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The Calvary besieged Action Aid and GLISS Offices in Kampala!

The Uganda Police Force is acting insane as the plan to lift the Age Limit in the Constitution and the Parliament debate on it. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has gone into high-gear. They have sent their Police Force against Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who has been voices against the lifting of this article 102(b) and give longer rule of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

President Museveni and his loyal subject Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has shown his loyalty today, with not only banning all demonstrations against it tomorrow. It continues his trivial pursuit of petty crime, as he has before giving the public provisions, that they have not been allowed to discuss or having debates, except for Members of Parliament. Now, he has taken it further.

The Police has raided the offices today at GLISS (Great Lakes Institute For Strategic Studies), they have taken hostage by the Police for their campaign of “National Dialogue” as Godber Tumushabe, trying to build foundation for a positive engagement from the CSO in media and together with other stakeholders. Clearly, this is a violation of the how the Ugandan Democracy works and how people are supposed to discuss the future of the mastermind and head honcho Museveni.

The Police also besieged Action Aid Offices in Kampala. Where the Police Force came with a Search Warrant in the name of Henry Peter Walya, as the Police claimed that Action Aid International we’re doing “Unlawful Activity” and the offices had “evidence”. The alleged crime is “purpose is to obtain the evidence relating to elicit transfer funds for funding unlawful activities”. Because of this the Police could search the premises and the offices of them. The Staff was interrogated one by one by the Police. The Police also shut down their internet at the Offices. The Police had a total of 60 Police Officers as they besieged the offices.

So again the Police are better to be involved in Political mind-games, than actually solving ordinary crimes. Like they cannot stop the murders of innocent civilians in Entebbe and the area around there. But they have the man-power to besiege CSO’s who question the validity and the reasoning of lifting the age-limit. Really, Museveni’s life is more valued than anything else in Uganda. Since everyone else has just to accept his royal highness, as he was spotted with President Donald Trump today at the United Nations General Assembly. Clearly, the Human Rights and respect of people’s will. Doesn’t matter! Therefore, these two CSO’s could be assaulted by the Police. Instead of them trying to catch real criminals. Peace.


Uganda Police Force Press Release: Bans all Demonstrations Against Age Limit tomorrow (20.09.2017)

Opinion: NRM MP’s are Sellout’s as they supported today motion for lifting the Age-Limit!

“287 of 296 NRM MPs have voted to support a motion by Raphael Magyezi seeking leave to present a private members bill to lift Age Limit” (The Observer, 20.09.2017).

That National Resistance Movement (NRM), the Movement if you will, have decided to lift the Presidential Age-Limit, because they can and they will. It is as if they are all the servants of the President. They are not there representing their constituents, they are there representing the President. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni now owns them and if he did not know, he knows now. Their blind loyalty to his will and his concern is amazing and sad. That they are trading basic understanding to change laws that benefits him. Soon, they should take away the need of being born in Uganda, so that the law is 100 % correct to the master.

This proves what their value is and what you can expect of them. As the military and army roamed the streets of Kampala, while more innocent lives are taken around Entebbe. Not that anyone are solving these heinous crimes, these mass slaughter of civilians. It is more important while the President is speaking to nearly empty United Nations General Assembly, which the Parliament is securing off- Nile Avenue down to Constitution Square. Clearly, the problems and fatigue of the puppets in the National Assembly is more important than the security of mere civilians.

It is insane, but not shocking. The little value of others than Museveni. No one has the value on his head as Museveni. No one has the bounty of fortune and entourage as him, the levels of advisors, the level of loyal stooges within his party and the MP’s who all nods their heads and agrees with the old-man.

Now we know their values and believes, they are servants and stooges of the puppet-master. They are mere shells of people with independent minds and spirits. They all are there to deliver the service he needs. Now, they we are needed pawns to settle the score. To make sure the Parliament can succeed in giving the almighty, yet another term(s), if needed be. It is not as if that is new. They did it when they changed from two limit for all President before the 2005 Election.

The NRM are as if it was not compromised by them already and a façade of a party, it is now. The evidence is in their actions and in the will. They are not concerning the rule of law or justice for all. However, they are only concerned with their master and their benefactor. They are caring about his rule and his time in the limelight. They are not caring about the effects and the belittlement of the legislation.

