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Opinion: Ruto fears Odinga, and it is evident as he discredit the Handshake!

We knew there would be ramifications of the Handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, which changed the whole narrative. At the time of the handshake, the winner seemed actually to be William Ruto, the Deputy President. It seemed like he would be the natural winner, as the default subject would led him into the 2022 without a scratch.

Now, that the time is going and Odinga are involving himself in the government policy, as well as his rising prominence within the government is evident. The Ruto Camp and allies are afraid of the push it has. As the Jubilee are supposed to be all supreme and doesn’t need guidance from an outside source. They are just working with development and not doing politics, which is their first tool in the shed. Now, Ruto is turning on Odinga and the ODM. He must do it, because he is afraid and needs to show flex. Because why else should he discredit the Handshake, that created peace and also stopped the turmoil and uncertainty that was in the air after the Swearing-In of Odinga before that. Take a look at what he said!

““The handshake is not a licence for you to bring confusion, propaganda and conmnaship into our party. If they have come to divide Jubilee and the government, we are telling them that we are alert and we know (what you are up to),” he said. He added: “You lied during Kanu, Cord and Nasa days but we are telling you that there is no space for your lies in Jubilee. There is a big reduction of stupid people now as we know. We are very clear about where we are going. “We are committed to the unity of Kenya and its leaders but what we will not entertain and what we do not want, and what is not going to happen, is for you to export confusion, propaganda and conmanship into our party. We will not allow it.” – William Ruto on the 30th September 2018 (Mohamed Ahmed – ‘Raila exploiting handshake, plotting against me: Ruto’ 30.09.2018, link: https://mobile.nation.co.ke/news/politics/Raila-plotting-Jubilee-downfall—Ruto/3126390-4784618-rojk7az/index.html).

It is like he is so afraid and has to warn ODM and NASA, meaning warning Odinga now. That they are not stupid people within Jubilee, they are not in it for the outside pressure and the games from him. They are not allowing Odinga to interfere or express his lies of how the Jubilee operate. However, this only makes Ruto looks afraid and worried about the capacity Odinga has at the moment. Not that I am in favor of what the Handshake did, but the de-legitimatizing it. That isn’t a good sign for the days ahead.

He speaks of unity, but he is speaking ill of his allies. Odinga is an ally, which gave Jubilee space with the Building Bridges Initiative. If it wasn’t for that, the second term of Jubilee would been so much more hectic, as they paid off Odinga for a honorable position, which still to this day isn’t written in stone, but is there in the atmosphere. That is why Ruto is warning, because he cannot control Odinga. Who knows how Kenyatta feels, but he knows he dropped enough carrots to feed Odinga. That is why there haven’t been anything else than loyalty from Odinga.

We can wonder why Ruto is so afraid of Odinga, but his words is not a sign of strength, but of mere weakness. Peace.

LSK sue the Kenyan government over the Finance Act of 2018 (28.09.2018)

Odinga has become a Jubilee Stooge: Proof? Praising ODM MPs for voting “Yayes” on added Taxes!

You knew the handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta would have ramifications, as the Jubilee and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have gone into partnership with that. This might have de-escalated the tensions, but also killed all real opposition. As the Wiper Democratic Movement (WPM), Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Kenya (FORD-K) and Amani National Congress (ANC) have to figure their place, as the shift of power within the ODM have been apparent. That was also shown with ODM taking the Senate Minority Seat for Sen. James Orengo instead of NASA Co-Principal Moses Wetan’gula.

While you know the Thirdway Alliance are fishing for relevancy too, but however, this piece isn’t about the death of NASA (National Super Alliance), as that died on the Building Bridging Initiative. As them as an official opposition went gone in the wind. The shake between Kenyatta and Odinga settled this, therefore, he has gotten off the hook. Odinga are now really showing his loyalty to the handshake, as he wants to help the Jubilee, even when it costs for all citizens. The pains of these taxes will not hurt the elite or the ones in Parliament. The proof of that, is shown by his statement to his own ODM MPs for voting for and being loyal to Jubilee. Just read this statement!

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Dennis Onyango, the former Prime Minister lauded the MPs who stood by the party’s position during the session that was marred with controversy. “Raila Odinga wishes to thank all Orange Democratic Movement members of Parliament who observed the principle of party discipline and stood by the Party and NASA’s resolutions to back the Finance Bill in the National Assembly on Thursday. “Mr Odinga, therefore, thanks those members who, despite different concerns, were able to honour their word and commitment to the party and looked at the larger picture in line with the party and the coalition’s dream of finding longer-term solutions to the country’s ages old problems,” the statement read in part” (Michael Musyoka – ‘ODM Leader Raila Odinga Thanks ODM MPS Who Passed Tax Law’ 22.09.2018, link: https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/33352-odm-leader-raila-odinga-thanks-odm-mps-who-passed-tax-law).

