Ethiopia: TPLF President Debretsion Gebremichael letter to the International Community (26.10.2020)

Ethiopia: Oromia Liberation Front (OLF) – Press Release – The Recent Targeted Oromo Youths killings are a Manifestation of the continued lack of peace and security in Oromia (25.10.2020)

While the Oromo people’s uncertainty about their well-being and safety in Oromia is so high and the Horn of Africa as a whole is under a cloud of fears and insecurity, targeted killings of the Oromo Youths will rather aggravate the situation than calming it down. When political parties like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) are proposing a resolution for the current crises, such an inhuman way of killing innocent citizens rather worsen the situation.

Simply putting, it’s immoral and inhuman to kill these innocent youths. It is also against the law of the land as well as international law. Whoever committed this heinous killing, OLF condemns with a strong word possible such extrajudicial killing. These youths are the hopes of our freedom and our future and nation’s fate lies in their hand.

The various massacres that recently took place in South-Eastern Oromia in Bale Robe, Eastern Oromia in Awaday and Machahara, and Western Oromia in Nekemte clearly indicate the lack of peace and security in Oromia. We believe that such murdering of the Oromia youths on street, in their homes, and basically everywhere is orchestrated by those who used to be in government structure but are an anti-Oromo struggle.

Therefore, the Oromo people and the citizens of Oromia as a whole must realize these facts and act in unity to defend themselves from such genocidal killings.

Those who are currently working in security and police forces, and military personnel born of Oromia citizens, have Oromia citizens relatives or friends, and are residing in Oromia should refrain from committing such extrajudicial killings on Oromo youth.

We call upon you to rather stand up and protect your family, relatives, friend, and the citizens with whom you live from criminals. Remember, you took an oath to protect the people and nation, but not the interest of government or politicians.

To curve the current looming crises in Oromia, the OLF has called for the establishment of the National Transitional Government of Oromia. Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind all political parties, Oromo human rights Organizations, civic institutes, Oromo professionals/elites, non-governmental and private organizations, and the overall Oromia citizens, to own your responsibilities in supporting and working toward the realization of the Oromia National Transitional Government.

Lastly, these targeted killings on Oromo youth across Oromia is being committed by those few individuals or groups within the government structure. OLF would like to reaffirm that people’s struggle for freedom, peace, and democracy will never be reversed with such inhuman action, and those who have committed and are still committing such heinous killing will never escape from accountability, be it history or legal.

This politically motivated killing and harassment of citizens in Oromia only come to an end by establishing the Oromia National transitional government that can be trusted by the people. We should strengthen our struggle in all aspects to protect ourselves and defend our nation and interest.

Extrajudicial killings and intimidations across Oromia have been taking place on Oromo youths for over two years and still, there is no glimpse of hope that this will stop. In fact, such unjustifiable killings increase the concerns and anxiety of our people about their overall safety and security.

We as people should realize these real concerns and work toward bringing an end to it by establishing Oromia National transitional government.

Victor to the masses

Oromo Liberation front

October 25, 2020

Ethiopia: The United States of Africa – Re: United of States of Africa Rebukes Trumps Remarks on GERD (24.10.2020)

IGAD: IGAD Encorages Dialogue and Compromise in GERD Issue (25.10.2020)

Opinion: Trump is al-Sisi’s puppet…

It’s a very dangerous situation because Egypt is not going to be able to live that way. They’ll end up blowing up the dam. And I said it and I say it loud and clear — they’ll blow up that dam. And they have to do something, they should have stopped it long before it started”Donald J. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office with leaders of Sudan and Israel on speakerphone on Friday 23rd October 2020.

For some strange reason the United States President is like a whipped man in favour of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. All through the term of Trump he has praise the man. His so positive to the Egyptian leader, that its weird. He even called him favourite dictator at a G-7 Meeting during his term. That is the sort of man Trump is and who wants to be associated with.

Al-Sisi can get whatever he wants because of his favours with the US. That is why the US President is speaking favourable of Egypt and their power. Defending their rights without respecting the Ethiopian counterparts. It is like the President has his heart in Cairo and couldn’t careless about Addis Ababa. That is why he has suspended aid to Ethiopia too over the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiations.

Instead of getting all parties to negotiate and even find a middle ground. Where everyone is respected and talking about grievances. Trump wants to create war between nations over their rights of the river Nile. Where the President is initially showing his means and his support military behind Egypt.

I wouldn’t be shocked, if President Trump was neo-colonial mindset and wants the Ethiopian state to accept agreements made in colonial over the usage of river Nile. That doesn’t make sense and only would do so. Since, Trump needs al-Sisi as an ally to Nethanyahu and Israel. That is all to work for the interests of Israel, which is his major achievements in foreign affairs. If it wasn’t for that. It would be abysmal to say the least.

This is why his defending the Egyptian stance. That is why he even goes far over his mandate. Showing he has no interests to a bilateral or third-party. He could just be in bed and make out with al-Sisi. Because, he has no interest or understanding over the consequences for Ethiopia in this regard. That comes second or third for him. He rather amp up a phony war to be friendly with Cairo. Than actually talk of peace and negotiate the GERD dam and the shared water.

