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Opinion: Is Nana Akufo-Addo becoming ultrasensitive?

Our leaders are very stupid and stubborn. They don’t reason at all. Ghana is sick. Number 1 is sick and number two too is sick” – Police Officer Corporal Fredrick Kwaku Dzemeki on Facebook (28th May 2021).

There already been demonstrations and public disregard for the progress, and lack of thereof in the Republic. Where the duopoly of the Republic isn’t creating a better space, but more of the same. Thee is no possible positive movements or development, which matters for the general public. That’s why the public dismay is growing.

President Nana Akufo-Addo seems like his getting touchy and showing his thin-skin. The almighty, his excellency and head of state has reacted, if not his folks has returned him some favours. That he cannot manage a police officer writing on Facebook. It is not like its a crime to speak your mind or say what you feel. However, other authorities in Ghana arrested the officer for “insulting” the President and his Vice-President…

That says it all.

The Ghanaian President and his allies is following totalitarian counterparts. The authorities here is resolving matters like they did in Burundi. Where they arrested some kids for using pencils and cartooning pictures of His Excellency Nkurunziza. Just like they did arrest a comedian in Tanzania for mocking Magufuli with his own picture over it. Lastly, they have banned satire and political cartoon of Rwandan President Kagame. So, it seems like Akufo-Addo has splendid company to associate himself with.

For someone who wants to portray himself as a statesman and building a stronger Ghana. Arresting someone for writing ill about you on social media. Only shows how easily hurt and entitled the President is. That people cannot address him like this…

This is an action of someone who is supposed to be above this, but clearly his not. The President and his men should get used to worse than this. Especially, if they are getting real criticism. I’m pretty sure an MP or a civil activists will say something much more despicable or even more punishable.

If this is insulting the President. Then his really soft. His as soft as ice-cream. The milk is strong with this one. You can rip it to cream really quickly. Akufo-Addo most really suffer and his folks most be jaded. Their role is to serve the general and also the copper who questioned their work. Instead of arresting the fella. They should have the character and see if these sentiments are across the board.

The police officer Dzemeki isn’t alone in this. If so, the public and activists wouldn’t be out there on the streets and neither have campaigns to create change in the Republic as well. The President and his associates should look into that and not only order water-cannons to combat these folks. The general public needs to be heard and not only granted mediocre “gifts” ahead of the polls.

President Akufo-Addo needs chill and understand his place. His there to serve the whole state and not the other way around. Even if his a honourable and His Excellency. His still a person who serves and represent the whole republic. This is why he should listen to the public and their dismay. Not arrest them or get them charged.

The authorities have insulted themselves by arresting the police officer. They should really monitor the internet and find people who really write insulting texts about the President. Because, I can assure this is only some weak tea. The President of Ghana cannot be great, if this is insulting. The SNL and other programs are more deep than this. Heck, Trevor Noah could make a joke, which would send the President into his death-bed. Because, the President should be able to carry himself.

Akufo-Addo clearly need some help. If not he needs to direct the authorities and let them do a proper job. Since this isn’t it. Unless, he wants to be as high and mighty as the deceased Presidents before him. That’s not the folks he wants to be associated with, but he clearly enjoys their company. As he joins them in their inaugurations like went to Museveni’s recently. Peace.