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Age Limit: The Key Protocol from the NRM is now “Limited Freedom”!

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”Benjamin Franklin

It is not hard to imagine this as Dr. Kizza Besigye lingers in prison together with fellow FDC leadership at Naggalama Police Station. This after a horrific week and weekend. Where the Police has silenced more consultation meetings and stopped more radio stations in the country. Ironic isn’t it, that the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is currently on a radio campaign tour around the republic spreading message of good governance towards land reform. While in the same country, the rights to assemble and to have meetings are squashed with force.

Well, the limited freedom, taking away the freedom for those who questions the Age Limit and the lifting of it. That is what is happening, it happen earlier this month, when broadcasters was obliged and ordered not to have any of the 25 suspended Members of Parliament on any of their broadcasts. This with the banning of concerts hold by Robert Kyagulyani MP aka Bobi Wine. Certainly, the state do what it can to limit the freedoms and free speech in favor of keeping the age limit in the Constitution.

When Kanugu Radio and Pearl FM is suspended and certainly more will follow, as they have had the guts to question the need and have had guest who is not Age Limit removal friendly. This is the beginning of severe oppression. For not only Besigye and his fellow brethren, but also a bigger picture will elope. These Radio Channels and Broadcasters are just proof of the limit freedom that persist right now.

The stories and the tales will be there, but if they are to hard-hitting and straight-forward they might even close Daily Monitor, the Observer and Red Pepper. Not too long ago someone broke into the Observer and stole a lot equipment. Nobody has been arrested or charged on that matter.

We know the state has already embarked on the trip of assaulting and questioning the Civil-Society Organizations and the Non-Governmental Organization, the CSOs and NGOs are under attack and siege, three has already had their offices turned into crime scenes. The Police has already besieged JEEMA, Democratic Party and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) during the last few weeks. Overall, this is limiting the freedom and intimidating society as whole.

The police is a partisan in oppressing the society and the people, they are target selected few and at random on the consultant meetings, detaining leaders, MPs and activists, but next time it might be you. They are not sparing anything in their duty of assaulting the basic freedoms and expression of dissent. They even charged an over 70 year old in Bushenyi for collecting signatures. Just breathe and think about that, collecting signatures makes you a criminal.

In addition, you should know something is wrong, when just to get the Raphael Magyezi bill passed to Legal and Constitutional Committee for review; it had to be at gunpoint and with Special Forces Command breaching the chambers and clear the court. This should not be accepted and be the way it is done, but apparently it is okay in the state of affairs. Certainly, with the knowledge of the praising session in the aftermath of speaker Rebecca Kadaga. You know there limit freedom is the mantra and the way the NRM operates. Limit the freedom of the ones that dissent from the view that fits the President.

So the towns, the consultations will be filled with harassment, the courts will be a mockery and the activists will linger in jail. The innocent might die at rallies and the police will call the organizers criminals, while they was the aggressor pulling the trigger. This is the state of mind, the mad reality of the age limit. The rush, the hurry and the oppression. The quest of deliberately giving the republic a President for Life!

If you think, this will be beautiful and story of hope, than things has to change. However, for now the government will the police and soldiers to intimidate, and make sure they bill be passed in Parliament. Nothing will stop them, unless the activists and opposition garn all the support and create a real uprising as never seen before.

So if you accept limited freedom, which is the program of the state. That is what you is served and that is the order of the state. That is why joint-MP Consultation meetings are banned and so many other public gatherings is dismissed.

Certainly, this age limit thing is not dying. It keeps breathing and shuffling hard fists at the public. I just wonder how much beating and harassment will the public accept, how little freedom and how limited their representatives will accept. We can question it now as it is going on. Certainly, you know that this will not stop, as it goes now it benefits the President. Moreover, get the ones standing in his way silenced. They will do this until they stop and gives up. That is the will of the state and at all cost.

Therefore, the question now be. When has the NRM crossed a bridge that is too far?



UCC letter to Pearl of Africa Radio Limited – Pearl FM – “Breach of Minimum Broadcasting Standards – Suspension of Broadcasts” (17.10.2017)

Gen. Mugisha Muntu: Statement on Police Brutality and Interference in FDC Presidential Election Process (23.10.2017)

Age Limit: Besigye have been detained this weekend and expect him to be in trouble until the Magyezi bill are PASSED!

