokoll istedenfor årsberetningen for 2002 er kanskje en bagatell, men det som fanger vår interesse, er at det er tatt ut 1,9 millioner kroner fra stiftelsen uten at det er redegjort for i årsberetningen eller i en note i regnskapet. Hvis årsresultatet fra 2002 tillegges egenkapitalen de allerede hadde fra 2001, skulle nemlig egenkapitalen vært rundt 4,4 millioner kroner i 2002, ikke 2,5 millioner som den er bokført til” (Hegnar.no, 2005).

Enda mer fra 2005:

“Kaptial stiller i artikkelen spørsmål om hvor pengene som tilfaller fattige barn, gjemmer seg i regnskapene til Visjon Bibel Center. Bladet skriver: «Stiftelsen fikk drøyt fem millioner i tilskudd og gaver i 2003, og hadde salgsinntekter i omtrent samme størrelsesorden. Likevel er det ikke mulig å avlese en eneste pengegave i regnskapet. Lettere er det å avlese at de har brukt seks millioner på eiendom.» Kapital stiller også spørsmål til at det i 2002 er tatt ut 1,9 millioner kroner fra stiftelsen uten at det er redegjort for i årsregnskapet eller i en note til regnskapet. – Dette regnskapet er i beste fall lite opplysende. Normalt skal utdelinger fra stiftelser rapporteres over resultatregnskapet. Det ideelle er å følge bestemmelsen i den tidligere stiftelsesloven om at legatporsjoner eller ytelser fra offentlige stiftelser skal spesifiseres i noter til regnskapet” (Hansen, 2005).

Det er ikke spekulativt når en jukser med innsamlings-midler og misbruker penger fra givere som var til bistand og nødhjelp som er direkte brukt på eiendom til TV kanelen Visjon Norge. Dette viser at Stiftelsen kontrollert av Pastor Hanevold har regnskap i to år både 2002 og 2003 hvor midler er blitt vekke og ikke kan blir redegjort for, i den samme perioden har plutselig Hanevold klart å bruke en formue på lokaler for TV-kanelen. For meg er det suspekt handling med penger og hvordan han bruker tilliten til sine givere og kristne mennesker som gir med tro til denne mannen. Disse artikkelen som viser lite troverdig handlinger  burde åpne øynene. Dette mer en Brennpunkt alene som har sin vri. Dette er regnskapsførere og Hegnar på egenhånd stilt spørsmål til etiske rammene rund håndteringen av innsamlede midlene. Disse artiklene er både fra Kapital, Hegnar og Bygdeposten, disse har samme tema og problemstilling samtidig som Pastor Hanevolds organisasjoner ikke ønsker åpenhet rundt sine regnskap. Noe som ikke setter han i et hyggelig lys.

I 2010 ble sagt av han da:

“Han mener det er 400.000 personlig kristne i landet. Og dersom hver av dem tjener 250.000 kroner i året i snitt, har de en samlet inntekt på 100 milliarder kroner” (…) “Dersom alle kristne hadde gitt tiende, skulle misjon og kirkeliv i Norge ha fått ti milliarder kroner. Men Hanevold sier han har regnet seg fram til at ”kristenfolket” bare gir to milliarder årlig. Ergo snyter kristne nordmenn Gud for åtte milliarder kroner i året” (…) “Vårt Land skrev fredag at i 2009 satte tv-kanalen inntektsrekord med 66 millioner. Det betyr en samlet omsetning de siste 10 årene på rundt 400 millioner. En svært stor del av disse inntektene er gaver. I fjor gikk kanalen i pluss med tre millioner kroner, og den har en positiv egenkapital på over 10 millioner kroner” (Færaas, 2010).

Så hvis vi ikke følger denne oppfordringen som er om tiende, så snyter vi Gud eller mener Hanevold at vi snyter kristne forsamlinger og trossamfunn ved å gi mindre enn tiende? Dette er fascinerende at pengene er så i fokus, at ikke andre krefter og idealer fra en pastor. Var det feil dekning i lokal-avisen fra Drammen da? Slik som Brennpunkt?


