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My letter to the Bushwhacked Otafiire after he says people disagreeing on the Age Limit can start a new bush-war!

17th October 2017, Oslo

Dear sir,

Your honorable Minister of Justice, Major General Kahinda Otafiire!

I hear some People saying that if the constitution is tampered with, they will go to the bush, those who wish to go to the bush should go but they will never come out from the bush,” Otafiire said. “It is a must. We will amend the constitution.” (Ayebazibwe, 2017).

I don’t know about you Major General Kahinda Otafiire, the Minster of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in the term of 2016-2021. But have you lost your mind? Are you drunk on Royal Vodka? Did your mind stumble on a bit of strong Whiskey?

I have to ask you this, it is insane but are you asking for civil war? Are you asking for insurgency? Do you want militias created to fight the Life Presidency of Museveni? Do you want Uganda to go back to the 1980s and settle the score with AK47 and grenades?

Maj. Gen. Otafiiire are you out of your mind? What part of the whole democratic model and multi-party democracy is to go to the bushes when you disagree?

I am shocked that you sort to this, that you are telling a new generation to exploit the roads to succession by the guns, not by peaceful transition. The lifting of age limit is something most of Ugandan people are against and its proven by the hostile meetings the Members of Parliament have met in different constituencies.

Major General Otafiire is one life and one President more worth than all the 41 millions of citizens. Is the constitution of the Republic so little of worth, that it can be changed to fit one man? So, if someone stands in your way, they have to grab guns and build armed rebellion to defeat the old man. The Republic that was liberated by your rebellion and supposed new start out of dictatorship. Has festered another one and that has lingered. So long that you deem it fit to only be brought down by the same venom that you did in the 1980s.

I don’t know what went through your mind, but will let so many more suffer just for the President? Is it worth to have so many more dying because of his stubborn will and need for power. Are you saying that he is more worth than any other leader or any other law? So that it fits him?

If we don’t feel like it, than we should support armed rebellion and start a militia to bring down the National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M), the way it ended the reign of the previous administrations and leaders. All of this brought the to long lasting regime of Museveni. Who has since then stopped anyone else with ambition to take his position and throne.

This sort of amendment and change of law shouldn’t start a civil war. Bullets and guerrilla warfare shouldn’t be the end of the reign of Museveni. He should step down because of advanced age. He shouldn’t force himself anymore as his age and his time in office has already been spent. No need to prolong it. The need for change and give the President the ability to be it for life.

This is not the promises of the NRA, the Musevenism, but his ideology and his political stances has differed over years. Now the only thing that matters is the President.

That is proven when the liberation and rebels are saying, the only way to get rid of us is using guns and going to civil war against us. There is no legal argument, there is no justice, only blind loyalty to the old man. This is insane and shows your lack of heart and political will Mr. Otafiire. Since the only way out is guerrilla warfare. So you will send the grandson of the rebellion and the army of the government to fight the righteous and impoverished youth to fight the NRA/M and UPDF out of control.

Instead of being the ones ushering hope and freedom, giving way to poverty and making sure the citizens are educated and ready for the future. The NRM are preparing for life presidency, Museveni and nothing else.

Maj. Gen. Otafiire, along the way, you lost what you fought for or you became a sycophant who is only loyal to Museveni and has not ethical backbone to speak off. At least not worth mentioning.

I can preach of civil disobedience and defiance, defy the system and create public display of peaceful demonstrations and boycott. That I can support and believe if it is done strongly enough and long enough it can bring down the most power institutions and longest serving Presidents. That was done through persistence pressure and blockade of government functions until the system malfunctions and the security forces has to give-up natural support of their leader. That is just the other way of bringing down a regime, other than through a credible, free and fair election. This is what the Republic and Youth should do in defiance of the NRM.

But the NRM wants militias that they can terminate with the support and the equipment given by the United States, to beat and assassinate the people who are standing against the President and his Movement. It is crazy of you… to wish this fate on your youth, as the only way out of the life presidency!

You need to stop drinking, your get of the Krest Lemon diet or whatever your putting feeding the skull of yours. You are bushwhacked and it is now proven. We see now why you lost both the NRM Primary and in the General Election and only got into parliament, by old scores of brownie points with President. So it is not like you have anyone else who loves or will care for you, not even the constituents where you reside and comes from. That must hurt. Peace.

Best Regards your bushwhacked Minister!

The Writer of Minbane


Ayebazibwe, Marion – ‘Otafiire: Go To The Bush If You Want But We Shall Remove Age Limit’ (17.10.2017) link: http://thetowerpost.com/2017/10/17/otafiire-go-to-the-bush-if-you-want-but-we-shall-remove-age-limit/


Police Orders to limit MPs to only have Age Limit Consultation Meetings in their own Constituency!

The Police Force in Uganda issued an Internal Notice to all their Regional Police Commanders, District Police Commanders and all of the Police Stations on the Consultations Meetings done by Members of Parliament. This Notice is clearly stating on the 16th October 2017, IMM – OPS/885, time: 1134. This really put the provisions and the orders of the Police Force.

The Notice to all the officers of the land says:

During the Consultative Meetings Ensure the following ;-(.)

1. MPs should strictly consult in their Constituency Only (.)

2. Those MPs Moving or Intending to Move in Order to Support Counterparts or Consult Outside their Constituences must be stopped (R) Must be Stopped (.)” (Uganda Police Message – FM: GENPOL, 16.10.2017).

This here proves the ability of the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura and his brigades of Police Officers to be involved in Political Affairs. This is not the first time the Police are interfering in the politics. Not the last either as they are oppressing the freedom of speech and the scope of liberty the people have. That even the Representative of the National Assembly will be limited in their possible consultation meetings. Meaning if Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are having meetings outside of Kyadondo East, he might meet the power of the law. If he travels to have meeting in Jinja, Mbale or Fort Portal.