After the troubles that has consistent of the state monitoring and following Dr. Kizza Besigye, his defiance and resistance of the state orders. His issues has persistent, since the fatal Anti Age Limit rally in Rukungiri, that was supposed to be at the Rukungiri Stadium on the 18th October 2017. The life of the people’s president has since been in the powers of the police. They have decided his faith. So on the 19th October he drove from Rukungiri towards Kabale. When the Police blocked his white van, the car that had been directly shot at with live bullets.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was detained on the spot with no knowledge of his whereabouts or his charges. He was arrested suddenly a day after the police had harassed and killed two civilians who was attending the rally. This acts been so bad that the IGP Kale Kayihura has sacked the DPC of Rukungiri, but don’t expect any of the police officers to be punished. They will walk free, they follow orders from above.

On Saturday, the 21st October it was clear that Besigye was locked up in Mukono and Naggalama Police Station and was charged with murder. He was seen by the authorities as a killer, even if he didn’t carry a gun or knife, but a traveling and preparing a rally in Rukungiri. Clearly, this is forged charges, like the last years treason charges. That he still hasn’t freed from, so he is still under investigations for treason, as we speak.

The Police are clearly trying to send a message, that the biggest and most popular leaders who are against the Age Limit. Will be incarcerated and spend time in jail. For now he is not allowed bail or pay bond. Besigye is just behind bars, because him and Patrick Amurait Oboi was planning rallies. Not because of violence and killings. That is state sanctioned violence we have seen so many times before.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) are really trying to strangle the republic. They are doing it again, just like they did in he months before the general election in 2016 and within months after, until the President was again sworn-in for his seventh term. Therefore, the President knows this will not bring fear into Besigye, he has been here before and is not stressed by it. The FDC and former Presidential Candidate, deserves credit for all of the times he has served without being criminal. For all the times he has been behind bars without any proper charge, and all the time he has been court without having any proper case built against him. Besigye has proven his resilience and mentality to stand against oppression and dictatorship. The FDC leader has no fear and proven, again and again, that he will not stop.

Another forged and fake charge will not scare Besigye, but what the world do need to know. Is that Besigye has now spent 3 days at Naggalama Police Station and we can just start to count how long the state will keep him. If he is freed, expect him to be House Arrested and be blocked from public gatherings, until the Age Limit is settled in Parliament. Peace.

Age Limit: The Police continues to arrest and oppress Red-Ribbon Consultations across the Republic!

These Age Limit Consultation from the ones who oppose usually leads to their leaders being arrested. The demand for free speech and rallies is insane, but for some strange reasons the Police are not touching Gen. Mughisa Muntu, but the others should be in fear. The ones that easy to mention that has been or still detained somewhere in the Republic on various charges is Patrick Amuriat Oboi, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, Ibrahim Kasozi, Ingrid Turinawe, Ibrahim Ngenda-Ssemujju, Erias Lukwago, Robert Kyagulyani and Muwanga Kivumbi. It is a heavy list and heavy-weight, this isn’t all of them who has been behind bars or are still in jail for fighting the lifting of the Age Limit.

The National Resistance Movement and their President are using their force to silence the opposition. All the clear indications of merciless attack on freedom of assembly, free speech and even movement. Are now in the open. The Police are so involved in the matter, that the partisan free police is a relic of the past. They are for some reason giving space to Muntu, but he is a rare flower in the political spectrum in Uganda. Museveni can do as he pleases, the same with the ones that favors the Constitutional Amendment, they can do whatever to push the agenda. The agenda that fits Museveni.

While the ones opposing it will be in trouble, will get detained and get silenced. To say anything else, when you see the record of the police and the havoc they create. They are blocking roads to stadiums, coming with guns and tear-gas. They are coming to stifle the people and intimidate them from assembling. So when Mwenda says this just happens to Besigye, but not Muntu. That is because the NRM needs a precious flower to show the world, while the others are lingering and being under fire.

The IGP Kale Kayihura loyalty to Museveni is so overbearing, that the laws and jurisdiction, the clear impunity and manhandling politics is insane. They are not fighting crimes, but silencing the opposition. This has been going on for decades, but with more striking force. The NRM only has this, because popularity they don’t have. That is well-known, that is why the Besigye and Bobi Wine are getting positive feedback, while its cronies and paid-praise that is spread by the NRM.

Because the Police are banning joint MPs rallies and over County levels that is not the ones they are elected to represent. They are banning so much, even claiming music shouldn’t be into partisan politics. But they can make songs that fits the state needs. It is so ironic and so foolish. The state can do the same, but the opposition cannot.

