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Opinion: Trump is having his worst day ever!

Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation; for ‘tis better to be alone than in bad company.”George Washington

Not that I have any sympathy for the United States President, I don’t, this is paper-trail he has left for himself. Today, it manifested itself, as his former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts of fraud, while his former lawyer has pleaded a plea agreement with Robert Mueller and his Russian Probe. The net around is clearly closing in.

It is not like the state of affairs in this case has gone towards vindication. Already, Foreign Campaign Aide George Papadopoulos have accepted a plea deal, the former associate and former-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Former Deputy Campaign Manager and Top Transition Official Richard Gates. These are already top level of the Trump Campaign who has applied guilt or been now found guilty of breaking the law. This should worry anyone. At this rate, this isn’t theory, but reality.

What is special about today, is that Michael Cohen have also pleaded guilty and fixed himself a plea deal with Robert Muller. Therefore, most of the high-ranking officials around him has been closed in, except for his family members and some whose still lingering around like Roger Stone, Stephen Bannon and Cater Paige. All of them will have their turn it seems. As the doors are shutting and the individual ways towards seeking refuge is getting smaller. As the investigation and the authorities already has been vindicated as Manafort been found guilty on 8 counts. That is not a small case, neither the possible jail-time for the former political lobbyist and campaigner.

A special time is that Cohen, the Trump fixer are no offered himself and said guilty of breaking laws. As he signed and accepted a plea deal. For getting a lesser time for a minor charge, the former Trump lawyer have to co-operate and give information for furthering the case. Therefore, whatever that will leak and will be indicated in the court documents can offer more insights to the Trump Organization and even more into the Trump Campaign. As he has been involved in all of that. Cohen has admitted to have been part of a forfeiture of the state and breaking electoral laws, which is connected with the payment to Stephanie Clifford or Stormy Daniels as a settlement for her silence, as the fixer was securing the Trump Campaign with an illegal holding company called Essential Consultants LLC to pay Mrs. Clifford.

Therefore, today has been a really, really bad day, as Manafort will serve time on the eight counts, where he is found guilty and also Cohen are now working with the state, as he wants to serve less time. The crimes of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Organization might be served, the public will know and the realities behind the charade of Trump will become more than speculations, but actual court documents.

This must surely be one of the darkest days of the Trump Presidency, as such a big chunk of his campaign team is in legal jeopardy. They cannot call this is a witch-hunt or hyped, as the amount of people within the investigation are now shadowing most of the people in and around him. That should show the people that the people around Trump associated with was parts of criminal conspiracy and breaking various of laws. Some we do know now, but plenty that is just mere speculation. What is the reality, is that Trump and his closest associates.

If finding Manafort guilty and all the other ones agreeing plea agreements doesn’t show you pattern of criminal conspiracy, nothing does, as the people in and around Trump are now in the circle of showing evidence and affidavits for building cases on more people within the circle of Trump. Peace.


Russian Probe: Manafort Trial – “Order on Juror Names under seal” (21.08.2018)

Russian Probe: George Papadopoulos are now awaiting possible sentencing as he violated his plea agreement!

George Papadopoulos, who is awaiting his trial in September 2018, as part of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation in the Russian Probe, the Russian interference into the Presidential Election of 2016. Are now in full steam ahead, as the new memo to the courts are stating further matters, where the individual have broken his agreement and trust with the Special Counsel. That is why the prosecution are asking for him to sentenced.

Lying to investigators:

The interview on January 27, 2017 was not a hurried or forced encounter: the agents met the defendant where he was living at the time, they told him they wanted his help with a sensitive national security investigation, and they made it clear the interview would be “completely voluntary.” (PSR ¶ 51).1 The defendant said he wanted to help the agents with their investigation, and he chose to travel

with the agents to the FBI office in Chicago, Illinois, where he proceeded to answer questions, and

to lie, for more than two hours”.

