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Opinion: The State House launch another busy body called the National Dialogue Committee!

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.” Euripides

Today, was the day where the extension of the IPOD Summit 2018 was launched with brazen words from the President and the other partners around the table. Where the glowing lights and media houses was welcomed for the new initiative and the new committee, which is placed under the wings of the State House. As most things this day, another parastatal closely connected with the President.

The Republic has already the aforementioned Inter Party Organization for Dialogue or the IPOD. Which will by next year, been there and going in whatever pace it is since 2009. That is decade and the first summit was this year. So, when Mr. President says he is all about Dialogue, he is lying, but that is tradition in his blurred vision.

That the President proclaims dialogue and talks now, is that he see that his figure abroad is distorted and that his allies is starting to question him. Not only that he is a weapon-brother, but that he keeps shady friends. The President is scheming with Sudan, North Korea and anyone coming his way. As long as he gets the cash, even Equatorial Guinea is a friendly haven.

That is why the dialogue is so important, because when he was opposition himself. It wasn’t vital or important. It was even needed, the other parties was criminals and looters. Now he is the one who has eaten and ate for so long, he forgotten the time he even was freed by soldiers in prison in 1980. However, at this point, that is water under the bridge.

That the President is starting a National Dialogue Committee at the State House in 2019. Is a bit late, is very late in the time of the Presidency, it is too late to be serious from someone who never retires. Never gives way or even surrender to his own narratives and going against his vision. The President has always to get on top and win. The others has to be his minions, if not they have to be useful tools in the box. That fix his issues and get it done. So he can bask in the glory. This would certainly be wish of this committee.

That I have little faith is that the IPOD has done little or anything. The coalitions of the opposition has done nothing to overcome the hardships of political landscape. None of their actions, none of their partnership into the elections has made significant progress. Not that their partnership or coalitions would matter, when you have an Electoral Commission and ruling regime rigging the results for their benefit.

If the President had cared about the IPOD, which has been there since 2009, than he would have looked into the The Democratic Alliance (TDA) in 2015/2016 or the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) in 2010/2011, also the Group of Six (G6) from about 2004 to 2006. That is three Opposition Coalition, who haven’t feared well, as the NRM has done it their way.

The Forum for Democratic Change has done more dialogue and talks, than the NRM has. As they haven’t been interested in that, they we’re never interested in Multi-Party Democracy in the first place. Therefore, Museveni is lying saying he has done talks since back-when. That was to solidify his position and strengthen the Movement System. He didn’t want anything else. Because he couldn’t control the outer bodies. That is why he has made laws he gets notified of other parties activity and public meetings. So, that they have to get verified and allowed to do so. If not they are breaking the law of the Republic, if they are crossing his laws.That is the initial act of the Public Order Management Act of 2010. That was a year after the 2009 launch of IPOD.

Now in 2018, he launches a National Dialogue Committee at the State House, like it will make a difference. As the IPOD never has achieved that, neither has the G6, IPC and the TDA. None of them have made enough progress or had the ability to make anything fruitful. Even if their initial idea or message was good. That because Museveni never been honest about elections or dialogue, as it has to only benefit him. If it doesn’t he will tarnish and destroy you. Don’t expect the new committee makes significant steps, they are a front and the wold should know it. Peace.


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Brexit: No Confidence Volume 2!

There are some slogans and some measures that are just put out there in the midst hope a reaction. A blistering glace of hope. I am sure that Jeremy Corbyn meant well with his proposal of a No Confidence in the Prime Minister, as she has botched the whole process of the Withdrawal of Membership State with the European Union. Made a fine mess of the Withdrawal Agreement and been such a cluster-fuck concerning the finalization of it. That is just the mere reality.

Prime Minister Theresa May was on the 12th December 2018 already having her first vote of No Confidence, because of enough backbencher’s had lost confidence in her. She won this one, because the Conservative Party or the Tories still didn’t want to have a leadership battle in the finalization of the Brexit. Still, some thought it was need, but they couldn’t pull it through.

Now, today on the 17th December 2018, Labour and Corbyn pushed the button at the House of Commons in the Parliament. They triggered it and showed finesse, as the PM has pushed for the vote for the Withdrawal Agreement until mid-January 2019. Closer to the set-date of leaving the EU. That is clearly motivated to secure a better or more erratic pressure as it is in final stages.

However, nothing seems like it is. There is no coherent message, no straight up flair or gospel, just mere blatant disregard of everyone. The Labour isn’t really stinging, while the Tories aren’t really coming all out either. There are nothing showing progress or stability, just wobbling along hoping someone are seeing the sky formation passing Dover. Because right now, the House of Commons and the United Kingdom. Look like it is without a Captain. They need a Beckham, they need a Souness, the need someone to push forward.

