Opinion: The New Rory and Mal Podcast is a Breath of Fresh Air

The New Rory and Mal Podcast which was released on the 14th June 2021 after the ousting of the same fellows from the Joe Budden Podcast. The firing on air happened on the 12th May 2021. Since then two former Co-Hosts had to find their own way and now has officially started their own venture(!).

I listen today and it was refreshing. It was cool and reflected. No drama, no additional noise and no egos. There was two buddies and hosts who respected each other. They spoke their peace and had a good time.

It is the sort of podcast that reflects on Hip Hop, but also on their lives. Their character get out and they dive deep. There is no additional overreach or one man’s ego running rampant. Neither, is there shouting or personal drama. No, it was just two men chilling and speaking their peace. That’s all there is and needs to be.

This really shows what Joe Budden lost. He lost two Co-Host who can carry this on his own. The two people he wanted to control and have it easy with. Like these two couldn’t carry their own weight and do it. Because, everyone needs Budden and his approval. At least how DJ Akademiks sees it and his salty retorts their way.

Rory and Mal seems to be in a good space. They seem to be ready for this and the new chapter in their careers. Where they can handle it and take care of business. Where they don’t need to await their turn and if Budden has it covered. The Network is allowing or ensuring them a pay-check.

It seems like they have the space and ability to move. That’s because people jumps from the JBP to the RMP. That’s Joe’s fault actually. Instead of handling in a proper fashion and in a professional way. Joe could have salvaged something and even insisted on them staying. However, with firing them and doing it publicly.

He has not only lost his two known and respected co-hosts, but also destroyed the podcast for many. Now, these two reminds of a calm and collected podcast. Without the interruptions, the renegade moments, the brash noises and the sudden screaming of Joe. No, you can handle yourself and be mature. Still have people listening to the conservation and move on. That is possible and its refreshing.

This was just the first episode. The New Rory and Mal Podcast have potential. It has an edge and character. Which has made a guy like me unsubscribe from the Joe Budden Podcast and subscribe to the New Rory and Mal. That’s because their format is more chill and still give a good vibe. Which a brother need in the day to day. I hope they does this on a regular and on schedule. So, you know when to listen in. That’s only my hope. They got to carry this and cannot phone this in.

That’s why I am looking forward to episode two and hope these good interactions continues. We need this and the positivity. Just like we need the ‘The Company Man’, the HipHopDX’s ‘The Breakdown’ with Murs and Dead End Hip Hop Reviews. All of these shows adds to the culture and the conversations we already have. Peace.

The Battle of the Keyboards: Three Ministers at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance (!)

Today, the 11th Parliament has made another addition to the Cabinet. The Cabinet has gotten yet another Minister. It is now stretched from 80 to 81 Ministers. That is outrageous numbers. I had already gone through a few bloated Ministries.

Now, the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance. Which already had veteran politician Chris Baryomunsi and former FDC veteran Owek. Joyce Ssebugwawo.

That was announced on the 8th June 2021 and now on the 14th June 2021 they have added another 3rd Minister. This is the former Kasese Muncipality Mayor Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga. That’s happening after the Kasese Region felt left out with all the other appointments. Therefore, everyone is involved will have their time to shine, but wonder what they will do.

The Ministry have had two Ministers recently. They had a Minister and a “deputy” or “junior” minister. Now, they have a double of that and they have the same title as well.

The Ministry has the agencies of Uganda Broadcasting Company (UBC), Vision Group, National Information Technology Authority (NITA); Posta Uganda, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), Uganda Media Centre, Government Citizens Interaction Center (GCIC) and Uganda Institute of Information & Communications Technology (UICT).

In addition the Ministry have the Media Council and the ICT and National Guidance Sector Working Group.

So, we can see how the Ministry has been spawned out. What it is really telling too. Is how much agencies it does have. There are seemingly a need for two similar organizations like Uganda Media Centre and the GCIC who are both doing the same. They could have easily become one unit.

Just like NITA is there to coordinate and regulate Information Technology. While UCC is there to regulate the Communications sector. These two are working in the same lane and could easily been merged.

Just like this Ministry needs now three ministers to have oversight over this. That is because of regional representation. Which shows that appointment isn’t to make this Ministry any better, but to have another person at that office. His just a lucky loser getting hand-picked.

It is clearly more important to have more people appointed than them actually having a mandate to do anything. The third and last one here will be a fish out of water. Unless, his participating at meetings and parts of directorates, which the two other doesn’t value.

There will be battles over the keyboards and who gets to publish what. They will be busy-bodies who does little, but will fight for relevance in the term to come. Peace.

Getafix of Mbarara: COVIDEX is selling hope in the middle of despair…

Now, it is official and its sold in pharmacies across Kampala, as the pandemic is surging and people are hanging on to whatever they can get to get some remedy and treatment for the coronavirus or COVID-19. This is not shocking, but a sad reality.

