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Opinion: The Truss cabinet is filled with the ERG

The European Research Group (ERG) is a group within the Parliamentary Conservative Party that provides research and co-ordinates activity – such as public letters on Brexit and informal organisation – for eurosceptic Conservative MPs. Mark Francois took over as chair in February 2020. Previous chairs include Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman” (UkandEU.ac.uk – ‘What is the European Research Group (ERG)?’, 21.09.2022).

The ERG who was vital part of the hard-Brexit and the ones pushing for a hardline Brexit in consideration to the Brexit. Now has a vital voice in the cabinet of Liz Truss. She has already appointed three former ERG Chairman, which happens to be Suella Braverman, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Chris Heaton-Harris. Truss has also appointed members of ERG like James Cleverly, Therese Coffey, Brandon Lewis, Kit Malthouse and Penny Mordaunt.

One of them is the Secretary of State to Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris. He will have a say and possible continue the defeating arch of revising the Northern Ireland Protocol. Truss is putting a lot of power into the ERG. If you thought this was bad. It is becoming more worse than this…

The other one is Jacod Rees-Mogg has become the Secretary for State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. After seeing the display and contempt of everything this man have done over the years. Rees-Mogg is surely lucky to be entitled to have yet another ministerial post.

The third is Penny Mordaunt been appointed to the Lord President of the Council and the Leader of the Commons. She will surely have leverage and have power. Not like the Chief whip, but it’s saying something when an ERG get this position too.

The fourth is Brandon Lewis who was appointed to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. That’s a powerful office and he could certainly sway legislation here. This is most certainly a win for the ERG.

The fifth appointment is Suella Braverman who is appointed to the Secretary of State of the Home Department. This will have a lot of say in regard to migration, refugees and the border control. She will take off where Priti Patel left off. In the mirror of ERG. We know it won’t be anything better.

The sixth appointment is James Cleverly will be the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. We are seeing the ERG is getting vital positions and this is another one.

The ERG has the Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Northern Ireland. That is ensuring their will in this Cabinet. Truss has secured and given lots of power to the ERG. In such a manner, that the way legislation and policies will be written. Will be in the hardline and anti-Europe spirit.

This is without looking at all the other re-appointments and other well-known figures, which has circulated over the years the Tories has been in power. That was to be expected, plus a few not accepting a new office. Since they will not serve under others than Boris Johnson. Because, Boris is the epitome of leadership…

Well, Truss are now proving that she will not fight for remain or return to membership in the European Union. That is very obvious with the appointments sine last night. Her cabinet is a bastion of ERG.

So, expect the Eurosceptics to have a huge say and will ensure their ideals will reign supreme. Not that’s it shocking, but it’s certainly saying a lot by doing this. We will know if she appoints more. However, when there is already so many of them as a part of the cabinet. We can just know what sort of days that is ahead. There will be continued red-herrings and further bureaucracy, which will harm industry, movement and whatever, which was some of the benefits of being part of the European Common Market or Shengen. Peace.

Opinion: Truss can swiftly turn into the albatross

Today it’s official that there is new leader of the Conservative Party (Tories) and a Prime Minister. She happens to be the Member of Parliament of Norfolk since 2010, Elizabeth Truss. Truss inherits a shackled state of affairs, economic hardships and rising inflation. As the PM she has to steer the internal conniving within the party and outside pressure as well.

Truss is inheriting a state of friction. Years of mismanagement and bloated arrogance. The Tories have run on austerity for the welfare programs and the NHS. While giving tax-levies to the wealthy. The Tories have run on prestigious campaigns like Brexit, which has only worsened the financial distress of the Kingdom.

Truss is taking over right after the era of Boris Johnson. Just like Boris Johnson took over for Theresa May. Things are slowly reformed or backtracked. Truss has hurdles a head. The cost of living is rising. The inflation is costing and the affects of Brexit is hurting the nation. There are not only the downturn of the COVID-19 Lockdowns, but also the Brexit itself.

That’s why you know will struggle ahead… and Truss will not have many moments to change it. She has herself voted against climate change, welfare benefits and other positive changes for the future. Truss have always voted for reducing the tax rate on corporations. Liz has voted in favour of stronger enforcement of immigration rules and stricter asylum system. She has voted for the GPs so they can buy services on behalf of their services. Truss has also voted for the referendum on UK’s membership in the EU, also directly against the UK membership in the EU; in the same vein voted against EU Integration and voted against EU nationals rights to remain in the UK. I have found these voting patterns on TheyWorkForYou.com and you can find even more information there.