Dette ble skrevet i 2011:

“Etter at 80 år gamle Bård Fonås i høst døde dukket det opp en hemmelighet. Mannen hadde jevnlig betalt store pengebeløp til den kristne kanalen TV Visjon Norge, totalt 95.000 kroner” (…) “I et brev som Hanvold selv har signert ber han om at «partneren» og «vennen» Bård Fonås skal strekke sin tro og gi 3500 kroner for å redde kanalen ut av en akutt krise. «Hvis hver partner gir 3500 kroner hver har vi løst den akutte krisa», skriver han” (Larssen, 2011).

Akkurat dette er motbydelig,  ikke at en enkelt person har enormt store summer til en sak som kan bety noe for en. Det er en fin solidarisk tanke. Problemet er mer på hvordan Pastor Hanevold har i personlige ord lovet at giverens krise vil gå vekk om de gir større beløp til sin Kristne Stiftelse eller Organisasjon noe som er uetisk, uspiselig og urettmessig. Dette er utnyttelse av eldre mennesker i en egen fortjeneste. I sammen med deres tidligere regnskapspraksis, viser at det er systematisk og rigid handlinger for å få råd til større eiendommer, med innsamlede midler som skulle gå til kristne organisasjoner og ikke direkte til næringseiendom eid av Hanevold.

Det som ble vist i snutter fra Telenor Arena nå i sommer på Brennpunkt, har Natt&Dags reportere forklart at de opplevde møte slik:

“MEN DET KOSTER å forkynne. Etter at folk har løpt rundt i Telenor Arena i sokkelesten, ligget langflate på gulvet og skreket, besvimt, hyperventilert og grått i timesvis, entrer Hanvold igjen scenen. Han minner oss på at Maldonados crew teller over 60 menn og kvinner, også var det den bussen, helikopteret koster 6000 kroner timen…– Vi trenger et kraftig offer her! roper Hanvold. – Gud vil at du skal gi 5000, 10.000, 100.000! For at én million mennesker skal bli frelst, trenger vi én milliard kroner! Amen! Frelse er gratis, men det koster å hente den inn. Hanvold ber oss trekke bakover i lokalet, der det nå har stilt seg opp folk med gule refleksvester, utstyrt med trådløse kortterminaler. På storskjermene endres budskapet fra at Jesus helbreder til at Visjon Norge har Vipps” (Gjesvig & Bamle, 2016).

At man bruker sånne midler på givere og troende at man viser sitt sanne ansikt. Dette ansiktet er hvordan man bruker alle tekniker og alle triks med store pene ord for å få mennesker til å gi. Dette med å kreve at mennesker som er troende skal gi tiende, der man ber om svære summer av glade givere på konferanse på Telenor Arena. Der en sier prisen for å ha omreisende predikant og forventer at dette skal bli dekket av givere er å bruke samvittigheten til medmennesker mot dem, slik at de føler at de må gi til Hanvold.

Dagens Svar fra Jan Kåre Hanvold:

Når brennpunkt sprer direkte løgner og fremstiller meg og Visjon Norge, som mer eller mindre svindlere. Fyrer dette opp under, etter å skape et kollektiv hat. Dette gjelder ikke bare meg, men også vår trofaste og lojale stab på 60 stykker, med familie. Sammen med Brennpunkt, er også avisen Dagen og Vårt Land de fremste i hetsingen av meg.. Slik at jeg nå har fått konkrete draps-truler imot meg. Uten, å ta hensyn til vær varsom plakaten. Hvor min svigermor er alvor syk, å har mer eller mindre fått dødsdommen. Herjer media videre uten å ta hensyn. Brennpunkt med Bjørn Olav Nordahl, har ødelagt mennesker før. Da han var graver i DN. Der de kom med kraftige anklager imot finansmannen Fredly. Og som de ble dømt for , å måtte betale million erstatning. Disse råtassene opphøyer seg til etterforskere, aktorer og dommere. Og om de kunne, hadde de også vært fengsel betjenter. Så er det også alle, de gale menneskene der ute på sosiale medier. Som slipper løs sin galskap. Og her er det mange barn også, som en burde ta hensyn til. Så derfor fyrer Brennpunkt, Dagen og Vårt land opp under, mobbing, trusler. Men dette bryr de seg ikke om, bare de selger aviser. Det er jo dette som er alfa og omega, for dem. Om de ødelegger menigheter, skoler, organisasjoner. Så gjør de gjerne det for å få prisen ,for beste journalist mobbing. Tusen takk for all støtte og forbønn. Som strømmer inn ifra inn og utland. Folk ber for oss i mange land. Dette varmer hjertene våre, for Guds løfter holder. God velsignet helg” (Jan Hanvold på Facebook side, 30.10.2016).

