Ghana: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration – Press Release (18.01.2022)

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Statement on the message of the Alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change for the Riyadh Conference (18.01.2022)

The Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change sent a message today to the Friends of Sudan meeting held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to discuss the latest developments in the country.

The Forces for Freedom and Change expressed their deep appreciation for all the international stances supporting the people of Sudan in their resistance to the October 25 coup, and provided a full explanation of the political current developments in the country and the brutality with which the coup authority met the peaceful mass movement in Sudan with a focus on the January 17 massacre which represented an extension of the crimes of the coup authority, in which more than 70 martyrs and thousands were injured, and the letter stressed the need to mobilize international support for the defenseless people of Sudan in their legitimate quest to regain their freedom and dignity.

The message of the coalition made it clear that the initial consultations launched by the United Nations Integrated Mission in Sudan had been dealt a severe blow by the authority of the coup, and called on the assembled coalition to support the demand for the formation of a high-level international mechanism that would be acceptable to the Sudanese people and compatible with their aspirations to help develop a credible political process that ends the revolutionary situation completely and establishes a new constitutional framework that fulfills the demand for full civil authority that the people of Sudan seek.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

January 18, 2022 AD

RDC: Assemble Nationale – Groupe Parlementaire Cap Pour le Changement (CACH) – Cacus de l’UDPS – Declaration de Soutien des Deputes Nationaux de l’UDPS (18.01.2022)

Sudan: UN Agencies Denounce Attacks on UN Operations During Darfur Visit (18.01.2022)

A significant increase in insecurity across the region has been observed, posing a threat to aid operations and puts already vulnerable communities at risk of not getting the support they need.

EL FASHER, Sudan, January 18, 2022 – During a visit to El Fasher, the state capital of North Darfur, 16 to 17 January, UN officials from UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR and OCHA denounced the attacks on UN operations that occurred over the last few weeks.

These acts of violence constitute a direct attack on the most vulnerable people in Sudan, who have unjustly been robbed of food assistance they so desperately need. The looting forced the World Food Programme to suspend its operations in North Darfur late last year.

After assessing the destruction of WFP warehouses, the Heads of UN Agencies met with authorities, including State and Regional Governors, commanders of the Sudan Police and Armed Forces, and the State Humanitarian Aid Commissioner. The UN representatives were encouraged to see ongoing recovery of looted food and assets and the commitment by the State and Darfur Governors to investigate “with concrete conclusions, which identify perpetrators and bring them to justice in order to feel the full force of the law”.

“The Government’s commitments and responsibilities to the National Plan of Protection of Civilians must be upheld to ensure unimpeded humanitarian assistance as well as the safe implementation of the peacebuilding and development programmes. Any attacks of this nature must be swiftly investigated and should never happen again,” said Axel Bisschop, acting Humanitarian Coordinator and UNHCR Representative in Sudan.

Since November, a significant increase in insecurity across the region has been observed, posing a threat to aid operations and puts already vulnerable communities at risk of not getting the support they need. Without the rule of law, basic levels of government control and credible security forces, it becomes difficult for humanitarian operations to carry out their critical functions, providing food, health, education and other humanitarian assistance.

In 2022, there are an estimated 14.3 million people who need humanitarian assistance across Sudan, while nearly one in four people in Sudan are food insecure. The suspension of WFP operations in North Darfur could affect up to 2 million people this year.

In 2021, aid workers reached over 8.1 million people with some form of assistance in Sudan. A humanitarian response plan has been launched for 2022 aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to 10.9 million vulnerable people at the cost of $1.9 billion.

Ethiopia: Dwindling medical supplies in northern Ethiopia prevent health workers from aiding those in need (18.01.2022)

The ICRC is profoundly concerned over availability of medical treatment, including medicine and medical equipment.

MOPTI, Mali, January 18, 2022 – As the conflict in northern Ethiopia continues to evolve, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, putting enormous strain on the region’s health-care system and medical staff.

The ICRC is profoundly concerned over availability of medical treatment, including medicine and medical equipment. Health-care services are lacking essential medical supplies, and in some cases infrastructure has been severely damaged. This makes access to health care very challenging, depriving people of the essentials they need to survive.

The ICRC is adapting its assistance efforts with a focus on the most vulnerable. However, our capacity to respond has become limited as medical supplies dwindle, with delivery of humanitarian assistance seriously hampered by a combination of fighting, insecurity and access constraints.

“Some hospitals in Amhara have closed due to lack of medicines,” said Micha Wedekind, who is in charge of the ICRC’s response in Amhara and Afar. “People with chronic diseases are dying every day and women are giving birth at home as health facilities are not functional and often without electricity or water.”

“In Tigray, single-use items such as gloves, surgical materials and even chest drains are being washed and reused, increasing the risk of infections. In some places, doctors have replaced disinfectant by salt to clean wounds,” said Apollo Barasa, the health coordinator at the ICRC delegation in Ethiopia. “Patients are receiving expired medications, oxygen plants are not working anymore, and some health facilities cannot provide routine vaccines.

The ICRC reminds all parties to the conflict that they must facilitate without delay the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those who need it most.

