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Western Sahara: Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Mission for Referendum in Western Sahara by 13 Votes in Favour, 2 Abstentions (30.10.2020)

The Security Council decided to extend the mandate of the United Nations peace operation in Western Sahara for one year today, with the voting results announced by videoconference, in accordance with the temporary silence procedure* adopted for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adopting resolution 2548 (2020) by 13 votes in favour to none against, with 2 abstentions (Russian Federation, South Africa), the Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) until 31 October 2021.  It called upon the parties to the dispute over that territory to resume negotiations without preconditions and in good faith.

The Council also rejected a second draft resolution, on the agenda item “Women, peace and security”.

By the MINURSO text, the Council emphasized the need for a realistic, practicable and enduring solution to the Western Sahara question based on compromise, as well as the importance of aligning the Mission’s strategic focus and orienting United Nations resources to that end.

Expressing its full support for the ongoing efforts of the Secretary-General and his incoming Personal Envoy to sustain the renewed negotiations process, the Council noted the intention of the former Personal Envoy to invite Morocco, the Frente Polisario (Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Rio de Oro), Algeria and Mauritania to meet again in the same format.  It welcomed the commitment of those parties to remain engaged throughout the process in order to ensure a successful outcome.

In calling for the resumption of negotiations, the Council asked the parties to take into account the efforts made since 2006, as well as subsequent developments, with a view to achieving a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution that provides for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.  It invited Member States to lend appropriate assistance to such talks.

Reaffirming the need to fully respect military agreements previously reached with MINURSO regarding a ceasefire, the Council further called upon the parties to adhere to those agreements, implement their commitments to the former Personal Envoy and refrain from any actions that could undermine negotiations or further destabilize the situation in Western Sahara.

By other terms of the resolution, the Council requested that the Secretary-General provide regular briefings on the status of negotiations during the mandate period; apply his framework for comprehensive and integrated peacekeeping performance policies to MINURSO; and increase the number of women engaged in the Mission’s work, as well as their meaningful participation.

Vassily Nebenzia (Russian Federation), Council President for October, announced the silence-procedure voting results for the draft resolution on the agenda item “Women, peace and security”, noting that the text, having received 5 votes in favour (China, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Viet Nam) to none against, with 10 abstentions, failed to garner enough affirmative votes and was rejected.

That text would have had the Council note with deep concern persisting barriers to the full implementation of resolution 1325 (2000) and subsequent “women, peace and security” resolutions.  It would have urged Member States to ensure and promote “the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in all stages of peace processes” and remain committed to “increasing the number of civilian and uniformed women in peacekeeping at all levels and in key positions”.

Further, the text it would have had the Council urge Member States to facilitate women’s full, equal and meaningful inclusion and participation both in negotiating delegations and in mechanisms established to implement and monitor agreements.

The text, which would also have had the Council recognize the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, was the outcome of the Council’s open debate on the “Women, peace and security” agenda, convened on Thursday by the Russian Federation to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the landmark resolution 1325 (2000).


* Security Council resolutions are currently adopted through a written procedure vote under temporary, extraordinary and provisional measures implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as set out in a letter (document S/2020/253) by its President for March (China).

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Tanzania: It wasn’t an election, but a heist

Incomplete results from Tanzania’s parliamentary election show that Tanzania’s ruling party has won 218 out of 220 parliamentary seats declared so far, according to the local press” (BBC News Africa, 30.10.2020).

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and incumbent President Joseph Magufuli have won with insane numbers. The CCM has done landslides in all areas. In such a manner it is only competing with similar numbers to the ones in Kigali and in Pyongyang. That must make the friends of the United Republic of Tanzania so proud.

We all can know that the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) and National Electoral Commission (NEC) have all worked in favour of the state. The same has the army and all other authorities. There was no other way to go, but they are not even hiding it.

Strongholds for the opposition have been depleted. Where incumbent MPs have lost. They are not even trying to conceal the rigging. It is not only taking control of the Parliament, but owning it by force. The open bazaar rigging is clear.

The CCM isn’t even trying to make it sensible. Only totally destroying the Chadema and ACT-Wazalendo. That they are doing by doing this. They are arresting, hurting and killing supporters of these parties.

This is a illegitimate election. Magufuli didn’t really win this. He has stuffed ballots, pre-ticked ballots and stopped observers from checking the polls stations across the Republic. Ensuring the rigging be done. There is no justification for this. Other than naked greed for power.

These results are so bonkers it is not even funny. It is the results that gets cheers from fellow dictators and tyrants. Magufuli will be in the same boat as Kim Jong-Un and Paul Kagame. Surely, Magufuli will be greeted and legitimized by them.

There will be no real open celebrations in the streets. There will be little joy and cheers for Magufuli. There will be ferried crowds and paid actors screaming love. However, the incumbent know he cheated and tricked himself into power. This isn’t a real victory, but a fake one.

The saga continues and the recklessness has no bound. That what greed and how power corrupts. I wouldn’t be shocked, if Magufuli get the Constitution changed before the next election to get a third term. When he can rig and cheat at an election at this level. He would surely not step down in honour and grace. The man will do what he can to die in power.

This is just a justification to continue his journey. Not to ensure the will of people or what they wanted of leadership. The CCM would get votes, but not at these levels. That is just the truth and the campaigns proved that the Chadema and ACT-Wazelendo was bigger then this.

The President will now live on a lie, the lie being his reign and his legitimacy to rule. His lying to himself, but also the whole electorate of the United Republic. Peace.

