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Ethiopia: Herald Editorial implies that exposing “human rights violations” is manipulating “internal affairs”

The Ethiopian Herald Editorial has published an article called “Evil in the mask of human rights”. It is really giving an insight to what the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) signs of on. Since, this is the government press and the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) own English newspaper. So, what this states is the memo’s of the government and the ideals of the state. Therefore, a text like this relevant. Just so you know what they believe and how they wants to operate.

It starts with this premise: By its very nature human rights are universal or global issues. Every human being, society or international organizations up to the United Nations has responsibility for human rights’ protection. Countries of the world that are signatories of the UN declaration of human rights have equal responsibility in safeguarding human rights of people both throughout the world as well as in the respective nations” (Ethiopian Herald, 31.05.2022).

What is striking here is that they say the Human Rights are Universal or Global Issues. While they claim it became an issue or a responsibility, because of the United Nations or UN Declaration of Human Rights. Well, to be straight there been plenty of documents before that given citizens and persons rights. That going all the way back to the Magna Carta of 1215, English Bill of Rights (1689), French Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizens (1789) and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (1791). In addition, there been others documents and declarations known to men that given people certain rights, but just to show what the humanity has done to give each other rights.

Human Rights are universal by the definition, because we are all human. Humans who has rights and laws to adhere too. That’s how we built our society, by giving an individual rights and also boundaries to it. As the state is setting the standard and regulations of it. In such a fashion, that the person has liberties and freedoms, but also has to comply with national laws. Therefore, it is a deeper thing than what the writer wrote here and it was done with a purpose.

As it continues: “However any attempt to manipulate countries under the guise of human rights is unacceptable. For decades Ethiopia has been active participant in global efforts of protecting human rights. For instance, it has stood in the forefront to deploy peacekeeping troops to troubled regions for several decades. It has also discharged its responsibilities capably in the protection of human rights of its people” (…) “What more do other international organizations and some countries want from the government or the country then? Some groups that work in the mask of human rights are trying to interfere in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia. What makes their attempt worst is that they are using the pretext of human rights to achieve their destructive ends. The experience so far shows that those who intervene in the sovereign and internal affairs of other countries with the pretext of human rights protection have caused state collapse in many regions of the world” (Ethiopian Herald, 31.05.2022).

Well, here is where the shady stuff is being said. Any state who has nothing to hide and don’t feel intimidated by international organizations or any UN organization for that matter. Can show their human rights records and accept the critic. Even fairly democratic nations has misgivings and has tools at their disposal that is questioned by the same agencies, which is speaking ill of the practices and acts of the FDRE at this current. Therefore, as the Universal laws and practices of Human Rights are accepted… it set a precedence and expectations of the signatories. That’s why it isn’t the whistleblowers, the reporters or the ones calling out the breaches of it fault. However, it is the government who is taking away the rights and the opportunities of the individuals in question.

That is why the Ethiopian government feels targeted, because it has breached and broken codes of assembly, allowing gatherings and blocking political parties- or civil society from organizing for that matter. The FDRE has used the authorities, arrested people without charges or warrants, it has extra-judicial killed unarmed civilians, tortured and detained people for a long time without a trial. There are so many cases, which shows how the FDRE has failed it’s citizens. Even going to war against regions and use “rule of law” as a reason to take everything away. Therefore, this justification to defend it’s records are just showing what the state is willing to do.

When they speak of “masking” and “destructive ends” by exposing or critiquing the misuse of power and the authority of the state. As it is a force which could be used for the common good, but instead is used to consolidate power and silence anyone who dissent. That’s why organizations and outsiders are calling the FDRE out. The writer is down-playing the Human Rights and the value of the individual in question. As the state should be allowed to do act like it does and outsiders shouldn’t questioned internal affairs. If the state wasn’t acting rogue or breaching international Human Rights law. It wouldn’t have a reason to call out the Prosperity Party or the FDRE at this very moment. However, it doesn’t respect the liberties or freedoms of the citizens. That’s why people are speaking out and they are also using the sources of Ethiopian organizations, which are exposing it on the regular too. Therefore, the FDRE shouldn’t feel butt-hurt that it’s called out, but instead look into it and allow the individual freedom to assemble, gather and not be afraid of massive crackdown. Because, that is what the state does and is known for.

