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Brexit: PM May even sinks a Motion!

If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?” Jerry Seinfeld

It is now just mere days before the United Kingdom (UK) are withdrawing from their membership from the European Union (EU). As it has soon gone two years since the process started with Prime Minister Theresa May notifying the intention to leave and use of Article 50. The Tories has worked their magic and their shambolic affair, which now is tragic comedy called Brexit.

Today, it hit another stage, as the Tories and the PM made a Withdrawal Agreement, which the Parliament voted down on the 15th January 2019. Which means that the time spent between Brussels and the HM Government wasn’t fruitful or meaningful enough. As the agreement made between EU and UK are now in limbo, as the Members of Parliament see it as botched deal. That only gives way, but not the freedoms the UK is supposed to get after leaving.

However as the UK is getting closer to the due date, the deadline, which is on the 29 March 2019. It is mere 43 days ahead and nothing seems feasible. PM May had scheduled a motion to see if she had support in Parliament, as she is trying to gain support for further negotiations with the EU. Even as the EU has said, they are not in it to renegotiate.

Here’s the PM May’s Brexit Motion:

That this House welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement of 12 February 2019; reiterates its support for the approach to leaving the EU expressed by this House on 29 January 2019 and notes that discussions between the UK and the EU on the Northern Ireland backstop are ongoing” (Theresa May – Motion on UK’s withdrawal from the EU, 14.02.2019).

Today, this Motion was defeated with the total votes of “Noes” of 303. The “Ayes” was 258 votes. Therefore, the PM lost even this supporting motion in the House of Commons. The PM couldn’t even muster some moral support in the six final weeks before the official withdrawal of the EU.

The UK is clearly in a limbo, where nothing is moving or happening. The EU are seeing a ship sinking and letting it sink, by its own actions. The UK will have to be a Third Country, which will trade with WTO rules and also restricted movement of people. That is happening, as well, as the industries and businesses are hit by this.

PM May promised strong and stable leadership during the elections. However, as we have seen the recent months and year. That the PM and Tories are really weak and not coherent. They are more involved in the struggle to keep power, than actually governing. They are more focused on their own ambition, than actually delivering the needed services to the citizens. That is why they are risking the future, just for the hell of it.

They are trying to sell “No-Deal” like it is hot-cake now, because the Withdrawal Agreement was a fad and mockery of a deal. As well, as the whole negotiations with Brussels, clearly gave all way to the EU and their regulations. That is why it was bound fail from its inception. However, May and the Tories thought they could spin it all.

That did not work. Neither did a symbolic vote. Not that any of the amendments was accepted either. But they are casualties in the scheme of things.

Who is not a casualty is the Prime Minister, who has had the upper-hand and the opportunity to do something meaningful. Instead, she has made a mess and doesn’t want to clean it up. Instead, hoping no-one understand the destruction or the possible mess she has made. Because, when they do, it might be to late. Peace.


Brexit: Prime Minister Theresa May letter to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn (10.02.2019)

Brexit: 50 days to D-Day, but the future is still loading!

Just as you thought it wouldn’t get more rocky, it does. The HM Government or the Tories have not delivered a smooth transition, neither has the House of Commons. As the European Union and the European Commission are not making it softer either. The stalemate are there and both parties are creating a battlefield. They are behind the barriers, but that was to be anticipated.

Because, the Department of Exiting the European Union (DEXEU), the Foreign Secretary and Secretary for DEXEU could have sorted this out, but it has been hectic and looking like nothing. That is why the Withdrawal Agreement made with the EU got voted down in the House of Commons. Since, then the Tories, Prime Minister Theresa May or anyone else haven’t solved anything.

The Tories and the politicians in London, still acts like they can negotiate and configure the results in their favour. As they are not considering the need of European Commission and the EU Members State majority of the 27 nations. The UK had the time since revoking the Article 50 and had two years to solve it. Instead, it has been a PR game and soft declarations without any binding legality between the parties.

That is why these days are weird. As the stalemate is getting so close. The Tories promised that this would be easy. That this would be a simple separation between the UK and EU. However, what the last two years have proven, that it is far from it.

