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Opinion: The ‘NRM Rebel MPs’ proves the democratic deficiencies within the party

When Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Justine Kasule Lumumba barred 30 Members of Parliament for the Party to be delegates at the NRM Delegates Conference on the 25th January 2020 at Mandala Stadium (Namboole). Because, these 30 MPs voted against the abolishment of the Age Limit in defiance of the President, the Party Chairman and Supreme Leader. Therefore, SG Lumumba and the President have directed them not to come.

It is funny that a party made out a rebellion is sanctions its own rebels. I always find that endearing of the NRM. That the ones who should understand and support this behaviour. Since that is how the party got made to begin with.

What we are seeing is a President, his party and his secretariat not accepting other things than the party line. Everyone is supposed to follow the guidance and the beliefs of the President. Everything else is out of question. In addition, if you dare to go against it, there will be sanctions, ramifications and consequences.

So today this news broke out: “Oscar John Kihika, the Director Legal Services NRM Party has said the 30 Party MPs who opposed the lifting of the Presidential age limit have a right to attend the Party’s Conference as per Article 11(2) (i) of the NRM Party Constitution” (91.2 Crooze FM, 15.01.2020).

That is why, the NRM own constitution doesn’t ban them, but the President and SG wants to do it. They might show up then, but don’t expect celebrations or huge relief. These MPs might get into trouble by defying that too. These people might just end up like Muhammed Nsereko, NRM leaning Independent, which will vote in accordance with the party, but as “independents”.

What we are seeing is singling out the ones who doesn’t following the program and the regime of Museveni. The ones inside his own camp whose daring to oppose him and his self-styled President for Life. Which is his memo and life work. They are defying that and because of that. The President are initially saying they have “no say” and “nothing to offer” in his party.

If they did, they would come with open arms, discuss why did what they did and talked it out. Instead his banning them and closing the door shut. No way to return, no mercy, no justification. Just, you didn’t do as your told. Therefore, now you got to suffer, outside alone and not allowed to play us friends inside. Real kindergarten stuff, not a grown up party with proper measures and protocol.

It is so endearing, the NRM Rebels, but the party doesn’t think so, apparently. For them, they are nuances and a reminder, that not everyone follows one man blindly, but that they can on their own. Peace.

Opinion: OTT Tax on Data Bundles is like a dual-VAT

“URA Commissioner General Doris Akol told the Finance Committee of Parliament chaired by Henry Musasizi that the controversial OTT Tax will be charged directly on data instead of mobile money to curb the evasion” (NBS Television, 14.01.2020).

I wonder if Doris Akol has thought this through or is winging it? As she see the losses and lack of results, revenue or tax base with the 200 shillings of doom. The whole OTT Tax is to expensive for the public daily. Now, she wants to move it and indirectly tax it instead.

Surely, they will get revenue, but this will make it more expensive to buy data-bundles for the customers and make the packages more viable. VPN and similar networks to circumvent the usage and payments of the daily OTT Tax have beaten the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). That is why URA does this now.

It is a sign of defiance and civil disobedience. They are trying to patch the hurt. But will this succeed? Will more try to only load data through Wi-Fi networks and wireless networks in general. Not load so much data on the go. Because, people are smart and tries to undercut extra taxes. Especially, when on the data is already paid VAT and the Mobile Company pay their taxes on the profits too.

Therefore, URA and Akol seems fishing. They will raise revenue, but also make the data bundles more expensive and with that stop plenty of people from buying bigger data bundles for surfing online on your smart-phone.

That is just the mere reality. It is a sign, yet again that the OTT is a failed project, who didn’t hit the targets and wasn’t measured right. If it was, the aim and the bargain wouldn’t be like this. That is not happening.

This method is a clever way of adding the costs of data, while charging for service not necessarily used. The OTT Services, which is the reason for why these are charged. Because, the data could be used for other things and therefore, is violating its attempt to make it costly for certain usage on online.

This is again, pushing one story, pushing one tax and trying to tax the public by any means. When the hook doesn’t work, they use the crook. Instead of doing directly, they want to do it indirectly and initially in some way adding a separate VAT on data-bundles masked as OTT Tax. That is really it.

