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Inter-Religious Council of Uganda – “Appeal to Approach the Age Limit Debate with Nationalistic and Non-Partisan Lenses and Necessary Consultations: For God and Our Country” (18.09.2017)


Opinion: Expect the Age-Limit bill to be PASSED, because President Museveni needs it!

During an interview, Margaret A. Novicki of Africa Report asked Museveni “What advice would you give to your African colleagues who are resisting movement towards democracy?” (…) “Museveni responded that “I have no sympathy for those who resist democracy. Democracy should not be resisted. Power belongs to the people, not to an individual. Why should you want power for yourself? Who are you? You are a servant of the people. If the people don’t want you, then you go and do other things and they elect whom they want. I have no sympathy for them”(Africa Report July/August 1993).

For everyday that passes, the closer we get to see the Constitutional Amendment of the Article 102 (b) that ushers in the life presidency of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To say something else, is a lie and ignorance on the behalf of the republic. The National Resistance Movement have been allowed to demonstrate and have discussions. While the ones trying to have campaigns and rallies has been silenced or detained. The latest victim is the Democratic Party EALA MP Mukasa Mbidde, who was supposed to be a “Good DP”, but still ended behind bars in Fort Portal today.

Well, it would be lie if this isn’t important, as the NRM Youth League, as NRM MP’s are supporting the motion and bill. That they are calling it unjust to have an age-limit on the Presidency, since it affects the whole age-bracket and could possible stop pensioners from running. Which is most likely, since the most people that age use time to give the youth advice, show them how to run a household and tells stories of the past generations. Not like they are running for being councilor’s or MP’s. Unless, they have been cronies who never let go, there are a few of them subjects within the cabinet and in parliament, but very considering the amount of people over 75 in Uganda.

That the bill will come and the pay-day for the Members of Parliament will also come as an affect to the matter. Since NRM and President Museveni is well-known to give a bonus suit, car or even foreign trips to his loyal cronies. This will happen again. That the MP’s are trading away their loyalty and the republic doesn’t matter. They become wealthy by a single vote and get a small fortunes pocket within no-time. They can pay-off debt and even get an extra maid.

So when even talks of Private Initiatives to pay the MP’s not to vote for the abolishment. It says a lot of the state of affairs. Since they already has enough perks, high salaries, no tax on it and all the remuneration together with allowances as well. The MP’s as long as they are working inside the Parliament should earn more than enough. Alas, they want some more to do the President a favor, giving him the state for life. Delivering it on a silver platter.

If the MP’s and the NRM does this, they are giving way for the President so he can possible be President until his been there for 40 years. No he is on his 31 year. He has farms and businesses, his presidency is involved in any part of government and there isn’t anything soon that is enacted or sanctioned without his handshake. Therefore, the bill to give him life presidency, will be helped by him and as he wanted it to be. Since this was never made for betterment of the state, but for one individual, that being President Museveni.

This sounds far-fetched from the President that was praised by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, the one who spoke as new leader. He has long killed that persona and become the one he wanted get rid-off on the continent. The reasoning for getting rid of Mobutu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is now himself in Uganda. With mansions and wealth, while the state is stuttering, schools falling apart, lacking medicines and government services in general. So if looking at the state and service delivery, the President doesn’t care. That ship has sailed at least a decade ago, he is just there to be in power and to own the republic. Not to develop or making sure the people are in a safe place. Since his daughters are advised to give birth abroad, not at Mulago. This proves the knowledge of the failing state and the President knows this, because he has run it to make wealth for himself and family. Not creating a welfare state.

The Age Limit, is the total proof of how NRM and Museveni are working for one perspective. For his wealth and rich. The sole candidate and his will. Nothing else. Everything else is well-spent lies and deceptions. If he cared the school buildings in up-country wouldn’t rot and lack windows. The roads wouldn’t be so bad that only boda-boda can pass after the rain. There to many lacking institutions. Because if the institutions and procedures actually worked, they wouldn’t need Museveni and his sanctions. They wouldn’t need his stamp and favors, he has made sure he is the government and the government is him. Therefore, the NRM has to give it another breather, even if it is no-good.