This will cost, not only the UK, but both parties. The withdrawal and the possible “No-Deal” will hurt the economy. It will create a harder border and ensure that movement between the UK and EU will be with more hurdles. The procedures and the imports/exports situation will change as the WTO tariffs and others come into effects. Also, with the planned movements of Financial Institutions and stoppage of international companies who change destinations of production instead of doing it in the UK. That is what is happening, Global Financial Funds who have either moved to Ireland or Germany. This will create less jobs and less liquidity in the markets. Therefore, the no-deal will hurt the economy.

It is like they do this deliberately, the warnings was there. The Brexiteers called it scaremongering, when it really was a reality check. As Airbus, Barclays, Nissan, Honda and others has called it out and said they are moving their businesses, as the expenses of doing it in the UK will be to costly with a No-Deal. Not that it has mattered, because, that is just the way it is. That is why also many businesses have awaited to invest as, they are not sure of the market or the possibility to earn it there.

As well, as the years of austerity might make it worse. The Bank of England today said the no-deal would probably drive the Kingdom into a recession, as the hard hit on the economy are made by the lack of agreement and also smooth transition, which is needed in this sort of arrangement. The businesses and investors are awaiting and the multi-national companies already there are trying to move to a safe-haven to safe their assets and their businesses in general.

The UK have hit itself hard, as the reality check is loading. It is loading and the UK are still in limbo. The Tories are acting like they have all the time in the world. Brexiteers have acted like this was easy. Like it was child’s play or a pick-and-mix, where they could cherry pick the rules and regulations between the EU and UK. However, that has been proven, unfavourable and not the real deal.

I have stated from the beginning. The EU would have protocols and have regulations to put forward. Concerning borders, movement and trade, this being Customs Union and other direct trading between them. That would directly change when the relations between the UK and EU would become differently.

The uncertainty, the lack of trust and the lack of progress is staggering. As the time is running out. The future is now loading. But nothing in sight, that gives hope of solved enterprise or anything that would give solution at this very moment. The weirdest thing is that its only 50 days to the revoking of Article 50 comes into effect. Peace.

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EP Brexit Steering Group calls on the UK to overcome the deadlock (24.01.2019)

EP Brexit Steering Group discussed today the state of play of Brexit in light of last week’s meaningful vote and Prime Minister May’s Statement last Monday.

It calls on the UK to clarify its position in the coming days.

European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group under the Chairmanship of its coordinator, Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE)welcomed the Government’s decision to waive the fee for EU citizens applying for the UK’s settled status scheme, something the European Parliament has consistently pushed for. It called on the EU Member States to follow this example with respect to all UK citizens residing on their territory.

The BSG stressed that following the rejection by the House of Commons of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration, the UK Government must work together with all political parties in the House of Commons to overcome this deadlock. It expects the UK side to come back as quickly as possible with a positive and viable proposal on the way forward.

The BSG reiterated that the Withdrawal Agreement is fair and cannot be re-negotiated. This applies especially to the backstop, since it is the guarantee that under no circumstances will there be a hardening of the border on the island of Ireland while at the same time safeguarding the integrity of the Single Market. The EU remains clear, firm and united on this even if the negotiated backstop is not meant to be used. Therefore, the BSG insists that, without such an “all-weather” backstop-insurance, the European Parliament will not give its consent to the Withdrawal Agreement.

The BSG also reiterated Parliament’s long standing position that it is open to a much more ambitious future relationship, should the UK consider this. This would not only allow for a closer EU-UK future partnership but could also avoid deployment of the backstop. It expects greater clarity next week from the UK on its position on the EU-UK relationship for the future.

The BSG recognised that a rejection of the Agreement increases the chances of a disorderly exit of the UK, which cannot be mitigated by any form of specific arrangement(s) between the EU and the UK. It stressed that while a no deal exit would not be in anybody’s interests, the only responsible course of action remains to continue and to intensify work on no deal planning. It reiterated the European Parliament’s determination to ensure in such a case that there would be no disruption for EU citizens in the UK or for UK citizens in the EU.

Next steps

The BSG will reconvene immediately after the vote in the House of Commons on the 29 January to discuss the way forward, and the European Parliament will hold a debate at its sitting of 30-31 January.

Brexit Steering Group

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Brexit: Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn letter to Prime Minister Theresa May (17.01.2019)

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