The Red Ribbons has been outlawed and can be taken away, while the NRM are now wearing Yellow Ribbons, which is okay. It shows their lack of tolerance and respect of the civil disobedience. The ones sticking to the program is allowed, while the rest is silenced. That is the way it is. Not that it is justified, but just how the NRM operates. Be clear, until the dust is settled, until the dusk is coming. There will be dozens more arrested and the opposition will be heavy monitored. The Police will use all means to stop the assembly of the opposition leaders. They have done so and will continue to do so.

So don’t be surprised by the Police vindictiveness towards the opposition and activists, they cannot do anything else. They are ordered to do so. The NRM cannot handle real questions to their authority and their President for Life! Peace.

Age Limit: Dr. Abed Bwanika prepares for a Referendum over the Magyezi Amendment!

The independent Presidential Candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika of the People’s Development Party (PDP). Who is somewhat a rare commodity in the political spectrum of Ugandan politics. Not that he has a giant backing, neither has such an astonishing public persona, that whatever he do it matters. Therefore, I wonder if he really has mattered since February 2016. Since he is a part of the Presidential Campaigns, but after that ends up in the wind.

I was expecting the same of the Dr. Bwanika, but he has showed me wrong. He has actually worked in silence within the means to stifle the Age Limit and the life Presidency. I never expected that of Dr. Bwanika. He has had a meeting with the Electoral Commission and the new Commissioner Simon Mugenyi Byabakama. Therefore, that he has applied to use an article in the Constitution called the 255, which states:

255. Right of citizens to demand referenda.

Parliament may by law make provision for the right of citizens to demand the holding by the Electoral Commission of a referendum whether national or in any particular part of Uganda, on any issue.” (Uganda Constitution, 1995).

He is actually pursuing the use of the code and article to stifle the motion of Magyezi Amendment to the Constitution, by settling the affairs through a referendum. Clearly, the President don’t want to that, since that means he has to campaign more and spend more on campaigns. The state economy is already suffering and is fatigued. Therefore, the cost of spending on cronies and manufacture the result will be hard for the National Resistance Movement. Who is meeting hostile receptions and at gatherings for pro-life-presidency.

Abed Bwanika has himself been a presidential candidate since 2006. So he knows how the two previous referendums has been. The one where the President one and kept the Movement System for another period in 2000 and the opening of the Multi-Party System in 2005, where the public gained the possibility for more parties, than the NRM. That is why the Presidential Elections in 1996 and 2001 was internal inside the NRM.

It is a bold move of him to push for this, as the Motion and law are still in the Legal and Constitutional Committee in Parliament, while the state are planning to wire the funds to the positive backers of the bill. So that the bill can be passed in parliament and settle the life presidency, once and for all. Bwanika, might doing the good deed by filling the Electoral Commission, the will of applying for a referendum. Certainly, something that the President will not regard as something he wants to do. He wants to steam-roll it, therefore when Bwanika fills in the Form D and the collection of signatures needed for it, as it is by law. Than, the ship might be moving from port, but expect it to be stalled.

This is a letter sent from the Electoral Commission the 18th October, and by the time Bwanika gets enough signatures, the agreement between the NRM and possible MPs might be settled. It is a Nobel idea and request from the 3 times Presidential Candidate, but if he will succeed in his mission. That is not certain, but for his act of doing this. Still, needs recognition, because there is nothing compelling and saying he should.

Still, he uses the Constitution and uses his time to fight the good fight and to stop the possible life presidency of Museveni. Peace.

Age Limit: NRM crackdown on 28 NGO’s, just because [they can]!

This is happening after the Action Aid accounts have been frozen. The Same has happen to Great Lakes institute for Strategic Studies (Gliss) as well. Action Aid has ironically been called to contribute to Katakwi celebrations days after. So the need for civil society and support is there, just in balance with the controlling needs and their affect on society. Something the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President Museveni cannot live with. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wants now to not have inference by the NGOs, even if his state needs the aid and needs loans to pay their bills. The goodwill of foreign donors, usually comes with some checks- and balances by NGOs and Multi-National Organization. In the midst of trying to forge himself a life presidency. This is not acceptable.

