Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors – Report on the Death Toll of the Events in West Darfur State (30.04.2022)

The death toll have risen to (200). Four have been killed today in El Geneina, West Darfur; three by gun shot, while one stabbed with a sharp object.

With this, the total number of deaths since the start of the events has now reached (200).

Locations of victims body injuries are as follows:

– Head (95)

– Neck (2)

– Chest (51)

– Belly (19)

– Basin (4)

– Back + Chest (4)

– Limbs (5)

– Full fire burn (5)

– Stabbing by sharp object (1)

(location of body injuries of (14) of the victims could not be identified).

Distribution of the (200) victims by age group and gender are as follows:

– (24) Children

– (9) Women

– (167) Men

(23 of the victims are elderly men and women).

The Surgery Emergency at El Geneina Hospital, is still operating at half capacity, and the Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, and Pediatric Emergencies are not working.The Internal Partitions are also not working anymore.

CCSD points out that there is still deficit in providing health services in the State, due to failure in full return to work in El Geneina Hospital, as the capacity of the hospital cannot be covered by the private hospitals in the State.

This calls for concerted efforts directed towards full return to work in the Hospital.

CCSD’s Media Office

April 30, 2022

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Opinion: “Pastor” Kasolo’s prosperity gospel … Part II

Spend only when you must. I teach you this so that you save. Saving is the major point. For anyone to become rich, you must have a business that gives you money every day. If you are a man or woman, and you wake up to do nothing, I don’t what to call you. Every human being must save money every day. Even beggars on the streets earn money every day, but for you, you are not earning anything. Vend sugarcanes or fry chapati, but to get out of poverty, you must have a business that earns you money every day. Other than that, you are off track” – State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Spend less, save every day, you will soon become rich- advises Minister Kasolo’ 30.04.2022, NilePost)

Yet again, the Minister and Prosperity Gospel provider, the reverend of promising wealth, Haruna Kasolo has returned. Because the end goal in life is to get wealthy, rich and living large. Not living within our means or having stability. No, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) cannot ensure or secure social security. Neither can the NRM ensure policies or markets of which is stable enough for businesses to thrive in. That’s why the prosperity gospel is sickening.

The NRM and Kasolo’s party has soon had 4 decades in power. Nevertheless, there isn’t any growth or possible change, which is significant. The public isn’t the GDP growth, but they are eating accordingly to their pocket. The NRM has created a gig economy and a get-quick-rich schemes as state programmes, which I can promise you will not last. It isn’t far from a pyramid-schemes to the Operation Wealth Creation, neither is it far to Emyooga or the Paris Development Model. The state is just giving short-sighted monetary programmes without the institutions or the markets for the public to trade. There isn’t a natural growth and neither is there a framework to make it possible.

The NRM is artificially funding small pockets of society and without a long-term plan. There is only incentives and programmes, which is made within the road-maps of elections, but not having protocol or ideals on how to implement. That’s why today’s message is insincere.

Yes, savings are good and people should save money. They should be able to pocket and have money for rainy-days. As every day isn’t sunny and the sun doesn’t always shine. However, when you live on gigs, hands-to-mouth and barely scraping by. Its a lot to ask… those people to save and able to put money away. When they are not having enough food for electricity, airtime or food for that matter. It is really showing the hubris and lack of code, as the poor cannot save, because they are already prioritizing what they have and spending it as they see fit. To ensure their basics is met and needs of their loved ones.

As he continues:

Salary earners who don’t have daily income generating activity always forms long lines at the bank to withdraw money at the end of the month. They are badly off. A salary can never make you rich. A person’s wealth is determined by their daily saving. So, if you don’t have a business that earns you money every day, after here, go and start it. Stay home women, make sure you have a project at home that earns you money every day” (Kasolo, 30.04.2022).

This MP and Minister has clearly forgotten the plights of the citizens and poverty. It is not like these has the time or ability to start a business. Families with kids, housing and rent to pay, rampant inflations and lacking concern to the devalued salaries in comparison to the prices on necessities, which is growing by the day.

The ones that is living on salary and has a stable job. As long as that is paid out on time can ensure some stability and give a person the ability to get by. Plenty of people don’t want to be rich, but just live and be content. Salary can also be a result of the education and the profession a person has. Therefore, the Minister is forgetting how people are earning money as civil servants and government workers. Everyone cannot be farmers and wait for the prices from traders buying their produce. Neither can everyone have a hobby or a plot where they can grow a cash-crop. Therefore, the Minister should be sincere about this.

