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Merciless spin from President Museveni: Claims Bobi Wine is healthy and indisciplined!

If you know, you know”Pusha T.

Greetings. Some days have gone by while what President Trump calls “fake news” generators, especially the Monitor and their TV, the NTV, have been putting it out that our grandson, the indisciplined Bobi Wine, is gravelly ill, he cannot talk etc. They were putting it out that because of their “rough” handling of the MPs while arresting them, the Security forces could have done grievous damage to Bobi Wine. I decided to check with Army doctors because, being a disciplined Army, UPDF doctors always take precautions in such situations. Bobi Wine had already been seen by doctors in Arua, Gulu and Kampala. He has no head or chest injuries or bone fractures, they informed me” (Museveni, 2018).

Why are you lying Mr. President, when his own lawyers letter on the 18th August 2017 have stated together with the Uganda Human Rights Commission. That Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have a damaged kidney, he is suffering from internal bleeding, he has pain in his hips and head, as his detention is at the Makindye Military Barracks, where they don’t have dialysis or the X-Ray to look into the illnesses of Bobi Wine. Why are you lying today? What are trying to do? What is your goal with this?

The biggest problem is political leaders like Kassiano Wadri and Bobi Wine forming, or allowing indisciplined groups to be formed under the cover of elections, groups that form illegal processions in built-up and heavily populated areas, carrying stones, up-rooting side walk pavers to use as missiles, to attack defenceless women, children and other civilians” (Museveni, 2018).

All the clips of tape and following of the Presidential Convoy shows nothing of what you speak off. There was no violence, until the Special Force Command or the Presidential Guards starting to blaze up Arua. As the vile attempt of cover-up continues and you continue to blame the citizens. Not looking into the own guards. Which you defended in the last go-around, that they only resorted to live bullets. Because you they didn’t have anything else. What is wrong with you?

Do you know that people we’re shot today too in Mityana, or the ones hurt in the riots in Kampala in the last few days? Even, do you even care to mention the dead driver of Bobi Wine, which you never even seem to declare anything about. How dare you make up stories yourself! Do you even care about these citizens at all?

Anybody who is a friend of the young politicians like Bobi Wine should advise them that short cuts like cheating, importing voters, intimidating the voters of the other side, ballot stuffing etc will lead them and Uganda to doom. That is what the young politicians of independence thought and did and it led to disaster” (Museveni, 2018).

Why more lies and deception, as you know very well of your making? You are the king-pin of rigged elections. Kiggundu math is a thing because of you, Mr. President. You always counter-claim with similar efforts when you are losing. Because they didn’t follow your guidelines. Mr. President, you are leading the nation to disaster, you are killing the youth and the generations surrounding it. The Police are acting as goons, the Special Force Command means to the polls and changes of laws in Parliament, than even the lawmakers. That shows your intent. With texts like the one you dropped today.

You show, that your reckless, relentless and have no heart for your Republic. I’ll be illdisciplined and be one of the friends of doom. Since what you are serving is collective punishment and injustice at epic proportions. I’ll be a pseudo-intellectual as long as I never represents or supports you kind. Which have no trouble using the arms and guns on civilians, who has no trouble using the Police to create criminals, instead of fighting thieves. As long as you are stealing the future, there will not be better tomorrow. You think you put out statements like this and vindicate yourself?

This isn’t 1986. This is 2018. If you know, you know.

The illdisciplined will come after you and your legacy will forever remembered for how you did this and all the others. All the skeletons and all the hurt you have done. We will not forget. Your as evil as the ones you overthrow back-in-the-day. Peace.


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘We shall not allow violence in elections’ 19.08.2018 link: https://www.yowerikmuseveni.com/blog/museveni/we-shall-not-allow-violence-elections


President Museveni warns the ghetto youth: While the Presidential Guards was torturing the Ghetto President!

Those in the ghetto, if you want to get out of ghetto, listen to what NRM is telling you. I was in the ghetto, in Katwe, in 1968, fighting Obote and Amin” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 17th August 2018.

