Sénégal: Tournons la Page (TLP) – Declaration sur la situation actuelle au Sénégal – 4 juin 2023 (04.06.2023)

Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega will soon feel the wrath of God…

Even though Eskinder Nega, the leader and coordinator of the armed group, tried to hide from the area, mainly the defense army and the Amhara region security forces are carrying out a coordinated operation to arrest them. In a press release sent by the Security and Security Joint Force, Eskinder Nega, who has been working under the cover of a political party called Balderas, mentioned that he was trying to create chaos and chaos in Addis Ababa when he couldn’t achieve his goal by ensuring the superiority of ideas” (A statement given by the joint security and security force, 03.06.2023).

The journalist and politician Eskinder Nega, the now militia and rebel leader of Amhara Popular Front have now arrived at his end-game. That is being done because of the fall-out between the Federal Government and the Amhara allies, which was weapon-brothers in the war in Tigray. After the fall-out and plans to reform the Regional Special Forces into the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). The full out conflict between the parties happened and we are now seeing the effects of it.

The Amhara leaders and nationalists are now fighting. They have gotten together, the para-military “Fano” who participated in the Tigray-War and is still stationed with brigades in Western Tigray. In addition, the Amhara Regional Special Forces have also gone together with “Fano” to create the Amhara Popular Front. The new enemy of the state and a military movement to address the misgivings of the current regime.

The leader is Eskinder Nega, a war-hawk and a nationalist himself. He wanted to retaliate and do a scorched earth tactic on the Tigray region. The man has called for prolonging the war and ensure a total defeat of the Tigrayan leadership. That has been done since the “Operation Law Enforcement” in November 2020.

However, now that the state is doing the same in Amhara. The politician and former journalist decided to take up arms himself. He has now become the leader and the head of an ethnic militia, which is fighting for the rights of Amhara.

When the individual realized that this was not successful, he created an organization called Amhara People’s Front Shimelis Simachew, Seummehon Wertaw and Menberu Kasse and a few other extremist forces of the region, he was working together with the armed forces of the region to recruit, organize and give them the name of the armed forces. The press release that said that the front will be coordinated by a person called Dawit W/Giorgis, who is leading the front both in the country and abroad, has also shown that the joint peace and security forces have been trying to push the people into an unrelenting war” (A statement given by the joint security and security force, 03.06.2023).

We can await the House of Federation and the Prime Minister Abiy coming out with brutal statements. That is clear here… just like he did against the TPLF and OLF. We have seen it before and the likelihood of being called a “terrorist” is very near for Nega. The leadership of the Amhara Popular Front should expect so too. Because, they are fighting a war and doing so on their own merit. Therefore, the regime which is used to use brutal force will have all the reasons to do so. They have called war just to consolidate power and could easily do so again.

This time around… the leaders and the ones with influence is taking up arms. That is a game-changer. It just shows what people is willing to do to get ahead. There isn’t becoming more peaceful in Republic. No, it is become more hectic and chaotic. The ones who was allies of the PM is turning on him and his turning on them too. While his making “temporary” reliefs for his previous enemies. Therefore, things are not moving ahead, but continuing a war-path. Just battlefields and enemies of other kinds. It is just a never ending cycle of violence and the PM is thriving on it.

Nega is following others before him. His not making himself into a villain and a nightmare of the state. The man is doing it for personal gains and belief in the cause. That is done for the greatness of Amhara. It isn’t a kept secret, but just the way it is. They are fighting for self-control and less imposed restrictions of the regional state. The same fashion that the Federal Government wanted to impose itself and hold “elections” in Tigray. Abiy wants his men and his allies on the throne in Bahir Dar or Gondar. He don’t want people who defy or resist him. That’s why there is bloodshed. Just one man, yet again consolidating power. It is that simple and the citizens are the ones carrying the burden.

Nega will only be deemed a hero if APF achieves its goals and objectives. However, the same forces couldn’t defeat the Tigray Defence Forces or complete the “Operation Law Enforcement”. That’s why I doubt these will be able to silence the guns quickly or end the war in a snap of finger. To achieve that… the ENDF or the APF have to do the impossible and I cannot see that coming. This will be prolonged effort and possible along the lines of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The APF might have to settle in for the long run and become infamous. Nevertheless, don’t expect a quick fix, but expect the “medemer terror” to be re-occurrent issue in Amhara region. That is bound to happen and it has already started. Peace.

