Opinion: Would we ever see an Army Commander in the High Command from the North?

It would have been a sign of reconciliation and leaving the grievances of the past, if the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Government of Uganda (GoU) had promoted or made an Army Commander from the Northern Regions. That would have been a message and a resounding one.

I tend to not get emotional or get attached, but there are certain things that would be significant and prove that there is no tribalism or ethnic reasons for the choices made today. Because, right now the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and the High Command is filled with Westerns and the ones aligned to the tribes surrounding the Presidency. That is just a mere fact and nothing can overshadow that. The same with the leadership of the Uganda Police Force (UPF). Yes, northerns has gotten plum-offices and appointed into high offices politically. However, it haven’t happened in the army and it shows.

I don’t know if Museveni hold grudges or deep resentment. This could be personal to him and he only trust his own “kind”. Even if he says he speaks ill of tribalism and sectarianism. Still, he professes to that in certain aspects of life. That’s why only certain areas has high ranking officials and has the option to be promoted into the High Command of the Army or the Ministry of Defence. It will not be someone from Lango, Acholi or the West Nile. Forget if you are from Apac or Pader for that matter. If you are from Gulu, Lira or Arua. Well, you will not get far in the army and can only be a foot-soldier. You will never reach the ranks or be in the mix for prestige. That’s beholden others by blood or by association. If not that they are coming from right areas of the West and can be pleasing to the UPDF.

That’s how it looks like… I can understand if Museveni has some distrust and lack of empathy. However, the prolonged war in the North. Has cost him and the his areas lots of damage. Yes, the UPDF was able to send Lord Resistance Army (LRA) packing and it is now in exile. However, that war happened because of the choices and the distrust between the “south” and the “north”. Which isn’t strange, as the North had the influence and the Presidency until Museveni came along. Obote and Amin was from the North and their commanders came from there as well.

Museveni has in some regards done the same. He trust his own and chosen this path. Why I am wondering now is that it’s years since peace came to the North. The threats are gone and the lives moves on. The High Command and the UPDF wouldn’t be endangered by a Northerner in the ranks. I think it would be a friendly reminder of how things has changed. That the North and the South can fight together and secure the sovereignty of the Republic. It could be the message and not only appoint northern technocrats to run Ministries or be Speakers of the House. No, give them power where it matters and allow them to deploy guns. That would have been a powerful message and been a proof of the non-sectarianism that Museveni professes too.

Alas, we know Museveni won’t budge or do this. He needs token soldiers and loyal commanders. Certainly, he has issues with it and wouldn’t give way. Some say the idea of Gen. Moses Ali is a proof that he has a broad coalition and allies in the North. Well, Gen. Moses Ali was able to get a deal and has been ally of Museveni ever since. Therefore, that isn’t the same as what I am requesting or hoping will happen.

The UPDF and the Ministry of Defence needs representation. These organizations needs to show all parts of the nation and have leaders from across the spectrum. That is needed, especially if Museveni wants to be unifying and speak with a sincere voice. Unless, he just wants to lie and only does so to please donors. I would certainly believe that and it would make sense. Actually, it would make a lot of dollars and pay of the expenditure of his State House.

I know it would be a shocker to see someone from the Great North appointed or promoted to the High Command. However, it would be a sign of goodwill and of change. That it isn’t a battle between the North and the South. No, that it’s a collective and a nation for all. Peace.

Sudan: Museveni’s simple remedy of the conflict…

This afternoon, I chaired the 1156th virtual meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council, on the situation in Sudan. As I had reiterated earlier, Sudan does not belong to the army or the RSF, it belongs to the People and therefore I call upon the immediate cessation of hostilities to allow the people elect their leaders. This business of how to integrate armies is not new, we have done it in many parts of Africa including here in Uganda, it cannot be the reason for starting such a devastating war” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (27.05.2023).

It had to be the likes of Museveni who comes with the solution. The easy solution and the one that staring you right in the eye. Not like the Sudanese people doesn’t know or is bothered by it. They are the ones that bleeding and living under the mercy of the guns.

President Museveni is bold when he says it with such ease. A man who took power the guns and never left his hand of the trigger. Museveni wouldn’t have risen through the ranks or gotten to where he is today, if it wasn’t for guns and ammunition. That’s why it’s rich of him of talking cessation of hostilities and elect their leaders.

