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The Sound of Silence: The continued disruption of Besigye On-Air!

Why does it have to be like this? Where is the justification to always target the radio broadcasts where the former Presidential Candidate and leader within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Dr. Kizza Besigye attend.

It doesn’t matter in which town, city or parts of Uganda, where the FDC leader is speaking on-air. No matter where, as they have to inform and give indication of their arrival as per request of the Public Order Management Act, the Police Force and the other authorities knows of the movement of the FDC Leader. Therefore, when he goes to Mbale, Jinja or Kabale. The authorities are ready to arrest and take away the signal of the set-radio station.

That is just what happens again and again. It is reoccurring like a smear campaign against the man. Not only assaulting his rights as a human being and political figure, but also the rights of the radio stations to pick who they are broadcasting and interviewing. Because, if it was any of the entitled gentlemen in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) or associates of the President. They would never have arrested them on-air or sealed of the stations because of their presence.

The authorities and the regime cannot be proud of these acts, as they are just devious. They are not clever. It is more of the same and showing the mediocre signs of oppression. The sort of behaviour, which is not democratic. As the democracy is only skin deep, because every decision and every move have to be sanctioned from the Okello House or the State House. Therefore, expect Besigye and the fellow FDC leadership to be under more pressure. Since, the election of 2021 is already gearing up for. Even as we are only in the middle of 2019. Still, the pretext for that is evident. As the NRM has picked their sole candidate and the DP Block is established.

We just have to wait and see where the final destination leads us. What we do know is that the authorities and the state apparatus will continue to assault the opposition. They will persist with this behaviour and do it relentlessly like it is no tomorrow. This is deliberate acts of a coward government, who knows their lack of popularity and has to rule by fear. If they were so great and grandeur. They wouldn’t need to fear the speeches or interviews of Besigye. However, they are and does it, again and again. Peace.


Not Breaking News: The Supreme Court Validated the Age Limit Amendment today!

If you ever thought the Supreme Court would allow the appeal on the Age Limit or the abolishment of the Article 102(b) your wrong. The 1995 Constitution is a document that is to change, as the President see fit or as he is in need.

The ones that believed that the Supreme Court would dismiss it. The result 4 Judges to dismiss versus 3 to appeal. Seems more like trying to make it balanced, than it really is. Because, the judges could have just made it 7 to dismiss or even 6, maybe even 5. Since, the result is practically the same. Close, but no cigar.

There are nothing that is changed, only that all legal remedy before the General Election 2021 is gone. The road for the sole candidate of the National Resistance Movement. Nothing will stop him, yet again. Like it is child’s play, which it is. Because, everyone around him plays to his tune. The ones who doesn’t end behind bars for silly reasons like Besigye. That is just life in the republic.

Again, and again, all the remedy, all the legal and Parliamentary steps is taken to secure the Self-Styled dictatorship of the President. In the vision and way of Museveni. If you think it is brilliant. It is not, it is just misuse of state institutions and ensuring one man get everything.

This isn’t validating a constitution or rule of law. This is validating the Presidency and his cronies. There is nothing noble or justification of it. Except keeping the status quo and the misuse of the power, which the NRM and the ones around the President already does.

If you think the verdict of 18th April 2019 is splendid and worth celebrating. Than celebrate the arrests of opposition members, the assaults on civil society organizations, political rallies ambushed, concerts blocked, journalists silenced, radios losing their licenses and everything else that is used to stop the opposition from organizing. It will only get worse, before it gets better.

For one reason, there is less and less reasons for Museveni to play around. He has everything and all laws is in hands. All the security organizations is following his memos and the Parliament is doing as directed. There is no one questioning or stopping him from doing what he says. Even if it failure and foolish.

Don’t anticipate this verdict to make things better. It won’t, it will just give the President all the reasons to continue his run. To continue his persistence of stealing, dealing and killing everyone else seeking office. Ensuring overpower and control. Giving no way. Just being him. There is no other way to look at it.

This is again, giving all the powers to the same man, that has run the republic since 26th January 1986. We could joke, may even say Bosco is out of his mind. But he isn’t, his just using the Supreme Court, like he has used everything else for 3 decades.

He just got the final nudge, the final nail in the coffin. He has abolished the term limits, now he officiated the destruction of the age limit. Who knows what is next, but this man will do whatever it takes to be in power. To think otherwise, is a lie or you haven’t gotten the whole picture. If not you are naive and thinks this is a good. Which is not.

This is validating the corruption, the arrest of democracy and also the ability of others to compete. As it is yet another fixture ready for the victory of Team Museveni. Peace.