Now, as the President has detained, tortured, arrested, frozen the account and who knows what sort of damage of the body of Robert Kyagulanyi, he went to the Ghettos to spread his positive narrative. That you all have to follow the President and not listen to the Ghetto President, Bobi Wine. That is why he went there now, as he knows what he has done. Therefore, the damage control of the President Museveni is to tell the usual story. Follow me. Follow my guidelines and know that I have all the answers.

That is what has appeared, as several MPs are in dire straits, as their lives in a worry and the dept of despair is not yet certain. But all of that is on his command and after the Presidents will. He has the force, he used his tricks and used his army to toil their desperation. Therefore, he knows perfectly well, how to get them out of it and out of danger. However, he keeps them as hostages and prays for their fall. It seems, as their journey into brutal injustice continues.

That is why in the midst of all that, he goes to the youth of ghettos of Kampala, which he meet this Friday on a ceremony and told them to listen. They have to follow him and NRM. If they ever want to get out. He has the message and he is the way out. NRM is the solution. It is so rich, that the one who has kept them poor and haven’t offered them development for 32 years. Are coming there and telling the youth to listen.

This while the new politician of their generation Bobi Wine is in uncertain territory and who knows if he is at the Makindye Military Barrack or airlifted somewhere else. Because there is speculation, but nothing is certain at this point. What is known, is that his fate is the hands of the President and that NRM.

That the youth and the people of the ghetto are supposed to listen too. Even if they don’t deliver or serve them anything. The NRM that hasn’t even tried to be there or act like it exists. But now that they have the Ghetto President behind bars. The President has to lecture them and tell them the way. How insulting right?

Why should they listen to the NRM?

So that they don’t get tortured, don’t get arrested and don’t get their mobile money revoked?

What has the NRM given the ghetto which is sustainable?

Not much and now he offers them a stern warning.

What is wrong with this man?

Who knows, but his mind and his rhetoric is not fitting the bill. When someone who represents the Ghettos are in dire need and is in his custody. Peace.

Where are those other arrested MPs? Aftermath from the Arua By-Election!

Where is Paul Mwiru, Gerald Karuhanga, Kassiano Wadri and at what state is Francis Zaake? All of this men have been in limbo since the Arua By-Election. Not only Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. All of these men has been tortured, harassed and detained at various locations. These men combined with other opposition activists, which all was taken in the mere days of polls on the 15th August and the aftermath continues.

It is like the authorities thinks we forgetting about the other Members of Parliament, as their fate is uncertain, while the health condition of Francis Zaake and Bobi Wine is uncertain. The lack of reports and knowledge of the others isn’t a good state either. They could be in Gulu or in Arua. Even airlifted to somewhere else. To a godforsaken prison in Moroto. Because the regime likes to act like the colonial powers did to their enemies. That is what the President and his henchmen does. With training from North Korea and their torturing techniques. There is enough soldiers that has gone through that training over the years, to have the ability to scorn a mans life.

So where is Paul Mwiru?

So where is Gerald Kauhanga?

So where is Kassiano Wadri?

So where is Michael Mabikke?

What health care is planned for Zaake?

What health care is planned for Bobi Wine?

What is your initial plan, other than torture, arrest and creating an uncertain future for these legislators. As they deferred your will and ensured another By-Election loss in Arua. That has certainly hit the pride of the President. Which put him into a frenzy and has since then ordered mayhem and destruction over the ones crossing his path. That is initially how it looks. We can wonder, if all these lives and the costs. Would be to much for the President to swallow, as the reactions and possible outcome, would become overbearing. The public would become tired of the militarism and the intimidation of the President. That is only for time to tell.

What we do need to know, is where is these legislators and how are they?

We know the limbo of life concerning Zaake and Kyagulanyi, but not the rest. Peace.

Opinion: Why do DP Ruto admire Museveni? – Does he know who he supports?

