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UPF: “Re: Provision of Security to cover an Album Launch at Mandela National Stadium on 20th October 2018” (16.10.2018)


Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine: Statement About Our Kyarenga Concert (15.10.2018)

15th October, 2018

Last night I returned to Uganda after a very successful trip in Nairobi – Kenya. I am very grateful to Kenya for the warm brotherly welcome. Later, I will send out a special message of thanks to the people of Kenya and specific individuals who made our visit memorable.

I know that many of our friends are anxious about the status of our KYARENGA concert which stands scheduled for this Saturday. 20th October.

Upon return to the country, I had a meeting with our team to evaluate and make final decisions about the concert.

As you are all aware, there have been several hiccups in our preparations. These problems have been caused by the inconsistency and lack of transparency on the part of Uganda Police Force. For the past three weeks, the event organizers have been tossed up and about by the police. Indeed, over three weeks ago, we approached the police and informed them about our intentions to hold the concert as required by law.

We agreed and made payments to the Namboole Stadium management, and made a booking for the 13th of October. That was our initial date of choice for the show. After making a deposit on venue fees, the Managing Director of the stadium called requesting us to change the date because there was going to be a match between Uganda Cranes and Lesotho on the date we had booked. Even when we had already recorded adverts mentioning the 13th, we decided that a game involving our national team was very important and it was fit and proper for us to let them access the stadium. We then agreed with Namboole Management and rescheduled our concert for the 20th of October. We started advertising.

Once again our team went to the Police headquarters in Naguru with a written request for the Police to clear the show and provide security on that day. On arrival, the police officers in charge of recieving and filing letters refused to stamp on it to indicate that it had been recieved. Even when we insisted that we needed this for our records, they persisted. Days went by and when we followed up, the team was advised to meet the Director of Research in the Police about the same!

Our team went ahead with other copies of the letter to the Director of Research (Mr. Ochom) who sent us to the Inspector General of Police. The team went to the IGP’s office and he sent them to his assistant who then sent them to afande Asuman Mugyenyi.

At this point, these guys started speaking a different language.
The team was asked to get written clearance from Namboole stadium first and when they approached the Namboole MD for the letter, he in turn asked them for police clearance!

It is a day later that we saw a letter on social media addressed to us from Namboole saying that the 20th of October was also booked for a wedding. We asked for a copy of the letter if it was legitimate and it was not given to us.

The team also visited the Kampala Metropolitan Police office and the KMP head, Moses Kafeero referred them to his assistant. His assistant told them to go to the Chieftaincy of Military intelligence (CMI) if they wanted any information concerning police clearance of the Kyarenga Concert!

My team went back to the Police headquarters on Friday last week and they were told to go back today at 10am on condition that I appear with them in person. When they told me, I decided to cut short my trip to Kenya to attend this meeting today. To my dismay, when my team reached the Police headquarters this morning, they were told that the IGP was out of town. I resorted to making phone calls to him all day today but the person who picked my calls kept telling me that the IGP was in a meeting at the Police headquarters board room since 8:00am.

We have done everything required of us by law but it is apparent that the people in authority are doing everything possible to frustrate the concert.

As things stand, the concert has been left in balance. A lot of money and time have been spent in advertisements and preparations.

Dear fans and friends, I am not sure when or whether the Kyarenga Concert will happen. But I advise those in authority to desist from these provocations. I am a Ugandan artiste with a legitimate right to stage a concert.

Bobi Wine

UPDF: Arrest of Four Suspected Armed Criminals in Areas of Buziga-Kampala (13.10.2018)

Opinion: Museveni is a coward for blocking Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert!

That the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the Police Force and the Namboole Stadium Management are a bunch of cowards. They are small belittled entitled men and woman, who doesn’t see their weakness and their lack of tolerance. They cannot even stomach a concert of a pop-artist and a Member of Parliament. However, the same party can show-up everywhere and do whatever they pleases. But if your a voice in the other direction. Than, you have to be silenced by the authorities.