It is telling what sort of political belief she has, as she had the years from David Cameron (2010-2016), Theresa May (2016-2019) to Boris Johnson (2019-2022). Truss have been a minister and held various of offices since then. It is not like she’s rookie or a new person. She will continue where Boris left off. This isn’t a clean slate and expect well known faces to return to cabinet. There haven’t been a new election or primaries to change the composition of the Parliament. The Tory MPs remains the same and some will not show up. However, many will accept a new role under the leadership of Truss. Though they are as idle or as incompetent as they were under May or Johnson. That will not change overnight…

What is striking with the financial distress, cost of living crisis and energy shortage. The new PM is having issues from the on-set. That is just telling what sort of hectic mess Boris is leaving behind. The landscape is in ruins and the Tories has created this. Now a new Tory is supposed to fix it. However, she has still the same sort of people to align with. It isn’t like she has new faces or people with new energy. No, she has to revitalize the government and it’s policies with the same sort of supporting cabinet.

Truss is the 4th PM within 6 years. That is not a long time serve or to make a difference. To takeover from Johnson is just even more striking. The fallacies are endless. We don’t know how much his populism and elitism has destroyed over the years. Neither do we know, if Truss will continue his hardline and reckless behaviour in office. Truss has to be different, because she inherits a mess.

Truss isn’t getting the golden goose or the massive load of victories. No, Truss can become the albatross of the government. She can become the heavy weight and possibly the handicap of it. Instead of being a superior or a respected leader. She is the last one before a new round of snap elections. Since she knows that she more legitimacy and backing than what she has now.

Truss was able to conquer the internal battle to become PM. However, she haven’t won the hearts and the minds of the people. Neither has the Tories shown any redemption for their actions. No, they have just changed faces and the head of state.

If her history serves her right. We will see quick releases and backtracking them. Especially, if the policy backfires and doesn’t sound popular. Truss will have to dance on the knives edge and won’t have wiggle room. Yes, Boris was able to get away with things for far to long. Though I doubt she will have the same options or possibilities in office. They will quickly turn on her like they did with Theresa May.

This here will be a race and from now on… Truss cannot loose and if she does. There will be severe consequences. In such a manner, that she would regret even fighting for the office. No one wants to become an albatross, but Truss could suddenly find herself being one. Peace.

Opinion: Only short-sighted fools signs up now for a Boris lead government …

and of course it is painful not to be able to see through so many ideas and projects myself

but as we’ve seen at Westminster, the herd is powerful and when the herd moves, it moves and

and my friends in politics no one is remotely indispensable” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (07.07.2022)

The resignations has been looming and glooming all over the British isles, heck whole of Europe has been keeping an extra lookout for the cook-out in London. Because, the tide is turning and the lack of trust in the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is sincere now. The Conservative Party and the ones in government has mostly dismissed him. They wanted him gone and by yesterday.

Yes, he had his farewell of address of sorts today. Even if it was a nonsensical event. As he wants to fill in the void until the new Tories chairman is elected. When that happens he will finally step down. Even with the around 60 resignations over the last three days or so. It was hard to follow the count and the score-card, because it was a circus.

Even with that in mind and with a care-taker PM in Boris. Someone is still viable and foolishly enough to accept the price of a ministry and a title. Yes, just as some resigned after two days in office. Another jumped in… no joke some blokes and MPs are willing to sacrifice their political capital and future. Just so they have a ministerial post on their CV.

Michelle Donelan MP didn’t even get to do anything in her office. She was barely there for 48 hours and couldn’t even get the access codes to her office or the ministry, which she was supposed to reside. So, it is interesting that James Cleverly MP is the third secretary of education within the same amount of days. I don’t know why his even seeking this office. Not like this will be a long term one or a fruitful one.

You cannot say that Greg Clark MP who is taking over for the sacked Michael Gove MP is having a magnificent future either. I don’t understand why Sir Robert Buckland QC MP wanted to become Secretary for Wales now, but he apparently did. We can really wonder what is worthy of being the Chancellor of the Duchy of the Lancaster, which is the office accepted by Kit Malthouse MP. The final official appointment today was to Shailesh Vara MP who was appointed to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

These 5 MPs are really a special breed. When everyone else has left the sinking ship. These five gentlemen thinks this will run smoothly. They should have seen the writing on the wall. They are enablers and giving way to the PM. A PM who defiantly is staying behind. While everyone wants him going. These MPs are ensuring the stability and the running of government. Just so the PM gets a softer landing…

That is really it and you can wonder why they want to do that. They know how reckless and ruthless the PM has been. The way he used his means to demote David Cameron and Theresa May. Not like he didn’t play a role and his resignation didn’t unleash trouble too. That’s why the PM knows this game perfectly well, but the same means which brought him powers. Are the same one that is ending his too.

It is just striking that MPs are still signing up and willing to serve under the PM. They should have just stayed home and chilled. These MPs should await the Tories conference and the end of Boris Johnson. Then they could await plum-jobs and titles in the next government. Now, they are just eating and playing around.

Being enablers and giving Boris Johnson some peace, which isn’t deserved. He should have stress, worry and concern. However, we know he prefers to party and dodge all responsibility. Peace.

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