I am a great supporter of Museveni. Much as Museveni is the president in Uganda, his heart is in the region. His experience is invaluable” (…) “Museveni is our father in the region. He’s very clear on matters of East Africa. I hope Museveni, Uhuru, and other regional leaders can provide us with that opportunity of a Political Federation of EAC” – Deputy President William Ruto at the Young Achievers Awards in Kampala, 18.08.2018).

I am just amazed, that this is happening in the days of detentions, arrests, torture and scandal of epic proportions. That the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto is professing his admiration and fandom over such a tyrant. That Ruto is saying he is a great supporter of Museveni now. Just show how political savvy the man is, but also how little he cares for human rights, justice and rule of law. Not that its shocking, as he himself has attacked the courts, had no problems using the police and army against the public after the Fresh Presidential Election in 2017. Therefore, Ruto has shown his lack of compassion already.

Ruto is the hustler, the land-grabber and the wealth creator for himself. That is why he has village for himself, a farm and dozens of properties. That is why he owns a newspaper, television and whatnot of corporations. Who needs to run businesses, when you can take it all as a politician. That is why he is in government and not in the private sector. Because where else would he gets such vast wealth and so quick.

That is maybe why he looks up to Museveni, who went from being a poor-man with very little, until stealing the kingdom and taking the republic as hostage. Now he can torture, kill and arrest the civilians, the MPs and the ones who are trespassing on his road. Ruto should know this, he should be able to follow the political landscape of Uganda. As it is just across from Busia. We can wonder if he has turned a blind eye, and doesn’t care about the oppression there. Because that just happens to Ugandans and in his eyes, they are not his electorate. So why care?

You can wonder if DP Ruto wants the same militarism, the same junta government and the same lack of tolerance for other views. That is what is happening across the borders. Museveni is showing again and again, how he uses the Special Force Command or the Presidential Guards for a political bargain. Just like he did last year within Parliament. To get his will and his way, to become President and tyrant for life. That is the reality.

So it is weird, but also a worry, that DP Ruto praises this, because if William would get power in Kenya, would he use the same force and the same will to take control of Eldoret and Nairobi? As Museveni has done in Arua and Kampala?

I don’t know where he stands on all matter. But what I do know, is that DP Ruto is conning and will use any opportunity for a political gain. To say otherwise, is to be oblivious to his kind and character. The former walking pastor, the now hustler, will use all tricks in the books to gain advantage. I can wonder why he does this or if this for the long-con. Whatever it is, it is not the time or place to place his support for Museveni. He is showing his misuse of power and hurt towards his own citizens.

DP Ruto should know better, but maybe he has a dream of becoming a dictator and tyrant himself. Peace.

If Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine would die at the Barracks? – Could he become the “Ninoy” of Uganda?

It is reasonable to ask this as the health condition of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, whose in detention at the Makindye Military Barrack. This is happening after he is charged with treason, awaiting trial. Why I am asking this question, because will the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni risk the life of the young politician and kingmaker?

Because he has risked other people’s life of late. This being in September 2015, when General Aronda Nyakairima died of a mysterious illness while visiting South Korea. There was an assassination of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi on the 17th March 2017. Also, the recent assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga on the 8th June 2018. There are others too who has died in this period. Other MPs that has died during this term of the 10th Parliament are William Zinkuratir, Annie Logiel(Moroto), Cyrus Amodoi (Toroma county) and Grace Khauda (Jinja). Therefore, there are enough people who are dying in and around the President. This are not all crimes, but some has been by suspicious illness. Other by traffic-accidents. Its a lot of deaths. Also, some who has seen the barrel of a gun.

If it wasn’t for these and all the other unanswered deaths during the Presidency of Museveni. We wouldn’t even dare to ask this question. But now that the darkness is here, the kidneys are possibly failing, the internal bleeding and lack of x-ray of his damaged head. As of the deteriorating health condition isn’t how it supposed to be. This is the hurt that the Special Force Command and the authorities have done to his body. Therefore, the responsibility is on the President and the ones in high-command that ordered it.