We now know that they trade reasonable thinking and justice over a few extra pennies. They are cheap members of parliament, with little or no care for ordinary Ugandans. As they could make way for another decade and even more for Museveni. They want to make sure he can be their president until his last breath. That is not Noble or Just. It is more pathetic and discouraging, that they have so weak spines and will power to muster-up.

The NRM MPs has traded their future, the Republic’s future on the plate and in honor of Museveni. Peace.

Mwenda’s Political Voodoo Part II: The Saga of the Age-Limit!

Dwight Schrute: Voodoo Mama Juju, explain your dalliance with the dark arts.

Angela Martin: It’s not my fault. I was exposed to “Harry Potter.”

Dwight Schrute: I know you did it!

Dwight Schrute: [to the camera crew] I know she didn’t do it. It’s never the person you most suspect. It’s also never the person you least suspect, since anyone with half a brain would suspect them the most. Therefore, I know the killer to be Phyllis, a.k.a. Beatrix Bourbon, the person I most medium suspect” (The Office U.S. Version – ‘Murder’ 2009).

Andrew Mwenda is using his pen again and need to be analyzed, since the arguments he gives has to be destroyed and not validated. Since the reasoning is only to benefit his new partner in crime and his Modus Operandi, is to be National Resistance Movement friendly. Mwenda isn’t that independent or free spirited, therefore, he has to attack the opposition. That is why he now uses his political voodoo, to overcome the ones who goes against the abolishing or revoking the Article 102(b) of the 1995 Constitution. Which, shouldn’t be strange is all within reason. Just take a look!

I want to ask all these bellicose MPs and opposition activists opposing the amendment of the constitution to remove age limits: what is wrong with a person of 75 years and above running for president? Do you really believe Amama Mbabazi or Ruhakana Rugunda should be blocked from running for president in 2025, or Kizza Besigye in 2031? It seems to me that your argument is the amendment is being pushed to help President Yoweri Museveni run again. I agree. So your opposition is not to the principle (allowing citizens aged 75 years and above to run for president) but to the individual (Museveni) who is going to be the first beneficiary of it. If this is the case, why expend your energies in a constitutional fight over an individual if you don’t disagree with the principle?” (Andrew M. Mwenda, 19.09.2017).

It is something rare and wonderful by this statement. That he talks about using energies to fight over a constitutional amendment for one person, but ironically does it for his master. He spends time to make sure people agrees with his reasoning, because it fits Museveni. Not because it makes it more righteous. Than he has to mention Mbabazi and Besigye, just to twist the needle, but not because he cares. Like running in Uganda matters at this point. When the Electoral Commission will let Museveni win anyway. So he uses energies to express his concern for other people to mask that it all isn’t for anyone else than Museveni.

The biggest loser in this misguided opposition to removing age limits is Besigye, but he cannot see it. Museveni will remove age limits. Therefore Besigye is undermining his credibility now when he seeks to run for president in 2031. He will face the fact that he has campaigned vigorously against lifting age limits. Then he will claim it was because he wanted to stop Museveni. Why place an individual above a principle in a major constitutional struggle? It is hard to educate people who are emotional about issues and never see beyond a few years ahead. This was the whole problem with the constitution making process in the 1990s. Museveni and his confederates did not put age limits in the constitution out of principle. Rather they did so to block Milton Obote from returning and running for president. They did not foresee that it would actually turn out to block Museveni” (Andrew M. Mwenda, 19.09.2017).

The reasons why Museveni didn’t for-see this was that he was about to step-down from running several times. He has promised that on many different occasions and even said he wouldn’t run for the next term. Or giving himself a deadline to step-down as the President. The same President that didn’t plan to have more than two terms, also abolished that part of the Constitution. Therefore, it is not the first time the rewriting of laws fitting Museveni. It has happen over time and when in need. Maybe it was for Obote, maybe it was for looking to foreign donors. Who knows at this point?

The reason why an individual are over a Constitutional Question in this matter, is because they are trying to make the Constitutional Amendment fit one single individual. This is not for the future of Besigye. That is something the NRM and the Presidency couldn’t care less about, unless they are planning more House-Arrest and Phony-Charges on his head. That is more believable at this point. This isn’t about emotions, it is about the mere fact, that there was a Uganda before Museveni and will be one after him. So why makes rule that fit his life and breathing-space? Why not make laws that are making sense, Mr. Mwenda? You are using Besigye as a Pawn, as long as the King, stays the King!