Therefore, his testimony and affidavit for the court have been tampered with as he has not been truthful. The defendant has used the FBI time to compel lies and deception, instead of an honest interview.

Further, the lies was about his Russian connections:

As described in detail in the Statement of Offense and the PSR, while serving as a policy advisor to the Trump campaign, the defendant met a professor of diplomacy in London (the “Professor”) who introduced the defendant to a Russian woman (the “Female Russian National”) and to a Russian national connected to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the “Russia MFA Connection”). (PSR ¶¶ 22-49). The Professor told the defendant that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails,” and the defendant had a series of communications over a period of months with the Professor, the Female Russian National, and the Russia MFA Connection in which they discussed arranging a meeting between Russian officials and the Trump campaign”.

So Papadopoulos knew perfectly well what he was up to and used his insides to get the information that the Trump Campaign needed. For a foreign agent, which is a violation of Electoral Law, as well, as questionable at best a patriotic citizen. He has already also lied to FBI, that is two counts of criminal conduct by the high ranking staffer within the Trump Campaign.

Receiving cash from foreign intelligence:

Based on the defendant’s offense level under the Guidelines, the applicable range for a fine

is $500 to $9,500. The defendant provided information about $10,000 in cash he received from a

foreign national whom he believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other

than Russia). The defendant has stated that he kept that money in a safe pending his sentencing in

this case and Counsel for the defendant has consented to the imposition of this fine amount”.

With all of this information, there are likely connection with George and Carter Paige, as well as other within the Trump Campaign. As the knowledge of the Clinton E-Mails and the hacking of Podesta and the DNC. Are spawning to new levels and the intention of leaking these damaging e-mails from them. Which the Russian hackers and state officers has gotten a hold off. That is why these revealing factors. Shows how connected Papadopoulos was with Russian Intelligence and with the Trump Campaign, which had no trouble gaining this advantage of hacked documents. Even if that was using a foreign connections to interfere in the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2016.

If he gets sentenced. He would be third Trump Campaign High-Ranking official who get sentenced, first it was Alexander Van Der Zwaan, Paul Manafort and now him. Certainly, as the net is closing in and the details are leaking through the court documents. More intel and more knowledge will be shown. As the case progresses and the revelation of transactions, information sharing and of co-conspiracy between the parties will arrive. Until then. We are awaiting and seeing what more shades of gray that can become evidence. Peace.

Russian Probe: Roger Stone is ordered to appear before the Grand Jury!

What sort of Gold Nugget in the Treasury Chest came in the Russian Probe today, well, there is revealed through Court Document from Washington D.C. Beryl C. Howell ordered Trump-Aide and Associate Roger Stone to appear before the Grand Jury. This is breaking news and also astonishing enough in itself.

That the attorneys of Stone couldn’t produce legitimate reasons to dismiss and argue for not participating, says also a lot about him at this point. This means that Robert Mueller can continue to pursuit his subpoenaed documents from the aide and also get this:

For the foregoing reasons, the Witness’s Second Motion to Quash Subpoena is denied. Consequently, the witness is ordered, pursuant to the grand jury subpoenas served by the Special Counsel, to appear before the grand jury to provide testimony at the earliest date available to the grand jury, and to complete production of the subpoenaed records promptly” (UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – Grand Jury Action No. 18-34 (BAH), 31.07.2018).

For the ones thinking, why hasn’t Roger Stone come up before or been part earlier, maybe because of the way he has tried to weasel himself out. In the Court Filings, he has not answered or replied to any of the subpoenas that Mueller have sent and therefore, the final order is the reason for the stalling of his participation in the case itself.

