Mali: Cadre Strategique Permanant pour la Paix, la Securite et le Developpement (CSP-PSD) – Declaration sur la version dite finalisee du Project de Nouvelle Constitution du Mali (28.03.2023)

Opinion: Mzee is spewing rubbish about the 2021 election

“Museveni made the revelations while meeting a section of Kampala NRM Village leaders at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala on Wednesday. Commenting on NRM’s abysmal performance in Kampala in the recent general elections, Museveni claimed the party in power was rigged out. “I had heard about the rigging of elections in Kampala. I heard that even my votes were changed,” Museveni said” (Crispus Mugisha – ‘I was rigged in Kampala, Museveni insists’ 30.03.2023, Nile Post).

The Self-styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni said yesterday that he was rigged out of the election in Kampala. An election marred with irregularities and misgivings. That’s why the President and the Electoral Commission suspended social media, blocked the internet and forced people on the VPN, as the polling data was altered and fixed to pre-fix the “victory” of Museveni.

That’s why it’s special that this long after… that Museveni says he was rigged out, because he lost in capital and lost to National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is just neat that it happens two years and two months after. Not right away or anything, but now…

Museveni must take people for fools. He most think people are dumb or genuinely stupid. A man who has re-hashed all the sins of his predecessors and ensured longevity as President. The 2021 election wasn’t a genuine on and the “Rigged Report” which was issued after proved just that.

Now Museveni wants to act like he was the supposed winner of the Presidential Election in Kampala. Just to spite and spit in the face of the electorate there. In a city and the constituency, where the NRM has been weak for years. It is a long time coming since any sincere NRM MP or it was a NRM stronghold. This has been captured by the opposition a long time ago…

Museveni is acting like he can use same sort of experience and usage of “rigged” out as he did before. This is not happening now… especially after using all means to “win” and get himself “elected” after every term since 1996. He can act a fool, but it doesn’t make it true.

That’s why the numbers are jaded the way they are… to fit the program and the needs of the President. We know the Electoral Commission is ensuring his victory and only following protocol. Just making the numbers seem legit in parts of the Republic. Because everyone deep down… knows that Museveni wasn’t the guy or the one with momentum in 2021. Neither did he in 2016 or in 2011, but the army and the authorities worked on overtime to seal the” deal”.

So, let us all be legit for a moment. Museveni only trying to forge a narrative that Bobi Wine wasn’t as popular as he really was. His trying to make it seem that way. When we all know what went down and how the state operated. It is just seriously foolish to play this tune now. He is just bitter and sad that his not as beloved in Kampala, as he used to be in the 1980s and early 1990s. These days are gone, and he cannot comprehend that at advanced age…

That’s why he plays it out like this. It doesn’t make it truthful or sincere. Just another time when Museveni wants to rewrite history to fit his narrative. He is used to getting it and Yes-Men serves the dish he wants. Though the reality isn’t as beautiful, and he cannot stomach the truth. Peace.

Opinion: A Professor was outsmarted by a “drop-out”

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o had a bad day yesterday, as he early on the 29th March 2023 proclaimed in a press release that demos could be held in Nairobi and it was suspended in Kisumu.

The words he used was: “1. THAT all public demonstrations within Kisumu County have from today been suspended indefinitely so that we can join demonstrations in Nairobi” (Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, 29.03.2023).

That was the words of the professor earlier in the day. Which stipulated all demonstrations and protests was banned in Kisumu County. Certainly, done to block and silence demonstrations in his County. However, the professor didn’t think it would back-fire to takeaway the constitutional rights to protest.

So, the Governor of Nairobi retorted to him in a message called “return to sender” where he said: “The Governor of Kisumu’s idea that he can export his demonstrations to Nairobi and make our County the capital of demonstrations and associated mayhem is preposterous and totally unacceptable” (…) “In the spirit of devolution, I would advice the Governor of Kisumu, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o’, to keep his demonstrations to his County. It has been decided that further protests and demonstrations shall similarly no longer take place in any part of the city” (Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, 29.09.2023).

After a few hours and possible talks behind scenes in Kisumu. The Governor Nyong’o made a u-turn and changed his mind. This time opening again for protests and demonstrations in Kisumu.

As his second press release for the day stated this: “We are encouraged by the resolve of our people to continue the demonstrations tomorrow, we have therefore been urged to continue with peaceful demonstrations tomorrow and we shall do so. We know goons have been hired by our opponents to cause chaos and loot property. Our people must not provide the goons and criminals the opportunity to do so. We therefore urge you to turn out in large numbers and join other Kenyans in the liberation struggle” (Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, 29.03.2023).

It is just funny how someone who never finished at the University of Nairobi and who took online courses (allegedly) at a educational facility in Kampala is able to outwit a professor. Professor Nyong’o should feel ashamed by yesterday. He should feel humiliated and played out.

The Professor should know that it’s within the peoples right to peaceful demonstrate. That’s bound by law and the constitutional right. It isn’t just for Nairobi, but every single county of the Republic. The idea of suspending the demonstrations from a county government standpoint is mute. Since, it has no rights to do so, unless it is violent or breaching the “peace”. Until that happens and its endangering society. The County and the Authorities shouldn’t suspend or block it.