Therefore, 28 NGOs has gotten feedback that they have to do this:

First they have to deliver Audited Accounts from 2014-2016. Also, the half year financial report of 2017. These reports has to be delivered to the state. The other papers the state suddenly needs is reports of their activity from 2014-2016, they need a half year report of 2017 of their activity in 2017. Continuing the need for information is that they have to deliver certified bank statements from 2014 to September 2017. A copy of the incorporation certificate, certificate of registration and the NGO Permit. Also, the work plans, budget and strategic plan from 2014-2016. All governing documents of the NGO. Than, a list of directors and the boards of the NGO. Finally the list of bank accounts.

This proves how much information and why they want to total insight into the operations of these NGOs. That the state now needs excessive information and control. They do it as they are gearing up the life presidency. So the state will have control of the 28 NGOs and nothing will done in secret or be in a way that questions their power. If they do or even are involved anything electoral or questions about the campaigns that the NRM do. They will not be questioned and their powers.

That is why these organizations are questioned: Action Aid, African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET), Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), Association of Human Rights Organization in Uganda, Be Forward Uganda, Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy of Uganda (CCEDU), Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG), Development Network for Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA), Educate Uganda, Feed the Children Uganda, Finnish Refugee Council, Ford Foundation, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI), Forum for Woman in Democracy (FOWODE), Global Refugee International Uganda, Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS), Good Neighbours, Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU), Human Rights Network (HURINET), Mercy Corps, MIFUMI, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Solidarity Uganda, Synagogue Church of all Nations, Teso Anti-Corruption Coalition, Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) and Uhuru Institute for Social Development.

They are really going all out there, all sort of civil society organizations like CCEDU, who has been vocal in educating the people of the value of the vote and electoral practice. Something, the state haven’t bothered to do. They are now seeking documents from FHRI, who has spoken for individual rights for woman and their role in society. This is going against the NGOs who studies the society and political landscape like Uhuru Institute for Social Development, HURINET and HRCU. Certainly, these are handpicked by the state for that manner. CSBAG has been critical about the budgets and reasons for the use of taxpayers monies, as well as explaining the values of taxes. Clearly, this has moved them into a questionable path.

But, what is striking is the Ford Foundation, Feed the Children, DENIVA and Mercy Corps. We can wonder their issues with the state and why they we’re picked in the bunch. Are they spending to much in development in certain areas. Ford Foundation main offices in East Africa is Nairobi. Director Maurice Makoloo must really question why his NGO is under siege, like the rest of them. Feed the Children have been working in Northern Uganda since 2012 with Nutrition Programs, Health & Water, Pre School Education and their Livelihood. Mercy Corps been working in Uganda since 2006, they are training farmers with business skills, providing jobs for building roads, promoting maternal-child health and nutrition programs and emergency response to the South Sudanese refugees. I wonder also, what did the Finnish Refugee Council do to get on the list, because they support this in Uganda: “Our work in Uganda improves refugees’ changes to raise their living standards. We provide refugees skills and abilities which can immediately help them increase their income levels”. All of this seems like reasonable causes to work for, therefore you know there is else behind it.

We all know the Age Limit is the cause, the Age Limit problems causes issues for the NGOs and the NRM wants to show power. We can just humiliate the government, because we know the reason. They are afraid to be undressed, but they are already naked. They just don’t know themselves, the President is soon vivid on the pages of The Onion, Red Pepper, Daily Monitor, New Vision and the newspapers around. Where his weakness will be delivered on the front-page.

Certainly, the attacks on the NGOs will also be looked ill on the possible donors that the President has left, after the troubles he has created during the recent decade. There will be more trouble if he continues to hammer on the aid organizations and the NGOs who are supported by either individuals abroad, but also multi-national organizations and state funding from donors. All of this is vindictive of the state, since they are doing this to silence possible questions of their behavior. Peace.

Opinion: Robert Kyagulanyi MP stance on the Age Limit has hit a nerve!

Clearly without any hesitation, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has hit a nerve, he has not done it with a needle, but a jackhammer and then put some salt in the wounds. Just to prove a particular point. This has by all means not made him favorable in the eyes of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), that in the Kyadondo East By-Election sent a two-timer, who has not one anyone’s heart. That is now proven more by time that has gone by.

That President Museveni was hurt and had to try lecture him through an article and later mention in one of his speeches, telling Bobi Wine to teach the Wealth Creation, well, Mr. President, no one can steal seedlings and steal the future like you do. Nobody else need to do the same tricks you do. That is why Kyagulanyi MP has respect and you are not. People just respect when you pay out of your pocket or in the sense of reality the state reserves.

