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Uganda: Kasaija plans to borrow $190m extra to cover a budget shortfall within two years!

Someone please call 911, yeah yeah (pick up the phone yo)

Tell them I just got shot down, tell them I just got shot down

And it’s piercin’ through my soul (I’m losin blood yo)

Feel my body gettin’ cold, oh, so cold

Someone please call 911 (can you do that for me)” – Wyclef Jean ft Mary J. Blige – ‘911’ , April 2000

In an election year in the Republic, the economy usually runs loose. The State House lacks suddenly funds, the President needs more and so fourth. That is standard procedure. However, on the 19th March 2020 Matia Kasaija has now announced that the plans to borrow USD 190 million to cover a short-fall of funds, because of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

This is deemed fit because of the pandemic and the financial disruption it has. Not that the Republic is alone in this. Other big states and plenty in the Western hemisphere is putting up packages of economic stimulus to salvage the economy because of it. So, the sentiment is understandable. However, the Ugandan republic is already heavily indebted and every single development project of late is covered by debts and debt relief. Not like its sustainable to take up nearly USD 200 million to suddenly boost a dying economy.

Here’s the quotes:

The low activity in industry and services sectors will result into loss of jobs further leading to a decline in economic growth and an increase in the level of poverty. The number of people that could be pushed into poverty is estimated at approximately 780, 000” (STATEMENT ON THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF COVID.19 ON UGANDA,, 19.03.2020).

To deal with the financing gap in the Government budgets for FY 2019/20 and FY 2020/21, my Ministry will seek for a budget support loan on concessional terms worth US$ 100 million for FY2019/20 and US$ 90 million for FY202021 from the World Bank” (STATEMENT ON THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF COVID.19 ON UGANDA,, 19.03.2020).

It’s seems like they have the perfect cover for rising debt. They need to do something, because lots of industries are shut-down or silenced by the lack of tourism and foreign exchange. Also, the diaspora is hit and can therefore, not remit enough funds to boost the economy either.

The MoFPED really want to stain the economy more. To quote the IMF:

““Rising debt puts more strain on the budget as more resources need to be allocated for interest payments. One shilling paid for debt service is one shilling less going to a school or a health clinic. The current ratio of interest payments to revenue is comparable to what countries with high risk or in debt distress typically face” (IMF – ‘Uganda’s Economic Outlook in Six Charts’ 09.05.2019).

By borrowing close to USD 200 million is really pushing the envelope. As the interests needs to be served, the grace period might be short, as the state of finances across the board is souring. Therefore, the state will not get to favourable terms with this. The World Bank also has all other states begging for funds and possible grants to push the set-back of the pandemic. Not like Uganda is the only one crying out loud and applying for money.

This money will not be free money, but tainted money. This sort of funds is needed, because the state wasn’t planned nor had the capacity to have a rainy-day fund. The Petroleum Fund has already been raided and therefore, couldn’t come in handy now. This is the mismanagement, your already in a negative spiral with more and more loans. This is just adding two more and they are big. That will cost in the long run. It might salvage today and tomorrow. However, it will scar the next generation. Unless, someone is forgiving like these entities was in the early 1990s. Before the state again took up huge loans to cover deficits.

This is just the way it is now. Not a good look. Understandable in the growing crisis. However, that shouldn’t undercut the possible pain it will bring in the future. Save the day, but cause more harm tomorrow. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Enforcement Mechanisms by Police Against the Corona Virus (20.03.2020)

Bank of Uganda: Measures to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 (20.03.2020)

A Second Supplementary Budget for 2019/20: Additional 462bn to classified expenditure

Keith Muhakanizi, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury wrote a letter to the Parliament asking for a second supplementary budget for 2019/2020. This he did on the 28th February 2020. This time, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) is asking for an additional Ushs 662.337 billion.

The President is getting Ushs. 35,218 billion for Classified Expenditure. Since, the paperwork says nothing about it. It is either for his security or to fill his pocket. Because, putting into a account like this, open up a bunch of can of worms. This could even be spending for preparations for the General Election of 2021. Paying the ghetto children or another Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) campaign. We don’t know, but can only speculate, as his not buying a new jet plane nor buying new cars to his close family.

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is getting Ushs. 400 billion for yet another classified expenditure. Who knows if this goes to Gen. Salim Selah or the Special Force Command. Even if this is going to war-games of Philemon Mateke. We got no idea, as it is just specified as classified. It could go into buying more ammunition, tear-gas or even anti-riot equipment ahead of the 2021 elections. We cannot know, since the state doesn’t specify.

