Opinion: Mzee is preparing people for “Biya”

Now the issue of the standby generator group, that one I am handling with Muhoozi Kainerubaga and his group. This issue of Muhoozi is partly due to the weaknesses of the NRM” (…) “Within the army itself, there was also some corruption & Gen Muhoozi Kainerubaga had been very strict on that. So that’s why I saw that there was some sort of resistance movement within the resistance Movement” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (31.05.2023).

Well, well, well, the project continues and succession is sooner or later in order. That is very clear. Because, the President since 1986 haven’t spoken like this before. Not to my recollection. It is telling and says a lot.

President Museveni is now preparing people for the reign of his son. He is saying that his son is capable leader and a commander. It doesn’t have to be true or honest even. No, it just have to be portrayed that way. The President have to make people believe that his son is ready and able. However, that might not be true and wouldn’t be the case.

He wants us to believe there is an internal fraction or a wing, which is resisting. If they really where resisting. They wouldn’t all have been sitting in the garden and talking to the President would they? He would have acted like he has done to the NRM MPs who has defied orders and voted against the will of the “high above”. So, please I don’t buy this story…

I would buy this story, if it was leaked and suddenly a newsroom, a newspaper or a media house was stormed, raided and not allowed to publish stories for a week or so. That would have made this believable. Since that what happen when the news broke out about “Project Muhoozi”.

This here is just to fairytale-y and not so trustworthy. You know… it lack substance and character. A lot of hot air, but not a cup of coffee or a taste of tea. No, the President is trying to fool us and acting like Muhoozi is bloody brilliant.

We all know he isn’t that clever or witty. We know he doesn’t have the character or the charisma to pull it off. His only mentioned and able to get public traction because his pays for it and hires people to his MK Movement. The moment the wells runs dry and he got no drinks. His buddy will go to the next gig and find themselves a new master. They are hired guns and soldiers of fortune. These folks won’t be there out of moral values or belief in the cause. No, they are only there, because they hope Muhoozi is the next meal-ticket.

Museveni knows all of this and can read the room. He wants to shake up the NRM party and make a fool out of the entitled elites, which are surrounding him. The President wants them to act and follow his command. That’s why his speaking this way and making a mockery attempt of a make believe scenario. Like there is a powerful wing with the NRM for Muhoozi. Yes, there are some behind him and some has been “sponsored” to run as MPs by Muhoozi. However, his still a marginal player and only with a burdensome name…

Muhoozi will take the credit and feel vindicated by his father. His father didn’t only mention him, but give him a pat on his back. That must make the son giddy. Nevertheless, we know the gig and the reason for this. It is to prepare and usher in a new era. This isn’t done out of the goodwill of the President heart or anything.

No, this is only done to give way to Muhoozi and slowly let the tide turn his way. That’s the gig here and it’s so obvious. Gen. Sejusa warned us all and now Museveni is playing ball. Peace.

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Opinion: Bobi Wine’s silence is telling…

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr

These days you know who your comrade is or not. We know the game of politics isn’t easy or for the faint hearted. No, you got have heart and a steady mind to play it. That’s why with the recent developments… the deafening silence is killing me.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP) have remained silent. He hasn’t uttered a word or written a statement. Neither has his party as a whole either. They are clearly looking at it from a populist standpoint and silently moving along like nothing happened.

Bobi Wine is a tactician and have used strategies to gain notoriety. He has been able to use his musical platform and build himself a name with edutainment. While also going into politics to usher in change. He went from being solo MP for his cause and to have about 60 within two or three years. The NUP went from nothing and became the biggest opposition party in the 11th Parliament ahead of the well established ones. That is a feat and a resounding victory for Bobi Wine.

However, he has a narrow path to follow. His party has to coordinate and make right decisions. That’s why the silence on the Anti-Homosexuality Act is compelling to say the least. Especially, if he wants to stand up against impunity and oppression. Because, this law is the definition of that and doing so against one minority.

Yes, the NUP is oppressed, getting activists and leaders detained, abducted and even extra judicially killed. So, it is not like the NUP has it easy. Neither is the price of being active in this manner without a cost. The burden is enormous and you get little to nothing back.

Bobi Wine knows this and it is a struggle. It isn’t an easy ride and it’s going to get testing. This is another test. I know that several of allies and fellow MPs of the NUP supports the act in itself. Heck, one man he campaigned for is the man behind it, Asuman Basalirwa MP.

Shamim Malende, the Kampala Woman MP and NUP Lawyer has vouched for the act too. It’s not like there isn’t people in his circle who is partaking in it and doing the bidding to enact it. That’s a mere observation and obviously they are behind the harsh and inhumane treatment of fellow citizens. Because, that’s what the law does and will do to a minority. No matter how you cut it or justify it. There will be people scorned by it or possible suffer death as a consequence. They are target for one simple reason and that reason isn’t hurting anybody either.

The NUP and Bobi Wine knows what the state does to its critics. The leader of the Opposition knows it very well. The NUP has seen it and been under fire for their stance. Now it is radio silence from the most vocal leader. His not saying a word… and not even a sound-bite. It is like it doesn’t matter or face him.

Bobi Wine… we are hearing you loud and clear. The silence is compelling. Let me end with the words of late Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”.

He should say something. His a great orator and writer. Bobi Wine can spread a message and get heard. However, the deafening silence is “killing me”. Peace.

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