Therefore, you have banned him from performing; you have suspended him from the Parliament, and tried to inflict harm on the man, as some of your operatives at some point even threw grenades at home! By all of this, you have proven his importance, just as you have established certain parts of the Forum for Democratic Change, they are behind at any moment for any forged-up charges they can find or put on the brothers and sisters.

However, the nerve that is hit, will not just go away. Unless it heals, at this point it is doubtful since the regime is using its force to silence and oppress the individuals who stands in their way. They use all words and means to stop the possible uprising. That is why a fellow like Bobi Wine is powerful, because of his realness and his words. As well as other like Dr. Kizza Besigye, who can all lead the way out of the dime future the NRM professes too.

The nerve will be painful and will show sooner fatigue of the state, since they are using excessive force and means to silence. They will be billed and even struggle to pay security operatives, since the costs of extra surveillance and use of guns, it cost. The money train will go and the lacking funds will hit the government. Even if the NRM and the President promises golden shiny rainbows, the reality is different.

The need for a Bobi Wine and Besigye’s are there, they are needed, more then ever. That is why the President attack them and use his police to stop them. Because he knows their worth and value. But if people listen and acts upon the words from these fellows, than it can be dangerous to rule. Since they want to use defiance and resist the Movement, they want to defy the Resistance Movement and their means of oppression.

It will cost, it is now proven, as in Rukungiri this week and before, the similar price has been paid, but it will be painful to get rid of the regime who uses all fortunes and guns to stop the others from existing.

That is why the state sanctions hard at both Gentlemen, they know their power and knows that they can reassure and captivate the public in ways the government cannot stop. The nerve is hit for now, but will it start to blead or will it be healed. That is all up to Besigye and Bobi Wine, if they want to continue to defy and dismiss the state’s offensive takeover. Then the nerve will sooner be shattered and blead, then the reaction might be more swift, but they have to continue to push. To see a possible change from the dark oblivion that the state is currently working towards! Peace.

Opinion: The Yellow Ribbon of Destruction!

That there is something sinister going is clear. How the opposition is silenced, how the state is using their capacity and bullets to silence the ones who is opposition the life presidency and the lifting of article 102(b). It is really a sad view, how the state even kills to stop processions and demonstrations, stops rallies and even people just collecting signatures against the President-for-Life.

While the protesters and campaigns have been signified with a red ribbon and wearing in-general red. There is a new movement copying, but is for the Life Presidency. They are all yellow, just like the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The sickness of MP Abiriga, who have an all yellow attire and yellow car. Even a Yellow house, he would catch a common cold if he wore something else in public. The same now is happening with the campaigners.

Even Tamale Mirundi the former state house official have been seen in the streets with a yellow ribbon on his forehead and a yellow shirt. Standing in the street using his machine-mouth in loyalty to the President. The same is now happening in the NRM too. They are wearing party shirts and wearing yellow-ribbon. To sign their dying loyalty to Museveni.

There is reports that NRM MPs who are for the amendment of the age limit, has already gotten 500,000 shillings extra in allowance. Not as much as promised in the past or given for a favorable bill. Still considering all their benefits, the added half-million shillings is a good extra pay-off for supporting the cause. That was just for attending a consultation and not the whole fee; they will be getting for doing the actual work.

While the NRM are basking in glory, Dr. Kizza Besigye are detained without possible bonds at Naggalama Police Station, this after being arrested yesterday on his way to Kabale. So he is spending his time behind bars in Mukono and in prison where he has been countless times before. Clearly, the state acts with impunity. Where he is charged on phony murder charges, while the police officers who shot at the crowds in Rukungiri walks around like free man. Just is really served for ones who loyally bow their knees and heads to the President.

The NRM MPs have been ordered to stay inside the country, because the country cannot afford to facilitate their travels. So that the state gets enough funds for the promised 29,000,000 Shillings, that is supposed to be wired by the coming week. Clearly, the state does not have sufficient funds, but is pushing

So now the only allowed rallies are the yellow ones. The rest will be scattered, the leaders will be detained on any sort charges the police force can muster. They will be stones unturned and nothing left to chance. Clearly, the aftermath, the struggle will be there, but the citizens has to show their support for the ones who are detained and taken by the authorities. They was the first loud voice against the life presidency, the cronies and the loyal subjects are working all hours to show their loyalty.