Our medical support this month has included to seven health care facilities around Dessie, including Hayk, Mersa, Woldiya and Kobo. Throughout 2021, together with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, the ICRC supported 130 health facilities in Amhara, Afar, Tigray, Oromia and Somali region. More than 110,000 people have benefited from our medical programs and 9,800 persons received physiotherapy and mobility treatment.

Beyond medical assistance, the ICRC continues to be concerned over the food and livelihood situation in northern Ethiopia. Last week our teams were able to bring humanitarian assistance to communities in Lalibela, Amhara, for the first time in six months, providing 2,500 people with food and 6,000 people with household items such as mattresses, jerrycans, kitchen sets and solar lamps. In Mekelle, the ICRC has distributed essential household and hygiene items to more than 900 displaced people.

Finally, whilst maintaining our operations in the area, the ICRC is deeply concerned by recent reports of continued fighting in northern Ethiopia causing civilian casualties, including in recent airstrikes.

We call upon all parties to the conflict to respect the rules and obligation of international humanitarian law, which provide that civilians are protected against attack and that everything feasible must be done to verify that targets are military objectives. To the extent feasible, civilians must also be removed from the vicinity of military objectives.

In 2021, the ICRC has:

– Assisted 655,000 people with household supplies, shelter and cash throughout the country, with a focus on northern Ethiopia
– Provided 875,000 people with agricultural and livestock assistance
– Facilitated access to clean water and sanitations to 1,950,000 people, including in places of detention
– Helped over 169,000 people restore or maintain family links, facilitating exchange of news by family members.

RDC: Iracan Gratien de Saint-Nicolas – Communique No. 002 – Soulevement des taximans motos en ville de Bunia suite une operation forcee d’achar des plaques motos (18.01.2022)

Mali: Ministere de la Defense et des Anciens Combattants – DIRPA – Communique No. 004 de l’Etat-Major General des Armees (17.01.2022)

Malawi: Zuneth Sattar, the man, the myth and the legend!

The Sattar Papers leaks are revealing, not only is ministers possibly implicated and also other big-men, appointees and ministry busy trying to hide the dirty laundry from plain-sight. However, what is striking is the deafening lack of noise. It is like it doesn’t matter from the Tonse Alliance and neither is the opposition DPP active. Everyone is silent and letting procedure follow through.

The President and Vice-President isn’t saying much, if anything. Neither is anyone for that matter in the cabinet. The former President and party affiliates isn’t coming out with statements either. It is like Sattar has imposed himself and captured the political elite, in such a manner. That the Malawian politicians and ruling elite cannot talk.

The most ironic thing here is that these men and fellow representatives is usually the most talkative of them all. They can talk for hours and hold long speeches. Nevertheless, on the Sattar Papers leaks… they are silent as a grave and even a falling coffin makes more noise.

Zuneth Sattar’s businesses must really be thriving and running smoothly. In Malawi he must be the king-pen and the man to be. He can afford to pay of the political elite and know they are loyal to him. No matter what promises or scandals, his businesses will have an advantage. If it is getting land, tenders or whatnot. He got a connect and a plug on speed-dial. They will hook him up and he will give them a kickback.

That’s why they are silent now. Not saying a word. They are just hoping people are forgetting and can soon look at the next scandal. So, that Sattar and all his businesses is forgotten all about.

The President and his cabinet feels the same. This is an added stress and not a relief. The man and the legend is bankrolling them and it’s a free dinner. They are getting food and perks while only giving the businessman favourable advantages in the Republic. This is a beneficial arrangement and just like the predecessors. It is their time to eat and Sattar has the plate prepared and ready for them. They just have to sit down and eat.

Sattar should be proud of himself. His able to create a State Capture. Where the people his compromising isn’t making a fuzz. Neither is the opposition or the crowds asking for resignations. There is no Commission or government agency properly investigating things. Because, if you follow the money and the transfers of funds. It will become bloody and the ones implicated will be above people’s pay-grade and possibly confidential. Therefore, Sattar is getting of the hook and be the crook.

Malawians should be shattered by this silence, the politicians are telling who is boss and it’s not them. It is Sattar and his clientele are them. They are serving each other and paying each other off. In secret arrangements, which ensure profits for both parties. The only ones losing out is the taxpayers and the competition of Sattar. They cannot compete, as his the plug for the government. Peace.

Niger: Confederation Nigerienne du Travail – Secretaire Generale de l’Union Nationale des Travaille du Mali (UNITM) – (17.01.2022)

Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – January 17th, 2022

7 civilians have been killed by the live ammunitions of security forces during today’s anti-coup peaceful protests.

The Junta forces keep on committing massacres, facing peaceful Sudanese protesters with deadly force. Numerous injury cases caused by live ammunition have been reported & under treatment.

The whole world must pay a close attention & take serious actions to stop these deliberate & heinous crimes against the people of Sudan, who has been peacefully & persistently pushing toward a free, peaceful, just & democratic country.

The death toll among civilians since the military coup rises to 71.

CCSD’s Media Office

January 17th, 2022

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