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Ethiopia: Prosperity Party plans to either assimilate or punish former cadres of the TPLF

Re: Concerning sending new PP members and ex-TPLF members — As stated in the title, we want to notify you to provide all necessary assistance to the members of our Prosperity Party and their assistants that we are sending to establish the foundations for our party. The second agenda concerns recruiting all ex-TPLF members to be PP members and to do all necessary surveillance lest they have any kind of communication with TPLF. In case there are any cadres that look suspicious to our party, all necessary measures must be taken against them as stated in the letter dated Nov 14, 2013. Sihul Michael Head of Tigray’s Prosperity Party

This is news is coming as the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) have cancelled the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The NEBE have rescinded the political party license of the TPLF. Meaning the TPLF isn’t a party in their registrars anymore.

However, just as the Law Enforcement Operation in the Tigray region continues. The Prosperity Party have an Interim Government appointed by Addis Ababa. The PP plans to further their powers in the region. Not only crush the armed paramilitary group affiliated with the TPLF. They are also planning to takeover the masses of members too.

The Prosperity Party is planning to take the members, the cadres and the ones who are participating in the party. In the party that it has deemed as “terrorist”. This means the PP seem to be into the idea of boosting its membership by taking away the members of TPLF. That is clearly in ambition to ensure the PP have grounds and popularity in Mekelle.

The PP needs the public on its side. Even if they have been doing warfare since 3rd November 2020 in the region. They still need support and friendly faces. That is now a mission to convert TPLF cadres to the PP: From the same government that has killed former Ministers and civilians for 3 months in the area.

The PP has a hard cause. The ones who does switch allegiance now is betraying the Tigray and their cause. That is just what happens. They are either traitors at home or heroes in Addis. In a conflict like this. The ones switching will be marked and be moles. This is why the initial drive to do is will only cause more damage to the TPLF. Which in the end is a victory for PP:

However, the PP seems to be ideologically bankrupt, if they are willing to convert and let TPLF cadres become members. This means the ones who is the sole reason for this Operation Law Enforce is apparently good enough to get assimiliated into the party. Which means they couldn’t be as evil or dangerous as they said. Even though the PP will by this order use all neccessary means. What does that mean? Does that mean arrest, detention or execution? So does that mean, that if they are vetted and suddenly not following the orders. Then they are fair game and practically get hurt. Hurt in manner, which isn’t stated directly in the letter.  

That shows the sinister side of the PP. They have already come out last year with a selective recruitment process. This is a continuation of that, but on in the Tigray region. Where they are accepting the TPLF cadres are either “welcome” or possibly “Dead Men Walking”. Seems like a horrific method of adding new members to a political party. Especially, if this party is supposed to reform and come in peace. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ministry of Peace – Humaniatarian response in Tigray Region is underway (19.01.2021)

Ethiopia: UNCHR reports – Only One Food Distribution by WFP to Tigray since conflict started

In a conflict there is usually some innocent civilians who is the casualties between the battling parties. There is no difference in the region of Tigray in Ethiopia. Where refugees and civilians are caught in crossfire. The parties are hit by the blocked roads and warfare. Also, the direct control of the National Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Paramilitary Group “Fano”. All of these factors get’s into play. As much as the state wants to control the Law Enforcement Operation, which have been into play since 3rd November 2020.

We are now in middle or later January 2021. That is near to three months of conflict. A conflict where the United Nations Organizations and aid organizations haven’t been able to access or allowed to get to the ones in need.

UNHCR on the 19th January 2021:

The assessment, which concluded last week, found help is urgently needed for the tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees in northern Ethiopia. Refugees were cut off from any supplies and services for more than two months. Wells were not functional without fuel for the pumps – leaving refugees to use water from a nearby creek for washing, cooking and drinking, resulting in diarrhea like illnesses. The only assistance refugees received since the start of the conflict was a one-time food distribution conducted by the World Food Programme (WFP) almost a month ago. Plans are underway for a second distribution” (UNHCR – ‘UNHCR finds dire need in Eritrean refugee camps cut off in Tigray conflict’ 19.01.2021).

These stories should haunt the authorities, the government and everyone in-charge. Unless, they are fine with starving civilians. Because, this is deliberate acts of injustice. This is violations of human rights and the basic needs of other human beings. Everyone needs shelter and food. That is just a mere fact.

So, when the Prosperity Party and the Law Enforcement Operation is acted out like this. The governing bodies of Addis Ababa is responsible for the disaster and humanitarian crisis in Tigray. As the UNCHR is only saying about the Eritrean refugees. However, we can imagine if the Eritrean refugees have it like this. How is the rest of the population of the populous region been held captive too? Are they also starving and blocked from food supplies?

