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Ethiopia: Again and Again – The Federal Government continues vilify Humanitarian Assistance to Tigray region

It is also cognizant of the siphoning of humanitarian assistance and fuel reserves towards combatants instead of intended beneficiaries and the actors that are aiding and abetting the TPLF’s affront to peace” (Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Government Reaffirms Readiness To Engage In Peace Talks At Any Time, Any Place Under Auspices Of AU Led Process’ 18.08.2022).

The regime of Addis Ababa has the nerve of claiming the United Nations Organizations, the Humanitarian organizations and the aid agencies who is helping the ones in need in Ethiopia. We know that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have spoken ill of “wheat aid” on at least two occasions, which we know about. Therefore, we know there is resentment over the needs and the failure of the state in regard to food security. That’s why the PM is even blaming the World Food Programme, as if they are destroying local wheat production, which is a lie. Because, they wouldn’t import food and come with humanitarian aid, if there was no need for it. The UN organizations already struggling to meet the needs and have the funding to procure the needed food in question.

So, in this regard it’s really sinister that the Prosperity Party and the Addis Ababa regime continues to play with the card of using humanitarian assistance to boost a “war-effort” in Tigray. The authorities and the state itself has several of checkpoints and besieged the Tigray region for months upon months end. That’s why there is never enough ending up to the ones in need in Tigray. The state has created a man-made famine and campaign of starvation in Tigray.

The regime wants us to forget this part of the story:

The WFP official underlined how damaging the delays to the convoy’s arrival had been. “What is important here is to note is that these convoys are going through rigorous checks”, Mr. Phiri said. “It should not be like that. We need to send these convoys every day from now on so that we are able to meet demand. We therefore appeal for quicker and smoother passage into the region as soon as possible.” The aid convoy took four days to travel from Semera in the northeast to Mekelle, a distance of 445 kilometres. Drivers had to stop at 10 checkpoints where “at each and every stop, the humanitarian cargo was rigorously checked”, Mr. Phiri said” (UN News – ‘UN appeals for faster passage for aid convoys to Ethiopia’s Tigray’ 13.07.2021).


It isn’t like the trucks and the convoys are flown in without checks or balances. The authorities and the state is checking the humanitarian assistance not only when its entering, but all the way to the Tigray region. It is really compelling the vilification of the humanitarian assistance. That’s saying something about the gratitude and attitude towards it. They want to make it so hard that the humanitarian organizations stops or ceases their operations. That’s how it looks like and with the steady meetings to “resolve the bottlenecks” which never happened.

To read yet again the humanitarian assistance used to the war-effort. Only shows what sort of lies and deception the state wants the world to believe. While we are supposed to forget all the check-points, blockade and the hurdles the WFP or others are going through to get it to Mekelle or anywhere else in the Tigray region.

This is grim, dark and sinister. The whole affair shows the lack of heart or concern in general. Lives doesn’t matter, but political gains and consolidating power matters more. That’s the gist of it. Peace.

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Philippines: Marcos Jr. – All sugar isn’t sweet… Part II

BOC in Subic intercepted a cargo vessel from Thailand loaded with 7,000 metric tons or some 140,000 bags of sugar. The move comes after Pres. Marcos ordered the pursuit of smuggled sugar in the country amid its soaring prices” (ABS-CBN News, 18.08.2022).

Medalla: I have heard from Sec. Balisacan, they are now close to arriving at an agreement that food processing companies will be allowed to import at least half of their sugar needs. As you reduce demand from food processors, because they are allowed to import, this will increase supply to all other users, and hopefully reduce sugar prices” (ABS-CBN News, 18.08.2022).

In Manilla and in the Office of the President there is huge crisis surrounding sugar. The basic commodity used by industry and by ordinary consumers I.E. the citizen. There has already been outrage and been a public outcry over the Sugar Order No. 4 and the powers given to the former Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Leocardio S. Sebastian. It took only a months time from the appointment of him to the erratic scandal, which the whole administration is going through.

The 300,000 metric tons of sugar in the Sugar Order No. 4 was cancelled, but foreign imported sugar is already arriving in the ports. That’s why just this week there are reports for a shortage. Soda companies are claiming they lack sugar for the production. This being Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. These are both popular soft-drinks who lacks sugar for their production.

While there is new proposals of a new Sugar Order only importing 150,000 tons of Sugar by October. While the government claims to be raiding warehouses and hoarders of sugar in the Republic. In such a way to curb the rising prices and the “lack” of Sugar in the market-place. That’s two very different approaches. Which is just very odd…

Because, if the nation has run out of sugar and has nothing on the market. How can the government go and say there hoarders of it? This means the Sugar mills and the owners of the distilleries are lying about the production and stockpiling it. While the prices are soaring in the ”lack” of it. While the government still insist to import and not use the stockpiled products. Since it still proposes to use the imported sugar.

