Retired Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Herbert Rheno Karugaba’s response to the IGP’s NBS TV 1/1/2017 Interview.

Opinion: The NRM MPs cannot even manage to explain the Age Limit Bill to the Legal Committee!

Today was yet another dramatic day in the Parliament as the Raphael Magyezi Constitutional Amendment in the presence of himself and Minister of Justice Kahinda Otafiire where to make sure the proceedings went accordingly, apparently, they were not prepared or ready to be questioned by the opposition MPs. They walked out of the Parliamentary Committee in Protest. The National Resistance Movement who has the majority, walked out of the Committee, because they couldn’t argue for the bill.

The Minister and Magyezi came with two documents to preside in the bill, but they didn’t want to sign-off on them. Meaning they didn’t want to be bound by their own arguments and possible amendments to the bill. As the Committee was about to discuss the bill and check the rights of applying the bill into Parliament. Clearly, the writer of it, Magyezi and chief promoter Otafiire, couldn’t stomach the pressure and high-blood pressure to deliver results for their master. They had to storm out and walk it off.

That the NRM MPs are whining and bitching as they cannot allow or accept public scrutiny of the bill is evident. Even the head-honcho of the bill is on the defense, when someone asks questions about it. It is as if Magyezi MP knows how filled of venom his bill is, but wants the whole republic to drink the toxic poison he offers it. That is amazing that he has the courage and belittling of himself in the stance of simple questions from fellow MPs.

The tragedy of all if this, is that this is just beginning of the proceeding within the Legal Affairs Committee, unless the Parliament vote for restructure, the people who are in it. Will have the power to question it and also the basis of the matter. It is like the NRM have forgotten how the protocol work and how it is supposed to be. Magyezi just wants the bill to get his payday and be forever basking in glory of President Museveni. See I wrote the bill that gave your life presidency! Can you please offer me a giant slice of pudding and some chai? It is just like that and a bigger pay-off then a tasty dessert.

I am sure if it was anyone else of any other political party that tried this sort behavior, they would be suspended or sanctioned with ill behavior in the Parliament. Instead, since this is all NRM and loyalists of Museveni. They will walk another day, since they are there to do his bidding and by my reckoning, the loyal subjects of him.

That they lack courage and stamina, that they lack legal arguments and cannot even be questioned in a committee over the bill; how can the NRM must public support or even consultations, when they cannot be asked a few barring questions from fellow MPs?

It must be toxic; it must be deadly and must be true embodiment of evil, when the NRM MPs cannot master their tongue or their arguments to sufficiently grace the Legal Committee in Parliament.

Magyezi, how little mind or heart do you have? How little courage and spirit do you have? Since you cannot be questioned over the lifting of the age limit, how come? What does it take you to understand, how foolish you are right now? Certainly, Otafiire isn’t a brilliant mastermind, he is just a NRM Stooge from the Bush-War who Museveni can trust, because he has no morals or understanding of what he do. But you should know better, but you don’t. That is evident with your speeches and public appearances. That you got no idea.

None of you, NRM MPs knows how to defend this bill, neither have you the mental the capacity to usher it in, you just know how to eat the consultation funds. That is something you do know and will do. However, explaining the real reason for the Age Limit and standing behind it will all be a lie. The big lie being that this is not to cater to Museveni and his life presidency project, but all of us knows this.

Time to take it and eat the venom, take the toxic water and spill the drink. Hope you can handle it and drive, because as long as this one is PASSED. It will be rocky road. Peace.

Opinion: [Mission Impossible] Museveni says he needs more time accomplish his mission, what? 31 years is not enough! Part II

I am a freedom fighter who has fought many wars; I cannot leave things like that. I have to plan” (…) “It is not about the age, it is the service you render to people” (…) “I said it was not the right time, but when Magyezi brought it up again, Nankabirwa (chief whip) sold it to the Cabinet and they bought it. That is how I also came to support it” (Kashaka & Sekanjako, 2017).

The President for Life is saying he has a plan, that is why the Constitution has to be altered to his age. It is never the right time or never had enough time, you need another term, you need another election and you need another Parliament to pass your bills. This sort of excuse has lost value. Mr. President you have had three decades to finish your supposed project.

Why I called a supposed project or plans, is that the Republic has dozens of them. They have the Uganda National Development Plan II (UNDP II) and others, while the former 10 Point Program has been stopped being important long time ago. Also, his real relevancy when coming to building institutions and government structures, that because his party and his regime is all about him.

President Museveni wont deliver a legacy of good governance or liberation, but of dictatorship and looting. He became the same as the ones he overthrew and sadly, he knew what they did to the people and he has no issues doing the same. Because he is in power and has no issues pushing similar agenda. He is always blaming others, while he is the one in charge. The opposition or MPs are not doing enough, but they are just following his protocol and his orders. Therefore, it is ironic that after ruling for 31 years.