Therefore, what will happen if his body start to fail, as the condition of kidneys are worsening, as their no dialysis or treatment at the barracks. As the reports of only a hot-towel on the tummy. If that is true than, his special medical condition and possible hurt isn’t taken care off. What if the damage become much worse and the lack of bodily function stops him totally? What will happen then?

A mockery salvage of a day of silence within the chambers of parliament, a government burial and an empty speech of democracy and buying CCTV cameras from the President? Is that what awaits us, if he dies?

At this rate, the state isn’t caring for their MPs nor the health of its citizens. They have made life worse for Hon. Betty Nambooze, who was charged for her social media postings after the assassination of Abiriga. She could nearly not leave for needed treatment in India earlier in the year. Now, Bobi Wine is in a similar state. As he is charged with treatment, but pure torture and now continued ones, as the state is not giving him needed health care at either Mulago “the Kings Hospital” or at Katabi Military Hospital. That is where Bobi Wine should have gotten treatment, not linger at the barracks in uncertainty. Especially after the Special Force Command has tortured and hurt the man. This shows how little humanity the NRM has for the people in the Republic. If they truly cared, they wouldn’t have done this to him and continued his pains.

Bobi Wine are now in dire straits, but what the authorities should worry about:

What if he stops breathing?

Will, there be more than mere riots in Kamwokya, Gyaza of Kyadondo East and possible marches in Mukono. The Kingmaker might create more problems dead, than alive. As his spirit and the youths might rise up because he becomes their martyr. He becomes the embodiment of the fight against the tyranny and the leader who the NRM took away from them. The ghettos, the youth and the ones who is not in the lingo of 1986ers will react and take the republic back.

Museveni should consider this, that the Walk to Work, the Action for Change and all the other rallying of the past. Might be small-fry, if they have a high level, national martyr. They might have the battle-cry, to avenge the lost Bobi Wine. Would the NRM risk that?

A beloved, a hero and a well-spoken new generation of politician. The new face for liberation of the tyranny of the Museveni era. The three decades long control of the politics. Which has just taken the state and sold away their values for short term gains for the elites of Bugolobi and Kololo. There is time for fresh ideas and true liberation. Not from Bush-War legends, but from the children of the ghettos.

If they killed him. I think it would spark a possible fire, that Museveni never has seen before. A sort of attitude and martyrdom, which he could never anticipate. Because the ripple effect by just have him in detention at the barracks is creating an international reaction. However, if there is chain-reaction of protests, riots and even rallies, than the army couldn’t quell it all. That because he didn’t give the needed health care and special medical treatment. Which is insane, to risk ones man life, just because he bothers you and has the ability to gain grass-root political changes.

Would he risk that over the one life?

The ways revolutions starts are usually over one special assassination or death by authorities. Which they didn’t prepare. The one that triggered the People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines was the killing of Bengino “Ninoy” Aquino, which was the final nail in the coffin for the Marcos dictatorship. If Museveni will do the same. Then, the one that might trigger his downfall would be the death of Bobi Wine. Because of rising popularity and his message. Which the state couldn’t anticipate and now has to maneuver.

This is all just in our minds, I wish Bobi Wine speedy recovery and get acquitted, the cases against him dismissed and him back as the whirlwind in politics. Not being in the sick-bed at the military barrack without special medical treatment. That should happen as soon as possible and before his return to the Court Martial at the Gulu Military Court on the 23rd August 2018. Now he will await to that time before he can get medical treatment. That’s why we worry about it all and hope for the best. 

Is it worth risking losing his life over the forged charges put on Mr. President? Really?

Would you risk that he would be the “Ninoy” of Uganda and be the final nail in coffin for your Presidency?


Lukwago & Co Advocates letter to Uganda Human Rights Commission: “Re: Deteriorating Health of Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu A.K.A. Bobi Wine” (18.08.2018)

We need Joint Forces against President Museveni: Not a Besigye Vs Bobi Wine!


