Opininon: The Ghost of Kantinti should haunt the FDC [and the rise of Bobi Wine]

That the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) nominated the nullified MP Apollo Kantinti to stand as a Flag-Bearer in the Kyadondo East By-Election in 2017 should be a friendly reminder what the FDC leadership did wrong. What has transpired since, has been a growing momentum and popularity politically towards the Independent MP and Opposition Leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Who won the By-Election in 2017 over Kantinti. The loser has since then needed to go to court over bankruptcy.

We all know what has happen since and the groundwork the MP has done with his People Power Movement. A rising movement that even the People’s Government and Dr. Kizza Besigye have gone in coalition in. Which is just a small time ago that Bobi Wine and Besigye formed the United Forces for Change (UFC).

The FDC is really not pulling their weight, when the Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) is saying this in a interview these day:

It is very early to say that. What if Bobi Wine joins FDC tomorrow? For us we maintain an open door policy, he may change his mind and say I think I want a home. He is welcome to join FDC any time he wants and then he will be weighed against the other candidates” (Derrick Wandera – ‘Uganda: Bobi Should Join FDC If He Wants Coalition With Us, Says Amuriat’ 12.07.2020, Daily Monitor).

This is a bit late. The tea is freezing. To open the door for Bobi Wine now that he is in the upper echelon. When Bobi Wine get the same treatment by the authorities like Besigye. Than you want him to become part of the FDC? Also weigh him with others? Seriously?

Why should he step down and await vetting in the FDC? When he can run on own platform and own merit?

Because the same FDC said this before the Kyadondo East By-Election:

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] will not support popular musician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in the yet-to-be scheduled Kyadondo East by-election, party officials have said. The party said it will instead support Apollo Kantinti, its flag bearer in 2016, whose election was nullified by the High court and the nullification upheld by the Court of Appeal last week” (Baker Batte Lule – ‘FDC to Bobi Wine: wait for 2021’ 05.05.2017, Observer).

With this in mind, the party followed party protocol and let Kantinti stand again. However, with that they lost Bobi Wine too. As someone who has shown political finesse and ability beyond Wakiso district and Kyadondo East.

Bobi Wine is so big, that the President has tried to sing Elvis “In the Ghetto” to the public at times. That is why the FDC did wrong and should be humble in concern of Bobi Wine. They are the ones that lost out. That they are having talks and a coalition is showing progress in concern of results together as opposition. However, POA is not showing grace and demeanour, which understands what the People Power are brining right now.

The momentum isn’t on Besigye. It is on Bobi Wine. Nothing wrong with Besigye. He has carried the mantle, been the man in the line of fire and deserves credit for his hard labour. However, FDC doesn’t have Bobi Wine, because they played him wrong. That’s why the Party President of FDC acts like this. He wants to be the giant, but forgetting what they did themselves. It is not like he needed a party in the last election and he has only grown stronger since then. That is just common sense by now.

POA could have had the courage to show some humility, but instead he wants to bamboozle others. Hoping nobody see the game his playing. FDC is fighting for the good cause, so is the People Power Movement and they can do it together. However, that should be done by consensus and fair game. Not walking over one party and expecting it to roll over.

The FDC could have done better, hindsight 20/20 is always easier, than actually making good decisions in the moment of time. Still, the FDC is haunted by the ghost of Kantinti. He follows them and that’s why they cannot steer the conversation or get Bobi Wine totally on board. Instead, they have to talk and negotiate with him. This because of a simple mistake in 2017. Peace.

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Opinion: It’s not REA’s fault, but the NRM [meanwhile REA is a useful scapegoat…]

An agency made by the National Resistance Movement (NRM), enacted by law in 1999 and operative agency from 2001. The NRM is all to blame for the failures of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA). They might want to get rid of the head of the agency for 14 years in the campaign season to look better, but the same rot is there as in the ruling regime.

So, when the Minister of Energy and Development Grace Kitutu blames the REA for bad service deliver and the percentages of progress with it. That is a result of what the government wanted with it. The blame for all of this is the government.

The Minister putting the blame now is very convenient. That they are doing this in 2020. The REA has been working for 19 years. The government been in-charge since 1986. That’s why the Minister blaming the REA for back track-record is a bit half-baked.

The people who makes the policies, funding and votes for projects it wants. They are working with stakeholders, donors and others to build these projects. Also together with private companies and foreign investors.

Still, with all the time and the ability. The lack of results is staggering. When the minister outcries only 7% electric coverage to rural communities. Well, with the amount spent and what was their goals. It isn’t that shady, but its abundantly heart-wrecking knowing all the time spent on this.