His speaking like there is a middle class and people can afford to save money. That everyone has the dream and the vision of getting wealthy. Most people want a house, food security and have a good life with family. That is more enriching that fat pockets and lack of integrity. Alas, that is why the Minister has become a Prosperity Gospel peddler and not an honest politician. The Minister has spread this message for at least two years now. Last time I commented on it was in 2020. So, this is his stick… Peace.

Opinion: Yoweri always blame others for his bad governance…

The problem is our people who do not listen, they are always sabotaging our programs. When political leaders fight government programs, it’s the people who suffer” (…) “Religious leaders please help me to expose bad politicians because they are causing problems to all of us” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (29.04.2022).

It is never Museveni’s fault… it is never his fault. As long as I can remember, it is always other people’s fault. In the past it was Obote fault, Amin or even you can trace things back to that. If not it’s the pastoral culture or villagers way of living. At this very moment and time, President Museveni is never at fault. He doesn’t do mistakes, act wrong or trespasses anyone. No, his always righteous and correct on a regular basis.

He maybe believes that, but that is far from the truth. The handlers and appointees around him will never challenge him or even say so. Because, if anyone said that His Excellency was wrong or acting badly. They would be dismissed and sent packing. No one in their right mind is risking their meal-ticket or losing their office.

So, this follows a pattern and he hopes because his giving or donating funds to religious leaders. That these will speak and whistleblower on leaders, which isn’t following party-line. This is what his saying without saying it. He wants religious leaders to snitch on his behalf.

While the President is blaming unceremoniously “bad politicians” without naming them. We know this would be defiant opposition leaders or people who are directly in defiance to his rule. The Self-Styled-President for Life is saying this now. It really shows his sentiment and how he directs thing.

Museveni is yet again blaming others for the failure of his government. He claims bad politicians is the reason for government programs to not work. While Museveni haven’t always done the background work or even stress-tested government programs. Neither is he initiating programs without evaluating the previous ones. That’s why things are failing and not working.

The intention is a get-rich-scheme for his cronies and allies. While the government program is a shell-company or even a nice body to siphon funds. The state and the government officials had no plans in implementing or even succeeding the program. The program was just an excuse to get money and not execute it. That’s how it looks… and the ones behind it is able to run away and never get caught. Because, this is happening again and again. If not the programme is launched, but never really running. Neither is there any plans, protocol or care for how to do it. That’s why the programme is a wasteland and money-pit without any results. While countless of officials and cronies are paid-off…

So, it is striking that Mzee or the President is blaming bad politicians… those bad politicians must be the appointees or elected National Resistance Movement cadres across the Republic. Since they never seem to achieve anything substantial. Because, if it was always other people’s fault. Why is Museveni micro-directing and putting in directives and decrees on all parts of government?

If he does that… isn’t he at fault for directing and ordering people to comply to his wishes? While he has issued these programs without proper work before launching it. So, it is not strange it’s not working. Neither is he funding or securing the secretariats to be prepared to actually implement it. That shows how is a bad politician and maybe the religious leaders should give a memo about him. Peace.

Opinion: The Crocodile says the businesses are sabotaging the government…

We must practise honest and ethical business practices. Businesses cannot purport to support the government by day and sabotage the same government by night and then after play the victim. It is imperative for us all to make strategic choices for the best interests of our country” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa (29.04.2022).

The Crocodile of Harare is unreal, the one who is the Commander in Chief and the Head of State. President Mnangagwa said this at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo yesterday. It is really rich coming from and he should know better.

The financial structure, the fiscal policies and the polices of the economy is all coming from the Government. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) has to take accountability and what sort of actions they have done.

Mnangagwa’s regime is at fault. The economy is the ‘albatross’ that ZANU-PF has no idea how to control or adopt too. The ZANU-PF only knows how to scheme, loot and siphoned government funds. Therefore, Mnangagwa shouldn’t point a finger and address things internally.

The lack of working policies on the currency, monetary policies or even financial instruments. That isn’t the fault of the traders, importers or exporters of Zimbabwe. No, that is the fault of the RBZ and MoFED. They are maybe inept or cronies with no clue of what they are doing. The ZANU-PF isn’t acting sincere here and passing the buck actually.