That the President who has a militarized politics needs more time, three decades and still counting. The guy who took charge and the reign with a gun. Is most likely either leaving when his heart stops to pump or someone assassinated him. Since, he will not leave in peace. He will take it and rig the Parliament in his way. The abolishing of the Age Limit is the next step in his Life Presidency.

Nothing else, nothing else is on the agenda. The plan of Museveni is to rule for life. Museveni has no initial plan to finish, except for new techniques of looting the state reserves and how to misuse donor funds. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni doesn’t need more time, he has already spent enough time. Museveni has had a lifetime to make a difference. Still, he says he has plan.

A “Plan”… Museveni has a plan. That he hasn’t achieved it already. It is obvious that it wasn’t the right time, it never where. Like it was either Milton Obote, Yusuf Lule, Idi Amin or Ronald Reagan’s fault. It was never you!

That is why you have plan to end it all and end yourself on the throne. To never let anyone else rule and take the reign. That shows the narrow-minded and deluded self-belief you have, but you have just paid cronies around and with time you have though your the biggest genius on planet. While you are not.

You have no more service to deliver, you have to step up your game. Peace.


Kashaka, Umaru & Sekanjako, Henry – ‘I need time to plan for my exit – Museveni’ (30.10.2017) link:

UPF to Question the Editor of Saturday Vision (New Vision) because of the article “Kayihura Security Beefed up” (30.10.2017)

A look into how the removal of term limits: How it opened the door for Life Presidency for President Museveni!

A frequent claim by African leaders seeking to abolish term limits is that their campaigns reflect popular demand (Baker, 2002). The fact that all incumbents who have removed presidential term limits have gone on to win subsequent elections is presented as post-facto evidence of citizens’ preference for the stability that comes with leadership continuity rather than rotation (Blunt & Jones, 1997). Yet rarely are ordinary African citizens allowed formal space to make their voices heard in these debates. Instead, term-limit advocates fight for space, often in the streets and sometimes at great risk to their lives. Therefore we understand that the majority of cases – 20 of the 36 instances in which presidents faced term limits – are ones in which incumbent presidents simply stepped down in accordance with the constitution” (Eze, 2016).

Today I will look into the deep change of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda. The time before the General Election of 2006, when the Parliament changed the rules for the President. From changing it from having two terms limits for a President and making sure President Museveni could continue to rule the Republic. President Museveni really tried to control the Constitutional Committee who was writing the draft and making the articles for the 1995 Constitution. Clearly, all of the advice he didMovement System n’t follow. Therefore, they even added three pieces of legislation that has affected his presidency. This being Multi-Party Democracy, instead of the Movement System, Two Presidential Terms and 75 years age limit. The latest is the one that is causing havoc and trouble in the Republic.

Back in the day, the Constitution that was started on 4 years into the National Resistance Movement reign, about 1990s and was finished in 1994, before the 7th Parliament voted on it. Since there was no need for a referendum, people had already decided and been apart of process. The referendum that has been was on the Multi-Party Democracy and voted on twice. There was none when they took away the Term Limits in the Parliament in 2005, a year before the General Election in 2006. Therefore, it is important to look at the Constitutional process and arguments for the Presidential Terms, because it shows the hypocrisy of the NRM today and that is not about Museveni. All changes to the Constitution is about Museveni and his cronies. That will be showed with the old and newer articles collected here!

“… the .body to officially debate the draft constitution should be as fully representative of the people as possible . . we recommended . . a new body, the Constituent Assembly, composed mainly of directly elected delegates plus representatives of some interest groups to carry out those roles on behalf of the people.” This recommendation was accepted by government and Legal Notice No 1 of 1986 was accordingly amended to provide for this. A statute providing for the establishment of, and elections to, the Constituent Assembly as well as the powers and functions or that Assembly was also enacted” (Wapakhabulo, 2001).

He you saw how they started the draft Constitution on behalf of the people, where they also closed the doors for Multi-Party Democracy and open the door for Movement System. This was brutal for the parties of Democratic Party, Uganda People’s Congress and the Conservative Party. They we’re all thrown to the dogs, so the voices of the Movement was the key and their needs was important in this Constitution compared to the Obote’s 1966 and Idi Amin’s 1971 Constitution. They we’re with this taken away and the legal framework was made to fit the NRM. As it continues!