The editorial ends with: “Therefore, it is much better to leave intact the sovereign rights of countries and their governments as well as to keep them accountable only as per the provisions of the international conventions which all the countries of the world are signatory. Any other attempt to manipulate the human rights cause as a pretext to execute a hidden agenda would only end up devastating the peaceful situation in a country and worsening the human rights of people there” (Ethiopian Herald, 31.05.2022).

It is just furthering it’s defence of international affairs and stating that inference is internal affairs are bad. A country is so sovereign, that the ones looking into FDRE should manipulate it. However, detaining people without trials cannot be manipulated. It can only be exposed and the use of force against unarmed civilians is only told and reported about. The use of army and militia’s under the “guise” of “rule of law” only shows what sinister motivation the state has. As it isn’t serving the public, but serving the purpose of the Federal Government, which only wants to consolidate all power within the realm. While not allowing the Regional States to run on their own or outside the “one-party” government of the Prosperity Party. Therefore, the ones calling this out aren’t interfering, but telling a truth, which we know the FDRE isn’t in favour of.

A state can be sovereign, but should also be able to be held accountable. That is if the state also wants to be transparent and be fair about it’s actions. Nevertheless, neither is the FDRE at this time. The state rather bury it’s enemies and hope no one is talking about it. That’s why Human Rights is despised by the authorities at the moment. Because, they know they are not caring about that and only cares about solidifying their roles.

It is not the people telling the stories and the organizations reporting the violations that is the problem. The problem is that the state orders, directs and conducts the affairs this way. As they are keeping citizens detained years on end, in prison for their profession, party or being an activist. Therefore, it is not worsening the situation, but only showing the horrific actions, which we know a ruthless government like the FDRE at the time prefers being kept a secret or under wraps. Because, this government only wants praise for planting trees and for eloquent speeches of his majesty, the Prime Minister Abiy. That’s what it wants… but instead it getting exposed for grim tales of horror, which it dislikes.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that we are here, but a government speaking ill of human rights and claiming sovereignty in this fashion. Can only be vile and attempt unjustified approach to it’s civilians. Since it fears the ones who tells the tales and show what it does. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Afar People’s Party (APP) – Current press release from Afar People’s Party Executive Committee (31.05.2022)

The executive committee of the Afar People’s Party held on 14-17 May 2014 at the Semera city headquarter discussed many regional and national issues and made important decisions and future directions. It will be presented as follows.

1/ Regarding peace and stability:- our country is forced to pay the price of wealth and life because of TPLF’s thirst for power and the claim that they will destroy the country unless I lead, all the people of Afar have been forced to pay the wrong price of wealth and lives; they have been displaced from their hot life and migrated to migration and begging, which is very shameful in our culture; our women have been raped; parents have been separated from their children. He has seen so many. Innocent people are physically harmed, the rest are mentally ill.

In addition to this war, there is a war that has been started on our people from all directions and people are being killed every day on their own land. Therefore, the government whose first job is protecting the lives of the citizens is not only protecting the safety of our people, but also on activities that increase the vulnerability of our people.

Even though the people of Afar are people who work with priority for peace, they have shown their identity to the world by governmental and non-governmental invaders who come to challenge their sovereignty in their own land and to paint the history of heroism in black. They have shown their true identity to the world without expecting anything from anyone. However, the Afar people’s party is in vain every day. Withholding the dying citizens. We strongly urge him to give and fulfill his constitutional duty.

2/ low cost of living, corruption and lack of good governance:- We have found that the Afar People’s Party has been out of control due to high corruption, lack of good governance and excessive corruption as well as illegal hoarding of resources and embezzlement of the people to foreign countries are out of control. Since the works done in the region are not done properly and legally bidding system, the winners of the auction Sachhew The lack of quality of projects and lack of timely completion has held back the development of the region since they are office heads or families and the right professionals and the intermediaries.