That wouldn’t shock me, as the UNCHR doesn’t say how things are in general. Nevertheless, the ideals and the ability to cut-off these basics needs for civilians. Says a lot about what sort of play the government have towards this region. How little it care about lives and their fate. The state doesn’t care or value the needs. As they are even blocking World Food Programme and UNCHR to act upon the outcries and call for help.

Tigray region is hurting and its deliberate from the state. They are using everyone as targets and not shielding anyone from the harm of the conflict. That is the clear message of the state. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray

Since the 3rd November 2020 the Federal Government of Ethiopia initiated a civil war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Which has been established as an effort coined: “Operation Law Enforcement”. It was supposed to be a quick-fix mission to send the TPLF to the and totally annihilate the former comrades of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF). Instead of taking the TPLF to the courts and challenging them with legal means. The Prosperity Party incited a war and kept the world in the dark about.

However, the truth will eventually come out. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) wasn’t battling the Tigray Special Forces on their own. The former outfit, which was termed a militia and the TPLF was deemed a terrorist organization by the House of Federation. This was all happening, because of a constitutional stalemate between Addis Ababa and Mekelle. However, what is more insightful is how the Prime Minister has used all his neighbours to try to conquer his enemies.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy of the Prosperity Party the consolidated EPRDF (without TPLF) into one party. Where his allies and his “Yes-Men” has all control. This is where they went after the ones who defied the PM and his PP. That is why TPLF got scorned and targeted. To think otherwise is naive, as we are in mid-January 2021. A lot disinformation and also conflicting messages, but what we do know. Is that Tigray is in an humanitarian catastrophe beyond words and God only knows who many who has died over this warfare. That is unknown.

However, by mid-November and weeks into the battle between the parties. There was reports of Eritrean Defence Force fighting on Tigrayan soil. They we’re doing this together with ENDF. A joint venture to capture and assault a common enemy. There ENDF even flown in well in time before the 3rd November with battalions to be able to strike from multiple front.

So, at just the moment there we have to parties involved. We have the Federal Army and the Eritrean. With some more time. There was reports that the ENDF was using United Arab Emirates Drones to bomb and targets locations within Tigray. That means the ENDF had gotten help and technical support from yet another ally.

At one point Abiy even asked for a brigade of mercenaries from South Sudan. So, they could pay for the services of South Sudan’s People’s Defence Force (SSPDF). However, that didn’t go through and the South Sudanese didn’t comply or take the offer from Addis Ababa. Nevertheless, that shows the intent of Abiy.

What has now come out even furthers things and shows the planned strike in Tigray. Just like the pre-flown brigades of ENDF to Eritrea ahead of Northern Command attack. The ENDF and EDF was prepared to attack from Eritrean soil. With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray.

That means Abiy have used the helping hand of Eritrea, UAE, Qatar and Somalia to annihilate one group of people and their party. He will go that far to cause harm and damage. Just to settle old scores and to boost his ego. That is the works of war-lord and not a peacemaker. The willingness to use allies to severely damage own citizens and create a refugee crisis in Sudan. That is the sort of man PM Abiy is.

This bloodshed, the use of allies and total destruction will be on his account. As he ordered it and prepared it. It seems like the Federal Government was making any excuse to retaliate, as they had already prepared for battle both in Amhara and in Eritrea. The PM has even used the para-military amhara milita (Fano) to conquer the TPLF. So, there is no bounds in his vengeance towards this people.

The lives taken, the lives lost and all the lives harmed is on the watch of Abiy. That is his responsibility as the head of state. He needs to account for these and the usage of lethal force for personal gains. That is the truth of it all. We have no idea to what extent, but one day the horrific truth will hit us. Peace.

Ethiopia: Statement of the Tigray government (15.01.2021)

It’s been 73 days since Abiy and Isayas’ clique have utilized foreign and internal armies with the explicit aim of subjugating the people of Tigray and if possible, destroy its very existence. But our people, aware of the sinister intentions of the enemy and under the guidance of our party, is inflicting huge losses upon them. Till now hundreds of thousands of invading armies of Prosperity and Eritrea have been swallowed up in the land of Tigray. Their fighter planes and heavy equipment have been turned to dust.

But the enemy, terrified by the heavy losses on the four battlefronts and all areas of Tigray, has resorted to massacring and harassing innocent children, women, the elderly and youth. Unable to contain the lightning attacks of the heroic Tigrayan defence forces, it’s now deafening us with its claim of capturing and killing veteran fighters and leaders of the people of Tigray who were unable to go to battlefronts due to bad health and age.