Earlier this week in the media, there was talks and mentions from the Police Force, who the Observer reported: “Police casts doubt on Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert. Kampala police commander says they can’t allow the Oct 20 concert because Namboole stadium was already booked for other events. Police also says organisers haven’t sought clearance” (the Observer, 11.10.2018).

We have heard this sort of stuff before, than that was about the venues Dr. Kizza Besigye was showing up to hold rallies, that was closed and sealed off. For all the same reasons. We have all been here before.

On the same day, it is revealed that the management of the Stadium also sent Fire Base Entertainment and Bobi Wine a letter, explaining that the Concert wouldn’t be happen on the scheduled date. That suddenly a Wedding is happening and that the Stadium Management is also following that the event wasn’t cleared with Police. Clearly, the management have been foretold and following direction from above. Finding ways to stifle the possible concert, that Bobi Wine and his company had already booked for. If he hadn’t booked through his company and his people, they wouldn’t have made the posters and prepared it.

This is just a charade of ignorance from the authorities, as they don’t think we haven’t seen this action before them. That they are using the Public Order Management Act (POMA), the Anti-Besigye Act as the cancer to society it is. To settle the score with their mortal enemies.

Let us all, together when discussing this matter. Call out the Police, NRM and President Museveni for what he is. They are COWARDS. Weak little cowards, the small kid who wants all the toys and doesn’t want to share. The little cry-baby that cannot share the candies, but keep it to themselves and even eat it all until it vomits. That is what the authorities are in this manner.

They cannot manage to see, the MP do his profession, they cannot manage to see him run his business and do this thing. Not like the government are stopping the MP’s doing their farms, owning their petrol stations or whatnot. Why stop Bobi Wine?

Because they are cowards. They cannot manage to see their loosing face and loss of the power of the people. They are maybe blocking him right now, but his ideas and his words resonate with the ones the NRM (Museveni) wished they could gather themselves. They can only bribe and lie to the public, that is why they fear Bobi Wine and his agenda. Just like they fear Besigye and his vision too. Peace.

Namboole Stadium Management Letter to Bobi Wine: Music Concert Kyarenga Album Launch (11.10.2018)

Hon. Francis Zaake Returns: To be Arrested at the Airport and taken home!

Today, one of the tortured Members of Parliament (MP), who was a part of the Arua 33 of this August 2018 arrived back from treatment in India. This is Hon Francis Butebi Zaake MP of Mityana Municipality. He arrived back after being gone since 4th September 2018 and coming back on the 11th October 2018. That shows how dire the health condition of the MP has been and still is. As he has still not all recovered after the treatment he had in captivity.

They even blocked him once in August and ones from leaving for treatment in earlier in September this year, as well as dropping him off at Rubaga Referral Hospital before he was able to leave for medical treatment abroad.

Now as he has returned, the day before the Uganda Police Force had to tell the public, that no one was allowed to wish him welcome or greet him. Only family and friends at the Entebbe International Airport. But just like with Robert Kygulanyi aka Bobi Wine, when he came back from the United States, he was taken on the airport. There was no road-blocks and military presence like with Bobi Wine. However, the Police and Military had to ensure that he knew who runs the Republic and arrest him as he arrived back.

From there, they took him directly to his home. So he couldn’t visit anyone or see anybody. He was directly taken away, even if Hon. Zaake was on Bond awaiting trial and for the state to find evidence for his crimes. However, that has to wait, as the state haven’t produced anything yet.

Bobi Wine wrote this to him:Welcome back home Hon. Francis Zaake. I saw how you were manhandled and mistreated upon arrival, but man, these things give us more reason to struggle on and ensure that no citizen is treated like an outcast in his or her country. As I continue to wish you a full and quick recovery, I am very glad that your spirit is even more resolved. That is what matters. We shall overcome!” (Bobi Wine, 11.10.2018).

Also Dr. Kizza Besigye who visited him today: “I have visited Mityana Municipality MP Hon. Francis Zaake at his home in Mityana. He has today returned from Manipal Hospital in India for treatment. On arrival at Entebbe Internal Airport, he was grabbed by security operatives from the airport and transported to Mityana town without his consent- obviously a gross violation of his right” (Kizza Besigye, 11.10.2018).