Since our region’s geothermal nature is desert especially in this month of May the temperature will reach 40 to 50 degree Celsius, high water consumption is required. However, in the capital city of the region, Semera, the authorities have bought a boat and sold 20 liters of water for 35 birr and closed the main water line to the people for high water. Thirst has been put out.

We should not tolerate this unforgivable human rights violation and it should be fixed quickly. Not only the transportation is expensive, there is a huge shortage of transport in the region. It is enough to look at the Semera and Logia taxi lines at 7 o’clock in the afternoon. In order to ensure that the public resources that are exploited by individuals to be properly utilized and the government has rented buses for the people. Ransport We would love to make sure you provide service.

The Afar People’s Party is condemning these people who left the people and don’t think they will return to the people tomorrow. We urge the regional administration to take immediate measures against them.

All this suffering seems to be less, but in our region every 100 meters, smart bosses and government-supported government officials are robbing the people! There is a high and man-made cost of living in the region. For some and known parties to make profit, by confiscating exploited commodities, torturing low capacity merchants and making the situation comfortable for government contrabandists, by removing the legal merchants from the market and showing the farmers the hard work has become a common practice. The regional government needs an urgent correction. For him to take measures and the lives of the war-torn people. We’re going to encourage him to calm down.

3/ Human rights violations and exposure activities:- In our region, there have been huge violations of human rights related to the war; women have been raped by herds; children have been separated from their parents; severe physical injuries have been inflicted on our people; those who have been injured and thrown into every health center; those who have died and left their families in trouble; the infrastructure that are needed to live should be counted. Lala is destroyed, our people from their homes. Displaced and exposed to immigration.

There is a crisis of food, water and medicine in the refugee camps. Because the humanitarian support from the local and international community is not for the purpose of the development of individuals, our people are facing a serious situation of hunger and health problems.

It has been understood that the farmers displaced from Northern Afar who were displaced by this war are in a big problem in the concentration camps especially in Guyeh and Afdera by speaking to the displaced people. There is a huge shortage of drinking water in this area and thousands of families get only one bottle per day which is from the existing community. The displaced people said it could be the reason for another conflict in Garh.

We urge the government to solve these people’s problems as soon as possible and save the lives of the citizens.

Recently, there are rumors that they will return displaced people to their homes. While it is good that the displaced people are back, the Afar People’s Party would like to express its concern that you have left them in an empty village where their wealth is destroyed and claiming that they have returned to your country and claiming that it will not be an act of escaping from responsibility by the government.

Therefore, until the peace issue settles down, and the people recover from the spirit of war, we will suggest that the government should calmly take care of the people in the peaceful places they are. We believe that there is enough stock. A lot of young people who tried to express their views are in prison in this time where the infrastructure is not met is the ultimate humanity. Just in case a wee right offender. The party urges citizens to get justice and release them immediately.

The Afar People’s Party has made a lot of efforts to inform the world community about this human rights violation and in this process it has tried to explain the truth by creating contact with local and foreign institutions through letters.

The top leaders of the party have given explanations to the European Union Human Rights Commission, the European Union East African Special Envoy for UK East Africa and Red Sea Special Envoy for the African Union, the African Union Human Rights Commission and a lot of the world community about the violations of our people. Rights organizations on the issue of Afar The party has expressed its complaint that they have shown generosity.

4/ Regarding the national discussion:- The people of Afar believe that the source of our country’s current and lasting problems are not talking, not discussing, controlling all those who came to power alone and seeing others as destroyers of the country, not spreading a common vision and not willing to work together in a civilized way are the main reasons. This is the cycle we are in today. The one that put us in Therefore, once and for all, we believe that a fair, honest, honest, transparent and all inclusive national counsel should be resolved.