There are now news, that the PM and Tories will not let the No Confidence Motion will not be put in play, as that would just be silly politics. Surely, it wouldn’t be more silly, than what happen last week. Alas, that was just internal squabble between the Euroskeptics and the Remains on how to go forward. What Corbyn did is just silly, because he is opposition. We see you, we see you. We see that the PM takes people for granted, like she has done since she called for the snap elections. That is why she is afraid of new referendum. She rather traded a secured economy and fixed trading agreements for a costly uncertain future. That is splendid leadership and a grand legacy to leave behind.

Therefore, we know that the Tories doesn’t care for others than themselves. They are not caring, because their businesses are already seeking safe-haven overseas. Their funds and their estates are registered there if they can. They don’t mind, it is the Commoner who is screwed and the Tories are not representing them anyway.

Corbyn did challenge the PM today and the Tories didn’t take it. She took it, when it was internal squabble last week, but cannot take it now. May thinks she is smart, but she looks rudderless. Like she is drifting and hoping that no-one is seeing the rouse. That no one is seeing the mirage. However, there are people catching on. Even if they are late.

If she have had good leadership, there wouldn’t have been that plenty of cabinet secretaries gone. There wouldn’t been such a flawed negotiations and such a embarrassing visits in Brussels and Europe. If the PM had been good and had a decent plan, the EU wouldn’t have gotten such a bargain in the deal. However, she has played one PR Game and won behind closed doors. But now that the closed doors are open and the sealed agreements in the open. The public see the mess and the MPs too. That is why she is postponing the vote. To hope she can gain enough votes, in false hope of salvation, even if it means an eternal damnation of her legacy. Nevertheless, that is also showing day by day.

Hopefully, she will not get stuck in a car in the next coming days or start dancing again. PM May, better think and act swiftly, because Corbyn just did something May didn’t anticipate. She cannot just quash this.

There will be aftermath and within me writing this. The whole opposition has amended the motion of Corbyn and added all HM Government, meaning it is a legal thing now. Not just a mere personal lack of confidence, but the whole Cabinet. Meaning, it has to be tabled. There are no silent nights in UK politics these days. Even if the Opposition looses this one. They have shown character. More than the Tories who failed to change for the better on the 12th December 2018.

As Brexit looms, the HM Government wobbles, the opposition are showing force and who knows how this bloody nightmare ends. Europe is giddy and awaiting, as London cannot make up its mind. Peace.

Opinion: You don’t need a Goblin, when you have a Crocodile!

We know little or nothing has changed, as the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) hasn’t changed since the November 2017. The August 2018 Elections haven’t changed the Presidency either. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is acting like nothing changed. While the public had faith in that, but the goblin left. Mugabe left. However, the Crocodile is acting like him. They are maybe to different individuals, but the ZANU-PF system is pumping like it was a year ago.

The Goblin did certain things. Now the Crocodile does the same. To way that the President have created growing inflation, lack of foreign currency, a fuel crisis and steady unemployment. Just like it was done under his predecessor. While the Crocodile has a short term and brief moment as the Executive. Still, he hasn’t done anything significant or used his powers to any good.

The Crocodile haven’t created much substantial, other than being endorsed for the next elections. That only months in. This before he has even done anything. The economy is in tatters, strikers are detained, shops are empty and fuel stations without fuel. ATMs without cash. Still, he is not the problem.

I was triggered to write all of this because of The Herald Assistant Editor Isdore Guvamombe, as the Herald wrote: “His propensity for political showboating through demonstrations is not only childish but self-serving especially when dealing with a mature democracy like Zimbabwe’s under Zanu-PF. Yes, they will allow him to demonstrate on the streets and yet at the end of the day, it is much ado about nothing, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. Nothing! Besides showboating, spending the day on the streets, the demonstrations of that type prove nothing. It is a waste of time by any standards. It defies logic — assuming Chamisa still has some semblance of it — that he wants to have talks with President Mnangagwa, yet he does not recognise him as the Head of State. What nonsense!” (Isdore Guavamombe – ‘Chamisa is THE problem’ The Herald, link: https://www.herald.co.zw/chamisa-is-the-problem/).

Why I am curious about that mature democracy, why are demonstrations and strikes shut down by a mature democracy? Why are activist left behind and never surface again? How come the election results was so hard to come by and looking like precooked stew fit for the ruling party? We have seen all of this mess before with the Goblin and the Harmonized Elections in 2018 was no different. Only the peaceful campaigns until the 1st August Post-Election Violence. That is the ZANU-PF under the Goblin and now also under the Crocodile.