Opinion: AG Barr proves his deficiencies in his latest presser!

Attorney General William Barr, the third Attorney General under President Donald J. Trump, whose been under investigation by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller for over 2 years. Today, was the day, that the public might see the report. However, before the redacted report get released. Even as the Congress and various of committee have been asking it for weeks. The Department of Justice and other in the administration. Have done whatever they can to spin the report.

Today is nothing different. Instead of letting people decide for themselves and look into the verdict of the Mueller Investigation. We get for the second time a spin from the Attorney General. Who previously only written a letter, which didn’t say much. All of the time playing the tune the President wants to hear. Surely, if he don’t, there will be a new acting Attorney General soon.

We know that the investigation isn’t winding down, we know there are still people under legal scrutiny, whose in close proximity to the President. While his former Campaign Manager, his aides and his former personal lawyer are all either felons or becoming state property soon. Therefore, it is not like the state have not found illegal or breaches of the law within the parameter of the President. It is just mere luck, that they haven’t found more or able to find more. As the Congress Committees are subpoena the people around the president and also the Trump Organization.

Therefore, the investigation is still ongoing and weird that the AG and the President are in public exonerating themselves. Even when there been so many people indicted and also put charges on. From Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Alexander Van Der Zwaan, Paul Manafort, George Papadopolous, Richard Gates and Roger Stone to mention a few. Whose all been in Court or indicted for breaking the laws.

That is why its rich for the Attorney General to say nothing was found and he was totally guilty. When so many was found guilty around him. The group and people around him has been taken into custody and had to answer to the rule of law. They have all been charged and even given plea deals to feed the investigation. The Special Counsel wouldn’t do that, if he didn’t believe he could build a case. That is why, it is rare and unique, that an investigation seeking this deals with several of close allies of the President. Couldn’t find a single thing on the President and further more people around him.

That sounds like spinning the report to me. I want to read that report, to see what Mueller found and what he asses. What sort of possible breaches and explanation to the erratic and hasty acts of the Trump Administration. This doesn’t sound like a true statement from them. Especially considering the reports of close communications ahead of the Presser. Where the White House and DOJ have communicated, meet and negotiated the Press Conference. This is a clear memo, that the law is directed from the Executive and not independently after the legal status, the DOJ is supposed to abide too. Just think about that and then, see if you find something wrong.

We don’t know what the report says, it hasn’t been released, only the mere biased opinion of the third AG under Trump. Peace.

Somalia: Jubaland Council for Change – Jubaland Election Dilemma and Current Trends (16.04.2019)

Russian Probe: Rep. Jerrold Nadler letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his report (18.04.2019)

Political Changes in Sudan Could Affect Mandate of African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur, Joint Special Representative Tells Security Council (18.04.2019)

Darfur has seen significant improvements in security, with some displaced people returning home but 1.6 million remaining displaced.

NEW YORK, United States of America, April 18, 2019 –  Members Echo Sudan’s Representative in Describing Recent Events as Internal Matter Not Warranting External Discussion, Interference

The planned withdrawal of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) by 30 June 2020 is on track, but the political situation in Sudan has changed drastically and could affect implementation of the mission’s mandate going forward, the Joint Special Representative of the African Union and the Secretary-General for the country’s western Darfur region told the Security Council today.

Speaking via videoconference from Khartoum, where the Military Transitional Council seized power on 11 April, he said the Operation is establishing contacts and working relationships with the new authorities. The international community can also start a dialogue with the new rulers to help create a conducive environment for UNAMID’s departure and for an international follow-up engagement in Darfur, he added.

“The current situation, much as it may not be desirable, provides a chance for the Sudanese to seize the opportunity to resolve all their conflicts, including the one in Darfur,” he continued. “The Council should urge the people of Sudan to have a holistic and all-inclusive approach that is representative of all Sudanese.” Noting that the changes at the federal level have had an obvious impact on Darfur, he cited acts of violence by internally displaced persons and other protesters targeting premises associated with the previous regime. In the midst of those developments, UNAMID has remained vigilant, maintaining a particularly robust posture in Jebel Marra, where clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) faction have continued.

Briefing on the humanitarian situation, the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator said the direct impact of recent political events on humanitarian operations has been limited so far and regular operations have continued, including a major campaign to vaccinate children against polio and measles. However, due to the economic crisis, the prices of food and medicines are rising, with the price of sorghum 70 per cent higher than it was a year ago and imports of medicine in 2018 down by one third from 2017, she said. An estimated 5.8 million people, including 1.9 million in Darfur, are presently food-insecure, she noted, predicting that, with the lean season due to start in May, that number will increase.