That the Police are interfering are really showing how little the freedom the President wants to give his own citizens. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has surely ordered this from above to make sure there wont be any sort fuzz about meetings or consultations between MPs. They are all bound by orders and by the notice of highest rank. That is why the Police can do as they please.

The Police are now showing how loyal they are for the National Resistance Movement (NRM), since IGP Kayihura are really showing loyalty to Museveni. This is now bound to stop campaigning of other MPs in the Constituency. President Museveni clearly has gotten them to be as him, either be by his side or become his enemies. Since the MPs are supposed to work for his cause.

This is not surprising. It is with the M.O. of the NRM to suppress other voices than their own. President Museveni is acting as normal. To stop the radio campaign of Besigye and all the opposition parties trying to campaign against him. The NRM are just using their power to silence the MPs as well. MPs who are elected officials and they cannot by order cross into other districts. This is to control the speeches, the campaigns and the consultation. So the majority of the NRM MPs can speak in their constituency, but not speak outside.

Total control as always. Peace.

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Opinion: EU Envoy stance on the Fresh Presidential Elections and IEBC is a disappointment!

I don’t know what sort of picture Marietje Schaake is seeing, if she has read the IEBC Internal Memos that has been released, if she has even opened her eyes and seen the reasons for the National Super Alliance to pull out of the 26th October 2017 Presidential Election. That she cannot even with the “No Reforms No Elections”, but subscribe it into no reform and no election. Clearly, that is a sort of display of disregard of the efforts to thwart changes within the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), it’s like she has looked the blind eye and trying to forge peace on fragile grounds. Just because it is easy. Since the NASA are working for credible elections, not just giving way to IEBC to rig the elections again. There we’re reasons for why the nullification happen in August 2017 and the IEBC haven’t done anything different this time around.

First stance:

EU EOM recommendations made to political contenders have not seen improvements. The IEBC, judiciary and civil society have been subject to further attacks. Political aggravation has resulted in a stand-off, with violent confrontations between groups of demonstrators and state security forces. A highly controversial electoral amendment bill, passed by Jubilee MPs in Parliament and awaiting presidential assent, has furthered divisions. The amendments are not required under the Supreme Court’s 1 September ruling, and their timing is not consistent with good practice for electoral law reform.3 The National Super Alliance (NASA) has declared that there will be “no election” as scheduled, stating that its candidates will not participate in the event that the amendments are adopted by the executive and there are not profound changes at the IEBC. Worryingly, there is also concern that “no election” means NASA supporters could obstruct polling and tallying. Such actions from both sides of the political divide are seriously damaging democratic functioning. Dialogue and cooperation are urgently needed for compromises so there can be a peaceful electoral process with integrity and transparency and Kenyans can chose their President” (Schaake, 2017).

Schaake, we agree on the amendment in Parliament, that is not good tea, but there is where we both agree. It is like you support the running election and want it go, even when there are any evidence of change. Maybe the 1st January 1970 date on the IEBC Portal or IEBC RTS system in public should worry you, but you have such faith in the IEBC. That you are as worried about demonstrations as the Jubilee. You speak of dialogue, that even the Jubilee party didn’t show up too and didn’t consider. They went campaigning and wasn’t interested in changing the IEBC. That has been proven since 1st September 2017.

After some delay, the IEBC has given public information on its reforms, including a list of 10 improvements. Consultation was initially lacking, for example on the election date. However, the Chairperson then proposed weekly meetings with candidates’ representatives (although these did not work out), and the IEBC maintained an open-door policy, has organised meetings with each camp and has also given written responses to NASA’s requests (its “irreducible minimums”). Consultation meetings have been held with religious leaders and observers. While public information has been lacking, the IEBC has stated it will be undertaking regular news releases and daily updates” (Schaake, 2017).

That she believes the Chairman Wafula Chebukati and his consultations, even as the NASA Leadership left it without hope and started the demonstrations. Which she calls obstructions of polling and tallying. Even as this happens weeks in advance and also now in the days before the Fresh Presidential Elections of 26th October 2017. The answers from IEBC to Irreducible Minums, which h Schaake was able to add and not just minimums. As it is needed reforms of the electoral body, before any elections can happen in the eyes of the NASA. I know that is hard for Schaake to understand. Since she confess to stand by the IEBC, just like the Jubilee. She could be connected to them.

I find it striking that she defend the IEBC as an institution, even as it was differing from the fact that the IEBC rigged the August Election. That she is defending it and not seeing that the IEBC has not been changed. Like she has looked away at all the IEBC Internal Memos and the actions of continuing like they did in the previous ones. The IEBC had no fixation of following NASA guidelines, they have just continued in the support and defense of Jubilee. Now are the EU Envoy also supporting it. Its a disgrace. She gives 18 points advice to change, like they will listen. No doubt they will not listen to you, because they are not even respecting the NASA and fellow Kenyans. Why should they listen to you? A foreigner from the Netherlands unless you making it rain on Kenyatta and Ruto?

So it seems like stability for any price, but not a legitimate government is a concern for the EU Envoy in Kenya. Schaake, you need check your pulse and your heart. That you will let a shambolic even happen and make sure the IEBC run their elections with no change. You will not wish your own Netherlands to be put in the same charade of an election, but you can support this one. So its a disappointment, that you wrote this, but not surprising. Peace.


Schaake, Marietje, European Election Observation Mission – EU EOM – ‘EU EOM Kenya: Progress update’ (16.10.2017) link: https://marietjeschaake.eu/en/eu-eom-kenya-progress-update

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