Mnangagwa should be disgraced by this and the way he puts the fault on the industries or businesses itself. They are working under his regime and following the rules, which his government is putting on them. If the state says one thing, the businesses has to comply. That’s why the premise of the sabotage is flawed. The Ministries and the Parliament can put forward motions and legislation that changes the market-place for one commodity or one type of import. Therefore, to blame the businesses is weak tea and not true…

The President should look into his own and the appointees of ZANU-PF. Mnangagwa should hold a Politburo and plan the steps ahead to ensure the businesses can thrive and work. However, the state is more busy on get-rich-schemes for itself, than actually serving the public. This is why the state cannot find a measure or a way of making monetary policies working or stabilizing inflation for that matter.

The ZANU-PF and Mnangagwa needs to get a grip. They are not the victims, but they are blaming the ones who are living under its reign. The victims are the citizens and the businesses, which is hurting, because of the inflation, lack of stable currency and ability to forecast the market. That’s why it’s risky and could backfire to invest in the first place. However, ZANU-PF will not say that… we know that already.

Mnangagwa needs to fix the ‘Albatross’ and get things in order. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t count on it. That would stop the possibility of scams, schemes and means of siphoning funds from the state coffers into “private investors” accounts. Peace.

Ukraine: Lavrov wants Russia to be able to bleed Ukraine dry on its own…

Various weapons are sent to Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries in an endless stream. All this is done under the pretext of ‘fighting the invasion’, but in fact, the United States and the European Union intend to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, and they are absolutely indifferent to the fate of Ukraine as an independent subject of international relations” – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (30.04.2022).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is clearly bending the ideals and such, which is in frame with the rhetoric of late. While Russians are allowed to wage war on a sovereign nation like Ukraine, the West and United States isn’t allowed in their minds to support and aide the Ukrainian forces. That is really hypocrisy, as the Kremlin and Moscow is allowing itself to impose itself on Ukraine, but the West is just supposed to look idly by. While Russians are conducting atrocities, war-crimes is continuing within Ukraine.

The Russians are acting like victims, which is disgusting. Knowingly the way they are sending missiles on civilian targets, the way they are burying civilians in mass-graves, torturing and raping innocent civilians. That’s why I am staunch supporter of both humanitarian and military aide to Ukraine. As the imperial forces of Russia is coming there to violate and occupy more territory. In such a manner to carve and annex more territory.

It is ironic that Lavrov speaks of the independence of Ukraine. As the Russians are violating that… and the Russians are not even concerned about the nationhood or statehood of Ukraine. The Russian Federation and the one spelling out the propaganda for the regime has told this. The Russian President stated this and mocked Ukraine as well. Therefore, we know the real deal and the only thing Russia wants is… to bleed the Ukrainian state out and conquer it.

The Russian-Belorussian invasion wants to shed no tears and continue the bloodshed, as long as possible and install a puppet in Kyiv. That is the given and no one should be shocked by that. The talk of independence and democracy coming from Russia is foolish. As they are run by a dictator and a President for Life. The same is their ally in Minsk. Therefore, the Kremlin wants a silent cadre and a loyal soldier in Kyiv. They don’t want someone who turns to the West or Europe. Alas, the main reason for the war in the first place.

So it doesn’t get better when Lavrov also says this:

We witness the manifestation of classic double standards and hypocrisy of the Western establishment at present. Publicly expressing support to the Kiev regime, NATO countries are doing everything to prevent completion of the operation by way of reaching political agreements” (Lavrov, 30.04.2022).

The Western Nations and NATO is only helping a nation with self-defence and with humanitarian assistance. While Russia would prefer to do it all by themselves and annihilate Ukraine without anyone seeing or helping Kyiv. That is the initial gist I am getting. Lavrov and Kremlin is feeling bad that the warfare is taking to long time.

Russian speaks of hypocrisy, but the way and the manner they are talking in this war is the same. They speak of the independence of Ukraine and as a sovereign. While they are working on overtime to invade and conquer it. The Russians aren’t adhering to the Budapest Memorandum and neither did Russians respect the Minsk Agreement. So, the Kremlin and President Putin should study these agreements before pointing their fingers at the West or Kyiv. They are the ones aiding separatists, waging war and annexing territory in Ukraine.

That’s why Lavrov and such just wants to bleed Ukraine out. That seems to be their mission and how they operate. Since they are warning and talking ill of anyone supporting or aiding Kyiv. Peace.

Pakistan: Veterans of Pakistan (VOP) – Press Release (29.04.2022)

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