Besigye’s supporters may not realize that they are making a similar mistake. I actually think this amendment is very good for Besigye because he can wait Museveni out until he dies. Then he can make his grab at power as well. Did Besigye in 2000 imagine that he would still be running for president in 2016? Well, think again: 2031 or even 2035 is not very far” (Andrew M. Mwenda, 19.09.2017).

You just celebrated ten-years of Independent Magazine, was that a big-deal right? That is two terms of the President. Which is a long time in charge and gives massive amount of powers. The decisions and the Executive role, guiding a nation for a decade is very long time. Just like have to remember your starting ground for your magazine, until today how you are needing funding from Kagame and other well-wishers. Clearly, you think Besigye who hasn’t gotten the Presidency will run forever and be like opposition figure to the end. That is only the FDC delegates and the FDC organizations let him. Not like he is the sole-candidate like in the NRM, where there no other men or woman with a vision.

Mwenda, did you envision that you would be so different from your views in 2005? Did your intellect evolve from a free-spirit and critic of the state, to be the one praising and defending them? I am just wondering, if you ever saw yourself as a NRM, when you we’re detained for your talk-show on KFM Radio? The same can be said about Besigye, it is about opportunity and putting down the work. Just like you built a name, the same has Besigye done. Besigye has campaigned and continued to campaign. Just like you have continued with your “Last Words”, but not that they sound the same. You changed and other changed as well.

Mwenda, if you think it is nice argument “he can wait Museveni out until he dies”, that is insulting to the citizens of Uganda and to your brain. Would you have waited for anyone else to start your shop and organization? Are you saying as long as Museveni lives, he owns the Constitution and the Law? Do you think when you write this? That is why I call your writing political voodoo. It is amazing and insane. That someone can wait for Museveni, but Museveni cannot step-down, that because it is Museveni. The Sole Candidate, the one man with the vision. That has eaten your mind, Mr. Mwenda.

I think Museveni now resides inside your brain and that you are interconnected to him. Your vision is actually his vision. If not, could you have waited for someone to stop as editor of New Vision before working there? Since, you are writing like them and has the same reasoning now. Therefore, it is like it is a token to let Museveni die and than be kind to give Besigye power. Like Janet Museveni and that the son Maj. Gen. David Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, who is educated in politics planning to step aside and let FDC/Besigye get power. That most likely not. They will keep it, because they know when they loose it, there wealth, farms and business might be taken by the state. Their records and their fortunes might be frozen in the banks. Not like Museveni is not afraid of this and wants to stay in power long enough, that his family is safe and his legacy can be left for his son to rule.

If you have already stayed in power for 31 years, there are no other reason for anyone else to wait. There is no reason to let the ruler get more power for longer time, unless your a king and the kingship goes through the veins. But a Presidency isn’t a kingdom, it is a republic and supposed to be able to change leadership. That has been impossible and people like Mwenda thinks it is fine now. Since it’s been like that since 1986. Like that is normal and good. Well, it’s not and the opposition knows this. This isn’t about Besigye, this is about the Republic. Respecting the republic and building laws for all citizens. Not just fitting the President when it’s needed. Like the revoking or abolishing the Article 102(b).

It is the same thing, but Mwenda cannot not see. I am sorry to say so, but the political voodoo is playing tricks on him. Peace.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu MP letter to the Electoral Commission: “Citizens’ Demand for a Referendum on Entrenching Article 102(b) of the Constitution and Restoration of Term Limits in the Constitution of Uganda” (16.09.2017)

Inter-Religious Council of Uganda – “Appeal to Approach the Age Limit Debate with Nationalistic and Non-Partisan Lenses and Necessary Consultations: For God and Our Country” (18.09.2017)

Opinion: Expect the Age-Limit bill to be PASSED, because President Museveni needs it!

During an interview, Margaret A. Novicki of Africa Report asked Museveni “What advice would you give to your African colleagues who are resisting movement towards democracy?” (…) “Museveni responded that “I have no sympathy for those who resist democracy. Democracy should not be resisted. Power belongs to the people, not to an individual. Why should you want power for yourself? Who are you? You are a servant of the people. If the people don’t want you, then you go and do other things and they elect whom they want. I have no sympathy for them”(Africa Report July/August 1993).