The late Paulo Muwanga in 1990, while appearing before Human Rights Commission, said: “Ugandans are jubilating over Museveni’s rise to power, although they have no idea of what awaits them. I know President Museveni inside-out and I can even tell from his sitting posture or how he blinks, what he is thinking or plotting. By the time Museveni’s rule ends in 2060, the country will have lost all its possessions and national assets, the political class will divided one against the other and Uganda will be ruins”.

As the days goes by, the mission to disenfranchise the opposition lingers, as the Bobi Wine supporters question the legitimacy of Forum for Democratic Change and Dr. Kizza Besigye. They should all join forces to dismantle the dictatorship and the tyranny. Not let the guards down and try on smaller pieces of the puzzle. Besigye have himself been charged with treason and lived in exile because of the works for the cause. Robert Kyagulanyi are just starting his race against the oppressive machine.

What everyone who cares and are involved should think of is ways to stop the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President from functioning. As long as he can loot, demote and destroy, he will continue to prosper. His use of militarism and armed forces to control the public, he will not need popular support or the population behind him. Because what he needs is the army and presidential guards to do his bidding.

That is what should be focus of the opposition, to unite and understand, that this regime will not be beaten by ballots or elections. They are doing the same strategy as the previous ones, rigging and intimidation to settle the score.

The people who cares about the cause, should unite and finds ways to conquer and show the NRM. That they cannot hold them down anymore. Not by compliance, but by defiance and actual resistance against the state. I don’t know how, but in ways that hurt the economy and the foreign exchange, so that the militaristic government cannot afford salaries to their soldiers. In that way, with time they might show lack of loyalty, as the state cannot afford the upkeep of the army and mutiny and desertion from the barracks might be in order.

Museveni have for long, played the long game and used all lies and deception. Now is the time, to uproot and show the true reflection of people’s power.

If Besigye’s face is the problem in the struggle, let us put another face and we move on. Its urgent that we recover this country!! I will not allow my face to be a problem; not an obstacle to the liberation of this country. What I will only do is wake up every day to do my best to reclaim our country” Dr. Kizza Besigye at the Press Conference today on the 18th August 2018.

There isn’t a need for bickering inside the block between the opposition, they should use all their methods to dismantle it and show will to overthrow Museveni by the will of the people. They all need to combine themselves and their strengths, all tactics and use, to secure a future. Where the people are represented and not the mere dictatorship.

If the people want another face than Besigye, that is fine, but he has fought for ages for this. The public should see that. His party that was formed while back are run in another manner, than the NRM. That should be seen. Bobi Wine is a lone soldier for the cause, but has backers on all sides of the spectrum. Therefore, how does they plan to fight this and organize the breakdown of the NRM?

That is why, all forces needs to unite, to join forces and see a way out. Not bicker between Besigye and Bobi Wine. We saw how Museveni was able to twist the opposition against each other with the The Democratic Alliance (TDA) and the FDC before and during the campaigns before the General Election of 2016. That time has to move on, as Amama Mbabazi was there splitting the Democratic Party, Uganda Federal Alliance, Uganda People’s Congress and Forum for Democratic Change. All of these split between Mbabazi and Besigye.

If we don’t, than we are living up to the prediction of Paolo Muwanga, we should take that warning and think what we want to achieve. We don’t want Museveni and his kind to win. He has won long enough and his tyranny has taken to many lives. His works has already destroyed enough lives and disenfranchised so many people. There is time to rekindle, retake and finds way to maneuver the regime. So, that it cannot destroy for the next generation. Peace.

Mwenda’s illusions continues to spawn as he defends Museveni over Bobi Wine and Besigye!

Never ever take the words of Andrew Mwenda as a lecture on democracy or on development on a fair society anymore. The insane rhetoric and decisiveness is evident over how he has discussed and argued over Besigye and his supporters. Now he does the same with Bobi Wine. As he is in shackles and tortured. He speaks ill of torturing in his post today. But at the same time, expect people to validate and accept that the Special Force Command defended the Presidential Convoy with live-bullets. That is just insane and show how the apologists of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are. They are accepting that war-zones are created because of opposition supporters. How ill isn’t society then?

