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Kenya: Letter from Waikwa & Company Advoctes to Judicial Service Commission – “Re: Petition by Martin Wambugu Ngunjiri Against Hon. David K. Maraga” (20.09.2017)


NASA: ODM Confidential letter to NASA Strategic Team – “Ref: Possible Compromise of Election Statagem (2017)” (19.09.2017)

WHO and partners respond to flood crises in the former Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile States of South Sudan (19.09.2017)

As part of the health cluster response, WHO delivered lifesaving medical supplies to the communities affected by the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, September 19, 2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the Ministry of Health and partners are scaling up the emergency response in the flood affected areas of Aweil West and Aweil North Counties of former Norther Bahr el Ghazal State, and Maban County of former Upper Nile State.

As part of the health cluster response, WHO delivered lifesaving medical supplies to the communities affected by the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. The lifesaving health supplies will benefit 10 000 people living in areas deeply affected by the heavy rainfall in parts Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile States of South Sudan for the next three months.

The supplies include 10 basic unit kits and 10 pneumonia kits for management of common illness. The supplies were deployed along with Medical Mobile Team (MMT) to support other health partners in management of common illnesses to reduce excess mortality and morbidity and build the capacity of partners in early case detection of outbreak prone diseases.“Building the capacity of partners, increasing human resource and medical supplies are vital in such acute emergencies since it increases access to quality health care services to the affected population” said Mr Evans Liyosi, WHO Representative a.i to South Sudan.

According to the State Ministry of Health, it is estimated that over 119 000 people have been affected due to flooding triggered by the heavy rainfall in 11 payams of Aweil North and Aweil West of former Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. More flooding also caused some deaths and injuries and has deeply affected the daily lives of over 650 households in eight villages of Bunj payam, Maban County, Upper Nile State.

The risk of water-borne disease in the wake of the floods is real; a cholera epidemic has already affected thousands of people, causing over 355 reported deaths said Dr Allan Mpairwe, WHO Health Security and Emergency Officer. We have to act very fast to avoid the spread of water-borne diseases and the transmission of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, Dr Mpairwe underscored.
The floods have also destroyed roads, schools, homes, crops and vegetables all over the affected areas. This means the situation will get worse, with more people needing temporary housing and urgent humanitarian help.

WHO will continue to strengthen its humanitarian support in coordination with the Ministry of Health and partners to save the lives of the vulnerable community, Mr Liyosi added.

Kenya: SC. MBS. Fred Ojiambo Statement regarding the current attacks on the Independence of the Judiciary (19.09.2017)

Opinion: The Kenyan Police Service has confirmed there are two kind of people, the ones supporting Jubilee and the rest!

That supporters of Jubilee Party, President Uhuru Kenyatta and other within the ruling regime was out in the streets demonstrating. They we’re burning tires and also being rowdy around the Supreme Court in Nairboi. We now know there are two kinds of people in Kenya. In the Republic of Kenya, there are the supporters of Jubilee, who are allowed to demonstrate and actually show their grievances against the nullification of the Presidential Election of 8th August 2017.

We have seen during the last two years what has happen when Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) or the now named National Super Alliance (NASA) has demonstrated on the streets. The police has come with anti-riot gear, come with water-cannons and bullets. At one point there was even footage of Police Officers beating civilians into pulp. That was because of the need of reforms within in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commisison (IEBC). So the killings, people going to hospital for their hurt and all of them who gotten detained. Clearly, nothing of that has happen today.

I am disappointing, I am disgusted, because if someone should demonstrate in Kenya. You should expect the tear-gas, the police brutality and other blue shields going all in on the people. But since their where one of a kind. Not like all the others who has demonstrated the last two years together with CORD/NASA. They we’re just seeing Police Cars on stand-by as the burning tires and other equipment we’re burnt in middle of the road.

That Jubilee supporters are allowed to close-off the Supreme Court and walk in marches in the streets, while the CORD/NASA was seeing the Police all out with water-canons and bullets for walking to the IEBC offices at the Anniversary Tower. Proves the double standard, that there are two kinds of people now.