Yes, the people should elect their leaders and that was the cause or reason for the Sudanese Revolution. A revolution that the Transitional Military Council and the Army Commanders has hijacked for their benefits. While getting rid of their former master and the party that he ran. Therefore, it is easy pickings for Museveni to say – “you should just elect leaders”.

The Sovereign Council and the mandate it got was to ensure the military would lead the way to civilian government. The current army commanders couldn’t even ensure a temporary time with a civilian led Sovereign Council and possible more technocrats in office. No, they had to overthrow that and again steer the nation.

That’s why we are here today and the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces are fighting to conquer and overcome the other military fraction. They are not in it for democratic principals or ideals of civilian led government. These people are in it for power, prosperity and individual gratification. Therefore, Al-Burhan and Hemeti will benefit of the outcome, and the victor will enjoy all of the spoils of war.

This is why Museveni knows perfectly well what ambition and seeking to overthrow his enemies. That is what he did since his FRONASA days. Museveni has been scheming since the 1970s and under the reign of Idi Amin. Museveni was busy toppling leaders and installing himself as the overlord until 1986. He was so busy doing so and did with success, which is why his still in office today.

That’s why reading the words of Museveni is baffling. Museveni dares to simplify it. Not like the Resistance Councils or the Civil Society haven’t said it before. The opposition and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) has said it too. The Sudanese Professional Association has spoken it’s peace too. So, Museveni is just preaching to the choir.

Everyone know this is the answer. The parties involved knows it too, but they want more and fast. They are in a bitter conflict to enrich and enlarge their resources. They are battling to undermine and get rid of the last obstacle. That’s what they are doing. It is a way to silence and consolidate power within the ranks. This is why they are fighting and they are hoping the other party slips, lose faith and hope. Just so it can end the other party and crown themselves king.

Museveni knows that part very well. That is exactly what he did and the skulls of Luweero is a symbol of his war. The prolonged war in the North is another testimony to what he was willing to do. Just so he could consolidate and settle grievances with his enemies. Museveni even continued his wars and conflict into Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, Museveni isn’t the guy to speak of peace. When he has earned all his political capital through war. Museveni has earned it or profited of peace. No, that isn’t in him and we all know that. Peace.

Opinion: Kyambadde don’t want to be in the wind…

The likes of Amalie Kyambadde are used to be close and have vast influence in her office. That’s why being a Senior Presidential Advisor on Industry since the 2021 is daft to her. However, she chose this path and lost her elected role after 10 years in Parliament.

When you play the game, you either win or lose. That’s how it goes, and MPs are automatically elected or selected, unless they are the sole-candidate, and no other party is fielding in the same constituency. Therefore, Kyambadde was humbled after being in Cabinet and in Parliament for a decade.

She should have followed the advice of her master. The one that she served and kept secrets for. Kyambadde been the Personal or Private Secretary to the President since 1986 and worked close with him since 1997. So, when she decided to go out galivanting into an elective role. She should have known that it could cost, and the constituents could send you packing, which they did…

We know that she had massive influence and could keep the President distant from people in the years as his secretary. She must surely feel totally out of the loop. Now that she only has a marginal role and salary. Kyambadde is just one of a “100” Presidential Advisors, and they tend to only meet to be enlighten by His Excellency every blue moon. So, she isn’t as relevant or within the realm of power as she used too.

It wasn’t surprising to read or hear that she was dismissing the person who won over her in 2021. That was to be expected and that she would retaliate with harsh words. She got too and say something to sound like a viable candidate. However, will the constituents by into it?

Because she was in Parliament for 10 years and did, she do so much for them? Well, I don’t have the answer, but certainly that is questionable. Alas, she can only sway as much her swing as she wants too.

While it is a hard bargain to try to return now. The only thing she can hope for is help from the “high above” and settle the scores locally. There was a reason why she didn’t get a third time in Parliament. The people hadn’t seen or heard much from her. It is arrogant to think you are duty bound to be there. However, knowing that she was a staple in the State House.

She surely must feel entitled and that’s what she does. Kyambadde is victim of her own whim and arrogance. This is a mere reflection of her character. The reason why she is a Presidential Advisor and still at-large. Is because of her connection not only through the family of Kuteesa, but also her longevity in the State House. That’s the reason why she still matters and the secrets she knows.