I am just taking a small piece of the text, because it is insulting to our intelligence, to read to much of political voodoo, but it is needed. To show how rare and how foolish it is. Look!

Let me make on thing clear: I do not agree that civilians, however angry they may feel, should pelt stones at the president’s convoy. Leaders like Bobi Wine need to tell their supporters this in plain language. Indeed I call upon Bobi Wine, Mugisha Muntu, Kizza Besigye, Kasiano Wadri and others to condemn those of their supporters who threw stones at the president’s convoy. If SFC soldiers shot and killed 20 civilians throwing stones at the president’s car, I would defend them. I would risk the wrath of the mobs that Bobi Wine leads even if they threatened to lynched me, which is what I expect of them. When someone is guarding a president, and they have a split second to make a decision, they cannot assume someone throwing something at the president’s car is holding a stone, which is harmless. They must assume it is a grenade and should shoot such a person immediately. This is not about Museveni but the president of Uganda. Bobi Wine has potential (and God forbid) to become president. His bodyguards would act exactly like that. He should therefore tell his supporters how to behave or condemn their actions when they don’t listen to him. This is critical for him to distance himself from their hooliganism” (Andrew M. Mwenda – ‘Why we must all condemn the brutal arrest and torture of Bobi Wine’ 18.08.2018).

That this is not about President Museveni, who orders and has Presidential Guards shooting at civilians is beyond me. That Mwenda doesn’t address how perfectly the stones touched the Presidential Convoy, because there are no evident of scratches or dents on the paint. Stones thrown by random civilians doesn’t just hit the windshield, but the whole damn vehicle, have Mwenda looked the photos of how the car of Besigye have looked like after rampage of the police in recent years? If it looked something like that, then it would be believable.

However, Bobi Wine and his supporters shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t think they did. But the State, the President and his forces, shouldn’t shoot to kill, torture, arbitrary arrest, forge evidence and put people’s lives in limbo. Because that is what they have done with plenty of Members of Parliament. Dropping of an ill Francis Zaake at Rubaga Hospital like bad Irish Potatoes. After torturing him nearly to death. Is that justice Mr. Mwenda?

If the supporters of Bobi Wine and Opposition was the extremists he says they are, why are the ones in the riots in Kampala only arrested and not hurting police officers and soldiers. It is the soldiers and police officers who are hurting the civilians. I wonder if Mwenda has stepped out for his office and had taken a brief moment. Instead of just posing his propaganda to people.

As we take the second extract of his post today: “I am also aware that if Bobi Wine and his radical extremists captured power they would not allow me the freedom to criticize them. Him and his supporters don’t stand for anything. They stand against Museveni. They are an intolerant and uncouth group seeking power to settle scores with their opponents. I must make clear that when I talk of his supporters, I am referring to those I encounter online. If he has enlightened supporters they should come out consistently and loudly to denounce and condemn those of their colleagues who employ cyber bullying as a political strategy. To this extent and in spite of his dictatorial tendencies and the occasional brutality of his security apparatus, I find Museveni a more liberal minded, enlightened person under whose leadership dissent against his government has to a large degree been allowed some space” (Andrew M. Mwenda – ‘Why we must all condemn the brutal arrest and torture of Bobi Wine’ 18.08.2018).

Mr. Mwenda, where is Museveni liberal-minded, when he asks everyone to follow his guidelines and visions? Is it liberal, when he went to Bush to fight for his own liberty and take away everyone’s freedom? Please enlighten us! We need it, because I cannot see it or feel it. As the public either meet live-bullet, tear-gas or arrest if they are opposing Museveni. So if it is liberal to detain opposition, than Museveni is that. But I beg to differ. If he was truly liberal, Bobi Wine and fellow MPs wouldn’t be detained. Because they are a threat to Museveni and you. You have a career now because of Museveni. That is why you defend him, with you lack of integrity and lack of understanding.