It is easy to blame REA now. Not like they are working in a vacuum. It is the typical game-plan. Shift focus from one, instead of the others. We know it really sucks, when the President promises 26% electric coverage by 2024. He did that in 2014, but the Minister say they are at 7% and it’s only at a third of what is promised. Which is really not something to praise anyway.

If you would feel entitled to have used 3 decades in power to give such little power. You know why there are surplus electricity. Since there are no lines to take it on anyway.

That the NRM now pin-points one of these agencies it has created, instead of looking into themselves. The NRM will do this now to clean their slate. While they are the ones writing the plans, creating the agencies and not implementing it. They are allocating funds, which is going to ghosts, lost or forgotten about. Suddenly, when the Auditor General or someone looking over the paper-trail, the ducks start quacking.

Minister Kitutu might scream and shout. Blame REA. It is so damn easy… Instead of trying to be accountable. Being really accountable and taking responsibility would have been healthy. Not that we can expect they to do so.

It is easier to make someone a scapegoat, than actually do something. That’s the lesson from all of this. Peace.

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If Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng was an Opposition: She would be in bracelets …

Yesterday, there been leaked pictures and footage of early campaigning for the National Resistance Movement member, cabinet member Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng that has ambition to get the seat of Lira Woman MP. That’s why the Minister of Health is under fire, because she has differed from her own regulations and guidance around social distancing, processions and wearing masks. As it supposed to be “scientific” elections and not ordinary campaigning.

If Aceng hadn’t been an NRM. If she haven’t had the police behind her and had the support of the state. The processions would have been tear-gassed, the venue where she was greeting and talking would have been blocked. The doctor would have been arrested, also several of activists and helpers in her team would be taken into custody as well. They would have been in breach of the COVID-19 guidelines and Presidential Directives. This would be deemed unlawful assembly and causing chaos in the streets of Amoro district.

That she wants to be called “mama Corona” and said they showed up in glee to see her. To be educated by her and how to use masks. Seems very useful as an explanation. Because it was just a minute ago, Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju of the FDC was arrested for just participating in party organization and a meeting up-country. Also, only a day since the police officers besieged the radio station where Bobi Wine was speaking and wanting to convoy his ass home. The opposition couldn’t have done half of what the “good” doctor did.

When the FDC cannot operate without the police presence. When Bobi Wine cannot even criss-cross the country without some sort of agency on his ass. You just know there is something that gives. The doctor, the Minister, the NRM could do her “education” in public, but Bobi Wine couldn’t even speak to the public of Jinja on the radio without trouble. Then you know what is wrong with the Republic.

The stunt that Dr. Aceng did in Amoro District is a sign, that the rules doesn’t matter for the NRM. They can do as they please. There is no need for regulations, both in public and in general. The laws, the regulations are forfeited when it concerns them. However, if someone of the opposition sneezes. You going to get tested.

She was just being pleasant in Aromo Sub-County, part of Lira district. The Doctor claims this wasn’t campaigning. However, how dumb does she thinks the public is? Mere days after launching your campaign in Kampala. Your travel the country, hold a procession and greets the public. It is just so convenient, aye?

If the Doctor and Minister was an opposition. She wouldn’t be out and addressing the public with a simple statement on Facebook. No, the doctor would have been behind bars and the attorneys would work for bail. There would some charges like “inciting violence” and “illegal assembly”. Surely, somebody wasn’t notified in Amoro sub-county. Either the RDC or the Police Commander of the District would hunt her down. They would even besiege the hotel or hostel of her team. Everyone would be taken into custody. The venue could be sealed off too, if the opposition got the extra bonus work from the authorities.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is showing she is not political savvy. She is a cheap trick. Trying to trick it all, when the other ones are not allowed to play. She has even made up this “scientific” game of the Republic. If someone should sing and dance to that tune. It should have been her. She should be on the Frontline, as an example. However, she wants to be an MP so badly. That she breeches her own regulations. Peace.

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Opinion: Magufuli will win [everything else is just a sideshow]

The campaigns for the October polls are starting in Tanzania. Nevertheless, don’t expect it to be free and fair. The Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is ruling and they control all parts of government. There are no part of it they don’t toy around with.

The President is the almighty, the greatest ever and mightiest person to ever grace the Republic. He is so great, that you know he will with a huge margin in the up-coming elections. The opposition will either be charged, arrested and detained. They cannot do press conferences, campaign rallies and promote their parties without getting a positive nudge from the authorities. If they say anything, then its sedation, against some sort of statute and they get into legal jeopardy.