It doesn’t help that the Office of the President has promised an investigation into the matter. More of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) members has resigned. While later the President plans to revise the body and it’s work.

On top of this is reported as well: “House Minority Leader Marcelino Libanan files House Resolution 259 seeking a congressional inquiry into the Sugar Regulatory Administration’s ‘illegal’ order to import 300,000 metric tons of sugar” (CNN Philippines, 17.08.2022).

President Marcos Jr. who is not only the President, but also the head of the Department of Agriculture. This all fall onto him and his burden to carry. His signature of the first Sugar Order Volume 4 is there. He did discuss the Sugar Industry as a part in a meeting on the 1st of August ahead of the Sugar Order Volume 4, which was published on the 9th August 2022. That’s why everything that has transpired since then has been in connection with this.

The scandal isn’t looking any better by the day. It is only looking incompetent and lacking of focus. Since there are certain lacks of quality refined sugar for certain industries. While the prices and inflation are souring as well. That’s because of the needs and the lack of produced sugar. Even if the Department and such says there are. The producers wouldn’t say it would lack. Even if the farmers and the millers says there enough for everyone.

This is just a whole mess and so early in the Presidency. Surely, the President knows this is looking badly on him. Not only the Sugar Order Vol. 4, but the shortage and the industry as a whole. This is all hurting him and his only beginning. There is a reason why it seems out of control and without a well thought out plan. Since, they are only making patch-work and not a full sort of programme from the farmer to the producers or to the consumer. It is just what is needed to avoid one crisis and stagnate another one.

President Marcos Jr. has gotten into a pickle by taking the two roles at once. Instead of growing into the Presidency and showing his character as a leader. He wanted to a big man from the on-set. The burden and the possible work-load seem enormous. Might be prestigious to be both at the same time. However, this scandal shows it’s too much and to many details.

That’s why the Department of Agriculture would be better served with a professional and also another person. Who can follow Presidential Orders and such, but be in it day-to-day. Because, right now… it’s not only a scandal, but a hectic mess. The sort of business and government crisis, which could have been avoided. There is enough people knowing what is going on and who can have the head in the game. However, the President doesn’t seem up to it.

He just wants the glory, the titles and the power, which all the offices he resides in. Nevertheless, with all power, comes responsibility. That responsibility seem to much on him. He might mean well and think he has a purpose. Though the sugar and the sweetener it is… has exposed him and his lack of touch.

This is just bitter and not sweet. Marcos Jr. is just showing inept to do all of this and his Executive Secretary in the Office of the President cannot save him either. This is all on him and even if tries to deflect blame on everyone else. He is the head, not only of state, but of the Department too. The SRA is getting reorganized and there is a supposed investigation in the works.

However, what all of this showed is that he cannot carry this alone. The President cannot manage or have the ability face it all. There is to many stakeholders, priorities and needs to sufficiently get it done. That’s why his failing and somehow his not looking stronger, but looking incompetent.

Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Junior would be better off. He would be better of in the Malacañang Palace and being a full-time President. It looks like it would serve him much better and maybe he could have come with some orders from on high in the time of need. Instead his in a sea of trouble in a Department of Agriculture and doesn’t seem to know the way out. Peace.

RDC: FARDC – Sukola II Nord Kivu – Communique de Presse No. 10 (18.08.2020)

Kenya: The Two MCC MPs ditches Azimio


Today it’s also revealed that the two elected Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) candidates Mwengi Mutuse and Caleb Mule have gone from Azimio la Umoja over to Kenya Kwanza Alliance. These two MPs are following the announcement of United Democratic Movement (UDM) who joined in much higher numbers. This purge is certainly to ensure total control of Parliament. The House has now a solid majority of Kenya Kwanza MPs and the same can be said about the Senate.

The MCC MPs follows Party Leader Alfred Mutua who during the campaigns switched sides. As the party was still aligned with Azimio. While he left for the greener pastures in Kenya Kwanza. That is obviously clear now and these MPs who promised to be different to the Ruto supported opponents. Has just barely week after being declared MPs switched to Ruto’s side.

We are seeing what Ruto does and the two MCC MPs becomes part of huge majority now. They are following the Party leader and their stay in Azimio was only for the hope of becoming part of Odinga’s Canaan. However, that they traded away minutes after the declaration.

This shows how easily these politicians can be swayed and how fickle the alliances are. One minute your enemies and the next your partners-in-crime. That’s just how this game goes and Ruto playing it so easy. His getting advantage after advantage and it’s only mere days after the declaration of victory.

That got to sting Odinga and the Azimio. Seeing practically UDM and MCC becoming allies of Ruto in a heart-beat. This is the gist of it and it didn’t even happen slowly. We just have to await more news and see who else decides to join Ruto. It seems like that sort of season and Azimio is losing steam before the petition is delivered to the Supreme Court. Peace.

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