He is not a nobody as this was written about him in 1986: “At 33, Roger Stone — college dropout and Watergate dirty trickster — is either the hottest political consultant or the slickest self-promoter in town, depending on whom you ask. “He is the single best Republican consultant in a cluster of stars,” says close friend John Buckley, press secretary to Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.), whom Stone serves as a political adviser. “He’s one of the great all-time frauds of American politics,” says New Right point man Paul Weyrich, national chairman of the Free Congress Political Action Committee. “His reputation vastly exceeds his ability.”” (…) “His office at Black Manafort Stone & Kelly, the high-profile lobbying firm, is decorated in muted tones of gray. Stone, who served as Ronald Reagan’s regional political director for the Northeast in the 1980 presidential campaign, sits behind a large desk, his tasseled loafers propped up” (Stephanie Mansfield – ‘The Rise And Gall of Roger Stone’ 16.06.1986 link:https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/1986/06/16/the-rise-and-gall-of-roger-stone/d8ce308b-7055-4666-860e-378833f46e17/?utm_term=.a526526d7b5d).

The company he worked for was Black Manafort Stone & Kelly together with Manafort, whose already on trial for dozens of count. Therefore, today the is special, when his former associate is also have to appear in front of the grand jury. To top it off, let show one sign of the long relationship with Trump. He has been a close associate since 1979, met through Roy Cohn, who was an associate at the lobbying firm he worked with in the 1980s. Therefore, the connection of him showing up before a Grand Jury must be interesting. Also, whatever he has done together with Paul Manafort, who is the first person put on trial by the Russian Probe by the Special Counsel Mueller.

This here will just get more interesting, as the Probe are pulling the net around Trump, piece by piece into the world of the President. This saga is far from over, but certainly a bleak day for Trump Campaign. Peace.

Russian Probe: Manafort Finally on Trial!

Finally, the long awaited trial for the former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, this happen today on the 31st July 2018. There will be a long time before anything is settled in Court. However, what we will know is the evidence value and the witness testimony for what Manafort has done before becoming Campaign Manager and also while being it for President Donald J. Trump.

We know there are dozens of counts of conspiracy, money laundering and tax evasion, which Manafort have to answer, as well as being a Foreign Agent without being Registered. This here will all come to light. Today, he was denied the will to turn-over the Pre-Trial Detention Order, which the Court of Columbia District dismissed. So, even as the Grand Jury released their opening statement today, the political asset of Trump lost in Court again.

Now the realities of his business, his wealth and his connections will all come to light, the dark shadow world of foreign influence and use of Ukraine connections will the headlines, but also show the ones who are in his network. Therefore, the plea deal of Richard Gates will be telling, as the former associate and partner. All the other government witnesses will swear affidavits, that could hurt him even more.

Therefore, the coming days, the reality of the world of Manafort will be offered to the world. Explaining the accounts, the companies and the networks he has created for himself. Also lack of taxation and the other questionable behavior from the political operative, who has used his skills and made a life sponging on others.

Who knows what will be the reality and what sort of play the defense of Manafort will use and who they will sell out. As these charges, mountain of evidence and witnesses will tell stories that Manafort doesn’t want in the spotlight.

We will just know, but now the first piece of the puzzle within the Russian Probe has started. Alex Van Der Zwaan have already been in jail awaiting trial too. Therefore, the case is progressing and the future indictments will show. Nothing will stop this, as long as the Special Counsel is collecting evidence and making the case solid.

Manafort are in loads of trouble, whatever Mueller has in his net and awaiting to put out of his chest is hard to know. Certainly, this is not something can be anticipated, as there will be daily games of spinning it and making sure the hot water is getting lukewarm. Peace.

Russian Probe: Manafort Case Alexandria Division – Government Witness List (27.07.2018)

Russian Probe/Skeet Skeet Skeet Part 16: Special Master Report on Michael D. Cohen now releases 12 tapes related to him (23.07.2018)

Russian Probe: Mueller’s Witnesses revealed, but keeping their immunity as the Manafort Case continues!