The President has confided and trusted her in the past. Certainly, Kyambadde knows more than most. If someone knows the inner-works and the inner-circle it’s her. She has not only knowledge, but first-hand experience with it. Therefore, it is no surprise that she wants back and wants the perks coming with it. Peace.

Opinion: The unanswered questions about the raid of Maluku house No. 49…

“The Amin history is actually very simple: What led Uganda police to this house back in 1973? Whom did police find plotting the kidnap of Amin officials here? And right after the mysterious disappearance of Ben Kiwanuka, Frank Kalimuzo, Basil Bataringaya and others in the three months leading to this incident, who was the gang planning to murder next when they were discovered in this hideout on January 22nd 1973? Additionally, in his book ‘The Guardian Angel’, Mr. Arnold Bisaase who was with the group in Daresalaam hatching these abduction missions, narrated how they drafted a hitlist of amin government officials and elites that they would assassinate once the group infiltrated in Uganda. That list was found at the house in Maluku estate after the shoot out” (Mr. Lumumba Amin – ‘IDI AMIN HISTORY: CROSSFIRE AT HOUSE 49, MALUKU HOUSING ESTATE’ 30.12.2020).

There are certain tales that is never answered. Most likely because the ones involved either is deceased or their stories are neglected to be told. We have only a few accounts plus the ones that is amplified. There is a reason why one story and one vision is amplified. That’s because his journey and his story was sold to the masses. His re-collection and narration is the one that stole the spotlight and done to make him “legendary”.

That the President and former Rebel wanted his tales to sound supreme is obvious. He wants so badly not only to be beloved, but also feared. The President wants his way to power to legitimized and vilify anyone who opposed him. That’s why the stories are made into a fashion where he is the hero, and the others are the enemies. This is the gist of things. That’s why it’s hard to believe what is fact and what is fiction. Certainly, there are aspects where the President will be truthful, but a lot of time’s either hide the fact or twist it in his favour. Therefore, it isn’t that easy, and it isn’t becoming easier as it 50 years ago since it happened.

In addition to Lumumba Amin’s story. Here is what I found about it…

Those who have read President Yoweri Museveni’s book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, will remember the deep appreciation the President accords to the man lying before us this afternoon. In one of the sections of the book, President Museveni explained how one day in January 1973, hon. Maumbe Mukhwana’s home, house No. 49 in Maluku Housing Estate in Mbale, acted as a stage for a deadly battle between the freedom fighters and the Amin soldiers. The bloody fight in which some of President Yoweri Museveni’s comrades died at the hands of the Amin soldiers eventually emboldened the entire movement to intensify its efforts to uproot that dictatorship. Madam Speaker, we have fond memories of those early years of the struggle and Maumbe’s contribution, wisdom and counsel. As President Yoweri Museveni wrote, on January 22 1973 he travelled to Mbale in the company of Martin Mwesigwa and Wukwu Kazimoto Mpima to check on the camps. Little did they know that Amin’s intelligence had spotted the camp. One of Maumbe’s cousins wanted to spite him for refusing to give him some cigarettes; so, he reported to the authorities that there were some guerrillas in the area. Fortunately, Maumbe learnt of the betrayal and evacuated the group to the mountain before Amin’s soldiers arrived. You can imagine what would have happened had he not acted in time” (Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda – Parliament of Uganda – Hansard, 02.03.2017).

“I am surprised that when he [President Museveni] was referring to the events, he asserts that he was the only one who got out of the house alive, forgetting me; yet we spent 30 minutes together in cordial conversation in the house before the attack,” Mr Bukeni said in an interview with Sunday Monitor this week. When this newspaper reached out to Maumbe’s widow, Elizabeth, to corroborate the assertions by Mr Bukeni, she said: “I know him [Bukeni], but I am not at ease to speak about the events of that day. Please don’t make me cry now.” The President, while recounting the events at Bungokho Sub-county in Mbale District during the burial of the late Maumbe last week, among other things, said he was the only fighter who left the house alive after his two comrades –Martin Mwesiga and Kazimoto – were shot dead at the house” (Daily Monitor – ‘New details emerge, contradict Museveni Mbale escape story’ 11.03.2017).