The Chairperson of the CBR General Meeting, Dr. Joe Oloka-Onyango, observed that constitutionalism has to be a living, dynamic feature of life. He further argued that because the 1995 Constitution had launched a new phase of constitutionalism in Uganda, this CBR Workshop was about to discuss a relevant contemporary experience. In this regard, he cited the censure motion as it related to the Brigadier Jim Muhweezi case. Here Oloka-Onyango argued, that while this was a good constitutional provision, it had a fundamental weakness of over-empowering the President, who was the one responsible to ensure that the objectives of the provision were successfully realised” (Opolot & Kintu Nyago, P: 2, 1996).

The issues of the executive and the presidency were also subjected to statistical analysis. A large majority of views were in favour of all or some ministers being Members of Parliament. On the issue of whether the President should be elected, the majority preferred direct election. Those who preferred that the President be elected indirectly suggested that Parliament should conduct the election. On what should be the term of office of a President, a large majority favoured five years. As regards the maximum number of terms a President should serve, a large majority preferred two terms” (Odoki, P: 198, 2005).

The Constitutional Committee all preferred a secret ballot and elections every five years, they also was sure about 2 terms president. This would put boundaries to the rule and secure succession, also change of leaders so it could see progress and test of governance with time. Therefore, I will after this show Prof. Kanyeihamba explanation of the value of this article and provision in the Constitution, before the value of removing it from Okuku. Who both has reasonable ways of explaining it!

When the idea of term limits removal was first floated, most Ugandans thought that it was a joke in bad test. The Constituent Assembly delegates recalled that the debate about and subsequent adoption of the term limits provisions were not contentious and their acceptance as part of the permanent features of the supreme law of the country were nationally and universally accepted as absolute and binding. No one reckoned the intentions or methods that were to be employed to ridicule President Museveni’s undertaking. First, Cabinet ministers had to be coerced into supporting the amendment removing term limits. Those who refused or expressed doubt on the measure were booted out of Cabinet. Next, was to persuade Members of Parliament to fall in line. When it was realised that many of them were reluctant to do so, they were each bribed with Shs5 million, at that time a great deal of money” (Kanyeihamba, 2017).

The removal of term limits to allow for indefinite rule by the president implies a rejection of constitutionalism and democratic governance. The nature of proposed amendments relating to the presidency, parliament and the judiciary prove this point. In addition, the Amendment Bill intends to have the legislative and the judicial arms of government subordinated to the presidency. The quest for life presidency has prompted proponents of a third-term to amend the constitution through omnibus legislation combining diverse subjects that are not logically related to each other, making this unconstitutional. These manoeuvres have led various social and political forces to embark on the struggle to stem the imposition of indefinite rule by the NRM and Museveni” (Okuku, 2005).

This is all true, the quest of removing the term limits was to extend not only Museveni to a third term, but opening the gate for life presidency. This is now evident as the Magyezi bill is tabled to the Parliamentary Committee, before the secret ballot and voting over the Constitutional Amendment. That would make it official and only life presidency of Museveni, that is the goal of the Parliament for this term. Nothing else matters, only the personal wealth and lifestyle of Museveni.

The rule for life was started in 2005, it was even starting in 1980s when he fought out the rest with bullets and bush-war. It started in 1986, when he certified his role and his place. Something he don’t want to offer to someone else. That is why the Constitution he was enacting, has to be changed for the third time. So he can become life president. Stay in the State House in Entebbe for life. Because no-one else is capable in his mind. While that is wrong, because he is ignorant and power-hungry. Peace.


Eze, Kevin – ‘Discussion Paper – THE EFFICACY OF PRESIDENTIAL TERM LIMITS’ (3-4. August 2016) link:

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Odoki, Benjamin – ‘The Search for a National Consensus – The Making of the 1995 Uganda Constitution’ (2005)

Okuku, Juma Anthony – ‘BEYOND ‘THIRD-TERM’ POLITICS Constitutional amendments and Museveni’s quest for life presidency in Uganda’ (May 2005) – Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa

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J.F. Wapakhabulo – ‘Uganda’s Experience in Constitution Making’ (15.09.2001) link:

IGP Kale Kayihura statement in response to Saturday Vision story on the 28.10.2017 (28.10.2017)

Age Limit: The NRM are all behind their Master!

The senior leaders of the National Resistance Movement belonging to the National Executive Council (NEC), meeting at State House- Entebbe on October 27th exhaustively discussed matters pertinent and critical to the movement of this country. After receiving and deeply appreciating the key note address delivered by the Party’s National Chairperson, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and being mindful of the country’s political history, they resolved as follows; 1. To enthusiastically join the majority of their colleague Members of NEC who are NRM Members of Parliament in unanimously and overwhelmingly supporting the Bill for an Act entitled the Constitution (Amendment No. 2), Act 2017, moved by Hon. Raphael Magyezi” (NRM NEC – Rogers Mulindwa – ‘NRM, NEC SUPPORTS AGE LIMIT BILL’ 27.10.2017).