It is just funny that a guy like Sakaja played Nyong’o like a sting. He just had fun retorting and no putting much thought into. This should be a lesson for the governor of Kisumu. Next time he has to come correct, because this is just dumb. Peace.

Opinion: Muhoozi’s presidential bid is in violation of the UPDF Act

“99. Political Office

A serving officer or militant who desires to seek political office shall first resign or retire from the Defence Forces according to regulations made by the Minister” (UPDF Act, 2005).

We are now seeing and hearing a vocal Lt. General, the First Son and the Senior Presidential Advisor, Muhoozi Kainerubaga acting up on his dream and aspiration to take over from his father. His appointing people, directing commandos to Karamoja and being directly involved in the political landscape.

The Lt. Gen. already has hired or appointed spokespersons, he has leaders of regions and planning a little media empire with radio and TV. The Son of the President is campaigning for his own name and own agenda far away from 2026. It is years in the making and the speeches are not giving him an edge either.

Yes, government media is friendly to him. The ones who have the paid gig for MK Movement/Army is happy too. The MPs who have been surrounded by him and vouched for are within reach too. All of these people are giddy for the next meal ticket after his father’s time are over in office. Everyone has anticipated the end and the end of an era.

However, the 49-year-old and novice has little to show for it. He is an entitled brat and an arrogant one. Who can just spew out nonsense and lack of substance. While he moves around like a honourable minister and high-ranking official. He is a Senior Presidential Advisor, but not a Commander of Land Forces. Neither is a he a CDF or Minister of Defence. Still, he could redeploy soldiers and promise funds to patch up the hurt in Karamoja. That is a role of several government officials and holding “rallies” outside of the “election road-map”. Which we know the opposition would never be allowed to do.

Muhoozi just living on the other side of the law. Just like his father who hasn’t or don’t need to comply to initial laws. They can live like outlaws and be above it all. The Lt. Gen. should have resigned from the army and the UPDF. Though we haven’t seen or heard that. It isn’t long ago he was promoted and demoted of a role at the same time.

“Project Muhoozi” is now live. The MK Movement/Army is official. This is another one of them artificial campaigns that is all “hot-air” and a mirage. MK might believe his own ego and hubris is enough. Though he cannot manage a proper speech or charisma to speak with passion. He needs cliff-notes and to remember the simplest things.

He comes like a “statesman” in helicopters and convoys, though his just another token soldier for his father. Muhoozi is the avenger and the warrior son. He isn’t made for or has the skill to portray himself in another way. He lacks the humility and compassion, secondly, he lacks the charisma and the ability to speak with belief. It is all just hallowed, and no posturing or bravado can save his skin.

The UPDF act should be adhered too, especially by a Lt. General, but we know it doesn’t matter to him. Muhoozi can act like his above it all. That he has seen and acknowledge what his father has done over the years. Now he wants to do the same and be blessed by the same spotlight. Though, he cannot carry himself like his father. Neither can he address the crowds or enlighten on policy like him. His himself… though and through.

For him this might just be a plot and game to the next stage of life. He is entitled to cash-in and inherit the throne. Though it isn’t a monarchy and he isn’t a prince. His just another soldier who thinks the next kingpin.

Oh gee, when the truth hits him. It will hurt. He considers himself a “revolutionary” and a “great”, but it is all a lie. A lie that he cannot commit too. This is bound to fail and be a mockery of a race. Muhoozi should answer to the UPDF Act, but we know by association and his father. He will not be touched, because he couldn’t apprehend his son like has done to Besigye or Bobi Wine. Peace.

Opinion: Thou shall not pray…

“Police in western Uganda are holding six people, including former Fort Portal City Mayor, Rev Kintu Willy Muhanga, on charges of inciting violence and unlawful assembly. The six were arrested Wednesday as they moved in some parts of Fort Portal City and Kabarole District holding meetings to “pray for unfulfilled government pledges.”” (…) “According to police, the organizers listed unfulfilled pledges that include the construction of Kijura Road, an industrial park at Kyembogo, reconstruction of Buhinga Stadium as well as construction of Saaka and Kazingo security roads. The suspects were due to be arraigned before in court on March 30” (Alex Ashaba – ‘Reverend, 5 others arrested over holding prayers for unfulfilled Museveni pledges’ 30.03.2023, Daily Monitor).

In the Republic, nothing is holy, and nothing cannot be touched. Especially, if you dare to offend the Don. No one should argue or even question the ruler. The Self-Styled President for Life, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni who has reigned supreme since 1986. No one should ever question his means or his record. He is a deity living on earth and we are mere mortals who are lucky to be in the presence of him.

Nah… but you get the gist. If there is anyone who protests, dissent or even plans to organize against the state. The authorities will pick you up or arrest you. In the case of Reverend Muhanga and associates are no different. If he had been more aligned with the state or the government, he would most likely get a free car around election time.