So expect the Age-Limit bill to be enacted and passed as a law. It will happen because President Museveni needs it. Not because Uganda or the republic needs it. Peace.

Ugandans Must Reject All Retrogressive Amendments to Our Constitution – A Statement by Leaders of Civil Society to Fellow Ugandans (16.09.2017)

My Letter to Evelyn Anite: If you need the army to amend the constitution, maybe you shouldn’t do it!

Dear Evelyn Anite!

I write to you in haste, seems like you have been forceful and aggressive. You need to calm down and take little soda. Seems like you need to sit under a tree and read a book. Maybe even two, that can open your mind and perspective.

Your the State Minster for Privatisation and Investment, Evelyn Anite, I have to first quote your own words. Since they are so rare and proven your weird solution to get the Constitution amended to fit the life of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Here is your own statements!

You cannot intimidate a ruling party. For them they are looking for support, but we are not. We are the party in government; we have the support of the magye (military)” (…) “We have 265 members who have supported this bill. We have the numbers; we have the people; this is the battle of the brain” (…) “We heard they are threatening to beat us; we shall not beat them physically but on the floor of the house. But if the worse comes to worst; we are not going to the gym. They should know that we are the ones in charge. If they cannot outsmart us, they should shut up and wait for Ugandans to decide” (…) “You cannot tell me ‘togikwatako,’ when that is my job. So, you are asking me not to do my job? We shall amend that constitution! If we want to do amend it 10 times we shall do it” (Waswa, 2017).

Seems like you Anite wants to misuse the army in favor of a political party and their agenda in Parliament. That you as a State Minister is saying, that the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) will take brigades and military into parliament. Shut the doors and say, unless you enforce this law, we will keep all of your honorable Members of Parliament (MPs) hostage until the law passes in favor of the President.

It seems like you Anite, who already are an MP, in a republic, which is militarized already. The President wear military fatigue to Parliament when they had the last Budget reading on the 9th June 2017 at the International Conference Centre at Serena Hotel. So, it’s not like NRM are far away from the military. In the middle of the campaigning, President Museveni took a break and went on the shooting field. Showing his force in and power to the public. Clearly, this isn’t enough for you. That the President uses his army as favors for his fellow Commander-In-Chief in the likes of South Sudan and even Equatorial Guinea.

Hon. Anite, I understand that you have no valid reasoning for lifting the Article 102 (b), when you have to use the army to fight your battles in the Parliament. That your struggling with finding proper solutions and also arguments to continue the Presidency. You are doing the President his handy work and trying to show loyalty. With talking like him, that he will kill and get rid of the opposition.

But if you think this is the way of enforcing rule of law and enact amendments, you need some serious counseling. You need some people around Anite, that can guide you and make you understand how a Parliament supposed to work. Unless you want to act like military leader, instead of being a part of the National Assembly, where you make the laws and regulations for all Ugandans.

Seriously, you should ask for a paycheck and envelope from President Museveni. Since, you are doing his work and for his continued Presidency. That you are clearly misguided and misunderstands the role of the army and the Parliament. Clearly, you want a law to be voted through the Parliament, you need something else than the army. Maybe a consensus and public support for the possible bill. Not spread fear of guns and ammunition. Unless, you want a coup d’etat!

Hon. Anite, is that what you wanted, take hostage of the Parliament and enforce the law. Instead of an ordinary vote of the possible motion and amendment. Have possible Parliamentary work, as they have readings of the laws, and the Parliament has to PASS them; so they can enforce the laws all in the republic afterwards. So if the Honorable Anite wants something passed, it should follow protocol and procedure so that the bill could be enacted.