We all know this, URA verify it today. That the only things certain in life is death and taxes. Thanks Akol for reminding us. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni ask his new ministers to desist from himself…

I call upon all ministers and public servants to desist from engaging in any form of corruption. Corruption by any government officials is a great betrayal to Ugandans who are desperately yearning for service delivery. I implore the general public to embrace this fight and report the crooked officials with evidence, as opposed to rumours and we will take action” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 13.01.2020).

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President since 1986, whose now richer than God, but came into power with little or nothing. Therefore, he knows what he did to get there. He knows the implicated scandals, the grand corruption and often noticed missing funds in the headlines in the Republic.

That is why these sorts of desisting from corruption Telling the Ministers and the Public from stopping it. Meaning it should stop and get all evidence on plenty of high ranking officials in this government. Get the evidence of state owned enterprises and authorities. There are plenty of officials who would easily be implicated and connected with government tenders and whatnot.

There is enough ghosts, over-inflated state contracts and some-what. Therefore, days like today. Feels futile. The state has created a lot of mechanisms, a lot of organizations fighting corruption. Still, the big-men, the men sanctioned by the State House and the secretive investment deals are overshadowing the supposed battle against corruption.

When there is lack of transparency from the top. There will be less from the bottom too. There is no reason for changes, when everyone is eating and the ones with influence of the State House. They got an ability to get kickbacks, suits, graft and so-on. This is not news, but a reality.

The NRA historicals can steal land, take property and easily, therefore have other perks too. The NRM knows this and let them go. If your big enough and has the blessing, you can eat UNRA funds, eat NSSF funds and GAVI Funds with no costs or damages. You get to build a mansion and own business, on stolen funds.

That is why statements like today is worthless. Not believable. He has the Public Procurement And Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Inspectorate of Government (IGG) and Auditor General (AG). Nevertheless, the big-fish is not getting caught. You have the Police Force and the Judiciary too. Still, all of these cooks cannot make a decent meal. Its a bland mix of watery soup, not even a good broth.

That is why President Museveni. We have to see you fight yourself. Not walk, not talk, but battle your own shadow and that’s not happening. Because, your not a cartoon character, but a self-styled President for Life. Peace.

Opinion: No New Message from Museveni

Well, another 31st December and another New Years Message from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Nothing inspiring or diligently said in it. There are nothing new under the sun and the sun always shines on the TV. Well, we couldn’t expect an old dog to do new tricks. The President has done this so much and stated these things so often. That he is on repeat of his old self. It is like we have heard it all before, except for a few punchlines.

Let’s dig into that, shall we: “Therefore, those rotten potatoes in the Police will not waste our time. Anybody who does not do his duty will be arrested, charged, sentenced and dismissed from the Police and promptly replaced by those that are ready to work” (Museveni, 31.12.2019). As he says that, there are very few cases where the Police or Armed Officials which are having pending cases. Not even the big-shot like former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura is facing any justice soon. So, hard to believe that he says this. Like anyone believes the old man with the hat?

Than he said things like this: “Since the 1960s, the NRM has been a mass-oriented Party” (Museveni, 31.12.2019). National Resistance Movement/Army was formed in 1981, but what I reckon. However, Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM), the party of Museveni for the 1980 election was also formed that year. Therefore, hard to see, how the NRM was dating back to 1960s, but hey, maybe that is just me over here.

On that note, didn’t you study in Dar Es Salaam until 1971, how come you were able to initiate the NRM from Tanzania? Or are there any other prolific memory you have, which you have never told the world at large?

Let me continue: Our efforts are beginning to succeed” (Museveni, 31.12.2919). I hate to comment, but it took your time. You have had the 33 years since you took power… Now you claim your able to succeed. You sure took your time. People have waited and still your only beginning now. A bit late to party may I say? If you call this succeeding, than the levels of borrowing funds to keep the upkeep of government. Surely, that is not a good job, you cannot even fund the costs of operations. When you lack that much revenue.

Final quote: “The NRM has opened a war on corruption. We shall defeat corruption. There is no corrupt individual that we cannot bring down. All we want is evidence. We never want to be unfair to anybody. Stay tunes on this” (Museveni, 31.12.2019). You have started to walk, but nothing serious. Even though you have created another anti-corruption body this year. Still, the big-fish like the Mukono-Katosi road scandal got off the hook the year. So, we’re not trusting you. People are awake and eating, because you let them.

Let me end here. It is enough sadness and bleak nostalgia for 2019. We’re soon ticking into 2020. Peace.

Opinion: Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye has made his own bed, now he got sleep in it!

