Brexit: A NFFO report state how bad the Tories has failed the fisheries

Today the National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (NFFO) took stock of the consequences of Brexit in concern to fishing. This is a paper made to show the results for the Fisheries, Fish-Farms and the whole industry as a whole. The promises made is clearly never kept and made out of thin sky. The reported was called: “BREXIT BALANCE SHEET – A report for the NFFO by Gary Taylor, former DEFRA lead fisheries negotiator” (30.09.2021). This report is the numbers I am stating as fact. Since this is directly from the industry itself and it’s grim.

NFFO would unleash this paper or report. If not to show the numbers and the wastage of the whole system. We have already seen reports and worries from parts of the industry earlier in the year. This being the Scottish Fishing Industry and Shell-Fish Farmers as well. These has stated losses and struggled to trade with Europe, which has been their main customers. This is why this report will state the totality and it’s telling a tale that needs to be told.

Barrie Deas, the Chief Executive of the NFFO writes this in the introduction: “The assessment shows that there are very few winners and a great many losers. Gary Taylor’s analysis suggests that the bulk of the UK fishing fleet is on a trajectory to incur losses amounting to £64 million or more per year, with a total loss in excess of £300 million by 2026, unless changes are secured through international fisheries negotiation” (Brexit Balance Sheet, 2021).

We are seeing a massive loss of funds, lots of British Pound Sterling, which is never earned because of the Brexit. The industry is missing out on opportunities and markets, because of the act as a “sovereign” instead of being part of the common market in the European Union.

The technical reasons are explained in the report, but the gist is this:

The reasons for this deficit lie with:

The terms of the TCA agreed with the EU

The impacts of increased red tape and obstacles to trade in fisheries products

The lack of satisfactory outcomes for UK vessels that target non-quota species and

which will be at a disadvantage as a result of the terms of the TCA

The failure to reach annual agreements with Norway, the Faroe Islands, Greenland or

Iceland” (Brexit Balance Sheet, 2021).

Here we are seeing the details who is a gist, but they says a lot still about the lack of care or concern for the industry by the government. They have not made sure with a deal, which would have made a better impact in the TCA. Secondly, the Industry has lost a lot, because of the Third Country status and being out of the Common Market. Final and third is the lack of agreements with Norway, Faroe Islands, Greenland or Iceland. That says it all really…

Not only has the Tories and Boris Johnson given the fisheries a bad deal, they have double trouble with the trading agreements. The fisheries cannot fish in the seas, which they have shared with other sovereigns. That was a part of the common market and made it possible for vessels to fish there. Alas, the state has not only bitten the hand that feeds it, but has double crossed it. There so many elements, which the state haven’t delivered for the fishermen.

The Tories didn’t even give them bait or a hook. There are not even allowed to get those seas for certain fishermen. That says it all about the lack of care or concern in this regard. Because, the Tories promised total victory and surpluses. Instead they have delivered heavy losses and more expenses for the companies trading seafood. That says it all.

This is why fish has rotten in ports, instead of being served on plates. Peace.

Mali: Coordination des Mouvements Associations et Sympathisants de l’Imam Mahmoud DICKO (C.M.A.S) – Communique No. 017 (30.09.2021)

Opinion: Abiy’s message to the world is that he wants the starving to die in darkness

The latest move in-coordination with all of his other efforts since early November 2020 has all been connected to this. It is not like it is a surprise anymore. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wanted this conflict done silently and without much publicity. He would have preferred if it was in the bulletins and not creating headlines, as a sort of “clean-up” operation nobody cared about.

However, that has backfired and the truth is out. The bloody, sinister truth of it all. The PM cannot run away and hide. That’s why he retaliates and uses the means at his disposal. He will falsely claim and without proof, maligned and attack the ones telling the truth. Nevertheless, never care to indulge or express deep reasons for his move. No, that is for his handlers and appointees to do.

We know why the United Nations and the UN organizations was hit today. It is a strike to silence, make it harder for humanitarian assistance and ensure the devastating blow to the civilians caught in the cross-fire in this conflict. They are the ones who will pay the price.

The PM and his allies has done what it could to stop reporting in the Tigray region. The state have blocked journalists and deported some too. This has been done to other humanitarian organizations too in the past year of conflict. So nothing of this is new. It is only that it is high ranking UN officials who are vital for the food security and humanitarian assistance who is targeted now.

This are the people that could stop the famine and weaponized starvation. It is not like that is concern the PM or his “yes-men”. They are so concerned with their status of sovereign that they are letting the Eritrean Defence Forces violate that on the daily. So, it is not like that is sincere reason either.

Let it be clear, the state has a blockade and planned effort to undermine all works in Tigray region. They are not letting humanitarian assistance in and neither basic necessities either. The utilities and communications blockade is continuing to this day. The state is willing keeping the region in a blackout and they doing that by decree.