Ahead of an election, as there are plenty of things happening. This is a clear message. Even as the next budget will be really constrained by it. The budget of 2020/21 will prove it. If you calculate, you see I only looked into one piece of the supplementary budget. However, it is huge hunk of it. The load of the budget goes there. Not elsewhere.

While for instance, the run-away maids in Abu Dhabi only get Ush. 300 million shillings in comparison. That shows the priorities for instance. I just took one random thing on the 4 page list made by MoFPED. It still show the priorities of the state. Peace.

The Cable Guy: The missing piece to why the Police Force couldn’t solve crimes

It seems like there is a reason why the Police Force cannot solve crimes. All along they never hired Jim Carrey or ‘The Cable Guy’ from 1996. He should really help the detectives, the police officers and every other agency in the Republic to solve the criminal activities there. His needed and that quickly.

This is since, the Police Force has claimed, when they get to study the tapes of the murder scenes and places where crimes where committed. They would able to solve these crimes. However, now as the murders are a week old and some are even older than that. Then, they are putting out a statement, that power outage and disruptions in fibre cables is the reason for their lack of possible leads.

Like, this is now UMEME Limited and Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) fault, they are too blame for the power outages. While the National Information Technology Authority (NITA) and National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e-Government Infrastructure (NBI/ EGI) is to blame for the bad fibre optic cables, which is also causing issues for the CCTV cameras.

It is like its a acronym jungle, where the Police Force (UPF) is lost together with Internal Security Organization (ISO), the Flying Squad and the Cheiftain of Military Intelligence (CMI). Who knows whose else is missing. Because, the UMEME, UETCL, NITA and NBI/EGI is all screwing up. I am sure someone there, they can need the service of the Cable Guy.

They surely seems to need him now. If not, the Police Force wouldn’t come with a statement like this. Where they are pleading to the public, like a school-kid who couldn’t finish their homework on time and blaming the dog for eating the assignment. Because, that what they did. Instead, as professionals call the technician. Or is it their plea to get money so they can get service on their operation? Do the Police Force need supplementary funds and more funds for upkeep?

Seemingly, the UMEME, UETCL, NITA and NBI/EGI should be offended, but also defend their craft. We know the UMEME has often outages, but the Police Force should be able to cover tapes, angles and have safety batteries in their operational CCTV cameras. In this day and age, even fire-alarms and other installations like that has alarms that has batteries that last for days even without electricity. That is if, the state and its producers has built a well-functioning system. Especially, considering the knowledge of the common cold or the common black-outs.

That is really the magic trick here. It is a reason why many fuel power-generators to keep the business humming, even when the black-outs are appearing on the skyline and awaiting for the return of the Dark Knight. However, the Police Force isn’t prepared for villains nor heroes. Only to be silently idle and await their next happy hour.

That is why they are lonely and need a friend like the Cable Guy to save the day. He might even cover them with a free cable to save the next coming crime. Because, you invited him and befriended. He needs a companion and who better, than the lost in darkness, Police officers in the Republic. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: CCTV Failures due to Disruptions in Fibre Optic Cables and Power Outages (02.03.2020)

Part II: No ballot will beat Museveni, but a revolution would

We just have to patiently wait… since there is no sense to believe that the ballot will bring down Museveni. It will not… If you thought to, sorry, but not sorry. That is how I ended the last piece on this subject and therefore, I start from where I finished off last time.

Since, there is something that need to be stated here. Is that Dr. Kizza Besigye have given the needed guidelines for a public destruction of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and a peaceful transfer of power. However, this seems still to be forgotten. Like he never did or even tried to get it across.

He called it defiance or an awaking campaign, like in July 2017 he stated this:

The following needs to be done to terminate the Junta’s control of our country:

1) Intensify the “awakening campaign”, for most Ugandans to become active in the processes of achieving a transition. Everyone has a role to play in achieving this.

2) Forming activist networks to make it possible to act together and to be coordinated.

3)Everyone seeking a democratic transition should take deliberate actions, individually or in concert with others to disempower and break down the Junta. Each one’s actions, however small, contribute significantly towards the desired change.

4) Public servants, including those in the security and military are called upon to join the struggle for democratic transition.