Opinion: The NRM expect partisan civil servants…

The National Resistance Movement ahead of the elections are saying to the civil servant, the ones working in local government and state organizations to support the government by default. Because, the officials of the NRM and the government are saying they are paying them. However, that is not true. They are not hired by the NRM, but by the Government of Uganda.

If Uganda is a democracy and there is free and fair elections. Than the state should be reflected all through the Public Civil Service. All walks of life should be there, both with faith and political association. Yes, there are laws that is barring the civil service from entering politics. As they are supposed to be non-partisan and work for the general public.

However, the statements made by Capt (Rtd) Tumusiime Bamuturaki, and the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Lt. Col. James Mwesigye on Wednesday this week. Says a lot of their mismatched ideas of governing and governance. They are blending the ruling regime with who the government are.

The government and state shouldn’t be associated with one party. Even though it has been ruling it politically forever. Since, the civil servants should have the ability as any citizen to vote for whoever they feel and whatever they vouch for. They could vote for the opposition, though they are barred by law to be political active.

Still, the constitution allows them to vote in a free and fair election. The Constitution doesn’t state that they have to be loyal to the ruling regime. Because, the people is sovereign and they have the rights to associate themselves with any political party too. Therefore, the Public Service Code of Conduct article 50 is breaching with the ideals of the 1995 Constitution Article 29(e). However, is for some legal scholars to explain.

Still, any citizen should by default be allowed to associate with whoever they deem fit. If it is a clown, brothel owner, journalist, singer or farmer. Whoever they deem fit to lead and run the nation. They decide who they seem fit to do so. No matter what job they have or work it shouldn’t matter.

That shows how the intolerance of the NRM. That officials like Capt. Tumusiime and Lt. Col. Mwesigye is saying this. Not that it’s shocking. It is more of the same. However, it proves that the 1995 Constitution to them is only mere papers, but not law. Even if it one of their prides and joys. Which they don’t care to follow.

I’m sure these fellows couldn’t even find the article and explain themselves out of it. Nevertheless, they got to send warnings and intimidate civil servants. Who works for the state and isn’t something that is automatically for the NRM. The civil servant can decide on their own… they have a mind on their own and isn’t in debt to the NRM. These folks can decide and do what they feel.

The civil servants aren’t working for the NRM, but they are working for the state. That is a distinguishing difference, which the likes of Capt. Tumusiime and Lt. Col. Mwesigye isn’t able to see. Maybe their minds are jaded or the hunger for power doesn’t cease to boggle their train of thought.

However, these workers are free and can pick whoever they feel and rightfully so. If not, then they are slaving to master, instead of being human being with a free will. Which is something even the 1995 Constitution has given them. Peace.

Ethiopia: 3 billion birr to be wasted on the ‘useless’ Ministry of Peace

On the 16th October 2018 the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy established the Ministry of Peace and appointed Muferiat Kamil to be the Minister of it. The intention and the mandate is fine and dandy. Which was to sustain the reforms and perform peace-building measures within the Federal Republic. However, what has happened ever since has been less of peace.

The state has sent the army, the police and all its authorities to silence dissidents and all opposition. That is why the state has such a vast amount of political prisoners and arrests of activists across the Republic. The mass amounts of deaths in Amhara, Oromia and in Ogaden is all a result of the extra judicial killings supported by the Central Government.

The House of Federation haven’t tried to work in peace with the ones its representing. Neither is the Prime Minister working in the interests of dialogue. He first made peace with them, but later betrayed them all. By going even further than previous Prime Minister’s. That being arresting civilians, killing protesters and using COVID-19 as a reason to postpone elections.

This is why the government is illegitimate and unconstitutional for the very moment. They have an illegal 6th Year of the HoF. The Prosperity Party doesn’t have a mandate to be a legitimate government at the moment.

However, the PM and the PP act like they can do whatever and get away with it. It can order soldiers to the provinces, it can destroy villages, burn houses and use schools as prisons. That is what happening and is done at a grand scale.

The PM isn’t a man of peace. That was only done to make an impression internationally. However, at home is burning bridges. The PM is destroying families and misusing his power. A unelected man is acting as a emperor.

That is why he has established an Ministry, which is pointless. When there are gatherings of political prisoners. The main opposition is behind bars. The journalists and the activists daring to speak out. Will eventually get caught up with the law too. There is assassinations and arbitrary arrests.

If the government really worked for peace. It wouldn’t put shackles on their opposition and forge charges on them. If the government believed in the mandate of the Ministry of Peace. It wouldn’t use soldiers against peaceful civilians. All of that is a mockery of common sense.

The PM wants the praise and the glory. However, the true story is much more bleak than the stories the state is telling. The murders, the deaths and the ones lingering in the jails. Are not a sign of peace, but of war against their own. Instead of using your ears to listen to the ones oppressed. The state is using their mouth to be a voice-over the ones suffering. Not willing to listen, but instead screaming over the needs of the public.

The PM prefers shallow PR exercises that makes him look like a saint, while part of him is the angel of death. If he believed in peace and in dialogue. He wouldn’t act like this and accept the aggression against his own. However, that is what he does.

This is why the state is using 3 billion birrs this upcoming budget year on a wasted Ministry. It would be better to burn the bank-notes in front of the statute at Menelik II Square in Addis Ababa. At least it would give a little heat and make a spectacle. Because, at this very moment. Every coin is wasted and could have been used to help the general public.

Since, the Ministry of Peace is useless. It has nothing to give. When the PP and PM is using force against their own. There will be no peace, when you are ordering soldiers to peoples homes and villages. Peace.

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