Opinion: Ruto seeks a happy ending

Deputy President William Ruto has promised to give sex workers in Mtito-Andei Ksh.1 million as start-up capital for more respectful jobs. Speaking when he visited the town on Monday, Ruto urged the sex workers to organize themselves into a SACCO, after which he will deposit the money into the SACCO. The sex workers had appealed to Ruto to speed up the ‘Hustlers Empowerment Fund’ that will enable them to switch careers venture into more respectful pursuits” (Dennis Musau – ‘DP Ruto Promises Sex Workers Ksh.1 Million’ 25.10.2021, Citizen Digital).

The Deputy President of Kenya and resilient hustler William Ruto have now pledged a million shillings to sex-workers. Clearly, people are just seeing the money is going to the oldest profession known to man-kind, except for herders and hunters.

The headline from Citizens TV or Citizen Digital makes it seems like his giving whores or sex-workers free money. However, this is to a money-saving method to pay for other opportunities. That means it is not given hands over fist. Neither has anybody done the dirty. No, this is a transaction for a proper future. It is clearly a move to make sex-workers into other professions. Alas, invest in the future and not just a nut.

People will use this against him, but actually this is a humble move by the DP. For a Christian man and a man who professes to the Bible so much. This is actually a sincere move. It could be seen as a man who wants to get laid. Apparently, that is the play against him and the jokes circulating online. However, this is actually a good approach.

Yes, Ruto is a thief, a liar and the corrupt politician of the highest order. A man who uses all means to get to the top. By all means DP Ruto deserves to be punished and mocked. Yes, he should be investigated and be criminally prosecuted for his time office. Just like all the other high ranking officials who has used their office to enrich themselves, instead of serving the public.

While this enterprise his at least doing something good or trying to. Yes, it is a quick pay-off to one certain kind of workers. This is giving one union and the unholy matrimony an opportunity to a better life. That is a noble approach to this. Not just get a load off and move on. Peac

Pastor “Mama” Janet Returns: London calling …

Today, I wanted to talk to you about “excellence” in the work we do. I wanted to call our topic for discussion “Made in England”. What does that mean you may ask? That means: the products that were / are manufactured in England which were and are still labelled “Made in England.” People in the countries so far away from England would look for those products that would have been imported to those global markets” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

This is just happening as there is a will to only sell Nile Perch fished in Lake Victoria to Europe. As that is happening. The First Lady and Minister of Education returns with another sermon. Pastor Janet Museveni cannot contain herself and must be fisherman herself apparently. So, here we go…

So what am I saying here? I am saying that it is wise and it helps to learn from one’s early life that mediocrity is expensive and burdensome because sometimes people think that it’s smart to cut costs by using less materials than is necessary. Whatever you are doing or making, whether it is furniture, or building a house, or constructing a road, if you finish that product and sell it and in a very short time it breaks down or gets spoilt, that is the last one you will ever sell because people will say it is fake, a sham and they will regret having bought it” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

Here we see here wisdom, as it is and on full display. There is no deep meaning here. Just that everyone is supposed to deliver excellence and not mediocrity. Which is very ironic, as her ministry and her government is the proof of mediocrity. To many cooks and not enough chefs. There is to many in the kitchen and nobody performing. Since, everyone is awaiting to be delegated and getting letter of approval from the His Excellency. Therefore, she is the wrong messenger for this. Mrs. Museveni should also investigate Dott Services and all the Chinese companies building roads, since they are shoddy, and their work isn’t excellence. Still, the father of the home is accepting them.

Finally, I want to add that this principle of excellence does not only work in what you produce or what you do alone, it also works in life, generally speaking. It works in the values you espouse as a person. Values of truth, kindness, patience, trustworthiness, honesty, etc. which ensure that you are a person who only says what they mean and always means what they say. This means people can trust you because you stand by what you say. You are kind to other people, and you don’t bribe people to get what you want, you are patient with your workmates when they are not the best, and you help them on their way to change until they also overcome mediocrity. That way you are excellent as a person and your work also speaks for itself. So you are a good workmate and as a rule, you will prosper” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

It is like she never seen the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their work ethic. She speaks of nice ideals, but her own cabinet, ministers and party members cannot all hold these norms dear. The NRM and the husband of Janet doesn’t follow these words. That’s why her aspirations doesn’t make sense. If she was working for a church and a congregation … that had made sense. Alas that is not the case.