Sénégal: Patriotes Africains du Senegal pour le Travail, l’Ethique et la Fraternite (PASTEF) – Communique (04.06.2023)

Opinion: Panyako isn’t wrong…

Embattled United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Vice Chairman Seth Panyako says the ruling party lied to Kenyans during the 2022 general election campaigns. In an interview with Spice FM on Wednesday, May 31, Panyako said President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration had failed to deliver on the promises made to Kenyans during the campaign period” (…) ““We deceived Kenyans. Politicians must stick to what they told the people. As Panyako I will not support (such).”” (Wycliffe Nyamasege – ‘‘We deceived Kenyans during campaigns’ – embattled UDA Vice-chair Panyako’ 31.05.2023).

What UDA VC Seth Panyako said in an interview on Wednesday this week is true. It is a brutal truth and an honest reflection of the state of affairs. Usually these things aren’t said or deliberately said in public. No, these things are said behind closed doors and dealt with confidants there.

The general public or the citizens of the nations isn’t hearing it. Especially not from someone who has such an office in the majority party of the government. He is practically dismissing his own party, boss and the platform, which is feeding him. That is brave and someone might also say it’s stupid.

Panyako is singing to the choir. He is speaking sincere and the public might enjoy those words. However, within the ranks of the party and government. They will be furious… his undermining their efforts and making them look bad.

Nevertheless, no one should be shocked that Ruto and Kenya Kwanza aren’t following up on promises or pledges during the campaigns. It wasn’t like Ruto and the Jubilee did it either. They promised computers for learns and stadiums. The Jubilee in their two election cycles promised lots of grandeur and greatness, but only delivered a debt-trap called the SGR. Therefore, who will believe or think Ruto would keep his promises now?

Ruto has been in the game for long. He is thinking the long-con and he knew what he was getting into. Him and his associates just followed procedure and calculated the risks. They made alliances and forged ahead. That’s why he can just continue on his path and not be worried.

The UDA VC should be concerned about his role and titles. They can go amiss very soon. If his to defiant and to vocal. He might even end up without a master and without a sponsor to keep his unga on the table.

The words he spoke on Spice FM is most likely true, but that doesn’t mean he should have said. The UDA VC is now a firebrand and a troublemaker. That’s not what Ruto or Kenya Kwanza needs. His speaking the truth and the honesty is a good thing. However, in politics those attributes can turn into a bad thing.

Panyako is lucky if he doesn’t loose his stripes or his position. He can pray to the almighty and hope he keeps his day-job. Nevertheless, Ruto has played this game a long time and know how to strategically get ahead. This is just another hurdle and it will be easy to pass.

Ruto and his allies has lied. They have promised lofty dreams, which they will not do or even consider doing. That’s because of constrains and the lack of funds. They will find any reason in the book not to do it. These reforms and pledges are what the people need, but they will not get. That’s why they are campaigning on it and telling people about what they are intended to do…

No one should be amazed by this. Like I previously said, Ruto and his associates are seasoned pros at this point. Ruto has his whole life campaigned and been a candidate for office. It is not like he has changed his stripes or taken a turn for the worse.

The President have learned his lessons and seen what he could get away with as a Deputy. Now he can do more of the same and maybe even less. As President he has more power and has the final say. Not like when he was the DP and was confined with the mandate the President gave him. Therefore, Panyako should understand this and he stood behind it all.

Panyako should have known this before he even accepted to become a UDA member or a UDA VC. He should have known this. Everyone could read the tea-leafs and see it coming. Ruto plays his games and knows how to get ahead. That’s what he does and you played your part.

It’s a bit too late to cry now. That seal of the bottle is already off and you should just pour the brew into a glass. No need to await another decision or change behaviour now. You accepted that when you tagged along. Peace.

Ethiopia: ENAT, AEUP and EPRP calls the government out…

Even though Biltsigna Party has taken power claiming it has won the election, it is now facing hardship because of irresponsible and irresponsible decisions of the party. Who is the Ethiopian who hasn’t been affected by this? Mass killings, displacement, migration, crying and crying has become the daily news of our poor people. When Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed took power, “killing is losing… “Whatever they say, the thing that is happening in practice is contrary to what they say, the “government” is displacing, persecuting and killing rather than protecting the citizens. They are proving the government that they lead is losing. Especially the destructive act that is being committed on Orthodox Tewahdo and Muslim communities by violating religious values shows how difficult and complicated it is for Ethiopia in the future” (A joint press release from ENAT party, EPRP and AEUP – ‘A country is led by law and order not by force!’ 03.06.2023).