5) In coordination with other political and civil society formations, we’ll soon start various activities that will disempower and bring the, now fragile, Junta to an end” (Dr. Kizza Besigye, 11.07.2017).

This five points has to followed, it is a deliberate attempt of forming a people’s revolution against the government and the state. This is the action that needs to be done. Because, through the General Election of 2021. It doesn’t matter if the public are either voting for Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine or Kizza Besigye. The results will be in favour of President Museveni with a flick of his finger.

That is why, the ballot is worthless. The whole state is rigged in favour of man and his orders. There is no other way to change this. The people need to use their power, their feet and their voices. The army cannot contain them all, neither can all the police officers. All of them will be overpowered by the people, as long as they revolt and does it steadily.

They got to use their weapon of civil disobedience, their weapon isn’t compliance or trying to follow the rules. The rules are only made to stifle and hurt the voices of the public. That has been proven again and again. While Bobi Wine cannot do an consultation, neither can the FDC celebrate their 15 years. Today, Evelyn Anite could campaign with rallies in her Koboko today. The same week the President and his soldiers killed people leaving funerals in connection with the opposition leaders. That shows that these games are rigged and no mercy at all.

That is why an election is not real at this point. The public will not be listened too. The ballot is a waste, the polls are just for show and the results are just for validation of the President. There is nothing else too it.

Unless, there is a real will for change. Unless, there is a real structure and will, the status quo will continue. Unless, the state kills the wrong person, unless the state suffocates the public space to a level, which a small move will make it spark. These sort of things happens and suddenly the leadership looses control.

However, there is a need of will… that will power has to come from the public. That is a revolution. That is the will of a peaceful transition with a push to end the dictator and his regime. Unless, that happens. There will be more bloodshed, be more pain and hurt. There will be more tears and fear, more intimidation and also striking indifference to all the ones suffering. As the elite is eating, the foreign investors are looting and the armed forces are settling the score.

The only this will change is listening to the mind of Besigye. However, don’t anticipate it. They have been able to get away with it since 1986. So, the NRM seems to be able to pull it of yet another term. Unless, there is a will… Peace.

Opinion: No ballot will beat Museveni

If you’re patiently waitin’ to make it through all the hatin’

Debatin’ whether or not you can even weather the storm

As you lay on the table, they operatin’ to save you

It’s like an angel came to you, sent from the heavens above” – Eminem on 50 Cent’s – ‘Patiently Waiting’ (2003)

This here will be short and brief as possible. There are just so many ways you can say the same thing and publish similar content. However, I does this as people are gearing for voter registration and election road map for the General Election of 2021. Thinking there will be possible changes in the Republic by forcing another election.

I hate to break it to you. If you don’t know, you will know now. That President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and National Resistance Movement (NRM) cannot be beaten though elections at this point. That is impossible. It has to be godly intervention, of a demigods or simply a divine invention. Which would change government and head of state. However, we will be lucky if God intervenes and uses his will to give way to others. Nevertheless, we can pray, but don’t anticipate that he will answer us. Since he has given way to Museveni since 1986 and we just have to patiently wait.

That is why, the man whose appointed everyone since the 1980s. Who has kicked the army into gear. Who has the all the intelligence operations, configured the laws and owns the state. The President who micro-manage every single thing and deal with foreign investors. The man who runs it all through decrees and presidential handshakes. Will not be brought down by an election. He will not risk it in a fair fight. He never will, he doesn’t have the courage or the balls to do it.

He will use fear, intimidation and rig it to oblivion. The NRM, the government of Uganda and Museveni. Will spend money on the elections like it is no tomorrow. Pay off friends, enemies and even some foreign strangers, to legitimize and secure another term. There will be usage of all tricks within electoral malpractices. There will be extensive force against dissidents and civilians who dares to stop him. They will face the brutality and force, which should be used to enemies, which would plan to invade the Republic. Instead it is used against their own, as they are not loyal to the President and his cause. Himself.

The ballots will be boiled, cooked, screwed and manipulated. No matter who you vote for, it will be configured to fit the narrative that the President needs. He will have the Parliamentary majority. He will have a big win over the other presidential candidates. All of them will fall like dominoes.

The numbers will not make sense, the voter registry and the Return Form for Declaration of Results. Which will be differing from polling stations and the final results of any given district. As there is never any clear guidance and the sense of it all, as the gerrymandering and the curving out districts out of sub-counties will create even more a headache of how its supposed to be.