Janet, have you seen and heard the stories of bribes involving your husband? Haven’t you heard corruption scandals in-connection with family members and high ranking officials within the NRM party? So, shouldn’t this lesson be heard and told at home before you go to the general public? The idea is a good one, but not a believable. Unless, you want to be a false prophet?

In conclusion, if we have a critical number of our people or skilled workers striving to be excellent workers, then whatever we produce will sell itself just like “Made in England”. Uganda will stand out in Africa because our cities will be beautiful, our roads will be excellent, our students will be excellent students of purpose and we will prosper. Our God will be glorified! How about that!” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

Yes, people should strive to deliver good products and excellence. That is all natural, but the state isn’t making the public prosper. Janet and the whole cabinet could make it possible. They could make proper policies and laws, in which the industries and the final products could be seen as excellence. However, the state is more into taxation and regulating the business than making things better. Which is ironic when the minister praises excellence.

If Janet wants things to become excellent. She needs to address the hubby and get him to direct all the national parastatals, commissions and state owned enterprises. Yoweri could easily direct some ministers and commissions his way. Just like he does with UNRA and hires some shabby Chinese Road firms and Dott Services. He could maybe get the someone else to actually hire someone good this time. Peace.

Sudan: Al-Burhan and Hemiti coup d’etat [updates!]

Today, it’s official that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) took over. They are using force. The Rapid Support Force (RSF), the Janjaweed is involved in the coup d’etat together with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). Everyone is using their power. While the civilian parts of government is either house-arrested, taking hostage or detained. Therefore, the army commanders are taking all power.

There some updates, but only reported 4 dead. While over 80 people injured is reported at the Royal Care Hospital. While we don’t know nationally or total numbers. The internet is blocked and phone-lines are jammed. The international airport in Khartoum is seized-off as well. The Sovereign Council, as we knew it is history. As the President Al-Burhan has taken all power and decided to later appoint his own technocrats in cabinet.

There is also reports that the Minawi and Jebrel is participating in the weapons against the general public. This shows that the peace-deal between the rebels and the state is working, but the rebels are not fighting for democracy… that is clear and they have no issues using force against unarmed civilians.

Sudan Central Doctors Committee: Military forces affiliated with the military coup prevent the Central Blood Bank employees from carrying out their work preparing blood for the injured. The methods of dictatorships are one and their fate is one and inevitable” (Sudan Central Doctors Committee, 25.10.2021).

Rapid Support Forces use (12.7) anti-aircraft machine guns “Dushka” against defenseless citizens in the Berri Nasser area and brutal repression in the vicinity of Airport Street” (Girifna, 25.10.2021).

There are thousands of people on the streets. As well, as the military using all means to silence the crowds. The general public isn’t in favour of the military government. The FFC and it’s partners has called for civil disobedience and huge protests. The people have answered this call.

The public have put up road-blocks, while the army have tried to destroy them and with violent means. Meanwhile the general public have reacted. They was before the coup d’etat today on the streets. Therefore, the army and military commander could anticipate this. The same army commanders that hijacked the previous revolution.

General Al-Burhan and General Hemiti tries to silence everyone. Either by the guns or by the control of communication. The generals hope they can survive the condemnations and the international community crocodile tears. So, that they can enjoy the spoils … and not have the civilian leaders questioning them. That’s why they got rid of them today and announced “state of emergency” just to give Al-Burhan more power as well. Peace.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – A call for mass civil disobedience (25.10.2021)

With Al-Burhan announcing today the outright coup against power, and his arrests of the prime minister and his staff, and civilian members of the Sovereignty Council, and the cancellation of a number of articles of the constitutional document, Al-Burhan brought the country back to the stage of the Transitional Military Council and before the agreement with civilians, and the formation of the transitional government.

With this, the proof confirms his confusion and his reading of the ancient history book, and that he leads the army of the homeland and the people against his will, and he falls into a fatal mistake that will lead him and his remnants to the dustbin of history, not regretting them.

We, in the Forces of Freedom and Change, reject the coup altogether and in detail, and we call on the steadfast masses of the people to go out to the streets, in order to preserve their revolution and to continue the peaceful initiative that has been its title since its launch on December 18, 2018. We call on all Sudanese around the world to go to the parliaments and ministries of foreign affairs in the countries in which they reside, to demonstrate and pressure not to recognize and reject it.