Well, as bad day goes, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, the MP since 2001, former State Minister of Health General Duties, the former MP for Sheema North until he resigned from that post in 2018 and ran for the post of Sheema Municipality. Which happened to be annulled this week. His even in bigger trouble, as his campaign in 2018 costs shs. 850 millions, which he was begging the President signed on a government letter to pay.

This means his campaign was used to buying voters, rigging and ensuring his victory in a municipality, which was non-existing. He retired from his constituency in 2018. An constituency he had been representing since 2001. Therefore, he took the risk, seemingly to follow the National Resistance Movement agenda in the county and also show loyalty to the President.

However, everything has backfired for the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. The man has had a steady salary and also minister posts that has been compensated. So, I am not feeling sorry for the man. His been a wealthy man, he owns land and building a mansion in the hills of Kampala. Therefore, its not like his in a sorry bankrupt state. He just want his loyalty points paid-off, because he knows that how the state works.

The Minister and MP, soon former MP, unless he can overturn the judgement and get another verdict. That doesn’t negate the issues at hand and what has been revealed over the last 48 hours. The shade and the glass has already been shattered. You cannot undo the mess created.

It wasn’t shocking that he would go out and defend his deeds. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be true to himself and what he did. The action made, the usage of funds and expectations that the President and the state foots the bills of his campaigns. Shows the dire problems of the state. Just like the verdict itself. That the state have used funds on 6 By-Elections without legal justification nor the Constitutional backing. Meaning, the unlawful actions shouldn’t be celebrated, but be a reminder of what sort of state is in play. They did this and played it out, but they was still outsmarted. The losers are both the constituents and the MPs self.

That Elioda has really lost twice in this. Is a shame, but his own making. Nobody, unless it is revealed too. That he resigned the post out of loyalty and out of perseveration of the State House. That the “high above” directed him to run, as he was a sure bet in the Sheema Municipality, after standing as a candidate since 2000. He wouldn’t loose, where his represented for close to two decades.

That the doctor didn’t find the remedy nor the cure to his own problems is evident. Elioda doesn’t seem to get that, but in the state of affairs he would get away with it. The President and his team would bail him out, as his one of them and has been for over two decades. The doctor and MP might have a loss now, but don’t be sad for him. His been eating and steady eating. The mouth is full, if not his spoiled and wasted the funds. That’s why his begging for money to cover him. Even as he has land and mansion.

Who knows what else he has procured or own as an MP for this long. He can surely have earned his fortunes and not only used it on campaigning in the past. It is hard to believe a man like him being broke after all those years, all the kickbacks, all the suits and cars bought for him. Not like he haven’t gotten paid for voting over the years in the Parliament together with allowances and whatnot. He has gotten millions upon millions of shillings.

I don’t feel sorry for Elioda. Elioda made his own bed and he got to sleep in it. Peace.

Opinion: Long live the ironies, but most likely, long live the foolishness

There is something about tyranny and dictatorships, where the Dictator can travel around like a King. Have his court and his jesters on tour, he can hold a campaign rally, some sort of public function without notifying the authorities or even get the approval to do so. That is because his the Fountain of Honour, the Head of State and the President.

In this regard, all through the 2019. The President and his team was for long a part of the Operation Wealth Creation Tour, where he travelled and held rallies. Also held a Radio Tour and others ones too. Hard to remember them all, but it all legal, because its the President and his court doing so.

During the last two weeks, we got to see that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine planned and notified the Electoral Commission of planned consultation meetings in consideration of being an Presidential Candidate in the 2021 elections.

I find it very special, that the People Power Movement and everyone else has to follow guidelines and follow codes to be able to assemble, meet and hold consultation meetings. When you consider how easy and non bother it is for the President. Because, the implications for the President, should be the same as for any other aspiring candidate for the same role. There shouldn’t be one whose allowed to sing songs on bridges, while the other cannot even put up a speakers and microphones to do a gig. However, we all know there is a double standard, but this sets it in print.

That Bobi Wine and the PPM is limited in their actions, just like the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Dr. Kizza Besigye been in the past, even Amama Mbabazi and Go Forward was stifled before the 2016 elections. With this in mind, it follows a pattern, but the restrictions and the limitations put on Bobi Wine isn’t fair.