However, since the commission that was established now doesn’t meet the minimum requirements stated above, bringing together the governmental and non-governmental forces that are armed and causing our people suffer, we don’t think it will bring a lasting peace, but it will bring a solution. It is not only a waste of time and energy. If they didn’t believe too much was wasted in this process and considering the necessity of the issue. The one that will never be late Since it is an agenda, we have repeatedly asked you to solve the problems and save our country. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we will not be able to participate in the process until these prerequisites are fulfilled.

Afar people party Semera, Afar

May 31 2022

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Opinion: The beast of Kagame and Museveni haunts Nord-Kivu province to this day

The Mouvement du Mars 23 (M23) re-insurgency this year is now hurting the province of Nord Kivu. In such a manner, that Kinshasa is calling Kigali and ensuring the allies of M23 is getting into hot-water. Therefore, the way of things are going. Sooner or later the President of the Republic would need to either cease communications with the neighbours or hold direct dialogue with them.

That means that President Felix Tshisekedi has to decide if he wants to talk to Rwandan President Paul Kagame or Ugandan President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. Because, the M23 is a beast of the past, which is revived now and then. Former President Joseph Kabila did that when he needed insurgency to block elections and stop opportunities for “peace”. While siphoning the funds of the military operations into their own pockets in Kinshasa. So, people can move the argument of the sudden rise of M23 of late to either thing really.

We know that the M23 historically has ties to Kigali and Kampala. To say otherwise is a lie. Both parties and governments has been connected to them. Rwandan and Ugandan sponsored proxy-militias within the Kivu Provinces isn’t anything new either. There been plenty of outfits and warlords who has sufficiently been trained and armed by the comrades in Kigali or Kampala.

So, we know that Kagame and Museveni knows the game. They have been here for decades and has vast knowledge of warfare within the DRC. Their respective armies and proxies has fought within the DRC since the 1990s. They went to overthrow Mobutu Sese Seko and never really left… they just changed names and found means to profit of the plight, suffering and mass-death of the region. That’s what they have done and the blood is on their names.

That’s why when the likes of M23 resurfaces and the questions of whose behind it comes at once. This is because of the past aggressions and interference in DRC’s internal affairs. The M23 is just the most amplified and the militia that is hitting the news. There is plenty of Maï-Maï, FDLR and other outfits, which are sponsored and helped from across the borders. Which also inflict damage, pain and suffering in the Kivu provinces. Therefore, the knowledge of this… is well known and these sorts of things are now coming home to roost.

Kagame and Museveni has had their hands into it. They have enjoyed the perks and the spoils of the insurgencies in the DRC. The DRC has been a profitable enterprise and the illegal exploits has earned them vast Forex-Exchange and capital. It has been a way of creating industries and all jack-of-trades, which minerals and other resources that has given them an edge. While their armies has ensured training, arms and possibly recruits within their territories. That is something that has occurred and is still prevalent to this day.

M23 could be sponsored directly by Kigali these days. M23 could be sponsored by Kampala these days. That is just a mere option and no one would bat an eye over this. The former UN Experts Reports and the origin says enough. The way both parties has accepted previous combatants and cantonment within their borders. That’s why when they resurface and causes new insurgencies. You know they are involved and allowed it to happen somehow. Because, they just don’t dip out across the border and start fighting out of nowhere. Neither does they have ammunition and weapons to do that as well. Especially, when they were supposed to be peaceful and leave their rebellious ways. However, that was just buying time and awaiting their operation within the DRC.

That’s why the ghosts, the beasts of old is returning. This is why the eyes are turning towards Kigali and Kampala as the deaths and internally displaced people’s are on the rise. The endless conflict, which are inserted and supported from afar is very evident. The bullets and skirmishes continues too. While the region suffers as a consequence. The big-men are playing war-games and the civilians are forced in the middle. That’s the sinister plot of all of this. The big-men are playing and issuing their next meal. While the public are either living in fear, uncertainty or in refugee. As their homes, villages and territories are violated by a militia, yet again. A militia that has foreign backers and big-bank to fund their bloodshed. All done for the power of money and possible resources, which they cannot have access at back-home. Peace.

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