Evenlyn Anite, you should know this and should work so the Amendment could be passed if you believed it. Anite don’t need the army to get a law passed, in Uganda you just need President Museveni’s approval. This law is fitting his paradigm and vision. So, it should be no problem, since the NRM MPs are already trying to find new ways of being loyal to Museveni.

Anite, you should never need the Army to pass a law and if you do, then the MPs and Parliament is front. Is that what you saying? That your ruling party and ruling regime should not need to use the army in this sort of activity. The majority of the parliament should easily get it done, but still you have to spread fear and wishes of misuse of the army. Clearly, that is your way now.

So please Anite, learn your craft. Learn it well, act with sense and duty for your republic. Instead, your misunderstanding your role. That you are saying this is proving a vital point. Anite, that you don’t have good reasons, other than cronyism for wishing this bill to pass. Passing an Amendment that gives life Presidency to Museveni. Seems like that is the outcome by any means.

And your strongly in favor of it Anite. So, it is time for you to stop your betrayal of the National Assembly and the Army. Time to ask yourself why are an MP and what your role in the Parliament. Since you should know better, but apparently you don’t!

Best Regards

Write of Minbane!


Waswa, Sam – ‘We Have the Support of the Army – MP Anite Warns Age Limit Bill Opponents’ (14.09.2017) link: https://www.chimpreports.com/we-have-the-support-of-the-army-mp-anite-warns-age-limit-bill-opponents/

Gen. Mugisha Muntu: Official Statement on the Ongoing Attempt to Subvert the Constitution (14.09.2017)

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu MP: A Very Important Message to Uganda (14.09.2017)

Opinion: A Motion to unleash Mzee for life!

That the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Members of Parliament, the 250 MPs did this earlier today: “NRM MPs pass motion to table a private members bill to amend article 102b to scrap the presidential age limit” (NTV Uganda, 12.09.2017). So the NRM MPs has now decided that they will make it possible for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni can become Executive for life. Life Presidency is the mission and to do so, since he cannot amend and cannot change his Date of Birth. Even if he tried to do so earlier this year. Now, the NRM MPs wants new suits and new perks, they want to eat more funds and prove loyalty to Museveni.

The NRM MPs has argued like this:

Ugandans have the capacity and freedom to choose the person who should lead the country as President in accordance with art 103 of the Constitution. The people’s freedom of choice of the President is expressed through regular free and fair elections and this right should be guaranteed and not restricted. If the voters do not want a particular person to lead them or they are tired of his/her governance style, they will reject that person at the time of elections and vote them out” (…) “The law is discriminatory against Ugandans who are aged 75 and above. Article 32 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on age and other factors. Members of Parliament and other leaders (except President and District Chairperson) do not have this kind of restriction. It is necessary that this imbalance is redressed as provided by the Constitution” (NRM Arguments, 12.09.2017).

It is rare that in a Republic like Uganda, in 2016 there are about 750,000 over the age of 65 year old. That is out of 38 million citizens, which means it is about 2%. So the discrimination cannot be serious, but the groups with little voice and possibilities are the youths under 21 years old is 69 % of the people in country. They are about 26 million people, which is a bigger group. It is special that the young republic filled with youths are caring about the age limit and making sure the 2 percentage of the people can get one title.

Clearly, it is not made for discrimination, it is cater-made and tailor-made for Museveni. That his own party and his own cronies are creating excuses to make a bill, a bill made for life presidency. Nothing else, the other words are lies or made to secure funding of their enterprises. To make sure the cronyism is staying alive. President Museveni will make sure the Constitution of 1995, be more drilled into. So that the Constitution is made for Museveni and no-one else.

That is the reality, not that its breaking news. President Museveni has been working on this and now they are trying let his die in charge. Become Uganda’s Mugabe, as noble as that is. To stay in-charge until he falls asleep abroad and his wife becoming vicious. That is what the NRM wants for their own. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee continues to be hostile to any voice, but himself!