As he should have in all fairness, been able to do exactly what the President did during his Operation Wealth Creation tour, which was direct campaigning on the slogans of the 2016 elections. When that was allowed and accepted by the state, the same state should make it possible for Bobi Wine to do the same. That is as if there was level playing field for candidates, which by the regulations and orders by the Police and Electoral Commission, proves its not.

Not like the President nor his crew had any idea who would show up and how many for the rallies during 2019. They gathered a lot of people, hired buses and hoped to have propaganda shots, but they didn’t have an estimate or afterthought of how big things would be. Alas, that Bobi Wine and his team has to know and say whose possible is really concerning, because that is limiting his approach and also his possibilities to reach out.

If the President and his cronies this is well handled, well, I hate to break it to you. Its not, not the slightest. It is weak and a continued double standard, hypocrisy at the highest order. Most likely by the blessing from the orders from above. Alas, he knows and the ones giving the instructions to People Power knows.

Not like this is shocking, it is a pattern and showing the intent to stifle and put hurdles for the rising star. They want to stop the momentum and contain it. They want to ensure that the authorities are there and that they can handle it. They want to have the information and the intel to ensure, that the they can prolong the reign and secure the prospects of another rigged elections.

Because, if it was free and fair, why where there ever any issues with the gatherings nor the rallies of the President? There should have been, why no tear-gas? Why no-one arrested and taken into prison for inciting violence? Why were there ever anyone taken or house-arrested for preventative reasons?

Well, that because the President, everything goes and everything is cool. The rest has to beg to grab a microphone and say some words of wisdom. That’s just how things are in the Republic. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s endearing view on “NRM Rebels”

The rebel without an cause, has an issue with comrades or the fellow Yellow MPs in Parliament, who suddenly rebel against him. That is so endearing. It is so sweet, that he struggles and beats on the NRM Rebel MPs. It is like a beautiful fan-fiction. That he even remind that the Constitutional Court got the case changed by the Supreme Court on the interpreted article of 83 out of the Constitution.

The President is really rich in this manner. Museveni thinks his smart, but he isn’t that clever. Since, there are no place where the law says a NRM MP has to vote with the party. Only a certain quorum and rules for how the MPs can vote. If it is by voice or secret voting. There are stipulations for that, but not statutes nor articles, saying that you have to follow party line and be loyal to whatever cause or law the NRM see fit. That is not put in any law nor code, as such is foolish at best.

That is why yesterdays defence for getting people registered to vote is a weird text at best. I am only discussing the NRM rebellion and why he has a hissy-fit. Because, the President is only fool and nothing else in this matter.

President statement yesterday:

In our own Parliament we have had that problem of the “Rebel MPs”, elected as NRM but conduct themselves like they are not NRM. The Constitutional Court made a mistake because when we asked them to interprete Article 83 that we deliberately put in the Constitution to solve the problem of the 1960s, they interpreted it in such a manner that the MP can do what they want. That the MPs do not have to get permission from those who elected them to do what they are supposed to do. It is a very dangerous disconnection, that of non-accountability” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘PRESIDENT URGES UGANDANS TO REGISTER FOR 2020/21 GENERAL ELECTIONS’ 19.12.2019).

Article 83 of the 1995 Constitution:

83. Tenure of office of members of Parliament.

(1) A member of Parliament shall vacate his or her seat in Parliament—

(g) if that person leaves the political party for which he or she stood as a candidate for election to Parliament to join another party or to remain in Parliament as an independent member;

(Constitution, 1995).

Supreme Court judgement of 2015:

The continued stay in Parliament of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th respondents as Members of Parliament after their expulsion from the NRM Party on whose ticket they were elected is contrary to and inconsistent with Articles 1(1), 2(1), 2(4), 29(1)(e), 69(1), 72(4), 78(1)(a), and 79(3) of the Constitution” (…) “To conclude on this ground, we are of the view that the majority of Justices in the Constitutional Court erred when they interpreted Article 83(1)(g) to mean that members of Parliament who are expelled from their political parties have to vacate their seats in Parliament by virtue of that Article. It was, therefore, wrong for the Constitutional Court to order the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th appellants to vacate their seats in Parliament on that ground. Accordingly ground 4 must succeed” (Supreme Court – Constitutional Appeal No. 01 of 2015, October 2015).

So we have seen the train of thought. That the President has set and fixed a narrative. He has to speak in third person, even as they are supposed to follow him and he uses the NRM as a prefix for that. That is why if a NRM MP vote with the opposition, they are wrong, even if it might be in the interest of the constituents.