However, Egypt should remember that they have the United States backing them with Trump. Who knows what would happen if Biden gets into office. There might not be as shared interests or the same support. The ones in Cairo better believe there is uncertain tomorrow. What Trump did is showing blind loyalty and not considering the implications of what he did. Just like he always does and hoping someone in his team bails him out.

The Ethiopian came with a honourable stance and press release after the Trump remarks reached Addis. They are righteous in their claim. The US cannot been seen a third-party. When they are embedded with the Egyptians. It doesn’t matter what the Sudanese or Ethiopians would say. It is only the Egyptians that matters to Trump. That is clearly his politicking in this matter.

It is now proven that Trump is in the pocket of al-Sisi and their needs. That because he needs to a cordial friendship. Since that is important to his allies in Israel. This is why he ditches and disrespects the Ethiopians. That shows how lack of senses does to you and also what sort of man Trump is.

The man clearly doesn’t have any care or understanding of the matter. Only acting like a fool and hoping his allies wins. This is the sort of diplomatic dispute get taken out of proportions and doesn’t get settled. However, at this point. The US better step out the negotiation table and get another supposed “third party” in. Since, the US is the puppet of Cairo. Peace.

Ethiopia: Office of the Prime Minister – The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is an affirmation of Ethiopia’s commitment for equiptable and reasonable utilitation of the Abbay River (24.10.2020)

Ethiopia: Will the World Bank accept the blocking of the funding of the Safety Net Program in Tigray?

The World Bank together with development partners has supported a Safety Net Development projects since the financial year of 2018 and it’s supposed to end by 31st December 2020. It is called by them Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP). This is supposed to support farmers and secure food security across the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).

Clearly, the fallout between the Tigray and Addis Ababa. The result of the political stalemate between Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Prosperity Party (PP) has yet another financial implication. The PP have already blocked Federal Support of the Regional Government of Tigray. Also, collaboration between the House of Federation (HoF) and Regional Government of Tigray has ceased.

Today, the news that the Federal Government are now blocking the funds and support through the World Bank Program of PSNP. A program made for farmers, secure livelihood and give the farmers social accountability. Latest support from the World Bank was in September 2020. The Federal Government got $66m USD allocated to PSNP. The funds now blocked has to be from this.

This means the state is deliberately blocking one region from accessing funds given to the whole Republic. It wasn’t given to just Amhara or Oromia. No, it was given to the government representing the whole Republic. That means, the altering of the funding, which was intended to them all.

The funders of the PSNP should react to this. Especially, if they care for the livelihood of the farmers in Tigray. If the state had blocked farmers in Ogaden or in Oromia. There would be the same reason to cry havoc. This is wrong on all basis and only done because the PP is punishing the Tigray for not following the “orders” from Addis.

The Federal Government is punishing the farmers of Tigray. That is the reality of this. The foreign donors are blocked from giving needed aid to Tigray. Just because the PP and Federal Government isn’t friendly with Mekelle at the moment.

This is tragic that foreign aid can be used like this and be suspended, because of the Napoleon Complex of the Prime Minister. Peace.

Ethiopia: The Oromo American Community Highlights Human Rights Violations in Oromia Region of Ethiopia, Amidst US 2020 Elections (15.10.2020)

Ethiopia: Temesgen arrested for exposing Mayor Abiebie 40 million birr scandal..

Today, the editor and journalist of Filith Political Magazine, Temesgen Desalegn and a colleague was arrested at his offices. There is a very simple explanation for his arrest today. The editor and journalist has exposed something the authorities and the ruling regime didn’t want out.

Journalist Temesgen wrote a story involving Addis Abeba Mayor Adanech Abiebie. Who suddenly got 40 million birr by former Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye. Because the journalist published a story, where the solicited funds was questioned and therefore, this was already in he search warrant for the journalist.

There must be something shady with the story. As the authorities came knocking to the doors and the office of the journalist. The journalist must have found some insights and truths, which the Ambassador to Djibouti Tsegaye and Mayor Abiebie doesn’t want out. They have deliberately gone after him for publishing it. To stop the story from further escalating.

However, because the authorities did this. There will be more digging into. Since, the public want to wonder why he got arrested for publishing it. What is the Mayor and Ambassador hiding? Why did the money switch hands? Why did the mayor get this bonus or this kick-back? What was offered and for what reasons?

It is just foolish to arrest Temesgen over this. They are just validating the truth behind his piece. This is also taking the freedom of expression and liberty to publish whatever you feel like. Since, the police are behind the arrest. They made the warrants and wants to silence a man who unleashed the truth.

There is plenty of political prisoners all across the Federal Republic these days. That is the reality. Temesgen is just one of thousands. Therefore, he is just a proof of a rotten system going after their own. The Prosperity Party doesn’t need enemies abroad, they create enough at home. This because, anyone who dissent from them will be punished.

Now, Temesgen is behind bars. Just because he exposed the truth. A truth that was to much for the mayor and the ambassador. Peace.

Ethiopia: Samuel Bekele Gerba – My Open letter to Abiy Ahmed (10.10.2020)