The Herald Assistant Editor tried to mock and make Chamisa look foolish. As he is not Presidential or have the leadership skills. Not to the greatness and grand stature of ZANU-PF. However, the ZANU-PF cannot be that great, when they are every 10 years destroying the economy and making shortages of goods in the Republic. It is special to call Chamisa self-serving, when the ZANU-PF are serving themselves. That is evident in the case of Zimbabwe.

The Republic deserves better leadership, also another voice than the Herald. They are so entitled and self-praising, that the Assistant Editor doesn’t see his viciousness. Chamisa isn’t perfect, but that isn’t Mnangagwa either. However, Mnangagwa has had years in the leadership and doesn’t change. He acts just like Mugabe did.

That is why the Herald has to make a fool out of themselves in favor of Mnangagwa. So, they hope the naive… are eating it like candy, but they shouldn’t. They should think on their own. Peace.

Opinion: Chebukati and Chiloba ate the funds of the Fresh Presidential Elections in 2017!

If you we’re thinking the levels of rigging was bad last year. Your was wrong, the whole operations was a fraud. Not only did they rig the numbers and the ballots, they rigged the business deals in their favor. Meaning that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) wasn’t only set up to secure the Jubilee administration and the President. It was also made to enrich the IEBC Secretariat.

This being Wafula Chebukati and Ezra Chiloba, who was using the rigging machine as a gravy-train. They tenderized and sensitized the deals, in a sway-way of gaining funds in their pockets. As they overpaid for the services rendered for the elections in 2017. This is not the only thing and the public knows this, as the boycott proved it was ghosts electing the President and Deputy. Since, the IEBC was a tool to get the President re-elected, not to be a proper independent organization, which was there to serve the public. No matter who the public wanted to get elected.

Therefore, IEBC Misused tenders:

IEBC acquired Sh127.6 million worth of data bundles (149,640GB or 149TB) from Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel. Yet when the Auditor General analysed Internet use on the SIM cards, only 605.3GB of bundles worth Sh515,269 had been used — a mere 0.4 per cent of the acquisition” (…) “Consequently, Sh127.08 million went to waste or was misappropriated” (…) “The IBM infrastructure contract awarded on July 17, 2017 and scheduled to run through to June 2018, was given out for Sh425 million yet the evaluation committee had recommended that it be procured at Sh75 million” (…) “Fourth, the Commission’s ICT department had requisitioned purchase of Oracle database solutions and licences at Sh80 million but it was awarded for Sh273 million” (…) “IEBC contracted Africa Neurotech Systems Ltd to supply, install, implement, and commission and support its primary and secondary data centre equipment. It was paid Sh249.3 million against contract budget of Sh130 million.” (Ken Opala – ‘Impunity reigned at IEBC in tenders scam whose ‘theft was beyond the imaginable’ 17.12.2018, link: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/IEBC-in-tenders-scam-whose—theft-was-beyond-the-imaginable-/1056-4898274-grmjsq/index.html).

We are here seeing at what extent the IEBC Secretariat was misusing the funds, it was their time to eat on the public dime. The IEBC Secretariat was ready to use their tenders and their contracts to fix the budgets to secure themselves.

If it was ordering and overspending of funds concerning the Mobile Data. Which seems like rouse, as I can remember several of polling stations was not connected, but still the IEBC paid for it. They also did similar to the IBM and Africa Neurotech Systems Limited. Therefore, it is several tenders and companies, that was used by the IEBC, but not properly used and overpaid for. That is a sign of fraud and graft done directly by the IEBC Secretariat.

Chebukati and Chiloba must have worked close on this, knowing the finer details and agreeing on the use of funds, as well as the lack of transparency on it. The IEBC Secretariat planned this and misused it for a purpose. Who knows where their went, but most likely went into their pockets. As they could trick the public and also able to spend the extra funds on themselves. Like all gentlemen of the government, who has the ability to steal and think no one will ever notice.

The IEBC had enough lies and deceptions, there are already known, but that they we’re looting the state reserves in their favors wasn’t known. But that they rigged the elections in 2017. That we all know, but stopped talking about. Because we are all building bridges and not solving old problems. Peace.

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Opinion: Is it the FDLR attacking Rwanda… or is the M.R.C.D?

Are we now seeing a new spike in insurgency from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as there have been in the past, which militants and rebels have entered the DRC from Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda to attack in Southern and Northern Kivu. This is something that has been going on for decades and several of militias and rebel outfits has sustained areas, where they are earning bountiful fortunes on the toils of despair in the region. That is well known, but still persists as the civilians and the public is paying the price for this.

