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Opinion: The Coup d’etat of 1986 continues to this day!

The Coup d’etat of 1986 where Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was sworn-in on the 29th January 1986. Since then he has never left. He went to civil war against Uganda People’s Congress and the Second Term of President Dr. Milton Obote. For reasons, which he himself embodies over the years. The rigged election of 1980 are similar to ones today. National Resistance Movment (NRM) are doing the same with his rigged Electoral Commission. Delivering the results he needs and not the will of the people.

We should have seen this day of his Life Presidency a long time ago, as he ended these words on the steps of the Parliament on the 26th January 1986:

To conclude, I am appealing to those people who are trying to resist us to come and join us because they will be integrated. They should not waste their time trying to fight us because they cannot defeat us. If they could not defeat us when there were just 27 of us with 27 guns, how can they defeat this army which you saw here? They cannot defeat us, first of all, because we have a correct line in politics which attracts everyone. Secondly, we have a correct line of organisation. Thirdly, our tactics are correct. We have never made a mistake either in strategy or tactical calculation. I am, therefore, appealing to these people not to spill more blood, especially of the young men who are being misled by older people who should know better” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 26.01.1986).

President Museveni said it back then and acts similar as the Constitutional Amendment Number 2, the Raphael Magyezi Private Bill that got voted in twice today. Will now be written into law. So President Museveni can stand again as President in the next election in 2023. He can stand for two more terms. That means he would have official 7 terms in office. Unofficially 9 terms, as nobody are counting the first decade of his rule.

We can question the moral judgment of the all the Members of Parliament who voted to lift the Age Limit. The Article 102(b) who was part of the Constitution to safeguard and to make sure the President wasn’t of advanced age and had the mental capacity to do the job and represent the people in all aspects. Clearly, it wasn’t about discrimination of the elderly. Then the same MPs has to change the laws for others Civil Servants and not let them retire so early. Since the President should be that special of a person.

It is incredible, that a Liberator, a so-called Revolutionary are going to this step to stay in power. That he goes to this length, pushes the buttons at this stage and amputate the Constitution in his favor. Pays the NRM MPs and also others in favor of it with 40 Million Shillings. That the President are doing this just for himself. Shows the disregard of all the citizens of the Republic. Only care for his own existence and his own power.

The power corrupt and has made him into a Smeagol, who is keeping his “precious” power ring all to himself. We are wondering when the President will walk to Mount Doom and get his legacy into the burning fires of the volcano. The ring that he has forged himself on the Parliament steps of 1986. Is something he cannot be able to leave. Therefore, every time he is on his last term, he has fixed the Constitution to fit him. The same happen today, the ring is not ending. It continues and its eating him. He is becoming more addicted to ring and cannot let go.

President Museveni isn’t a victim, he is using the ring to extend his powers and his rule. His reign is continuing and not letting it go of it. He never will, he will change the laws until he stops breathing and looting the Republic.

Museveni thinks he has the ‘Correct Line’ but he is wrong. Dangerously wrong. There is no return from self-inflicted life presidency. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will go into history as the rebel who turned into the captor and hostage taker for decades upon end. The dictator and the despot who never ceased to give in and give up. Who had issues with killing in his own republic or using the national army as mercenaries in the bordering countries in the East African Community or the Horn of Africa.

That is the man, that was voted for and got all support from the Parliament today. On the 20th December 2017, it has been 11,648 days since he was first sworn-in as President, which is 31 Years 10 months and 10 days.

Clearly, he lives in the state of mind, that he cannot be defeated. What wounds he will collect and with destroying the legacy of his Constitution. The proof that it has no value was shown today for the whole world to see. It is now amended for the one who feels superior, who no one can beat and no one can take down. The one with the Correct Line.

However, that will not last forever, the NRM and Museveni has already lasted for this long. Nothing is written that it will last much more. But that depends on the react from Ugandans. From the people of the Republic. If they want to get rid of this man with his “precious” power.

The Smeagol, the Gollum and the addict of power. Museveni has his precious. How long that is his to keep. Is not up to him, but to the people of the Republic. So what say you, can he be defeated? Peace.