I have come here,(Buddu FM) mainly to undo the lies peddled by unscrupulous people on radio stations” (…) I have been polite, but when time comes I will get hard at people who spread lies about the government” (…) “The reason why am here is to detoxicate because many people having been poisoning the public with false information” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Radio Buddu (09.09.2017).

President Museveni had yet another radio show explaining his plans with the Land Amendments and Constitutional Change. As his party and his henchmen has blocked Besigye to do the same. Therefore, National Resistance Movement (NRM) is clearing the air for the President. So when he does that, he should spring some enlightenment, instead he is attack the opposition and the other radio stations.

President Museveni could have told why he and his cronies were blocking Besigye from different radio stations, while he was on his own. Also, why Museveni at the same time stopped an on-air talk-show. Instead, days after he is grasping for air and assaulting them. Mzee, never liked opposition or visions who is not his own. Museveni and NRM have never really been about Multi-Party Democracy or visions for governance.

I am not surprised that Museveni is attacking the opposition and other media for questioning his vision. That has always been lies, since he is the truth-teller who has never told a little lie. He was supposed to step-down twice, he said once Presidents was not supposed to overstay in power. There are countless of lies in the over 30 years in charge. So when he says other people’s lies, he is throwing stones in a glass-house.

Also, when he warns media of having other voices than his. He proves his megalomaniac and controlling sense. Museveni and NRM are the only one for him. Mzee wanted to crush the opposition after the General Election of 2016. The President will really silence the media for his sake, therefore the Amendment cannot be that great if he has to warn the media.

That is automatically lies, since he has to use time for a Radio Campaign to muster support. Mzee is really on thin-ice dancing with the stars, when he has to muster threats instead of policy. When he has to silence and shuffle his deceptions to the airwaves. He spoke afterwards of that, but who cares when he goes all anti-mode and all in to win. It doesn’t matter what sorts of words he says, since he has already put distrust to any voice other than his.

I don’t believe a single word Museveni says, but that is because of decades of deceptions and play the facade. You are naive if you believe this man. President Museveni has used all tricks in the book. The Constitutional Amendment are only out for one thing: Make it easier for the government to take titles and land. So this is to sell-off land to investors and cronies, so they can short-change the public. That is the story the President will not tell. Therefore, what I am writing is a lie and also whatever “what-his-face” is saying on the radio whose not the President. Peace.

Opinion: NRM are cowards for blocking Besigye’s radio campaign!

Just as the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni stopped his national radio trip for traveling abroad for a conference of some kind. The Opposition leader and the People’s President Dr. Kizza Besigye was planning of having his own radio campaign to counter the peddling lies of the President concerning the Land Amendment.

Because the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) are questioning the motives of the Constitutional Amendment and the possible land-grab. That will hurt to be listening to in the villages. That is why the Amuru land-grab has hurt the plans of the government and their sugar factory agreement with the foreign investors. Clearly, Besigye speaking ill of it will bend the lies and mask of the government. This is something the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Museveni cannot deflect. Therefore, even as Besigye had paid Voice of Kigezi or 89.5 FM – The Trumpet, we’re paid 1,000,000 million shillings for participating in a talk-show on the radio. This one time payment was paid on 8th September , as the show was scheduled yesterday. But the Radio was blocked by the government to air it. The same radio station that hosted the President on the 4th September. But when Besigye tries on the 8th September its blocked. What childish play by the government!

You know your speeches and arguments are weak tea, when you cannot be disowned or having other organizations question your actions. Your know your attempt of change of laws is disgusting, when the opposition cannot question it on air. Another radio station Besigye was blocked from was the Kabale Radio station, 94.7 FM Freedom Radio. To this radio station Besigye paid 500,000 shillings. So half million shillings for the time, that he couldn’t use. So Besigye has paid two radio station 1,5 millions shillings, but we’re blocked by both. The Mbarara and Kabale based stations.