You are saying the fans of Bobi Wine lacks tolerance, what does Museveni do then, he shoots, kills and destroys, he detains and torture opposition. How much pain has the Bobi Wine supporters done? They have gone to rallies and spoken of freedom from the oppression you support vigorously. What is striking, you have problem with cyber-bullying, but not a big issue of actual torture. Do you hear yourself when you write these texts?

You call other people extremist and hooligans, but the way you defend oppression is into the insane. You talk of liberal ideas and democracy, like it is Monopoly board for Museveni to rule over. But doesn’t accept that Besigye and Bobi Wine might have a path to unlock it. Because right now, everyone have to follow the State House and Museveni.

Would you prefer actual torture Mr. Mwenda, be arrested and put on an unknown location and hurt nearly to death. Or have a friendly reminder online, that your a NRM apologist? I think you prefer the last one. No one want to bodily damaged by someone else, we all want to live in peace and develop ourselves. However, you think the free minded and the ones wishing for a real democracy is threats to your existence, but they are really not.

You are what you are and your trying to put a blindfold on people. They are smarter than you think. Your magazine might be named “independent” but your spirit is not. Bobi Wine and Besigye, have captured something you cannot grasp, because your have swallowed the kool-aid of Museveni. Hope some day you see it, but I think it is too late. Peace.

Museveni acts more and more like Obote II: A Bush-War Wasted! Part II

As the time is going and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are just acting like the predecessors. This is making the supposed Bush-War in the 1980s pointless. As the President promised changes from the ones ruling before him. The NRM was supposed to be the golden age and greatness of the Republic. He come with pledges of respecting the peasants and create a democracy, instead it is the same type of tyranny of the past. There is now no difference between Museveni and Obote II. These regimes are acting the same and similar towards the opposition and media. Even American Journalists got two nights detained in the 1980s. Now the same is happening to local journalists in and around the Arua By-Election.

What I will now show, two stories or reports from the Obote II regime. Which shows similar resembles with today. All of the actions of the current day towards the Members of Parliament, are like of the previous President, these being Mubarak Munyagwa, Robert Kyagulanyi, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. All of these are now in the dire straits, they are in the midst of oppression, torture and detention, either with at Military Barracks or unknown locations. Therefore, there are two many similarities with Obote.

AI Report 1983:

According to Amnesty International’s information, most people arrested in 1981 on grounds of national security, were arrested by the army. Same arrests appear to have been arbitrary or indiscriminate, but the majority were apparently directed at particular individuals. Most people arrested by the army were taken to army barracks and detained there, contrary to the law. Many were held for weeks or months. In very few cases were people known to have been transferred without delay to police custody. Detentions in military barracks were not recorded for police or legal purposes, and were not officially acknowledged. Such detainees had no legal protection in practice and the courts had no effective jurisdiction over them. In time, many of the detainees who survived were released or transferred to police custody, but it appears that torture was systematic, and many of those in military custody “disappeared” or were known to have died, particularly at Makindye and Kireka barrack” (Amnesty – ‘Memorandum to the Government of Uganda on Anmnesty International mission to Uganda in January 1982 and further exchanges between the government and Amnesty International’ April 1983)

One Story:

Those suspected of supporting the guerrillas were viciously hounded. Mr Mukasa’s wife was beheaded by government soldiers in 1981 and his brother was shot dead. After two years in exile near London, Mr Mukasa returned to Uganda only to be arrested by Obote’s security service which mistook him – Mr Mukasa says – for Godfrey Binaisa who had been president for a short period between Amin and Obote. Mr Mukasa still bears scars from the torture sessions in the Nile Hotel. His interrogators dripped burning plastic down his right leg to make him talk. Not surprisingly, he has not been back to the hotel since. “The Nile Hotel was a slaughterhouse”, I was later told by Brigadier Jim Muhwezi who, as head of internal security, now has an office in the adjacent conference centre. “A number of my friends were interned and died there. It’s hard to believe the beautiful gardens were once littered with bodies.”” (David Orr – ‘KAMPALA DAYS; Ghosts that lurk in shadows of hotel’s gory past’ 20.05.1996 link: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/kampala-days-ghosts-that-lurk-in-shadows-of-hotels-gory-past-1348320.html).