For everyday that passes, the closer we get to see the Constitutional Amendment of the Article 102 (b) that ushers in the life presidency of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To say something else, is a lie and ignorance on the behalf of the republic. The National Resistance Movement have been allowed to demonstrate and have discussions. While the ones trying to have campaigns and rallies has been silenced or detained. The latest victim is the Democratic Party EALA MP Mukasa Mbidde, who was supposed to be a “Good DP”, but still ended behind bars in Fort Portal today.

Well, it would be lie if this isn’t important, as the NRM Youth League, as NRM MP’s are supporting the motion and bill. That they are calling it unjust to have an age-limit on the Presidency, since it affects the whole age-bracket and could possible stop pensioners from running. Which is most likely, since the most people that age use time to give the youth advice, show them how to run a household and tells stories of the past generations. Not like they are running for being councilor’s or MP’s. Unless, they have been cronies who never let go, there are a few of them subjects within the cabinet and in parliament, but very considering the amount of people over 75 in Uganda.

That the bill will come and the pay-day for the Members of Parliament will also come as an affect to the matter. Since NRM and President Museveni is well-known to give a bonus suit, car or even foreign trips to his loyal cronies. This will happen again. That the MP’s are trading away their loyalty and the republic doesn’t matter. They become wealthy by a single vote and get a small fortunes pocket within no-time. They can pay-off debt and even get an extra maid.

So when even talks of Private Initiatives to pay the MP’s not to vote for the abolishment. It says a lot of the state of affairs. Since they already has enough perks, high salaries, no tax on it and all the remuneration together with allowances as well. The MP’s as long as they are working inside the Parliament should earn more than enough. Alas, they want some more to do the President a favor, giving him the state for life. Delivering it on a silver platter.

If the MP’s and the NRM does this, they are giving way for the President so he can possible be President until his been there for 40 years. No he is on his 31 year. He has farms and businesses, his presidency is involved in any part of government and there isn’t anything soon that is enacted or sanctioned without his handshake. Therefore, the bill to give him life presidency, will be helped by him and as he wanted it to be. Since this was never made for betterment of the state, but for one individual, that being President Museveni.

This sounds far-fetched from the President that was praised by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, the one who spoke as new leader. He has long killed that persona and become the one he wanted get rid-off on the continent. The reasoning for getting rid of Mobutu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is now himself in Uganda. With mansions and wealth, while the state is stuttering, schools falling apart, lacking medicines and government services in general. So if looking at the state and service delivery, the President doesn’t care. That ship has sailed at least a decade ago, he is just there to be in power and to own the republic. Not to develop or making sure the people are in a safe place. Since his daughters are advised to give birth abroad, not at Mulago. This proves the knowledge of the failing state and the President knows this, because he has run it to make wealth for himself and family. Not creating a welfare state.

The Age Limit, is the total proof of how NRM and Museveni are working for one perspective. For his wealth and rich. The sole candidate and his will. Nothing else. Everything else is well-spent lies and deceptions. If he cared the school buildings in up-country wouldn’t rot and lack windows. The roads wouldn’t be so bad that only boda-boda can pass after the rain. There to many lacking institutions. Because if the institutions and procedures actually worked, they wouldn’t need Museveni and his sanctions. They wouldn’t need his stamp and favors, he has made sure he is the government and the government is him. Therefore, the NRM has to give it another breather, even if it is no-good.

So expect the Age-Limit bill to be enacted and passed as a law. It will happen because President Museveni needs it. Not because Uganda or the republic needs it. Peace.

Ugandans Must Reject All Retrogressive Amendments to Our Constitution – A Statement by Leaders of Civil Society to Fellow Ugandans (16.09.2017)

My Letter to Evelyn Anite: If you need the army to amend the constitution, maybe you shouldn’t do it!

Dear Evelyn Anite!

I write to you in haste, seems like you have been forceful and aggressive. You need to calm down and take little soda. Seems like you need to sit under a tree and read a book. Maybe even two, that can open your mind and perspective.

Your the State Minster for Privatisation and Investment, Evelyn Anite, I have to first quote your own words. Since they are so rare and proven your weird solution to get the Constitution amended to fit the life of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Here is your own statements!