The Three Parties Coordination, which are ENAT (Mother) Party, All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) are now all condemning and calling the Prosperity Party out. They have done it before and their stern words are remarkable. It shows how different things are viewed and what perspective that is outside the corridors of power.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is all about consolidating power and holding a grip on it. He calculates the risks and alliances to further his own cause. When that backfires or doesn’t go his way. He easily orders the guns and causes more conflict. That is what his been doing since getting into office and it hasn’t made things any better.

The Three Parties Coordination isn’t wrong in their assessment today. They are just trying to get their voice heard in the middle of the oppression. The Prosperity Party speaks of rule of law, but comes with arms. The Prosperity Party comes with tales of unity, but easily orders war on certain regions of the Republic.

The parties continued with this: “The shameful action taken by the government security forces in Debre Elias Saint Trinity Monastery and the great Anwar Mosque for Juma prayer should be investigated by an independent party. Until then, he should complete the necessary information and pay compensation to the victims. According to the results of the investigation. We demand that those who committed it be brought to justice” (…) “We urge the government to realize that religious institutions are untouchable and give the necessary respect to the mosques and churches that were demolished by the pretext of development and war and pay the necessary compensation” (ENAT, EPRP and AEUP, 03.06.2023).

The three parties are naming the righteous way out after the bloodshed and the attacks on the religious institutions. There is reports of several of mosques being demolished and Muslim clericals who are killed. Just like the authorities and the state enforcement was behind the massacre at Debre Elias Saint Trinity Monastery. Therefore, the three parties are only doing the right call.

However, saying those things and issuing these sorts of statement only show their defiance. It will not be accommodated or listened too. The state and the leaders will call it “unpatriotic” and lack of “unity” which is the reason for this sentiment. The three parties should be on the barricades behind the government and their actions. Not blame them or ask for investigations into their activity. No, that is the actions of people who are criminal or conspire against the state.

That is what the Prosperity Party does and what sort of way Abiy is playing the political game. Sooner or later these parties will lose everything if they continue to pursuit the righteous things. Because, that is working against the power-hungry Prime Minister and his associates. The ones doing that can easily end up in a firing line or behind bars. Peace.

Mali: Ministere de la Defense et des Anciens Combattants – DIRPA – Communique No. 012 de l’Etat-Major General des Armees (02.06.2023)

Opinion: The President is one-emergency-call away to fix Medical Evacuation for the Elites…

“None of us (government officials) is going to die in Mulago because there is no medicine. If there is no medicine, [we] will call the President and he will put [us] on a plane and take us to America. We are not victims of corruption.” IGG Beti Kamya urges civilians to report corruption cases, highlighting their victimhood instead of top government officials” (NTV Uganda, 02.06.2023).

I don’t know about you… but the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya frankness in regard to corruption or mismanagement of funds within the Ministry of Health is telling. The ability to not see how arrogant and entitled she where. Well, that is astonishing.

Kamya has gone far in this world. She has maybe not able to retain her seat as an MP in Parliament. Nevertheless, she has become a Minister for one term and the IGG after that. The President has appointed her and kept her in high regard. If he didn’t consider her or see any value in her loyalty. He would have dumped her as Senior Presidential Advisor or become a Residential District Commander (RDC) in a god-forsaken up-country district, which she would rarely visit and only be there during certain celebrations.

Alas, Kamya isn’t that wise or considerate. She is just showing what we knew, but she is saying the silent part out loud. We know that the “high above” needs a say in most things. Now we know his the ones issuing orders and being the guardian of the Medical Evacuations of Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs) or the general elite. The ones who get treatment in India, United States of America or somewhere in Europe.

She said his a call away and get them on a plane. The IGG is practically telling the citizens how Oulanyah got the treatment in Seattle. The way we know others has been airlifted to Nairobi or further away too. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) takes care of its own, but doesn’t consider the rest.