As we see the similarities between the past and present. We see that the Bush-War is wasted, the freedom fighter is taking away people’s freedom. The liberation, wasn’t really liberating. The Orwellian nightmare is in the Republic. Museveni does whatever it takes stay in power. No torturing, harassing and charging fellow MPs with treason. All deliberately to send a message and intimidate the public. This is what Museveni has done since 1986. Now it is just appearing before our eyes.

President Museveni are now acting like Obote II towards the public, sending mambas, soldiers and police to intimidate the public. They are killing civilians and detaining civilians on military barracks. No matter who you are in the republic, Museveni can take you down and make sure your begging for mercy. If your killed by his Soldiers or his Presidential Guards, it will not have any consequences, they can do whoever and get rid of whoever. It doesn’t cost anything, for the President it is just collateral damage for the cause. The cause, which is just staying in power.

That is the reality. Nothing else. There is no difference between Obote II and Museveni. Peace.

Will Bobi Wine share the same fate as Gen. Moses Ali did in 1990s?

Back in the day, just years into the National Resistance Movement, there was this General Moses Ali, whose now Deputy Prime Minister. In April 1990 he was charged with treason, for illegal fire-arm and possible rebellion to overthrow the NRM. This was happening as he was a Cabinet Minister and his rebel group had joined the National Resistance Army in the Bush. Therefore, we should remember the story of Gen. Moses Ali, today.

Gen. Moses Ali was supposed to meet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the State House on the 7th April 1990. However, his case would spawn a lot of time, the charges being carrying of various arsenal of weapons and ammunition. There after he was held in Lubiri Barracks, as the case got investigations. While the case into the charges was prolonged through the year and his final verdict was done by the magistrate on the 7th January 1991.

December 1991:

He was acquitted of all charges except treason, a capital offense. Ali was granted a $833 bail and ordered to surrender his passport to the state, according to the official at the Luzira prison in Kampala” (AP – ‘Former Minister Facing Treason Charges Freed on Bail’ 14.12.1991). He was later finally released in June 1992.

Why I am telling this story this way?

Well, right now, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, is charged with illegal firearm and treason against the President. This happen in the Gulu Court Martial on the 16th August 2018. He is right now in detention in the Makindye Military Barracks. Therefore, the case for his and fellow Members of Parliament. Is in the similar fashion, as it was for Gen. Moses Ali on the 1980. While he was charged to overthrow Museveni with a rebellion across in Zaire, Bobi Wine is doing so with his allies in Arua, as the Presidential Convoy was stoned. The similarities are still there. Though, the popularity of Bobi Wine is another fashion.

We can see, how the NRM will prolong the sentence and the courts. Just as it has done already with Bobi Wine and fellow MPs, like Mubarak Munyagwa, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. As Bobi Wine will be remanded to the Gulu Court Martial on the 30th August 2018. This case will be prolonged and will not dismissed in the first few days. The NRM will use this and play this one out. Even if the guns are fabricated, as people are thinking they are, because they are guns and ammunition, which the military have monopoly on. Therefore, the charges seems forged and also the destroyed windshield of the car in the Presidential Convoy. The actions of the state, seems to making the opposition criminalized, while making sure the state gets away with killings themselves.

Even if there was nobody dying over the arrest of Gen. Moses Ali. We expect similar prolonged court case over the treason charge towards the ones in this case after the Arua By-Election. Bobi Wine and the MPs whose been charged and arrested since. They will all be in legal jeopardy for months now. The NRM will not give in and the President has usually done this. The same for the treason charges put on Besigye. Therefore, not expect this to be over soon.

Bobi Wine deserves justice, as he and several MPs are delivered injustice. We can hope that the story of Moses Ali doesn’t return, but by the look of things. It seems like the President and NRM will repeat it. Peace.

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