IGP Joseph Boinett has showed the world there are two kinds of people. He should be proud of his work. Some has the Constitutional Rights to demonstrate and show their grievances to the State Institutions. But if you belong to the other political affiliation, your voice doesn’t matter! Kudos, Boinett, this proves your political stance and your place in the hierarchy, his loyalty isn’t to the Constitution, even if he gives leeway to Jubilee, but he shows his place when drilling Police Brutality to civilians demonstrating under leadership of CORD/NASA. Peace.

Kenya National Police Service: “Security of Judicial Officers and Court Houses” (19.09.2017)

Kenya: Statement by the Judicial Service Commission on attacks on the Judiciary (19.09.2017)

IEBC Internal Memo from Chairman Chebukati to CEO Chiloba: “Re: SC PET NO 1 of 2017, Raila Odinga & Another VS IEBC & 2 Others” (18.09.2017)

NASA: Remarks by Rt. Raila Odinga at Meeting with Grassroots Leaders (18.09.2017)

Opinion: Exposing the IEBC Presidential Election shows that the only hope is, to reform it!

For every inch of exposing the culprits behind the rigging on the 8th August Presidential Election in Kenya, will leave more people scorn and more people angered. As ruling regime and their partners never expected this to unfold. That incumbent party Jubilee and their allies never anticipated that someone would catch a whiff and if they did, they would just nod their head and sigh. Then move on, like nothing happen and nothing was stolen that day.

Clearly, this has backfired and for each going since Presidential Petition was delivered to the Supreme Court. For each and every single day, there been released new intelligence, new insights into the conducts of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and also their connected companies. This being Safran or Morpho with their KIEMS, the Cambridge Analytica servers and the duplicated accounts of IEBC Officials. There are enough crimes and fraudulent behavior to write a book. However, that would be to insulting, as the term is still going-on for Kenyatta, the supposed winner of this rigged election.

Nevertheless, you can see that something is not on it is up and up. When Jubilee, the incumbent are attacking the Supreme Court and trying to fix-it. While the audits, the rulings and all documentations blaming the IEBC and their partners. Certainly, this sort of act is not for the crowds, but for disbelief, that someone would dare to step-up and shut the door in the face of the incumbent. That is initially what happen and that was not expected.

Therefore, as the days goes by, the duplicated accounts, the fixing of the biometric scanner, the KIEMS, the results manipulations and the IEBC Portal filled with Electoral Fraud. Is all in the daylight. As the IEBC-leadership and Secretariat are trying to pass and push for second round K.O., even as the National Super Alliance (NASA) and their candidate Raila Odinga are showing the world their digressions.

It is not like there is nothing there, there are too much at this point to put a finger on. Like you should blow-up the building at Anniversary Tower in Nairobi. Leave all the documentations and tenders behind. Start a fresh, hire new people and get new Electoral Codes, since the ones that are there is ready for the taking. The IEBC needs something else than what it has today. Today, it is a relic, a fine and dandy machine for not respecting ballot, bur reconfigure the ballots to fit a paradigm. The IEBC today are for the rulers to stay ruling, not to listen to the voters and validate their votes. To say otherwise is to either be blind and lose your marbles.

The IEBC does not only reform, it needs to be shaken to its core. The foundation is built on a lie and it is in the open. As the wounds and the battles of August is still fought in paragraphs, tweets and in conversation. The distrust and disbelief of the magnitude of fraud, should shock anyone, the bribes, the tricks and manipulation in favor of one man and his party. Therefore, that man is blaming the party that took away the shackles on the IEBC and made them have another election.

Kenyatta, should instead of focusing on Supreme Court, he should if he cared about the voters and their integrity, fix IEBC and their outstanding issues. Which is bigger than a mountain and more pieces of misbehavior than an ordinary puzzle. It is not enough to fire fellow leaders and expect it be golden. If it was so, the leadership change after Chickengate, would have made this election gone smooth. However, apparently for all of us. It did not!

I am just waiting for an E-Mail or a Correspondence between IEBC and Jubilee, where they agreed upon how the result would look like and about what time to announce it. Since, it was so well-planned and behaved, the system of rigging, the manipulation of electronic results and the transmission of them. It was so obviously set-up to make sure the incumbent would win.

Though today, we see and yesterday we saw, what they did and how they did it. The aftermath and the end-game has been altered. It angers Kenyatta who wants to smash SCOK, but should use his mind and fix IEBC. Not that it is in his interest. But if he cared. He should, he want justice, he should and if he cares about the voters. He should, but do not count it. Peace.

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