Man kan se igjennom alle roller på Regnskapstall.no at det veldig forskjellige bedrifter og roller som han innehar. Der han har både TV Visjon Norge AS, Visjon Norge Nødhjelp As, Vision Heaven TV og Visjon TV & Webshop AS. Eiendomsselskaper som han har en rolle i er: Øvre Eiker Vei 126 AS, Hus og Kontorservice Jan Hanvold, Hallingskarvet Høyfjellshotell AS, TAJA Holding AS, Drammensveien 73 S og Eiker Grafisk Eiendom AS.

Regnskapstallene og rollene hans vises på bilde:


Her er flere regnskapstall som viser om suspekt handling:


Når man ser dette og metodene kan man stille seg til etikken til Jan Hanvold, som kristen er jeg lei meg for at slike holdninger og tanker er ute for å tiltrekke seg penger. Der en bruker tro og trossamfunn som mulighet til berikelse, der en eter og spiser på andre mennesker givende ånd og tro om å gi til positive aktører. Om dette hadde vært en bistandsorganisasjon eller andre som hadde brukt like metoder. Så er det like forkastelig, men verre ettersom en Pastor og Kristen leder skal i tillegg til å være redelig og korrekt skal være bindeleddet til det hellige. Dermed regner en med at de skal agere annerledes enn de som er «verdslige». Dette er min personlige mening. Jeg har ikke gått i dyben på det med å være en troende, selv om det er et viktig aspekt.

Det som er problemet er hvordan han bruker mennesker for å tjene sin rikdom, bruker sin posisjon som TV-Pastor og dermed bruker normativ ideer og menneskes samvittighet til å gi til sine organisasjoner der han investerer disse midler i sine forretninger. Dette er en sammenblanding og en bruk av gaver som er ingen verdig. Dette er misbruk og klassisk svindel av andre troende. Dette på samme nivå som Trump University, der var det ikke tro, men man lovde en utdannelse uten å være sertifisert. Forskjellen på dette og det er at man lover at gaver skal gå til Guds rikes arbeid, men istedenfor går til hans egne bedrifter noe som er urovekkende.

Nok om hans misbruk av troende og kristne mennesker, håper at man forstår hva dette går til og bør tenke seg om. Om noe høres for bra ut til å være sant, så bør det sees på om det virkelig er så bra som det blir sagt, det kan være at det er helt forferdelig. Vi bør alle har tillit og det vil alltid eksistere mennesker som vil lure andre i sin egens gevinst. Her er ett bevis på dette og det er tragisk med tanke på alle de skjebnene som har gitt penger til denne mannen i tro, håp og kjærlighet. Det man kunne ønske var ydmykhet fra Hanvold, men han er ikke typen til dette. Han som er en typisk selvdreven leder som er vant til kunne gjøre som han vil for leve godt, vil ikke kunne gå på kne og be om tilgivelse for hans krumspring. Det som burde skje er at Staten Norge og de som går igjennom regnskapstall, budsjett og slikt kan finne de suspekte transaksjonene. Peace.


Hansen, Thormod R. – ‘Kjøper eiendom for nødhjelpspenger’ (03.08.2005) link: http://www.bygdeposten.no/lokale-nyheter/kjoper-eiendom-for-nodhjelpspenger/s/1-43-1685366

Hegnar.no – ‘Predikant Jan Hanvold med fattigfolk som sponsor’ (16.11.2005) link: http://www.hegnar.no/Nyheter/Naeringsliv/2005/11/Predikant-Jan-Hanvold-med-fattigfolk-som-sponsor

Færaas, Arild – ‘Kristne underslår milliarder’ (30.10.2010) link: http://www.dt.no/nyheter/ovre-eiker/nyheter/kristne-underslar-milliarder/s/2-2.1748-1.5764280

Larssen, Siri Guldteig – ‘Kristen TV-kanal sendte giro på to millioner til 80-åring’ (08.12.2011) link: http://www.tv2.no/a/3656029

Gjesvig, Lars & Bamle, Pelle – ‘Gud vil at du skal gi 5000, 10.000, 100.000!’ (18.07.2016) link: http://www.nattogdag.no/2016/07/reklame-for-gud/

Bill Clinton’s remarks honoring genocide survivors in Kigali, Rwanda March 25, 1998


Thank you, Mr. President. First, let me thank you, Mr. President, and Vice President Kagame, and your wives for making Hillary and me and our delegation feel so welcome. I’d also like to thank the young students who met us and the musicians, the dancers who were outside. I thank especially the survivors of the genocide and those who are working to rebuild your country for spending a little time with us before we came in here.