This is all made to ensure the President and his men. The royal court and his loyalists buddies, will all be greatly provided for and secure a seat at court. There is no way in hell, that anyone will kick him out. Unless, the army goes against him and get tired of paid cents on the dollar. That they are tired of killing their own, silencing and intimidating their neighbours. Because, at some point the generals, the lieutenants and everyone else will act on a righteous cause.

We just have to patiently wait… since there is no sense to believe that the ballot will bring down Museveni. It will not… If you thought to, sorry, but not sorry. Peace.

Bank of Uganda: Monetary Policy Statement for February 2020 (13.02.2020)

Opinion: Apparently, a bribe isn’t a bribe according to High Court Justice Bashaija

Presidential Handshake: “A letter from the President that designate unsolicited funds to civil servants as areward” or as a “handshake”, which by some is deemed as an “error of judgement”, but not defined as a bribe. Even if it looks like a bribe and smells like a bribe” (Minbane – ‘Presidential Handshake’ Definition, 2020).

I don’t know what goes through some people’s mind, I don’t if Kampala High Court Justice Andrew Bashaija is trying to be the devils advocate or something. But the news in the Independent Magazine on the Saturday 15th February 2020 titled: “Court clears ‘presidential handshake’ beneficiaries”. Where the article states this about the judgement made on the Friday 14th February 2020: “Justice Andrew Basahaija ruled on Friday that the recommendations of the committee were illegal and said the orders of the committee “be removed from public orders and should not be implemented.” He said he didn’t find anything wrong with the officials who received the money” (Independent Magazine, 16.02.2020).

We can really see that a Justice, a man who judges on the basis of the law are able to make it legal to steal, thieving and directly eat out of the state coffers without any consequence. Instead throwing the book at the ones doing oversight of the state, the MPs and the COSASE Committee who worked on the case and looked into the shady 6 billion shillings “Presidential Handshake”. Clearly, the state has its benefactors, maybe even the Justice is awaiting his handshake in the future. Because something is up, when your making these sort of deals legal.

It’s like this part of the COSASE report was dismissed without merit:

As a follow up to the H.E. the President’s letter of 16th November, 2015, the Commissioner General of URA wrote to the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to Treasury (PS/TS) in a letter dated 11th December, 2015 (App. B6) requesting him to formally designate her as accounting Officer through whom the reward would be paid and to formally requisition for the UGX 6,000,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Six Billions Only)” (…) “The Commissioner General, as advised and in a letter dated 5th May 2016 (App. B8) sought authority from the Hon. Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to reallocate UGX. 6 Billion (Uganda Shillings Six Billion Only) from URA Tax Refund Account to URA Expenditure Account so that the 42 Public Officers could be paid and suggested that a supplementary to URA for that amount to be considered and handled by the Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development did not grant this authority. However, by letter dated 19th October, 2016 (App. B10) he requested the Auditor General to issue an audit warrant for UGX 6 Billion” (COSASE, P: 10-11, 2017).

It’s like the whole deal is left in the wind by the Justice himself. That this sought of transaction is okay, as long as the President write letters directing it. Even if it was never budgeted from, never was part of state functions and this was an direct pay-off, as the Public Officers was a part of tax battle with Tullow Oil. This case amounted in a tax victory for the state, but not for the civil servants. That’s why this “Presidential Handshake” is a bribe and envelopes given without protocol.

Like the Justice is saying COSASE report and recommendations should be implemented. With saying that it wasn’t legal what the culprits at Uganda Revenue Authority was doing, neither the President, but instead putting the blame on the people writing the report. Which is again fun-fan fiction of political science and governance. As you are again targeting the messengers and not the ones actually talking. Your aiming your guns at the ones reporting the ordeal, not the ones actually doing it. That is what the Justice is in this point is doing.

So, the state can live in denial, because the old man with the hat is directing it. That doesn’t make it illegal. But surely, if a small local councillor did this to his fellow employees. He would be meeting the State House – Anti Corruption Unit in a hot minute. But he didn’t have the blessing of the “high above” from the same State House. That is the pin-point, that makes a difference between what is legal and what is illegal.

If the King did the decree or not. If he hasn’t signed off on it, its illegal and if he does sign-off on it; then it’s legal. That is the golden rule in the Republic or the legal term of a “Presidential Handshake”.

When the state can make internal thieving legal, what else could they do with their power? I don’t want to know, but I am sure its more sinister than a 6bn shillings handshake. Peace.

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