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Opinion: Minister Mwaba in a twisted entanglement…

The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Tony Mwaba Kazadi has impregnated his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia, saying it was “accidental”. Tony and Aminata have reportedly been working together for some time, which led to both of them developing feelings for each other, despite both being married. A DRC journalist, Lungila John had taken to the Twitter to reveal the affair between both officials that have resulted into pregnancy” (Alex Enemanna – ‘DRC: Minister ‘Accidentally’ Impregnates Deputy’ 19.05.2023, link: https://abntv.com.ng/news/drc-minister-accidentally-impregnates-deputy/).

Tony Mwaba and Aminata Namasia are the “senior” and “junior” ministers. They are working together in the same Ministry and are colleges. Apparently, they have captured each others eyes and possibly “caught feelings”. Since there reports of a baby on the way.

This means the two has met outside of the office and had some intimate moments. What is more striking is that this has been done in the dark. They are both married and high ranking officials. Still, they didn’t mind and showed their introgression. Some might just call this a “personal” or “family” problem. However, this is involving government work and becomes public because of their offices.

These two love-birds didn’t get impregnated by “accident”. A man don’t stick it in by mere coincidence. No, this was a consensual act and a deed done on “purpose”. You don’t go to bed with each other without prior knowledge. You have gotten a “go-ahead” and a “heads-up” before pulling down your trousers. Let’s just be real.

I don’t believe this was a “one-off” drunken escapade. These two was working together and knew their work schedule. These two could easily find means and time for each other. Meaning they was thrilled and exited for the next rendezvous.

It is fine that people find love and have to pleasure of doing so. That is a way of life and getting a kid is the same. Nothing directly wrong in that. However, there are moral and code of conduct in the offices they are part of. As Ministers, they have to keep the state of affairs under wraps and also be morally astute. Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to pay them no mind.

They were busy being bedmates and enjoy the sweet lust. These two didn’t mind possibly destroying not only their reputation. Their names, but also destroying their families. Because, they where unfaithful to their spouses. They acted in disregard to the ones at home. Instead of going home and being good partners. These two found a “safe-haven” between themselves.

Now the Minister and Deputy Minister has to make some choices. They are clearly bound to be connected for life. That is happening because there is a baby on the way. Certainly, this is not a good look on the wife of Mwaba or the husband of Namasia. However way you cut this….

It wasn’t an accident. You don’t pull the trigger or take a shot under the covers without any preconditions. That is false… and only excuses. These two are grown and mature enough to know this. Peace.

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