He has a problem, that the Constitutional Court interpreted the article wrong. That he cannot expel an MP and get a by-election. This would be a proper tool to ensure the right loyal cadres would be harness and he wouldn’t have to pay them to vote his way. That is why his mad at the Courts, though if he remembered correctly, the Constitutional Court was in-favour of the President, but the Supreme Court validated the rebels.

The expelled MPs didn’t leave, but was forced to go by no action of their own. Except doing something to get expelled. If that was acting like a punk at Kyankwanzi or voting against the interest of the State House. The President wants the magical wand to either have pro-NRM, super-loyalists, who follow him blindly and who doesn’t think.

The rebels are maybe wrong in the eyes of the President. But they are allowed and free to vote, write statements or acting accordingly to their own conscience. They are not children, who need parental advice and guidance to act rightfully within the August House. That is why Museveni has a problem, as the paternal godfather of the Republic.

This is really endearing of the President. As he thinks this is wise to say, as he cannot even pick the right court to blast. The Constitutional Court did a wrong, but rebels are not aliens, which the Court Judgement of the Supreme Court states.

If Museveni really believes his still a freedom fighter, how come he has an issue, that his own MPs has the liberty to accordingly to their own conscience?

Enough bullshit. Peace.

Opinion: Rukutana MP as an Minister is another scandal in the making…

Mwesigwa Rukutana, the Rushenyi County MP since 2001, who now has gone from being the Deputy Attorney General to be appointed yesterday as the Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations. His been within the upper-echelon since the 1980s, as he was a Minister of Lands between 1986-88. Therefore, his a man whose served in various position during the era of National Resistance Movement (NRM). So, that his returning from the Office of the Attorney General isn’t shocking.

Rukutana was implicated in the CHOGM Money Scandal, Land Commission Scandal, Commissioning the “Presidential Handshake Report”, Green-lightening the “Coffee-Scandal” of Salim Selah and so-on.

Rukutana is one of the most corrupt gentlemen in the Cabinet now. He would be close to Amama Mbabazi of historically corrupt gentlemen. Surely, Jim Muhwezi, Sam Kuteesa and Salim Selah would be part of the top 10. But, Mwesigwa Rukutuna would join them. His now in-charge of labour and surely will find some ways to find kick-backs to pocket. If he doesn’t he isn’t real to himself nor his mission in life, which is to eat.

Now, even just months ago since he was kicked of a land probe after “misconduct”. And you know something is up with the guy too, when he advices the state not to Audit the Uganda Telecommunication Company (UTL).

Therefore, his something else, his an corrupt soul, who know has more power. Since, his gone from being the Deputy Attorney General to become a minister again. Surely, there will land scandals in the foreseeing future. As his been entangled in plenty and there are more to come.

We would be shocked if he wasn’t rocked by more scandals in the future, especially now that he hold yet another office in the Republic. Peace.

Nantaba MP terrible year: What about Robert?

Aidah Nantaba MP was sacked as State Minister for ICT on 14th December 2019. She was appointed first on the 6th June 2016. The Kayunga Woman MP, she’s been an MP since 2011 and was involved in bribing and scamming herself into a second term in 2015. Therefore, even with her close association with the State House. She has ruffled some feathers of late and was now dropped by the President.

During 2019 things has started to unravel for her. She’s faked an assassination plot, which the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecution have already dropped. Still, the actions made by her and her security guards will be remembered, as the citizen Robert Ssebulime was killed on the streets on Kampala on the 24th March 2019.

That fatal march day has haunted her, even as the Public Prosecution or the Authorities has dropped the case in September 2019. Still, that doesn’t mean the case is solved or the remaining criminal affair is gone away. It is just that for now, the state hasn’t acted upon it or haven’t investigated it, because of her association with the State House.

However, her star is dimming, the MP is still a representative in the 10th Parliament, but she’s not a State Minister. Neither does she has the trust of the President. That’s why she’s dropped, after the crying out against the mafia wanting her dead. While there was only a citizen loosing his life, because he crossed the path of the MP.

That Robert haven’t been answered for, that the MP faked an assassination story and gotten away with it. Is one of the worst stories of 2019. Since, the MP knows this and she has to live with this. Even if she’s never has to answer for the bullets nor the acts made by her guards. Aidah should know that his blood will always stain her.