The PM wants the civilians, the citizens and the people of Tigray to suffer in silence. He doesn’t care about their lives, their rights or their existence. They doesn’t matter to him. The PM just don’t want their witnesses, the ones suffering or the ones uttering out the truth to able to expose his acts. He just want them to die in darkness. Nobody is supposed to know that millions are lacking food, medicine, fuel and phone communication. No one is supposed to know that and the PM is the only one that is allowed to know this. Because, he ordered it and is giddy about it.

Certainly, if he cared he wouldn’t let trucks be stuck for months in Afar region. His armies wouldn’t destroy vital bridges and block roads into the region. Alas, that is what his doing and his proud of it too. The PM is willing to make it near impossible to give humanitarian assistance. When his men and “empty suits” are busy scheming devious theatrics.

This isn’t fun and games, but it is a lot of lives at stake. This is a whole region suffering. Also, the areas where the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) have occupied is suffering the same methods. There are so many who needs and cannot get it. Because, there is no will and is no way. They are blocked, silenced and vilified. This is why the leaders of the UN organizations are now “person non-grata”.

They dared to the speak the truth and not allow innocent civilians to die in darkness. However, that is what His Excellency wants and his words is a command. So, he is getting his will. At this point, nobody can trust this man. His ego and his manners is all in the open. He wants people to die and not let the world see. While he claims his opponents are “terrorists”. If his government is so legit, why are you trying to hide or silence everyone, aye?

That is the tragic reality here. Civilians and citizens are pawns. While kings are dwelling on their plight and needs, which they have no plans fulfil. What is striking is that PM is willing to do this and he shows his heart. A lack of thereof, but still what preoccupies his mind. Since its of very importance to deport the people who secures food security in the Republic. Instead of helping them and giving them ways to succeed in doing so.

He wants people to die and with no spotlights. That is evident and it’s horrific to know. Peace.

Ethiopia: 7 UN Officials have become ‘Persona Non Grata’ to further hinder humanitarian assistance

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter handle (30.09.2021)

Addis Ababa, September 30, 2021 (FBC) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has listed individuals working for various UN Agencies who have been declared by the government as ‘persona non grata’ and urged to leave the territory of Ethiopia within 72 hours for meddling in internal affairs of the nation. Accordingly, Mr. Grant Leaity Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Ms. Adele Khodr, UNICEF Representative in Ethiopia, Ms. Ghada Eltahir Mudawi, Acting Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ethiopia, Mr. Kwesi Sansculotte, Peace and Development Advisor of the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ethiopia and Mr. Saeed Mohamoud Hersi, Deputy Head of Office, UNOCHA have been urged to leave the territory of Ethiopia within 72 hours” (Fana Broadcasting Corporation – ‘Ethiopia Orders Some ‘Persona Non Grata’ From UN Agencies To Leave Its Territory Within 72 Hours’ 30.09.2021).

This isn’t shocking anymore. The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is willing to do anything for their causes. Right now the United Nations and its high ranking officials have been stressing the need for humanitarian assistance and getting it into the Tigray Region. Alas, stopping the weaponized starvation of the region, which seems to be the intention of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia at this current time.

Since the start of the November 2020 conflict. There has been little to no efforts to help, secure or even transport humanitarian assistance into the region. The state have had systematic blockades and stifled their movements. The state has put up road-blocks, securing check-points and whatever it takes to make the journey troublesome. On top of that stopping fuel-trucks and other vital basic necessities to enter as well.

That has been going on, as the besieged region have had their utilities blocked, banking shut-down, internet and phone blocked. So, all state efforts have been into play to make the region suffer. There has been no humanitarian helping points and even the “fake” ceasefire didn’t stop this. They didn’t open the gates or even turn on the electricity. No, the state continued the blockade and was never sincere.

This is why today’s move is happening after the UN has asked for the state to provide proper assistance and shield the humanitarian operation in Northern Ethiopia. Clearly that is to much to ask. Since the weaponized man-made famine is a dire pet-project of Addis Ababa. The PP with it’s Ministry of Peace is issuing direct assault on civilians and tarnishing their lives. People are dying for lack of food, water and heat. This has all been done, because the powerful people of Addis has ordered it.

Instead of meeting, greeting and ensuring the safeguard of humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region. The state is instead retaliating. They are making 7 UN officials “non grata” in a way to block it even further. So, that the organizations has to yet again appoint someone and get them accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. That will take time and that is something the Tigray region doesn’t have.

The PP and PM will bash itself in glory and dance with huge parties to the stars. While millions and thousands across the Republic is starving. The leaders of PP are willing to sacrifice innocent civilians. Just so they can consolidate power and one man can crown himself king. They are willing to let grandparents see their grand-kids die. They are willing to see mothers die in-front of their sons and daughters die in-front of their fathers. That is what the state is willing to do. Just to prove a point.