The puppets or muppet’s of National Resistance Movement are ready and prepared to support the removal of Age Limit, the Article 102(b), who has been a presiding question of late. That the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) supported it was expected. During this week the NRM National Executive Committee (NEC) has also thrown their support behind it. Soon the NRM Youth League (NRMYL) and NRM Poor Youth Forum (NRM-PYF) will also follow suit.

If you are surprised by it, you shouldn’t the whole party is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and is a reflection of him. They are paid docile creatures who bow down to get mercy and a paycheck. Very, very few members has the back-bone or the courage to stand up against the President. The few who do are suspended or even thrown-out, if not sanctioned for insubordination of party principles. Meaning they offended the “don”.

If you expected anything else of this so-called free and fair party structure, than you have forgotten the sole-candidacy and the deserters, all the ones who fled or had any ambition of succeeding Museveni has all left. If not been paid-off and put in gently into a position where they need to show loyalty to him. Just ask Gilbert Bukenya, he was so humiliated and been degraded into junk status. Also, the wishful thinking of Amama Mbabazi. There are reasons for why Dr. Kizza Besigye left the fold too, but he started his own and made Reform Agenda into the Forum for Democratic Change.

So the NRM are all loyal to Museveni, if he execute a death wish, they will clap, if he sings another rap, they will clap and if he taps all the government resources; they will continue to clap! They will cheer and be festive, they will wait for a paycheck and show they are obedient members of the party. That they will respect him and his wishes beyond means necessary, that is why they show up at the State House and gives him a thumbs up.

All of them hope for a Presidential Handshake, they hope for a deep pocket and well-wishes. SACCO’s in their names and accounts with flush-funds for side-dishes and new Prado’s. They cannot help themselves, they just want free stuff for very little work. Just pay us for our vote and we can go home. We smile and follow the choreographed moments of jubilation and try to come to your office. To make sure the Don remembers you and can also remember to reimburse the commitment to his project. His Presidency for life.

That is why they were all there, not for joy and celebration. They are there for one reason, show loyalty and follow party-line, which means follow whatever that the President wants and wishes. That is why they had to support the lifting of Article 102(b). If not they would be punished and left out in the cold to rot. They would be left for the dogs and eaten by the hyenas as the simply prey they are. They are just useful props and loyal tokens for the old man with the hat. The NRM members and leaders should know this… but don’t expect it. Peace.

Age Limit: Letters of Robert Kyagulyani Ssentamu MP returning the 29m shillings (27.10.2017)

UPDF Statement on Age Limit (27.10.2017)

Opinion: Hon. Muhammad Nsereko bangs for bucks!

The Kampala Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko is independent in the sense, that he shows loyalty to whom that pays him. The rest is just tools for his livelihood. That was proven after him contesting for becoming Deputy Speaker in the 10th Parliament, also his sudden attack on the Jobless Brotherhood. He is just a fierce man that bangs with he doesn’t get his coin, but bucks down when there is no money for him.

Hon. Nsereko will never give money back; he will take it and eat it. He spoke at Kati Kati restaurant and had a consultation. Where he promised the monies to go to various foundations, but who will check that the 29 million shillings goes anywhere? That is something Nsereko knows and will live with. He can just pocket the money and grin, like he has always done.

He has just rebelled with it has fitted him and his populist stances, but for him that isn’t about ethics, law or even morals, just about that it gains him. That he can later use that to get more money and salvage more funds.

Therefore, if you believe his motivation is for the common good or for the purpose of better society. Then he is tricking you as if Prophet Mbonye is tricking his crowds with his prophecies about actions in the future. It is similar nonsense coming from Nsereko. Right now he is using the sentiment of Age Limit to extend his range and his popularity. Not because he cares, because he don’t, he want to look independent, while he often votes and acts still like an NRM MP. That is why Museveni has accepted his antics.

Because Museveni and Nsereko has a sort of understanding, that he can be a little out there, but will always march in accord when payday arrives. Therefore, he can do a little PR, move beyond the Yellow Party, and then come back when needed. Like it looked real, but was fake.

So I didn’t expect to return the 29 millions shillings, I expect him to eat and spend it. Act wealthy and continue to thrive, the gullible people will believe his macho voodoo politics, but someone with some sense. Will just back-up and hold a minute. Did he really? Did he really say that?

Oh yes he did. So do not expect anything else, he will pocket all funds coming to him, Nsereko is a corrupt independent mind. Who will always find reasons to keep the corrupted money and use his position to benefit himself! Nothing else matters! Peace.

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