Not the talk on TV about a deep state Mafia. Not the talk of fear and lack of trust. That will not be remembered in the same regard as the killings of innocent civilian on the 24th March 2019. Yet another fatality of the high ranking officials, that will never get an answer too. There are plenty more Robert’s, but they are not directly connected with Aidah. Still, they shall not be forgotten either. They all deserve justice, no matter what.

That Aidah Nantaba, the MP was axed from Cabinet now is bittersweet, it should have been the moment she lied and faked an assassination plot. The moment she continued the negative spiral and tried to make Robert into a villain, when her guards was the ones firing arms. Still, to this day the reality remain unresolved and no one has answered for his death.

That’s why I don’t feel sorry that she’s dropped and gone. However, with the knowledge that she was shady in 2015 to get through Primaries. Nantaba would do the same in 2020, as she is ready for a third term as an MP. She knows that her crimes isn’t touched, as she’s still apart of government and has machine behind her. Even as has been dropped for now.

Not like that has stopped anyone before, she’s dropped now, but might get an appointment in 2021. Don’t be shocked. This is just a hope that people forget Robert, before hiring this “Young Turk” again. Peace.

The New Age-Limit Cabinet

If you thought the loyalty to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t pay-off, you would be naive at this point. Yesterdays reshuffle of the Cabinet is all about loyalty to him and his causes. It isn’t about the betterment of the Republic, neither having people capable of greatness. These ones whose been appointed and whose gotten a new role in the over-bloated cabinet is all there because of their role in the abolishment of the Age Limit in the year of 2017. The ones who fought, put forward and whipped the National Resistance Movement (NRM) behind the banner of the President.

There where all vital for the MPs to vote for the bill on the 20th December 2017 and that shall not forgotten by the President. That is why these are the ones of the Age Limit Cabinet, the ones whose supported and joined the Self-Styled President for Life and it’s paying off. Even if it possibly only for two years as 2021 looms.

Here is the “honourable” list of MPs whose now apart of Cabinet!

Raphael Magyezi, Igara West MP, appointed as the Minister for Local Government. The man who issued the “Private Bill”, the Age Limit in 2017 and has suffered the consequences of doing so. Now, his finally promoted by the President and offered a cabinet role for doing the dirty work of the President.

Jackson Kafuuzi, the MP for Kyaka South in Kyegewa district is appointed the Deputy Attorney General and the minister for water and the environment. At one point in 2017, the MP was called on radio the “wife of Magyezi”, which is an insult and remark made to him, because his support of the abolishment of the age limit. However, the same MP has shown his loyalty with how he disregard everything about Gen. David Sejusa or Tinye aka Tinyefuza. So, today he was awarded for his loyalty.

Judith Nabakooba, the Woman MP for Mityana District. She’s been appointed as the Minister for ICT. The former Police Force spokesperson, who became an MP in 2016 and since then shown loyalty. She voted for the Age Limit.

Denis Obua Hamson, the MP for Ajuri County. appointed the Minister for Sports. Who was a part of the Legal Committe who approved the Age Limit.

Peter Ogwang, Usuk MP appointed as State Minister for ICT, another big supporter for the Age Limit.

Robinah Nabbanja, Kakumiro district Woman MP. She was appointed the State Minister for General Health. She was also very proud of “whipping 291 MPs” for the Age Limit. She has also skipped all the rules committee meetings as an MP.

There where the MPs who was picked. Magyezi MP will be synonymous with the Age Limit bill. It was his private bill and he will forever be the one who put fresh air into a prolonged presidency of Museveni. The other ones has played their parts, both in Committees, in public and stood behind the bill in various of ways. That is why they were hand-picked now and gotten appointed. Since, the President want to show them appreciation and give back for giving him two more terms.

That is the reality of it all. That he will have the ability to rule to 2031. Because, the new clause of two terms. Means, the President can initially reign through the 2021-26 and 2026-2031. That is if they are sincere and using the law. Even if the President has already has had 6 official terms and 8 unofficially already. Therefore, the ones who gave him way for more. Did it only for personal gains and not for the betterment of the Republic.

That’s why the appointments yesterday are pay-offs for standing behind the banner, spreading the word of the President and showing him loyalty. They were all there for the sole-candidate and that’s why they gotten a bigger role in government. Now they have to prove their worth on a grander scale. Peace.

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