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RDC: Declaration Politique de FCC (12.11.2019)

RDC: Communique Conjoint – A L’Occassion de la Visite d’Etat en Ouganda de Son Excellence Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, President de la Republique Democratique du Congo, 09-10 Novembre 2019

RDC: Martin Fayulu – Proposition de Sortie de Crise Post-Electoral en RDC (09.11.2019)

Opinion: The Terminator is sentenced for 30 years, the Capo is out, but what about the Don?

Bosco Ntaganda aka the Terminator was today sentenced to 30 years in prison for his crimes. However, that is not enough. It is not enough to take out the Capo or an Underboss to stop the crime. You need to take out the Don. In concern of the Terminator. The ICC and the International Community only took the Capo.

The Terminator is fine and dandy, he did his deeds and he did his bidding in the Kivu’s. He caused havocs, murder and massacre. In the wake of this, he should answer to that crime and to the lives he took and the kids he raised to be child soldiers. All of that is good, that he answers for that.

However, his handlers, the ones who gave him weapons, the ones who traded favours and ensured that the Capo could do his livelihood are walking free. The ones who gave way and let him do his deeds. Are proudly summoning people, being at international functions and continuing supporting other War-Lords in the same region.

You took out one, but there are plenty more fish. Because, the state, the ones across the border from Kivu needs the rebels, the warlords to continuing to prosper and sell looted minerals on the world market. This continues, as the spoils and exploits continues. Even as Bosco aka Terminator has to rot for 30 years in Europe.

The salvation isn’t coming, because the saviours are not there. The state are allowing this and the MONUSCO is not powerful to restrain these armed groups and militias, that has outside support and trade-routes to ensuring wealth.

If it is the Ugandan President supporting militias through Kisoro or Rwenzori mountains or the Rwandan President supporting it through Gisenyi. We just know this is happening and the world let it go on. Because, it isn’t our problem and the Coltan we need for Iphone and Samsung is getting distributed just in timely fashion anyway.

So, its fine that the Terminator is charged for the crimes committed. But its not fine, that the ones supporting the weapons, the ones earning on the exploits of him are getting away. They are walking free and getting no trouble what so ever. That’s what bugs me, but I am special that way. Peace.

RDC: Martin Fayulu – Proposition de Sorte de Crise Post-Electorale en RDC (04.11.2019)

RDC: Declaration du CEAPHO sur l’exploitation miniere a Rubaya (04.11.2019)

RDC: UDPS – Presidence du Parti – Le President – La date du 12 Novembre Journee Speciale de la Base de L’UDPS (31.10.2019)

RDC: Communique Officiel du Ministere des Mines (31.10.2019)

RDC: Ministere des Affaires Foncieres – Objet: Informations me parvenues par voie des resaux sociaux de voitre lettren 510/MRM410/KIAM//CAB/VPM/MIN/J&GS/2019 (02.11.2019)

RDC: Mouvement de Liberation du Congo (M.L.C) – Communique Officiel (31.10.2019)

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