This ages old problems are newly created and amplified by the coalition and by the Jubilee government, which has created the shortfall and the deficit. Odinga are now not caring or can say words against corruption. Since he has turned the blind eye to the loans, the Eurobonds and the corruption scandals, as they are financed by these new taxes and overseas funding. Kenyatta knows this and must be giddy. He has a loyal stooge who will follow the needs of the government without any cost. Which is officially opposition, but acting as loyal as the Cabinet or Government.

These ODM people could now just become Jubilee, as there is hard to see anything significant different. They are just from other wards and represent other constituency. The Finance Bill will really hurt the public and make life more expensive, even close more of the poorer parts of society from banking services. As they cannot afford the Mobile Money or the Transfer of cash in general. This is what is happening and Odinga, said to his people: “well done, showing discipline and following orders, as you are now apart of the ones overtaxing the public”.

The ODM and Odinga is because of the handshake, just showing contempt of their trust in him. As he seemed like someone who would be a contrast to Kenyatta, now he just seems like another 50 Shades of Grey version of him. The only difference is the suits and the way of addressing the press. The rest is just the facade and not the reality. As the handshake is really bitter now, and the ones that pays the cost is the citizens.

NASA is dead, the Opposition is marginalized and worthless, the waiting game for 2022 will feel like forever. Odinga could just another fellow in the Jubilee, because he acts like it, when he doesn’t act against the vile taxation and actually praise the ODM MPs for rallying behind that. Peace.

Kenya: Hon. Kenneth O. Okoth MP letter to Speaker Justin B. Muturi – “Re: The Proposed Marijuana Control Bill, 2018” (21.09.2018)

After Chaos in the Parliament: Massive Taxes been levied on the Public!

Today, will be the day of “nayes” and “yayes” of the Kenyan Parliament. As there was report of lack of quorum, meaning, lacking the need of 2/3 of the Parliament to vote, as it needs to be to enact a bill. However, that was a none issue for the Parliament and the chaos that has happen today proves it. As the Speaker couldn’t manage the House and neither the voting. As dozens of MPs left the Parliament and the chambers during the first vote, but however, the second vote enacted it. Even if the reports of lacking amounts of MPs are there.

The national assembly has 290 elected MPs; 47 women elected from each of the 47 counties and at least 12 members nominated to represent women, youth and the marginalised. These add up to 349 members but only 215 were present for the vote, but you need about 230 votes to have needed MPs to pass a bill. Therefore, someone has rigged the numbers as the 134 MPs left the chambers today or even didn’t show up to cast their votes. Not just the Presidential Elections are now rigged, but the votes inside the Parliament. Meaning, the state doesn’t care how they follow the needed orders of the Executive and not the laws of the Republic.

Here is the taxes that is enacted today, as the people will pay more taxes at a staggering rate, as the state has damaged themselves with high rates of loans, sky-rocket levels of corruptions and investments that isn’t profitable. Therefore, because of the deficit created by the loans and corruption, the taxes are coming now to pick that up. This is damage created by the politicians and covered by the public. The Representatives are thieving and the ones covering for them is the public.

On the financing of the Supplementary|Estimates, 2018

The Committee was informed that;

To ensure the budget is fully financed, the President, through a memorandum on the Finance Bill 2018, proposed a raft of measures for re-consideration by Parliament. These as follows:

a) Reduction of VAT on petroleum products from the standard 16% to 8%.

b) Re-Introduction of excise duty on fees for banks and financial services at 20% from the current 10%.

c) Telephone and data services at 15% from 10%.

d) Mobile Money transfers services from 10% to 20%.

e) Excise Duty on fees charged by financial institutions from 10% to 20%.

f) Re-Introduction of tax on sugar confectionary.

g) Re-Introduction of tax on exportation of copper waste and scrap at 20%.

h) Contribution of 1,5% of basic pay each for employee and employer to be paid into the National Housing Development Fund.

I) Reduction of gambling taxes from35% to 15%.

j) Introduction of anti-adulteration levy on the importation of illuminating kerosene” (Report on the Supplementary Estimates for FY 2018-19, 19.09.2018).

You can really see that the MPs and the President is punishing the public for their reckless behavior in power, as the growing debt are now hurting the citizens. It is not hurting the MPs and the Parliament itself. As the public will pay more for transferring money, using cellphone services, garbage, higher direct PAYE for the ones working and so much more. Therefore, the cost of living will go up, the prices on the commodities and less money into the formal system will happen to. As people will save their money and they will use less of mobile money, as they rather transfer money in other ways to save and use the informal ways. The same way with other things, as the prices of this goes up. These taxes will surely take the money out of the system and ensure less fiscal funds within the Republic.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with his memorandum clearly didn’t care much for the ramifications, as the MPs actually just rubber-stamped it. This is all for the excuse of closing in the deficit, but these MPs knows why there been growing debts and lack of fiscal funds, as the state are making to big budgets to handle or to find funds. That is why they are in this predicament in the first place.

Kenyatta should try to repay all the grand corruption scandals and get his cronies to do the same, as that is one of the reasons for shortfall and lack of fiscal funding. Therefore, this funds could fix the lack fiscal responsibility, but the President will not do that. That is why these taxes are levied. Peace.

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