They will run and scream for coins from their master, who can give them a possible pay-off as token of loyalty. That is why they are so vocal and supportive, they hope the President see their efforts and wants them to pay them. So as a sign they will wear yellow and yellow ribbons to prove their loyalty, the police officers and others might join in, the Crime Preventers might come back to quell possible demonstrations and also cause havoc for the opposition. Peace.

Age Limit: Government crackdown is now nationwide!

Police has banned joint age limit consultative meetings organized by the opposition MPS. Police says the meetings are no longer consultative meetings but avenues used by the opposition to incite the new directives, an MP is not allowed to move from his constituency and attend a rally of another MP” (Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Frank Mwesigwa on NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

This news reel is a lot of smaller stories that gives you an added picture into the day of oppression and police crackdown on free speech, opposition gatherings and in general contempt of justice. This by the state and the by Police, who at free will are causing havoc, shooting live bullets and arresting, whenever and wherever. There are nothing that is not going to far!

Dr. Kizza Besigye and Patrick Amuriat Oboi have both been arrested on their way to Kisoro-Kabale, as they convoy of cars was blocked by the Police Force. The block of cars happen and both of the Opposition Leaders are arrested and taken to an unknown location, even not sure where they are detained and for what reason. Unless, they are using the order of earlier this month to stop all consultations outside of their constituency.

While a 77 year old man who was collecting signatures to recall Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi. Has spent days in prison for doing so. He was released on 17th October 2017, but that is on bond while awaiting trial that will be on 20th October 2017. This proves how foolish the state is when coming to the Age Limit. Even a peaceful old-man has served days in Bushenyi Police Station and now awaiting new trial for the acts collecting signatures. The offense being possible violence and creating riot. Like the ink on the paper will make the Igara West go into fire. Seriously?

In Kampala, Lubaga South as MP Kato Lubwama’s Consultation Rally was about to appear and other MPs we’re blocked from entering. Gunshots we’re heard and Police blocked the venue. This was at the Lorry Park of Natete. So at the Consultation Rally as the MPs was not allowed to attend. The Public who gathered in the Lorry Park we’re consulted by their local councilors. Clearly, the state is suffering from the Presidents tolerance and democratic worldview, that he delivered on Independence Day this year. These we’re blocked: “MPs Ibrahim Kasozi Makindye East and Muwanga Kivumbi MP blocked from accessing Natete Lorry Park where Kato Lubwama is consulting” (Uganda Radio Network, 19.10.2017).

While Robert Kyagulyani aka Bobi Wine met in Court as he is banned from performing and being the MP who is also a musician. He has sued the state for 300 million shillings in hurt for loss of revenue from the blocked performances.

Meanwhile Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has written to the National Resistance Movement Caucus, asked for a minute or two consult with the NRM Caucus over the lifting of the age limit. The bold move is clearly trying to come with dialogue. While the NRM Party is split on the matter, there been a Anti Age-Limit Party for the suspended NRM MPs and the ones who stand against it. Also, the National Resistance Movement Youth League have written to the NRM Deputy Secretary General and explained at their extra-ordinary Conference, that they will discuss the Constitutional Amendment, even if the NRM Secretariat is against it. The NRMYL will not be intimidated by the Central Leadership.

Richard Todwong spoke to NTV:

NRM secretariat denies being sidelined in Age limit debate. Todwong also noted that it is worrying for MP’s to seek money for consultations yet they are paid enough money” (NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

While the opposition of the lifting the Age-Limit are wearing red, red-ribbons and red hats. The NRM are planning and releasing pictures of yellow ribbons to counter this. They are trying to counter-attack the people’s reactions and use of red-ribbons to show their dismay with the possible life presidency of Museveni. That is natural, 31 years and counting.

Soon, the Police will arrest anyone on any charge. As long as there are dissidents and people standing up to it. They will be taken by the authorities. This will not stop, as the NRM are trying to put forward their positive campaign for the life presidency, as they want to silence the opposition and the ones against the change in the Constitution.

This here will continue until the Constitutional Amendment are put for vote in Parliament and that the Legal and Constitutional Committee have sent the law back to the Plenary Session for vote. Clearly, this will take time as the state are looking for the money and the pay-offs of the cronyism.

Clearly, the President are awaiting results and surely will use all means to get this through the Parliament. Even blocking all of town and dispatching the army to make sure the vote goes in his favor. This here will not be left to chance, this isn’t some spoiled shillings on a road development, this is the future of his presidency, that is the most important of all.

We can just wait and see, we will know there will be more developments, more arrests, more deaths and more intimidation, more harassment. No stone is left unturned. Peace.

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