“Museveni wrote that having been captured from inside the house, he jumped over the hedge and ran away from his captors. Did the man jump over the hedge and run away from his captors if you remember? I ask Otwabe. “Which hedge?” he wonders. “That is what he said? Me, I did not see the man [Museveni] jumping over the hedge.” According to Otwabe, Like a film star acting as a commando, Museveni burst out of the besieged Maumbe house No49 and ran directly into a crowd which had gathered out to see what was going on in the neighbourhood” (Daily Monitor – ‘I chased Museveni: I nearly captured him’ 25.04.2015).

As we see, the story of the “Mustard Seed” is contested, and eyewitnesses are telling another story than the President. This possibly means that he altered the story or made it more “legendary”. That wouldn’t be shocking because Museveni wants to look divine and unique in every way possible.

We are seeing Bukeni and Otwabe saying their testimonies which differs from the ones Museveni is telling. They are both saying it happen differently from him. You know there is more to the story than what His Excellency says. Especially, when you take into the account of Amin intelligence and the possible Hit-List, which was in the No. 49. That means the people belonging to Museveni had schemes and plans of how to overthrow Amin. That house was a place where Museveni met fellow rebels and plans to make a liberation war to oust Amin. Therefore, what was happening here was directly treasonous and a way of toppling a sitting regime.

You know your in trouble when people leak your whereabouts and the authority’s come’s knocking. They didn’t just come knocking but packing heat. These soldiers came with intention and with what schemes that was going on. We cannot blame them and especially when they were serving their current master. They where only following their commander and reporting to duty as they should. The men Museveni was aligned with was seditious and acting in treason. Therefore, the lethal means are with a purpose, even if the Amin government should have acted with a softer touch. Instead of firing of guns and killing them.

One day the truth will come out and no one will be afraid to spill the beans. It might be too late by then. Since the ones who was alive and can re-collect the attack will be gone. That’s what is tragic here, because we can nearly only hear one-side and that side is made beneficial for the current victor. Peace.

Opinion: The GoU needs an additional 3 trillion shilling to cover for a shortfall only lasting for 38 days..

The government has tabled loan requests of up to UGX 3 trillion to finance the remaining days of the Financial Year 2023- 2024. However, legislators are questioning why the government is choosing to use Kenyan street money lender Amarog Capital Limited over established financial institutions” (NBS Television, 24.05.2023).

I remember a little time ago when the National Resistance Movement and their apologists was asking for financial education or if Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine knew how “fiscal responsibility” worked. That is a long forgotten time, because the reckless spending is a habit.

The Government of Uganda, the NRM is now adding more public debt and they are not doing it from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) or any other multi-national financial institution. No, they seeking lone from another sort of institution. Meaning the terms, the conditions and the possible interest rates might be worse. Secondly, there will be no relief or no sort of awaiting maturity of the loan either. Meaning it is possible that the burn-rate and the responsibility of repayment comes “sooner” than “later”.

It is surely showing how badly things are operating. Not that his is anything new. We know the State is misusing funds and lacks good oversight. There is a reason why so much funds are ending up missing or misappropriated. That for a reason and done on purpose.

Money doesn’t have owners, but it has spenders said a fictional character in the Wire called Omar Little. His so damn right about it too. The State doesn’t expenditure but a vast money-pit. It can invent money and it can also borrow money without any consideration of the future. The domestic revenue isn’t growing, but the government debt is. The deficit financing is filled with burdens and problems ahead. This is a self-inflicted wound and sooner or later it will cripple the whole economy. Because, the state is borrowing not to build fancy institutions or industries, no it borrows to function it’s day-to-day operations. That’s what it does and the additional fees will pile up. There is no promise that the creditors will be forgiving or concerned about the nation. No, when the Republic starts to default. The creditors will take assets and future liabilities, which will generate them some revenue. While the state loses vital infrastructure and resources, which is bound by agreements and by loan deals made long ago.

That’s why an additional 3 trillion shillings for merely a month is a travesty. It is a waste of funds. Not only that the state needs this before the next Financial Year of 2023/24. That they are doing it and so blatantly. They are just seeking “free” money to spend like drunk sailors…

Seriously, this is messed up. They are granting themselves a lot of money and it has no sort of transparency behind it. That’s why it’s easy money and they hope the lenders don’t mind the mismanagement and lack of accountability. It is just the game the NRM and the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development does. We have seen it countless of times before and the reasons for it is ridiculous. The manner of paying additional electricity at the State House or get more classified budgets for the State House and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). That’s just what they do and it’s getting old.