I have a great delegation of Americans with me, leaders of our Government, leaders of our Congress, distinguished American citizens. We’re all very grateful to be here. We thank the diplomatic corps for being here, and the members of the Rwandan Government, and especially the citizens.

I have come today to pay the respects of my Nation to all who suffered and all who perished in the Rwandan genocide. It is my hope that through this trip, in every corner of the world today and tomorrow, their story will be told; that 4 years ago in this beautiful, green, lovely land, a clear and conscious decision was made by those then in power that the peoples of this country would not live side by side in peace. During the 90 days that began on April 6, in 1994, Rwanda experienced the most extensive slaughter in this blood-filled century we are about to leave – families murdered in their homes, people hunted down as they fled by soldiers and militia, through farmland and woods as if they were animals.

From Kibuye in the west to Kibungo in the east, people gathered seeking refuge in churches by the thousands, in hospitals, in schools. And when they were found, the old and the sick, the women and children alike, they were killed – killed because their identity card said they were

Tutsi or because they had a Tutsi parent or because someone thought they looked like a Tutsi or slain, like thousands of Hutus, because they protected Tutsis or would not countenance a policy that sought to wipe out people who just the day before, and for years before, had been their friends and neighbors.

The Government-led effort to exterminate Rwanda’s Tutsi and moderate Hutus, as you know better than me, took at last a million lives. Scholars of these sorts of events say that the killers, armed mostly with machetes and clubs, nonetheless did their work 5 times as fast as the mechanized gas chambers used by the Nazis.

It is important that the world know that these killings were not spontaneous or accidental. It is important that the world hear what your. President just said: They were most certainly not the result of ancient tribal struggles. Indeed, these people had lived together for centuries before the events the President described began to unfold. These events grew from a policy aimed at the systematic destruction of a people. The ground for violence was carefully prepared, the airwaves poisoned with hate, casting the Tutsis as scapegoats for the problems of Rwanda, denying their humanity. All of this was done, clearly, to make it easy for otherwise reluctant people to participate in wholesale slaughter.

Lists of victims, name by name, were actually drawn up in advance. Today, the images of all that, haunt us all: the dead choking the Kigara River, floating to Lake Victoria. In their fate, we are reminded of the capacity for people everywhere, not just in Rwanda, and certainly not just in Africa but the capacity for people everywhere, to slip into pure evil. We cannot abolish that capacity, but we must never accept it. And we know it can be overcome.

The international community, together with nations in Africa, must bear its share of responsibility for this tragedy, as well. We did not act quickly enough after the killing began. We should not have allowed the refugee camps to become safe havens for the killers. We did not immediately call these crimes by their rightful name: genocide. We cannot change the past, but we can and must do everything in our power to help you build a future without fear and full of hope.

We owe to those who died and to those who survived who loved them, our every effort to increase our vigilance and strengthen our stand against those who would commit such atrocities in the future, here or elsewhere. Indeed, we owe to all the peoples of the world who are at risk because each bloodletting hastens the next as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes more conceivable – we owe to all the people in the world our best efforts to organize ourselves so that we can maximize the chances of preventing these events. And where they cannot be prevented, we can move more quickly to minimize the horror.

So let us challenge ourselves to build a world in which no branch of humanity, because of national, racial, ethnic, or religious origin, is again threatened with destruction because of those characteristics of which people should rightly be proud. Let us work together as a community of civilized nations to strengthen our ability to prevent and, if necessary, to stop genocide.

To that end, I am directing my administration to improve, with the international community, our system for identifying and spotlighting nations in danger of genocidal violence, so that we can assure worldwide awareness of impending threats. It may seem strange to you here, especially the many of you who lost members of your family, but all over the word there were people like me sitting in offices, day after day after day, who did not fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror.