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Opinion: The Age Limit is lifted, so the year of 2031 is now the end-game for Museveni!

The Members of Parliament (MPs) accepted the Second Reading, they have re-instated the Presidential Term Limits. The are now two terms. Its ironic, because that provision was taken away in 2005. So that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni could run in 2006. The 10th Parliament has gone back on that, but changed other parts too.

The House reinstates the presidential terms in the Constitution by passing clause 105 of the Bill. The clause states that, “A person shall not hold office as President for more than two terms”” (Parliament of Uganda, 20.12.2017).

They have from now changed their terms from 5 years to 7 years. That means the end of this term is 2021, but is 2023. The Members of Parliament in the republic, really has an issue with representation. If you cannot deliver within time of 5 years. Trust me, you never will. These characters would care or wouldn’t dare to deliver anything else then selfish agenda or paid by lip service of the President.

The two terms are just a mockery, because they also lifted the age limit. Meaning that if your of any age, you can become a Presidential Candidate. Even though, at this very moment, no one else will dare President Museveni. We know that this is nonsense.

We know that they have had three days of chaos and it ends in these acts of destruction. They did it with enough votes, even some from the opposition giving enough support for the majority.

317 voted in favour of the motion.

97 of the members voted against

2 members abstained” (Parliament Watch, 20.12.2017).

So the majority won and they voted on the provisions. That the MPs saw it fit to extend the terms of all parts of elected officials from the President to Local Councilors. Clearly, they are not seeing their ill attempt of hostile takeover, as they lifted the age limit today too. Even if they added the term limits again. Which doesn’t make sense?

Why have an issue with age? When you are stating the needs of terms?

Also, if I was a lawyer, I would really put in application that the man who has been in charge since 1986. Have already had his two terms after the Constitution. Meaning, he should step down immediately. He is in official 5th Term, since the world is counting from 1996 and not 1986. Which in itself is a disgrace for the decade he was running non-official after the coup d’etat. So unofficially he is on his 7th Term, already!

Therefore, with this in mind, that he is on his 5th term. Why should they let him be on the ballot on his sixth official in 2023? Why should he? He breaching the status of the Constitution and the newly adopted term limits. Or is this term not counting since it was put into law now, and therefore only will matter from the two next? Is that the stat of mind of the MPs and Museveni?

He is official 72 years old now in 2017 by 2031 he would be 86 years old. That as if it is his real age. Since he has changed that with time and records of his schooling has been missing. Also forged church records doesn’t help either. So not like Museveni himself is a trustworthy character in that sense.

Let me just be clear about this all. It is tragedy, a misery and total destruction of the Constitution. The 1995 Constitution has no value. The provisions of law is just a front. The National Resistance Movement, does what it needs to stay in power and uses all sorts of tricks to do so. They don’t care about the effects or the results of their acts. They just do it anyway.

The NRM and Museveni are really ruling on impunity and now doing it from the Parliament. The Parliament of 2017 are self-inflicting wounds in favor of the President. Museveni has his cronies, but should be aware. The state he is running can crack at any moment. This sort of acts is vicious and destructive. It is the second time it happens on his accord, when he needs it.

Mr. I Will Change the Constitution When I Need It!

Today is tragic day, depressing day, 2nd reading and the 3rd reading is on the way after certain changes of the law. The NRM and the Parliament has had no trouble putting Museveni in forefront of what is important for the country. Country comes second or third, but first Museveni. Also, they get a bargain, they get 7 years as electives and MPs. They are giving themselves more time rule with this contempt of their own people and their will. Not caring about the sentiments and the tiredness of Museveni’s rule.

At some point the water will run over from the glass. Waiting for the one drop to let flow over on the whole table. Just waiting for the public to rise against this oppression and despotic rule. Where laws and regulations only matters to the rest, but not his elite. The state is now in contempt of its own citizens and their will. There are some NRM MPs who “No” against the motion and against the provisions. But they we’re too few, especially considering that the bill also got opposition MPs who actually voted for it. That shows that some of them also got something promised by the President.