Deficit financing is never a good idea. It is an evil cycle and sooner or later the credit will run out. The old loans will default and no one wants to carry the load for you. Then the whole house of cards fails and the markets crash. That is just a matter of time and the state continue like this… unless they have a secret kryptonite to destroy the ageing debts. Peace.

Opinion: The Son-In-Law is becoming the Coffee-Tsar…

It’s morning in Baltimore, Lester. Wake up and smell the coffee” – Lt. Cedric Daniels (The Wire S4E11, 2006).

Government is under the spotlight for allocating Shs37 billion to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development, an agency headed by the president’s son-in-law. Mr Odrek Rwabwogo is supposed to spend this money on ‘coffee value chain, export, and industrial development promotion’, but the manner of the allocation raised suspicions in Parliament last week.” (Franklin Draku – ‘MPs query Shs37b allocation to Rwabwogo-led committee’ 23.05.2023, Daily Monitor).

Who knew? Well, in the Republic everything is possible. Especially if you are well connected or have ties with His Excellency. That’s why the Son-In-Law Odrek Rwabwogo even is getting a budget post and a fancy agency to run.

While it is striking, just like the Coffee Agreement with Pinetti. The whole saga of the Coffee Processing Plant and the Monopoly of it. This is now pushed further within the realm of the family and the President. It is like they are seeking all the profits from the cash-crop and commodity.

The republic already have an institution doing what Odrek is supposed to do. This was started early in the reigns of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). That was enacted back in 1991 just mere years into the “transitional” period of the regime. This is the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) with the mandate: “To increase quality coffee production, productivity, value addition, marketing and consumption”. If you feel it similar to the memo to the son-in-law, because it is a copy. Just more modern lingo with the “coffee value chain, export, and industrial development promotion”. The rest is the gist of it and more of the same.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development will now compete with the UCDA. Which is already in competition with the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). There are so many players and duplications in the Republic it is hard to keep up. Now the PACEID is competing directly with the UCDA and partly with the UIA too.

The Vinci Agreement just shows how the state plays and does its own bidding. Now the son-in-law is getting a slice of the pie too. That’s how it looks like. It feels a like a new day and we are smelling the fruits of others people’s labour.

This is making the son-in-law doing something someone is already doing. It isn’t enhancing or bettering the industry. No, this is a pay-day and a small heist. Because, he will not take the place of the UCDA or UIA. No, the son-in-law is just an extension and a useless addition. A bountiful receiver from the public coffers, but it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

It doesn’t matter that the son-in-law has no skill-set, education or proof that his experienced to do this. Well, it should, but in this case it don’t. The only thing that did matter was his close proximity to the President and that was it.

We are smelling the bitter coffee. A man that couldn’t easily differentiate between robusta or arabica is now becoming a Coffee Tsar. That’s the reality here. The head honcho of coffee beans and he knows squat about it.

This is how the President runs the nation and it shows how little he actually cares. Peace.

Uganda: Uganda Medical Association (UMA) – Press Release (21.05.2023)

Opinion: Mzee isn’t a voice of reason…

Many of the people who are being urged to be patient for two years are buckling under the weight of a very high cost of living. Most of them can hardly put a decent meal on the table or meet the costs of education, healthcare, utilities and rent. It must, therefore, hurt that provisions are being made for a makeover of the President’s wardrobe when so many people are really struggling. Parliament has not listened to the voices of the masses. This, therefore, calls for the intervention of the person for whom we are providing; he does not need the provisions. Only his voice can help end such wasteful expenditure” (Daily Monitor – Editorial – ‘Museveni’s voice required to end wasteful expenditure’ 21.05.2023).

I don’t know what the Editor of Daily Monitor thought when he or she wrote today’s piece. However, to say it is utter garbage is just a mere fact. The ideals and the thought that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni would be the voice of reason in 2023 is absurd.

To believe that a man who has built a vast entourage, duplicated institutions and created a bloated government. Will ever… ever ever… be concerned about public expenditure. A man who needs confidential budget post and lack of oversight. A man who spends money like no tomorrow and hope that someone else will capture the fiscal shortfall. That he can either get a donor or a loan to cover the deficits.