We know the President isn’t a call away from the ones who works within the bounds of the gig-economy or the civil servants who can go months without pay. These have to die in the hospitals without additional help. However, if you are a part of the anointed elite and in high regard of the President. Then you can anticipate the services of the Uganda Airlines and get visa’s or medical passes to get treatment in the West. That’s what Kamya is saying she didn’t see anything wrong in it either.

The public shouldn’t be privy to it. We all know it happens, but it shows how bad it is. It isn’t like these things are new in the Republic either. However, it shows how the state has failed its own and how the President has spend on airlifting patients and pay for their services. This just shows how the Ministry of Health isn’t a concern or even a priority. That’s because the ones in-charge and the ones in the elite can easily get away and it’s one call away.

The President can just a word and a nod. Then he will give them a thumbs up and the sick patient is in the air. That’s not how these things are supposed to work. It shows that the elites, the NRM and the President has already given up on getting treatment at home. They are all just eagerly calling the President and getting it resolved. That’s easier than ensuring the proper people working in the fields, logistics around the medicine and the machinery for all sorts of treatment. No, that takes commitment and investment. It is easier to just fix a ride on a plane and call it a night. Peace.

RDC: ENVOL – Point de Presse No. 080 (02.06.2023)

Sénégal: Patriotes Africains du Senegal pour le Travail, l’Ethique et la Fraternite (PASTEF) – Appel du 2 Juin (02.06.2023)

Sénégal: The Republic is burning and all because of one man…

The Republic of Sénégal is in a turmoil. The President who has run the nation since 2012 and planning to extend his reign, Macky Sall is showing his dictatorial tendencies. The French puppet and lover-boy of Paris. Macky Sall isn’t only a bedfellow of the French Elites but is also an authoritarian prick who is power-hungry and has no plans to leave office.

That’s why Sall has been working on overtime to silence critics and stop the flow of information in the Republic. The President has ensured viable news sources are closed, losing license or suspended. This President and the authorities have worked especially hard to crackdown on the opposition and on the activists who stands their ground.

Sall is willing to kill to stay in office. His taking lives as we speak. People are dying just so he can enjoy the perks of the Presidency. That’s who Macky Sall has become. Over 30 people have lost their lives in the recent riots. 2 FDS Agents has vanished from the earth. 700 political prisoners who where arbitrary arrested.

Right now, the Senegalese suffer violent repression, assassinations, and torture. That’s the sort of state of affairs that Sall stands for. This is the democracy and the ideals he abides by. Not only murdering civilians who are fighting for freedom and liberty. No, he is doing so much more to ensure his longevity in office.

The two-year charge on Ousmane SONKO is only a proof of the dire state of affairs. It is just a further proof of how Sall plans to “instal” himself for a third term. By having the opposition leader not only arrested by charged and behind bars. His ensuring that Sonko cannot run in the 2024 elections. That’s because his behind bars and cannot register, campaign, or do anything in those regards.

We know Macky Sall will be shielded by African Union (AU) and ECOWAS. That is just the ordinary thing right now. The same happen to Alpha Conde until the army decided his fate in Guinea. Therefore, expect the same thing here and no changes.

Sall intends to stay. His living large on the bad governance and embezzlement of the public coffers. The regime is obviously self-centred and only have objective to stay in office by any means necessary. The will of the people or the populations isn’t important anymore. We know Sall don’t want to hear the voice of the people or get people enlightened, as internet is getting blocked, and phones are getting jammed. This is all done to stop the flow of information and silence the demonstrations.

Sonko and his alliance is the voices of the people. They are just easy targets for the authorities. That is done with pre-emptive strikes and done on purpose. Just to signal the population that Sall is here to stay.

The ones believing in Sall now is naïve. He will not deliver or bring message of hope. His tyranny is now on open display. The videos of brutal arrests, use of lethal weapons and the messaging from the state only shows what they are doing. It is tragic and lives are lost… just so one man can rule supreme and have his third term.

There is one man whose at fault. That one man is Macky Sall. It is Sall’s fault that the Republic is burning. That burden isn’t on Sonko. Sonko don’t have the power or the mandate to change it. Yes, he has popular support, but not the authorities or the government entities to make it stop. That is all on Sall who delivers the plight, the suffering, and the pain to society. It is all done in favour of his throne and his cabinet. Peace.

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