Before the Third Vote and the Second Vote of the Day. Many of the Opposition Members of Parliament, the many of them opposing the bill and provisions anyway. Fled the Chambers and left the place after the defeat. They didn’t care to stay and see the bill enacted by Parliament.

Know that the Constitution doesn’t matter for the ones voting for this bill. They don’t care about what they do and how it might inflict massive amounts of pain to their constituents. Since they are making sure they can be their representatives longer and their name is now associated with making Museveni president for life.

It is now sealed. There is no going back. The Changes of law is just to fit. Nothing else. Nothing else matters for him.

The MPs of all kind who has ushered this in. Shall be remembered. They did this and they made way for it. Even if it was the deal between them and him. Still, their votes and their arguments was for his intentions to never leave.

The two terms back is mockery of common sense. Then he should step down. Its insulting that they are extending their terms from 5 years to 7 years. All of this is foolish, it is in contempt of justice and rule of law.

I got no more to say. It was a terrible day, it has yet to end, but the end-game was expect, but still hurting knowing the consequences of these activities by these so-called representatives of the republic. They should be ashamed and be disgraced, but we know they will get monetary gains for their support of this. Peace.

One Year Later: How come Kabila is still there?

I am just boggled. The last term of President Joseph Kabila was over on the 19th December 2016. This after he assumed the Presidency temporarily from 26th January 2001. His first election was in 2006 and was inaugurated on 6th December 2006. Second election was more controversial and was sworn-in on the 20th December 2011. Therefore, the last day of his last 5 year term would be on the 19th December 2016.

Since then the elections has been postponed, there was supposed to be elections in November 2016. However, that never appeared and never happen. It was a ghost in the machine, a nothing and non-story, only with United Kingdom aid for Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI), who was supposed to hold the elections. That never occurred.

Kabila has since then used any excuse and used violence for against his own people. There been speculations and also reports that he has hired militias to create insecurity. So that he can postpone the elections. If it is M23 soldiers fleeing from Rwanda and Uganda. If its ADF-NALU. The deaths and massacres in Kasai-Orientale, the starving people and lack of governance. Shows the state of affairs. The mass graves in Beni and Kasai. Should worry anyone, but Kabila seems cold about it all. Indifference. Like it doesn’t matter.

The Constitution made in 2005 for the Third Republic was clear, a President has a possibility of two terms. These has been done and he got leeway, since the temporary care-taker time between 2001-2006 didn’t count in. In normal 5 years terms, that should have counted, but it was brushed off. With the deadly Second-Congo War going on until 2003. It is natural that he skated this off.

We know now that he is stalling for time, that the pressure of CENCO or others are not helping. Since opposition was agreeing on a deal at the end of 2016. Where elections would happen in 2017. Now that its just days left. We know that this will not happen. There are no end in sight of his reign. He will hire mercenaries. He will hire militias and use all sort of tricks. Doesn’t matter how many who dies or how much insecurity it brings. As long as he is ruling.

Since he cannot rule with the Constitution. He didn’t change the term limit in the Constitution. Kabila didn’t even try, not that he should do so, but he hasn’t had the effort or felt the need. Kabila has the economy and army behind him. Even if he are creating trouble and also letting the militias run wild in areas. Also, making secret deals with mining corporations and other multi-national corporations to earn fortunes on the minerals and resources in the Republic. That should be violation on its own, maybe the reason why he fears for leaving, as well for the all people that has been ghosted because of his will and decrees.

There are enough enemies and enough citizens who has a case against Kabila. He should know that he has overreached and used his position for ill-gains. Kabila is now living on borrowed time. He is President without any election or any legitimacy. Kabila is just running the Republic and stalling for time. Playing a cat and mouse game with the insecurity, while trying to fool the Civil Society Organizations and Opposition Parties. Also, trying to mock the International Community who wants a change.

This will not come with Kabila. Kabila just wants to stay and continue to loot the Republic. Like every single leader has done since Independence. Lumumba didn’t, but Mobutu and Laurent Kabila did. However, they we’re all toppled with a armed overthrow. Seemingly, the same has to happen with Kabila. He is not interested in stepping down and give the mantle to the next. Peace.

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