On the other hand, Darfur has seen significant improvements in security, with some displaced people returning home but 1.6 million remaining displacedDarfur has seen significant improvements in security, with some displaced people returning home but 1.6 million remaining displaced, she said. Humanitarian partners are appealing for $1.1 billion to help 4.4 million of the most vulnerable people, including 2.4 million in Darfur. Noting the presence of nearly 150,000 refugees from South Sudan, she stressed that the situation in Sudan has implications for the broader region. Meanwhile, humanitarian access has improved significantly in recent years, she said, adding: “At this critical time, it is essential to ensure that the people of Darfur and the rest of Sudan receive the support they need.”

Germany’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Council President for April declared: “We cannot simply delink the political developments in Khartoum from our joint work on UNAMID.” Speaking in his national capacity, he underlined the need for a collaborative relationship among the national decision-making authorities, the international community and the United Nations. “If we want to develop a way forward for the planning post-UNAMID, it is essential that we have an in-depth conversation with Sudan,” he emphasized, while pointing out the absence of a counterpart on the Sudanese side with whom to engage in dialogue.

The United Kingdom’s representative reiterated the African Union’s call for a swift return to civilian rule in Sudan, urging the Military Transitional Council to heed the voices of the people, protect protestors and uphold human rights. The representative of the United States said the upcoming strategic review of UNAMID should take into account the impact of recent events on Darfur, including the Government’s ability to protect and provide for the region’s people. If the Government cannot do that, he added, the United States is in favour of the Council considering all options.

South Africa’s representative said the people of Sudan must seize the opportunity to address their differences in an inclusive manner because Darfur’s development is linked to that of the country and the wider region. A credible and transparent transition process will help to unify the nation, he said, urging the Council to rally behind the people’s ambitions and to be guided by regional approaches through the African Union, notably the bloc’s communiqué of 15 April.

Kuwait’s representative was among speakers who emphasized that events unfolding in Sudan constitute a domestic matter in which outside entities must not interfere. China’s delegate stressed the importance of respecting the decisions made by the people of Sudan and of adhering to the principle of non-interference, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. The Russian Federation’s representative underlined the absence of grounds for linking the events of 11 April with UNAMID’s future.

Sudan’s representative emphasized the domestic nature of events in his country since December, saying that, in keeping with the United Nations Charter, there is no justification for the Council to discuss it. The exceptional situation calls for the greatest caution in order that all stakeholders can complete a smooth transition and democratic change, he added. He went on to reiterate his country’s commitment to respect all its agreements, including those with the United Nations regarding UNAMID’s deployment and humanitarian access.

Also speaking were representatives of the Dominican Republic, France, Peru, Côte d’Ivoire, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia and Equatorial Guinea.

Sudan: SPLM/A-North – Declaration of Cessation of Hostilities (17.04.2019)

RDC: Assemble National – Communique Officiel (16.04.2019)

African Union: Communiqué of the 840th meeting of the PSC on the situation in Sudan (15.04.2019)

An FDC Leadership Conference in Jinja: Ends with the Calvary causing havoc!

This is not surprising. This is steady business for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as they where scheduled to meet the FDC leaders of Busoga region in Jinja. To hold a FDC Leadership Conference there, as a part of the ACTION2019 campaign. We know that the Police Force is attacking this party directly, as they have done over years.

Today, the Police Force arrested Dr. Kizza Besigye as he was trying to address the public on-air on the Radio Kira. Where they took him out and also switched off the signal of the radio station. This is what the authorities does to the FDC.

Today was filled with running battles between them, while the Police Force used weapons and tear-gas. The public stood behind the FDC. In a manner, that people could admire. As the Police tried to take the car of Besigye and tow it away. However, the supporters actually took it away from the Police.

What the Police succeeding in doing in Jinja, other than hurting innocent civilians, stopping ordinary business order of the town and ensuring the continued hardships of the FDC. They initially stopped Besigye and blocking many of the FDC central leadership from meeting the leaders of Busoga as scheduled today. And hold the FDC Conference as planned ahead of time.

However, to do internal party conference in Uganda shouldn’t be this hard. The FDC cannot even do internal party work without meeting the Police Force or getting arrested.

This shows the intent of the authorities and how they behave. Even the President can start a rally without any forewarning in a round-about in Kampala, while the opposition parties have to beg to meet or even greet the public on local radios. That is evident yet again.

The is democracy, the NRM Way. Peace.

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