There is now a new hack in town. A Mbarara Professor Patrick Ogwang Engeu was has created his own mixture called “COVIDEX”. He is selling this blend and herbal mixture with the belief that it helps and treats the virus.

This isn’t the first of its kind. Only in January 2021 the President and his Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE) launched the mysterious UBV-01N. However, that one has later never been heard off.

What is striking is the Professor Ogwang Engeu have created other medicine already, but that doesn’t mean he has found the solution now as well. We don’t know the mixture, neither does we know what the dosage entails. It could be a placebo affect and a lie. Water with some colour or whatnot. It is a profitable business selling medicine and the Professor knows that.

By all means, I hope COVIDEX works. However, there been other things before. That has used herbal extractions from plants like Artemesia, Artemesia Annua and Stevia. We don’t know what he is using or have blended together.

We should all be reminded about the miracle drink from Madagascar, CVO – Tambvy who was sold internationally without being properly tested. The same is now happening locally with COVIDEX.

What the Professor is doing?

His selling hope. His selling these medical treatment on the whim and the hope that it works. It might do so, but without proper procedures and without proper testing of the herbal medicine. It is all baseless claims and without proof. We don’t know what it does or doesn’t do.

When there is no proof, no evidence or even what is the main components of the medicine. It is hard to believe that it does anything. There is no proof and nothing that says so. The medicine might work, but the Professor should have ensured it was tested and accepted by the National Drug Authority (NDA). Not just sell it on the open market without any certification or license to sell it.

For now, this is selling a dream, which could end up in a nightmare. This is making yourself a fortune on the gullible and the ones who needs hope in despair. That is tragic. Peace.

Tchad: Mouvement Citoyen le Temp-Tchad (MCT) – Communique de Presse (14.06.2021)

The Final 18 from the NUP Campaign Team released on Bail after 6 months in jail

Today several members and activists, important parts of the campaign team of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have been released from prison. They have been kept behind bars and charged by the state since 30th December 2020. As they were captured on the campaign trail ahead of the final stretches of campaigns ahead of the polls in January 2021.

Today, the National Unity Platform (NUP) is celebrating the releases of them finally. This is Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li, Dan Magic and others who have been released. They have all been detained without any reason or proof of their supposed crimes. What is really unique about this case. Was the NUP Campaign Team was arrested and charged for crime, which they couldn’t have committed. As they were already behind bars before the criminal conspiracy or moment could even happen. That is in the paperwork of the charges and trials. Therefore, the state is willing to do whatever to get opposition people behind bars.

The state used the Anti-Terrorist Law and other means to keep them behind bars. Even Court Martial civilians, which isn’t a part of the army or commanders who has misused their office or been deserting soldiers leaving battle. Therefore, the state has willingly kept these folks for so long.

It fits it perfectly that it happens after the Swearing-In and the Parliament is now in sessions. The Members of Parliament is in order. The Cabinet is getting vouched for and is officially appointed. That’s why its happening now and taken this long.

The Election season is over and it’s back to ordinary days ahead. Where the state can run back to normal and not be stressed by the NUP. This is why they are released today. However, they are released on bail. Meaning the case is still “working” and the state can re-issue it. If they are “finding” evidence or “proof” of it. Which most likely be fabricated like the bullets and guns… that was pinned on Bobi Wine back then.

So, expect that the state can suddenly make them return and especially if these people are disregarding court orders or meeting to trials in the future. If they are not posting up in time and for the courts. Then they are “criminals” and could face penalties for it. That is just the nature of things. It is not justified, but the papers are their and the state has these powers. Which is a worry and something the state willing to do.

It is sort of a halfway celebration today. The are partially freed. Just like the cold-cases and the not finished charges and criminal cases pinned on opposition leaders. The new prison of Kitayla have been useful and expect it to be used. The same as Nalufenya and Luzira Prisons as well. These are well-known for a reason. Because, of how the state operates and use the law enforcement for political means. They are more vicious to attack the opposition, than actually catch real criminals and hoodlums. That’s just what it does and it has been known for ages.

So, today someone who was charged and been detained for 6 months for crimes they never committed. The only thing they did was participate in an election and challenged the President. Which is a cardinal sin and they offended the Don. That’s why they deserved this suffering and being behind bars. The NUP has paid a huge price and they are continuing to doing this to this day.

There are more people behind bars and activists who still awaiting their trial and get freedom. However, the state is just pursuing all means to show their power and intimidate the opposition. They want to prove a point and this is what they are willing to do. Peace.

Syria: United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria, Imran Riza, and Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, Muhannad Hadi – Joint Statement on Civilian Casualties in Afrin, Syria, 13 June 2021 (13.06.2021)

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