However, this year, we have seen return of violent attacks, fatal of such inside the Rwanda. This from groups, which are connected with Rwandan nationals and supported there, earlier in the year, Mouvement Rwandais pour le Changement Democratique (M.R.C.D), who came as alliance between for ex-FDLR leaders, National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD-UBWIYUNGE), Rwandese Revolutionary Movement (RRM and the Party for Democracy in Rwanda (PDR-IHUMURE). Who all came and was willing to attack Rwanda. That happen in June 2018, through the Burundian border at Cibitoka Province from the Kibra Forrest into the Nyungewe Forrest in Ruhengeri District. Where they caused havoc.

Now, over the weekend there is reports that across and around the border of Goma, there has been a tense situation as the FDLR/RNC have worked together and attacked the Rwandans. Killing two soldiers. These reports doesn’t match with other statements coming out.

Nilepost reports: “At least two Rwandan civilians were killed and eight injured when attackers set fire to three passenger vehicles in the southern Nyamagabe district, which borders Burundi, said a Rwandan army official. Army spokesman Innocent Munyengango said in a statement that the army is pursuing the attackers who retreated into Nyungwe Forest, a mountain rainforest area that is home to wild chimpanzees” (Nile Post News – ‘Two Killed in Attack in Rwanda, Near Border with Burundi’, 17.12.2018).

Some claims it is the FDLR in connection with Imbonerakure, the CNDD-FDD militant Youth-Wing, but that is just mere speculation at this point. There is an armed FDLR-Foca and the M.R.C.D. but how powerful they are is questionable at this point. Even as they have a history and has been able to train and mobilize troops in the past.

Why I am thinking this, because it was the alliance of the M.R.C.D that promise to assault and overthrow Kagame, not the dispatched FDLR, the FDLR-Foca has enough havoc to do inside the DRC. With this in mind, with the news of a new insurgency, it seems like the former ex-FDLR with the M.R.C.D is up to something in Rwanda. As they did earlier in the year too. Since they are following the same pattern.

What is also striking is the border tension with Goma, which is on the other side of the Rwandan Republic, which means that is a whole other group. That means they would attack into Gisenyi or similar. Because through the forest your closer to Bukavu, than to Goma. Since Gisenyi and the Nyungewe forest is far apart. Seems like there is two different operations going on. Unless, they are trying to spark a flood of attack on two borders, to stretch the army of Rwanda. However, then you need man-power to have the ability. That is another ballgame.

We cannot know yet, but there mere speculation can begin, as the Rwandan and militants are secretive organizations. Who only claim something if they have something to gain. We have to see, also if the Burundian government want to counter-claim the rumors of Imbonerakure involvement. Nevertheless, that we cannot be prove per now. Peace.

Peacekeeping chief honours Tanzanian troops in Zanzibar, a year on from deadly DR Congo attacks (17.12.2018)

Besides the 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers serving under the blue flag who lost their lives, 44 others were wounded.

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, December 17, 2018 – A year on from the brutal killings of 15 United Nations peacekeepers from Tanzania in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the head of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) paid a visit to some of the victims’ families on Friday, to honour the memory of the soldiers who died in what was the biggest single loss of ‘blue helmets’ in recent history.

Speaking on the island of Zanzibar, home to 13 of the men, Under Secretary-General Jean-Pierre La Croix promised families their loved ones’ service and sacrifice, would never be forgotten.

“I know that it’s difficult to find words to express your pain. But let me assure you, that as you will never forget your brave heroes, we will never forget them as well,” he said.

The peacekeeping chief’s address concludes a two-day visit to the country, where he also met with members of the Tanzanian People’s Defence Force.

On 7 December 2017, suspected Allied Democratic Force (ADF) fighters, a rebel militia based in neighbouring Uganda, ambushed a contingent from the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO), at its Company Operating Base in Semuliki in the Beni area of North Kivu. A protracted fire-fight ensued between rebels, the UN blue helmets, and Government troops.

Besides the 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers serving under the blue flag who lost their lives, 44 others were wounded.

The North Kivu region in eastern DRC, has been the site of numerous assaults on UN peacekeeping forces. Two months before rebels struck last December, two other blue helmets were killed in action and another 18 wounded in an attack on their base in the same area.

Secretary-General António Guterres has called the 7 December killings an indicator of the growing challenges faced by the UN’s peacekeeping operations around the world, and in remarks directly following the attack, he dubbed the deliberate acts “unacceptable” and “a war crime.”

During 2017, more than 110,000 peacekeepers were deployed across 15 missions around the world, and nearly 19,000 UN personnel work in DRC alone, making it the second largest peacekeeping mission behind UNMISS, in South Sudan.

Since its establishment in July of 2010, 154 peacekeepers have been killed, serving with MONUSCO.

In response to regular attacks in the Beni area, MONUSCO and the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) jointly planned offensive operations, which began on 13 November of this year, where the alliance managed to retake key territory from rebel control, in an effort to build a future free from fear.


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