Therefore, reading this text… how naive are you? Have you seen how many districts that has been created since 1986? Have you seen how many MPs that been added in the recent years?

Or have you missed that or isn’t obvious to the fact. It isn’t connected and part of the plot. That a man has created government units, institutions and commissions that are cross-checking each other. While his busy eating, investing and ensuring the future of his own grand-kids. Seriously, the proof is in the pudding.

That’s why the State House and the Office of the President got vast funds. This is why the UPDF and Ministry of Defence has massive budgets. That’s why the Police Force is well funded. Because, if the security detail isn’t paid and isn’t in order. Well, then the grand corruption and the heist of the state cannot continue on the “low”. It is low hanging fruits, but certainly edible.

Only his voice can help end such wasteful expenditure” (Daily Monitor, 21.05.2023).

He will come with words of fire and fury, but it won’t amount to anything. That’s why we are seeing thieves getting away, but the pickpockets are lingering behind bars. The President knows and he knows of various of schemes. He knows who is “investing” and who is “benefiting”. It is his system after all. Therefore, believing this man will be a reasonable dude in 2023… Please… get your mind correct. Please and do it fast.

Enough nonsense. The 1986 brigade got enough “yes-men” and paid microphones to defend its cause. I didn’t think I would see that in the Daily Monitor. However, that is where we are. This piece belong in the New Vision. Not in the Daily Monitor… Peace.

Opinion: Mzee’s reckless spending spree

The Minority Report of the National Budget for 2023/24 is out. Not that it’s shocking or anything. It is just showing how the President and his inner-circle is spending money like there is no tomorrow. While the state is busy borrowing funds and lacking domestic revenue. You would think the President who often speaks of moderation and use within your means would live within those words.

Alas, that is not the case. The President has a massive portfolio. The Office of the President and the State House are two bloated out units. They are Ministries in themselves and has far out reach of the buildings, which they are supposed to reside.

Yes, the State House isn’t only functioning as a residence and as a ceremonial grounds. No, the Office of the President and the State House budgets is an inner-cabinet in itself. It is a wild beast that breeds on everyone else. That’s why the billions upon billions of shillings are spent there.

That’s why Museveni needs vast budgets for vehicles, furnitures and clothes. He doesn’t need to beg and his salary is maybe “scraps” but the budgets for his office or home is lavish. The President can live like a King on those terms. People can defend and say this is well spent resources.

I am sure the Senior Presidential Advisors and the Units of the State House appreciate the spending. They are benefiting for the wealth and usage of funds. Also with the “classified” and “donations” budgets… the President has two secret ways of fund himself and his closest associates. Because, these funds won’t be traced and can be used as he deems fit.

The Office of the President is getting 250 billion shillings in the budget year. While the State House is getting 454 billion shillings. With those two major budget post the President is spending around 700 billion shillings and that’s before the Supplementary Budgets, which we knows goes in his direction. There is always a shortfall and lack of funds, which just have to be covered in the calendar year.

Therefore, even if Museveni and his inner-circle is budgeted to get 700 billion shillings. We know they eventually would need more. Either to buy a helicopter, a plane or even pay for Muhoozi’s adventures. God knows where the money goes, but millions of shillings doesn’t go to upgrade the President’s wardrobe. His wearing the same jackets, fatigue and shirts we have seen for years. The old man isn’t a fashionista.

We know he can be on a spending spree, because he has 38 billion to the Office of the President as classified and another 120 billion to the State House. Meaning out of the 700 billions in total, there is around a 150 billions he has no oversight or no need to account for. It is all secret and he can spend where-ever he deems fit.

That should boggle your mind. The President has such a money pit and such a vast enterprise. Yes, we know he has 100s of Presidential Advisors and a huge team at the State House. His broaden the mandate and the workplace. However, spending 700 billions on it… in just one year. It is just ridiculous.

Especially coming from a man who speaks of moderation and speaks of living within the means. He is living large on the public’s dime and he clearly doesn’t care. This is his throne and the citizens got to pay for his party. Peace.

Uganda Medical Association (UMA): Open letter to His Excellency, President Yoweri K. Museveni (14.05.2023)

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