We also call on the Ethiopian President, the President of the Government of South Sudan, the African Union, the League of Arab States and the international community to declare their explicit rejection of this coup d’état and not to recognize it.

With this, we declare a state of comprehensive civil disobedience in all state facilities, and throughout the country until the following demands are fully achieved

1- The release of all detainees from the Council of Ministers and the Sovereignty Council, who are no longer authorized to negotiate with the Military Council, after the matter and decision returned to the people who filled the streets to recover their revolution.

2- All members of the Transitional Military Council step down and hand over power to the civilian government. The people fought and sacrificed martyrs for it

3- The people are the source of authority and only they have the right to delegate it to whomever they want. It is he who will determine who deserves this authorization.

Central Leadership Council for Freedom and Change

October 25, 2020 AD

Eswatini: Economic Freedom Fighters Swaziland (EFFSWA) – EFFSWA Statement on Mswati’s “Dialogue” call after Incwala at his Cattle Byre (Sibaya) – (25.10.2021)

Ethiopia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Statement of the Government of Ethiopia on the Current Situation in the Sudan (25.10.2021)

Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – “Our brave people” (25.10.2021)

As expected, the statement of the proof came filled with illusion and lies, and evidence of the tyrant’s separation from reality, and that he did not understand anything from the lessons of the glorious December, his reckless decisions will increase the ferocity of the resistance and the unity of the street after all the illusions of partnership have disappeared and the fig leaf has fallen.

Let us make Tatars and general disobedience a response to the nonsense of the proof and its cronies, and to break the state of emergency today with more crowds and evening activities is the first practical response that the decisions of the proof are not for implementation, but rather for the dustbin of history.

The proof has written its end with his own hand as he writes the words of this statement, and now he has to face the wrath of a people liberated from fear by the December revolution, the authority that the proof resolves is the authority of blood partnership, while the authority of the masses will uproot the proof and its assembly as a eaten storm.

25th October 20201

Sudan: The TMC is having their military coup in Khartoum today

This was most likely planned at night by the military commanders within the Sovereign Council. The army commanders have grown tired of the civilian participation in the transitional government and wanted them gone. The Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFC) have pushed and pushed, and now the army is taking their power.

We shouldn’t be shocked by this, as the President Abdel-Fatah al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemiti who could easily be behind it all. Though there been some speculations that the Rapid Support Force (RSF) haven’t supported this and there are possible ramification of the leadership there as well. If that is so… than Hemiti might not even be involved this time, but the other army commanders with loyalty towards Al-Burhan are. That wouldn’t be shocking either. I would still take those speculations with a grain of salt, as this would amass more power to Hemiti and his RSF/Janjaweed of Darfur.

There are coming reports that the civilian ministers are fearing for their arrests as the Prime Minister Hamdok is kept hostage at unknown location. While rebel leaders Al-Tabet Hajar and El-Hadi Idriss who was signatory to the Juba Declaration has also been detained today.

The Ministry of Justice Nasredeen Abdulbari have declared the unfolding events as a military coup and that is evident by the approach and the means of which the state actors are using.

President Al-Burhan have used all of this to declare “State of Emergency” as the citizens are going out on the streets to protest the regime move. The FFC and Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) have called for civil disobedience and revolt against the move.

The men of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is back at it again and think they can get away with it. He has dissolved the Sovereign Council and the Empowerment Removal Committee. The cabinet is also dissolved as well, meaning the civilian participating in the Sovereign Council is now ousted out of office.

The phones and internet are disconnected as well. The airport is Khartoum is ceased as well. So, there is proof of the plan and how they wanted to take all control of the affairs. Where he will be in power and have his puppets on a sting ahead of a general election in 2023. As the President has informed of appointing his own technocratic government.

Al-Burhan thinks he has the sovereign rights to control it all. There is no difference between this man and the Al-Bashir. It is his henchmen who thinks his obliged to rule supreme as well. This is happening as the FFC and others wants answers and accountability for the martyrs of the recent revolution in 2018 and 2019. When scores of extra judicial killings happened, and nobody have been charged for it. Just like today, when 12 people have lost their lives in Khartoum as well.

This is a military coup and Al-Burhan is behind it. As he has announced it to everyone and initiated it. The FFC was to naïve and went to early into agreement with the TMC in the last round and now they have paid the price for that. Thinking these old men and their gunslingers would change for the better. Which today is proven, that they never did. Peace.

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