You cannot intimidate a ruling party. For them they are looking for support, but we are not. We are the party in government; we have the support of the magye (military)” (…) “We have 265 members who have supported this bill. We have the numbers; we have the people; this is the battle of the brain” (…) “We heard they are threatening to beat us; we shall not beat them physically but on the floor of the house. But if the worse comes to worst; we are not going to the gym. They should know that we are the ones in charge. If they cannot outsmart us, they should shut up and wait for Ugandans to decide” (…) “You cannot tell me ‘togikwatako,’ when that is my job. So, you are asking me not to do my job? We shall amend that constitution! If we want to do amend it 10 times we shall do it” (Waswa, 2017).

Seems like you Anite wants to misuse the army in favor of a political party and their agenda in Parliament. That you as a State Minister is saying, that the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) will take brigades and military into parliament. Shut the doors and say, unless you enforce this law, we will keep all of your honorable Members of Parliament (MPs) hostage until the law passes in favor of the President.

It seems like you Anite, who already are an MP, in a republic, which is militarized already. The President wear military fatigue to Parliament when they had the last Budget reading on the 9th June 2017 at the International Conference Centre at Serena Hotel. So, it’s not like NRM are far away from the military. In the middle of the campaigning, President Museveni took a break and went on the shooting field. Showing his force in and power to the public. Clearly, this isn’t enough for you. That the President uses his army as favors for his fellow Commander-In-Chief in the likes of South Sudan and even Equatorial Guinea.

Hon. Anite, I understand that you have no valid reasoning for lifting the Article 102 (b), when you have to use the army to fight your battles in the Parliament. That your struggling with finding proper solutions and also arguments to continue the Presidency. You are doing the President his handy work and trying to show loyalty. With talking like him, that he will kill and get rid of the opposition.

But if you think this is the way of enforcing rule of law and enact amendments, you need some serious counseling. You need some people around Anite, that can guide you and make you understand how a Parliament supposed to work. Unless you want to act like military leader, instead of being a part of the National Assembly, where you make the laws and regulations for all Ugandans.

Seriously, you should ask for a paycheck and envelope from President Museveni. Since, you are doing his work and for his continued Presidency. That you are clearly misguided and misunderstands the role of the army and the Parliament. Clearly, you want a law to be voted through the Parliament, you need something else than the army. Maybe a consensus and public support for the possible bill. Not spread fear of guns and ammunition. Unless, you want a coup d’etat!

Hon. Anite, is that what you wanted, take hostage of the Parliament and enforce the law. Instead of an ordinary vote of the possible motion and amendment. Have possible Parliamentary work, as they have readings of the laws, and the Parliament has to PASS them; so they can enforce the laws all in the republic afterwards. So if the Honorable Anite wants something passed, it should follow protocol and procedure so that the bill could be enacted.

Evenlyn Anite, you should know this and should work so the Amendment could be passed if you believed it. Anite don’t need the army to get a law passed, in Uganda you just need President Museveni’s approval. This law is fitting his paradigm and vision. So, it should be no problem, since the NRM MPs are already trying to find new ways of being loyal to Museveni.

Anite, you should never need the Army to pass a law and if you do, then the MPs and Parliament is front. Is that what you saying? That your ruling party and ruling regime should not need to use the army in this sort of activity. The majority of the parliament should easily get it done, but still you have to spread fear and wishes of misuse of the army. Clearly, that is your way now.

So please Anite, learn your craft. Learn it well, act with sense and duty for your republic. Instead, your misunderstanding your role. That you are saying this is proving a vital point. Anite, that you don’t have good reasons, other than cronyism for wishing this bill to pass. Passing an Amendment that gives life Presidency to Museveni. Seems like that is the outcome by any means.

And your strongly in favor of it Anite. So, it is time for you to stop your betrayal of the National Assembly and the Army. Time to ask yourself why are an MP and what your role in the Parliament. Since you should know better, but apparently you don’t!

Best Regards

Write of Minbane!


Waswa, Sam – ‘We Have the Support of the Army – MP Anite Warns Age Limit Bill Opponents’ (14.09.2017) link: https://www.chimpreports.com/we-have-the-support-of-the-army-mp-anite-warns-age-limit-bill-opponents/

Gen. Mugisha Muntu: Official Statement on the Ongoing Attempt to Subvert the Constitution (14.09.2017)

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