Opinion: We are “Concerned” and “Condemns” is losing it’s value [if it had any to begin with]


In a conflict and a war, the international community and on press release(s) or statement(s) the multi-national organizations, troika(s) and diplomat(s) have often written that they are “concerned” or “condemning” what is happening at this stage and time. We have seen that, as much, as we have seen text with “our thought and prayers” after a massacre(s), mass-shooting(s) or extra judicial killing(s).

It is so common and happening after any air-strike(s), death of a humanitarian worker(s) and killing innocent civilian(s). That is occurring on a regular during warfare and within conflict(s). When the violence, the intent and acts of sinister violence is a common action. Therefore, these words and expressions have become “hot-air”.

The diplomat(s) and the other associates, the organization(s) and state(s) should know that it is losing it’s meaning…. When that is all they do. They are concerned about it and condemns it, but what does it do… when they don’t do anything else. Utter and bitter silence. The victims, the deceased or the ones who is caught behind cross-fire doesn’t live on that. Neither does it help anyone who is in the middle of the conflict or in the war-zone.

It is positive that the world and other nations express themselves on the possible war-crime(s) and violations of the Geneva Convention. The acts of war needs to be addressed and not only in this manner. That will not do anything. This will neither silence the guns or the weapons in general. No, the ones acting in the war will not care or be worried. These will only act, if there is sanction(s), clear indication(s) of retribution towards the leadership or the one(s) who is behind it all the devastation.

There is a time and a need for diplomacy. However, often there isn’t more happening. The only thing you hear about is planned meeting(s), committee(s) and more planned text(s). Nevertheless, that is not met with anything more. If so… it is meaningless pleas and understanding the plights of the ones suffering.

The one(s) conducting the war and the conflict are still able to import more weapons, ammunition and military equipment. The armies and militia(s) are able to train, become better and quicker to compete on the battlefield. They are able and allowed to block humanitarian assistance. The one(s) in-charge are not charged or investigated. No, they are not even trying to see what sort of action(s) can be done to the one(s) who profit(s) on the war/conflict. The money is printed and the seller is earning fortunes on the deaths of other(s).

This is why this will not end. Conflict(s) and war(s) will not stop. The act of condemning and being concerned isn’t doing much. Other than creating headlines and sometimes being rebuked by one or the other party within the conflict. However, that will not change anything… or make the one(s) behind it all shaking in their boot(s).

They are just wondering why the UN, multi-national organization or a diplomatic body does this. As it only make press release(s) or statement(s). That isn’t making a difference… and only wave(s) of nothingness. Unless, the ideal(s) are more important than actual impact. That’s how things seem(s) to me. Peace.

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