That Museveni and NRM are cowards, that he has to continue with foul-play is just proving his belittling of fellow citizens. It’s just like NRM can have rallies and demonstrations for the Article 102 Amendment in Arua, but if the FDC would have a counter demonstration, they would be arrested, detained and blocked for doing so. The Police would use the Public Order Management Act, even as the Opposition had informed and notice as by law. Still, the Police would interfere and shut it down. But the NRM and NRM Youth can walk the street with banners and demonstrate for the cause.

The same is now shown with radio campaign of Museveni, but when Besigye tries to do the same. He is blocked. Its cowardice and show how little margin of error there is for others, but Museveni is the royal king who can do as he wants. Museveni can put shackles on anyone, but he can do as he pleases. No boundaries for the misuse of power, as he uses it by any means. Peace.

Opinion: President Museveni Defense of the Land Amendment is to be calling out the ones against it – ENEMIES!

The man who wants to sensitize and usually talk about the Republic as one, the Ugandan Republic. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on this Radio Campaign to defend and promote the Constitutional Amendment on Land Reform. The first interview has no showed his true character, since he is calling the ones who disagree enemies. He cannot manage to come with sufficient arguments to defend it. Like the issues inside Uganda will not be solved this. This here is not made for development of infrastructure or industrialization. The ability to grab land and without the issues they have today with the titles.

That is why the land titles and deeds are so important. The Republic should make it hard to take land, since this can be conned away from the villagers and citizens in general. Because the state made arrangements with investors and plantation owners. That is what most likely will happen. Because that is what President Museveni has done and tried to do as long his been the Executive of Uganda.

Just read the quotes from radio interview yesterday.

Favorable quotes from the Radio Show on Voice of Kigezi FM:

We are the only country in the region and may be in the world, who legislated to give land to the people; otherwise elsewhere, land belongs to government” (…) “The challenge that the government has is land owners who reject government compensation and run to court thereby making government projects stall. I even wonder what these liars mean by “government grabbing people’s land” and Ugandans must know these liars as their enemies and enemies of Uganda because they are against the development of the country” (…) “They are the same people who talk of unemployment amongst the youth but go on to frustrate government projects such as those in the energy and transport sectors that provide incentives for investment. They even frustrate investors directly as you are aware of the Amuru sugar project that has stalled for 6 years due to the same people” (…) “We need mass industrialisation to develop our country but these saboteurs continue to frustrate investors. I call upon all Ugandans to rise up against these people who are enemies of Uganda” (…) “We even risk denting our country’s image internationally and being isolated because of the character of these people. We have to expose and shun them; otherwise the rest of the world will misunderstand us” (Museveni, 2017).

The President, the government and his cronies will clearly find ways to spoil it. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President will use the Land Amendment to make sure the projects and developments benefiting them will appear. President Museveni have to call the ones who stand against him “enemies”. He must surely dislike Mama Mabira, but she has switched to his team, so “no”.

This amendment will not create industrialization, the land issue will be more dire. Since this gives more power to the state. The state will overpower the citizens, the land can be taken away from them. President Museveni has no issue pushing this, because the earnings of profits and taking the land from the citizens will benefit the President and the NRM. This will not be for the greater good, it will be used as pawns for the citizens, that is why the ones who stand against it is enemies. They are not opposition, but enemies, because he fears the ones who oppose it.

The President should discuss it with manners, but he doesn’t, President Museveni has to address the ones who are disagreeing with him, as enemies. That is just proving his lack of thinking of democratic ideas and spirit, but he wanted to get rid of opposition parties after the recent elections. It fits with his modus operandi.

But that the ones standing in his way, are ENEMIES. Set worrying signs, they are not fellow peers, they are not of another opinion, but enemies. The warfare and bush-war spirit is still alive, because he has rig and cheat to win elections. He wouldn’t win in a fair fight. That is something the President knows. President Museveni should discuss the Constitutional Amendment with just words, not like this. However, the old man doesn’t know better or cannot change his character. Peace.


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘President Museveni explains his radio land campaign’ (05.09.2017) link: https://www.yowerikmuseveni.com/president-museveni-explains-his-radio-land-campaign

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