That’s what is madness here. The state could facilitate and organize this. The PP could with it massive power and influence secure the roads. The state could ensure the UN Organizations get their people on the ground running. Alas, they were never interested in it in the first place. These men in-charge are willing to destroy, deplete and annihilate a region for their own benefit. That is their mission and how they are operating. The rest is just posing and acting civil in-front of the cameras. Which the state just did a mere week ago when it made a deal with one UN organization to secure humanitarian assistance. That was just another lie to buy time for continued suffering.

The PP and allies can easily call in meetings. Hold plenty of minutes. Let the UN Officials meet the leaders and greet the public officials. However, that is just to make headlines and make seem like they are doing something. When in all reality. It is just buying time to continue the suffering and agony. There is no real will. If it was a real will. It would have been as flamboyant as every time the PM is planting trees and speaking of the fruits of his supposed labour. Alas, that is not the case here.

He the PM and his men wants Tigray to suffer. They don’t care how many lives are lost or destroyed by this. It is personal and it’s because the TPLF didn’t follow the commando and joined the Prosperity Party. They deserve the slaughter for not participating and becoming part of the machine. That is why they are inflicting pain until they bow their knees and praises their king. Until, that is happening. Everyone in the region is fair game. That is how it seems and there is no end in sight.

Just more blood, more pain and more suffering. It is persistent and never ending. The state is maybe not killing them with guns and ammo. However, it is still killing them. It is doing it slowly until the last breath. Peace.

Zimbabwe Union of Journalists: ZUJ Press Statement on the arrest of 10 journalists covering a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Stakeholders’ Meeting (30.09.2021)

Opinion: Museveni’s words matters less and less

The speeches, the national addresses and whatnot of the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency and the President of the Republic, Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni is becoming pointless. To say it accurately “a waste of time”.

A President and his speeches should be poignant and be inspirational. Heck, they should set the norm and the moral statement of how his government is run. Alas, the President should set forward policies, directives and what he aims to do in the present and the future. However, there is pieces of that in his speeches, but also a lot of downtime. It could just be static sounds and whispers of the past. Since it isn’t relevant or fits more a “Point Blank” skit.

President Museveni is making mockery of the Republic and himself. A man who has positioned all power in his hands. A leader who is directing everyone and involving himself in any sort of deal. There is no road, house or land in question without some sort of interference from the President. While he has appointed authorities, commissions and government organizations to do this. Still, his doing their bidding and undermining their initial work. Their mandate is without merit, because he can tell the leader of the organization. That is what you do and what I order you to do. Therefore, all protocol, due diligence or procedure is a troublesome wasteland.

So, why I am writing all of this?

Well, someone has to say it. After all the speeches of the bush-war, the legends of the past and the supposed heroics. Sooner or later,the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is built around the President. Has to give way and become a relic as well. Not only the stalwart or historicals who is lost and praying for relevance. The same is soon happening to the President. If we are not already there.

The President can’t fake love or appreciation… he can fake polls and elections. He can rig the majority and control the institutions of the Republic. As well, he can do the same to the military and security organizations. As long as these are kept in order and paid. These will be loyal and secure the Presidency. They are not there to secure law and order. Neither is it stationed to secure the territory either. These are soldiers and officers who is more busy with dissident than doing their actual job.

That is why the speeches and statements are becoming static air and not worthy of being on TV, Radio or online for that matter. Everyone is better of cooking a stew or buying airtime for their phones. Than actually spending time listening in and await the prepared articles on the “hot-takes” from it. It is better to read a book or spend time with family. Because, you using your time for something useful.

This is really insightful and shows the true nature of things. The general public rather await for the guidance and the articles with the directives. Then to actually sit down and listen to what he has to say. The President and his handlers should be worried. Since his not seen as relevant. That is not weird considering he has imposed himself in their lives for decades. It is not like his truly elected or popular for ages. That train left long time ago and his acts is differing from his speeches too.

He can in one minute go from hating something to love it. We have seen over the years how the man has twisted and changed his mind. That has always been with the best interest for himself and his own causes. This is why everyone know he does things for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the state. The belief in that died years ago and the ones who still believes it is naive or stupid.

So, a National Address tomorrow isn’t worthy of anyone’s time. It is better just to drop a statement with new COVID-19 guidelines and not take two hours of airtime on TV and Radio. Everyone knows it’s useless and not valuable use of time.

It is tragic that its like this after 35 years in power. However, this is something he has himself created and as long as you impose yourself on people. At one point or another people will stop to listen. With more and more time. That is evident. Just like I have less people reading stories on Museveni than I did in the past. So, it is just proven how little people care about him and his reign of tyranny. Peace.

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