We have seen, too – and I want to say again – that genocide can occur anywhere. It is not an African phenomenon and must never be viewed as such. We have seen it in industrialized Europe; we have seen it in Asia. We must have global vigilance. And never again must we be shy in the face of the evidence.

Secondly, we must, as an international community, have the ability to act when genocide threatens. We are working to create that capacity here in the Great Lakes region, where the memory is still fresh. This afternoon in Entebbe leaders from central and eastern Africa will meet with me to launch an effort to build a coalition to prevent genocide in this region. I thank the leaders who have stepped forward to make this commitment. We hope the effort can be a model for all the world, because our sacred task is to work to banish this greatest crime against humanity.

Events here show how urgent the work is. In the northwest part of your country, attacks by those responsible for the slaughter in 1994 continue today. We must work as partners with Rwanda to end this violence and allow your people to go on rebuilding your lives and your nation.

Third, we must work now to remedy the consequences of genocide. The United States has provided assistance to Rwanda to settle the uprooted and restart its economy, but we must do more. I am pleased that America will become the first nation to contribute to the new Genocide Survivors Fund. We will contribute this year $2 million, continue our support in the years to come, and urge other nations to do the same, so that survivors and their communities can find the care they need and the help they must have.

Mr. President, to you, and to you, Mr. Vice President, you have shown great vision in your efforts to create a single nation in which all citizens can live freely and securely. As you pointed out, Rwanda was a single nation before the European powers met in Berlin to carve up Africa. America stands with you, and will continue helping the people of Rwanda to rebuild their lives and society.

You spoke passionately this morning in our private meeting about the need for grassroots efforts, for the development projects which are bridging divisions and clearing a path to a better future. We will join with you to strengthen democratic institutions, to broaden participation, to give all Rwandans a greater voice in their own governance. The challenges you face are great, but your commitment to lasting reconciliation and inclusion is firm.

Fourth, to help ensure that those who survived, in the generations to come, never again suffer genocidal violence, nothing is more vital than establishing the rule of law. There can be no place in Rwanda that lasts without a justice system that is recognized as such.

We applaud the efforts of the Rwandan Government to strengthen civilian and military justice systems. I am pleased that our Great Lakes Justice Initiative will invest $30 million to help create throughout the region judicial systems that are impartial, credible, and effective. In Rwanda these funds will help to support courts, prosecutors, and police, military justice, and cooperation at the local level.

We will also continue to pursue justice through our strong backing for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The United States is the largest contributor to this tribunal. We are frustrated, as you are, by the delays in the tribunal’s work. As we know, we must do better. Now that administrative improvements have begun, however, the tribunal should expedite cases through group trials and fulfill its historic mission.

We are prepared to help, among other things, with witness relocation, so that those who still fear can speak the truth in safety. And we will support the war crimes tribunal for as long as it is needed to do its work, until the truth is clear and justice is rendered.

Fifth, we must make it clear to all those who would commit such acts in the future that they too must answer for their acts, and they will. In Rwanda, we must hold accountable all those who may abuse human rights, whether insurgents or soldiers. Internationally, as we meet here, talks are underway at the United Nations to establish a permanent international criminal court. Rwanda and the difficulties we have had with this special tribunal underscores the need for such a court. And the United States will work to see that it is created.

I know that in the face of all you have endured, optimism cannot come easily to any of you. Yet I have just spoken, as I said, with several Rwandans who survived the atrocities, and just listening to them gave me reason for hope. You see countless stories of courage around you every day as you go about your business here, men and women who survived and go on, children who recover the light in their eyes remind us that at the dawn of a new millennium there is only one crucial division among the peoples of the Earth. And believe me, after over 5 years of dealing with these problems, I know it is not the divisions between Hutu and Tutsi or Serb or Croatian; and Muslim and Bosnian or Arab and Jew; or Catholic and Protestant in Ireland, or black and white. It is really the line between those who embrace the common humanity we all share and those who reject it.

It is the line between those who find meaning in life through respect and cooperation and who, therefore, embrace someone to look down on, someone to trample, someone to punish and, therefore, embrace war. It is the line between those who look to the future and those who cling to the past. It is the line between those who give up their resentment and those who believe they will absolutely die if they have to release one bit grievance. It is the line between those who confront every day with a clenched fist and those who confront every day with an open hand. That is the only line that really counts when all is said and done.

