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Burundi: CENI – Communique de Presse (13.06.2019)


RDC: Lubaya Claudel Andre – Situation politique de l’heure Declaration (13.06.2019)

New details in the UN Experts Report: On the Illegal Gold Export from Butembo to Uganda!

This is now more than known, that the Gold Refinery in Entebbe is a source of gold from Democratic Republic of Congo. Where the illicit gold export persists. This is a problem, where the state are not able to catch and the wealthy traders in Butembo/Bukavu bribe the local government associates. This here is showing how the President of Uganda and his family is involved in the illegal trading of gold. As the African Gold Refinery, which the First Family is owning is involved in. They are not transparent and for the reason, that the state doesn’t want to take responsibility for this trade.

“Several sources associated with gold trade told the Group that wealthy traders in Butembo and Bukavu or buyers in transit countries and Dubai financed the smugglers, enabling them to buy gold and transport it to foreign markets. Two sources directly involved in such transactions with gold traders based in Butembo told the Group that traders with no affiliation with the gold trade lent money to their bosses. The latter used the money in order to buy gold in Butembo. Traders who lent money were paid back in cash, either in Kampala or in Dubai, by those who received gold. The Group believes that circumventing the banking system through gold-based financial transactions generates a lack of transparency and violates the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force as reflected in Congolese legislation” (Final report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, P: 35-36, 2019).

“Uganda declared gold exports of 12,000 kg, but the United Arab Emirates said that it had received 21,044 kg of gold from Uganda” (…) “The Group noted that, at the time of writing, the authorities of Uganda had failed to send the Group the report of their investigations into the activities of Kampala-based gold traders, as officials had promised. On 16 January 2019, the Group met with representatives of African Gold Refinery Ltd. (AGR) at AGR premises in Entebbe, Uganda, and discussed in particular the fact that AGR had yet to provide the names of its suppliers to the Group” (Final report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, P: 36, 2019).

This is just verified reports from the United Nations Experts, whose investigated it. They have digging deeper. The Report is continuing to show how the state is benefiting of the illegal trade, as long as the Democratic Republic of Congo is missing it. They are being looted by illegal logging, trading, smuggling and not doing due diligence of the mineral resources produced there.

The Ugandan authorities doesn’t care that this is stolen and not verified, as the refinery is showing that they are not caring about the production or the proper protocol of the mineral production, as long as they are profiting from the illicit trade. This is the moral of the story, as the elites of Kampala are eating of the illegal trade. They are doing this and continuing to do so. Peace.

Statement on Sudan by the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari (07.06.2019)

Sudanese Professional Association: Complete civil disobedience, and open political strike, to avoid chaos (04.06.2019)

June 4, 2019: The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) issued a statement that confirms the need for complete civil disobedience and open political strike, immediately, as the only measure left for the Sudanese people to hold the country from collapsing into total chaos and insecurity under the rule of the military coup council.

In just two days, Khartoum and other cities in Sudan have witnessed a good sample of life under the rule of the coup council: mass murders and extrajudicial killings by the army, security forces and paramilitary militias allied with them; pillaging of innocent civilians and their properties; sharp increase of victims of rape, assault and violence; terrorizing and beating people openly in the streets without discretion; forcing striking workers to work under threats on their lives or firing them without any due process; and other signs of a collapsing, extremely fragile state that will not only be vulnerable internally but also subject to external manipulation and exploitation at the highest level.

“Let the coup council know that they were the initiators of total chaos that they claimed to warn against and protect the people from, and that extremism and terrorism are now taking hold openly, which will also be met by more extremism and terrorism. Our country will be lost, and then regret and sorrow will not help. The risks that the coup council took, for the sake of usurping complete power, undermine national peace and would, eventually, affect regional and international peace,” said the SPA statement.

The current situation “is worse than any that came before it in time,” said the statement, and while the coup council claims to prepare for ‘general and fair elections’, it is clear to everyone that it is trying to legitimize the continuation of its own rule through such elections. “Any government that comes as a result of such arrangements would have no shred of legitimacy, will be managed through the military council members and their bloody agenda, and the country will not evade violence and counter violence.”

“Therefore, we at the SPA categorically reject all orders and decisions made public by and through the coup authority, and we call upon all states and international agencies to refrain from recognizing  the current ruling junta in Sudan and corner the members of the coup council, who are deep to their knees in the blood of the innocent in Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, in addition to  Khartoum and other cities and towns,” said the statement. The SPA also called upon the international community to focus on the violations and crimes committed these days everywhere in Sudan, to put an immediate stop to it through pressure to handover power without any conditions, and to form committees of investigation into the crimes that have been committed (recently and earlier). Such committees should coordinated by the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and relevant international agencies. Additionally, there is a clear need for the isolating and dismantling the Janjaweed militia, national security armed forces, and all other paramilitary groups that belonged to the former regime (and now inherited by the coup council).

“We call upon our Sudanese people to be steadfast in their commitment to nonviolent resistance, as it is our strong fort and superior weapon, and to refuse the attempts of the coup council to draw the whole country towards violence and counter violence. We also reiterate the importance of documenting all violations and crimes committed by the militias of the ruling junta, in the streets of all cities and villages of Sudan, under the sponsorship of the coup council. The time of answering to all their crimes is neigh, whether they see it or not,” said the SPA statement.

The statement finished by calling upon the Sudanese people to continue their revolution, and escalate the resistance through four main directives:

  • Complete civil disobedience; closing of all main streets, bridges and openings; and bringing public life to a general halt.
  • Open political strike at all places of work and facilities, in the public and private sectors.
  • Continuous work, coordination, and strong organization through neighborhood committees and strike committees.
  • Holding to the principle of nonviolent resistance in all our direct actions, towards change.

The Sudanese Professionals Association

June 4, 2019

RDC: Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC) – Note Circulaire aux Camarades Chefs des Regroupements (28.05.2019)

Burundi: OLUCOME – Communique de Presse – Portant sur le Project de Budget General de l’Etat de l’Exercice 2019/2020 au fisc Exagere vis-a-vis de la Population tres Pauvre (05.06.2019)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement on Fees and Charges Levied by Government Ministers and Departments (31.05.2019)

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Kenya: National Police Service – Press Statement a mandatory registration of firearms (27.05.2019)

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