Clearly, the Court in Alexandria in Virginia ordered in favor of the defendant of Paul Manafort, as the Special Counsel Robert Mueller have to reveal who is his 5 witnesses are. This will show some more of the cards of evidence that the government has against him. This is opening up the defense and the attorneys of Manafort. Who can in pretrial time together with their client prepare for the knowledge the witnesses has to bring. They will not be surprised by the possible statements and affidavits made by the witnesses.

Today we know that James Brennan, Donna Duggan, Conor O’Brien, Cindy Laporta and Dennis Raico. These were the fellow individuals the Special Counsel wanted immunity got it. They have been identified though, therefore, people can begin to speculate about their connection with Manafort. While this is happening today, the court also delayed the trial to the 31st July 2018.

Therefore, this is a good day in general for the Manafort team, but still this shows the back-men in and around him. That is why the speculation about who they are and what they have done in the past. This is a big win and the immunity is losing it. As the Court has given leeway to the public to address the individuals who have sworn to the Special Counsel to witness against Manafort.

This here show the way of the trial and also that the possible plea deal with Manafort is also gone. As the Manafort are preparing for trial, while the courts are using their time. So the defendant surely had some good day in court, even if the witnesses have immunity, they are now exposed and known. They are not kept as a secret.

This simultaneously court trials in Washington D.C. and Virginia is becoming an advantage for Manafort, even if the Special Counsel have the evidence and is collecting the records to build his case against Manafort. Still the judges and the case work is coming through.

Let’s see what they testify and says when the Trial starts, but this has a nerve and you can wonder is the next step or if the Special Counsel will drop more motions to show more evidence and make the defendant team scratch their heads, even as the amount of evidence against them is staggering. The paper-trail is showing the conspiracy.

We can just wait for the start and see, what more will be revealed. The case haven’t started, but the build-up have been prolonged and the documentation of it all is becoming huge. It isn’t just hearsay, but actual documents that tells the story of what Manafort did as unregisted foreign agent for a foreign power. Peace.

Carter Page’s FISA Application: Proves the need for surveillance of him!

Now, the FISA Applications of Carter W. Page been leaked, for whatever reason, as the Republican Party or the Devin Nunes Intelligence Committee in Congress to spin-the-news cycle again. The Russian Probe is on-going and the details of the connections to the Trump Campaign is coming out. Therefore, they need to advance it or force some sort of play. Who knows why now, after failing reports from the Congress in February 2018. That is totally in disregard to the Intelligence Community, who has been on the other spectrum considering the Russian interference with the Campaign of 2016.

The First thing the FISA Application from October 2016 and beyond is redacted as hell, but is still saying that he was an agent of a foreign power, the Russian Federation, where he gathered intelligence for that power. Page was targeted in recruitment by the Russian government to undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

What this document shows again and again, is that FBI together with other parts has been able to show enough documentation of possible conspiracy by Page to continue to wire-tap and monitor him for his activities for Russia. They have been able to collect enough information on Page to be able to renew and file the application through the court. Therefore, he has had enough conspiracy and connections for the state to continue to monitor him.

Because they been able to file and renew again and again. That proves that the FBI have been able to collect and show evidence for the need because of the activity that Page has been doing for the Russians as their agent. Therefore, weird that the Trump Campaign had him as Foreign Advisor during the campaigns.

If, the Republican party and the people behind the leak thought it was wise to leak a redacted FISA application, it was not. It has only proven that the for a long time the FBI has been able to produce enough evidence for renewal and to prove the need to monitor Page. Because the FBI follows the provisions of the law before applying for a FISA Application.

So, we can hope the leak backfires, this just proves that the Trump Campaign had no trouble to hire someone in the eye of the FBI. Just like Trump didn’t follow recommendation on Michael Flynn and his agent business abroad either. Therefore, let see how this plays out. Peace.

Russian Probe: U.S. Vs. Paul Manafort – Non-Confidential Memorandum in Support of Motion to Seal the Government’s Motions for use Immunity for Trial Testimony (17.07.2018)

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