To those who believe that God made each of us in His own image, how could we choose the darker road? When you look at those children who greeted us as we got off that plane today, how could anyone say they did not want those children to have a chance to have their own children, to experience the joy of another morning sunrise, to learn the normal lessons of life, to give something back to their people? When you strip it all away, whether we’re talking about Rwanda or some other distant troubled spot, the world is divided according to how people believe they draw meaning from life.

And so I say to you, though the road is hard and uncertain and there are many difficulties ahead, and like every other person who wishes to help, I doubltless will not be able to do everything I would like to do, there are things we can do. And if we set about the business of doing them together, you can overcome the awful burden that you have endured. You can put a smile on the face of every child in this country, and you can make people once again believe that they should live as people were living who were singing to us and dancing for us today. That’s what we have to believe. That is what I came here to say. And that is what I wish for you.

Thank you, and God bless you.

NOTE: The President spoke at 12:25 p.m. at Kigali Airport. In his remarks, he referred to President Pasteur Bizimungu of Rwanda and his wife, Sarafina, and Vice President Paul Kagame and his wife, Janet. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.

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[Insert Stupidity from the UPF] New-confined House-Arrest of Besigye!


“Police have again taken over security outside Dr Kizza Besigye’s Kasangati home after a group of women blocked their access yesterday. The leader of the group said the police took over security early morning” (NBS TV Uganda, 30.10.2016).

Again the Police Force has taken the home of Dr. Kizza Besigye under siege, as he had 12 days abroad as per request and allowed to while the Government continues to work on forged allegations of treason. This continued war-path and destruction of liberty and freedom for the political leader and former presidential candidate.

This is a farce and continued presence of Police without warrant or charge on the man. The decision to house-arrest the man because of so-called intelligence of planned demonstrations with him together with comrade and loyal friend Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago in Kampala. As Hon. Beti Kamya continues to force vendors of the street and alleys while the streets are cleared with violent force of Police. That is the only thing the Police under IGP Kayihura knows anyway.

This is a continued injustice is just getting to far out of hand. I don’t know how many times I written about it, but the Penal Code and the Preventative Arrest, the Colonial Law inherited from the British have been now certainly used more by the NRM Regime, than the years under the British Lords. I am sure the record for most Preventative Arrest in Ugandan History is Dr. Kizza Besigye. That says more about the authorities than of the so-called illegal activity of Besigye. Besigye is soon not allowed to think or breathe; as no matter what he does he get detained, arrested and such.

Just like Doreen Nyanjura has been detained and arrested, even tortured and not allowed food from the Police Officers at the prison. That shows the level of impunity as she just tried together with other woman that their leader should have justice and freedom as anybody else.

I am tired of the political police force and their misuse of power against civilians, political persons and others are easily picked without charges or cases to be made. That proves that injustice bounces over rule of law. Again, Again and Again! Peace.

Uganda: (Besigye & Lukwago we’re…) Planning Illegal demonstrations (30.10.2016)

Kasangati 09.05.2016

Uganda Police Force has received reliable information from intelligence sources that Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Mr. Erias Lukwago and other political actors have been mobilizing and meeting vendors who were recently removed from the city streets with the aim of staging illegal demonstrations on Monday October 31, 2016.

Uganda Police Force wishes to inform the general public that it has not received any notification concerning the planned demonstration and that any person who participates in such illegal activity commits a crime.

Police shall take all necessary measures to prevent such illegal acts and ensure that no persons disrupt the normal business life and peace in the city.

The public is cautioned not to be misled and hoodwinked by such opportunistic individuals whose agenda is to cause the breach of peace in the city.

Vendors and hawkers are advised to be patient and work with the ministry responsible for Kampala Capital City affairs to find alternative solutions.
Andrew Felix Kaweesi ‘ndc’(k)
October 30, 2016

A Refugee From Sudan Tells His Harrowing Story For The First Time (Youtube-Clip)

Police Confines Besigye Again (Youtube-Clip)

“The FDC women in command, a female pressure group that on Saturday, occupied the Police check point at Dr. Kiiiza Besigye’s home in Kasangati, have lost control to police. The fearless women group lost their base when they retired last night for family obligation. Their attempt to fight back and gain control was futile as Police surrounded Besigye’s home again” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

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