This week veteran fighters and leaders comrade Seyoum Mesfin, comrade Abay Tsehaye and comrade Asmelash Weldeselassie have been killed by the hands of the enemy. The martyrdom of our elite veteran leaders is part of the effort to cleanse and destroy the people of Tigray and as such it will only make us even more determined and upgrade our struggle to higher levels. Our people understand that this action of killing our veteran heroes has two aims. On one hand, its aim is to cover up the heavy losses and defeats that it’s facing on the battlefronts and exert psychological pressure on the Tigrayan people. On the other hand, in accordance with the desire of the leader of Sha’ibia (PFDJ), who had stated that Ethiopia ought to go through political laundry, it aims to completely destroy those leaders of the Tigray people who possess the ability to bring about concrete change in the Horn of Africa and who had inflicted deserved hammering of Sha’ibia (PFDJ). What our enemies fail to understand is that they cannot kill Tigrayan spirit and way of thinking by killing individuals. It is because of this that the youth of Tigray, possessing the determination of its ancestors and keeping fidelity to the words of its forefathers, is demonstrating amazing feats of heroism by pursuing the whereabouts of the enemy.

Our veteran leaders have embraced martyrdom choosing to confront death rather than abandon promises to their comrades and the people of Tigray and unwilling to bow down to the enemy. Honourable people of Tigray, your veteran leaders, by sacrificing their irreplaceable lives twice, have shown you their unyielding commitment. Be proud because your children will not forsake their promises to you. Honourable youth of Tigray, your fathers, even when burdened by agedness and health issues, have passed away honourably by defiantly refusing to yield to the enemy which has come to subdue Tigray. And we are certain that, cherishing this legacy of your forefathers, which is symbol of their amazing commitment, you will follow invading enemy forces, who are killers of your elders and your people and who have engaged in destroying your land, wherever they go and inflict vengeance upon them and show that Tigray remains to be the cemetery of invaders, not their playground.

Members of militia and fighters, who, holding strategic spots, are engaged in bloody battles with the enemy, know that thousands of Tigrayan youth, who felt proud of your astonishing determination, are joining the struggle. Tigray Defence Forces along with militia and fighters as well as newly joining youth members are on the verge of shortening the lifespan of the enemy. The reconnaissance mission the enemy has engaged anew is a sign that the sun is setting on it. Therefore, we call upon you to engage in your characteristic heroism, deprive the enemy of any outlet and hammer them. Let us strive towards decisive victory aware that the sacrifices of the heroes that have fallen on battlefronts is paving the way towards creating a secure future for Tigray.

Eternal honour and glory to the martyrs!

We shall be victorious!

The Government of Tigray

15 January, 2021

Ethiopia: Statement on the situation of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia’s Tigray region (14.01.2021)

By Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

I remain extremely troubled by the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and its impact on civilians, in particular Eritrean refugees hosted in the region.

We have recently seen some positive developments, working with the government to access and assist vulnerable populations, including the transport and distribution of food to some 25,000 Eritrean refugees in the Mai Aini and Adi Harush camps in Tigray. Last week UNHCR and partners carried out a rapid assessment mission at the two camps with the Ethiopian Agency for Refugee and Returnee Affairs and have been able to start restoring the water supply and limited health services. We hope that soon we will be able to re-establish full protection and other humanitarian activities.

However, in spite of repeated requests, UNHCR and partners have not yet had any access to the Shimelba and Hitsats refugee camps since the start of the law and order operation two months ago.

I am very worried for the safety and well-being of Eritrean refugees in those camps. They have been without any aid for many weeks. Furthermore, and of utmost concern, I continue to receive many reliable reports and first-hand accounts of ongoing insecurity and allegations of grave and distressing human rights abuses, including killings, targeted abductions and forced return of refugees to Eritrea. Reports of additional military incursions over the last 10 days are consistent with open source satellite imagery showing new fires burning and other fresh signs of destruction at the two camps. These are concrete indications of major violations of international law.

Ethiopia has long given refuge to people fleeing conflict and persecution. The Federal Government has provided assurances that measures are being taken to minimize the impact of the conflict on civilians. I have impressed upon the Ethiopian leadership the urgency of ensuring the protection of refugees, preventing forced return, and keeping refugee camps safe from attacks and other threats from armed actors.

Equally distressing to UNHCR teams on the ground has been our inability to assist thousands of Eritrean refugees who continue to flee the camps in search of safety and support. Refugees arriving on foot to Shire town in Tigray are emaciated, begging for aid that is not available. Refugees who reached Addis Ababa are being returned to Tigray, some against their will. While access to Mai Aini and Adi Harush camps is a good start, I must reiterate the UN-wide call for full and unimpeded access – exploring all options to safely provide desperately needed assistance.

UNHCR remains committed to work with the Ethiopian government to carry out our mandate to protect and assist those forced to flee in line with the humanitarian principles of impartiality and neutrality. We remain available to seek solutions – together – to the current humanitarian problems in a spirit of collaboration and constructive partnership. Safe access and swift action are needed now to save thousands of lives at risk.

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