We can see how the state treats their MPs and the ones who are defying the state are targets and the ones who will feel the state authorities. They will not rest on them and make sure their lives are in jeopardy, as the Leopard is attacking them. To teach them a lesson and silence them. Not accepting People Power or Defiance. He wants all control and therefore, he acts like this.

Zaake is a victim to the impunity and the devious power play done by President Museveni. If the government cared, they wouldn’t charge him, but heals his wounds. Instead, they have used all methods to make it worse and lie about his state. Peace.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine: Independence Day Message (09.10.2018)

“It was the 9th October 1962 when a nation was born. Beatiful and endowed, with a promise of DEMOCRACY. With UNITY in DIVERSITY, all on a mission to build a nation that would make life better for the future GENERATIONS. Well, indeed WE ARE THAT GENERATION- the grandchildren of the independence generation and, oh yes, the grandparents of the future generations.
We must, within ourselves, find solutions since our leaders don’t seem to care for the #NextGeneration but instead care for the next general election.”

Our nation Uganda was born 56 years ago. It has been a journey of joys and sorrows. Hopes and disappointments. Achievements and failures. As we commemorate this day, may we make a new commitment to soldier on day by day, step by step, until Uganda is truly free.

Bobi Wine is shaking Bosco to his core foundation!

The sudden rise of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is shaking the President and his allies. They we’re not prepared for his domain to be put in question by a new generation. That was only left for other Bush-War elites or even the ones who used to stand by him. Now, their voices aren’t big enough.

However, Bobi Wine isn’t from those clothes, he isn’t raised by these men and has only been ruled by them from his childhood. He has seen the suits and ties, but not seen their activity as a helpful enterprise, he has not seen the true liberation or freedom, as he has fought in his career and also been blocked while doing so. Therefore, he knows the cost of being political, even when your not an direct political operative.

While in the rise of Museveni, he promised and pledged to free the peasants, to ensure their voice and to not be used by the government. However, what his government has done, is using their poverty to gain loans and support of programs, without any strong achievements to show for. That is even as the 32 years of hold of power, the timely donations to the Ghettos seems a bit late and also shows the lack of progress in general. As the state is coming with charity, instead of coming with solutions.

Bobi Wine might not have grandest of messages, neither did dr. Kizza Besigye, but they are both saying what is needed, a real change and opportunities for the public to be represented and get service delivery. Not as usual today, where the state isn’t really seeing the suffering or the lack of service, as they are awaiting donor funds to fill the gaps for new programs and policy changes within the ministries.

The 1986ers have forgotten why they fought, as they are doing what processors where doing, the same rampant corruption, the same flashy cars and abroad health-care treatment, the same preventative arrests, the same assumption of colour connected to dissenting voice are arrested (24 red napkins “People Power” versus Green “DP” material under Obote) and so on. The use of colonial practices of caining people and also torture of dissidents, the new rulers are just like the same, but just more vindictive.

Museveni are forgetting the struggle, the impoverished and thinks he can PR manoeuvre and just sprinkle icing on the hurt and think it vanish. However, the dire realities are there, the political landscape is like this, because he made it like it too. Bobi Wine wouldn’t mean so much, if it wasn’t for the growing space between the State House and the people.

If the President didn’t need to hire more Special Force Command or even the new LDU’s, as that is the second coming of the Crime Preventers, but just more soldiers, than Police Officers. Just at another attempt of having more loyal paid guards, as the President cannot trust his own people or their loyalty to him. That is why he has taken all the men and people who are close to Bobi Wine and arrested them too, just to prove a point. Which is that he rules supreme.

This cannot last forever, he was maybe able to beat Besigye, as they are the same Bush-War generation, but he cannot continue to prolong this. Because the generation of Bobi Wine is not the same, they have only seen Bosco’s face and his tired of empty lies and deception. They are ready for governance and rulers who cares about their fate. Peace.

Opinion: 24 Red Napkins of Stupid!