President John Magufuli has ensured this mess. He rules supreme. His the second alternative to God. His Excellency is majestic, a royalty of sort and the next in line for Kingdom Come. That’s why he is his grace, the one who no one will dare to question or stand up too.

The President are not allowing statistics published unless it got his blessing. He cannot let the radios, newspapers and such broadcast or publish without writing the things they are supposed too. If they don’t they get suspended or temporary closed.

Magufuli knows all of this. He would like to enjoy the title, the grandeur, but not accept the challenge of the role. The President cannot manage criticism, that’s why his critics are getting into trouble. Magufuli are only able to use the state to his advantage and make it disadvantage for everyone opposing him.

The CCM will win this. The candidates of Chadema and Act Wazelendo will not beat it. They might get some MPs and some representatives, but not anything substantial. The CCM will not give up its power and strength. These other parties will not have chance. Not like the President will give that up.

We can soon await the bracelets for Zitto Kabwe and Tundu Lissu. Just like there are several of other MPs, leaders and activists who will behind bars. That’s why the whole election and polls in October 2020 are just a charade. To make it seem like a democracy, but in reality that is just for play.

If the President believed in it. The President and CCM has decided to make it impossible for anyone else. Don’t expect anything … other than this. This is just the reality.

This election and polls is already fixed. The CCM will win and its only by a random amount of numbers.

Magufuli owns the game… he decides, he signs it off and will be victor. Peace.

Opinion: Keita seems to be loosing his grip…

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the President who is in his 7th year as President. In the middle of his second term as President. The man is in a sea of trouble. The population doesn’t trust him. There is insurgency of Boko Haram. There is COVID-19 and a peacekeeping mission that doesn’t stop the issues for the Head of State.

What also causes more of a stir is Imam Mahmoud Dicko, the protest leader who is challenging the President. You have the Movement of the 5th June (M5) and Assembled Forces for Patriots (AFP) or the M5-RFP. This popular uprising and demonstrations the last three weeks culminated yesterday, Saturday 10th July 2020. When the National Broadcaster was occupied and the streets of Bamako was filled citizens. All wanting Keita to resign.

There are now report of either 1 or 2 dead after yesterday’s demonstration. There is also reports that the 3 weeks of demonstrations has cost 74 people lives. While the government is battling the Operation Barkhane, which a joint peacekeeping mission in the Sahel region. The Azawad or Northern region of Mali is still a battling ground. Where rebels have tried to secede from the Republic of Mali. These Tuareg militants are also causing problems for the government of Bamako.

There are enough troubles for Keita as a Head of State. It is not like he needed an popular uprising. There is reports of corruption cases like spending millions of dollars on a presidential jet. Who knows what else is missing and funds lost.

The state is now starting to arrest leaders of the demonstration. There is reports of one leader taken by the authorities. They are trying to block social media and leaks online after yesterdays heavy demonstration. Keita wants to investigate the manner of the demonstrations and the vandalistion of the capital. Instead of answering the massive plea for resignation.

It shows that even marching in the streets in massive numbers. Isn’t stopping this President. He is still feeling untouchable. The opposition is still persisting for the end of his reign. They are tired of the cronyism and lack of results. The issues are growing and the central government is not answering them. That is why the public is growing tired. Not seeing progress or seeing a sustainable future.

Keita have clearly not delivered. He is dwindling and loosing. It is just as a matter of how long this will last. This here will strain his reign. The opposition, the M5-RFP are able to get the crowds coming. Also, able to get them to be defiant and show civil disobedience against the state. In numbers that the President could only dream off.

That is why Keita should listen to the pleas, that is why he should consider his role, his place and his representation. His there on the mercy of the public. The public want him gone. Just a mere fraction, but a huge part of the citizenship. The streets, the capital was packed yesterday and the capital has been filled like this recently by the same organizers.

The demonstrators are also demanding that the French soldiers are leaving their territory. That the state nationalize the mineral resources and get the Western Mult-National companies out. A democratically elected government and get the peacekeepers out too. This is critical demands in combination with the will to get rid of the current day President.

That is a signal. That is a message. Something Keita cannot run away from, his days are counted. It is just a matter of time, if he gets it himself or someone close to him will. Because, if these demonstrations persist and at these levels. Than it will just be a matter of time before he falls. It is not like M5-RFP have lost steam, but is showing strength upon strength. Peace.