Nevertheless, here we are, and a reverend cannot even pray for the unfulfilled promises of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Even when the First Lady is sounding and acting like a high priest or an evangelical pastor of some sorts. The President even uses scripture at any convenient time too. But blocking prayers… that’s something the state can do on the regular.

We know the authorities has blocked prayers from both National Unity Platform and Forum for Democratic Change. So, this isn’t anything new from the authorities, but more of the same.

This is the sort of state of affairs we have gotten accustomed too. Where prayers or small groups assembling are either blocked or called “unlawful”. Just for the simple reason that it dissents from the NRM. It is just common practice, and the Police Force is doing it on the regular. While “government” protests are allowed for causes beneficial of the high-ranking officials. Meanwhile, anyone else who dares are arrested and silenced by the same state. Therefore, this is the sort of “democracy” that Museveni is running and been doing so for years.

A reverend cannot even pray for the misgivings, the grievances and the plights of his fellow people. That’s what the state has come too. This is how far the NRM, and the Government of Uganda goes… while the same leaders and high-ranking officials are trying to act holier than thou. Alas, that is all a lie, because they cannot even stomach prayers that questions their inactions and their lack of development. Peace.

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Opinion: Ruto needs to address Odinga swiftly…

“There was no time Moi lost the political war of narrative and propaganda. He was always ahead politically. And that is what Ruto lacks. After taking power, his political system simply collapsed. Key Allies took offices and went to sleep. On communication, Moi had full control of KTN, KBC, Weekly Review and Standard. These offered counter narrative to the opposition leaning Nation Media and People Daily. Moi knew that for his political survival, he needed a combination of Political fighters and communication systems that refuted the opposition narrative and propaganda… Right now, 7 months in power, the Government hasn’t captured any media outlet in the mainstream. They are all firmly on the Azimio side.. The social media team simply withdrew the support, since there isn’t anyone coordinating anything. Those who got into offices, simply forgot those left behind. So, both on the mainstream media and social media, there is no force on the Government side to counter the narrative from the Azimio side” (Gordon Opiyo, 29.03.2023).

One thing is for sure, the former Deputy President under Jubilee and now the President of the Kenya Kwanza Administration got a hurdle to pass. President William Ruto has no time to take it easy and relax in office. No, this man has issues, bottlenecks, and things he needs to resolve, and he needs to do it fast.

Ruto got no time and his enemies aren’t planning to slow down. Even if the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition Party was running on vibes and lax ideas during the campaigns. Now months after losing the election and getting into opposition. It has struggled to find a way and a purpose. That’s why Odinga and his allies are on the streets. They need to show force and be a fierce competition to the government. Just so they are sowing the most discord and the most political stalemate to force Ruto to the table or to concede to Odinga. That’s the game and the game-plan. Because there is nothing else to see here…

It is interesting that people are referencing the era of Moi now. When Ruto is in charge, because that is an era, which many thought was over. Alas, both Ruto and his deputies was students of Moi and Museveni. So, certainly they could aspire and look up to these. However, Ruto might want another legacy and another path for himself. Since people are knifing for his head and his title.

Ruto will be challenged and that’s because the authorities aren’t making things better for him. Especially, if allies are involved in looting, destruction, or clear violation of their roles as representatives, law enforcement or in civil servants. They should be investigated, if they are partaking in devious ways during the protests to damage political enemies or cause more harm in general.

As President there are boundaries and means to an end. The President can order and create a quagmire. Nevertheless, the President should be better than enemies. He should stand tall and be above it all. Especially, if he wants to avoid furthering the crisis and cause more suffering. The plights of people aren’t getting better by targeting and haunting the people who are on the barricades for Odinga. It will do Ruto no good to damage and cause more trouble for the ones on the other side. They will only be more galvanized and more hurt, which will lead to more energy and more reasons to protest further. That’s what Ruto shouldn’t do.

That’s why the latest protests and demonstrations only has given leverage to Odinga. He can look like the one suffering and in pain. Even though he goes back to living lavish and living good. While his supporters are living in the trenches and feeling the pinch. They are not in good spirit or have their needs meet. They are played around with and for personal gains of a political elite. A political elite that will eat regardless… while they only will get scraps and possible breadcrumbs, if Odinga succeed. Odinga didn’t better their lives or make significant changes in last period either. So, the ones believing that his fighting for them now. Should see the results of the handshake and the BBI… that will be an abysmal track-record. Though Ruto in office as Deputy and in the Jubilee doesn’t have a fantastic scorecard either. Therefore, the political elite will be off the hook, but people will be the ones who covers the books.

Ruto has to switch up and show a different side. The way and the manner his government has addressed the protests hasn’t done him any favours. Neither does he look good or able to vilify the opposition either. The only thing his getting is trouble. This isn’t the sort of good trouble either. It is only backfiring and Odinga is thriving in the mess. Odinga seems like he enjoys the fire, the hysteria and the tear-gas. It is like his come home after running on vibes all last year.

Time will tell… but Ruto is losing it. Not only publicly, but also internationally. That’s something he cannot afford, and he knows that too. Peace.

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