Today, there is real reports that ASP Godfrey Kutesa of Kabalagala Division in Kampala, the local police raided the home of the Edith Byanyima, the sister-in-law of Dr. Kizza Besigye. Clearly, they we’re there after some serious report. However, what they confiscated is just ridiculous, they confiscated 24 pieces of clothes or napkins of Nytil Materials from the woman.

This is just silly, stupid or random raid of nothing. What violation does the red napkins do? What reasons was there for the warrant and the raid of the woman?

The Police wrote on their note, that the resident owner declined to sign the search warrant, but why should she?

What laws was the violations of, as that would been nice of the Police to say?

Was in the violation of the Red Cross Act of 1964? Which is still in-force and was it illegal use of the Red Cross emblem, which by law is sanctioned it and has been since 30th July 1964?

It is not like she was organizing anything with those napkins or had plans to stage an uprising. Not like these napkins was weapons of mass destruction or even carrying nuclear warheads, than I would understand that the Police acted so swiftly. Even if she had monopolized army guns and ammunition, I would have understood it. If she had tried to throw stones at the luggage vehicle of the President up-country. I would have understood, the need to take the napkins. However, Byanyima haven’t done anything of this and just proves the unjustified attack on her privacy and her home.

The National Resistance Movement and Police Force is really acting foolish. She was not in violation of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) or even breaking any criminal conduct. As they just raided the home of her, because they have the power and because they couldn’t find anything that matters. They picked the red clothes or red napkins, because of the rising tide of the People Power Movement, which is symbolized with red.

What we really know is that ASP Godfrey Kutesa needs a civic lesson or even understanding of policing, because what he did today wasn’t that. Today was intimidation and trying to attack the ones close to a defiant family. That is what went down. Association with Besigye was enough reason, not even legal or deeming facts of crimes. That is why they confiscated red napkins…


Bobi Wine and the “Arua 34” Treason Case deferred to 3rd December 2018: State procedure to postpone as long as they can!

Again, the Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and all his comrades from the Post Arua By-Election fracas had to answer the courts. This time they answered in the Gulu Magistrates Court. As per ordinary function, as the lack of evidence of the crime, lack of investigation within the month, close to two months. The Sate haven’t collected or bothered to explain the charges put on these people. They are just putting the pain on the individual, hoping they will buckle under pressure.

This is something is mandatory for any freedom fighter and anyone who is working against Bosco and his henchmen. If you’re a leader of some stature, you will be in Court and your charges will be fraudulent raised against you. That is the only outcome, as the state has already gotten rid of the forged gun charged, which was monopolized weapons and ammunition of the army. Which suddenly ended up planted in the Hotel Room of Bobi Wine on the fatal day of his driver in Arua. While the car, which was first a luggage vehicle, turned more important a few days later, as the President own admission has been altered since the day of proposed action. Where the glass was perfectly shattered and not even damaged on the paint of the car, which is magic in my opinion.

Here is today current state of affairs:

“Gulu Magistrate’s court has deferred to December 3 the case in which Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and 34 others are charged with treason over the violence ahead of the Arua Municipality by-election. The case resumed for mention on Monday in Gulu before Grade One magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana. However, the state prosecutor, Mr Julius Ochen, told court that they needed more time to gather more evidence against the accused” (Unity FM 97.7 Lira, 01.10.2018).

So if you think the saga of Bobi Wine and Arua is over. Forget about it. The Kabale Magistrate Court, prolonged the ‘Walk to Work’ case against them in 2012, but was still working on the case, even in 2016. Therefore, expect the same kind of nonsense in the manner of Bobi Wine. As he has enough supporters and have a generation behind him. That Bosco never will touch, unless he bribes them to oblivion and back. Nevertheless, they do not trust Bosco.

Now, that we are here and seeing this, expect it to last long, until 2019, maybe even 2020, if the NRM needs it to be. Because these court cases will pile up and stop Bobi Wine from campaigning and even be a viable candidate. This will stifle his affairs as he answers to forged up charges made by the state and these crimes has to be settled before he is really a free man. This is intended play by the authorities. The ones thinking otherwise are willingly to be fooled and thinking this is genuine. Then, they have learned nothing from all the issues and Court proceedings Besigye has had in his long career as a viable opposition candidate. Peace.

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